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LONDON — What’s being billed as the future of skin care starts suspiciously like a visit to the dentist: with a mouthwash gargle. That’s to eliminate debris that may interfere with a good saliva sample, from which DNA will be extracted and serums tailored to one’s genetic blueprint.伦敦——有人称,皮肤护理以后可能会非常像看牙医,第一道程序是漱口。漱口以去除食物残渣,为选取唾液样本提供方便。从唾液中提取DNA,就可以按照基因图谱定制血清。The test is from a company called GeneU (pronounced “gene you”) and performed at its nine-month-old shop on New Bond Street, which looks like a cross between a science fiction movie set and a silver-gray-and-red-dipped Apple store — perhaps fittingly, because the DNA test is done by a flash-drive-size microchip. It’s administered by one of a handful of improbably dewy-skinned beauties who also happen to have Ph.D.s.进行这项测试的是一个名叫GeneU(发音是gene you)的公司,该公司九个月前刚在新邦德街(New Bond Street)开了一家店。店铺看起来像是科幻电影片场和银灰色加红色点缀的苹果店铺的结合体。这样的外观也许很合适,因为DNA测试是通过一个闪存盘大小的微芯片进行的。操作者是几个美女,她们的皮肤水嫩得不可思议,而且还都是士。Unlike other DNA tests, which are sent to labs and take at least two weeks to complete, GeneU’s in-store test is done in 30 minutes. Currently, it looks only at variations in two genes: one that contains instructions for how fast your body degrades collagen and the other for antioxidant protection.其他DNA测试都要送到实验室,至少需要两周才能完成,而GeneU公司的店内测试只要30分钟就能完成。目前的测试只关注两种基因变体:一种能指示身体胶原蛋白的退化速度,另一种能指示抗氧化保护程度。Results are fed, along with answers to a short lifestyle questionnaire, into an algorithm, which produces the two of the company’s 18 serums that are the best match. (The formulations are based on ingredients and concentrations drawn from peer-reviewed research.)将测试结果和一个简短的生活方式问卷的一起输入某种程序,就能找到该公司的18种血清中最适合这种肌肤的两种血清(配方的成分和浓缩物来自同行评议调查)。The cost: #163;600, or roughly 0, for the test plus a two week’s supply. For reasons of privacy, test results are destroyed; only the recommended serums are saved.这些测试和两周剂量的血清费用一共是600英镑(约合5837.6元)。为了保密,测试结果会被销毁,只保留推荐的两种血清。The theory behind GeneU is that out-of-the-box (or really, jar or pot) skin care may be loaded with potentially beneficial ingredients, but they are not necessarily what your skin specifically needs. If you are, say, someone whose MMP1 gene is programmed to degrade collagen slowly, GeneU’s theory is that it’s a waste of time (and money) to spend years slathering creams that claim to boost its production; doing so won’t turn the clock back at warp speed (if at all), and may even clog your pores or cause other damage. It seems that in skin care, as with medicine, more is not necessarily better.GeneU认为,盒装(实际上还可能是瓶装或罐装)护肤品可能含有很多潜在的有益成分,但它们不一定是你的肌肤需要的。比如,如果你的基因是MMP1型的——这种肌肤的胶原蛋白退化得比较慢——那么GeneU认为,花多年时间(和金钱)涂上声称能促进胶原蛋白生成的面霜是一种浪费。对于你来说,它不能让时光飞速倒流(即使它真的有效),而且可能堵塞你的毛孔,导致其他伤害。护肤品就像药物一样,不是越多越好。“For us it’s about giving people the right concentrations that their skin can metabolize,” said Christofer Toumazou, the company’s founder and a professor at Imperial College London.“在我们看来,最重要的是给人们提供他们的肌肤能够代谢的适合他们的浓缩物,”该公司创始人、伦敦帝国学院(Imperial College London)教授克里斯托弗·图马佐(Christofer Toumazou)说。Dr. Toumazou is not a dermatologist; he’s an electrical engineer by training, one who has developed an artificial pancreas for Type I diabetes, an artificial ear implant that allows deaf children to hear and a wireless heart monitor. He became interested in DNA more than a decade ago when his son was found to have a genetic disease.图马佐不是皮肤科医生,而是一名科班出身的电机工程师,他为I型糖尿病研发了一种人造胰腺,为失聪儿童研发了一种人造耳朵植入物,还设计了一款无线心脏监测器。十多年前,他儿子被确诊为患有一种基因疾病,他开始对DNA产生兴趣。The company’s creative director is — wait for it — Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran’s keyboard player, who’s no stranger to beauty products. He wore the same pink Yves Saint Laurent lipstick as his bride on his wedding day in 1984.该公司的创意总监——听好了哦——是杜兰杜兰乐队(Duran Duran)的键盘手尼克·罗兹(Nick Rhodes)。他非常熟悉美容产品。1984年,在他的婚礼上,他和新娘一样,涂着伊夫·圣罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent )粉色口红。Double-blind clinical trials over 18 months suggest that GeneU reduces fine lines and wrinkles by up to 30 percent in 12 weeks, Dr. Toumazou said. The results have not yet been published. Still, Dr. S. Tyler Hollmig, an assistant professor of dermatologic surgery at Stanford University, is skeptical (though he described what GeneU is doing as “really cool and admirable”).图马佐说,18个月的双盲临床测试表明,GeneU能在12周内将细纹和皱纹减少达30%。测试结果尚未发表。不过,斯坦福大学皮肤病外科助理教授S·泰勒·霍尔米希士(S. Tyler Hollmig)对此有所怀疑(虽然他说,GeneU在做的事情“真的很酷,令人钦佩”)。“It’s the environment that drives aging,” Dr. Hollmig said. “If you have one identical twin growing up in Belize and the other in Belgium, their skin is going to look completely different.” He also pointed out that despite the fuss about antioxidants (raise your hand if you’ve increased your blueberry intake in the last decade), there is, somewhat unbelievably, no strong peer-reviewed research showing that they actually do much to stave off signs of age.“导致皮肤老化的是环境,”霍尔米希说,“如果有两个一模一样的双胞胎,一个在伯利兹长大,另一个在比利时长大,他们的皮肤会看起来完全不同。”他还指出,尽管抗氧化剂曾让人们极为兴奋(如果你在过去十年里增加蓝莓摄入的话,举起你的手看看效果如何),但是有点令人难以置信的是,没有有力的同行评议调查表明,它们真的非常有助于延缓皮肤衰老。Dr. Toumazou plans to better address the environment issue with the next iteration of his DNA test, which will focus on epigenetics (that is, whether and how your genes switch on and off because of your lifestyle). He also plans to add even more options for customization by including tests for other genes related to skin health, like those that control skin’s elasticity and hyperpigmentation.图马佐计划在他的下一代DNA测试中更多关注外界因素,把重点放在实验胚胎学上(也就是说,生活方式是否或如何影响基因表现)。他还打算加入更多个性化选择,包括与肌肤健康相关的其他基因测试,比如那些控制肌肤弹性和过度色素沉着的基因。GeneU isn’t the only company offering skin care tailored to genetics. SkinShift in Austin, Tex., outsources its DNA test, then suggests, based on what it determines is the highest priority for your skin, some combination drawn from an available pool of four serums and five nutritional supplements. None cost more than . Like Dr. Toumazou, SkinShift’s founder, Dr. Ruthie Harper, is not a dermatologist; she’s an internist.GeneU不是唯一一家根据基因定制皮肤护理的公司。德克萨斯州奥斯汀的SkinShift公司也经营这样的业务。它把自己的99美元DNA测试外包了出去,然后根据测试结果确定你皮肤最缺乏的元素,从已有的四种血清和五种营养补充剂中选出对应的元素进行组合。所有组合的售价都在75美元以内。和图马佐一样,SkinShift的创始人吕蒂·哈珀士(Ruthie Harper)也不是皮肤科医生——她是内科医生。Dr. Hollmig is equally skeptical about SkinShift and, though he was more impressed with GeneU, admitted that the only major difference between the two may be the cost. GeneU’s technology is shinier, and it offers more options for customization, but skin-aging studies with many ingredients (like antioxidants) have mostly not been well-controlled for specific formulation and dose, adequate sample size or randomized design, so it’s not known for sure if they work. The idea, then, of a carefully tailored amount is almost irrelevant.霍尔米西对SkinShift同样表示质疑。虽然他对GeneU的印象更为深刻,但是他承认,两家公司唯一的主要区别是价格。GeneU的技术更引人注目,提供更多个性化选择,但是由于对很多成分(比如抗氧化剂)在皮肤老化中作用的研究大多没有对具体的配方和剂量进行很好的控制,样本数量不够,设计比较随意,所以不能确定这些成分是否有效果。因此,精心定制剂量的概念也几乎无关紧要。GeneU grew out of a chance meeting about three years ago, when Dr. Toumazou was seated next to Mr. Rhodes on a private jet from London to a sheikh friend’s birthday party in Venice. (Dr. Toumazou had no idea who Mr. Rhodes was until his wife whispered it.) Mr. Rhodes encouraged Dr. Toumazou to start his own company, instead of just licensing technology.GeneU的想法诞生于大约三年前的一次偶然会面。图马佐从伦敦搭乘私人飞机,去参加一位族长朋友的生日派对,坐在他旁边的是罗兹(图马佐不知道罗兹是谁,直到妻子悄悄告诉他)。罗兹鼓励图马佐开创自己的公司,而不是仅仅把技术转让出去。“I’ve used everything from the cheapest thing you can find in the drugstore to the most expensive top-of-the-line serums,” Mr. Rhodes said. “This to me was like a magnet. You’re taking out all the guesswork.” He said he has seen an improvement in fine lines since using GeneU’s products. (The company has been pleasantly surprised by interest from men; Mr. Rhodes thinks the techie aspect of it appeals to them.)“我用过各种护肤品,从你能在药店找到的最便宜的护肤品到最昂贵的顶级血清,”罗兹说,“这对我极具吸引力。经过测试,你就不必胡乱猜测了。”他说,自从使用GeneU的产品之后,他脸上的细纹减少了(男性对该公司的兴趣让他们感到惊喜。罗兹认为是高科技元素吸引了男性)。Mr. Rhodes designed the shop, including its Mondrian-esque photographs on the wall (actually enlarged images of Dr. Toumazou’s microchips) and recruited Antony Price, the designer of Duran Duran’s fluorescent suits in its “Rio” , to create staff uniforms of silver silk pants and matching tops with standing collars.店铺是罗兹设计的,包括墙上的蒙德里安(Mondrian)风格照片(它实际上是图马佐的微芯片的放大图像)。他还雇佣安东尼·普赖斯(Antony Price)设计员工制。杜兰杜兰乐队在音乐录影带《里约》(Rio)中穿的荧光套装就是普赖斯设计的。员工制是银色丝质裤子搭配同色立领上装。Mr. Rhodes also nixed Dr. Toumazou’s original name, Genonics. It “wasn’t as hook-y,” he said, ever the songwriter.罗兹还否决了图马佐最初给公司取的名字Genonics。这位曾经的歌曲作者说,那个名字“不够吸引人”。 /201506/383133

Thanks to a French company, it might soon be possible to store the comforting scent of a loved one forever. They plan to launch their new line of perfumes made from fragrances that people leave on their clothes, in September.多亏一家法国公司,你不久将能够永久保存你爱的人的气味。这家公司计划在9月份开发新的香水生产线,它可以把人们留在衣上的体味保留下来。The idea for the perfumes belongs to French insurance agent Katia Apalategui. She came up with it seven years ago, when she was devastated about losing her father. At the time, she wished there was a way she could store his scent in a bottle. Apparently, her mother felt the same way: ;I also miss the smell and do not want to wash his pillowcase,; she had told Katia.这款新型香水的理念来源于法国的一个保险代理人——卡蒂亚·阿帕拉特圭。她七年前提出这个想法,当时她因为父亲去世而非常伤心,她希望能够通过一种方式来把她父亲的味道保存在瓶子里。显然,她的母亲也有同感,她对卡蒂亚说,;我也很怀念他的味道,所以不舍得清洗他用过的枕套。;Intrigued by the idea of preserving odor, Katia began to investigate if she could actually make it happen. She tried researching but met with little success, until she came across an innovation agency called Seinari, in Normandy. They put her in touch with the department of organic and macromolecular chemistry at the University of Le Havre. Researchers there were able to explore the possibilities of bringing Katia#39;s idea to life. After much trial and error, they actually developed a technique to extract the odor out of a person#39;s clothes, and reconstitute it as an alcohol-based perfume in only four days#39; time.储存气味这一想法引起了卡蒂亚的好奇心,她开始研究如何让这一想法成真。她尝试了几次,却没什么成果,直到她发现了诺曼底的一个名为Seinari的创意机构。他们帮她联系到了勒阿弗尔的一所大学,那里有一个有机高分子化学系。这里的研究员开始探究如何实现卡蒂亚的创意。经过无数次的失败实验后,他们还真研发出了一种可以从人的衣中提取气味的技术,并能在短短四天内就将其加工成含酒精的香水。The technique has now been purchased by a company called ‘Kalain#39;, founded by Katia#39;s son Florian Rabeau, a student at ISC Paris Business School. The startup aims to cater to grieving families who have recently lost loved ones.如今,由卡蒂亚的儿子弗罗瑞恩·拉宝创立的Kalain公司把这个技术购买过来。弗罗瑞恩是巴黎商学院的一名学生,他创立这家公司的目的是为那些因失去亲人而悲痛的家庭务。;We will offer grieving families a small box containing a vial with the smell of the deceased collected from the fabric of their clothes,; Katia revealed. ;It will be tailor made for clients, and will be sold at around 560 euro (0).;;我们会给悲痛的家庭一个小盒子,里面有一小瓶香水,是从他们逝去的亲人的衣上提取的,;卡蒂亚说,;我们将按顾客的要求定制,价格约560欧元(600美元)。;;Smell is the strongest sense in terms of memory,; she added. ;We provide a very emotionally charged product.;;气味可以强烈地唤起回忆,;她补充道。;我们提供的是饱含情感的产品。;But Kalain doesn#39;t plan on getting confined to the funeral business. They plan on offering human scent perfumes to other types of customers, like people who spend a great deal of time away from loved ones.不过卡蒂亚并不打算将这个产品局限于丧葬行业。他们计划为其他类型的客户提供人体气味的香水,比如那些和爱人长期分居的人。 /201505/373101

Wherever Chinese go,the custom of drinking tea follows. Tea was first discovered by the Chinese. Tea is an indispensable part of the life of a Chinese. A Chinese saying identifies the seven basic daily necessities oil,salt, soy sauce,vinegar, and tea. The custom of drinking tea as fuelrice has been ingrained in the Chinese for over a thousand years. In Tang Dynasty,a man named Lu Yu created the first compendium in the world on tea,Book of Tea .This work helped to popularize the art of tea drinking all across China.无论中国人走到哪里,都不会改掉喝茶的习惯。茶最先由中国人发现,它是中国人生活中不可或缺的组成部分。有一句中国谚语将基本的日常必需品称为柴、米、油、盐、酱、醋、茶。一千多年以来,饮茶的习俗已经在中国人心中根深蒂固。唐朝时,一个名叫陆羽的人写了世界上第一部关于茶的著作—《茶经》,这部书有助于在中国推广饮茶艺术。Tea is made from the young,tender leaves of the tea tree. The differences among the many kinds of tea available are based mainly on the roasting and fermentation of the tea leaves. Through fermentation,the originally deep green leaves become reddish-brown in color. The longer the fermentation,the darker the color. Depending on the length of the roasting and degree of fermentation,the fragrance can range from floral to fruity to many.茶是用茶树的幼嫩叶子做成的。现有的许多茶叶种类之间的区别主要在于对茶叶的烘烤和发酵的方法。通过发酵,原先深绿色的叶子颜色就变成红褐色。发酵的时间越长,颜色就越暗。根据烘烤时向和发酵的程度,香味也会有花香、果香以及麦香之分。Tea is China#39;s national drink. It contains vitamins,chlorophyll,essential oils, and fluoride. It is a diuretic capable of improving the eyesight and increasing alertness,so Chinese believe that frequent tea drinkers enjoy a longer life span. Its medical properties and benefits to the human body have actually been scientiflcal1y proven,and tea has come to be generally recognized as a natural health food.茶是中国的民族饮品。茶叶中含有维生素、叶绿素、精油以及氟化物。它具有利尿、明目、提神的功用,因此中国人认为经常喝茶的人能够长寿。茶叶的药用功能及其对人体的好处实际上已经得到了科学的明,同时茶叶已经被公认为天然的健康食品。Tea drinking customs饮茶的习俗There are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed.To show respect; In Chinese society,the younger generation always shows its respect to the older generation by offering a cup of tea. Inviting and paying for their elders to go to restaurants for tea is a traditional activity on holidays. In the past,people of lower rank served tea to higher ranking people. Today, as Chinese society becomes more liberal,sometimes at home parents may pour a cup of tea for their children,or a boss may even pour tea for subordinates at restaurants. The lower ranking person should not expect the higher rank person to serve him or her tea on formal occasions,however.在许多特殊场合上要进行泡茶和饮茶,作为一种礼貌的表示,在中国社会中,晚辈经常通过敬茶来表示对长辈的尊敬。在节假日里,邀请长辈到餐馆喝茶并为其埋单则是传统的活动。过去,级别较低的人要向级别较高的人上茶。如今由于中国社会变得更加自由,因此有时父母在家中可能会为子女倒茶,甚至老板在饭店里也可能为下属倒茶。但是在正式的场合中,级别较低的人不应指望级别较高的人为自己倒茶。For a family gathering:When sons and daughters leave home to work and get married,they may seldom visit their parents. As a result, parents may seldom meet their grandchildren. Going to restaurants and drinking tea,therefore, becomes an important activity for fami份gatherings. Every Sunday, Chinese restaurants are crowded,especially when people celebrate festivals. This phenomenon reflects Chinese family values.用于家庭团聚:当子女离家工作或结婚之后,他们可能很少见到自己的父母,父母也可能很少见到自己的孙子孙女。因此,去餐馆喝茶便成为家庭团聚的一种重要活动。中国的餐馆在每个周日都十分拥挤,尤其是当人们庆祝节日的时候。这种现象反映出中国人重视家庭的价值观。To apologize:In Chinese culture,people make serious apologies to others by pouring tea on them. That is a sign of regret and submission.表示歉意:在中国文化中,人们常通过为别人倒茶来表示郑重的歉意。这是道歉和顺从的一种表示。To express thanks to your elders on one#39;s wedding day:At the traditional Chinese marriage ceremony,both the bride and groom kneel in front of their parents and serve them tea. That is a way to express their gratitude. In front of their parents,it is a practice for the married couple to say,“Thanks for bringing us up.Now we are getting married. We owe it all to you”The parents will usually drink a small portion of the tea and then give them a red envelope, which symbolizes good luck.在成亲之日表示对长辈的谢意:在传统的中国婚礼仪式中,新娘和新郎都要跪在自己的父母面前为他们敬茶。在自己的父母面前,一对新人通常说:“感谢你们的养育之恩。现在我们已经成亲了,这全都要感谢你们啊。”父母则通常要饮一小口茶,然后再给这对新人红包,这象征着好运。Expressing gratitude for tea对上茶表示感谢After a person#39;s cup is filled,that person may knock their bent index and middle fingers (or some similar variety of finger tapping) on the table to express gratitude to the person who served the tea. Although this custom is common in southern Chinese culture such as the Cantonese, it is generally not recognised nor praciced in other parfis of China.当别人给你的杯子倒了茶之后,你可以将食指和中指弯曲敲一敲桌子,以表示对七茶人的谢意。虽然这个习俗在诸如中国南方的广东等地区十分普遍,但是中国的其他地区通常并不承认或流传这种习俗。This custom is said to have originated in the Qing Dynasty when Emperor Qianlong would travel in disguise through the empire. Servants were told not to reveal their master#39;s identity. One day in a restaurant, the emperor, after pouring himself a cup of tea,filled a servant#39;s cup as well. To that servant it was a huge honour to have the emperor pour him a cup of tea. Out of reflex he wanted to kneel and express his thanks. He could not kneel and kowtow to the emperor since that would reveal the emperor#39;s identity so he bent his fingers to knock on the table to express his gratitude and respect to the emperor.这个习俗据说起源于清朝。当时乾隆皇帝要在全国微出访,他告诉自己的仆人不得透露自己的身份。乾隆皇帝有一天在餐馆里给自己倒了一杯茶之后,又给仆人倒了一杯茶。对于这位仆人来说,皇帝为他倒茶是极大的荣幸。他条件反射地要跪下来表示感谢。由于这会暴露皇帝的身份,因此他不能跪下来向皇帝叩头,于是他弯起手指在桌上敲了几个,以表示自己对皇帝的谢意和敬意。Tea Wares茶具Though not as strict as the tea ceremony in Japan,certain rules govern the Chinese understanding of tea. Take tea wares as an example.Green tea goes with white porcelain or celadon without a cover; scented tea with celadon or blue and white porcelain with a cover; black tea goes well with purple clay ware with white inside glaze,or with white porcelain or warm colored wares or coffee wares; and Oolong tea is also excellent in purple clay ware. In a word,the harmonious combination of function,material,and color of tea ware is essential to brewing excellent tea.虽然不像日本的茶道仪式那么严格,但还是有些规定主宰着中国人对茶的理解。以茶具为例,绿茶要放在没有盖子的白瓷或青瓷中泡;花茶则要用带盖子的青瓷或蓝白色瓷器中泡;红茶则以里面为白釉的紫砂茶具泡制为宜,或是采用白瓷、暖色调的茶具,或是泡咖啡的器皿;乌龙茶也适合用紫砂茶具泡制。简而言之,茶具的功能、材料以及颜色的和谐统一对于泡出好茶来至关重要。Tea wares consist of ovens,teapots,cups,tea bowls, and trays and so on.Nowadays with the development of tea procedure,we can make。cup of tea wit with a single porcelain cup. In the following paragraphs,we will focus on the most essential tea ware-tea cups and teapots.茶具分为茶炉、茶壶、茶杯、茶碗以及茶盘。如今随着泡茶过程的发展,我们可以只用一个瓷碗来泡茶。在下面的章节中,我们将关注最重要的茶具—茶碗和壶。The custom of drinking tea propelled the development of the porcelain industry. Tang scholars preferred green porcelain from Shaoxing,Zhejiang Province.This kind of green porcelain was like crystal or jade with elegant design and exquisite decoration. Since the true color of tea was set off beautifully in this dainty cup(ou in Chinese ),it was number one in Lu Yu#39;s Book of Tea .As to function,the size and design of the cup best suited to the tea drinking habit of that time allowed for cooking tea powder with green onion,ginger, dates,tangerine peels and mint, Then drinking the whole soup.饮茶的习俗推动了瓷器业发展。唐朝的士大夫喜欢浙江省绍兴的青瓷。这种青瓷宛如带有精致图案和精美装饰的水晶或一般。由于茶的本色在这种玲珑的杯子(贩)中得到映衬,因此它在陆羽《茶经》中排名第一。杯子的功能、大小以及设计都适合当时饮茶的习惯,并且能够将茶叶粉末与绿色的洋葱、姜、枣、陈皮以及薄荷一起熬制,然后饮用所有的汤汁。The preference for green porcelain or white porcelain was suddenly changed to black glazed teacups in the Song Dynasty. Scholars emphasized the white foam that formed when boiled water was added to the teacup. The most desirable foam was white,best presented in black tea ware. Black glazed tea ware from Fujian was dominant, while purple clay tea wares emerged in Yixing,Jiangsu.到了宋代,人们对青瓷或白瓷的偏爱突然转到了黑釉茶杯上。士大夫们注重把开水加入茶杯中要形成白色的泡沫。最理想的泡沫颜色是白色,而且最好用黑色的茶具来盛放。产自福建的黑釉茶具则成了主流,而紫砂茶具在江苏宜兴出现了。In the beginning of the Ming Dynasty,tea was made by pouring boiled water onto loose tea leaves. The tea liquor turned yellowish white,so snow-white teacups replaced the black-glazed tea ware of the Song Dynasty. In the middle of the Ming,with the advent of purple clay tea ware,focus was not limited to the color contrast of tea liquor and tea ware,but switched to the fragrance and taste of tea. The production of various teapots came to its pinnacle at the time.到了明朝初年,茶是用沸水倒进散茶叶中泡成的。茶的汁水变成黄白色,因此雪白的茶杯便取代了宋代的黑釉茶具。在明朝中期,随着紫砂茶具的出现,人们的注意力就不局限于茶水和茶具之间的颜色对比了,而是转移到茶的芬芳与口感了。各种茶壶的生产在当时达到了巅峰。Tea wares made for the royal family in Jingdezhen,Jiangxi,shone brilliantly among numerous tea wares. New designs of teapots and cups increased continually with the development of tea types.在无数茶具中,江西景德镇进贡给皇室的茶具发出了璀璨的光。随着茶的种类的发展,新的茶壶和茶杯的款式也不断增加。Brewing Chinese tea泡中国茶There are many different ways of brewing Chinese tea depending on variables like the formality of the occasion the means of the people preparing it and the kind of tea For example, green teas are more delicate than oolong teas or water as a result. being brewed. black teas and should be brewed cooler.根据场合的正式程度、人们泡茶的途径以.及所泡茶的种类等要素,有许多种不同的泡中国茶的方式。例如,绿茶要比乌龙茶或红茶更娇嫩,因此不要用开水来泡。Chaou brewing茶顾The chaou is a three piece teaware consisting of a lid,cup/ bowl,and a saucer,which can be used on its own or with tasting cups on the side. Chaou brewing is usually employed in tea tasting situations,such as when buying tea,where neutrality in taste and ease of access to brewing leaves for viewing and sniffing is important. This method of serving is often used in informal situations,though it can also be used in slightly more formal occasions. Chaou brewing can be used for all forms of teas though lightly oxidized teas benefit most from this brewing method.茶贩是一套三件的茶具,由盖子、杯子/碗以及茶碟组成,既可以单独使用,也可以使用旁边的品茶杯。通常在品茶的时候使用茶C}}L泡茶,例如购买茶叶之时,选择口味适中、泡出的茶叶易于观察和闻,这是十分重要的。这种上茶的方法经常用于非正式的场合,但它也可以用于比较正式的场合。各种类型的茶都可以用茶匝泡茶,但是这种泡茶方式最有利于泡略受氧化的茶叶。1. Boil water,or heat to specified temperature for tea,which is 800C for Oolong tea.1. 将水烧开或是煮到特定的温度来泡茶,乌龙茶要煮到80度;2. Heat chaou with boiling water.2. 用开水加热茶贩;3. Add leaves to line bottom of chaou.3. 将茶叶加人到茶的底线;4. Rinse tea leaves and drain.4. 将茶叶漂净并把水倒干;5. Slip water along the side while pouring into cup to 2/3 full5. 将水倒入杯中至三分之二深处并同时用水把边上测一下;6. Wait for 30 seconds,pour the tea.6. 等待30秒后倒茶;7. Serve.7. 上茶。Teapot brewing茶壶泡茶This is a tradition of the Minnan people and Chaozhou or Chaoshan people have made this Kungfu cha famous. Kungfu cha teapot brewing uses small Yixing purple clay teapot to“round out; the taste of the tea being brewed. Yixing teapot brewing sides towards the formal,and is used for private enjoyment of the tea as well as for welcoming guests. The following steps are one popular way to brew tea in a form widely accepted to be a kind of art. This procedure is mostly applicable to Oolong teas only.这是闽南人的传统,而潮州或潮汕人则让这种功夫茶名声大噪。泡功夫茶使用的是宜兴紫砂茶壶来使泡出来的茶味道更加“圆润”。用宜兴茶壶泡茶比较正式,而且也可以用于私人品茶和迎客。下面就是常用的泡茶方法,这种泡茶形式被公认为是一门艺术。这一过程大多数情况下只适用于乌龙茶。1. Boil water.1. 将水烧开;2. Rinse the teapot with hot water.2. 用热水将茶壶洗净;3. Fill the teapot with tea leaves up to one third of the height of the pot.3. 将茶叶加人茶壶中并一直满到茶壶的三分之一高度;4. Rinse the tea leaves by filling the pot with hot water up to half full and draining the water immediately leaving only tea leaves behind.(This step, and all sub- sequent steps involving pouring water, should be performed in a large bowl to catch any overflow.4. 用热水倒进茶壶中一半高的位置,然后立刻将水倒掉并只留下茶叶在里面(这个步骤和下面的所有步骤都需要在大碗中倒水,以防止有水溅出。5. Pour more hot water into the teapot and pour water over the teapot in thelarge bowl. Bubbles should not be permitted to be formed in the teapot. The infusion should not be steeped for too long:30 seconds is an appropriate maximum.5. 将更多的热水倒进茶壶并将水从茶壶中倒人一个大碗,茶壶中不允许出现泡沫。泡茶的时间不能太长,合适的时间最多为30秒;6. Pour the first infusion into small serving cups within a minute by continuously moving the teapot around same flavor and colour. over the cups. Each cup of tea is expected to have the same flavor and colour.6. 通过不断移动茶壶给各个杯子倒茶,在一分钟之内将第一遍冲的茶倒进上茶的小杯子中。每一杯茶都要有同样的香味和色泽;7. Pour excess tea from the first infusion,and all tea from further infusions,into a second teapot after steeping. It is possible to draw five or six good infusions from a single pot of tea,but subsequent infusions must be extended in duration to extract maximum flavour:the second infusion extended by approximately ten seconds to 40 seconds,the third extended to 45.7. 在浸泡之后,将第一遍冲的多余的茶和之后所冲的茶都倒进第二个茶壶中。一壶茶可以冲五六遍,但是之后所泡的茶时间必须延长,以便最大限度地泡出香味。第二遍泡茶时间大约要延长10秒,这样就要泡40秒,而第三遍则要泡45秒。This form of the art of brewing and drinking tea is deeply appreciated by many people,including non-Chinese. Many people are enthusiastic about the art;they enjoy not only the taste of Chinese tea,but also the process of brewing it. The tea culture involved is attractive besides the relaxation it generates,allowing them to purportedly forget all the trouble in their life during the process of brewing,serving and drinking tea. Some people enjoy serving others with a cup of tea not just because they want to share their excellent tea but also their peace of mind with others.这种泡茶和饮茶的艺术形式深受人们的欣赏,这其中还包括外国人。许多人对这门艺术充满热情;他们不仅喜欢品尝中国茶,而且还喜欢泡茶的过程。此外,其中的茶文化还十分吸引人,因为据说它能够让人在泡茶、上茶、饮茶的过程中忘却生活中的一切烦恼,从而使人轻松。有些人喜欢给别人上一杯茶,这不仅是因为他们希望分享美茶,而且还想和别人分享自己的平和心态。 /201506/378846



  7.The Weeping Woman Of Sudetenland7.苏台德哭泣的妇女This photo of a weeping Sudeten woman is one of the most controversial photographs of World War II. It was also a propaganda tool used by both the Allies and the Nazis. The photograph was taken in Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, in October 1938 after the city was captured and annexed by Germany just before World War II officially began. The photograph shows a weeping Sudeten woman raising one of her arms to salute the invading German troops while the other hand holds a handkerchief over one of her tear-filled eyes.这张记录苏台德哭泣妇女的照片是二战期间最受争议的照片之一。同盟国和纳粹都将其作为宣传之用。该照片摄于1938年10月,地点是(前)捷克斯洛伐克(Czechoslovakia)的苏台德,彼时正值二战爆发前夕,德国刚刚攻破并殖民这座城市。照片里这个哭泣的苏台德妇女抬起一只手向德国侵略军致敬,另一只手拿着手帕擦拭热泪盈眶的眼睛。The photograph appeared in different newspapers in different countries with different captions. It was first published by a German newspaper, Volkischer Beobachter, which said that the Sudeten woman was so overjoyed by the advancing German soldiers that she could not hide her feelings. In the ed States, one newspaper said that the women could not hide her misery as she ;dutifully; saluted Hitler.这张照片出现在不同国家的不同报刊上,并被附上了不同的解读。第一个发表该照片的是德国一家报社《人民观察报》(Volkischer Beobachter,纳粹党报),报道称这个苏台德妇女看到列队前行的德国战士无法掩饰自己激动不已的心情,喜极而泣;而美国一家报社则称该妇女难掩内心苦楚,却又不得不;忠诚地;向希特勒挥手致敬。6.The Weeping Frenchman6.垂泪的法国人In the summer of 1940, German soldiers rolled into Paris, marking the defeat of France and the beginning of ;Les Annee Noires; also known as ;The Dark Years.; By the time the German soldiers began moving in, the French government had aly abandoned the city and fled to Bordeaux in southern France, which was their last stronghold. The exact date the picture was taken is disputed. While it originally appeared in 1941, it is believed to have been taken in 1940. The man in the picture is believed to be Monsieur Jerome Barrett, who was crying as the flags of France made their way through Marseilles on their way to Africa.1940年仲夏,德军攻入巴黎,标志着法国战败,也象征着;黑暗时代;(译注:;Les Annee Noires; 也被称为;The Dark Years;)的到来。德军开始进攻之前,当局政府早就已弃城逃亡,撤退到法国南部的波尔多市(Bordeaux),那是他们最后的据点。该照片的拍摄日期尚未明确。它于1941年初次亮相,但人们却认为这张照片应是摄于1940年。法国沦陷之后,国旗经过马赛被运送至非洲的法属殖民地,照片中正为此事悲泣的男人应该是杰罗姆·巴雷特先生(Monsieur Jerome Barrett)。The defeat of France during World War II was shocking as well as disappointing. Prior to the war, it was believed that France had the best army in the whole of Europe. After France fell to Germany, Adolf Hitler insisted that the documents to acknowledge the surrender of France must be signed in the Compiegne Forest, inside the same railroad car Germany had signed the documents of its own surrender in at the end of World War I. The railroad car was aly in a museum, but it was removed and taken to the forest so the documents could be signed.二战中,法国的战败令人胆战心惊而又失望至极。战前的法军曾是欧洲公认的最骁勇善战的一军队。法国战败后,阿道夫·希特勒坚持要把签订法国投降书的地点安排在贡比涅森林(Compiegne Forest)中的一节列车车厢内。因为一战结束时,德国曾作为战败方在这节车厢里签订了投降书。当时这节车厢已然为物馆所收藏,但还是被搬回森林以举行投降仪式。5.The Gadget5.;小玩意;号原子弹The atomic bombs that went off over Hiroshima and Nagasaki are sometimes said to be the first nuclear weapons. Actually, the two bombs weren#39;t the first—they were just the first nuclear weapons deployed to kill and destroy. The first atomic bomb ever made was the Gadget (photograph above). It was completed and tested weeks before two other atomic bombs went off over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The test, called Trinity, was carried out at the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range, known today as White Sands Missile Range, in New Mexico.人们往往将两颗投放于广岛、长崎两市的原子弹视为第一代核武器。事实上,它们仅仅是;第一代;用于战争的核武器。;小玩意;(the Gadget, 见上图)才是原子弹的鼻祖。早在这两颗原子弹投放之前,;小玩意;(the Gadget)已经成功研制并顺利通过测试。该测试名为;三位一体核试;(Trinity),于新墨西哥州(New Mexico)的阿拉莫戈多导弹靶场(Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range)进行。该靶场即如今的白沙导弹靶场(White Sands Missile Range)。The bomb was placed on a forest service watchtower 30 meters (100 ft) tall. Three bunkers were constructed 9,000 meters (29,000 ft) away from the tower so that the impending explosion could be observed. In the early hours of July 16, 1945, the Gadget went off. The resulting explosion sent shock waves through the desert, vaporizing the tower and producing a gigantic mushroom cloud 12,000 meters (40,000 ft) high. It produced a flash brighter than 10 Suns. The flash was so bright that it was seen in all of New Mexico and parts of Arizona, Texas, and Mexico. The heat produced was so severe that observers 16 kilometers (10 mi) away compared it to standing in front of a ;roaring; fireplace.该枚原子弹放置于一座高30米(100英尺)的林务局瞭望塔内。距离塔身9000米(29000英尺)处建有三个掩体,旨在观测将要发生的核爆炸。1945年7月16日凌晨,;小玩意;(the Gadget)爆炸了。爆炸产生的冲击波穿越了整片沙漠,整座瞭望塔瞬间化为虚无,一朵高为12000米(40000英尺)的巨型蘑菇云直冲天际。爆炸瞬间产生的亮光远超10个太阳散发的光亮。整个新墨西哥州(New Mexico)连同亚利桑那州(Arizona)、德克萨斯州(Texas)及墨西哥州(Mexico)部分地区都能看到亮如白昼的光芒。爆炸同时释放出极高的热能,根据离爆炸点16千米(10英里)远的观察员描述,他们当时仿佛置身于一个;熊熊燃烧;的壁炉前。4.The Warsaw Ghetto Boy4.华沙的犹太小男孩We#39;ve aly talked about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, when Jews in Warsaw, Poland, launched a 10-day revolt against German soldiers. The Jews knew quite well that they would be defeated, but they didn#39;t want to give up without a fight. ;The Warsaw ghetto boy; is the name given to a young Jewish boy, not more than 10 years old, who was arrested by German soldiers in the ghetto after the uprising had been crushed. The unidentified boy#39;s hands were raised in the air while a German soldier pointed a machine gun at him. Although the photograph is one of the most circulated images of the Holocaust, no one knows who the boy is or what happened to him.我们都知道华沙犹太人起义(Warsaw Ghetto Uprising),当时波兰华沙的犹太人发动起义,与德军对抗十天之久。犹太人知道起义肯定会失败,但是他们不想连一次反抗都没有就这样坐以待毙。;华沙犹太小男孩;指的是一个不满十岁的犹太小男孩,他在那次起义失败后被德国士兵抓进了;犹太区;。照片中,这个身份不明的小男孩双手举起,一名德国士兵拿瞄准了他。尽管这张照片是大屠杀时期流传得最广的照片,但是依然没有人知道他是谁,也没人知道他发生了什么。Some sources say he was gassed to death at Treblinka camp, while others say he survived. In 1999, a man named Avrahim Zeilinwarger contacted an Israeli museum saying that the boy was his son, Levi Zeilinwarger, who was gassed to death in a concentration camp in 1943. In 1978, an unnamed man contacted the Jewish Chronicle saying that the boy was his son. In 1977, a woman named Jadwiga Piesecka claimed that the boy was Artur Dab Siemiatek, who was born in 1935. In 1982, a New York ear, nose, and throat specialist claimed that he could be the boy, although he himself doubted it. While he was arrested in Warsaw, he had never been to the ghetto. Besides, he was arrested on July 13, 1943, months after the picture is said to have been taken.一些消息说他在特雷布林卡集中营(Treblinka camp)被毒气杀死,也有人说他活了下来。1999年,一个叫亚伯拉罕(Avrahim Zeilinwarger)的男士联系了以色列物馆,说这个小男孩是他的儿子利瓦伊(Levi Zeilinwarger)已于1943年死于集中营的毒气室。1978年,一位不知名的男士联系犹太纪事报(Jewish Chronicle)也说小男孩是他的孩子。1977年,一位叫雅德维加(Jadwiga Piesecka)的女士声称这个小男孩叫阿特(Artur Dab Siemiatek),出生于1935年。1982年,一位纽约耳鼻喉专科医生说自己很可能就是照片中的小男孩,不过他也不是很确定。虽然他也曾在华沙被捕,但从来没有在犹太区待过。此外,他是在1943年7月13号被捕的,比这张照片拍摄的时间晚了几个月。审稿:Freya然 校对:CMX /201507/385025

  I have enjoyed relaxing in the sauna, especially in cold weather, for many years. But last summer, I was surprised to see a doctor friend emerging from the sauna in the sweltering heat of July on his way to a workout, dripping from sweat before he even reached the gym.多年来,我一直很喜欢在桑拿房里放松,尤其是在冷天。但去年夏天,我惊讶地看见我的一位医生朋友在酷热的7月从桑拿房里出来,然后去锻炼,还没到健身房,他就已经汗如雨下。The doctor explained that as we get older, it becomes increasingly important to warm our muscles, tendons and joints before undertaking strenuous physical exercise. While a 10-minute warm-up on a stationary bike or tmill might be the traditional way to gently warm muscles, the sauna really heats them up and gets them y for exercise.我的朋友解释道,随着我们年岁渐长,在进行剧烈身体锻炼前让我们的肌肉、肌腱和关节温暖起来变得越来越重要。尽管在健身脚踏车或者跑步机上进行10分钟热身运动可能是一种温和地温暖肌肉的传统方式,但桑拿会让肌肉真正地温暖起来,做好锻炼准备。This struck a chord with me because for the past few years, I have suffered agonies from an Achilles tendon problem every time I run. I have been treated by a number of doctors, who have prescribed stretching, heel inserts in my trainers and even used sound waves to bombard my Achilles tendon — all without much lasting effect.这引起了我的共鸣,因为过去几年里,我每次跑步都会感到跟腱疼痛。我接受过好几名医生的治疗,他们提供的处方是做拉伸,在运动鞋里放脚后跟脚垫,甚至使用声波轰击我的跟腱——效果都不持久。After talking to my doctor friend, I discovered some research about the beneficial effects of saunas on athletes. While the study was fairly small, it found that after only three weeks of hard running followed by half-hourly sauna sessions, the athletes were able to run further before becoming exhausted.在和我的医生朋友交谈以后,我找到了某项关于桑拿对运动员的益处的研究。尽管这项研究规模相当小,但它发现,在大强度跑步之前蒸半小时桑拿,仅仅三周后,这些运动员在精疲力竭之前能够跑得更远了。The most likely explanation, the researchers, concluded, was that the sauna training increased the athletes’ blood plasma volumes.研究者得出结论认为,最可能的解释是桑拿训练提高了运动员的血浆量。As any fan of competitive cycling now knows, you 0can increase your body’s aerobic capacity by increasing haemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. That’s why cheats in cycle races give themselves transfusions of their own blood, known as blood doping.现在任何一个竞技自行车的体育迷都知道,你可以通过提高血红蛋白的量来提高身体的有氧运动能力。血红蛋白的功能是从肺部将氧输送到身体各处。这就是为什么在自行车比赛里作弊的人会将自己的血液回输给自己,这种做法被称为“血液兴奋剂”。But I was interested to learn that saunas may also increase production of a range of hormones, including growth hormone and norepinephrine, which is behind the fight or flight response and increases blood flow to skeletal muscles.但让我感兴趣的是,我得知桑拿或许也能提高一系列激素的分泌,包括生长激素和去甲肾上腺素。后者调节所谓的“战斗或逃跑”反应,增加流向骨骼肌的血液量。At first I thought I would see whether saunas increased my athletic performance in the way described in the study above. I tried taking the prescribed half-hour of sauna before a run, but I was so hot that I did not feel like running. I then switched to after the run, and all I could manage at first was 10 minutes.我的初衷是想看看桑拿是否能像上述研究所说的那样,提高我的运动成绩。我尝试按照上述研究的“处方”,每次跑步前蒸半个小时桑拿,但我感觉太热了,以至于根本跑不动。于是我换成了跑步后蒸桑拿,最初我只能在桑拿房里坚持10分钟。Over the past six months, I have slowly built up to about 20 minutes of sauna after doing 30 minutes of sprints twice a week. You really perspire in these sessions, which is meant to help train your body to sweat more efficiently, lowering your body temperature while you exercise.过去6个月期间,我慢慢延长了桑拿时间,现在我每周进行两次30分钟的短跑锻炼,之后蒸20分钟的桑拿。在蒸桑拿的时候,你真的会排汗,这理应有助于训练你的身体更有效率地排汗,在你锻炼的时候降低你的体温。To my amazement, my Achilles tendon pain has disappeared since I started the sauna treatments. An added benefit: knee pain that I used to experience after working out with weights on a leg press machine has also vanished.让我惊讶的是,我的跟腱疼痛在我开始桑拿疗法后消失了。额外的好处是,我在腿部推蹬机上进行负重锻炼后感到的膝盖疼痛也突然消失了。I even think my sprint performance has improved too, but that may be down to more consistent training.我甚至感到我的短跑成绩也提高了,不过原因可能是更有规律的训练。One important caveat: while saunas are generally considered safe for most athletes, people with heart conditions and pregnant women should consult a doctor before trying their benefits. And be sure to compensate for the heavy sweating induced by a sauna by drinking lots of water before and after heat sessions, which should not last too long. And of course never even consider drinking alcohol before — or during — a sauna.一条重要的告诫:尽管普遍认为桑拿对大多数运动员来说是安全的,但有心脏问题的人或者期女性在尝试前应该咨询医生的意见。在桑拿前后,确保大量饮水,弥补桑拿引起的大量排汗失水,每次桑拿的时间不应太长。当然,绝不要在桑拿前或者桑拿过程中饮酒。 /201503/362001The last skyscraper built in Paris opened in 1973, an unadorned dark block, rising 59 stories — the Montparnasse Tower. It was considered a disaster. To this day, Parisians joke that the tower offers the best views in the city, because it is the only place from which you cannot see it. City officials went to work banning future skyscrapers altogether.巴黎的最后一个天大楼是1973年揭幕的蒙帕纳斯大厦(Montparnasse Tower),它是一座楼高59层、朴素的黑色大楼。它被认为是一个灾难。直至今日,仍爱开玩笑说,这座大楼的视野是全城最好的,因为只有在这里你看不见它。市政府后来干脆禁止再盖天大楼。Now, however, four decades later, Paris is again considering a new skyscraper — a triangular, 42-story glass office tower designed by the Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron that would stand in the city’s southwest corner.不过,四十年后,巴黎再度考虑建造天大楼——一座42层的三角形玻璃写字楼。它由瑞士建筑师雅克·赫尔佐格(Jacques Herzog )和皮埃尔·德默隆(Pierre de Meuron)设计,位于该市西南角。Over the years, Parisians have come to embrace some of the city’s bolder architectural adventures, such as the glass pyramids inside of the Louvre courtyard or the Pompidou Center, built with its network of colorfully painted water pipes and air-conditioning ducts on the outside. But the resistance to skyscrapers has been fierce.这些年来,在建筑上开始接受一些更为大胆的尝试,比如卢浮宫庭院里的玻璃金字塔或蓬皮杜中心——这个建筑的外侧布满五颜六色的水管和空调管道网。但是人们对天大楼的抗拒依然强烈。For some Parisians, the new proposal is another Montparnasse in the making, an architectural star turn that would further disfigure one of the city’s key selling points — an almost perfect 19th-century skyline.有些觉得这个新项目在走蒙帕纳斯大厦的老路,会进一步削弱这座城市的一个关键卖点——几近完美的19世纪天际线。For the last few decades, they say, the city has done very nicely by keeping office towers outside the city limits in areas like La Défense, on its western edge, now a forest of glass and steel.他们说,过去几十年,这座城市成功地把写字楼排除在市区范围之外,集中在西侧的拉德芳斯等地区,那里现在是玻璃钢筋的森林。But in these trying times, with the country’s economy moribund, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has been arguing otherwise, delighted to see such a huge private investment in an area of Paris that, at the moment, is not much to look at.但如今时势艰难,该国经济停滞不前,所以巴黎市长安妮·伊达尔戈(Anne Hidalgo)对此持不同态度,她乐于在目前相貌平平的一个巴黎区域看到这样一个巨大的私人投资项目。For now, the area is a collection of conference centers that lie between the highway that runs around the city periphery and a not particularly distinguished residential neighborhood in the 15th Arrondissement, near the Porte de Versailles.目前,这个地区集中了很多会议中心,它们位于环绕市中心的高速公路和第15区凡尔赛门附近一个不太显眼的住宅区之间。The tower would provide 5,000 construction jobs, city officials say. It would offer marquee office space that could attract new companies to establish headquarters here. Backed by Unibail-Rodamco, a top European property developer, the Triangle Tower would cost about 500 million euros, or about 7 million.市政府官员称,这座大厦将提供5000个建筑工作机会。它将提供宽敞的办公空间,吸引新公司在这里建总部。这座三角形大厦由欧洲顶级地产开发商尤尼百-洛当科集团(Unibail-Rodamco)投资,将耗资约五亿欧元,约合6.27亿美元。“There are many selling points to this project,” said Jean-Louis Missika, the city’s deputy mayor for architecture and urbanism. “It would be an important economic development for the city.”“这个项目有很多卖点,”巴黎市负责建筑和城市化的副市长让-路易斯·米西卡(Jean-Louis Missika)说,“它将是这座城市的一个重要经济增长点。”Mr. Missika argues that a project like the new tower would act as a kind of lighthouse, giving distinction to the entire neighborhood, as Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, prompted a rejuvenation of that city.米西卡认为,新大楼这样的项目将具有灯塔作用,给整个街区带来亮点,正如弗兰克·盖里(Frank Gehry)设计的古根海姆物馆给西班牙毕尔巴鄂带来活力。Nonetheless, the project came close to dying this week as it failed to garner enough votes in the City Council. But as the vote came to an end, the winners made the mistake of brandishing their “no” ballots, making public what was supposed to be a private poll — and giving Ms. Hidalgo an opening to bring the whole matter to court.不过,本周这个项目差点胎死腹中,因为它在市议会没有得到足够的票数。但是在投票接近尾声时,获胜方犯了个错,他们炫耀自己的“否决”票,公开了这个本该私密的投票,伊达尔戈因此可以把整件事提交法庭。The vote was close, 78 to 83, pitting Ms. Hidalgo’s Socialist city councilors against those from the center right and the environmentalist parties. A little more time and a new vote, city officials believe, and the tower might yet be built.票数很接近,78票对83票,伊达尔戈的社会党城市顾问对阵中右翼和环保主义党派。市政府官员们相信,再多给一点时间,再来一次新投票,这座大厦仍有可能修建。Those against the project are furious at the mayor’s maneuver. “It the vote had gone the other way, you can be sure that the mayor would have been just fine with it,” said Olivier de Monicault, the president of SOS Paris, an association founded in the 1970s to oppose architectural projects, such as skyscrapers, that it believed would destroy Paris’s distinct heritage.反对该项目的人士对市长的操纵感到愤怒。“如果投票结果是相反的,市长肯定不会去管,”拯救巴黎协会(SOS Paris)的主席奥利维尔·德·莫尼科(Olivier de Monicault)说。该协会创立于20世纪70年代,旨在反对它认为破坏巴黎独特遗产的建筑项目,比如天大楼。Mr. de Monicault said there were all kinds of arguments to be made against the tower, including that it was not a tower, but a wall that would cast a huge shadow on the surrounding neighborhood.莫尼科说,反对修建这座大厦有很多原因,比如,它不是个大厦,而是一面墙,会令周围街区见不到阳光。But perhaps most fundamental, he said, is the fear of doing damage to the look and feel of the city: “Tourists do not come here to see Manhattan,” he said.但他说,也许最根本的原因是担心它破坏这座城市的外貌和感觉,“游客来这里不是为了看曼哈顿”。Leading the charge against the tower in the City Council was Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, from the center-right Union for a Popular Movement, who ran for mayor against Ms. Hidalgo this year and lost.在市议会反对修建该大厦的领导者是中右翼人民运动联盟(Union for a Popular Movement)的娜塔莉·科希丘什科-莫里泽(Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet)。她今年竞选市长一职败北。Ms. Kosciusko-Morizet said the city’s experience with solitary towers had proved them disastrous. “They overwhelm the neighborhood,” she said.科希丘什科-莫里泽说,这座城市的历史明,孤零零的高楼是灾难性的,“它们压制了周围地区”。Moreover, she said, the tower would only help signal the edge of the city at a time when Paris is trying to reach across the highway that encircles it to better integrate the neighborhoods beyond.她说,况且,这座大楼只会帮助标记这座城市的边界,而此时巴黎正在努力突破环绕它的高速路,想与周围地区更好地融合。“We are not against modernity,” Ms. Kosciusko-Morizet said, “but this is not about modernity. What we are hearing is the same arguments that got us the Montparnasse Tower. There is nothing unique here. All the cities in the world have glass towers. There is nothing inventive here.”“我们不是反对现代化,”科希丘什科-莫里泽说,“但这不是现代化。他们给出的理由跟当初主张修建蒙帕纳斯大厦的理由是一样的。它没有独特性。世界上所有的城市都有玻璃大楼。这毫无新意。”Ms. Kosciusko-Morizet said she found the use of a secret vote to be particularly dishonest since such votes were never used except over issues of personnel nominations. She said her party members had objected to the secret ballot all along and said before the vote that they would not keep their votes private.科希丘什科-莫里泽说,采用秘密投票的方式太不诚实了,因为这种投票方式仅用于人事提名。她说自己的党派成员一直反对秘密投票,投票之前就表示不会对投票保密。A poll conducted last year by the B.V.A. polling agency found that most Parisians — 62 percent — were against any new skyscrapers, even if for much-needed new housing. Often it seems it is the younger Parisians who are more inclined to see the new Triangle Tower in a positive light.去年,民调机构B.V.A.进行的一项调查发现,大多数——多达62%——反对新建任何天大楼,甚至包括有迫切需求的新住宅大楼。巴黎的年轻人似乎更倾向于从正面角度看待新的三角大楼。“For me it makes economic sense,” said Ralph Hippocrate, 28, a publicist for a French television channel. “For jobs it might create, but also for the good it might do for the businesses in the neighborhood.”“在我看来,它具有经济意义,”28岁的拉尔夫·希波克拉底(Ralph Hippocrate)说。他是法国一个电视频道的宣传人员。“因为它可能创造就业机会,也可能有利于周围的商业。”But many older Parisians fear that city officials did not learn the lesson of Montparnasse, a building that regularly makes lists of the 10 ugliest buildings in the world. They believe that skyscrapers are simply out of place in the heart of Paris.但是很多年长的担心,市政府官员没有接受蒙帕纳斯大厦的教训——该建筑经常被列入世界上最丑陋的十大建筑榜单。他们认为,在巴黎市中心建天大楼就是不合适。“We are not in Dubai,” said Danielle Outreman, 60, who is retired. “I like it that in Paris I am not surrounded by enormous buildings. I think that putting them all in La Défense is just fine.”“我们不是在迪拜,”60岁的丹妮尔·奥特里曼(Danielle Outreman)说。她已经退休了。“在巴黎,我不喜欢被巨大的建筑包围。我觉得把大楼都盖到拉德芳斯区就挺好的。” /201411/345072

  A: I’d like to borrow some money to raise swine.A:我想借点钱来养猪。B: What experience have you had?B:你有什么经验?A: I served in the senate for six years.A:我在参议院工作了6年。B:Sorry, pal, you’re over qualified.B:抱歉朋友,你的资历过高。 /201505/375864


  ;I#39;m made from the body parts of 20 different men and women of various ages,races,and ethnicity.If it#39;s diversity you want,I#39;m your guy!;我是由20个不同年龄、民族和种族的男女组成的,如果你需要多种多样的员工,我最合适了。 /201506/379832。


  Every luxury company fears the “Danniella Westbrook effect”. The phenomenon named after the former EastEnders actress recalls the deleterious impact she had on the Burberry clothes brand after she and her toddler daughter were photographed clad head-to-toe in beige check. The snobbish world of fashion judged the photo a travesty and Burberry’s sales in the UK were hit.所有奢侈品公司都惧怕“丹妮拉#8226;韦斯特布鲁克(Danniella Westbrook)效应”。这个根据前伦敦东区女演员命名的现象让人们想起她对柏利(Burberry)饰品牌造成的伤害,此前,她和自己蹒跚学步的女儿被拍到从头到脚一身都是柏利经典的米色格纹。势利的时尚界把这看做是一场拙劣的模仿,柏利在英国的销量因而受到了冲击。Louis Vuitton is facing a similar issue in China. While the brand’s owner, the French luxury retailer LVMH, has not fallen foul of any Burberry-style moment, it is nevertheless experiencing brand fade as consumers in higher-tier cities increasingly shun its products, according to data from China Confidential, an FT research service. LV’s problem in one sense is much like Burberry’s: it has become too ubiquitous for its own good.法国奢侈品零售商路威酩轩集团(LVMH)旗下品牌路易威登(Louis Vuitton)在中国也面临着类似的问题。虽然LVMH没有遭遇任何的“柏利时刻”,但英国《金融时报》旗下调研机构《中国投资参考》(China Confidential)的数据表明,随着中国一线城市消费者越来越避免选择其产品,该集团同样在经历品牌衰退。在某种意义上,路易威登的问题与柏利很相似的:物极必反。Just 18.8 per cent of survey respondents in China’s first-tier cities — Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen — said LV was the luxury brand they most aspired to own, compared with 38.3 per cent among consumers surveyed in third-tier cities, China Confidential’s data show (see chart). Indeed, although LV remains the most popular luxury brand in China, Prada is eclipsing it in first tier cities, the data show.《中国投资参考》数据显示(见图表),在中国一线城市——北京、上海、广州和深圳,只有18.8%的受访者称路易威登是他们最渴望拥有的奢侈品牌,而在三线城市,这一比例为38.3%。数据显示,虽然路易威登在中国的确仍是最受欢迎的奢侈品牌,但在一线城市,普拉达(Prada)正盖过其风头。This is at least partly because of the zeitgeist among China’s wealthier and more cosmopolitan consumers for individuality and exclusivity. Such people recoil from the idea that they will be seen sporting the same brand as, say, the mistress of a “bao fa hu” — overnight millionaires or billionaires — coal mine owner from a lower-tier city in the gritty inland province of Shanxi.至少部分原因在于中国较富裕阶层的时代精神,以及越来越见多识广的消费者对个性和独特性的追求。这类人不愿看到自己身穿与“暴发户”的情妇同样的品牌——暴发户是指一夜暴富、身价百万或亿万的煤老板,通常来自内陆山西省的尘土飞扬的中小城市。This aversion comes through in surveys. A large proportion of first tier city respondents said they specifically avoided purchasing brands that too many other people owned. When asked to rate the reasons for their luxury purchases on a scale of one to five (with higher scores indicating greater agreement), survey respondents gave a 3.92 rating to “expressing my personal tastes”.这种厌恶在调查中显露无疑。一线城市的很大一部分受访者称,他们特意避免购买那些被很多其他人拥有的品牌。当被要求对购买奢侈品的理由进行从1至5(分数越高表明越认同)的打分时,受访者对“展示个人品味”给出了3.92分。The dwindling popularity of LV also shows up among Chinese travellers making purchases overseas. China Confidential’s recent annual survey of 1,277 Chinese outbound travellers showed that just 10.7 per cent of travellers who purchased designer goods on their most recent trip overseas purchased an LV-brand item, down from 15.5 per cent in a 2014 survey.路易威登下滑的人气也反映在到海外购物的中国游客身上。《中国投资参考》最近对1277名中国出境游客的年度调查显示,最近一次海外旅行中购买过名牌商品的游客中,只有10.7%的人购买了路易威登的产品,相比2014年的15.5%有所降低。The decline was particularly pronounced among high-income travellers, with just 12.9 per cent of those with annual household incomes in excess of Rmb350,000 (,500) buying LV on their most recent trip, compared with 24.3 per cent a year earlier.这种降低在高收入游客中表现尤为明显,家庭年收入超过35万元人民币(合5.65万美元)的游客中,只有12.9%的人在最近一次旅行中购买过路易威登的产品,而去年同期的比例为24.3%。LVMH is aly moving to reposition its brand in response to these shifts, including an expansion of LV product ranges with subtler logos, as well as a greater emphasis on its faster-growing sub-brands such as Céline and Fendi. The French luxury retailer is also working to control its pace of store expansion in China.LVMH已经开始对其品牌进行重新定位以应对这些变化,包括扩大带有不易察觉标识的路易威登产品的范围,并给予诸如赛琳(Céline)和芬迪(Fendi)等增长更快的子品牌更多的重视。LVMH也在努力控制中国专卖店的扩张步伐。But its latest financial results suggest that there is plenty of work to do. LVMH’s Asia ex-Japan revenue, to which China is the main contributor, fell 6 per cent year on year in the first quarter of this year, steeper than the 1 per cent year-on-year decline in regional revenue in 2014. With China’s anti-corruption campaign showing no sign of relenting and with consumers increasingly favouring subtler, lesser-known brands, the company faces a struggle to reclaim the cachet of exclusivity from the atrophying impact of ubiquity.而其最新财报表明,还有大量工作要做。LVMH在亚洲地区(日本除外)的收入——中国是主要的贡献者——今年第一季度同比下降6%,大大超过2014年1%的同比跌幅。中国的反腐行动没有任何放松的迹象,加上消费者越来越偏爱一些标识不显眼、不为大众熟知的品牌,这让LVMH面临着一个难题:在其无处不在的影响力的式微中,如何重新树立起独一无二的品牌威望。 /201504/372531


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