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Michael: I have some qualms about how wersquo;re handling these s.如何处理这些帐户我有一些疑虑Leona: What do you mean?你是什么意思?Michael: There are strict regulations governing what we can and cannot do, and I think wersquo;re violating those regulations.有严格的规章制度监管我们可以做什么和不能做什么,我认为我们违反了这些规定Leona: Listen, itrsquo;s a matter of interpretation. Wersquo;re not flouting any regulations. Wersquo;re just not following the letter of the law.听着,这是问题的解释我们不能无视任何法规我们只是没有依法行事Michael: I, one, think that wersquo;ve crossed the line. Irsquo;m not against some creative ing, but what wersquo;re doing is bordering on criminal.一放卖弄,我认为我们已经越线了我并不反对做一些有创意的账单,但我们正在做的是在犯罪Leona: Arenrsquo;t you blowing things out of proportion? The government makes laws knowing that people are going to try to get around them. There are always loopholes and thatrsquo;s why they turn a blind eye to most of these types of activities. As long as we comply with most of the regulations, wersquo;re not going to get into any hot water.难道你不是在歪曲事实吗?制定法律的政府知道人们会回避法律总有一些漏洞这就是为什么政府对大多数这些类型的活动视而不见只要我们遵守大多数法规,我们不会搅进浑水的Michael: I appreciate your confidence, but I donrsquo;t share it. I think wersquo;re in some major problems if we donrsquo;t change the way we do business.我很欣赏你的自信,但我不同意我认为如果我们不改变我们做生意的方式,我们免不了会遭受严重的问题Leona: Come on, letrsquo;s go get some coffee and see what we can do about that overactive conscience of yours.得了,我们去买一些咖啡,对你过度活跃的良心,看看我们能做些什么follow the letter of the law 依法行事cross the line 越线了,违反规定或章程blow things out of proportion 歪曲事实get around 回避turn a blind eye 对...视而不见in 免不了遭受 633。

  • The other two, slight air and purging fire,还有两种元素,净火与轻风,Are both with thee, wherever I abide;不论我栖身何处总伴随你的行踪;The first my thought, the other my desire,风是我的思想,火是我的欲望,These present-absent with swift motion slide.它们神出鬼没,来去何匆匆 when these quicker elements are gone这两个轻快的元素一旦他往,In tender embassy of love to thee,去为我向你传达爱的心衷,My life, being made of four, with two alone我的生命便奄奄待毙,愁心难整,Sinks down to death, oppressd with melancholy;不堪其中一对,因为它本由元素构成Until life composition be recured我的生命的结构要想复原,By those swift messengers returnd from thee,除非这两个轻灵的使者回还,Who even but now come back again, assured呵,它们现在就回来了,提到Of thy fair health, recounting it to me你的健康状况,切切传话报平安This told, I joy; but then no longer glad,我闻信不由大喜,可叹喜而不久,I send them back again and straight grow sad.再次送走它们后,我仍浓愁依旧 51。
  • Perhaps it only when we fully accept that we will die that we can fully accept how alive we are right now.Death brings perspective, then. It brings us back to life and it asks of me, how, now, will I live? A friend works at a hospice, and recently she cared a man who just had days left. They talked about his childhood, she tells me, and then she asked him what makes life good? She wrote down his words.It ;when we assume nothing,; he said, ;when we give more than we take, when we need less, when we smile often, when we dream big, when we laugh frequently, and when we find comt in knowing how blessed we are.How blessed we are. The poet Rilke said, ;Being here is so much.; And whether you believe death is the end or, like me, that it is only the beginning, life is surely not about the time we have left - days, weeks, years? - but about the time we have now.可能只有当我们全然接受人生必死的现实,才能意识到当下的人生是多么鲜活死亡让人省视,让人回归生命它诘问我要怎样生活有一个在收容所工作的朋友告诉我,最近她照顾过一个只有数天生命的人他们谈及了他的孩提时期,她问病人,是什么让生命美好?原话如下:“当我们不理所当然,当我们给予多过索取,当我们少欲少求,当我们常常微笑,当我们梦想远大,当我们时时开怀,当我们意识到人生多么宝贵而身心愉悦”人生多么宝贵诗人Rilke说,“活着,幸甚至哉” 不管你认为死亡是终结,或者像我一样,认为死亡是开始,生命显然不在于我们还能活多久——几天,几周,几年?——而在于我们活着的当下这一刻 39557。
  • 1.Where dost thou stand behind them all, my lover, hiding thyself in the shadows?1.我的情人,你站在大家背后,藏在何处的阴影中呢?They push thee and pass thee by on the dusty road, taking thee naught.在尘土飞扬的道上,他们把你推开走过、没有理睬你I wait here weary hours sping my offerings thee, while passers-by come and take my flowers, one by one, and my basket is nearly empty.在乏倦的时间,我摆开礼品来等候你,过路的人把我的香花一朵一朵地拿去,我的花篮几乎空了The morning time is past, and the noon.清晨,中午都过去了In the shade of evening my eyes are drowsy with sleep.暮色中,我倦眼蒙胧Men going home glance at me and smile and fill me with shame.回家的人们瞟着我微笑,使我满心羞惭I sit like a beggar maid, drawing my skirt over my face, and when they ask me, what it is I want, I drop my eyes and answer them not.我像女丐一般地坐着,拉起裙儿盖上脸,当他们问我要什么的时候,我垂目没有答应Oh, how, indeed, could I tell them that thee I wait, and that thou hast promised to come.呵,真的,我怎能告诉他们说我是在等候你,而且你也应许说你一定会来How could I utter shame that I keep my dowry this poverty.我又怎能抱愧地说我的妆奁就是贫穷Ah, I hug this pride in the secret of my heart.呵,我在我心的微隐处紧抱着这一段骄荣I sit on the grass and gaze upon the sky and dream of the sudden splendour of thy coming我坐在草地上凝望天空,梦想着你来临时候那忽然炫耀的豪华---all the lights ablaze, golden pennons flying over thy car, and they at the roadside standing agape,--万交辉,车辇上金旗飞扬,在道旁众目睽睽之下,when they see thee come down from thy seat to raise me from the dust,你从车座下降,把我从尘埃中扶起坐立你的旁边,and set at thy side this ragged beggar girl a-tremble with shame and pride, like a creeper in a summer breeze.这褴褛的丐女,含羞带喜,像蔓藤在暴风中颤摇But time glides on and still no sound of the wheels of thy chariot.但是时间流过了,还听不见你的车辇的轮声Many a procession passes by with noise and shouts and glamour of glory.许多仪仗队伍都在光喧闹中走过了Is it only thou who wouldst stand in the shadow silent and behind them all?你只要静默地站在他们背后吗?And only I who would wait and weep and wear out my heart in vain longing?我只能哭泣着等待,把我的心折磨在空虚的伫望之中吗? 5。
  • 61. Tea shop,茶馆;茶馆英语也可说成teahouse. gradation,等级,层次在片段中主持人还说到了grade,grade在片段中同样表示等级There are many gradations between good and bad.在好与坏之间还有许多不同的层次3. inexpensive,花费不多的,价钱低廉的inexpensive shoes价钱不贵的鞋子 357。
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