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我发现了(I found) -- ::8 来源: 我发现了(I found)  is a lively childhood, my childhood is no exception. even now, have split my sides laughing! i recall that school, i still do not know yet equipped to understand these children. once i know from the television, "people" of the word, but he knows the people of color is khaki. shaped like a personal, and sometimes above the earth.  ginseng cure is a valuable medicine. i also see people from the animation can be an elixir that can cure diseases, they really believe that people have the ability. the next day, i find playing with his cousin (though his sister, than i do not months). we waited a long time to talk things over and finally decided to play the "kids picnic and pilgrims will not come." she was responsible "cooking" and "sauce", and i am responsible the "buy." i am carrying a basket, come to a place overgrown with weeds, leaves everything abstract several films. even "buy."  i see some inch high weeds, trying abstract their leaves, but if the stem has not switch majors to think : abstract save trouble! so, i ced a pull weeds and swept away together. what's this? this is not ginseng? i saw the tail weeds are khaki, like the shape of a person, : :! there above the soil. conditions are met, certainly people! "jia jia sister came! "i yelled loudly. the cousin wensheng came : "what happened? "" you see, i found the people! "i very excitedly said. a cousin, who, after listening to my explanation, then said : "it is a bit like. it is no good can be found only ginseng. "i plausibly said :" although few people found however, we also found that people might discover! people. "  cousin hearing said : "that it is not how hands. have head and the body only? "" because it is not ming! "i have learned that the tone of a television show," there, you have not heard, the more delicious dish is younger, people certainly is the case. now with tenderness. promote more quickly. "  i look to the childish, but i was still convinced his sister. as i have discovered a new continent, not over the discovery of the new world are also pleased that many suddenly picked. so, i started cooking. done, i think they said, "horsemeat popular," horsemeat is all that we do, is ginseng, called "popular people"! i think a cousin told her listeners also applauded. "sister, you eat. to know the people can eat elixir. "i am excited to say that but we wendaona fresh flavor, no bite. several years later, i discovered that i know from the book called "root", not "people." well! after much attention then tried, then told the others, is not in doubt ...疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第课:不要紧-- :7:36 It doesn’t matter.所谓谁人无错,犯错的时候,应该得饶人处且饶人当别人诚恳地向你道歉时,你也应该善意地响应一句:It doesn’t matter.(没关系,不要紧)或者说:It’s not important. It’s not a big deal. (这个不重要这 没什么大不了)此外,如你见到朋友好像心情不佳,你也不妨问候一下:What’s the matter?(有什么事?)如果不太想回答,可说:It doesn’t matter.(没什么,不要提) 对话 A:Adrian? Sweetheart, I’m sorry I crashed your car last night. B:I know. It doesn’t matter now. A:And I knocked somebody down. His face looked a lot like yours. B:I know. It doesn’t matter now. A:What do you mean it doesn’t matter? Don’t you care me anymore? B:Yes I do, but I have to leave you now. 甲:亚德里恩? 甜心,对不起,我昨晚把你的车子撞坏了 乙:我知道,不要紧 甲:我还撞倒一个人,他很像你 乙:我知道,不要紧 甲:什么不要紧?难道你不关心我吗? 乙:我当然关心你,但是我现在要离开你了 说It doesn’t matter.(不要紧),可以表示客气的 ‘不必介意’,也可以表示冷漠的 ‘这和我无关’,例如:(1) “I’m afraid I’ve messed up the room.” “It doesn’t matter. The room needs cleaning anyway.”( ‘对不起,我把房间弄脏了’ ‘不要紧,房间反正要清洁了’)() “The tax on cigarettes is going to rise.” “It’s doesn’t matter to me. I don’t smoke.”( ‘香烟要加税了’ ‘这对我没有影响我不吸烟’) 要说 ‘这对我没有影响’,英文还有(It) Makes no difference to me. 的说法,随便一点可说:(It) Makes me no difference,例如:Cigarette tax hikes make no difference to me(香烟大幅加税,对我没有影响)英文indifference一字,就是说 ‘漠不关心’,形容词是indifferent,例如:Adrian is totally indifferent to what his girlfriend has done. Adrian shows total indifference to what his girlfriend has done.(亚德里恩对女朋友所做的事,完全漠不关心) 亚德里恩决定和女朋友分手了,所以,无论她做了多么可怕的事,都说:It doesn’t matter now通俗一点,他还可以说:Makes no nevermind to me. 或Makes me no nevermind 美国口语以nevermind作名词,意思是 ‘关怀、注意’或 ‘关怀、注意的事情’这个字须用于否定句,这里不妨再举一例:Pay him no nevermind.(不要理他)

Introduce myself --19 :: 来源: My name is Xu Fangyan. You can call me Betty. I'm a girl. I'm . I'm centermeters tall.I'm in Xinqi Primary School.I'm in Class 1, Grade 6.My classmates are very nice to me.We often help each other,and learn from each other. I have many hobbies.Such as drawing,writing, singing .... I like playing badminton best.It's good my health.There are 3 people in my family. They're my father,mother and me.We love each other.My phone number is 86889886. You can call me if you like .

My Friend Jack 我的朋友杰克 --5 ::50 来源: My Friend Jack 我的朋友杰克  I have a close friend whose name is Jack. He is half head taller than me. He likes to dress in blue jeans and he is very friendly to people.  Once I was ill at home. He lived far away from my house but he came and helped me with my study. He always says, "A life without a friend is a life without sunshine." My friend has done the same as he says. I'm happy to have such a friend. If he is in trouble, I'll try my best to help him.  我有一个好朋友名叫杰克他比我高半头他喜欢穿蓝色牛仔,对人非常友好  一次我生病在家他家离我家很远,但他放学后来帮助我学习他常说:“一个人没有朋友,就像生活没有阳光”我的朋友这么说,也这么做了有这样的朋友我真高兴假如他遇上麻烦,我一定会尽力帮助他

  The Mid-autumn Day 中秋节 --7 :3: 来源: The Mid-autumn Day 中秋节  The Mid-autumn Day is one of the most important festivals in China. Bee the festival, many shops sell mooncakes, round cakes with meat, eggs, nuts or something sweet inside. On the Mid-autumn Day, each family get together and have a big dinner.  In the evening we eat mooncakes and all kinds of fruit, such as apples, pears, grapes and watermelons. We look up at the blue sky, and enjoy the begger and brighter moon. Our grandparents will tell us the story of Chang'e again.  中秋节是中国最重要的节日之一节前许多商店都卖月饼,那是一种圆饼,里面有肉、蛋、果仁和其他甜的东西在中秋节,各家各户都团聚在一起,吃一顿丰盛的晚饭  晚上我们吃月饼和各种水果,如:蘋果、梨、葡萄和西瓜我们仰望碧空,欣赏那一轮明月爷爷奶奶又要给我们讲起嫦娥的故事了

  疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第课:顺便说说-- :7:36 By the way 是一个简单而非常实用的英文句子,例如你跟别人聊天,谈到一些尴尬话题,此时你可说:By the way,接着说别的事情避开尴尬场面By the way通常用在谈话时转到别的话题的一个连接词,可以解作‘除此之外’和‘顺便一提’的意思,有时候会简写成btw 另外,在书信上我们常看见P.S.的英文字母在信的末端出现,它的全写是Post script,Post是拉丁文 After(在之后)的意思,在正文之后的东西就是附注 对话 A:Check, please. B:That's dollars. Thank you. A:You're welcome. By the way, may I have your number, Candy? B:Sorry, I'm afraid not. A:Oh, I'm sorry, don't get me wrong. I just want the restaurant's number to make a reservation. B:I understand but we're closing down next Monday. 甲:请结账 乙:元,谢谢 甲:不用客气除此之外,肯蒂,可否给我你的电话号码? 乙:对不起,不行 甲:噢,对不起,不要误会我只是想要餐厅的电话号码以便订位 乙:我明白,但我们于下周一结束营业 By the way三字,一般译做‘顺便说说’,表示要转入新话题或提出忽然想到的事譬如说,你和朋友在谈西方音乐,忽然想到中乐,你就可以问:By the way, do you like Chinese music as well?(说到音乐,你也喜欢中乐么?) By the way的另一说法,是incidentally形容词(adjective) incidental即‘附带的’,例如:There are quite a few problems incidental to relocating to a eign country(迁居国外,附带的问题不少)Incidentally等于‘附带谈谈’,例如:I didn't know he was one of your best friends.... Incidentally, do you know his sister?(我一向不知道他是你的好朋友....那你认识他的吗?)Incidentally除了用于口头,也常见于文字;by the way则少见于文字,多用于口头By the way也作by the by或by the bye,例如:By the by, he'll be here tomorrow(顺便一提,他明天会来这里)By the by切勿和by and by混淆:by and by是‘不久’的意思,例如:He said he would be here by and by.(他说不久就会来到) By the way也不可和by way of混淆:by way of是‘当作’或‘经由’的意思,例如:(1) Tom gave him some money by way of thanks helping with the luggage.(汤姆给他一些钱,算是答谢他帮忙提行李) () He went to Shanghai by way of Hong Kong.(他经由香港到上海)。

  凤凰古城英文导游词 -- :37: 来源: 凤凰古城英文导游词凤凰古城是中国两大最漂亮的城镇之一,也是连接湖南怀化和贵州铜仁的重要场地,同时,也是沈从文先生的故乡ladies and gentlemen , welcome to Fenghuang, the place where we"re arriving is "one of the two most beautiful town in China"----the old town of fenghuang, it"s a very important point that connects huaihua hunan and tongren guizhou together.and it"s the hometown ofMr Shen Congwen.fenghuang has wonderful natural landscapes,it"s very hot travelling since the old time. even a lot of teleplays were produced here.fenghuang is also a dradle famous people ,shencongwen and xiongxiling are both spent their childhood here.now, let"s set out to enjoy these fantastic good views. THE MER RESIDENCE OF SHENCONGWENThis is the mer residence of shencongwen,a very famous auther, archaeologist and historian in china.lined in the zhongying street in the south part of the fenghuang old town, the residence is a typical spacious ancient countryard with special tectonic style of ming and qing dynasty. walk into the yard, you can find that there is a small patio in the center of the countryard. which is built with red rock. around the patio , there are about rooms which are small but decorated by special carved wooden windows .it"s so beautiful.this countryard is built by mr shen"s grandfather in 1866 on dec.,19. shencongwen was born in the old countyard.and spent his childhood here. in 19,when he was years old, mr shen left family and joined the army. from 19 to 19, mr shen had lived with soildiers, farmers, workers and some other common people,and know their tragic lives. this special experience stunned up his enthusiasm of writhing . so in 1919, mr shen went to beijing alone, and began his hard writing . after his series of works WEST OF HUNAN FRINGE TOWN were punished, mr shen became nation -wide well -known.at that time, he was even as famous as luxun, another famous auther in chiese literature area. it"s said that shencongwen is the one who is the most possible to win the prize.mr shen devoted all his life to writing,his 5-million word works are though as the precious legacy to the world literature.meanwhile, these works are also very veluable date researching the history of hunan province and even china.this 0-years-old countyard was renovated in 1989.the 1st room on the right hane is displaying mr shen"s photos.and what displayed in the nd room are mr shen"s handwritings.at the left side,you "ll find a list of mr shen"s work of different additions. in the center of the middle room .there is a mr shen"s line drawing hanging on the wall. the left fringle room is mr shen"s bedroom and another one on the right is full of marble desks and chairs. 凤凰古城 英文 导游词

  小费-- :5:   I'm not tipping you.   我不打算给你小费   tip可以当“小费”讲,还常用来表示“有用的小提示”   另外,除去这两种意思,tip还可以当作动词,像这句话里一样   比如:tip someone the wink   就是暗中警告某人(wink是眨眨眼的意思)无聊的一天 A Boring Day -- ::53 来源: Today is weekend,but it’s really a bored day. I want to go shopping with my mother. But theoutsideis crowded. I don’t want to go out in such a hot day. Theree, I stay at homeand watch TV. But the programs are not interesting. I turn off the TV and thendo some ing. My parents buy many books me. They say ing is reallygood me. It will be useful in the future. I like ing, because it makesme relaxed. Besides, I can get fun and knowledge from books.今天是周末,但是真是无聊的一天我想和妈妈去购物但是外面太拥挤了我不想在这么热的天出去所以我就呆在家看电视但是电视节目一点都没有意思,于是我关掉电视去看书我父母给我买了很多书,他们说阅读对我确实有好处,将来会有用的我喜欢阅读,因为阅读能够使我放松除此之外,我还可以从书本上学到新的知识你们卖的口红有什么颜色的?-- ::59   What shades of lipstick do you sell?   ‘shade’在这句话中是颜色的意思但一般来说它只用在化妆品中,如果你说“What shade is the cover of your book?”的话,肯定会被人嘲笑一顿在一般的情况下,你最好还是用‘color’来表示颜色

  Hay --3 :3: 来源: Happy happy,happy,happy,every person is not a lack of happiness.assumptions, the lack of a person happy, guess what end?some people also feel happy worthless!well, he is really stupid. happy, happy, it will light up one's life.it is sindispensable, because there is no happy mood, there will be no motivation to learn, there would be no life at the beginning. i learn from good is because there are happy, very happy with my life is because there are happy, so one's life, not a lack of happiness!冬天Winter -- :5:50 来源: There are four seasons in a year, I like summer most, while I hate winter. Mow it is winter, I have to wear a lot of clothes, it makes me move slowly, I want to play with my friend, but with so many clothes, I feel uncomtable. I also can’t sleep well, I feel so cold, I wish spring will come soon.一年有四个季节,我最喜欢夏天,然而我讨厌冬天现在是冬天,我不得不穿很多衣,这让我行动缓慢,我想要和我的朋友玩,但是穿这么多的衣让我觉得不舒我也不能很好地睡觉,我觉得很冷,我希望春天快点来临

  My family() --1 ::31 来源: My family()  There are four people in my family, my father, my mother, my sister and me. My father likes ing. My mother likes cooking.  They both work in Leliu. They always go to work by car. They work hard.  My sister and I are pupils. I study in the primary school affiliated with Shunde No.1 Middle School. My hobby is collecting coins.  My sister studies in Xishan Primary School. She likes watching TV.  We love our family very much.

  中国世界文化遗产张家界 --30 :58: 来源: 中国世界文化遗产张家界The 0 Expats event, which is aimed at engaging the eign commy by cultivating their interest in exploring China's rich culture and heritage through their travels, will be held at the scenic area of Zhangjiajie from July to .The three-day, two-night event - organized by Ctrip International and Zhangjiajie's tourism authority - opens to expats living in China.A similar event was held at Huangshan Mountain in March."We see the ever growing enthusiasm of the expats in exploring the country's towering sandstone pillars and the green-swathed ravines, and we decided to make these events a regular offering," says Beth He, director of Ctrip International Website Division."It's a great opporty eigners to engage with their fellow nature lovers while getting a healthy workout in this beautiful destination."English language proficiency is highly recommended all participants, she says.Located in northwestern Hunan province, the main draw of Zhangjiajie is the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 199. Other popular spots in the Zhangjiajie National est Park include the Suoxi Valley, Tianzi Mountain and Baofeng Lake.The wildlife in the national est park is another main draws. Giant salamanders, rhesus monkeys and golden pheasants are among the creatures visitors might stumble upon during a trek through the photogenic Golden Whip Brook.Avid hikers can explore mountains, caves and ests, while paved paths cutting through the scenic areas offer a less challenging adventure. Visitors also have the option of taking a glass elevator to the top of one of the peaks.The tour is open to eigners living in China, and the cost is 1,580 yuan (). It includes an experienced English-speaking tour guide, two-nights stay at a five-star accommodation with breakfast, admission fees, cable car tickets, five meals and transportation between sites. The registration deadline is July 6. Zhangjiajie, located in Hunan province, is known its natural beauty. 张家界。

  电话英语很轻松-- :7:31 电话英语很轻松Phone call ettiquette  Student:Could you tell me some useful sentences that I could use on a phonecall?You know my English is poor. I'm afraid I can't follow you.  学生:你能跟我讲讲打电话时有用的句子吗?你知道我英语不好我怕自己听不懂  Teacher:No problem.Basically,there are 3 situations in which people like you can't follow the eign teacher.1:I may speak too fast.So you can't understand.In this case,you could say "You speak a little fast,slow down,please"  老师:没问题基本上,有三种情况,你可能会听不懂外教的话第一种:我可能会说得很快所以你听不懂这种情况下,你可以说"你说得有点儿快,请说慢点儿"  Student:Wait a moment. I'll have to take down what you said.  学生:等一下我得把你说的记下来  Teacher:Ok  老师:好的  Student:Then what's the second point?  学生:那下一点呢?  Teacher:The second is maybe you can't hear me clearly.In this case,you could say "Excuse me.Can you speak up,please?"or "I beg you pardon?"  老师:第二点是也许你听不清我说的话这种情况下你可以说"对不起你能大点儿声吗?或是请再说一便";  Student:I see.What's the last point?  学生:我知道了那最后一点是什么?  Teacher:The last one is you may miss or you don't understand what I just said.In this case,you culd say "I'm sorry,I don't understand what you're saying.or simply I don't get it"  老师:最后一点是你可能没听到或是没听懂我说的话这种情况的话,你可以说"不好意思,我不懂你说的是什么或者简单的一句我听不懂"  Student:Is there more?  学生:还有别的吗?  Teacher:You'd better practice them bee you know more.  老师:你还是先把它们练好吧  Student:Thanks.I've learned a lot today.  学生:谢谢今天我学了很多东西  Teacher:My pleasure.  老师:很荣幸  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音  [1]打电话的时候会有许多功能句像:你能再说一遍吗?或是你能大点声吗?等等这里举几个例子Ie:Slow down,please.[请说慢点儿]look at time.Shall we call next time?[看看表吧下次在聊]I'm happy to hear you again[真高兴能听到你的声音]等  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***" mean? "***"是什么意思?]  Hello. speaking. How may I help you?  Keeping busy. What have you been up to?  I won't keep you any longer. Nice talking to you.  注:书中对话仅作参考,重要的是拿起电话,就自己喜欢的内容与老外反复练习轻易不出口,出口必砸人

  Do you like me? --19 :: 来源: Hello! Everyone. I’m a little rabbit. My name is Hanhan. Look! I’m very lovely. My eyes are red. My ears are long. My hair is white. My tail is short. I like carrots very much. I have a good friend. She’s my little master. Her name is Zhou Xun. We always play games together. I like her very much and she likes me, too.

  Visiting Hong Kong 游览香港 -- :38: 来源: Visiting Hong Kong 游览香港July 1st Wednesday Cloudy  We got to Hong Kong early in the morning. It had taken us about hours to come here by plane. It is really an exciting city, and very different from Taiyuan. My uncle showed my mother and me around Hong Kong. We visited Hong Kong Park.  After lunch we went to St. John's Cathedral. It is an old and quiet church. Then we did some shopping in a supermarket and bought a nice watch my father. On the way back to the hotel, we both felt tired but happy. We enjoyed ourselves very much.  Tomorrow we are going to Disneyland.7月1日 星期三 阴  今天清晨我们到达了香港坐飞机到香港用了我们两个小时这真是一个激动人心的城市,和太原完全不同我叔叔领我和妈妈逛了香港,我们游览了香港公园  午饭后我们去了圣约翰大教堂,那是一个古老又安静的教堂然后我们到超市购物,并给爸爸买了一块漂亮的手表回旅馆的路上我们都累了,可是很快活我们玩得真开心  明天我们要去迪斯尼乐园

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