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青浦区提眉手术价格Adding to the madness of the 2016 US presidential election is American lawyer Andrew Basiago. He claims to have traveled through time nearly all his life, and is pretty sure that he’s going to become “either president or vice presidentbetween 2016 and 2028. Polling data is obviously of little use to this guy.2016年美国总统大选又添一丝波澜,美国律师安德鲁·帕西哥宣布将参加大选。他声称自己几乎一生都在进行时空旅行,并且非常确定自己将在2016年到2028年期间成为美国总统或副总统。对于这个家伙,民意测评显然不管用了。Basiago, a Washington-based attorney, first started talking about his experience with time travel in 2004, with Project Pegasus a top secret organisation studying the effects of time travel and teleportation on children. So between 1968 and 1972, when Basiago was a young boy of seven, he claims to have participated in several experiments that transported him through time, space, and even parallel universes. His mission, supposedly, was to provide the US President at the time with important information about past and future events.华盛顿律师帕西哥004年首次谈及其时空旅行经历和飞马计划。飞马计划是一个顶尖的秘密组织,专门研究时空旅行及儿童瞬间移动。帕西哥声称968972年期间,即自七岁起便开始参与多项试验,通过时间、空间、甚至是平行空间来进行远程传输。据称,他的任务便是向当时的美国总统提供过去及未来要事的重要信息。Now, Basiago is using the ‘knowledgegained over years of time travel to further his political ambitions he’s running for president this year as an independent candidate, and is fairly confident he’s going to win. “I have prior knowledge that not only will I run for president, but that during one of the elections which would have to be between 2016 and 2028, because I’m not running past that I’m either elected president or vice president,he explained, confidently.目前,帕西哥利用其多年时空旅行所知来助推其实现政治理想,他以独立候选人身份参与今年的美国总统大选,并且深信自己将取得成功。他极为自信地解释道:“时空旅行所知显示我不仅将竞选总统,而且将在2016年到2028年期间当选为一届美国总统或副总统,因为在那之后我就不会参与竞选了。”Basiago’s greatest qualification to hold office, of course, is his first-hand information of past and future events. Basiago claims to have gone back in time to 1863 and witnessed Abraham Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg. He’s also been to the future the year 2054 so he as an idea of the pitfalls that a president should be avoiding. Having traveled widely in time, Basiago has held conversations with President Bush, President Clinton, and President Obama decades before they were elected to office, notifying them in advance of their presidencies. More importantly, he has been to Mars in 1981, which makes for unrivaled experience in foreign relations.帕西哥有资格当选的最大杀手锏便是,掌握过去及未来要事的第一手资料。他声称,自己穿越到过去,亲眼见了亚伯拉罕·林肯总统1863年在葛底斯堡的演讲;他也曾穿越到未来,去到了2054年,因此他清楚总统应该避免的错误。帕西哥时空旅行经验丰富,在布什总统、克林顿总统、奥巴马总统当选之前便与之交谈,提前告知他们详情。更为重要的是,他曾981年抵达火星,因而在外交领域的经验无可比拟。But he’s had enough of all the secrecy now. In the all-new version of Project Pegasus that he’s leading himself, Basiago is campaigning for the US government to publicly disclose all the advances made in teleportation technology. He’s calling for truth, reform, and innovation, which would benefit humanity as a whole and make transportation across the Earth and beyond instantaneous as well as environment friendly.目前,他已经掌握了足够多的秘密。飞马计划的最新说法是,帕西哥正孤军奋战,发动美国政府公开其在远程传输技术方面取得的所有成就。他提倡真相、改革及革新,这些都将造福于整个人类社会,而且远程传输在进行瞬息跨地传物时并不会对环境造成伤害。Basiago has lashed out at President Obama in particular, accusing him of lying and betrayal. He claims that as a teenager, Obama served as a fellow ‘chrononauton the Mars mission in the 0s, but has disclosed nothing about it to the American public. Basiago calls this “literally lying, to deny the involvement of a set of Americans who put their lives at risk at a very young age, doing what their country asked of them.This, he believes, is telling of the “calculating, shallow opportunismof the nation’s current leadership.帕西哥痛斥美国总统奥巴马,指责其否认参与该计划。他声称,奥巴马十几岁时就曾乘时光机抵达火星执行任务,但其却未向美国公众披露此次计划。帕西哥称,“他否认参与数项实验,这完全就是在撒谎。这些实验参与者幼年时期便要冒生命危险,按美国政府要求来执行任务。”他表示,这些足以明美国当前领导人步步心机,眼光浅薄。Not wanting to keep things under wraps anymore, Basiago has offered a rudimentary explanation of teleportation technology himself. He claims that the devices they use have “quantum access capabilityand can be divided into two categories one that enables physical teleportation to the past or future, and another that creates a hologram to serve as a looking-glass into a specific time or place without actually being there. Physical teleportation, he claims, was developed using the papers left behind by Nikola Tesla, after his death in 1943. ‘Chronovision on the other hand, was invented by two Vatican musicologists and later passed on to the US government by Rome.帕西哥不愿再死守秘密,解释了远程传物的基本原理。他声称,时光机具备“量子接入能力”,可分为两部分,一部分能够进行过去或未来的物理远程传输,另一部分则是通过一个类似镜子的全息图景来进入到本就存在的特定时空。他表示,根据尼古拉·特斯943年去世后遗留下来的资料,物理远程传输得以实现。另外,“时光机”由两个梵蒂冈音乐学家发明,后经罗马传到美国政府手中。These technologies have apparently been around for a long time, but according to Basiago, US scientists advised the government to hide them from the public because they could potentially erase entire industries and jobs that are focused around existing transportation methods. But Basiago disagrees. “Knowing about these things will allow the public to understand and participate in the advancement of new technologies,he said.显然,这些技术由来已久,但据帕西哥所述,真相一旦公布,按现有的传输方法运作的所有产业和职位可能都将消亡,因此美国科学家建议政府对公众隐瞒此事。然而,帕西哥不同意此说法,他称,“公众了解这些便能够理解新技术革新并且参与其中”。So there you have it, if neither Hillary nor Trump seem like US President material to you, or if you simply always wanted to travel through time and space, Andrew Basiago is your man.你要知道,如果希拉里和特朗普都不是你的菜,又或者你只是想体验时空旅行,那么安德鲁·帕西哥就是你的最佳总统人选。来 /201605/444158金山区人民医院激光点痣多少钱 Courts in Tianjin Municipality last Wednesday sentenced 49 people to prison, including 24 company managers and staff members as well as 25 government officials found guilty of various crimes that led to the citys warehouse blasts, which killed at least 165 people and injured 798 on Aug 12, 2015.20152日,天津市一个仓库发生爆炸,造成至少165人遇难98人受伤。天津市法院于上周三作出判决9名嫌疑人被判入狱,其中包括涉案的24名企业责任人及员工和25名相关职务犯罪被告人。The suspects were tried by the Second Intermediate Peoples Court of Tianjin and nine other grassroots courts from last Monday to last Wednesday.天津市第二中级人民法院和9家基层法院是从上周一到上周三对天津仓库爆炸一案进行审理的。As the rulings were made Wednesday, all defendants agreed with the verdicts and expressed remorse.当日宣判后,所有被告人均表示认罪、悔罪。The court ruled that the blasts were an accident with extraordinary seriousness, with Ruihai Logistics bearing the main responsibility.法院裁定,这起爆炸事故属于特别重大事故,瑞海物流公司是造成事故发生的主体责任单位。Yu Xuewei, chairman of Ruihai Logistics, was convicted of illegal storage of hazardous materials, illegal business operations, causing incidents involving hazardous materials and bribery. He was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve and was ordered to pay a fine of 700,000 yuan.瑞海物流公司董事长于学伟构成非法储存危险物质罪、非法经营罪、危险物品肇事罪、行贿罪,被判处死刑缓期两年执行,并处罚金人民币70万元。The deputy chairman and general manager of Ruihai Logistics and three other employees of the company were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 15 years to life.瑞海物流公司副董事长、总经理及公司其他三名员工分别被判处无期徒刑到十五年有期徒刑不等的刑罚。Seven Ruihai Logistics staff members directly responsible for the incident were sentenced to between three and 10 years in prison.瑞海物流公司其他7名直接责任人员则分别被判处十年到三年有期徒刑不等的刑罚。Eleven people with Tianjin Zhongbin Haisheng, the company that provided Ruihai Logistics counterfeit safety reports were also jailed.天津中滨海盛公司犯提供虚假明文件罪1名涉案人员也被判入狱。Twenty five officials, including head of Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission Wu Dai, were sentenced to prison terms lasting from three to seven years for dereliction of duty, abuse of power, and accepting bribes.此外,天津市交通运输委员会主任武岱5名国家机关工作人员分别被以玩忽职守罪或滥用职权罪判处三年到七年不等的有期徒刑。来 /201611/479139虹口区激光治疗痤疮价格

上海黄浦区第九人民医院激光去痘多少钱 An American warship on Tuesday morning sailed close to Fiery Cross Reef, a contested feature in the South China Sea, in the latest US pushback against Chinese claims in the disputed maritime region.周二上午,一艘美国军舰驶至南中国海争议地物永暑礁(Fiery Cross Reef)附近。这是美国抵制中国对这一海上争议地区主权声索的最新举动。The Pentagon said the USS William P Lawrence had conducted a “routine freedom of navigation operationnear Fiery Cross, a feature in the Spratly island chain that is claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.五角大楼(Pentagon)称,美国海军“威#8226;P#8226;劳伦斯号USS William P Lawrence)导弹驱逐舰在永暑礁附近执行了一次“例行的航行自由行动”。永暑礁是斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly islands,中国称南沙群岛)中菲律宾、台湾和越南皆声索主权的一处地物。The reef is one of several features on which China has constructed runways as part of its effort to boost its ability to project military power in regional waters.中国已在永暑礁等几处地物上修建了飞机跑道,目的是提升对该地区海域投射军事力量的能力。“This operation challenged attempts by China, Taiwan, and Vietnam to restrict navigation rights around the features they claim, specifically that these three claimants purport to require prior permission or notification of transits through the territorial sea, contrary to international law,said Commander Bill Urban, a Pentagon spokesman. “This operation demonstrates, as President Obama has stated, that the ed States will fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows.”“这次行动挑战了中国、台湾和越南限制其所声索地物周边航行权利的企图,具体而言,这三个声索方声称要求获得事先许可、或者要求发出领海过境通知,这是违反国际法的。”五角大楼发言人、海军中校比#8226;厄本(Commander Bill Urban)表示,“这次行动显示,正如奥巴Obama)总统所言,美国将在国际法许可的一切范围内飞行、航行及执行任务。”The move comes as the Obama administration takes a tougher stance on China over its activities in the South China Sea.美军做出这一举动之际,奥巴马政府针对中国在南中国海的行动采取了更强硬的态度。The White House has until recently been reluctant to take aggressive action in the region that could antagonise China and jeopardise other facets of the Sino-US relationship. But as China has ramped up construction of man-made islands, the US Navy has had more success in convincing the White House of the need for a more aggressive response.直到不久前,美国白宫(White House)还不愿在南中国海采取可能引起中国敌意并损及美中关系其他方面的激进行动。但是,随着中国加快人工岛屿建设,美国海军已更成功地让白宫相信,做出更激进回应是必要之举。The naval maneouver, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, comes as an international tribunal at The Hague prepares to rule on a case brought against China by the Philippines. This year China stepped up construction of runways on Subi Reef and Mischief Reef, complementing the runway at Fiery Cross, which is aly operational.这次海上行动是由《华尔街日报WSJ)率先报道的。与此同时,海牙的一个国际仲裁法庭正准备对菲律宾诉中国仲裁案做出裁决。今年,中国在渚碧礁(Subi Reef)和美济礁(Mischief Reef)上加快飞机跑道建设速度,这两处跑道对永暑礁上的跑道构成了补充。永暑礁上的跑道现已投入运行。来 /201605/442973上海韩式无痕开眼角上海做隆鼻大概需要的价格




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