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Street musician James Bowen busks with cat Bob in Covent Garden in London March , . Bowen has written a book named ;A Street Cat Named Bob; about the experiences of the then homeless pair and how they met.这是伦敦街头艺人James Bowen和他的爱猫BobJames已将他与Bob的相识相知写成书,名为《街头流浪猫Bob内容来自: 57

  Some of the great teachers of China appear to have had a similar view of the value of art to that held by Pope Gregory the Great. They thought of art as a means of reminding people of the great examples of virtue in the golden ages of the past.One of the earliest illustrated Chinese bookscrolls that have been preserved is a collection of great examples of virtuous ladies, written in the spirit of Confucius. It is said to go back to the painter Ku K'ai-chi, who lived in the fourth century AD. 中国有些伟大的贤哲对于艺术的价值观似乎跟罗马教皇格里高里所坚持的看法相似他们把艺术看成一种工具,用以提醒人们回忆过去黄金盛世的美德典范现存最早的中国画卷有一卷是根据儒家思想选编的贞妇淑女事迹;据说原本出自公元世纪的画家顾恺之的手笔 The illustration shows a husband unjustly accusing his wife, and it has all the dignity and grace we connect with Chinese art. It is as clear in its gestures and arrangement as one might expect from a picture which also aims at driving home a lesson. It shows, moreover, that the Chinese artist had mastered the difficult art of representing movement. There is nothing rigid in this early Chinese work, because the predilection undulating lines imparts a sense of movement to the whole picture. 本页面的附图,画着一个丈夫无端地责怪他的妻子,此画卷具有我们所称道的中国艺术的全部高贵和优雅之处画中的姿势和布置十分清楚,人们对一幅阐明事理的图画所可期待的能事已尽此外,它也表明当时的中国艺术家已经掌握了表现运动的复杂技艺这幅中国早期作品中丝毫没有生硬之处,因为画中特别喜欢使用起伏的线条,这就赋予了整个画面一种运动感 66770


  7.Catfish Have About 0,000 Taste Buds7.鲶鱼约有万个味蕾Humans have somewhere between ,000 and 8,000 taste buds, all concentrated on the little lump of flesh wiggling around your mouth. Catfish, on the other hand, have closer to 0,000 individual taste buds—all over their bodies. In a sense, a catfish is just a big swimming tongue. Each taste bud is about 50 nanometers (50 billionths of a meter, or billionths of a foot) wide, and the bigger the fish is, the more taste buds it has. Larger fish can have more than 5,000 taste buds dotted across their body.人类的味蕾一般有00-8000个,全部集中在嘴里那一小块灵活的肌肉上然而,鲶鱼有近0000个单独的味蕾——遍布全身某种程度而言,一条鲶鱼就是一条游动的舌头每个味蕾约有50纳米(亿分之50米,或说亿分之英尺)宽,而且鱼越大,味蕾越多比较大的鱼全身能有5000多个味蕾Why would an animal—especially one that lives in the mud at the bottom of murky ponds—need such a strong sense of taste? They use it to hunt. Visibility becomes more limited the deeper you go, so a bottom dweller like the catfish, sight isnt always helpful. With their taste buds, catfish can ;taste; prey meters away, like a wolf catching a scent. And with so many buds all over their body, they can essentially triangulate the prey location based on how strongly the taste hits certain body parts. Most of the taste buds are clustered around the e region of the catfish so it can home in on the prey once it angled in the right direction.为什么动物——尤其是住在昏暗池底的淤泥里的动物——需要这么强大的嗅觉功能?它们用来捕食越往深处,视觉越受到限制,所以对像鲶鱼这类住在池底的居民而言,视觉没那么有用鲶鱼能用味蕾;尝到;几米之外的猎物,就像狼捕捉到一股气味它们全身这么多味蕾,实际上是运用三角定位的方法,凭借身体各个部位嗅到气味的强度不同,确定猎物的位置大部分味蕾聚集在鲶鱼身体前部,所以只要找对了方向,它们就能直接抓住猎物Catfish still use their eyes, but researchers have found that the taste buds are more important hunting than sight. Take away a catfish eyes and it will still find food. Take away its taste buds, however, and it essentially blind.鲶鱼仍然会使用眼睛,但是研究人员发现,味蕾比视觉对捕猎更重要移除鲶鱼的眼睛之后,鲶鱼仍能找到食物但是移除了味蕾,它们就真的瞎了6.Dolphins Can See Through Animals6.海豚能看透动物Dolphins, as everybody knows, use sonar to navigate through the water, hunt, communicate, and do just about everything. Known as echolocation, dolphin sonar involves high frequency bursts of sound created by cing air through a network of tissues near their blowholes. A sac of fatty tissue below their jaws collects the rebounding sound waves and sends them through the dolphin inner ear, where the inmation is passed on to the brain, creating an ;acoustical holographic image,; or a picture of the ocean in front of them.人人都知道,海豚在水中使用声呐进行导航、捕食、交流等几乎所有的活动海豚的声呐在人们看来就是回声定位,其中包括高频声音——通过将空气压进喷水孔附近的身体组织网而发声它们颚下有一个由脂肪组织构成的囊,用来收集反射回来的声波并送至海豚内耳,然后这些信息再被传至大脑,构成;声学全息图像;,即呈现在海豚前面的海洋的画面The high frequency of the echolocation bursts—0–0 kHz—isnt well suited traveling long distances through the water, but its shorter wavelength is perfect penetrating soft objects. In other words, it travels through the soft bodies of other fish and dolphins and only reflects from the hard surfaces—bones and cartilage. In other (other) words, it functions like X-ray vision, allowing the dolphin to see into other animals. Based on dolphin behavior (especially in bottlenose dolphins), it believed that dolphins can peer into shark stomachs to see when theyre full, or to see when a female is pregnant. Dolphins have also been observed clicking along the seabed to spot hidden fish buried in up to 1 meter (3 ft) of sand.回声定位发射的高频声音——0-0赫兹——不适合在水中进行长距离传输,但是波长更短却很适合穿透柔软的物体换句话说,声波会透过其他鱼类和海豚柔软的身体,只有碰到诸如骨头和软骨等坚硬的表面才会反射回来也就是说,声波起着X射线成像的功能,让海豚能看见其他动物的内部结构根据海豚的行为(尤其是宽吻海豚的行为),人们认为海豚能看见鲨鱼的胃里是否装满了食物,或者雌海豚是否怀人们还观察到海豚沿着海床发出喀哒声,搜寻深藏在沙子下面深达1米(3英尺)的鱼类5.Swellsharks5.膨胀鲨Most sharks scare away predators simply by being, well, sharks. However, they do still have predators, and the smaller the shark species, the more predators there are. The swellshark is one of the smaller breeds, only growing to about 1 meter (3 ft) long, roughly the size of a small doberman. Swellsharks are bottom feeders, preferring to ambush crabs and unsuspecting cuttlefish over the risky thrill of chasing normal fish. An adventurous day means stealing lobsters from a lobster trap. And as far as defenses go, the swellshark is a master of disguise: When it threatened, it sucks water into sacs that curve around its belly, swelling up to twice its normal size.大部分鲨鱼能将进攻者吓跑,只因为它们是鲨鱼但是,它们仍然有天敌,而且体型越小,敌人越多膨胀鲨是小型鲨鱼之一,只能长到1米(3英尺)长,大概与小型多伯曼氏短尾差不多大膨胀鲨在海底觅食,喜欢伏击螃蟹和没有防备的乌贼,而不是冒着危险刺激地追赶普通的鱼儿充满冒险的一天意味着从龙虾陷阱里偷吃龙虾膨胀鲨为防御措施费尽心机,是化装高手:受到威胁时,它们会将海水吸入贴在腹部四周的囊中,身体就会膨胀为正常大小的两倍But then it does something even weirder—it bends its body into a crescent, grabs its tail in its mouth, and turns itself into a big, inflated ring. The result is something that just . . . hard to eat. And since swellsharks normally lurk in rocky crevices, the swelling effectively wedges them into their hiding spots. So even if a fish gets a hold of them, it wont be able to pull out anything larger than a mouthful. It often referred to as the most awkward shark in the world.但是它们还有更古怪的行为——它们将身体弯成新月形,用嘴衔住尾巴,把自己变成一个巨大的膨胀的环结果它们就变得……不容易被吃掉了它们通常潜伏在石头缝隙中,所以膨胀是实际上让它们卡在藏身地即使被一条鱼咬住了,它们顶多损失一块肉而不会被拉出去人们常常视它们为最神奇的鲨鱼.Pompeii Worms Have A Living Shield.庞贝虫有一块活盾牌;The hottest animal on the planet, but the most difficult to study,; is how the Pompeii worm, or Alvinella pompejana, has been described. Not only do these worms live ,500 meters (8,000 ft) below the ocean surface on volcanic vents that heat the surrounding water to 80 °C (6 °F), they also have an annoying tendency to die when brought to the surface. a long time, Pompeii worms were believed to be the most heat-tolerant animals on the planet. They grow to about centimeters (5 in) long and live in tubes attached directly to the sides of ;black smokers,; smoke-belching exhaust vents on the floor of the East Pacific Rise.;地球上温度最高,但又是最难研究的;就是如何描述庞贝虫,即;Alvinella pompejana;不仅因为这些虫住在海下500米(8000英尺)的火山口里,四周水温高达80°C(6°F),还因为它们离开水面就会死亡,这很难办长期以来,人们认为庞贝虫是地球上最能耐热的动物它们能长到厘米(5英寸)长,住在;冒黑烟的;斜边上的隧道里——东太平洋高地地面已经排完烟雾的火山口However, their claim to fame has been called into question. Using pressurized capsules, researchers managed to bring a few of the worms up to a lab and found that after minutes of exposure to temperatures of 50 °C ( °F), the worms died and their tissues hardened like a boiled egg—they were cooked. But the fact remained that Pompeii worms did indeed live in these temperatures, so they took a closer look and found that a layer of bacteria normally lived around the worms. They had a living shield that absorbed part of the heat from the scalding water like a fireman blanket. In return, the worms were producing a mucous layer that fed the bacteria—a perfect symbiosis.但是,它们要出名还有一些问题要解决研究人员用高压仓将一些虫子带进了实验室,发现它们暴露在50°C(°F)的水里分钟就死了,它们的组织硬得像煮熟的鸡蛋——它们被煮了但事实是,庞贝虫就活在这样高温的海水里,所以他们进行了更仔细的研究,结果发现虫子体外一般覆盖着一层细菌它们便有了一层活的铠甲,像消防员的毯子那样,吸收了热水的一部分热量作为回报,虫子产生一层粘液养活细菌——完美的共生翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 3866

  据英国《每日邮报月日报道,印度一名叫锡安纳的男子有39个老婆,9个孩子,个儿媳以及33个孙子,他们一起生活在一栋拥有0个房间的四层大房子!是不是很匪夷所思呢?那哪是一个小家庭,完全就是一个大家族了! If you've ever worried about having enough room a growing brood, spare a thought Ziona Chana. He has 39 wives, 9 children, daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren living under the same roof. Home is a 0-room, four-storey house set in the hills of the village of Baktawng in the Indian state of Mizoram. Even then, some of his wives sleep top-to-tail in communal dormitories. But Ziona doesn't appear fazed by the size of his apparently happy family—and doesn't claim any benefits their upkeep. "I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the world's largest family." The family is organised with almost military discipline, with the oldest wife Zathiangi, 69, drawing up schedules her fellow partners to take turns perming household chores such as cleaning, washing and preparing meals. One evening meal can see them pluck 30 chickens, peel lb of potatoes and boil up to lb of rice. The compound has its own school, a playground, carpentry workshops, piggery and poultry farms and a vegetable garden big enough to supply the whole family. Ziona is also head of a sect that allows members to take as many wives as he wants. He even married ten women in one year, when he was at his most prolific, and enjoys his own double bed while his wives have to make do with sharing. He keeps the youngest women near to his bedroom with the older members of the family sleeping further away—and there is a rotation system who visits Ziona's bedroom. And Ziona, whose polygamous religious sect has ,000 members, says he has not stopped looking new wives. "To expand my sect, I am willing to go even to the US to marry", he said. One of his sons insisted that Ziona, whose grandfather also had many wives, marries the poor women from the village so he can look after them. 如果你曾为孩子渐渐长大没有足够的房间而担忧,那么想想锡安纳吧 他有39个老婆,9个孩子,个儿媳以及33个孙子,这么多人生活在同一屋檐下 他的家是一栋拥有0个房间的四层大房子,坐落在印度米佐拉姆邦巴克道恩村的小山中即便这样,锡安纳的一些老婆还是打对头地睡在公用的宿舍里 但是锡安纳并没有因为他幸福大家庭的这种规模而表现出任何狼狈之态——也没有以供养家庭为由提出任何利益上的要求 “我觉得自己是个很幸运的人,能成为39个女人的丈夫,并且是世界上最大的家庭的一家之主” 这个大家庭实行的几乎是军事化的管理,锡安纳最年长的妻子萨席安吉现年69岁,她负责为太太们制定日程表,安排大家轮流做家务,比如清扫、洗衣和做饭 这家人一顿晚饭要消耗掉30只鸡、磅土豆和磅大米 他们拥有自己的学校、游乐场、木工工场和畜牧场,还有一个很大的菜园,足以让这一大家人自给自足 锡安纳还是印度一个教派(查那教)的领袖,这一教派正如他所希望的那样,允许教徒迎娶多个妻子 他最高纪录甚至曾在一年内娶了十个老婆,在家里他自己独享一张双人大床,他的妻子们则必须几人同宿 锡安纳总是把最年轻的妻子安顿在离自己卧室较近的房间,年长的则住得比较远——而且每天由谁进入主卧和他同宿,都有固定的轮换制度 锡安纳,这个拥有000名教众的多妻制教派的领袖,似乎并不打算停止寻找新的伴侣 “为了发扬教派,我还想去美国娶妻”,他说 锡安纳的一个儿子坚称,他的父亲迎娶村子里贫困的女人其实是为了能更好地照顾她们锡安纳的爷爷也娶了很多老婆 859The biggest surprise in the opening episode of the final season of “Downton Abbey” wasn’t about “Downton” at all; it was — ohmygod, there’s Wickham! Wickham, you old scoundrel, is that really you? And has it really been years?《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)最后一季第一集最大的惊喜完全与唐顿庄园无关,而是——天哪,那是威克姆(Wickham)!威克姆,你个老流氓,真的是你吗?真的已经过了年?It was years ago this month, as it happens, that the television costume drama genre hit its high-water mark (muddy hems and all) with the broadcast of “Pride and Prejudice,” a co-production of the B and Aamp;E starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet. Adrian Lukis played the cad Wickham, and he showed up in last Sunday’s episode of “Downton Abbey” as a neighbor of the Crawleys ced to sell the ancestral pile.正好就是年前的这个月,随着《傲慢与偏见(Pride and Prejudice)播出,电视剧里的古装戏类型达到了新高度(沾满泥巴的裙摆等等)这部电视剧由B和Aamp;E联合制作,由科林·费斯(Colin Firth)饰演达西先生(Darcy),詹妮弗·埃尔(Jennifer Ehle)饰演伊丽莎白·班内特(Elizabeth Bennet)阿德里安·卢基斯(Adrian Lukis)饰演无赖威克姆上周日(1月3日),他在《唐顿庄园中亮相,饰演克劳利一家的一位被迫卖掉祖产的邻居Enough about Downton. Let’s talk about Pemberley (Darcy’s Downton-like home). There are few universally acknowledged truths, but on this anniversary, Friday File revisits the show that gave birth to a Jane Austen cottage industry big enough to include faithful adaptations of the Austen oeuvre, sculptures of Mr. Firth and zombie Janes. The mystery novel “Death Comes to Pemberley,” a sequel by P. D. James, featured Matthew Goode as Wickham in the television adaptation. Mr. Goode, it is noted, will also feature in this “Downton” season. We know this because, like “Pride and Prejudice,” “Downton” went bee British eyes first.不说唐顿庄园了咱们说说彭伯利庄园吧(Pemberley,达西的宅邸,与唐顿庄园相仿)关于彭伯利庄园,几乎没有什么公认的事实,但是在此周年纪念之际,Friday File栏目组重温了那部电视剧它衍生出一个庞大的简·奥斯汀产业,包括对奥斯汀全部作品的忠诚改编,费思和僵尸简的雕像P·D·詹姆斯(P. D. James)续写的悬疑小说《彭伯利谋杀案(Death Comes to Pemberley)后来也改编成电视剧,剧中的威克姆由马修·古德(Matthew Goode)饰演据说,古德也将出现在这一季《唐顿庄园中我们知道他也会亮相是因为,和《傲慢与偏见一样,《唐顿庄园也是先在英国播出Writing in The New York Times on Jan. , 1996, the television critic John J. O’Connor, noting that “Pamp;P” had set ratings records in England, called it “a splendid adaptation, with a remarkably faithful and sensitively nuanced script by Andrew Davies.”1996年1月日,电视家约翰·J·奥康纳(John J. O’Connor)在《纽约时报上指出,《傲慢与偏见在英国创下收视率新高,称它为“精的改编”,说“安德鲁·戴维斯(Andrew Davies)的剧本非常忠于原著,细腻而微妙”In the ed States, it was broadcast over three nights on Aamp;E, and Mr. O’Connor quibbled only about the pacing:这部电视剧在美国的Aamp;E频道分三个晚上播出奥康纳对它的唯一不满是节奏有点慢“Scattered portions of this handsome production might seem a bit slow American viewers (British imports are often snipped and speeded up consumption here),” he wrote. “There are perhaps too many languorous walks across the meadows, and one or two ornately choreographed dances seem to go on ever.”他写道:“对美国观众来说,这部制作精良的电视剧有点散乱,节奏有点慢(从英国引进的电视剧通常会进行剪辑,加快节奏,以适应美国观众的习惯)在草地上悠闲漫步的画面太多了,有一两出编排华丽的舞蹈场景似乎没完没了”It turns out that American viewers not only didn’t mind the languor, but the old VCR also got a workout. “Pamp;P” became a phenomenon. Peter M. Nichols, writing in The Times in 1997, said that the Aamp;E mini-series “had viewers vying quickly depleted supplies of s after it played on television early last year.”谁料想,美国观众完全不介意悠闲漫步,原版录影带都卖脱销了《傲慢与偏见成为一个现象1997年,彼得·M·尼科尔斯(Peter M. Nichols)在《纽约时报上写道,“去年年初”,Aamp;E的这部迷你剧“在电视上播出之后”,“观众们抢购录影带,很快脱销”He concluded, “So powerful is the hold of the two-cassette ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ which has sold some 0,000 copies, that it is only half-jokingly reputed to have jeopardized jobs and strained personal relationships.”最后他说:“两盒装的《傲慢与偏见录影带非常抢手,共卖出约万套半开玩笑地说,有些人因为录影带丢了工作,搞僵了私人关系”Writing in The Times earlier that year, the book critic Christopher Lehmann-Haupt nearly placed the mini-series above the novel.那年年初,书评家克里斯托弗·莱曼-豪普特(Christopher Lehmann-Haupt)在《纽约时报上对这部迷你剧的评价几乎高于这部小说“Plenty of bad movies have been made of good books, and a fair number of good movies have come from bad books. But a great movie of a great book?”“有很多根据好书改编的烂电影,也有不少根据烂书改编的好电影但是你见过根据一本很棒的书改编的很棒的电影吗?”He had missed the production on TV, “but when a friend lent me the tapes,” he wrote, “I did not get free until I had watched the entire five-hour production three or four times.”他写道,这部迷你剧在电视上播出时,他错过了,“但是一位朋友把录影带借给我后,我把五小时长的电视剧全部看了三四遍才罢休”Then he experimented. “Best of all was the way the film spurred me to the book again after 0 years and to re-experience as literature the wayward romances.”然后他开始进行试验,想看看书和电视剧哪个更棒“最棒的是,那部电影激励我在0年后重读那本书,重新体验文学的肆意浪漫”He was surprised to find that “the book proved somewhat disappointing at first. As the friend who lent me the tapes rightly put it when I asked him how the book compared with the film, ‘It makes you fear literature.’他意外地发现,“一开始,那本书有点令人失望我的感觉跟借给我录影带的那位朋友一样借录影带时我问他小说和电影哪个更好,他回答说,‘它让你开始担心文学的前途’”“ ‘Oh! Shocking!’ as Miss Bingley would say. To admit that the literalness of film might surpass the stimulus to the imagination of Austen’s language. ’Abominable!’ ”“如果承认电影的生动具体可能超越奥斯汀语言的想象力所带来的兴奋,那么人们的反应可能会像宾利(Miss Bingley)那样:‘哦,太可怕了!真讨厌!’”But there was love both. “By the end, I’m relieved to report the book’s richness overtakes the film’s,” he wrote.不过,书和电影都有人爱他写道:“最后,我欣慰地发现,书的丰富性超越了电影”Still, “this er will never again be able to open the pages of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ without picturing the actors in this ungettable television production.”不过,“作为读者,我一翻开《傲慢与偏见,脑海中就会浮现出这部令人难忘的电视剧中的演员形象” 035The Scottish border town of Gretna Green has an influx of visitors, and not just the human kind.It seems locals and tourists alike just can't get enough of watching millions of starlings converge on the sky on sunset as the birds search a safe place to roost.Hundreds of spectators have been treated to the amazing sunset display, which has left them mesmerised by the huge flock's sweeping aerial acrobatics.Dozens of people watch in awe as millions of starlings return to roost at dusk near the Scottish border town of Gretna GreenDrivers on the A7M, the main motorway between England and Scotland, have been stopping in their droves to witness the sight.But the shear mass of birds is causing a distraction to commuters and truck drivers who are urged to take extra care when pulling over and parking to watch the display.And while it may look like the birds are on a kamikazi mission, the logic behind their aerial acrobatics makes much more sense.Every winter, the birds take to the skies after a long day spent feeding in nearby reed beds.As they take flight during the last minutes of daylight, the starlings fly quick and fast in a bid to confuse waiting predators such as sparrowhawks and buzzards. The swirl of starlings was clearly visible in the early evening skyThe sheer number of starlings appears to turn the sky blackThe tiny birds must converge, fly and squawk, in an attempt to confuse their predators, reaching speeds of more than mph, with few if any crashes.Scientists say the secret behind their amazing spatial awareness is that each starling tracks seven other birds enabling the group's cohesion.The naturally occurring event is a spectacle which takes place only during the winter months.A farmhouse can just be seen in the distanceThe spectacular winter sight has mesmerised nature loversStarling numbers have halved in the last 5 years and they are now red-listed as an endangered species.Experts say the starlings are a mix of British and European birds and will leave Russia in February and March.Nature lover Jon Tait, , said: 'It's amazing to see the natural world like this. The shapes and movements they make are beautiful - Hollywood special effects couldn't make it more breathtaking.'Whenever I get the train I have to dive undercover at the station when they come because they leave a bit of a mess, but it's worth it to see them in the sky. The starlings put on a permance every night as they come to roost in the area bee leaving Russia苏格兰边境小镇格里特纳格林迎来大批“访客”,只不过它们不是人类数百万只星椋鸟聚集在格里特纳格林镇的上空,寻找安全的栖息之地,在夕阳西下的映衬下显得格外显眼,令当地人和游客们目不暇接数百名观众目睹了这一黄昏奇景,大群星椋鸟变戏法的奇特飞行让他们看呆了为了观看这一绝美景观,驾车行驶在英格兰和苏格兰之间的A7M主路上的人们不由地停下来但是,雾般的这些鸟儿也给上班族和卡车司机带来麻烦,他们被要求停靠路边格外小心这些鸟儿看起来象在执行“神风”任务,它们的飞行逻辑使得队形妙不可言每年冬天,星椋鸟会在附近的芦苇荡中觅食,一天活动之后,它们就会飞上天空结伴飞行在夕阳的余晖中,在领头鸟的带领下快速而聚集飞行,以迷惑食雀鹰和秃鹰之类伺机等候的捕食者为了迷惑它们的天敌,这些小鸟一定是聚集一起,盘旋飞行,并发出叫声它们的飞行速度超过每小时英里,而且,很少发生碰撞科学家称,星椋鸟令人惊讶的空间意识的秘密是为了保聚集一起,每只鸟跟踪另外7只鸟这种自然奇观只发生在冬天的几个月内 80

  People who are too happy die younger than their more downbeat peers, claims new research新研究称,太快乐的人比悲观的同龄人死得早A study which followed children from the 19s to old age showed that people who were rated highly cheerful by teachers at school died younger than their more reserved classmates一项跟踪调查世纪年代的小孩的研究显示,那些在学校被老师评价为“非常开朗”的人比其他较内向的同学死得更早This was because people who were too happy were more likely to suffer from mental disorders such as bipolar, making them less fearful and more likely to take risks that increase the chance of having a fatal accident这是因为太快乐的人更可能遭受两极情感障碍等精神疾病的困扰,他们比较不容易恐惧或担心,更爱去冒险,因而发生致命意外事故的几率也增加了Being too cheerful - especially at inappropriate times - can also rouse anger in others, increasing the risk of a person coming to harm一个人如果表现得太开心——特别是在不合时宜的时候——还会激怒他人,从而增加被伤害的风险Researchers from a variety of universities worldwide also discovered that trying too hard to be happy often ended up leaving people feeling more depressed than bee, as putting an eft into improving their mood often left people feeling cheated来自世界范围内多所大学的研究人员还发现,通常情况下,一个人如果过于努力地想使自己快乐起来,结果反而会感觉更郁闷因为努力改善情绪的结果经常会让人有受骗的感觉And magazine s offering tips on how to be happy were also blamed worsening depression研究人员还认为那些介绍如何让人快乐的杂志文章也会让人更加抑郁One study saw participants asked to an offering ways to improve your mood, and follow one of the tips to see how effective it was一项研究让参与者阅读一篇关于如何改善情绪,然后让他们遵从其中一条建议,看这种建议的效果如何Participants then took the advice offered - such as watching an upbeat film - often concentrated too hard on trying to improve their mood rather than letting it lift naturally于是参与者采纳了文中的建议,比如去看一场欢快的电影,结果参与者往往过于集中注意力去改善情绪,而不是让自己的心情自然地好起来This meant that by the time the film had ended, they often felt angry and cheated by the advice given, putting them in a far worse mood than when they had started watching这意味着,在电影结束时,他们大多会因听取建议而感到愤怒,而且会有受骗的感觉这让他们的心情比看电影前更糟了However, results of the study, published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, revealed that the key to true happiness was much more simple: meaningful relationships with friends and family members然而,这一发表在《心理科学展望杂志上的研究揭示,通往真正幸福的秘诀要简单得多:就是和朋友、家人建立深厚的关系Study co-author Professor June Gruber, from the department of psychology at Yale University in the ed States, said of people who actively tried to be happy: When youre doing it with the motivation or expectation that these things ought to make you happy, that can lead to disappointment and decreased happiness该研究报告的作者之一朱恩#86;格鲁伯告诉那些努力想使自己快乐起来的人说:“当你期待你所做的事让自己快乐起来时,结果会让你失望,并让你更不开心”格鲁伯是美国耶鲁大学心理学系的教授The strongest predictor of happiness is not money, or external recognition through success or fame. It having meaningful social relationships.“决定幸福与否最有力的因素不是金钱,也不是成功或名气带来的外界的认可获得幸福的关键是拥有有意义的社会关系”She added: That means the best way to increase your happiness is to stop worrying about being happy and instead divert your energy to nurturing the social bonds you have with other people.她说道:“这意味着让自己更快乐的最佳方法就是不再为是否快乐而烦恼,转而将精力投入到增强和他人的社会纽带上” 0187【编辑语】你平时是通过什么样的锻炼方式保持身体健康的?只是去健身房做做运动流流汗水吗?不要只停留在跑步机上,来看看《卫报推荐的年十大在英国和国外的锻炼的好地方吧!咱们去徒步行走,去游泳,去跑步,去划独木舟,去骑自行车,去感受异国的美好风光!!今天,咱们就先来看看英国国内有什么好去处吧~Kayaking in the Hebrides在赫布里底群岛(英国苏格兰西部)划独木舟A few days kayaking around stunning Hebridean islands will do more your muscles ; and your soul ; than a couple of weeks on a rowing machine in a gym ever could. Award-winning adventure specialist Wilderness Scotland has extended its Scottish Sea Kayak Trail ; listed as one of National Geographic 50 Tours of a Lifetime in ; to explore the southern section between the sand-fringed isle of Gigha and Oban.比起你花几周的时间在健身室的划船机上锻炼,几天的豪华赫布里底群岛划独木舟之旅更能强化你的肌肉和心灵优秀的冒险专家团队Wilderness Scotland(野外苏格兰组织)把它的苏格兰海上独木舟之旅延伸到南部地区进行探险,还把它列入年国家地理杂志中《一生必定要去的50个旅行地方的地方之一 9




  Rumours are rife that Chinese actress Bai Baihe may be cheating on her husband, Chen Yufan.近日,有关中国女演员白百何出轨、背叛丈夫陈羽凡的传闻可谓甚嚣尘上As reported on Mingpao, speculations of an extra-marital affair sparked recently after the actress was spotted getting cozy with a young man during a trip to Thailand.据《明报报道,在白百何被抓拍到在一次泰国之旅中和一名年轻男子调情之后,一场婚外情引发的猜测于近日开始爆发In one photo, the two of them were even embracing each other like a couple of lovebirds. The man was later identified as a model named Zhang Aipeng.在一张照片中,这两人甚至像一对情侣一样拥抱在一起该男子随后被实为一位名叫张爱朋的模特However, rumours of a crack in her marriage with Chen have been going on so long. Previously, it was Chen who was rumoured to have cheated on Bai.不过,有关白百何与陈羽凡情感破裂的传闻已经持续很长时间了此前也曾有陈羽凡劈腿的传闻出现They have been married since . However, it is not commonly known that Bai Baihe is married… or that she married so young (at )!白百何与陈羽凡于年结婚但是当时并没有多少人知道白百何已经结婚了--也可能是因为她结婚实在太早了(岁)!They actually got married the year she graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. Their son, Chen Sheng Tong, was born two years later.事实上,在白百何刚从中戏毕业的那一年,他们二人就结婚了年之后,他们的儿子陈盛桐就出生了When they married, he was the more famous one. He was in a rock band called Yu Quan. After shooting to stardom in , Bai Baihe has been the bwinner.在两人结婚时,陈羽凡更加出名,因为他是羽泉组合的成员但是自年拍片成名之后,白百何就成为了收入更高的那个 50


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