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There are simple ways to practice ‘hygge’, the Danish lifestyle craze one of Collins English Dictionary’s words of the year, like ritualising the making of tea and brewing it in real china cups, 柯林斯英语词典年度热词之一修噶指的是最近备受推崇的丹麦人的生活方式。如果你也想修噶,有很多简单易行的方法,比如把泡茶变得有仪式感,用真正的瓷器来泡茶,and there are more dramatic but potentially exponentially rewarding ways, like buying a wood.但也有一些更疯狂而又益处多多的方式,比如买一片树林。Living in a city where shoebox apartment housing is astronomically expensive, 身居城市,房子是蜗居,还贵得离谱。the idea of owning your own woodland might sound an impossible dream, but it’s cheaper than you might expect.拥有自己的一片树林这个想法听上去可能不现实,不过比你想象中的要便宜得多。This charming five-acre broadleaf woodland, filled with bluebells and situated half an hour outside of Sheffield, costs £45,000. 这片迷人的阔叶林面积为五英亩,林间长满了风铃草,离城市谢菲尔德有半个小时车程的距离,售价4.5万英镑。This sunny bank of maturing oak in South Wales is on the market for £18,500.而南威尔士河岸的这片阳光充足的成熟橡树林市场价为1.85万英镑。Many buyers will have their eyes on the lots’ lucrative produce, of course, but many families are buying them in order to build Scandinavian log cabins, enjoy the wildlife, fish in nearby rivers and simply enjoy receding into nature.当然,许多人购买树林是为了获取林地上丰厚的产出物,不过也有很多家庭购买树林是为了在林子里修建斯堪的纳维亚风格的小木屋,欣赏野生动植物,在附近的河里钓鱼,单纯地享受归隐自然的乐趣。Residential building is not allowed without planning permission (which is very unlikely) 在树林里修建民居必须获得建筑许可,但得到建筑许可又十分困难。but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the spaces.不过还有很多其他方式来享受这片空间。Treehouse, art spaces, pagan ceremonies and natural burial sites are all potential uses with the correct permissions, 树屋、艺术空间、宗教仪式和自然墓地等都可以获得许可。Woods4Sale’s Ed Midmore tells me, Wildlife is one of the key things people cite when buying a wood - you can collect firewood, do crafts, forage.森林资产管理公司Woods4Sale的工作人员艾德.米德茂尔告诉我:人们购买森林时常常会提到野生动植物,对于他们来说这是很重要的一点。人们可以收集柴火、制作工艺品、觅食等。Jona Desselberger and family, from Cambridgeshire, purchased a 60-acre upland broadleaf and conifer woodland in West Wales out of a desire to get closer to nature.来自剑桥郡的乔纳.戴斯尔伯格及其家人购入了六十英亩的高地阔叶林和西威尔士的一片针叶林,就是为了与自然更亲近。We go up there with the kids and sometimes their friends and camp, he said. 他表示:我们会和孩子一起到这里扎营,有时候还有孩子们的小伙伴。It is fantastic to have so much of our own space and not to have to worry about anything, letting the kids run amok. 能拥有这么大的空间,把烦恼都抛在一边,孩子们还能尽情地玩耍,这种感觉棒极了!我定下了一条规则:禁止使用电器。I have one rule - ‘no electronics’ - and once we had arrived there were no complaints.只要我们身在树林,就不会有人抱怨。It is wonderful to get away from everything, sitting out listening to the trickling stream by the log burner with a good book. 远离一切,静坐着聆听溪水潺潺的声音,抱着一本好书在篝火旁阅读,真是美好啊!And the best thing is there is no phone signal!而且最棒的就是手机再也不会响了!Alan Desborough meanwhile purchased 1.3 acres of woodland in Cornwall in the hope of leaving a legacy for his grandchildren; 艾伦.德斯伯洛夫也购入了康沃尔郡一片1.3英亩的树林,想作为遗产留给孙子们。being able to get away from phones, electricity, running water and gadgets was a happy by-product. 远离手机、电、自来水和电子设备真是值得开心的事情,这是他们的意外收获。Alan and his wife have managed to source English bluebells and wild garlic in their wood which remind them of their youth.艾伦和妻子想办法在树林里找到了英格兰风铃草和野生蒜,这让他们想起了年轻的时候。Owners have reported that woodland upkeep is quite physical work, but good for the mind and body and yields a tangible result.树林的拥有者都表示,进行维护是很累人,但却有益身心健康,维护结果也能够感受到。One owner even used their space to set up a forest school, letting children climb trees and engage with the environment in a safe way. 甚至有人在树林里建立了森林学校,让孩子们爬树,以安全的方式与自然相处。All children should be exposed to rural environments to thrive, they noted.他们表示:所有的孩子都应该享受田园风光,这样才能茁壮成长。Buying a woodland is similar to buying a house, and though the owner cannot live there full time, staying in the wood for up to 28 days a year is permitted.买树林就像买房子一样,虽然拥有者不能一直住在树林里,但一年呆28天还是允许的。 /201611/480249This is the incredible moment dozens of motorists deserted their vehicles to dance in the middle of a highway during a major traffic jam.在一场大型交通拥堵中,一些司机扔下自己的交通工具在高速公路中央跳起了广场舞,这一幕真是令人难以置信。The dancers, mostly middle-aged women, have been stuck in the traffic congestion for six hours before their improvised performance, according to Chinese media.据中国媒体报道,跳舞的大部分是中年妇女,她们在即兴表演之前在交通拥堵中滞留了6个小时。The is believed to be filmed between November 13 and 14 and has been widely shared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.据悉,这段视频拍摄于11月13日至14日之间,已经在中国的社交媒体平台新浪微上得到了广泛分享。The traffic jam was reportedly caused by heavy smog as the entire northern China was blanketed by pollution over the weekend.报道称,严重的雾霾造成了此次交通拥堵,这一周中国整个北方都被污染笼罩着。However, the traffic jam didn#39;t stop enthusiastic travellers from enjoying themselves.然而,交通拥堵丝毫没有妨碍旅行者们玩乐的热情。A group of female motorists left their cars and started dancing in a small gap on the motorway, surrounded by large lorries and vans, Guancha.cn reported. Their energetic moves attracted many spectators who were also stuck at the congestion.据《观察者网》报道,一群女司机走下车来,开始在高速公路的小间隙内跳起了广场舞,她们周围都是大型卡车和货车。她们充满活力的举动吸引了很多滞留在此次交通堵塞中的旁观者。To carry out the public performance, the crowd formed straight lines and danced to a 1990s Cantonese pop song called #39;Queen#39;s Road East#39;.为了进行公开表演,她们排成了直线,随着20世纪90年代的粤语流行歌曲《皇后大道东》起舞。Since November 14, the has gone viral on the Chinese media, attracting thousands of comments.自11月14日之后,这段视频在中国的社交媒体上走红,获得了很多。 /201611/480719Some opt for a candlelit dinner as the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. Others, a romantic trip abroad.有些人将烛光晚餐作为求婚的完美地点。也有人选择在浪漫的异国旅行中求婚。But this amateur pilot took his proposal to new extremes - by using a pretend engine failure to pop the question to his terrified girlfriend, and secretly filming the whole experience.但是一名业余飞行员玩出了新花样,他一边假装引擎故障,一边向惊恐万分的女友求婚,并将整个过程秘密拍摄下来。Anthony Bordignon invited his girlfriend of two years, Katherine Wareham, to come on the plane ride with him - despite her visible misgivings.安东尼尔迪尼翁邀请交往两年的女友凯瑟琳韦勒姆一起搭乘飞机,尽管凯瑟琳明显有些顾虑。To make matters worse for the anxious flyer, her boyfriend decided to stage every flyer#39;s worst nightmare.让这位紧张的乘客更加不安的是,她的男朋友决定策划一场每个飞机乘客最怕遇到的噩梦。Minutes into the plane ride, Bordigon asks his girlfriend to hand over a checklist, telling her not to panic.飞机起飞数分钟后,尔迪尼翁让凯瑟琳将一份检查表递给他,并告诉她不要惊慌。But he does little to reassure her, adding: #39;I#39;m not getting any response on the controls here#39; and then warning her that they may even have to make an emergency landing in a field.但他没有给她一点安慰,还说:“我的操控没有任何反应”,他警告女友,他们可能要迫降在某地。When she finally realises its a marriage proposal she shouts: #39;I hate you!#39; - before bursting into tears and screaming.当凯瑟琳终于意识到这是一场求婚时,她大喊道:“我恨你”,随后开始大声哭叫。But he tells her to continue ing.但尔迪尼翁让她继续读下去。#39;Will the pilot in command love the passenger forever Check. Will you marry the pilot in command#39; she s, still sobbing.“你会永远爱这位开飞机的飞行员吗?请回答。你愿意嫁给他吗?”卡瑟琳边哭边读。Since the clip was uploaded earlier this year, it has clocked up over 1.5 million views.这段视频自今年早些时候被上传至网络后,点击量已经超过150万次。Several people have commented on how romantic the proposal was. Joe B wrote: #39;You made an old man smile very big... Thank you both!#39;有人称,这个求婚非常浪漫。乔B称:“你们让一个老年人哈哈大笑……谢谢你们!”But not everyone was convinced that Bordigon#39;s girlfriend appreciated the way he did it.但并不是所有人都认为尔迪尼翁的女朋友喜欢他的求婚方式。 /201706/514444

Face recognition technology is being rolled out at Beijing West Railway Station, offering a quicker option for passengers to get their tickets checked.近日,北京西站启用了人脸识别技术,为旅客验票提供了一种更为快捷的选择。The move comes after the successful implementation of the technology at Beijing Railway Station.这一举措是在北京站成功实施人脸识别技术后实行的。To reach the train stations, passengers simply need to insert their ticket, along with a second-generation ID card into a checking machine, and face the camera for a few seconds.旅客仅需将车票和二代身份一起插入检票机并面向摄像头几秒钟,即可进入火车站。As long as all the information matches, the gate will open, and passengers can then take their tickets and ID cards back. And away they go.如果所有信息均相符,闸门就会开启,随后旅客即可取回车票和身份离开。However, some problems still remain.不过目前尚存在一些问题。The old, red tickets without a magnetic strip, along with tickets for students, the disabled, soldiers and children cannot be used in the self-service machine.没有磁条的老式红色车票、学生票、残疾人票、军人票和儿童票均无法在这种自助机上使用。Passengers who are shorter than 1.2 meters or taller than 1.9 meters are also unable to use the system at present.目前,身高低于1.2米或超过1.9米的旅客也不能使用该系统。In addition, passengers also have to take off their hats, glasses or anything else that obscures their features and might prevent the ;scanning; their faces.此外,旅客还须摘掉帽子、眼镜或其他任何可能遮挡其面部特征和妨碍;刷脸;的物件。 /201612/482758

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