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武汉割包皮环切术武汉男科医院排名哪家好武汉市同济医院不孕不育多少钱 Job flexibility is the key to keeping workers happy, productive and loyal to the company, a new study shows.Researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, found that workers who enjoyed more work flexibility were also less likely to say health problems affected their performance at work."For managers, the results suggest that implementing flexible work arrangements can contribute to the bottom-line," said Joseph Grzywacz, a professor of family medicine at the university.Workplace flexibility refers to the ability of employees to modify where, when and how long work their work is performed.Telecommuting, flexitime and job sharing were the main types of flexibility cited in the study published in the Psychologist-Manager journal.The researchers studied a health survey completed by 3,193 employees of a large multinational pharmaceutical company. They used the information to determine how increases or decreases in perceived flexibility from one year to the next were associated with a variety of factors.Decreases in flexibility over the year were associated with reduced job commitment, but had little impact on absence, they said.Offering a variety of alternative work arrangements and training managers and supervisors to be supportive of workers' personal lives may help in creating a culture of flexibility, researchers added. 别再寻找和你互补的爱人了,我们需要和自己相似的爱人,因为相似的相貌意味着我们有相似的个性。新的研究显示,和某人在一起时间越长,我们和他的长相就越相似。研究人员选取160对夫妻的单人照片,分别给11名的男性和11名女性看,让他们判断这些夫妻的年龄、魅力点和性格特征。但是在此之前,他们并不知道谁和谁是一对。22名参与者把他们认为相貌和性格相似的人摆在一起,而他们也恰恰就是真正的夫妻。而且,在一起生活时间越长的夫妻,相似性就越明显。研究人员认为共同的经历造成了他们的相似性。英国利物浦研究人员托尼·利特尔说:相貌和性格之间有关系这一想法听起来有点怪异,但却是有生物学依据的。他说:“睾丸激素直接影响男性化的脸型形成,也影响人的行为。脸可以反映我们的情绪,长时间重复一个表情也会改变我们的脸。”例如,一个人总是笑就会产生笑纹,别人就能看出这个人生活挺幸福的。此项研究显示,人们利用面部特征来判断某人的特点,对于每张脸,人们判断的依据也有所不同。但是眼睛和微笑绝对是判断的最重要依据。利特尔说:“笑容是社交中十分重要的友好表示,眼睛也是精力是否集中的最有力明。”利特尔说:整个面部也很重要。例如,由宽下巴和上扬的眉峰等组成的男性化面部特征会让人觉得不友好、不愿意合作。 /200804/36985Windows 10 breaches French law by collecting too much personal information from users, according to the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL).根据法国国家数据保护委员会表示,微软Win10系统收集了太多的用户隐私数据,违反了法国的法律。Some of the privacy failings identified can be remedied by users willing to delve deep into the Windows 10 settings, but one of the commission#39;s gripes is that better privacy should be the default setting, not one users must fight for.深入了解Windows 10设置的用户能够修正部分隐私问题,但CNIL的不满之一是,更好的隐私保护应当是默认设置,而非让用户手动设置。By default, Windows 10 collects various data on how it is used - this includes what apps are installed and how much time is spent within them, for example.在默认情况下,Win10会收集用户们使用的各种数据--举例来说,包括安装了什么应用程序,在应用程序上花费了多少时间等。;Microsoft is collecting excessive data, as these data are not necessary for the operation of the service,; said the CNIL.法国国家数据保护委员表示:“微软正在收集过多的数据,因为这些数据并不是Win10务系统所必须的。”Microsoft also failed to protect user data sufficiently, it said, by allowing users to secure their Microsoft accounts containing their purchase history and their means of payment with a PIN consisting of just four digits, and by allowing unlimited attempts to unlock the account.此外,微软没有充分的保护用户数据。微软允许用户使用仅有4位数字组成的PIN(个人识别号码),保护包含有购物历史和付方法信息的微软账户,允许不限次尝试解锁账户。 /201607/457096仙桃治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好

黄冈红安县割包皮多少钱Australia is the country most workers and retirees around the world would like to live in 20 years' time, an international survey found.However, most Australians are unaware of how they will fund their retirement, the poll concluded.The Retirement Scope survey conducted by French insurance giant AXA questioned workers from 26 countries, with two-thirds of Australian respondents unaware of the source of their retirement income or how much they would need.Australians ranked as more aware than people from France, Spain or Indonesia, but behind those in Malaysia where more than half of workers can "put their finger on their retirement income", Fairfax newspapers report.On the other hand, Australia's relaxed lifestyle and climate were its biggest attractions for retirees around the world, who voted it the most desirable place to retire to, although Australian respondents preferred New Zealand.Australia came out above the ed States and Switzerland.The survey of 15,000 people found the average income of Australian retirees was ,917 a month, while the cost of average household expenses is ,437 a month."The survey found that the average retirement age among Australians is 57 years of age, and that 'old' is at 80 years, giving Australians 23 'bonus years' in which to enjoy a healthy and active retirement," AXA general manager of sales and marketing Adrian Emery told Fairfax. 一项世界范围调查发现,澳大利亚是世界各地众多劳动者和退休人士最向往的晚年居住地。然而,多数澳大利亚人对于自己的退休金问题却一无所知。该项由法国保险业巨头AXA集团开展的“退休知多少”调查共对26个国家的劳动者进行了访问。调查发现,三分之二的澳大利亚受访者不知道他们的退休金来源以及自己究竟需要多少退休金。据《费尔费克斯》报业报道,澳洲人对于退休金问题的了解强于法国、西班牙和印度尼西亚人,但要逊色于马来西亚人。调查显示,超过一半的马来西亚受访者“对自己的退休金问题了如指掌”。另一方面,对于世界各地的退休人士来说,澳大利亚悠闲的生活方式和宜人的气候是最吸引他们的地方。然而,尽管澳洲被评为最令人向往的退休居住地,但澳大利亚本国人却更青睐新西兰。美国和瑞士位居澳大利亚之后。该项共有1.5万人参加的调查发现,澳洲人的退休金为平均每月1917澳元,家庭平均月开为1437澳元。AXA集团营销总监阿德里安#8226;埃默里在接受《费尔费克斯》报业的采访时说:“调查发现,澳洲人的平均退休年龄为57岁,而(多数人认为)80岁才是老年阶段的开始,所以澳洲人可享受23年拥有退休金、健康而有活力的退休生活。” /200803/28877武汉看男科好吗 The crossbow triggers and parts found in EmperorQin#39;s mausoleum.在秦始皇陵中发现的弩的扳机和部件。One of the most astounding archaeologicaldiscoveries of the 20th century is arguably the life-size terra-cotta armyburied alongside China#39;sfirst emperor. Now, scientists have figured out how the bronze triggers for thecrossbows of the 8,000 terra-cotta warriors were manufactured.埋藏在中国首位帝王身边真人大小的兵马俑是二十世纪最惊人的发现之一。现在,科学家已经发现了8000位人佣所持铜弩的扳机是如何被制造出来的了。Teams of craftspeople workedin small groups to produce the bronze pieces in batches for the tomb of ancientEmperor Qin Shi Huang, according to a new study detailed in the March issue ofthe journal Antiquity.一个工匠团队分成小组工作,为秦始皇的陵墓来批量制作铜件。刊登在《古物》杂志三月刊上的一项新的研究对此进行了详细的叙述。Prepared for theafterlife为了来世作准备Historical documents suggest that soon afterEmperor Qin Shi Huang ascended to the throne in 246 B.C., he began work on histomb near Xi#39;an, China. When the tomb was firstunearthed in the 1970s,it revealed thousands of lifelike terra-cotta statues ofartisans, musicians, officials, horses and soldiers. The epic effortconscripted 700,000 laborers, many of whom were convicts or people who were indebt to the empire, said study co-author Xiuzhen Janice Li, an archaeologistwho was at the University College London at the time of the new work and is nowat the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s MausoleumSite Museumin China.历史文件表明,在秦始皇于公元前246年登上帝位的不长时间之后,他就开始着手在中国的西安建造自己的陵墓。当他的陵墓于上世纪70年代第一次出土时,发掘出了上千个活灵活现的人佣,有工匠,音乐家,官员,马匹和士兵。这项研究的共同作者Xiuzhen Janice Li说当时有70万名劳工被招来进行这项史诗般的工程,其中大部分是囚犯或欠朝廷债的人。Xiuzhen Janice Li曾经是伦敦大学的考古专家,现在工作于中国的秦始皇帝陵物馆。The massive undertaking had an important goal:ensuring the emperor#39;s military power and resources in the afterlife.这项宏伟工程有一个重要的目标:确保皇帝的军事力量和资源跟随他到来世。As part of the huge project, craftspeoplesculpted about 8,000 colorful warriors — likely using real human beings asinspiration — and those warriors wore stone armor and ;wielded;lances, swords and crossbows.作为这项巨大工程的一部分,工匠们塑刻了大约8000个色鲜艳的勇士——他们很可能是以真正的人作为灵感,这些战士们身披石盔,手持长矛,短剑和弩。But it wasn#39;t clear exactly how these ancientweapons were made. The crossbows were made of wood or bamboo that rotted longago, and only the tips and triggers for the bows remained, Li told LiveScience.但是目前还不清楚这些古老的武器究竟是如何被制造出来的。Li告诉《生动科学》(Live Science)说,那时候制造的木制或竹制弩身肯定在很久以前就腐烂了,只留下了这些小物件和扳机。Small workshops小作坊To learn more about how the massive trove wasbuilt, Li and her colleagues visually inspected and measured about 216 of thefive-part crossbow triggers from the mausoleum. The lack of wear on the metal pieces suggeststhe weapons were never used in actual battle, but were instead built solely forthe tomb, the researchers said.为了更加了解这座巨大的宝库,Li和她的同事们观察测量了200多个弩扳机的组件,他们研究发现这些扳机几乎没有磨损,说明它们从没有在战场上被使用过,而是专门为秦始皇陵而制造的。In addition, the team analyzed the spots wheretriggers were found in the tomb, as well as the variation in the size and shapeof the pieces.此外,研究小组分析了发现这些扳机的那个地点,对比了其中碎块的大小样式。The pieces were mostly uniform, suggesting theinterlocking trigger parts were made in the same or nearly-identical molds andproduced in small batches. Each batch of the trigger pieces was likely thenassembled in small cells, or workshops, perhaps headed by anoverseer. That model contrasts with the ;assembly line;hypothesis that some archaeologists thought might have been used.这些零碎的部件几乎是相同的,这表明那些连锁扳机结构的组件是用同一种或几乎相同的模子批量生产出来,他们很可能也在这些小作坊里进行装配,也许由监工负责。考古学家猜测某种类似于“装配线”的模式已经在那个时候被运用了。Mirror of society社会的倒影The organization into small workshops wassimilar to the structure the emperor imposed on the rest of society in ancient China,said study co-author Marcos Martinón-Torres, an archaeologist at the UniversityCollege London.该研究共同撰写人,伦敦大学考古专家Marcos Martinón-Torres提到,在古代中国,这种小作坊的组织结构与皇帝在其他社会领域中推行的很相似。;He abolished any privileges inherited byblood, and the population was divided in small groups that were collectivelyresponsible for their adherence to imperial laws,; Martinón-Torres wrotein an email to Live Science. ;For example, if someone in one of thesegroups committed a crime, all of them were held responsible, unless they reportedthe culprit and allowed them to be punished.;“他废除了宗法制,在法律上对民众实行连坐制度” Martinón-Torres在他写给《生动科学》的电子邮件中说到:“举个例子,如果一组人中一个人犯了罪,其余所有人都要为此承担责任,除非他们举报责任人并让他接受惩罚。”The manufacturing technique used in the workshopalso may have been used by weapon makers for the Emperor of Qin#39;s real armies,though that#39;s just speculation, Martinón-Torres said.Martinón-Torres还提到,这种工作间里的制造技术很有可能被工匠用来为皇帝制造真正的武器,但这只是一个假设。;The cellular workshop model we postulatefor the weapons manufacture in the mausoleum would have also offered usefulflexibility for armies on the move,; he said.这种蜂窝式的工作间模式很可能为行动中的军队带来更高的灵活性,他说。 /201606/451980武汉治疗包皮过长哪家医院最好

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