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陕西公立三甲医院在哪里?西安包皮包茎切除多少钱今天音频上传遇到问题,以后补上.A: the company that Ghad works for really takes care of him.B: what do you mean?A: well, not only does he have two weeks vacation every year, but he also has sick leave which includes 5 optional days off a year for mental health days.B: mental health days? Jeeze, I wish my company had some plan like that. Sometimes the corporate world cares more about money than anything else. I think it’s great to see some companies, like the one Chad works for, that are caring about the quality of life of their employees.A: no kidding. Chad’s company also has a gym in their office building to encourage all employees to keep fit. They provide medical and dental insurance for all full-time workers, and they also organize company social gatherings.B:like what kind of social gatherings?A: once a year they’ll have a company picnic, they also sponsor a company Christmas party and New Year’s party. They focus on continuing educatiuon by having 8 company-wide training events every year, and encouraging staff to apply for conferences and training meetings outside the company.B: wow, the welfare of the employees seems top priority to management…A: needless to say, company morale is very high… /12/92871西安西京医院做人流怎么样 商务英语口语999句 第12课[00:03.10]redeeming adj.补偿的, 弥补的[00:09.90]certificate n.书, 明书 vt.发给明书, 以书形式授权给...[00:16.27]deposit n.堆积物, 沉淀物, 存款, 押金, 保金, 存放物 vt.存放, 堆积 vi.沉淀[00:22.21]before adv.在前, 以前 prep.在...之前 conj.在...之前, 与其...宁可[00:28.00]maturity n.成热, 完备, (票据)到期, 成熟[00:34.52]may aux.可能, 也许, 可以, 祝, 愿 n.(May) 五月, 能, 可能[00:40.32]result n.结果, 成效, 计算结果 vi.起因, 由于, 以...为结果, 导致[00:46.26]withdrawal n.收回, 撤退, 退回, 取消, 退隐, 停止药, 退股[00:52.63]need n.需要, 必需, 必需品, 要求, 贫困 vt.需要 modal v.必要, 必须[00:58.57]make vt.制造, 安排, 使成为, 认为, 产生, 获得, 进行, 构成 vi.开始, 前进, 增大, 被制造, 被处理 n.制造, 构造, 性情[01:04.22]from prep.从, 今后, 来自, 由于[01:10.02]my pron.我的 int.lt;口gt;嗳呀!啊呀! 【域】 Malaysia , 马来西亚[01:15.81]get vt.获得, 变成, 收获, 使得, 挣得, 受到(惩罚,打击等), 染上, 抓住 vi.到达, 成为, 变得 n.生殖, 幼兽[01:21.18]this adj.这, 这个, 今, 本 pron.这, 这个[01:26.97]month n.月[01:32.77]discount n.折扣[01:38.71]rate n.比率, 速度, 等级, 价格, 费用 vt.估价, 认为, 鉴定等级, 责骂 vi.被评价, 责骂[01:44.36]is prep.是 【域】 Iceland , 冰岛 abbr.【军】 Internal Security, 治安[01:49.72]set v.放, 置, 移动到, 使(人或事物处于某种状态), 提出, 树立, 规定, 调整 n.一套, 一副, 一批, 接受机, 装置, 趋势, 布景 adj.固定的, 规定的, 坚决的, 固执的, 事先做好的[01:55.30]by prep.在附近, 在旁边, 经, 由, 依据, 按照, 通过, 用 adv.通过, 经过, 附近 【域】 Belarus, 白俄罗斯[02:01.10]fed 【美俚】联邦调查局人员 联邦政府工作人员 反馈的[02:06.82]does v.做,有用,工作 conj.是,做,要[02:12.40]it pron.它 【域】 Italy , 意大利[02:17.77]matter n.事件, 问题, 物质, 内容, 实质, 原因, (印刷或书写的)文件, (文章或讲话等的)素材 vi.有关系, 要紧[02:23.56]where adv.什么地方, 在哪里, ...的(地方) /200810/52987第26期:应聘空过去三年我一直在中国东方航空有限公司工作。For the past 3 years, I have been working in China East Airlines Corporation Limited.#8195;For example:A: Tell me about yourself and your past experience.说说你自己和你过去的经历。B: For the past 3 years, I have been working in China East Airlines Corporation Limited.过去三年我一直在中国东方航空有限公司工作。成为一名空一直是我的梦想。It has always been my dream to be a stewardess.For example:A: Why are you interested in this occupation?你为什么对这个职业感兴趣?B: It has always been my dream to be a stewardess.成为一名空一直是我的梦想。#8226; stewardess 空;steward 乘务员你认为对空来说,主要的职责是什么?Do you know what the responsibilities are for a stewardess?Do you know what are the tasks of the stewardess?Do you know what are the assignments of the stewardess?Do you know what are the obligations of the stewardess?For example:A: Do you know what the responsibilities are for a stewardess?你认为对空来说,主要的职责是什么?B: The main responsibility of the stewardess is to make the passengers relaxed and happy during the flight.主要职责就是让乘客在飞行途中能放松、快乐。你认为空主要应该具备的品质是什么?What do you think the chief characteristic is for a stewardess?What do you think the chief qualities are of a stewardess?What do you think the chief traits are of a stewardess?For example:A: What do you think the chief characteristic is for a stewardess?你认为空主要应该具备的品质是什么?B: A stewardess should be friendly, courteous, and patient and treat passengers kindly and politely.空应该待人友好、有礼貌、有耐心,对顾客和蔼、彬彬有礼。你现在身体很好吧?Are you in good health?For example:A: Are you in good health?你现在身体很好吧?B: I just had a complete physical examination and I am in top condition.我刚做了一次全面的体检,身体状况很好。 你有护理经验吗?Have you had any nursing experience?For example:A: Have you had any nursing experience?你有护理经验吗?B: Yes, I have two years of nursing experience.有,我有两年的护理经验。 /201501/356830铜川市妇女儿童医院预约

西安那儿做人流医院最好When you’re making an argument, you’re trying to get others to see your point of view. To do this, you need to present your argument – and it’s supporting details – in a clear and organized fashion. Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult for your audience to follow your argument or support you.当你争论时,你要尽全力让别人明白你的论点要点。为了达到这一目的,你需要清晰系统地陈述你的论点和持论点的论据。否则,听众很难听进你的论点并持你。Today, we’ll look at ways to make an initial recommendation and begin an organized argument. Then, we’ll talk about how to sequence the points of your argument, how to add new points, and how to emphasize points so they have a greater impact on your listeners. 今天,我们来看下做初次推荐并开始进行系统的争论的方法。我们会谈到如何排列你的论点,如何添加新论点,以及如何强调要点,来使这些内容对听众产生更强的冲击力。Here’s the scenario for our dialog. Jim, Dan, and Jack work for an American guitar manufacturer. Jack believes the company should build a new factory in Costa Rica to save money on production costs. Let’s hear how he organizes and supports his argument.这是对话的剧本。 Jim, Dan和 Jack都为一家美国吉他制造商的工作。Jack认为公司应在Costa Rica建立新工厂来节约产品成本。我们来听下他是如何组织并持自己的论点。Listening Questions:1. What is Jack’s recommendation?2. According to Jack, why is the company losing money?3. How does Jack explain that labor costs are more expensive than raw materials? /201103/129091长安区中医院门诊方便 公司总会不断有新的力量加入。当这些新人抱着希望来到你的公司时,一定要欢迎并为他热情介绍新同事和新领导。这样,新人们才能更快地融入到这个团队中来。   I’d like to welcome you to our company.   欢迎到我们公司来。   Come in and meet some of our team.   进来和同事们认识一下吧。   I’d like you to meet Mr. White, our sales manager.   我想让你认识一下我们的销售经理, 怀特先生。   Let me introduce you to our chief editor Mrs. White.   让我介绍一下我们的主编怀特女士。   I hope you’ll be happy working here, and if you have any problem just let me know.   希望你在这里过得愉快,如果有问题尽管来找我。 /11/89012高陵区输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的

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