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5. I beg your pardon? Miss who?请再说一遍,你找谁?还能这样说:Pardon? Who do you want to talk to?Could you say it again? Who do you want?谚语:As good beg of a naked man as a miser.向守财奴求助,好比向一无所有的人求助。6. What number are you calling?您拨打的电话号码是多少?还能这样说:What number have you dialed?What number did you dial?7. This is not Guangzhou Toy Company.这里不是广州玩具公司。还能这样说:There is no Guangzhou Toy Company at that number.Theres no Guangzhou Toy Company here.应用:make a toy of 把……当做玩具,把……当儿戏;toy with 摆弄,玩弄,不认真考虑或对待(某种计划、想法等)8. I suggest you see about the phone book.我建议你查一下电话簿。还能这样说:I suggest you look in the phone book.I recommend you to check the telephone book.应用:It is suggested that... 有人提议……I suggest that 我觉得,我认为;suggest itself to 产生……念头,浮现在……心中 /201304/233720。

Rob: (ON PHONE) OK Helen, sounds interesting…Ill be right over. Bye! Helen has something interesting to show me, so Im off to see it now.罗布:(正在打电话)好的,海伦,听起来很有趣……我马上就过去。再见!海伦有一些有趣的东西要给我看,所以我现在要离开,过去看一下。(KNOCK ON DOOR)(敲门)Rob: Err, hi Helen.罗布:呃……你好,海伦。Helen: Hello Rob. Welcome to my comfort zone.海伦:你好,罗布。欢迎来到我的舒适区?Rob: Your what?罗布:你的什么?Helen: My comfort zone. Ive made a very comfortable area for relaxing in. Dont you think its relaxing Rob?海伦:我的舒适区。我弄了个用来放松的舒适区。你不认为这很放松吗,罗布?Rob: Well yes. Nice cushions, a very cosy sofa and soft lighting–but Helen, why did you want to show me this relaxing and comfortable room–are you up to something?罗布:嗯,不错。漂亮的垫子、温暖舒适的沙发还有柔和的灯光,可是海伦,你为什么要让我看这个令人放松又舒适的房间呢,你要搞什么小动作吗?Helen: No! You said we were doing a programme about comfort zones–so I decided to make one.海伦:不是!你说过我们要做一档有关舒适区的节目,所以我决定自己做个舒适区。Rob: I see. Well we could describe this room as our comfort zone but usually the term refers to how someone feels.罗布:我明白了。我们可以形容这个房间是我们的舒适区,但是通常这个短语是指人们的感觉。Helen: Oh! So its not just a place, but a state of mind.海伦:哦!所以这不仅仅是一个地方,而是形容一种心态。Rob: Yes. If someone is in their comfort zone, they feel secure and comfortable, they might even feel in control. Maybe these examples will help to explain more…罗布:没错。如果人们处在他们的舒适区里,那意思是他们感到安全和舒适,他们可能甚至会有控制的感觉。也许下面这些例子可以有助于你更好的理解这个短语……John isnt going for the promotion-he wants to stay in his comfort zone and doesnt want the extra stress.约翰不会寻求升职,他想保持舒适的状态,不希望遇到额外的压力。Jane stays in her comfort zone when booking her holiday and will never travel overseas.珍在预订假期时希望保持舒适,所以她从来不去海外旅行。Rob: So those examples describe people who are happy doing something theyve always done. They feel safe and secure.罗布:所以这些例子形容了人们很高兴做一些他们一直在做的事情。他们感到很安稳。Helen: It sounds like a nice place to be.海伦:听起来会是个好地方。Rob: It is but it can also imply you wont take risks and move out of your comfort zone…罗布:的确,但同样这个短语也可以用来暗示,你不会冒险,不愿离开你的舒适区……Helen: …into your un-comfort zone you mean or your non-comfort zone?海伦:进入不舒适区,你的意思是非舒适区吗?Rob: Exactly. Listen to these examples…罗布:没错。来听这些例子……Sally is dressing outside her usual comfort zone; have you seen the dress shes wearing tonight?!萨利的穿着可不像她平常的风格;你看到她今晚穿的裙子了吗?Bobs working outside his comfort zone by agreeing to run the accounts department.鲍勃正在他不熟悉的领域工作,因为他同意负责财务部的工作。Rob: A comfort zone can also describe the ideal temperature of a room. Its just the right conditions to feel comfortable in–not too hot, not too cold.罗布:舒适区也可以用来形容一个房间的理想温度。形容感受到舒适的理想条件,不热不冷。Helen: Well Rob, I think were in just the right comfort zone now.海伦:嗯,罗布。我想我们现在就在理想的舒适区。Rob: We are but come on, lets step outside and get some fresh air.罗布:没错,不过,来吧,我们走出这里,呼吸一下新鲜空气吧。Helen: Sorry Rob, Im staying in my comfort zone. Mmm, its so cosy and I feel so secure here and anyway, it might be raining out there.海伦:抱歉,罗布,我要待在我的舒适区。嗯,这里太舒适了,我在这里感觉很安全,而且,外面可能下雨了。Rob: You dont take any chances Helen! Oh well, see you later. Bye.罗布:海伦,你并不想冒险!好吧,一会儿见。再见。Helen: Bye! Oh this sofa is so comfortable, mmm...海伦:再见!哦,这个沙发太舒了,嗯…… /201405/296719。

Todd: OK. Were back with Jeanna. You wanna talk about your summer vacation.好的,吉娜。能谈谈你的暑假吗。Jeanna: Sure. I went to Las Vegas, Nevada; Reno, Nevada; Tahoe, California; and San Diego, California and I went to Disneyland.好的。我去了内华达州的,里诺,和加利福尼亚州的塔霍湖,圣地亚哥,我还去了迪斯尼乐园。Todd: Wow! Sounds like a really good time.哇!听上去你玩得很愉快。Jeanna: Yeah, it was. It was a lot of fun.是的。我玩得很有趣。Todd: What was the best place?最棒的地方是哪里?Jeanna: Probably Las Vegas. It was the most interesting.也许是。那里最有趣。Todd: OK. why was it the most interesting?好的。为什么那里最有趣呢?Jeanna: It was just really busy and there was always stuff going on. Ya know, never resting.那里很繁华,总有各种活动,你知道,那里从来不闲。Todd: OK. Ah, for example what stuff is going on? Like, what did you do?好的,例如什么活动,你在那里做什么?Jeanna: Well, we went shopping a lot, in a lot of different casinos that had malls in them, we went and visited the Hoover Dam.我们经常购物,在不同的里都有购物中心,我们还去了胡佛水坝。Todd: Oh, wow! Its pretty big.哇!水坝很大。Jeanna: Yeah, really big.是的,很大。Todd: Thats a lot of water. Did you go swimming?那里有很多水,你游泳了吗?Jeanna: No.没有。Todd: Can you swim in the Hoover Dam?能在胡佛水库里游泳吗?Jeanna: You can swim in the reservoir.能在蓄水池里游泳。Todd: I mean in the reservoir. Yeah. OK. How did you get to Las Vegas?我就是说在蓄水池里。好的。你怎么到的?Jeanna: By plane from Oakland to Las Vegas.从奥克兰搭乘飞机到的。Todd: OK. How long did it take?路上花了多长时间?Jeanna: About an hour and forty-five minutes.大约花了1小时45分钟。Todd: OK. Do you think youll go back to Las Vegas someday in the future?好的。Jeanna: Hopefully.希望如此。Todd: OK. Great. Thanks a lot Jeanna.好的。谢谢你,吉娜。Jeanna: Youre welcome.不客气。注:译文属原创,,。 /201209/200204。

44 Falling in Love第44章 坠入爱河David: When do you think people normally fall in love? How can people know when they fall in love?你觉得人们什么时候会坠入爱河呢?别人怎么知道他们相爱了呢?You: I dont know. I have never had a boyfriend.我不知道。我没交过男朋友。David: Just imagine.想想看。You: I imagine that they will think about their lover every second of every minute of every day. And they will want to live together, I think thats a part of being in love. The feeling of being in love, or having a crush is different from other types of love.我猜他们会每时每刻想着他们的爱人。他们会想一起生活,我觉得这是相爱的一部分。相爱或热恋是与其他的爱不同的。David: At what age do people usually fall in love? Or how old do you think they have their first boyfriend or girlfriend?你认为人们通常多大开始恋爱或者说有第一个男朋友、女朋友?You: 2020岁。David: 20?People have the first boyfriend or girlfriend?20岁?他们才有第一个男朋友或女朋友?You: Yes, although some people are more precocious. They might meet in middle school. I also know some people who wait until they are 25 or 30. Then they find a partner. Normally in the past city kids start going steady at a slightly younger age than those from the countryside.是的。虽然有些人要早熟一些——可能在中学就约会了,但我也认识一些一直等到25岁或30岁才开始找对象的人。但是一般来讲,过去城市里的年轻人找男朋友或是女朋友要早于农村的年轻人。David: But one of my students told me that nowadays rural kids date at the age of 20, just as old as city kids do.听我一个学生讲,现在城市的孩子和农村孩子开始恋爱的时间都大概在20岁左右。You: Possibly. So far its concerned the difference between country side and cities are not so conspicuous.可能吧。城市和农村在这方面的差异并不太明显。 /201211/209374。

13. Im rather old-fashioned. I know nothing about the new dance steps.我都跟不上时代了,我对新舞步一点都不懂。还能这样说:I am out of fashion and dont know anything about the new dance steps.I am outmoded and poor at the new dance steps.应用:lead sb. a merry dance 给某人造成极大麻烦;dance attendance up on sb. 侍候某人,听其差遣;dance to sb.s tune 听从某人指挥14. Are you keen on dancing?你擅长跳舞吗?还能这样说:Are you good at dancing?Can you dance well?应用:as keen as mustard 极热心的,极热情的;keen on sth. 热衷于某事物,喜爱某事;keen to do sth. 喜欢做某事15. It will spice up the party if you dance a solo dance.你跳个独舞会给聚会添。还能这样说:Your solo dance will add to the brightness of the party.Your solo will make a good addition to the party.应用:spice sth. with sth. 用香料给某物调味16. Now let us sing and dance and be merry.现在让我们高高兴兴地唱歌跳舞吧。还能这样说:Let us enjoy singing and dancing.Lets sing and dance happily.应用:make merry 欢宴作乐,庆祝,行乐;merriment 欢乐,欢笑;merry-maker 寻欢作乐者;make merry over 嘲弄17. Hes a good dancer.他的舞跳得很好。还能这样说:He does well in dancing.He dances very well. /201310/261413。

13. What do they come to?一共多少钱?还能这样说:How much do I owe you?How much altogether?应用:come forward 自告奋勇;站出来;come to life 苏醒过来;活跃起来;come in handy 迟早有用14. Which kind of postcards do you like?你喜欢哪种明信片?还能这样说:What sort of postcards do you prefer?Which kind of postcards are you fond of?应用:of a kind 很相似的;同一类的;be kind to 对……慈爱,对……厚道15. You can get what you like.你挑喜欢的拿。还能这样说:You can choose what you are interested in.You may pick what you like.谚语:He who plays with fire gets burned.玩火者必自焚。16. That comes to 15 Yuan.一共15元。还能这样说:These cost you 15 Yuan.The total amount is 15 Yuan.应用:supposing that 假使;on condition that 假如,若是;at that time 那时,当时17. These postcards are specially designed for New Year.这些明信片是专门为新年设计的。还能这样说:These are postcards especially for New Year.These postcards are designed solely for the New Year.应用:special delivery 专递;special school 特殊学校;special pleading 诡辩法 /201307/246972。

Rosie: Hi. Youre listening to The English We Speak. Im Rosie and today Li is with me.罗西:大家好。您正在收听的是我们所说的英语。我是罗西,今天和我一起的是李。Li: Hello!李:大家好!Rosie: And today were going to be talking about... Er... Li, what are we talking about again?罗西:今天我们我们将要讨论...额...李,我们要说什么来着?Li: I dont know, youre the one presenting the programme.李:我不知道,你是要录节目的人。Rosie: I know, but my minds just gone blank.罗西:我知道,但我的大脑一片空白。Li: Your mind has gone what?李:你的大脑怎么了?Rosie: My minds gone blank - which means its completely empty, like a blank piece of paper.罗西:我的大脑一片空白——意思是它完全空了,像一张白纸一样。Li: Oh dear, completely empty? Right, lets start with something basic then. Do you remember what your name is?李:哦亲爱的,完全空白?好吧,那我们开始一些基础的吧。你记得你的名字是什么吗?Rosie: Of course I remember what my name is! When you say your mind has gone blank, it means youve forgotten what you were going to say.罗西:我当然记得我的名字了!当你说你的大脑一片空白,意思是你忘记了你想要说的话。Li: Oh, I see. So in this case you completely forgot what you were supposed to be talking about in this programme?李:哦,我知道了。所以在这种情况下你完全忘记了你要在节目里说的话?Rosie: Exactly! Do you remember it happened to me when I had to give that presentation...罗西:正式!你记得我做演讲的时候发生的事吗?Rosies boss: Right, now Rosie is going to talk a bit about the project and its aims.罗西的老板:好的,现在罗西将要说一下这个项目和目标。Rosie: Yes. Well... Erm... Erm... Sorry, my minds just gone completely blank.罗西:是的。那么,嗯,嗯。不好意思,我的大脑一片空白。Li: Well, dont worry. It happens to the best of us. I was in an interview once and I couldnt think of an answer to a very simple question...李:不要担心。我们也会出现这种情况。我曾经有次面试,我想不起来一个特别简单的问题的了。Interviewer: So Li, can you tell us a bit about yourself?面试官:那么李,你可以再告诉我们一些关于你的事吗?Li: Ah, yes... Theres so much to say, I dont know where to begin. Lets see... Sorry, my minds just gone blank.李:啊,是的。有太多要说的了,我不知道从哪开始。让我们看看...抱歉,我的大脑一片空白。Interviewer: Right, I see.面试官:好吧,我知道了。Rosie: Ha! And did you get the job?罗西:哈!那你得到这个工作了吗?Li: Yes, I did! I was really surprised after my mind went blank like that in the interview. I suppose I was the best candidate. I do have a lot of experience and they must have really liked me as a person...李:是的,我得到了!我面试的时候大脑空白了以后还能得到工作真的很惊讶。我猜我是最好的应聘者。我的确有很多经历而且他们一定对我这个人很喜欢。Rosie: Ah! Ive just remembered what we were supposed to be talking about today! We were going to discuss...罗西:啊!我记得我们本应该说今天的事的!我们要讨论...Li: Sorry Rosie, but its a bit too late now. Next time, perhaps? If your mind doesnt go blank, that is.李:对不起罗西,但是现在太晚了。下一次,或许?如果你的大脑没有空白的话。Rosie: It wont. Thank you Li.罗西:它不会的。谢谢你李。Li: Join us again for another edition of The English We Speak and visit our website... That is the... Oh, whats the web address again? My mind has gone blank...李:加入我们来获取其他版本的我们所说的英语然后访问我们的网站...名称是...哦,网站名称是什么?我的大脑一片空白。Rosie: Its bbclearningenglish.com. Bye!罗西:是bbclearningenglish.com。再见!Li: Bye.李:再见。 /201402/277551。

1. The sonner, the better.越快越好。 /201305/242055。