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A class act佼佼者Freedom and discipline go together in an innovative school在一所革新的学校,自由和纪律同行Innovation in schools学校改革 THE scene is enough to appal those teachers steeped in ideas about child-centred education and learning through play. At the Durand Academy, a large primary school set amid tough housing estates in south London, a class of four-year-olds files into the corridor. Dressed in navy blue uniforms, the children silently divide, boys lining up against one wall, girls by the other. Following rules laid down by the watching boss of the school, Greg Martin—a man of firm convictions, once compared to Stalin by trade-union activists—the children stand with one finger to their lips, as a reminder to be quiet. 这个场景足以让那些整日浸淫于“教育要以孩子为中心”和“寓教于乐”等思想的教师们感到震惊。杜兰德专科学校坐落于南伦敦贫困居民区中,是一家大型小学,一个4岁班的同学们依次来到走廊里,他们穿着深蓝色的校,默无声息地分成两组,男生靠一边的墙排成一队,女生靠另一边墙排成一队。根据监事校董格雷格?马汀(他具有坚定的信念,曾被工会活动分子比作斯大林)的规定,孩子们站在那里,用手指指着嘴唇,提醒自己保持安静。 Durand pupils are trained to move about the school in hushed crocodiles. Their work is marked strictly, with low scores carefully explained. Teachers'lesson plans must be approved by senior staff. Classes are filmed for use in training. 杜兰德学校的学生们要接受这样的训练,排成纵队在校园中静静地走动。他们的表现要进行严格的打分,如果分数低的话,还要认真地说明原因。普通教师的授课计划必须征得高级教师的批准。课堂要拍下来以备训练使用。 Mr Martin is one of a vanguard of senior teachers endeavouring—with support from Michael Gove, the education secretary—to put discipline at the heart of teaching. But this does not involve a lurch back to past ferocities. His school feels secure and calm rather than strict. “I'm four today,” a small girl whispers in the corridor, before popping her finger back on her lips, eyes agleam with birthday excitement. Her classmates wriggle happily as their teacher praises them for “lining up so beautifully”. 马汀先生是高级教师先锋之一,在教育大臣迈克尔?戈夫的持下,他努力把纪律摆在教学的中心位置,但这并不是说又一下子回到过去的简单粗暴。在这个学校天,能感受到的是安全、宁静,而不是严格。“我今天4岁了。”走廊里,一个小女孩低声说道,然后迅速把手指重新放在嘴唇上,眼睛里闪着过生日才会有的兴奋。老师表扬同学们 “队列排得真整齐”,他们愉快地缓缓前行。 At a recent seminar on school discipline, Mr Gove and a clutch of star head teachers who have turned around failing (indeed out-of-control) schools discussed how firm, consistent rules are a tool for social mobility, enabling children from deprived backgrounds to escape the effects of often chaotic home lives. Mr Martin noted how many new pupils arrive unprepared for learning: unable to sit still and listen, or not toilet-trained. Half his 968 pupils receive free school meals (a marker for family poverty). Most are from black African or Caribbean backgrounds. Before the formal skills, all are taught something simpler: that they are constantly making choices, which have consequences. 在最近一次的学校纪律研讨会上,戈夫先生和一些曾使差校(实际上处于失控状态)发生改观的明星校长们展开讨论:怎样才能使严格的、一贯的纪律成为社会流动的工具,使贫穷的孩子们能够摆脱那些常常是乱糟糟的家庭生活的影响?马汀先生记下了入学但没有为学习做好准备的学生数量:他们不能静静地坐下来听课,甚至连用卫生间都不会用。他的968名学生,有一半得到了免费的校餐(这是家庭贫困的标志),他们大多是非洲或加勒比地区的移民后代。在学习正式的技能之前,首先要学习那些更简单的事情:他们常常做出选择,这也产生了一定效果。 Mr Martin's approach combines the traditional virtue of discipline with the extended freedoms offered to ambitious heads by the coalition government. He has been innovating on the same site for 25 years, taking advantage of each new reform that offered greater autonomy. Last year Durand secured academy status, gaining new powers to shape its curriculum and to recruit and pay staff on its own terms. Mr Martin shows off two smart, indoor swimming pools. Swimming lessons, he explains, teach the very smallest to undress and dress themselves, which many have never tried. The larger pool is open to the paying public after midday, and forms part of a private enterprise (also including a gym and a block of flats) that subsidises organic lunches, smaller than average classes and after-school care. 马汀先生的方法,既注重遵守纪律的传统美德,又充分利用联合政府给予他们这些胸怀改革雄心的校长们扩展了的自由。25年来他一直致力于这一学校的改革,利用每一次新改革所赋予的更大自主权。去年,杜兰德获得了专科学校的身份,使他们有新的力量制定自己的课程,按照自己的条件招聘员工并付报酬。马汀向我们展示了两个整洁的室内游泳池。他解释说,游泳课程教给那些最小的孩子如何穿衣脱衣这些很多学生从未尝试的事情。大游泳池午后对公众有偿开放,就像一个私营企业的一部分(还有一个体育馆和一片公寓),可以资助有机午餐,比一般的班级和课外看护机构的规模要小。 The experiments seem to be working. Durand is rated “outstanding” by Ofsted, the schools inspectorate. When they arrive, its three-year-olds, chosen non-selectively by catchment area, are well behind the national average. By final tests at 11, the children are in the top 2% in the country. Achievement and calmness follow each other says Mr Martin. Disruptive behaviour is “usually about fear”, triggered when children (especially boys) do not know how to do something. 实验似乎正在发生作用,学校的监察机构“英国教育标准局” 将杜兰德学校的工作评定为“杰出”级。实验开始时,学校接收的是本学区三岁的孩子,这无可选择,他们的入学水平远远落后于全国的平均水平。到11岁毕业测试时,他们的成绩已跃居全国的前2%。马汀先生说,成绩与平静相互促进,捣乱性的行为通常和害怕有关,多在孩子们(特别是男孩)不知道一件事如何做时发生。 The school's boldest experiment lies ahead. Tired of watching Durand’s high-achieving, happy 11-year-olds sink or fall prey to bad influences at their next schools, Mr Martin is opening a middle school and, in 2014, a weekly boarding school for 600 pupils from 13 to 18, on land Durand has bought in West Sussex. The education department has promised up to £17.3m for the new buildings. Existing state boarding schools charge for food and lodging. This one will be entirely free. 学校最大胆的实验还在后面。马汀先生不想看到那些得了高分、快快乐乐的11岁的孩子们今后堕落成学习中不良影响的牺牲品,他开办了一所中学。2014年,一所面向13到18岁孩子、可以容纳600名学生的寄宿制学校将在西埃塞克斯郡开办。教育部门许诺将为新校舍提供1730万英镑的资金。现在的寄宿制学校食宿是收费的,而这所学校却是完全免费的。 Nothing quite like it has been tried before; Whitehall officials cannot guarantee that it will succeed. But to Mr Gove's team, experimental risk is not the downside of setting schools free (more than 1,000 have gained academy status since 2010): it is the point. Parents will choose those schools that work. Durand, currently a remarkable exception, may be just the start. 此前还没有过类似的实验,白厅官员并不能保它一定会成功。但对于戈夫先生的团队来说,实验的风险不是学校自由度的缩小(2010年以来,1000多所学校获得专科资格):这才是问题的关键所在。家长将选择那些运转良好的学校。杜兰德专科学校,现在已是一个非凡的另类,也许这只是开始。201111/160923松江区人民医院美容整形科Obama, McCain Make Appeals to Undecided Voters奥巴马欲保领先 麦凯恩力争反弹 Democrat Barack Obama is trying to hold his lead in the U.S. presidential race in the final days, while Republican John McCain is looking for anything that might give him a last-minute bump in the polls. Presidential campaign that has only five days remaining. 离美国总统大选投票仅有5天了, 民主党候选人奥巴马试图在竞选的最后几天保持他的领先优势。与此同时,共和党参议员麦凯恩正在寻找任何能够让他在最后一分钟的民调中反弹的机会。As the 2008 presidential campaign begins to draw to a close, most of the battles are being fought in states that have generally voted Republican in recent years, and that is an advantage for Senator Barack Obama. 随著2008年总统竞选活动即将落下帷幕,大多数的选战集中在近年来作为共和党票仓的几个州。这对于参议员奥巴马来说正是求之不得。Obama campaigned Thursday in Florida, where polls show he is in a close race with Senator McCain. 奥巴马周四在佛罗里达州竞选,那里的民调显示,他和参议员麦凯恩不分伯仲。Republicans generally count on Florida as a must-win state in the state-by-state battle to accumulate the 270 electoral votes necessary to claim the White House. 共和党人普遍指望,要想在逐州的征战中积累270张选举人票问鼎白宫,佛罗里达州是一个势在必得的州。Obama told a rally that President Bush has driven the U.S. economy into a ditch, and that Republican John McCain would keep it there if he won. 奥巴马对一个集会说,布什总统让美国经济陷入低谷,而且共和党参议员麦凯恩如果当选,美国经济将继续陷在里面。Obama also accused McCain of offering little more than attacks in the final days of the campaign.  奥巴马还指责麦凯恩在最后几天的选战活动中除了加强攻击之外玩不出别的花样。If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as somebody people should be afraid of," Obama said. "You make big elections about small things. Well, Florida, we are here to say, not this time. Not this year. Not with so much at stake. John McCain might be worried about losing an election, but I'm worried about you losing your job and losing your house!" 奥巴马说:“如果你没有什么功绩来竞选,那么你只好把你的对手刻划成一个人们应该感到恐惧的人。你让一些枝微末节的小事来冲淡了这场重大的选举。那么,佛罗里达,我们在这里说,这次不能如此。今年不能再如此。我们有太多的利害攸关。约翰·麦凯恩可能担心的是他会失去选举,但我担心你失去你的工作,失去你的房子!”Obama was back on the campaign trail one day after campaigning with former President Bill Clinton, and after spending millions of dollars to air a 30-minute prime time ad on several national TV networks. 在奥巴马恢复巡回竞选的前一天,他和美国前总统比尔·克林顿一起参加竞选集会,并花费数百万美元在数个全国性电视网络购买了30分钟的黄金时间作竞选广告。Republican John McCain meanwhile is running short of time, money and possibly support in the final days of the campaign. 共和党参议员麦凯恩在竞选方面时间已经不够,金钱也短缺,在最后几天内可能也缺乏持。McCain looked for a pre-election revival at a rally Thursday in the appropriately named town of Defiance, Ohio. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio, going back to Abraham Lincoln in 1860. 麦凯恩上个星期四在俄亥俄州迪法因市举行竞选集会试图重振旗鼓。这个城镇的名字翻成中文就是“抗争”,这和麦凯恩竞选活动的现状非常贴切。没有任何一位共和党总统可以在不赢俄亥俄州的情况下当选总统,这可以追溯到1860年林肯进行竞选的情况。Like Obama, McCain kept his focus on the economy and continued his attack on Obama's tax plan, which he said would amount to a redistribution of wealth from rich to poor.  和奥巴马一样,麦凯恩也把竞选的重点放在经济上,他并且继续攻击奥巴马的税收计划,他说,奥巴马的经济计划等于是劫富济贫。"Senator Obama is running to be 'redistributionist in chief'," McCain said. "I'm running to be commander in chief! Senator Obama is running to sp the wealth. I'm running to create more wealth!" 麦凯恩说:“参议员奥巴马竞选是要当重新分配财富的司令。我竞选是要当美国军队总司令!奥巴马参议员竞选是为了散发财富。我竞选是为了创造更多的财富!”McCain also attacked Obama on foreign policy, saying the Illinois senator lacks what it takes to protect the country from terrorists. 麦凯恩还攻击奥巴马的外交政策。他说,这位伊利诺伊州的参议员不知道需要采取哪些措施来保护美国免受恐怖分子的攻击。McCain continues to trail Obama by an average of about six points in national polls. Obama also leads McCain or is tied with him in several key states that will provide the margin of victory on Tuesday. 麦凯恩在全国民调中继续落后奥巴马平均约6个百分点。奥巴马也在下星期二投票选举中能够产生胜差的几个关键州和麦凯恩并驾齐驱。However, Obama's lead in some states like Virginia and Indiana may be narrowing. 然而,奥巴马的领先优势在维吉尼亚和印地安那等州可能正在缩小。American University presidential historian Allan Lichtman says McCain could help himself with undecided voters by returning to the more moderate tone of his first presidential campaign eight years ago. "I think he can make some headway," Lichtman said. "I don't think he can turn around the election. But my advice to Senator McCain is fire the consultants, fire the handlers, fire the speechwriters. Get rid of them all and spend the rest of the campaign being the McCain you were in 2000." Meanwhile, McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is hinting that she intends to remain active in national politics win or lose on Election Day.Palin was asked on A's Good Morning America if she was bothered by the sharp criticism she has received from the Democrats. "I think that if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we have taken, I'm not doing this for naught! No, we are going to progress," Palin said. "We are going to keep going forward. So, it is all worth it and I'm not complaining about any of it." Palin has energized social conservatives but alienated some moderates who question her iness to be president should something happen to John McCain, who is 72, and would be the oldest person ever elected to a first term as president.200810/54599上海玫瑰医院激光祛斑Barack Hussein Obama Becomes 44th US President美国新总统:承担责任果敢行动 Barack Obama has become the 44th President of the ed States, taking the oath of office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol before a crowd of more than one million people who had gathered in frigid temperatures to see the first African American become president. 巴拉克.奥巴马就任美国第44任总统。奥巴马在100多万美国民众面前于美国国会大厦的台阶上宣誓就职。这些人冒着寒冷的气温在国会前亲眼目睹第一位非洲裔美国总统宣誓就职。Immediately after President Obama took the oath of office, a military color guard fired off a 21-gun salute as an enormous and diverse crowd cheered, waved American flags and chanted the new president's name. 奥巴马总统宣誓就职仪式一结束,军方仪仗队就鸣礼炮21响。成千上万不同肤色、种族、信仰的人群高声欢呼雀跃。他们挥舞着美国国旗,呼喊着新总统奥巴马的名字。In his inaugural address, Mr. Obama said he is entering the White House at a time when the nation is in the midst of crisis.  在就职演说中,奥巴马说,他走进白宫之际,美国正处在危机之中。"Our nation is at war, against a far reaching network of violence and hatred," Mr. Obama said. "Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age."  “我们的国家正在作战,我们正在同广泛的暴力和仇恨的网络进行战争。我们的经济受到严重削弱,这是一些人的贪婪和不负责任造成的后果,但同是也是我们大家未能做出艰难的选择,为美国新时代做好准备的后果。”Mr. Obama says the state of the economy requires bold action to create new jobs and end the recession. 奥巴马说,美国的经济状况需要我们采取果敢的行动,创造新的就业机会,结束经济衰退。The 47-year-old president is the son of a black Kenyan father and a white American mother. He grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. 奥巴马现年47岁,他的父亲是一位肯尼亚黑人,母亲是一位美国白人。奥巴马在夏威夷和印度尼西亚长大。Mr. Obama held out a friendly hand to those watching his address from overseas.  奥巴马还对那些在海外观看他就职演说的人们表示致意。"And so to all other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born, know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity and we are y to lead once more," Mr. Obama said.  “希望现在在观看今天就职典礼的各国人民和政府都知道,无论他们来自雄伟的首都,还是来自我父亲出生的小村庄,美国是每个国家、每个男女、儿童的朋友。他们为未来实现和平与尊严而努力,我们则准备再次领先”。President Obama called on all Americans to accept personal responsibility for trying to solve the challenging tasks confronting the nation.  奥巴马总统呼吁所有的美国人在设法解决美国面临的具有挑战性质的任务时承担他们个人的责任。"What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility, a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world," Mr. Obama said. "Duties that we do not grudgingly accept, but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task."  “我们现在需要一个勇于负责的新时代,每一个美国人都要认识到我们对自己、对国家、对世界负有责任,我们不是不情愿地接受这些责任,而是欣然接受,坚信没有什么比全力以赴完成艰难工作更能得到精神上的满足,更能展示我们的性格”。Many African American families attended the inauguration of the country's first black president. 很多非洲裔美国家庭参加了美国第一位黑人总统的就职典礼。One woman from Pennsylvania said she was overwhelmed to be taking part in the historic event.  一位来自宾州的妇女说,能参加这次历史盛会她激动不已。"I could not be happier or more proud. I am an 81-year-old black lady who has seen an awful lot in my lifetime," she said. "And never, in all my years, did I think that this day would come and one of us would be in the White House."  “我从来没有如此幸福,如此自豪。我是一名81岁的黑人老太太。我的一生目睹了许许多多的事情。但是在我毕生之年,我从来没有梦想过这一天能到来,我们黑人当中的一员将入主白宫。”Polls show many Americans are optimistic about the nation's future now that President Obama has been sworn in. Laverne Feaster, who traveled to the inauguration from Little Rock, Arkansas, says the opportunities with the new administration are endless.  民意调查显示,奥巴马总统已经宣誓就职,很多美国人对美国的未来表示乐观。费斯特来自阿肯色州的小石城。他说,新政府有无穷无尽的机会。"This country recognizes with the president we have that all of us can be anything we want to be. It is not just a few," Feaster said. "We do not have to have rich, poor. We can have everybody to be what they want to be."  “这个国家认识到,奥巴马成为总统这件事本身就表明,我们所有人只要心想就能事成。这决非是为数不多的几个人。我们不须富有,即使是穷人,每个人都能实现他们的理想愿望。”Presidential historian Allan Lichtman says President Obama will bring major changes, in both style and substance, to the White House.  总统历史学家利希特曼说,奥巴马总统将给白宫带来重大变革,无论在风格上,还是在实质内容上。"Barack Obama represents and celebrates not only the diversity of America, but the diversity of a knit-together global world," Lichtman said. "In addition, I think, so far Barack Obama has indicated that he is likely to take American foreign policy in new directions as part of this new political era."  “奥巴马代表并颂扬的不仅仅是美国的多元化,而是紧密结合的世界的多元化。另外,我认为,奥巴马已经表示,他可能要改变美国外交政策的方向,作为新政治时代的一部分。”President Obama, a Democrat, campaigned on a theme of change, inspiring millions of people both at home and abroad. 奥巴马总统是民主党人。他的竞选主题“变革”激励了数百万海内外的民众。Mr. Obama's inauguration brings to an end eight years of Republican rule under George Bush. 奥巴马的就职典礼标志着乔治.布什八年共和党执政的结束。01/61335Does money make us happy? Well, according to that famous Beatles song, no: ;Money Canrsquo;t Buy Me Love.; But, of course, the Beatles also had a hit with their cover of the Motown song ;Money, Thatrsquo;s What I Want.; So, Which Is It? The answer, according to psychologists, is both: up to a certain point money can buy happiness, so to speak. After all, without enough money for food, clothes, shelter, and other basic necessities, it would be hard to feel very happy. But once the basics are covered, money alone doesnrsquo;t equate with happiness. Put another way, having more and more money doesnrsquo;t necessarily make you happier. Dozens of studies back that up. Rather, according to a lot of recent research, happiness depends not so much on exactly how much money you have as on how you spend it.金钱使我们感到高兴吗?那么,根据著名的披头士乐队的歌,没有:;钱不能买我对你的爱。;但是,当然,披头士乐队还在Motown歌曲的封面上写着,所以,;钱,这就是我想要的。;选哪个呢?,根据心理学家的研究,达到一定数量的钱,可以买到幸福,可以这么说。毕竟,没有足够的钱来买吃的,衣物,住房和其他基本必需品,就很难感到幸福了。但是,一旦基本覆盖,单靠金钱并不等于幸福。换句话说,有越来越多的钱并不一定让你更快乐。几十个研究持这个观点。根据大量最近的研究,幸福并不取决于钱的多少,而更取决于你怎么花。hit n. 成功而风行的事物according to 根据back up 持163920上海东方医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

上海妇保医院口腔科上海整容医院哪家好Arab American Voters' Concerns Same as All Americans阿拉伯裔美国人投票取向和关注点 Arab American voters say they share the same concerns as other segments of American society. They are worried about jobs and the economy, the war in Iraq, healthcare and education. But many have also expressed concerns about the way the words "Arab" and "Muslim" have been used negatively in the race for the White House. From Brooklyn, New York, where Arab American voters recently gathered to hear from local candidates, as well as representatives from the Obama and McCain campaigns ahead of next week's election. 美国的阿拉伯裔选民说,他们和美国社会其它部分的人关注同样的问题。他们为就业、经济、伊拉克战争、医疗和教育感到担心。不过,许多人还表示,在总统竞选中,“阿拉伯”和“穆斯林”这样的词汇被人们加入了负面的含义,这令他们感到担心。最近,阿拉伯裔美国选民在纽约市的布鲁克林区组织集会,在下周的选举开始前倾听当地候选人和两位总统候选人的代表发表的讲话。More than three million Americans are of Arab descent. The majority are Christians, only about a quarter are Muslim.  美国的阿拉伯人后裔有三百多万。他们中的大部分人信奉基督教,只有大约四分之一的人是穆斯林。According to U.S. Census data from 2000, Arab Americans have large communities in five key states in the upcoming presidential election - Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  根据美国2000年人口普查的结果,总统选举的五个关键州内都居住着许多阿拉伯裔美国人。这五个州是:密西根、佛罗里达、俄亥俄、宾夕法尼亚和弗吉尼亚。The head of the Washington-based Arab American Institute, Jim Zogby, said Arab Americans are concerned about the same issues that all Americans are worried about.  华盛顿的阿拉伯裔美国人学会的负责人吉姆·佐格比说,阿拉伯裔美国人关注的问题也正是所有美国人担心的问题。He said, "Our concerns are like the rest of the country's concerns. We just finished a poll of Arab Americans and 80 percent said the economy is their number one concern." “我们和其他美国人担心一样的问题。我们刚刚对阿拉伯裔美国人进行了调查,百分之80的人说,经济问题是他们最关心的。”That poll also found the war in Iraq, health care, gas prices, national security, education and taxes to be important issues to Arab American voters. 这项调查还发现,伊拉克战争、医疗、汽油价格、国家安全、教育和税收也是阿拉伯裔美国选民所关注的问题。At the election event in Brooklyn, members of the large local Arab American community echoed those concerns. 在布鲁克林区举行的选举活动上,当地庞大的阿拉伯裔美国人社区的居民也表达了同样的观点。One of them said, "My concern is when are we going to have universal health insurance for our community and every community in the ed States? My concern is about education - I have three kids in college and one in the public schools. What is going to happen to our children in the future? I have a son who is a veteran - he just came back from Iraq. No one came out and said thank you to him. No one offered him any benefits, no one offered him any job." 一位居民说:"我关注的是,我们这里和美国各地的人们什么时候才能获得全民医疗保险。我还关注教育,我有三个在上大学的孩子,一个在念公立学校。我们的孩子未来的生活会是怎样的?我的一个儿子是退伍军人,他刚刚从伊拉克回来。没人过来向他表示感谢。没人为他提供任何福利,或给他任何工作。”Nearly half of Arab American voters are registered Democrats, and in a Zogby International poll conducted last month, Senator Barack Obama led Senator John McCain by 14 percent among Arab Americans. That support was strongly reflected among the about 200 people - Republicans and Democrats alike - who turned out in Brooklyn to hear their local candidates and representatives from the Obama and McCain campaigns. 有近一半的阿拉伯裔美国选民是注册的民主党成员。佐格比国际公司上个月所做的民意调查结果显示,奥巴马在阿拉伯裔美国人中所获的持率比麦凯恩高出百分之14。大约200名阿拉伯裔美国选民参加了布鲁克林区举行的集会,倾听当地候选人和两位总统候选人的代表发表讲话。这些选民中有民主党人也有共和党人。可以强烈感受到他们对奥巴马的持。One of them said, "I'm a registered Republican, but I'm voting for Barack Obama this year. I just feel his positions on many, many things - whether its domestic policy or foreign policy - are sort of more in tune with what I would like to see.  参加集会的另外一位阿拉伯裔选民说:“我是一名共和党成员。但是我将在今年投票持奥巴马。我在很多问题上同意他的立场,无论是在内政还是外交政策上。”Obama also has support among newly naturalized Arab Americans, including one who said, "I'm so glad this year I can vote, because I like Obama and I like his ideas too." 奥巴马还获得了刚刚成为美国公民的一位阿拉伯人的持:“今年我可以投票了,这真是太好了。因为我喜欢奥巴马,我也欣赏他的想法。”But one thing that does trouble Arab Americans is the way the words "Arab" and "Muslim" have been used so negatively in the presidential campaign. False rumors that Senator Obama is a Muslim or has ties to terrorists have been making the rounds for months on the Internet, news channels and elsewhere.At a recent McCain rally, one woman told the candidate she had heard that Senator Obama is an Arab. Mr. McCain replied, "No ma'am, he's a decent family man and citizen" - leaving many Arab Americans to wonder if that meant they are not.  在最近的一次麦凯恩持者集会上,一名妇女告诉麦凯恩,她听说奥巴马是一个阿拉伯人。麦凯恩回答说:“不,女士,他是一个道德良好的顾家男人和美国公民。”这番话使许多阿拉伯裔美国人产生疑问:难道这意味着阿拉伯人就不是道德良好的公民么?Only recently did a prominent political figure - former secretary of state Colin Powell - say out loud what many Arab Americans have been thinking - what would be wrong if Senator Obama was a Muslim? And why shouldn't a Muslim American child believe that they could be president one day?  直到最近才有一位知名的政界人物道出了许多阿拉伯裔美国人的心声。这个人就是前美国国务卿鲍威尔。他说,就算奥巴马真是穆斯林,又怎么了?此外,为什么一个穆斯林美国孩子就不能认为自己有一天能成为美国总统呢?An Arab American commented on that. He said, "The fact that Colin Powell actually came out and said this was, I think, amazing, especially being a Republican, coming out and saying what he said, really impressed us. He is actually the first politician to come out and say something within this nature. Otherwise, unfortunately, it has been politically okay to say, for Muslims to be discriminated against in this country - and it's not okay." 一位选民说:“我认为,鲍威尔能够站出来说这番话真是令人钦佩。特别是作为一名共和党人,他能这样做的确给我留下了深刻的印象。他是第一个站出来说这种话的政界人物。否则,很不幸的是,穆斯林在美国受歧视成了在政治上可以被接受的现象。而这是不对的。”They said that just because they are Muslim or Arab does not make them any less American or less worried about the direction this country is going. Many acknowledge that their vote is the best way to let their voices be heard. 这些选民说,他们也是美国人,他们对美国未来走向的担忧并不因为他们是穆斯林或者是阿拉伯人而减少。许多人认识到,他们手中的选票是表达自己观点的最佳途径。200811/54691The very first Steve Jobscomputer was actually the brain child of his friend, Steve Wozniak. Wozniak did the wiring and Jobs did the dreaming and be hold the Apple I. No power supply. No casing, just began. Jobs and Woz unveiled the prototype to their fellow tech geeks at the home brew computer club in 1976.史蒂夫;乔布斯的第一台计算机实际上是他朋友的一次杰作。他的朋友斯蒂夫;沃兹尼亚克负责布线而乔布斯梦想成真,拥有了苹果1代。没有电力供应,没有套管,一切都只是刚刚开始。1976年乔布斯和沃兹在家中向技术高手揭开了计算机的原型。201111/161188上海玫瑰整形美容医院去真皮斑怎么样British PM Calls for Return of Traditional, Conservative Banking英首相吁恢复保守的管理方式 Writing in Britain's Observer newspaper, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for a return to old-fashioned, conservative banking practices. It is a change for Mr. Brown who as Treasury Secretary for a decade was a proponent of the light regulatory atmosphere in Britain's financial sector. 英国首相布朗在英国报纸《观察家报》上撰文,呼吁重新恢复老式的、保守的管理方式。布朗曾经担任英国财政大臣达10年之久,他以往一直推崇减少对金融界的监管。呼吁恢复以前的做法,对布朗来说,是一个变化。Back when he was Treasury Secretary, Gordon Brown maintained that lighter financial regulation created jobs and wealth in the economy. 在布朗担任财政大臣时,他坚持认为减少对金融界的监管能创造就业,为经济增加财富。But that economic climate has changed dramatically during the past six months, and the global downturn seems to have changed his view. 但这种经济气候在过去的六个月中已经发生了翻天覆地的变化,全球经济衰退似乎改变了他的看法。Writing in the Observer newspaper, Prime Minister Brown says Britain needs a more responsible banking system. 布朗在英国报纸《观察家报》上撰文,指出英国需要一个更加负责任的系统。What he would like to see is a return of more conservative, old-fashioned banking practices. 他希望看到的是恢复老式的、保守的做法。Interviewed on Britain's Sky News, Brown's Finance Minister in the Treasury Department, Stephen Timms says because of the recent global economic turmoil, the prime minister wants to see a number of changes brought in, including increased internal oversight at the banks. 布朗的金融大臣蒂姆斯在接受英国天空新闻电视台采访时说,由于最近的全球经济动荡,布朗首相希望能看到一些变革,包括增加对内部的监管。"One is around bonuses, to make sure that those are focused in the future on long-term good performance with claw backs if the good performance is not maintained," he said. "Second, on strengthening the boards of banks so they can really understand the risks that banks are taking on and can challenge the management of the banks if that is needed because that has not always happened in the period we have just been through." “其一是关于奖金,确保这些奖金着眼于未来长期的良好业绩,并在无法保持良好业绩时收回。第二,强化董事会的作用,确保他们真正了解承担的风险,并在必要时质疑的管理层,因为这种监管在我们刚经历过的时期里并没有这样作。”The prime minister also believes that worldwide cooperation is essential to minimize the effects of this downturn. 布朗首相还认为,世界范围的合作对于减低经济衰退的影响必不可少。And Finance Minister Timms says specifics must be worked out in the coming weeks. 金融大臣蒂姆斯说,具体的细节将在未来几个星期内制定。"We need to learn the lessons of what has happened for how we regulate banks in the future, including internationally because one of the problems that has emerged over the last year or so is gaps in regulation between different country jurisdictions," said Timms. "And at the G-20 summit coming up in London on the 2nd of April, we need to be looking at how we do a better job internationally with countries cooperating on regulating the banks." “我们应汲取过去的教训,确定我们将来如何监管,包括在国际上这样作,因为过去一年左右出现的问题之一是不同国家管辖范围内监管的差别。在即将于4月2日在伦敦举行的G-20国首脑会议上,我们需要探讨如何在的监管问题上,在国际间同各国更好地合作。”Many observers agree that more coordination is required. On Saturday, nearly 100,000 marched through the streets of Dublin to protest against government cutbacks as the recession deepens there and unemployment heads up. 很多观察人士同意应加强各国间的协调。星期六,大约10万民众走上都柏林街头游行,抗议政府在经济衰退恶化、失业率上升时减少各项经费。On Sunday, Mr. Brown attended a gathering in Berlin where leaders worked on forging a European consensus before the upcoming London summit. 星期天,布朗出席了柏林的一个会议。欧洲各国领导人设法为即将在伦敦举行的首脑会议达成欧洲的共识。The prime minister will also be meeting U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington on March 3, where economic discussions will take center stage. 布朗首相还将于3月3日在华盛顿会晤美国总统奥巴马。经济问题预期是两国领导人会谈的中心议题。02/62955上海玫瑰整形美容医院做隆胸手术好吗

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