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Morning!I am Juliet. Nice to meet you on the air. Hope we could spend a wonderful morning together. An hour in the morning is worth two hours in the evening. 一天之计在于晨,若您有个美好的晨间生活,相信您一天的生活都是美好的A hard beginning makes a good ending. 常言道:善始善终【习题及点评】We have been learning Sentences of Unreal Condition which express a speaker's subjective wishes and conjectures. And what he says is opposite to the present fact. To begin with, I am about to be out with the answers to the translation exercises left last time. please translate the following sentences in two ways. 这里说到用种方式翻译,就是用正常语序翻译和使用倒装句翻译1 万一她对芭蕾舞感兴趣的话,请她打电话给我(这句话可以用四种翻译法)If she should be interested in ballet, please give me a call. If she should be interested in ballet, you can ( will ) give me a ring. If she should be interested in ballet, you would ( could )give me a ring. Should she be interested in ballet, please give me a call. 1 这句话可以判断为对将来的情况的一种假设,句中有万一二字,要突出这个字,从句用should do, 主句用would ( could ) do 虚拟条件句中的从句如果是含有should+动词原形的话,主句可以使用“陈述语气”或者是“祈使语气”,第一句主句是祈使句,第二句主句是陈述句 要不是他们贷款,我们的生活就很困难If it weren't their loan, our life might ( would) be very difficult. Were it not their loan, our life might ( would ) be very difficult. 这句话可以判断为对现在情况的说明,也可以判断为对过去情况的说明,至于对过去情况如何翻译,we’ll talk about it in the future. 精多多,敬请走进可可地盘尽享学习交流之乐 00。

  • 《国土安全第五季剧情:Carrie不当特工 -- :51:1 来源:   The team behind Homeland dropped a bombshell on fans Friday night at PaleyFest when asked about the upcoming fifth season.  在Paley Fest周五晚活动上,在问到《国土安全第五季相关消息时,幕后团队给了粉丝们一个爆炸性的消息  Alex Gansa, the co-creator of the acclaimed Showtime drama, revealed during the panel that the upcoming season will "jump two-and-a-half years" in the future. "We are going to be shooting the show in Europe, probably in Germany, and Carrie will no longer be anintelligence officer," he said.  该剧的联合制片人Alex Gansa表示,这部美剧第五季将会讲述未来两年后的故事“我们将会在欧洲拍摄,很有可能是德国,而Carrie也不再是CIA的精英特工”  Claire Danes, who stars as Carrie and executive-produces, joked, "She's making beer."  在剧中扮演女主Carrie同时也担任执行会长骗人的Claire Daes开玩笑说,“她会在德国做啤酒” 特工 国土 剧情。
  • 请问挂号处在哪里- 3:59:01 A:Excuse me, doc. I am not feeling well. Can you help me?对不起,医生我有点不舒您能帮我吗?B:Yes, but not here. Have you got registered yet?可以啊,但不是在这儿你挂号了吗?A:No, I haven't. Where do I go that?没,还没我在哪儿挂号?B:The registration office. Did you bring your records with you?在挂号处你带了你的病历吗?A:Yes.带了B:Is anybody here with you? Parents or siblings?有谁陪你一起来吗?爸妈,还是兄弟?A:No, I'm here all by myself.没有,我一个人来的B:You are a brave kid. Go ahead to the registration office first, then to the doctors.你是个勇敢的孩子先到挂号处,再到医生那儿A:But I don't know where the registration office is.但我不知道挂号处在哪儿啊B:It's in the hall on the first floor.在一楼大厅A:Do I have to come back here after getting registered?我挂完了号来您这儿吗?B:No, kid. This is the gynecology department.不,孩子这儿是妇科A:Gynecology?妇科?B:Yeah, It's only girls.是啊,女孩子来的地方。
  • ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活细节改变生活Bliss狂喜 Researchers asked volunteers to rate their level of happiness the last time they spent money on themselves or on someone else. 研究者要求志愿者回想一下上次为自己或别人花钱时到底有多开心Not only were the givers happier, but when presented with extra cash to use as they wished, they were more apt to spend it on others. 事实上,花钱者不仅更开心了,给他们多余的钱时,他们还会乐于花在别人身上The study authors concluded ;a positive feedback loop; exists between offering gifts and well-being研究作者总结道,给礼物和人之间有着“积极的回馈循环”更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 39。
  • 充满情怀的《霍比特人3终章上演 --01 18::37 来源: Bilbo Baggins finally returns home in The Hobbit: The Battle ofthe Five Armies after a long and tough journey that transmshim into a wiser, more experienced, and more compassionateman. However, it’s hard to say goodbye now that the three-part movie adaptation of English writer J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel hasreached its conclusion.   在《霍比特人3:五军之战中,比尔?巴金斯最终回到家乡,这段漫长而艰难旅程也让他变得更加睿智、老练、富有同情心根据英国作家J.R.R?托尔金同名原著改编的《霍比特人三部曲就要落下帷幕,此时却难说再见   In case you missed the first two installments of the series, here is a brief introduction. This prequelto the Lord of the Rings trilogy centers on Bilbo (Martin Freeman), a small humanoid creature livingin the lands of Middle-earth. Bilbo is a homebody content with the daily pleasures of living a simplelife. However, when the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and dwarves ask his help in retrievingtreasure stolen by the dragon Smaug (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch), Bilbo is faced with achoice.   先来为没看过前两部的小伙伴补补课:作为《魔戒前传三部曲,(《霍比特人系列)围绕中土世界充满人性的霍比特人比尔(马丁?弗里曼 饰)展开比尔本是个安于简朴生活的“宅男”,却收到来自巫师甘道夫(伊恩?麦凯伦 饰)和矮人团的请求,希望他能贡献一臂之力,从恶龙史矛革“手中”夺回被偷走的宝藏,比尔不得不做出选择……   The Battle of Five Armies opens with the defeat of Smaug. But with the dragon’s fall comes newproblems, as his treasure ces the dwarves, humans, elves and goblins to decide betweenworking together and being destroyed.   《霍比特人3:五军之战伊始,史矛革被打败,新的问题却接踵而至为了战胜敌人,矮人、人类、精灵族和哥布林必须团结一心   Exciting visual effects are the key to any fantasy-based movie, and The Hobbit’s third outingdelivers in this regard. Spectacular castles, boundless mountains, breathtaking war scenes andcolorful creatures abound. The Battle of Five Armies reaches the levels of its predecessors, but it’slacking in innovation.   激动人心的视觉效果是所有魔幻电影成功的关键,《霍比特人在这一点上做得也是很成功:壮观的城堡、连绵的山脉、扣人心弦的战争场面以及五斑斓的各种生物在影片中随处可见虽然视觉效果不逊前作,但在创新上《五军之战还是稍显不足   As the shortest of The Hobbit movies, this installment runs at a smooth, tight pace. The movie isfocused on the intimacy of conflict, giving it more emotional heft and impact.   作为《霍比特人系列电影中最短的一部,《五军之战情节紧凑而流畅,突出展现各种冲突,赋予影片更多情感   On top of that, there’s English actor Orlando Bloom as Legolas. years, Legolas has beendrawing audiences (particularly females) into theaters with his blond hair and blue eyes. Appearanceis power, and in this case, the power remains strong.   最重要的是,演职团队中还有英国演员奥兰多?布鲁姆,他在电影中饰演(“精灵”)莱格拉斯年来,金发碧眼的他一直是观众(尤其是女性观众)们走进电影院的一大吸引力在这个颜控的世界里,美颜就是力量,这力量依旧强大   The Hobbit movies haven’t won the same praise as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, with some criticspointing out that repetitive fight scenes cause the film to feel empty and short on plot andcharacter development. Despite well-grounded criticism, The Hobbit trilogy serves as a welcomechronicle of one man’s spiritual development and fight against the temptations of greed andpower. many, these are the true themes of Tolkien’s novel, and they’re represented well onfilm. Step into Middle-earth and allow your imagination to be stretched by the mystery of thismagical world.   《霍比特人系列并没有像《魔戒三部曲那样广受赞誉,一些批评家认为其中相似战争场面过多、情节空洞、人物塑造不足虽然,这些批评言之有理,但《霍比特人三部曲仍然是一部颇受欢迎的“编年史”,记录了一个人战胜贪婪与权利的诱惑,灵魂得到升华的过程很多人认为,这也正是托克金小说真正的主题,电影也将其充分演绎出来就让我们一起踏进中土世界,放飞你的想象力在这个神秘的魔幻世界驰骋吧! 情怀。
  • 鸟儿又奏鸣起美妙的旋律,叶儿又在徐徐晨风中摇曳舞动,晶莹的露珠又在嫩艳的花瓣上垂垂欲滴,煦煦晨光又开始抚摸着天籁中的万事万物...... 这天籁,这大自然的一切生灵都睁开了朦胧的睡眼我也如此,与鸟儿、叶儿、露珠儿、晨光.....一起共舞,奏响起生命的乐章 亲爱的朋友们,在这美丽的清晨,带上您的一份美丽的心情,加入Juliet的行列,走进话说地道美语课堂,让我们在英语的世界里旋转舞动每逢清晨,我们少不了一份营养丰富的早餐,那么我们今天的的;早餐;是什么呢?一段小小的复习过后,您就知道了【课堂热身】首先,let warm up我们先来做个热身在第课的第一讲中我们知道了一个地道的表述;电视迷;的表述法是a couch potato之所以用a couch potato来表述一有时间就泡在电视前其它什么事也不做的极为懒惰的人是来源于1976年美国加州的艺术家Robert Armasrong的一幅漫画所以,在第课的第二讲中我们就透视了美国的couch potato(沙发土豆;沙发马铃薯)的文化现在在美国不少商品都有Robert Armstrong画的couch potato的漫画因为他已经在美国政府将它注册为商标了【今日课题】 要表述;电视迷;这一类人,我们还有无穷无尽的表述法这些表述法中关键是体现;迷恋;这个字的意思今天我们就来看看有哪些好词妙语来表述;迷恋;的意思下面就进入我们第课拓展篇的学习这就是我们今天的早餐【课堂详解】第一、带有bug的表述;迷恋;的片语Bug最基本的意思就是指昆虫,但是它还有be interested in something in an active way的意思下面我们就来看第一个含有bug的片语:catch the bugIt means become infected by an intense enthusiasm something.我们来看个例句例句1: If you catch the fashionable bag bug, do buy it and dont waste time taking the price into consideration any more. 如果你看上了这款时尚包,就买吧,就别浪费时间再考虑价格了[注解]1. 要表示;对......着迷;;对......有极大的(浓厚的)兴趣;就在bug的前面加上一个名词,这样的话就是名词修饰名词例句中的that fashionable bag bug就是指示代词that和名词短语fashionable bag共同来修饰bug,直译就是对那个时尚包的极大兴趣再如:catch the football bug意思就是迷上了足球,catch the Chinese folk dances bug意思就是迷上了中国民间舞蹈等等. Take something into consideration意思就是considerate,考虑的意思例如:We should takethe proposals of our parents into consideration. 我们应该把父母的建议考虑进去3. 此句话中buy,b-u-y,buy前面有个do,这可不是;做;的意思它是助动词,译为;确实;;的确;等等,用来加强语气运用时要注意它随着句子的时态而进行变化这个句子是祈使句,所以就用do现在时我们再来看一个例句:You did gave a big surprise. 你确实给给了我一个很大的惊喜这句话来自于新概念第三册第二课这里就是用do的过去式did. 表述;做某事是浪费时间;的短语结构是waste time doing something例句:The villager obsession with bugs begins with the season first official Bug-Off on the18 th.村民们在18日的第一次官方除虫赛季中对昆虫简直就是着了魔[注解] 这个句子没有用catch the bug,但是含有bug这个词,在本句子中bug是它的最基本意思;;昆虫但是这里有个表述;对......着了迷;;对......着了魔;的名词性短语one obsession with something这个短语通常与begin连用形成一个短句表示某人对某事着了迷我们来看一个例句:My obsession with Chinese calligraphy when I was at the age of 9. 我在小时候9岁对中国书法产生了浓厚的兴趣下面我们来看第二个含有bug这个单词来表述;迷恋;的意思的片语它是bitten by the bug它是一个形容词性短语It means develop a strong interest in or enthusiasm something. 中文意思是激发起强烈的欲望;热衷于;被迷住等等意思我们来看个例句例句1:After my mother bought VCDs of teaching classical ballet me and I got bitten by the bug,having watched them and I took up them myself. 我母亲为我买了古典芭蕾舞教学的碟子,我观看后,就产生了浓厚的兴趣,并开始把它当做自己的业余爱好在练习[注解]1. 要表达;......内容的碟片;我们就在VCD,DVD后面用介词of再加上一个名词本句中是介词of后面接了一个相当于名词的动名词短语teaching classic ballet再如:My 7-year-old nephew likes to watch DVDs of Japanese cartoon. 我7岁的侄子喜欢看日本动画片. 短语take up是开始从事的意思例如:I will take up journalism after graduation. 毕业后我将从事新闻工作If you are going to take up the violin, well have to get you a music stand. 如果你要开始学小提琴,我们必须为你弄来一个乐谱架3. 例句中的having watched them是现在分词短语做时间状语这是一个肯定结构的现在分词短语,而且使用的是完成式如果是否定结构则在having前面加上not即:not+having+动词的过去分词我们可以把含有现在分词的复合句改为状语从句那么本句话可以这么说;;After my mother bought VCDs of teaching classical ballet me and I got bitten by the bug. After I had watched them and I took up them myself.例句:Since I won the first prize in taht English writing contest in 1987, I have been bitten by the English literature bug. 自从我在1987年在英语写作比赛中获奖,我就疯狂地迷上了英国文学[注解] ;获得冠军;;获得一等奖;的表述法是win the first prize除此之外,我们还有以下的表述法:win the championship,win (gain, reap)laurels,win the cup, gain the championship等等最后一个含有bug的表述;迷恋;之意的片语是get the bug例如:He was never interested in cooking bee, but now he got the bug. 他以前从不对烹饪感兴趣,现在可是着迷了 拓展篇的学习下回继续(To B e Continued) 亲爱的朋友们,今天的早餐够您吃了吗?如果不够的话,不要紧,要保持健康的身体不能一次吃得太撑了,要吃7分饱知识也不是一天就全部能吸收完,每天积累一点,到时候每天积累的知识就如同万条溪流汇聚大海,您的学识渊了好了,今天的学习就暂告一个段落精下回继续,精等着您,不要错过我是Juliet,下回见Thank you! Listeners , see you! 若您对本期课程有任何疑问,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群共同讨论,群号为:6353,或者您以邮件形式将你的疑问发送到我的信箱,Juliet的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com我会在第一时间给你解答疑惑 01。
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