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成都治疗包茎需要多少钱成都中医药大学附属医院看泌尿科怎么样[]“北京瘫”葛大爷晋升网红 鹿晗学样 --18 ::9 来源:sohu 最近,一种“脖子以下全是腿”的坐姿在网络上爆红,而葛大爷葛优成为了这一姿势的最强代言人与葫芦娃,尔康,以及天线宝宝等“过气明星”再次走红的方式一样,葛大爷以及家庭情景剧《我爱我家再次通过”表情包”的方式,成功上位网红 Recently, a sitting posture become notoriously famous online. And just like other superannuated images such as “Er Kang” and the“Teletubbies”, Ge You becomes popular again through its funny “emoji icon package”. 那么葛大爷的表情包到底有什么独特之处呢? So what's so special about Ge You in this TV series that makes it coming back to public after such a long time? “北京瘫”是这一系列表情包的明星动作,葛大爷饰演的二混子纪春生完美诠释演绎了什么是“北京瘫”——脖子以下全是腿这一姿势的英文表达有Beijing repose, 以及CRI 英语环球广播圆桌议事赫扬翻译的Beijing Slouch Beijing Slouch is the English expression of this posture of Ge You in these pictures. The unemployed native Beijing young man Ji Chunsheng, starred by Ge You, perfectly presented and demonstrated this ;Old Beijingers' Style; sitting posture—below the neck are legs. 很快,机智的小伙伴们发现“ 脖子以下全是腿 ”不仅是葛大爷的专利,更是北京“大爷”的标准化坐姿葛大爷以外,冯导更是北京瘫坐姿的又一诠释者 Netizens found out another representative this posture--Feng Xiaogang. 冯导这姿势是可是和葛大爷一样销魂呢~更神奇的是,网友发现这一姿势不光是老一辈北京“大爷”的专利,更是被小一辈北京“少爷”演绎的淋漓尽致 However, this posture is not monopolized by those old Beijing natives. 近日,网友还评选出了“京城四瘫”!大张伟,鹿晗,易烊千玺,张一山 Recently, netizens have voted younger representatives this posture. 这四位北京“少爷”可谓是继承冯导和葛大爷的衣钵,完美的诠释了北京“少爷”的北京瘫 These four younger native Beijing celebrities perfectly take over the mantle fo Ge You and Feng Xiaogang's sitting posture of Beijing slouch. 其实这种全是腿的坐姿真的无处不在! Here! Here! And Here!! Anyway,医生提醒道,这种坐姿虽然舒适,但是会对脊柱造成严重压迫,所以我们还是应该提倡健康的坐姿 But doctors warn the public, although this position is comtable, but it will exert pressure on the spine hardly, and we should call healthy sitting posture. Photo Source: Weibo简阳市妇幼保健院四维彩超多少钱 智能机器人亮相夏季达沃斯论坛 --30 18:53:31 来源: 智能机器人的研发引起人们对工业.0的广泛关注高智能仿真机器人未来如何,第四次工业革命是否即将到来 Is the fourth industrial revolution coming? Insiders have not yet reached consensus on this. Intelligent robots which will make debuts at the World Economic um in Tianjin, a port city of northern China have become stars and the .0 industry is expected to attract attention again worldwide.第四次工业革命是否即将到来?专业人员也没有搞清楚这个问题智能机器人将在天津的世界经济论坛亮相天津这座北方的港口城市将成为焦点,工业.0将引起世界关注Realistic robot Jia Jia仿真机器人佳佳Jia Jia can talk and interact with real humans, as well as make some facial expressions. It was developed by a research team at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, Anhui province.佳佳可以与人聊天、互动,甚至也会有面部表情它的开发团队来自安徽合肥的中国科技大学Jia Jia has worked as a guide at school and in shopping malls, and also has a hostess in a TV show.佳佳可作为学校或者商场的向导,也可以做一个电视节目主持人Humanoid robot Junko Chihira speaks three languages.仿生机器人可讲三种语言Toshiba’s humanoid robot Junko Chihira can speak three languages and works in a mall. She can exchange with consumers in accordance with the preset language and contents.东芝公司生产的仿生机器人顺子会讲三种语言,可在商场工作照预先设置好的语言和内容,它可以与顾客交流The developers say that Junko Chihira will learn to speak more languages and realize more man-machine communication in time. Its usage will be based in the health sector and will also be used as a companion.研发人员说顺子还能学会更多的语言,能快速理解人机对话它将主要用于医疗行业,也可以作为一个日常伴侣Mybot is a humanoid robot with memory可记忆仿生机器人麦特Mybot is a humanoid robot capable of handling inmation, developed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. Mybot has memory, can identify the shapes of some objects and can learn to do housework.麦特是一个具备信息处理能力的仿生机器人它由韩国科技机构研发麦特具有记忆功能,可以判断部分物体形状和学习家务Mybot is under development and will be used in the service sector in the future.麦特正在进一步研发中并将应用于务行业YuMi -- a Robot You and Me合作型机器人尤美Developed by ABB Engineering Shanghai, YuMi is short “you and me,” which is meant to imply the robot was created to work well with humans. YuMi was designed to collaborate side-by-side, with human workers in a normal manufacturing environment. One of YuMi’s features is its “intrinsically safe” rating.尤美由上海ABB工程技术公司研发尤美的功能可简单概括成与人协作,也就是说这种机器人主要是用来配合人的工作尤美的设计初衷就是在正常生产环境中与工人共同协作,它的一个特点就是安全可靠YuMi has been used as an assistant in the assembly of electronic products including smartphones and tablets.尤美已经在一些电子产品如智能手机和平板电脑的装配中开始协助生产工作身体力行3件事,早起从此没难度 --7 :5:37 来源: At a workshop I attended last weekend, the facilitator jokingly mentioned that he’s more of a night owl and his energy doesn’t generally kick in until about :00 in the afternoon. I laughed, thinking that my list of accomplishments post p.m. is about HALF of what I get done in the morning and early afternoon hours.笔者上周末参加了一个研讨会,当时讲师打趣地提到了他本人更倾向于夜猫子模式,并且他的精力只有在午后点才能充分发挥出来当时我就笑了,然后想象自己在午后点的成功史,就是我已经在早上或午后较前的时间完成了半数的任务Then I thought... “When did THAT happen?” In years past, you couldn’t talk to me bee :00 in the morning, much less expect me to get anything useful done. And the weekends? get it. If the time had “a.m.” attached to the end of it, you’d better believe I was face-down in a pillow.然后我就开始思考……“那是怎么办到的?”在过去的几年里,在早上点前别人是无法跟我交谈的,更不要期待我完成了什么任务那么周末呢?算了吧如果周末的时间以a.m.作为后缀,那么你还是相信我正在枕头下埋头大睡好了Nowadays, however, despite my best efts I cannot sleep past 8, I’m mentally ming my to-do list bee I even open my eyes. I find that my best writing is done within the first few hours after I wake up, and my go-getter mentality has dimmed into a quieter energy come late afternoon.然而时至今日,尽管我尽了最大的努力,不让自己睡得超过8点,但我会在脑海里列出自己即将完成的任务,甚至不用等到睁眼的时候我发现了,在起床后的头几个小时里完成写作任务的效果最好,而我的渐入佳境的心理状态也随着午后时间的延伸变得越来越安静So what’s my secret?那么,我的秘诀是什么呢?1. starters, night time prep is half the battle.1. 首先,夜间的准备是成功的一半Again, I’m not much of a night person anymore, so this can be a bit of a struggle me, but this is a post on being a morning person, not a night person! (Just kidding!) A few minutes at night to set up the coffee pot, lay out an outfit, and get your lunch together the following day can be a godsend come sun-up.再者,我已经不再是晚睡的人了,所以这对我来说还是有点难度,但本文在于教大家怎么早起,而不是晚睡啦!(开玩笑的!)睡前花几分钟设置好咖啡壶的时间,把需要用到的器具都摆放好,然后再把第二天的午餐打点妥当,那么第二天起来就能获得极大的恩赐感. Set two alarms..设置个闹钟The first one is gentle, within reach and set five minutes bee you really need it. This soothing sound will slowly wake you up. The second one should be louder, placed across the room and set the time you actually need to get up. I set my alarms this way because I’m very sensitive to noise (as I imagine many people are at least first thing in the morning), and the last thing I want is to be shocked out of bed by the cacophony that is my clock radio alarm.第一个闹钟的铃声是温和的,在你真的需要的时候随手可及就能设置5分钟的提醒但这种舒缓心情的声音只会延缓你的起床时间那么第二个闹钟的铃声就应该声音更大点,放在房间的角落里,然后设置为必须起床的时间笔者之所以这样设置自己的闹钟,是因为我对噪音非常敏感(正如我能想象许多朋友早上最不想遇到的第一件事一样),而我最不想的就是被收音机闹钟刺耳的声响吵得我从床上弹起来3. Do something that is genuinely, authentically YOU.3. 做些体现真实的自己的事情Too many people give themselves exactly enough time to hurriedly get y work and get out the door. Give yourself a little “me” time bee the hustle begins. Enjoy your coffee slowly. Take a walk or do minutes of yoga. Do a little bit of journaling. If you walk out the door with peace in your heart, you’ll carry it with you throughout the day.有太多人为自己预留足够的时间用于赶忙准备和出门那么请为自己开始这些繁忙的动作前保留一点“私人时间”吧慢慢享受美好的咖啡时光或者散散步,做分钟的瑜伽运动写一点点日志如果在出门的时候能保持心境平和,那么这一整天的状态都能得到很好的保持If you generally thrive in the evening hours, don’t push yourself too hard to go against nature. Lean into your afternoon energy but use these tips to help you embrace those tough mornings with a bit more grace. In time you might find yourself transition into a “morning person” after all!如果你通常只有在晚上才能发挥自己的奋斗精神,那也不要违反自然规律把自己逼得太紧了调整为午后的精力状态,但采用以上的方法能更优雅地度过难熬的早晨最后你可能会发现自己已经转变成“早起的鸟儿”啦!广安市体检哪家医院最好的

内江市中医院生孩子好吗无惧年龄! 80岁作穿普拉达女王 -- ::36 来源:sohu 花花裙、高跟鞋和超大太阳镜不再只属于年轻人的风格最近一名八十岁的老太太重新诠释后现代的时尚造型, 她的照片上传后立即轰动整个互联网 Floral dresses, high-heels and oversized sunglasses are no longer styles exclusive to young people! An 80-year-old woman from southwest Chongqing municipality recently wowed the internet with her post-modern interpretation of trendy fashion items. 为甚么她八十岁还可以当时尚教主呢? 原来这辑照片是侄孙女(林女士) 送给她的礼物: “虽然她已经上了年纪, 但姑奶奶的身体还是非常健康”“那双鞋鞋跟有厘米,我们拍的时候很担心,本想让她穿着照几张就脱下来,结果她说不行这样出不来效果”“因为我们想拍出最自然的一面,不是那种拍出来谁看了也不认识的”所以姨姥脸上的斑点与皱纹也没有刻意遮盖,更没有让摄影师过分修饰 The octogenarian fashion icon was gifted a photo shoot as a present from her grandniece, Ms. Lin. Though advanced in age, Lin's grandaunt is in excellent physical condition.“Even the -inch heels didn't scare her, and she asked the photographer not to do too much retouching. She wanted the pictures to be natural--wrinkles, freckles and all!”said Lin. Photo amp; Source: People's Daily Online Baidu四川省成都市六院四维彩超价格 盐城遭遇“极端天气”近百人死亡 -- 19:5:53 来源:chinadaily 3日时前后,江苏省盐城市阜宁、射阳等地出现强雷电、短时强降雨、冰雹、雷雨大风等强对流天气,局地遭龙卷风袭击据江苏省民政厅报告,强对流天气已造成98人死亡,近800人受伤,其中重伤近0人Downpours, hailstorms and a tornado battered parts of Yancheng City at :30 pm Thursday. [PhotoXinhua]请看相关报道:A tornado and hailstorm have killed at least 98 people and injure nearly 800 in the east Chinese province of Jiangsu.江苏遭遇的龙卷风和冰雹已经导致98人死亡,约800人受伤Buildings collapsed as thunder, lightning, rainstorms, hailstorms and the tornado struck counties and villages in the city of Yancheng at about :30 pm on Thursday.周四下午点30分左右,江苏盐城部分乡镇遭遇雷电、短时强阵雨、冰雹以及龙卷风袭击,导致建筑物倒塌Extreme weather conditions were reported in several townships in Funing and Sheyang counties in the suburbs of Yancheng.盐城市郊的阜宁、射阳等地也遭遇极端天气“极端天气”(extreme weather conditions)指天气(气候)的状态严重偏离其平均态,在统计意义上属于不易发生的事件照世界气象组织的规定,当气候要素(气压、气温、湿度等)的时、日、月、年值达到5年一遇,或者与相应的30年平均值之差超过标准差的两倍时,就可以将此归为极端天气随着全球气候变暖,极端天气气候事件特别是强降雨(torrential rain)、高温热浪(heat wave)等极端事件的出现频率发生变化,呈现出增多增强的趋势今年入夏以来,我国南方地区持续遭遇强降雨天气,目前已经导致人死亡,近万人被迫转移近几年频发的极端天气事件包括:高温热浪(heat wave)、寒潮(cold wavecold snap)、强降雨(torrential rainheavy rainfall)、冰雹(hailstorm)、龙卷风(tornado)、台风(typhoon)、干旱(drought)等关于风暴,我们经常听到3个意思相近的词:tornado、typhoon、hurricaneTornado即龙卷风,主要发生在陆地上;typhoon和hurricane其实是一回事,都是tropical cyclone(热带气旋),只是飓风名称的使用多在北大西洋及东太平洋,所以我们经常听到美国发生飓风,如Hurricane Sandy(飓风桑迪);而北太平洋西部使用的词是typhoon,我国就习惯称台风(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)成都市激光包皮手术

四川省第十人民医院打胎一般要花多少钱[]《荒野猎人莱昂纳多每天化妆5小时 -- :3:58 来源:chinadaily 在最新电影《荒野猎人中被要求画好几层妆的莱昂纳多;迪卡普里奥很难被认出来莱昂纳多饰演休;格拉斯,是皮草贸易探险队的领队,最终成为了一次野蛮袭击中的受害人 Leonardo DiCaprio, pictured, is barely recognizable beneath the layers of makeup required his latest film, The Revenant. DiCaprio plays Hugo Glass, the real-life leader of a fur-trading expedition who ends up the victim of a savage attack. 照片上的化妆师邓肯;贾曼用了5个小时耐心地创造出格拉斯身上恐怖的伤口为让伤口看上去尽量真实,贾曼甚至翻阅了各种资料在格拉斯全身的伤口化妆完成后,演员需要带着妆开始一天的拍摄从照片中可以看出,“伤口”十分真实 Makeup artist Duncan Jarman, also pictured, spent five hours patiently recreating Glass's horrific wounds. He also obtained historical inmation about the wounds that Glass sustained so that the effect looked as true to life as possible. As Glass received wounds to his entire body, a whole day of life-casting with the actor was required, and as you can see from the picture below, the end result is gruesomely realistic. 最近,莱昂纳多凭借休;格拉斯获得了金球奖和奥斯卡的最佳男演员,电影《荒野猎人甚至获得了项奥斯卡提名 DiCaprio recently picked up a Best Actor Golden Globe his portrayal of Hugo Glass, and the film has also received Oscar nominations. English Source: Boredpanda 宝宝惊呆了:画家用火作画 -- :51:39 来源: 艺术家Pete Kephart 喜欢烧他的作品他用那些令人震惊的画作告诉我们,毁灭也是美丽的 Pete Kephart burns his art.艺术家Pete Kephart 喜欢烧他的作品My mom always said, ‘Don’t play with fire,’ and “I never learned.”妈妈说,别玩火但,我从来没学会这一点 the past years at his home in the mountains of West Virginia, Kephart has been a fire painter,using fire, water, earth, wind and paint to create abstract designs on paper.Kephart的家就在West Virginia山脉上,他作为一名火焰画家已经十二年了他用火,水,土壤,风和涂料,在纸上创造一些抽象作品He begins by building a huge bonfire. As it burns down to sizzling cinders, he begins fire painting on paper using water.首先,他堆起一个巨大的篝火当篝火烧成炙热的灰烬时,他开始用水在纸上作画If I paint a circle on a sheet of paper with just water, and I set it on fire, I’ll get a white circle on a brown sheet of paper.在纸上画出一个圆,然后点燃它随后我们会看到棕色的纸片上有一个白色的圆The paper is made from cotton, which is stronger and burns more slowly than paper made of wood pulp. The places where I’m not applying any water, or water-based materials, will begin to burn very, very quickly, while at the same time, all the water or much of the water will still be present in the surface of the paper, and that causes the amazing contrast.与其他普通的木浆纸片不同,他所用的纸片由棉花制成,更耐用抗烧火焰会很快燃烧那些没有用水或者以水为基料涂抹过的地方但是,全部或是大部分的水还是会留在纸片表面,这就是奇妙的反差原理It is supposed to look like a sunset or sunrise with clouds over water.只用水涂抹过的画作展现给我们大海之上伴着云朵的日出日落Kephart is pouring dried earth pigment onto this paper and letting the wind help create the design. The interaction of the elements that I’ve applied to the paper’s surface and the fire itself create entirely new effects.Kephart 将干土性颜料散落在纸上,随后让微风参与创作我在这张纸上使用的材料之间发生了反应,再加上火焰的参与,它们又创造除了一个全新的效果But the timing is crucial. And each paper needs to be removed within 30 seconds.时间把控至关重要每张纸都要在三十秒之内被取走One second can make a huge difference between a fantastic, beautiful painting, and something that just burns to nothing, and becomes ash.一秒种的差距是巨大的,神奇、美丽的画作与一团灰烬只在这一秒之差Kephart says as far as he knows he is the only artist using this technique. Every painting is a surprise.Kephart说,他是他所知道的唯一一个在使用这种技艺的艺术家每一副画作都是一个惊喜He discovered the method by accident as he was getting rid of some used art paper, says Kephart in his studioThe raindrops fell on a sheet of paper, so when I set the paper on fire, the raindrops preserved these white, bright spots on this brown sheet of paper that had burned.这个技艺是他烧一张用过的艺术画作时偶然发现的Kephart在他的工作室说:“画纸上滴落了一些雨滴,所以当我点燃它后,雨滴在棕色画纸上变成了白色的亮点”He works on what he calls his unfinished paintings by drawing on them using pastels.他正在用用过的蜡笔填充他所称之为未完成的画作Some of them turn into nature scenes.其中一些作品展示的是自然景观I am seeing a sun with a mountain ridge in the distance, and a river or stream coming down through the center.我看到的是远处山脉伴着太阳,还有一条河流或小溪从图画中间流过来Here at the Zenith Gallery in Washington, his creation sells from ,000 to ,500.这些火焰画作在华盛顿的Zenith Gallery 出售价格在1,000美金或7,500美金Kephart’s striking paintings show that destruction can be beautiful.这些令人震惊的画作告诉我们,毁灭也是美丽的成都省七院人流要多少钱四川省第三人民医院医生值班




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