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The pleasure and pain of shoes: something afoot at the Vamp;A穿鞋的苦与乐:维多利亚和阿尔伯特物馆发生的事情One of the first things you notice on entering the Vamp;A’s new summer exhibition Shoes: Pleasureamp;Pain are the ballet slippers wornby Moria Shearer in Powell and Press burger’s film The Red Shoes.一进入英国国立维多利亚与艾尔伯特物馆,第一眼看见的便是夏日展厅里的鞋子:那是莫伊拉·希勒出演鲍威尔和皮斯伯格的电影《红菱艳》时穿过的红色芭蕾舞鞋,那双红舞鞋展现了女主人公的苦与乐。Instead of being the usual confectionery pink, satin slippers appear to have been dipped in blood. In the Hans Christian Andersen story on which the 1948 film is loosely based, the heroine Karen is doomed to dance to her death for wanting to show off her new crimson shoes in church.和一般的糖果粉相反,那双绸子的鞋子似乎已染上了血的颜色。1948年的电影大体基于安徒生的故事,在教堂里想要炫耀她的新鞋子的女主角卡伦注定要跳舞直到死亡。Even after she hacks off her incessantly whirling feet, the bloodied stumps continue to caper. Likewise, Shearer, as Vicky Page, is danced to her death by her fidgety red slippers as a punishment for wanting both art and love, ballet and marriage. In both cases, the red shoes, which initially seemed to offer the fulfilment of female desire, turn out to be its fatal scourge.在她破解了不停地旋转的脚上(的魔法)之后,血迹斑斑的树桩仍然在雀跃。而且,就像是维基页面显示的一样,由于艺术和爱情,芭蕾和婚姻不可兼得,红舞鞋惩罚希勒跳到死。在这两种情况下,红舞鞋最初都似乎满足了女性欲望,但同时也是其致命的灾难。It’s a bit like that in real life too. The fashion for wearing ballerina slippers as streetwear, which crested a couple of years ago, appeared to offer the pleasing possibility of skipping insouciantly through summer, rocking an Audrey Hepburn or Amy Winehouse vibe.这也有点像真实生活中(的事情)。几年前街上流行前沿的时尚芭蕾舞鞋,似乎漫不经心地旋转中便带有奥黛丽·赫本或艾米·怀恩豪斯的气质,为整个夏日带来了快乐。But anyone who has tried wearing ballet flats all day, whether in Cannes or Camden, will know that they are not adapted to pavement living. Every single bit of grit makes itself felt through the flexible soles, so that after a couple of hours you start to resemble another of Andersen’s heroines, the Little Mermaid, whose every step cut her feet to bloody ribbons.无论是在戛纳还是在卡姆登的(典礼上),那些一整天都穿着芭蕾平底鞋的人,并不适应路面(的走路)。勇敢地穿上灵活的鞋底(的舞鞋),但几小时后,你开始变得像是安徒生的另一个女主人公,小美人鱼,她每走一步都将脚上的丝带染红。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载。 /201507/384516

As a concierge at the elegant Pavillon de la Reine hotel in Paris, Arnaud Ilisca dresses in tails. His manner is elegant yet personable; his advice comes in flawless English with just enough of a French accent to lend legitimacy. On any given day, he can arrange a private cruise on the Seine or land a difficult reservation at a three-star Michelin restaurant. In other words, he is the kind of person I never run into in my frugal travels.阿诺·伊利斯卡(Arnaud Ilisca)是高雅的巴黎皇后亭酒店(Pavillon de la Reine)的礼宾员。他身穿燕尾,举止优雅,风度翩翩,以无可挑剔的英语向客人提供建议,只带有一点可资明权威性的法语口音。随便哪一天,他都能给你安排塞纳河上的私人游览,或者在米其林三星餐厅搞到难得的预订。换句话说,他是我在穷游旅行中永远遇不到的那种人。But there we sat, on a recent Thursday afternoon, in the Pavillon’s bar in a building off the Place des Vosges that was once a royal residence. Mr. Ilisca was formulating a perfect Paris day for a fictional well-heeled guest. Cost: about 1,000 euros (or a little more than ,100). I was sipping espresso, taking notes for the task ahead — creating the most similar day I could for one-tenth of the price.但是前不久的一个周四的下午,我们坐在皇后亭酒店的酒吧里。该酒店位于孚日广场(Place des Vosges)的一座建筑之中,那里曾是皇家宅邸。伊利斯卡在为一位想象中的富有宾客设计完美的巴黎一日游。费用约为1000欧元(约合1100多美元)。我一边喝着特浓咖啡,一边为自己的任务做笔记——我的任务是以十分之一的费用,设计出与他的规划最接近的版本。I commenced a deep dive into the online rabbit hole of Paris blogs and personal advice from Paris-based friends and colleagues (including Seth Sherwood and Pamela Druckerman, contributors to The New York Times, and Meg Zimbeck, the founder of the blog Paris by Mouth). I made one tweak to Mr. Ilisca’s itinerary: He had suggested an à la carte lunch and prix fixe dinner; I flipped those, since prix fixe lunch can be an excellent deal in Paris. And then I was off.然后我开始深入研究网上数不胜数的巴黎客,以及我在巴黎的朋友和同事们(包括《纽约时报》的撰稿人塞思·舍伍德[Seth Sherwood]和帕梅拉·德鲁克曼[Pamela Druckerman]以及客Paris by Mouth的创立者梅格·泽姆贝克[Meg Zimbeck])的私人建议。我对伊利斯卡设计的行程做了一点修改:他的建议是午餐按菜单点菜,晚餐选择固定价格套餐。我反了过来,因为在巴黎,午餐时选择固定价格套餐可能会很实惠。然后我就出发了。Breakfast早餐High富游The prix fixe petit déjeuner at Carette, a fancy patisserie with tables nestled beneath the arches that skirt the Place des Vosges, is 18.50 euros, or .64 at .12 to the euro.高档法式糕点店Carette的固定价格早餐套餐是18.50欧元,按照1欧元兑换1.12美元的价格计算,约合20.64美元。这家蛋糕店位于孚日广场边缘的拱门下,店里有餐桌。Low穷游I traded in the regal Place des Vosges for a sidewalk table across from the leafy Square Trousseau, the perfect spot to watch the 12th Arrondissement awaken. I was at Blé Sucré, a patisserie with a deceptively everyday look; it is run by Fabrice Le Bourdat, the former pastry chef at Le Bristol, the three-star Michelin restaurant that is now called Epicure. Along with my espresso, I had a kouign-amann, a caramelized cross between a palmier and a croissant that comes from Bretagne and has been positively compared with the Cronut. Blé Sucré’s decadent version costs just 1.76 euros.我把堂皇的孚日广场换成了绿树成荫的特鲁索广场(Square Trousseau)。这里是观看第12区苏醒的绝佳地点。广场对面的Blé Sucré糕点店其貌不扬,店主却是米其林三星餐厅Le Bristol(现名Epicure)的前任糕点大厨法布里斯·勒·布尔达(Fabrice Le Bourdat)。除了特浓咖啡,我还点了焦糖味的kouign-amann,它来自布列塔尼,像是蝴蝶酥和羊角面包的结合,经常被与羊角甜甜圈(Cronut)相提并论。Blé Sucré糕点店的这个低级版本的售价仅为1.76欧元。With an espresso, my breakfast was 3.26 euros, but I did miss the glass of fresh juice I knew was in the Carette prix fixe. Luckily, an elegantly dressed older woman eating alone at another table had been humoring my rusty French and directed me to the nearby Aligre Market, where the gorgeous produce made me wish for a kitchen. (I settled for an Instagram post.) A juicy orange was 65 cents.加上特浓咖啡,我的早餐总价为3.26欧元,不过我的确很想来一杯Carette糕点店固定价格套餐菜单上的鲜榨果汁(我知道它家的菜单上有这个)。幸运的是,在另一张桌子上单独就餐的一位穿着优雅的老妇人顾念我法语生疏,把我引到了附近的Aligre市场(Aligre Market),那里超棒的农产品让我有下厨的冲动(我在Instagram上发了张照片聊以慰藉)。我在那里花65分买了一个多汁的橙子。Shopping购物High富游Mr. Ilisca sends guests to the haute couture shops of the famed Golden Triangle: Champs-#201;lysées, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V. Let’s grant our fictional fat cat 300 euros for something modest from Gucci or Prada.伊利斯卡建议宾客们去著名的金三角(Golden Triangle)的高档装店购物:香榭丽舍大街、蒙田大道和乔治五世大道。让我们假定我们想象中的富翁花了300欧元从古驰(Gucci)或普拉达(Prada)买了一件普通的衣。Low穷游My first thought was the gargantuan Les Puces flea market at faraway Porte de Clignancourt, but a great web page directed me to smaller, more occasional markets by arrondissement. (Find the list at bit.ly/ParisFlea.) In fact, my shopping started after I finished my Aligre Market orange, at the flea market adjacent to the produce stands. For 1 euro, I bought a yellowed 1951 issue of Temps Modernes, the journal edited by Jean-Paul Sartre. (It listed a piece called “Is God Photogenic?,” and I had to know. It turned out that the article was actually about the state of religious films at the time; the headline was clearly a clever ploy aimed at American tourists 64 years in the future.) Three markets later, at Village St.-Paul, I’d fall for a small, lovely powder-blue wall-mounted coat rack. I bargained it down to 22 euros from 28 by claiming to be a “pauvre Américain.” (They didn’t believe me, but it got the conversation started.)我的第一个念头是去偏远、庞大的科里尼安古尔门(Porte de Clignancourt)跳蚤市场(Les Puces),但是一个很棒的网页按区列出了那些更小、更随意的市场(你可以在bit.ly/ParisFlea找到这个列表)。实际上,我吃完在Aligre市场买的橙子就开始在旁边的跳蚤市场购物了。我花一欧元买了1951年的一期泛黄的《新时代》(Temps Modernes)杂志(这期上有篇文章题为“上帝上相吗?”我很想知道这个问题的。结果发现,那篇文章实际上是谈论当时的宗教电影状况;那个标题显然是个聪明的计策,足以吸引64年后的美国游客),编辑是让-保罗·萨特(Jean-Paul Sartre)。逛完三个市场后,在圣保罗村(Village St.-Paul),我看上了一个可爱的粉蓝色小壁挂式衣帽架。我自称“贫穷的美国人”(卖家不相信,不过这么说算是起了个头),把价钱从28欧元砍到了22欧元。Lunch午餐High富游L’Arpège has three Michelin stars and a No. 25 spot on Restaurant magazine’s world rankings. Its chef, Alain Passard, is famous for his farm-to-obsessed-chef-to-table ingredients, especially vegetables. Tasting (remember, this was supposed to be dinner): 340 euros.L’Arpège是米其林三星餐厅,在《餐厅》杂志(Restaurant)的世界餐厅排行榜上排名第25位。它的大厨阿兰·帕萨尔(Alain Passard)以选用“从农场到痴迷大厨到餐桌”的食材而闻名,尤其是蔬菜。主厨精选菜单(注意,这个菜单本来是为晚餐准备的)的价格是340欧元。Low穷游I tried, really I did, to find a reasonably priced prix fixe at a contemporary, cool and vegetarian-friendly spot. No luck — vegetarians, beware. But a blog post about farm-to-table spots I had found during a search for L’Arpège also raved about Le Timbre, where Charles Danet’s three-course lunch fit the bill, literally, for 26 euros. That’s in part because everyone eats the exact same thing in this pleasantly cramped space the size of a postage stamp, which is what “timbre” means.我努力(我真的努力了)在一个现代时髦、适合素食者的餐厅寻找一个合理的固定价格套餐菜单。可惜我没找到。素食主义者,要当心哦。不过,我在搜索L’Arpège餐厅时找到了一个关于“从农场到餐桌”的餐厅的客帖子,它对Le Timbre餐厅也是赞美有加。该餐厅大厨查尔斯·达内(Charles Danet)的三道主菜午餐售价为26欧元,刚好符合条件。其中一个原因是这里的食客吃的东西是一模一样的。这个温馨的餐厅像邮票一样小巧,timbre就是邮票的意思。Seth joined me, and as the last lunch guests to arrive, we got a step-by-step preview of our meal from those seated (very) nearby. It turned out to be false advertising — the kitchen ran out of both the starter (hake) and the main course (duck filet). “On a mal compté le canard,” our very apologetic server said. But we enjoyed the cod starter substitute (as if I could tell the flaky, white difference), served with puréed celery root and lovage, and were impressed at how crunchy pine nuts and spicy bits of chorizo took to a moist cut of guinea fowl. When everyone started getting gorgeous dollops of chocolate mousse around us, I impishly asked, “On a mal compté le chocolat?” They had not. It was delicious. My share of the bill: 29 euros.塞思和我一起去那里用午餐。我们是午间的最后一批食客。我们一道菜一道菜地看了邻座(真的跟我们紧挨着坐)的午餐,相当于预览了自己的午餐。结果呢,看也是白看。开胃菜(鳕鱼)和主菜(鸭肉片)都卖光了。“我们算错了鸭肉的量,”务员满怀歉意地说。不过,我们很喜欢替换的开胃菜(好像我能辨别出这两种薄薄的白鱼片的区别似的),它配有芹菜根泥和拉维纪草。主菜换成了柔软多汁的珍珠鸡块,它配上松脆的松仁和西班牙辣香肠块,效果令人惊喜。当旁边的顾客纷纷开始享用诱人的巧克力慕斯时,我顽皮地用法语问道,“巧克力没算错吧?”没算错。很好吃。我们均分账单,我那部分是29欧元。Afternoon Stroll下午漫步High富游Mr. Ilisca’s guests often request a personal tour of the cobblestone streets of the shopping and art-packed Marais. Cost: 240 euros.伊利斯卡的客人们通常要求在充满商店和艺术画廊的玛莱区(Marais)的鹅卵石街道上来个私人向导游览。费用:240欧元。Low穷游There are reasonably priced walking tours of the Marais, but I opted out of being part of a group clogging its aly tourist-packed streets. Instead, I simply downloaded a very helpful self-guided version at Paris48.com, and ended up at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, a gorgeously bright space where I got absorbed in the dreamily textured works of the Spanish painter Miquel Barceló. Free.玛莱区有一些价格合理的步行旅游团,但我决定不参团。那里的街道本来就挤满了游客,那些旅游团更是添堵。我在Paris48.com上下载了一个很有用的自助旅游向导。最后来到华丽明亮的Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac画廊,那里正在展出西班牙画家米克尔·巴尔塞洛(Miquel Barceló)的作品,我被它们梦幻般的质地迷住了。全部免费。Dinner晚餐High富游Mr. Ilisca recommended a meal of veal sweetbs (52 euros) from Allard, a classic bistro owned by Alain Ducasse. Full meal, about 100 euros.伊利斯卡推荐的是Allard餐馆的牛羊杂碎(52欧元)。Allard是一家典型的法式小餐馆,店主是阿兰·迪卡斯(Alain Ducasse)。一顿丰盛的晚餐总共约需100欧元。Low穷游Seth may not wear tails, but he was right on in taking me to Le Bistrot du Peintre, near his home in the Bastille. If it hadn’t been around since 1902, I’d say the Art Nouveau décor was overdone. Everything is dreamily wavy, from the massive wood mirrors to the vines painted along the tops of the walls, even the precariously twisting stairs that lead to the kitchen. For dinner, we split a 17-euro bottle of fruity 2013 Gamay from the Loire Valley, and a very generous bone-marrow starter. To make up for my duck-less lunch, I had the duck breast, seared in an oil-free pan, baked and served with raspberry sauce; Seth had a tender braised paleron of beef, loaded with tomatoes and olives, Mediterranean style. My half of the bill was 32.50 euros.塞思也许不穿燕尾,但他的建议不逊于伊利斯卡。他把我带到巴士底他家附近的Le Bistrot du Peintre餐馆。要不是这家餐馆始创于1902年,我会觉得这里的新艺术装潢太多了。所有的东西都充满梦幻般的曲线,从巨大的木镜子到墙顶绘制的葡萄藤,甚至包括通往厨房的扭曲摇晃的楼梯。我们分享了一瓶来自卢瓦尔河谷的2013年果味佳美葡萄酒(Gamay,17欧元)以及一份份量很大的骨髓开胃菜。为了弥补中午没吃上鸭肉的遗憾,我点了一份鸭胸肉,它是在没抹油的煎锅上煎出来的,配有树莓酱。塞思点的是地中海风味的嫩炖牛排,里面有很多番茄和橄榄。我那一半账单的费用是32.50欧元。Nightcap睡前小酒High富游Where else would a concierge send a classy guy like our stand-in jet-setter but the H#244;tel Costes, the ultrachic hotel lounge where a cocktail runs you north of 15 euros.豪华酒店的礼宾员在给我们想象中的富豪推荐睡前小酒时,肯定会推荐H#244;tel Costes。在这个超级时髦的酒店雅座酒吧里,一杯鸡尾酒的价格在15欧元以上。Low穷游Hotel + bar cheap? In travel-writer math class, that’s what we call a false equation. So why does the lively young crowd at H#244;tel du Nord pay just 5 euros to drink a glass of Bordeaux along the Canal St.-Martin? Answer: Because it’s not actually a hotel, but a restaurant named after a 1938 film. Did I mention the 5-euro wine?酒店+酒吧便宜?在旅游作家的数学课上,这样的等式是错误的。那么,为什么北方旅馆(H#244;tel du Nord)活跃的年轻人们花五欧元就能在圣马丁运河(Canal St.-Martin)边上喝一杯波尔多葡萄酒?是:因为北方旅馆不是酒店,而是以1938年的一部电影命名的餐馆。我刚才说了吗?那里的一杯葡萄酒售价仅为五欧元。 /201506/378899

  A little black dress may be the easiest answer to the burning question of what to wear once holiday party season rolls around, but with so many festive options to choose from in stores, it would seem a shame to celebrate in basic black. In fact, you may not want to wear a dress at all; party y pants were a favorite on the runways and will set you apart in a see of black cocktail frocks. Here are a few looks to emulate when celebrating this season:在节假日派对季来临之际,关于穿什么这样一个令人焦虑的问题,最简单的可能就是一条小黑裙。但是,既然商店里有那么多的节日盛装可以选择,只穿一件基本款的黑裙子去参加庆典,就显得太局促了。实际上,你可能根本就不想穿裙子;适合派对穿着的长裤在时装秀上大受欢迎,会让你在一片黑色宴会连衣裙中脱颖而出。在本季的节日庆典中,有如下几种可以仿效的穿着搭配:Must Have Metallic:一定要有金属元素:If subtle is the look you are going for, this one is not for you. But if you do opt for a high shine metallic dress, at least you’ll save time by not having to pick out jewelry.如果你要的是低调风格,那这项建议并不适合你;但如果你的确适合那种有金属质感的闪亮饰,至少,你不用再花时间挑选珠宝了。Suit Up:套装:Because of the ‘70s theme that was integral to so many designers’ collections this year, there will be no shortage of leisure suit looks in stores this holiday season. Best of all, a brightly colored jacket or trouser will look great separately when paired with a crisp white blouse after the festivities have come to an end.由于“70年代”主题在许多设计师今年的作品系列中都是必不可少的元素,所以在这个节日季,商店里肯定少不了休闲套装的身影。而在假日结束之后,用那样一件鲜艳的夹克衫或长裤单独搭配一件轻薄的白衬衫,也将获得很棒的效果。An Updated Classic:翻新经典:Sequins at New Years may seem cliché, but with so many updated options to choose from, the look will be hard to resist this season. Sexy dresses sparkled down the runways of Louis Vuitton, Jason Wu, Tom Ford and Saint Laurent, so keep an eye out for similar options in stores.在新年期间穿亮片饰可能看起来有点老套,但既然有那么多时新的款式可供选择,这一风格在本季仍将令人难以抗拒。在路易·威登、吴季刚(Jason Wu)、汤姆·福德(Tom Ford)与圣罗兰(Saint Laurent)的时装秀上,有许多性感的礼都闪闪发光,所以多多留意一下商店里的类似选择吧。Festive Florals:节日印花:Floral patterns, particularly in bold, bright reds are a great option for looking feminine at any gathering this winter. They’ll also transition perfectly in to the spring when actual flowers are blooming. This is another trend that will last you for years to come by taking you from Christmas party to garden party again and again.这个冬季,不管是在哪种聚会场合,身穿印花图案——尤其是那种鲜艳大胆的红色印花,都是看来很有女人味的最佳选择。而且,这种带有印花图案的款式在春季到来、真正的鲜花绽放之时,也是完美的过渡。这是又一轮将在今后数年里持续热度的潮流,让你从圣诞派对穿到花园派对,重复演绎,总不过时。For Last Minute Ladies:给那些来不及打扮的女士:If you just don’t have time to spend popping in and out of dressing rooms, the classic black dress truly is the easiest answer. Update your favorite LBD with one of the season’s hottest accessories: the neck collar. This new necklace is sexy and sophisticated and will instantly update whatever your go-to party look is.如果你没有时间进出更衣室,那么经典黑色礼确实是最简单的选择。就用这一季最热门的饰品——假领(neck collar)来装点你最爱的小黑裙吧。这款饰品既性感,又精致,能够让你无论穿着怎样的派对装,都会立刻焕然一新。 /201411/342260

  The art world shook on May 11th when apainting by Pablo Picasso was sold for 9m at a Christie#39;s sale in New York to anunidentified bidderamp;;the highest sum ever paid for an artwork at auction. But aSot eby#39;s auction on May 5th, also in New York, caused a bigger tremor At thatsale, bidders from mainland Ch ina agreed to pay a combined total of 6m for works by Vincent van Gogh, ClaudeMonet and another by asso. It was striking evidence of China emerging as anew source of demand for the European masters, and fits buyers#39; willingnessto bid handsomely.艺术世界在5月11号发生大地震,当时在纽约克里斯蒂拍卖会上毕加索的一幅画作被匿名买家以1.79亿美元购得;这是有史以来拍卖会上一件艺术品所拍出的最高价格。但是在5月5号也是在纽约举行的苏富比拍卖会上来自中国大陆的竞标者们以1.16亿美元购得梵高,莫奈以及另外一件毕加索的作品。这表明中国成为了欧洲大师作品的新买家,也 表明了中国的竞标者愿意花大价钱购买。Two of the successful bidders at Sotheby#39;swere movie moguls: Wang Zhongjun, the chairman of Huayi Bro rs Media, one ofChina#39;s largest film companies, who took Picasso#39;s ;Femme au Chignon dans unFauteuil; f .9m; andWang Jianlin, the chairman of Dalian Wanda, a property conglomerate, who boughtMonet#39;s ;B n aux Nymphos, les Rosiers; for .4m. Mr Wang was recently named as Asia#39;s richestman by Forbes ma ne. He aly has dozens of European works andmore than 1,000 Chinese ones. Guo Qingxiang, who advis im on his artpurchases, says the Wanda boss plans to exhibit the Western collection when itis large enoug苏富比的这次拍卖会上,有两名成功竞标者是电影大腕:华谊兄弟公司的主席王中军,这是中国最大的电影公司之一,他以2990万美元的价格买下了毕加索的《盘发髻女子坐像》;还有就是万达的王健林以2040万美元买下了莫奈的《睡莲池与玫瑰》。王健林已经拥有几十幅欧洲作品,还有1000多个中国作品。作为王健林的艺术品购买参谋,郭庆祥说王健林打算在拥有足够多艺术品后进行展览。The number of mainland Chinese bidding fornon-Chinese art at Sotheby#39;s auctions doubled from 2010 to 2014: some 650 ofthem paid a total of more than 0mfor non-Chinese pieces from Sotheby#39;s during that period. But Mr Guo is notalone in saying that Chinese buyers are sometimes unsophisticated. If sottovoce sniping is any measure of the maturity of an art market, maybe Chinahas aly arrived.2010年到2014年间,在苏富比拍卖会上竞拍非中国艺术品的大陆买家数量增加了一倍:在这期间所举办的苏富比拍卖会上,有650名大陆买家在非中国艺术品上总共花费了4.1亿美元。但是并非只有郭先生才认为中国买家有时候是未经世故的。如果低声诽谤是一个艺术市场成熟度的衡量标准的话,那么中国或许已经到了这个点。 /201505/376400。


  MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — For more than a half-century, a small group of astronomers has sought intelligent company among the stars. They’ve done so by turning large radio antennas skyward, hoping to eavesdrop on signals from an advanced society. It’s a program known as SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.加利福尼亚山景城——半个多世纪以来,一些天文学家一直在探寻星际中的智慧生命,探寻我们的同伴。他们为此架设朝向天空的大型无线电天线,以期捕获来自科技先进的世界的信号。人们称这一探索计划为“地外文明搜寻计划”(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence,简称SETI)。But now some researchers propose that we should do more than simply don headphones and await E.T.’s call: We should make serious efforts to encourage a response from putative aliens by deliberately transmitting our own messages. It’s a simple idea, akin to tossing a bottle into the cosmic ocean. But recent arguments for what’s termed active SETI have loosed a storm of controversy, one that has even washed into the halls of academe.不过,现在有一些研究者建议,我们不能只是侧耳倾听,等待外星人的召唤,而要做更多、更积极的努力,主动传递出自己的信息,鼓励可能存在的外星人做出回应。这是个简单的想法,如同向浩瀚的宇宙扔一只瓶子。不过最近,被称作“主动探寻地外文明”的想法引发了诸多讨论,刮起了一场争议的风暴,甚至蔓延到了学术界。Why is this? Why has the sending of dispatches to worlds many trillions of miles distant suddenly become a hot-button issue? The simple answer is that there’s now a perception that advertising our existence could be a mortal threat to the planet.这是为什么呢?为什么向远在万亿英里之外的世界发送信息会骤然成为热点话题?很简单,因为现在有一种看法认为,广泛宣示人类的存在可能会对我们的星球造成致命威胁。The reasoning is this: While no one has yet offered decisive proof for life beyond Earth, in the past two years astronomers have learned that tens of billions of habitable planets suffuse our galaxy. Consequently, to believe that only Earth has spawned intelligence is to insist that our world is the site of a miracle. That point of view rarely appeals to scientists.原因在于:尽管尚未有人能给出存在地外生命的确凿据,但过去两年间,天文学家们了解到,我们的系遍布着数以百亿的宜居星球。因此,让人相信只有地球产生了智慧生命就等于坚持认为我们生活的世界全然是一块奇迹之地。科学家不喜欢这种假设。The aliens could very well be out there. And that realization has spurred a call by some for broadcasts intended to elicit a communication from at least the nearest other star systems. But we know nothing of the aliens’ possible motives or behavior. Therefore, it’s conceivable that betraying our existence might prompt aggressive action from space.地球以外很可能存在外星人。这种认识引起一些人呼吁发出广播信号,意在引发至少与最近星系的交流。不过,我们对外星人的动机和行为一无所知。因此可以想像,泄露人类的存在可能会激起来自太空的侵略行动。Broadcasting is likened to “shouting in the jungle” — not a good idea when you don’t know what’s out there. The British physicist Stephen Hawking alluded to this danger by noting that on Earth, when less advanced societies drew the attention of those more advanced, the consequences for the former were seldom agreeable.向地外发送广播信号就像“在丛林中大声叫喊”,如果你不知道周围存在着什么,那么这样做可能很不明智。英国物理学家史蒂芬·霍金(Stephen Hawking)便暗示过这种危险——他指出,在地球上,如果较落后社会引起了较先进社会的注意,那对前者来说很少是件好事。It’s a worry we never used to have. Victorian-era scientists toyed with plans to use lanterns and burning pools of oil to contact postulated Martians. In the 1970s, NASA bolted greeting cards onto spacecraft that will leave our solar system and wander the vast reaches between the stars. The Pioneer and Voyager probes carry plaques and records with information about what humans look like and where Earth is, as well as a small sampling of our culture.过去,我们从来没有这种担心。维多利亚时代的科学家设想过用点亮灯盏和大量燃油的方式与设若存在的火星人取得联系。到了20世纪70年代,美国国家航空航天局将问候贺卡栓牢在航天器上,并随航天器离开太阳系、在恒星之间的广阔空间漫游。“先驱者”号和“旅行者”号探测器则携带镀金铝板和镀金铜质唱片,承载着人类长什么模样和地球位于何方的信息,还包括一个人类文化的小样本。Those messages move at the speed of rockets. But in 1974, a three-minute encoded pictogram was transmitted using the large radio antenna at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It moves at the speed of light, 20,000 times faster. More recent radio transmissions include a Beatles song beamed by NASA to the North Star, a Doritos advertisement launched to a planetary system in the Big Dipper, and a series of broadcasts sent to nearby stars using an antenna in Crimea.上述这些信息的传递速度与火箭相同。不过1974年,波多黎各的阿雷西天文台(Arecibo)用大型无线电天线发送了一个3分钟的编码图片符号,运行速度已达光速,比之前的信息快2万倍。更近期发送的无线电信息有:美国宇航局向北极星传送的一甲壳虫乐队的歌,向北斗星座一个行星系发送的一段“立体脆”食品广告,以及通过在克里米亚的一部天线向近地恒星发送的一系列无线电信号。When most people believed that aliens were no more than easy black hats for Hollywood, the idiosyncratic nature of these messages could be easily dismissed. But if cosmic company is a legitimate possibility, shouldn’t we offer up something more edifying than pop music and snack food? A deliberate transmission should represent all of humanity — not short-circuit the important question of who will speak for Earth.在大多数人认为外星人不过是好莱坞的噱头的时代,人们很容易对这些怪怪的选择不以为然。但如果真的有可能存在外星生命,我们难道不应当发送比流行音乐和小吃零食更有助益的信息吗?深思熟虑后发送的信息应当能代表全体人类——而不能回避谁可以代表地球这一重要问题。Consequently, recent conferences on the merits of active SETI have sought the advice of social scientists. Among their worries is whether to be up front about humanity’s seamy side: Should we tell the extraterrestrials about war and injustice?所以,最近就“主动探寻地外文明”的好处方面,有讨论会开始向社会科学家寻求意见。诸多担忧中有一条,是否要诚实展现人类丑陋的一面。我们需要告诉地外文明我们有战争和不公正现象吗?Personally, I think this concern is overwrought. Any society that can pick up our radio messages will be at a level of development at least centuries beyond our own. They would be no more incensed by our bad behavior than historians who learned that Babylonians attacked one another with spears. It seems na#239;ve to imagine that, by shielding aliens from the less flattering aspects of humanity, we would somehow lessen any incentive to do us harm. If there’s a danger, mincing words is unlikely to eliminate it.就个人而言,我认为这种担忧过虑了。能接收到地球无线电信息的社会必定处在比我们先进至少几世纪的发展水平。他们对人类的不良行为产生的愤怒不会比历史学家发现巴比伦人自相残杀更严重。认为只要对他们掩盖我们不光的一面,就可以降低他们加害我们的动机,这种想法似乎太天真。如果确有危险存在,我们不太可能通过文过饰非把这种危险消除。A better approach is to note that the nearest intelligent extraterrestrials are likely to be at least dozens of light-years away. Even assuming that active SETI provokes a reply, it won’t be breezy conversation. Simple back-and-forth exchanges would take decades. This suggests that we should abandon the “greeting card” format of previous signaling schemes, and offer the aliens Big Data.一种更好的做法,是先认识到离我们最近的地外智慧生命可能至少也隔着几十光年的距离。即使主动SETI的行为引起了一个回应,那也不会是顺畅的聊天。简单的一问一答也要几十年。这意味着,我们要放弃以前那种“问候卡”式的信号发送模式,向外星人发送大数据。For example, we could transmit the contents of the Internet. Such a large corpus — with its text, pictures, s and sounds — would allow clever extraterrestrials to decipher much about our society, and even formulate questions that could be answered with the material in hand. Sending the web on its way would take months if a radio transmitter were used. A powerful laser, conveying bits much like an optical fiber, could launch these data in a few days.比如,我们可以发送互联网内容。文本、图片、视频和音频汇编的大型数据库可以让聪明的外星人破解更多有关人类社会的信息,甚至思考出一些用手头资料能够解答的问题。采用无线电广播发射机传送网络信息需要几个月时间;而用强激光传送这些数据只需几天,很像用光导纤维传输。Sending messages — even big ones — is technically feasible. However, there’s still the highly controversial matter of whether to broadcast at all. Who decides? One could simply let the public weigh in, but doing so wouldn’t address the security issue. Even if a majority is comfortable with a transmission, how does that mitigate the possible danger?向地外传送信息乃至大量信息,从技术角度来讲是可行的。不过,要不要向地外发送信息还是一个争议极大的问题。谁来做这个决定?我们完全可以让公众参与决策,但这并不能解决安全问题。即便多数人愿意发送信息,那就能消除潜在危险了吗?The inability to gauge this peril prompts some critics to argue that, given the possibly existential threat posed by active SETI, we should choose the side of caution. We should simply forbid powerful transmissions to the skies. Indeed, a small consortium of academics in California has drafted a petition urging this.由于无法测量这种危险,一些批评者提出,考虑到主动寻找地外文明可能造成的威胁,我们宁可慎重,应当禁止向外太空进行大功率传输。事实上,加州一小部分学者已经就此起草了请愿书,呼吁这么做。It’s a wary approach. It’s also poor insurance. Any extraterrestrials with technology advanced enough to threaten us will surely have antennas larger than our own, instruments that can pick up the television and radio signals broadcast willy-nilly since World War II. We are aly shouting into the jungle, albeit with less volume than a deliberate signal. But the dangerous creatures may have good hearing.这种做法虽谨慎,却也不是万无一失。技术发达程度足以威胁我们的地外文明必定拥有比我们更大的天线等强大设备,能够接收二战以来人类发送的杂乱的电视信号和无线电信号。我们已经在对着丛林大喊了,只不过音量没有主动发送的信号那么大。但危险生物的耳朵也可能很尖。Additionally, if we forbid high-powered transmitters aimed at the sky, we shut out such obvious future technologies as better radars for aviation and tracking dangerous asteroids. Do we really want to hamstring our descendants this way?此外,如果禁止高功率设备向天空发射信号,我们显然就阻断了未来技术的发展,研制不出在航空飞行及追踪危险小行星领域性能更加优越的雷达。我们真的要就此束缚后世儿孙的发展吗?A decision to engage in active SETI has not been made. The benefit — learning our place in the cosmos — is only hypothetical, and so is the danger. But I, for one, would hesitate to let a paranoia based on nothing more than conjecture shackle the activities of our children and our children’s children. The universe beckons, and we can do better than to declare that future generations should endlessly tremble at the sight of the stars.是否应当开展主动SETI还没有定论。这么做的好处——了解我们在宇宙中的位置——只是一种假设,但其风险也是假设。但就个人而言,我会犹豫是否让一种只有猜想做基础的疑神疑鬼心理束缚住我们的孩子、孩子的孩子的行动。宇宙在召唤,我们应该能做得更好,而不是让未来一代人看到星星就陷入无尽的恐惧战栗中。 /201504/370005Hi, dad? Where#39;s mom?爸,我妈呢?She#39;s in the chat room talking to someone.你妈正和一长舌妇在聊天八卦呢!Really? Mom#39;s on the internet?啥?老妈这么潮,都学会上网了啊?What internet? They#39;re in the kitchen. You know your mom. Any room she#39;s in is a chat room.上网?捞鱼么?你妈在厨房呢,你知道你妈有个本事就是她在哪儿呆着,哪儿就自动变成聊天室了。 /201506/379710

  Huaping Specialty— A Legend of Kapok in Panzhihua (the second version)华坪特色菜—攀枝花-木棉传说(版本二) In Zhuang culture, there exists the worship for several kinds of trees: camphor, maple, kapok, and banyan tree. In Zhuang myths, camphor trees were the first trees that appeared after the creation of the world, being the pillars supporting the sky. Maple trees were the origin where people got the seed of fire from, being meritorious for offering fire. kapok trees were the warriors of Bu Luo Tuo, the first ancestor of Zhuang ethnic group, fighting against the enemies bravely with torches in hand. Even when being killed, they still stood straight, finally transformed into kapok trees full of red flowers. The banyan tree, flourishing with luxuriant foliage, symbolizes the blessing of many descendants. Consequently, all of these trees are planted around the Zhuang villages, particularly around the shrines of their tutelary gods.在壮族民间中就普遍存在着崇拜几种树木,即樟树、枫树、木棉树、榕树。在他们的神话传说中,樟树是宇宙开辟时最早出现的树木,有顶天之功;人们从枫树身上找到了火种,它有献火之功;木棉是壮族始祖神布洛陀的战士,在与敌人战斗时,它们手执火把,英勇顽强,就连牺牲时也都站立着,变成了满身红花的木棉树;榕树则枝繁叶茂,象征子孙昌盛。因此, 在壮族的村寨边都种有这些树木,各村寨所建立的社亭(敬奉村寨保护神之地)周围,也要种植这些树木。 /201505/374440



  Fishing-dragon Rice Bun 钓龙饭 It is said that Heqing Dam used to be a boundless sea where inhabited ninety-nine dragons lead by an alpha dragon named Tadpole, who stirred up trouble and unrest, leaving no peace to the nearby villagers. Since the founding of Nanzhao (an ancient Chinese country), Heqing invited a dignified monk named ChandraGupta, who led local people to expel the dragons and pave the sea. Thereafter the war among dragons and people went on incessantly for a decade and a truce was still not in the picture. So people pray to kwan-yin, the Goddess of Mercy, for a solution, which was to make a hook with bean sprouts and fiddleheads, a fishing line with potato noodles, and a bait with a steamed rice bun mixed with green barley and green beans. On the Beginning of Summer day, the alpha dragon was celebrating his birthday with his fellows in the Abyss Pool near Guanpo in Lijiang (a city in Yunnan Province). ChandraGupta lead people there to fish the alpha dragon from the sea. They pulled it southward toward the peak of East Mountain with the hope of sacrificing it to the demon in Dali (a city in Yunnan Province). However, the dragon struggled violently, with its tail leaving deep winding ditches on the ground, which later became Yang River flowing through Lijiang and Heqing with a fame of having a hundred and eight twists. Dragged to the Peace village, the dragon attempted to escape but in the end surrendered to the villagers who were beating him with sticks and rice buns. Since then, there was a full moon-like river course near the river flowing through Peace village and people named it “a pouch bag”. To commemorate the success of the great endeavor of their ancestors, later generations celebrates Fishing Dragon Festival on the Beginning of Summer day by holding public memorial ceremony and riddle-guessing-feasts while eating the Fishing-dragon Rice Bun.据传,鹤庆坝子原来是个汪洋大海,海里住着以蝌蚪龙为首的99条龙,时常兴风作浪,祸害周围山村的各族群众。南诏建国后,鹤庆从牟迦国来了个叫赞陀掘多的高僧,他带领着鹤庆的群众钓龙蟹海开疆。众人与妖龙大战了十年,成效甚微,后来,在观音菩萨的指点下,人们用豆芽、蕨菜作钓钩,用粉丝当钓线,用青大麦、蚕豆瓣和大米包成的馒头包裹钓钩作钓饵,到了立夏这一天,蝌蚪龙在它的老窝——丽江关坡的无底潭中办寿,赞陀掘多带领众人从潭中钓起蝌蚪龙,拉紧钓线往顺东山顶往南而行,准备把蝌蚪龙拉到大理,送给罗刹吃,妖龙一路挣扎,身尾摆滚之处,出现了一条弯弯曲曲的深沟,这就是今天流经丽江、鹤庆境内有一百又八道弯的漾江。当妖龙被拉到今天的太平村时,他想要逃脱,当地的群众忙用手中的棍棒和身上的馒头,使劲打妖龙,最后迫使妖龙降,从此,太平村这段河床上留下了一段环如满月的河道,人们称之为荷包套,后人为了纪念钓龙泄海的成功,把立夏定位钓龙节,这天,人们举办活动公祭,吃歌谜宴,品尝钓龙饭。 /201505/372996


  A cat has raked in 0 million (619 million yuan) since she became Internet famous two years ago, reported UK newspaper Daily Express last week.据上周英国《每日快报》的消息:自从2012年走红网络后,有只猫的身价已经超过了1亿美元(约合6.19亿人民币)。Tabatha Bundesen, 29, is the owner of Internet sensation Grumpy Cat. She lives in Arizona, US and was working as a waitress.它就是轰动网络的“不爽猫”。而它的主人——居住在美国亚利桑那州、29岁的塔芭莎#8226;邦德森曾当过女务生。On Sept 22, 2012, Bundesen’s brother took a photo of her grumpy-looking cat and posted it to Internet forum site Reddit. The photo went viral and Grumpy Cat quickly became a meme. The cat’s fame is largely due to her unique peeved look. Grumpy Cat has a form of dwarfism and an underbite that gives her a perpetual frown.2012年9月22日,邦德森的哥哥给这只表情不爽的猫拍了张照片,并将其传到了网络论坛Reddit上。照片一夜走红,对不爽猫的各种模仿令它更疯狂地传播。这只猫之所以名声大噪主要是因其独一无二的愤怒表情。而其实是它(天生的)侏儒症和反颌症让它总是愁眉不展。In most cases, just being Internet famous can’t make one rich. Grumpy Cat has her own agent who transformed her into a money-making machine. Grumpy Cat’s empire includes a line of stuffed toys and T-shirts; various self-help and life-advice books (One of them is titled The Grumpy Guide to Life.); an original TV-movie (Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever) and soundtrack. Grumpy Cat even has her own line of coffee called “Grumppucino”, according to the Business Insider.多数时候,网络走红并不能令谁成为富豪。但是不爽猫的经纪团队让它变成了“吸金神器”。不爽猫的“帝国”里有(以他为原型的)毛绒玩具、(印着它照片的)T恤、一系列励志与生活建议类图书(其中一本名为《不爽猫生活指南》)、原创电视影片(《不爽猫最糟糕的圣诞节》)以及音乐作品。另据(美国知名客)Business Insider报道,它还有自己代言的咖啡,名为“Grumppucino”。In more recent media reports, the cat’s owner Bundesen was ed as saying the 0 million figure is “completely inaccurate”, although she didn’t say if the actual figure is higher or lower.在媒体的最新报道中,不爽猫的主人邦德森称1个亿收入的说法“并不完全准确”,但她并未透露实际数字到底是多少。Money machine吸金神器The cat changed her owner’s life. “I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since,” Bundesen tells The Daily Express.在接受《每日快报》的采访时,不爽猫的主人邦德森说,“它的照片亮相社交网络的几天之内我的手机一直响个不停,而我很快就有能力辞掉务生的工作了。”The news that a cat has earned in two years what most folks couldn’t make in a lifetime has irked quite a lot of people. They feel it’s unfair that someone without any talent or who hasn’t done any hard work should earn so much. “The fact that this woman made 0 million because her stupid cat looks bummed out fills me with unspeakable rage,” tweeted Ben White, a US journalist.据报道,这只猫两年内的收入是大多数人终其一生都望尘莫及的,这让很多人心生不爽。他们觉得猫的主人毫无天赋、无所事事、丝毫没有付出努力就挣了这么多钱实在有失公平。美国记者本#8226;怀特就在Twitter上写到:一只看上去垂头丧气的蠢猫竟为它的主人赚来1亿美元,这事儿让我怒不可遏。But people make money from their looks, or equally randomly advantages, all the time, says Derek Thompson writing in The Atlantic. Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen is worth 0 million. Her height, place of birth, skin tone, or bone structure is in no way any less a natural lottery than Grumpy Cat’s unamused scowl. As just like Gisele, says Derek, Grumpy Cat’s owner works hard to get licensing and endorsement deals for her pet.但是,《大西洋月刊》的(专栏作家)德瑞克#8226;汤普森则写到:人们因为外貌长相或是同样偶然的机遇发财致富却是常有之事。巴西超模吉赛尔#8226;邦辰就拥有2.9亿美元的身价。而她的出生地、肤色、骨架无一不是像不爽猫的愁眉苦脸一样与生俱来。德瑞克认为,正如吉赛尔一样,不爽猫的主人为了让自己的宠物获得许可、签下代言合同也付出了努力。The Internet is a whirlwind of massive media exposure, says Derek, and random memes and personalities get super famous for reasons that can’t be fully explained all the time. “It’s pointless to be moralistic about the fortune of Grumpy Cat any more than we’re condemning of the fortune of any other celebrity,” he says.德瑞克还说,互联网就是大量媒体曝光带来的一阵“旋风”,偶然的走红或是名人们因某些原因而声名大噪并不总能解释得一清二楚。“因此,站在道德的高度对不爽猫吸金加以,就像我们指责名人们的收入一样毫无意义。” /201412/349998

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