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A long distance relationship is a trial of patience for two people in love. I've had my share of them due to my job commitments and at this stage in time, university degree requirement. In this article I will share several ideas on ways to not only sustain a pre-existing relationship but also develop it further.I am assuming that you two have aly been in a relationship for a reasonable amount of time. Your time together is precious and sacred and both of you appreciate the fact that among thousands of people out there, the two of you chose to be together. I assume here that there are no lies, that both are committed to the relationship.Truth is, your biggest enemy is time. But at the same time, time squandered is a waste. For example, you spend all your life pining away for your partner hundreds or thousands of miles away when the thing that needs doing - your job, your degree, your life - is put on hold. Stop. You might say, "Well, its all part of the fun isn't it? Staying up late, listening to silly soppy songs on radio, re-ing old letters. Where's the harm in that?" Frankly, ma'am, a little is alright but a lot is way out of context.Balance is the key to maintaining sanity in a long distance relationship. True, you may love him/her. But if you spend all your time focusing on how much you miss him/her, it will affect your moods and just make you a duller person.On with the list of of Ten Ideas to Sustain A Long Distance RelationshipHave DVD Fridays/WeekendsThe idea is that even though you're apart, it wouldn't hurt to synchronize watching a movie rental together. At least, after the movie, you can have a chat about the movie. Whether you liked it or not, or whether you identified with this or that character. At the very least, it's a conversation topic.Work on a Common Project.A friend of mine works in Beijing while his wife is in the US. They're engaged and working hard towards securing their future. They've just bought a home and are thinking of decorating it. Other than actually buying stuff and shipping it home (which can be extremely expensive!), whip out that Cameraphone, snap pics, put a price to it and post it on Flickr or set up a blog. Now both of you are engaged in the search of fantasy furniture pieces!Share the Same DreamMy gay friend and his partner are fitness buffs. They had this crazy idea of doing the 100km marathon. The thing is, one of them's going away to the States for his studies and will periodically at the end of the year for his winter break. So I told them, why not train separately, but aim for a common end point. End of the year come back and race together. How about keeping a couple's training journal?Skype amp; MSNThe key ingredient for any great relationship is COMMUNICATION. Instantaneous if possible, delayed at best. Skype offers anybody with a fast broadband connection and decent CPU processor speed the opportunity to call anybody on the internet for FREE. If you can't talk, use MSN messenger or any dozens of competing Instant Messaging services to keep in touch and focused. There's now no excuse to communicate if calls are FREE and messages are Instantaneous!Stay Grounded and FocusedI can't emphasize this enough. Most people who arrive in a new city suddenly find themselves surrounded by new things to do, new people to meet etc. With that comes the temptation to try something new. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or so they tell me. RESIST. Tell yourself, that you are in a perfectly good relationship and that you shouldn't put yourself in a compromising position. Life shouldn't be an episode of "Sex in the City". That kind of life leaves you depleted and hollow. Before one of you leave, get a set of commitment rings/studs/bracelet - anything. It doesn't have to be flashy but it is a token, a reminder that you carry in your heart, his/her heart. Mean it when you give it to him/her.Remember Your Anniversaries and FirstsNeglect it at your cost, but if you forget an anniversary, woe betide you... Write it down, print it out, tattoo it onto your brain, but make sure you remember your anniversaries and birthdays. Why? Well, with a little planning, that event can become focal points for the year. Something to look forward to. You could even surprise him/her with gifts sent by post. Ebay.com has lots of stuff on offer, so make full use of it. Everyone loves getting something special in the mail.Keep A JournalWhat doesn't get written down, will not be remembered. You're both young, enterprising adults with lives of your own. Keep track of your thoughts and emotional development. Keep track of your dreams and hopes. Doodle, scribble, inscribe your memory in a special way so that you may share it. The point is that sometimes Life moves so fast, you forget who you were or why you are with the person. A journal acts as a reminder.Pay Attention To Each Other's Needs For SleepDifference in time zone, jet lag, lack of morning coffee - are frequently cited reasons as to why you're especially grouchy. Both partners need to be mindful that people get tired and need rest. When you agree to communicate choose a reasonable timing. Something that you're both comfortable with. 8pm in Hong Kong is 12pm in Britain. That's reasonable. When I was 8 hours ahead of my girl when she was visiting her family in UK, I came up with a table to remind myself of the time in UK, each time she logged on. I shared this with her and as much as possible we talked only when it was reasonable for us to do so.Use GoogleMaps To Visualize The Space Between YouIt's a fun exercise to help crystallize the distance that separates the two of you. Go to GoogleMaps type in your address and then type in your partner's address. Create a composite map of how you'll be getting home if you were to walk the entire distance using satellite photos.Finally, TrustThe most important thing in a relationship is Trust. Trust that your partner will do the right thing. Trust that you will do the right thing. Be aware that pitfalls await for any couple, and that he/she can cheat at any point in time and space because, really at the end of the day, its their choice. What we can do as partners of lovers who are abroad is be the best personthat we can be.I hope this write up will be of use to all lovers out there living under the tyranny of distance. Trust me on this, LDRs are worth having. There's an old adage that goes, "Absence only makes the heart grow fonder" and the old-fuddy-duddy in me wants to believe in that. Till next time! /200804/35246

Five million smartphones will be given to farmers in Pakistan in an effort to improve knowledge of modern farming techniques, an official has said.据巴基斯坦一名官员表示,为提高现代农业技术知识水平,巴基斯坦政府将赠与农民500万部智能手机。The first phones would be delivered in October, said Punjab Information Technology Board chairman Dr Umar Saif.旁遮普省星系技术委员会主席奥马尔·赛义夫士表示,第一批手机将于今年10月份交付到农民手中。Advice from experts would also be distributed via the devices.通过这些手机,专家的意见也会传达到农民手中。;The farmers will receive free alerts about the use of pesticides for their yields,; said Dr Saif, according to the Associated Press of Pakistan.据美联社巴基斯坦分社报道,奥马尔士说道:“农民们将会免费收到关于在农田里使用农药的通知。”Large numbers of farmers in countries such as India and Kenya have also recently experimented with smartphone technology.在印度和肯尼亚等国家,大批农民最近也体验到了智能手机技术。Hendrik Knoche at Denmark#39;s Aalborg University was involved in a recent project to design a smartphone interface that could be used by farmers in India, even those with literacy problems.来自丹麦奥尔堡大学的亨德里·克诺奇最近参加了一个项目,设计一个可以供印度农民,即使文盲也能使用的智能手机交互界面。;A lot of the information that farmers are really interested in is often not available online,; he told the B, ;such as whether a local dealer has good quality material or whether it#39;s adulterated.;他在接受B采访时说道:“许多农民真正感兴趣的信息在互联网上是没有的,例如当地经销商是否用了好材料、或者是否以次充好。”At the very least, Dr Knoche said, his experience suggested that even farmers new to the devices would soon pick up the basics of how to use them - and that that could benefit them in the future.但是至少,亨德里·克诺奇表示,从他的经验来看,即使是第一次接触智能手机的农民也能够很快掌握基本的使用方法--而那就可能在将来给他们带来好处。 /201609/465700

Clear Channel Outdoor — one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the U.S. — is starting a new program called Radar that will use billboards to map real-world habits and behaviors from nearby consumers.  美国最大的户外广告公司之一Clear Channel Outdoor正在开始一项名为Radar的新业务,通过广告牌探测经过路人的习惯和行为。  The technology is sure to help advertisers better target their ads. But privacy advocates argue that it#39;s, well, a little creepy.  这项技术可以帮助广告商更好的定位其广告对象。但是隐私保护者认为这项技术太可怕了。  This is how Clear Channel Outdoor describes how the program works, in a on its website:;Using anonymous aggregated data from consumer cellular and mobile devices, RADAR measures consumer#39;s real-world travel patterns and behaviors as they move through their day, analyzing data on direction of travel, billboard viewability, and visits to specific destinations. This movement is then mapped against Clear Channel#39;s displays, allowing advertisers to plan and buy Out-Of-Home to reach specific behavioral audience segments.;  在Clear Channel Outdoor网站上的视频中有关于这项技术的描述:“通过使用电话网络和移动设备收集匿名数据,雷达测量路人的移动方式和一天中的活动行为,分析移动数据,广告牌路人可视度,特定目的地。这些数据会布局在Clear Channel的广告牌上,允许广告商计划和购买Out-Of-Home户外特定受众信息。”  Clear Channel#39;s Senior Vice President of Research and Insights Andy Stevens says ;it#39;s like mobile advertising, using the same consumer behavior, but using it for [Out-Of-Home ads like billboards.]; In an interview with Media Village, he says he sees it as a way of translating digital insights to this ;out of home; space.  Clear Channel研究和计划部门的副高级经理说“好比手机广告,通过使用同样的顾客行为方式,现在只是把它运用到了户外广告牌上”在一次Media Village采访中,他认为这是一种对洞察数据的户外迁移。  But in an email to NPR, Clear Channel press spokesman Jason King drew a distinction between the one-to-one approach of online digital ad targeting and this strategy, which he described as ;one-to-many.; He explains: ;We have no technical capability to determine the average age and gender of who sees our billboards, but the data providers can inform us by sharing, for example, that I-95 in Florida has a high percentage of families travelling to Disney World that pass many of our billboards.;  在一封对NPR的邮件中,Clear Channel的媒体发言人Jason King将网络一对一广告方式和这种户外一对多广告模式划定界限,他解释到:“我们虽然无法通过技术手段得知广告牌受众群体年龄和性别,但是数据供应商会通过分享来提供我们信息,比如,佛罗里达州的I-95公路上有很多家庭会在去迪斯尼乐园的路上看到我们的广告牌。”  The company, which owns tens of thousands of billboards in the U.S., ;will offer Radar in its top 11 markets, including Los Angeles and New York, starting on Monday, with plans to make it available across the country later this year,; The New York Times reported. Here#39;s more from the Times: ;Clear Channel and its partners — ATamp;T Data Patterns, a unit of ATamp;T that collects location data from its subscribers; PlaceIQ, which uses location data collected from other apps to help determine consumer behavior; and Placed, which pays consumers for the right to track their movements and is able to link exposure to ads to in-store visits — all insist that they protect the privacy of consumers. All data is anonymous and aggregated, they say, meaning individual consumers cannot be identified.;  纽约时报说“这家在美国拥有数以万计广告牌的公司将会在11个热门市场内提供雷达务,包括洛杉矶和纽约,从周一开始,计划务年底可以遍布全国。”纽约时报还说:“广告运营商Clear Channel和他伙伴—ATamp;T数据部门共同收集用户的位置信息;而Placed广告公司则通过向用户购买权利获得用户许可跟踪其活动并且能够看到广告进而去商店消费——所有公司都坚持他们保护了顾客的隐私。所有数据都是匿名收集的,个人信息是无法识别的。”  King, the press spokesman, tells NPR that the personal consumer information will remain with the data providers, while Clear Channel will only be able to access the aggregated data.  媒体发言人King对NPR说消费者个人信息将归数据运营商管理,Clear Channel广告公司只能读取这些收集到的信息。  And Stevens argues that consumers can opt out, in the interview with Media Village. He makes a distinction between the Clear Channel program and the advertising in this scene from the dystopian thriller ;Minority Report.;  在Media Village采访中Stevens辩解道消费者可以选择退出。他认为Clear Channel项目和电影“少数派报告”中的广告场景完全是两回事。  Here, Tom Cruise#39;s character walks through a shopping area as advertisements address him by name. ;John Anderton! You could use a Guinness right now,; says one affable billboard. ;Get away, John Anderton. Forget your troubles,; intones another billboard showing a beach scene. Here#39;s what Stevens thinks of this style of advertising: ;I#39;m not sure it#39;s a great user experience and it is a little creepy, to be honest. With a mass-medium like Out-Of-Home, a better use is to target general patterns of consumer groups, not the individual.;  电影中Tom Cruise的角色走过商业区时广告使用他的名字进行播放。“John Anderton!试试Guinness吧,”一块殷勤的广告牌说道。“忘记你的烦恼,John Anderton,离开这个地方,”另一个广告牌播放着沙滩美景说道。Stevens对这种广告道:“事实上,我不确定用户体验会不会很好,甚至有点可怕。像Out-Of-Home这样的大众传媒,更好的方案是向普通大众广告,而不是个人。”  But regardless of whether the billboards will address us personally, the new initiative is raising concerns from privacy advocates like Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy. ;It is incredibly creepy, and it#39;s the most recent intrusion into our privacy,; he told The Times. ;People have no idea that they#39;re being tracked and targeted.;  不管这些广告牌是针对个人还是大众,Center for Digital Democracy的行政主管Jeffrey Chester提醒人们要谨慎行事。“这很可怕,这是对我们隐私最新的侵犯”他和时报说道。“人们对自己被追踪一无所知。” /201603/433454

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