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Paolo Gentiloni, Italy’s foreign minister, has been chosen to replace Matteo Renzi as prime minister amid signs of a quick solution to the political crisis that has convulsed the eurozone’s third-largest economy over the past week.意大利外交部长保真蒂洛尼(Paolo Gentiloni)被选定接替马泰伦齐(Matteo Renzi)出任总理,有迹象表明,各方试图快速解决过去一周困扰欧元区第三大经济体的政治危机。After three days of consultations with parliamentary leaders, Sergio Mattarella, Italy’s president, summoned Mr Gentiloni to the presidential palace in central Rome yesterday and asked him to form a government. 在与议会领导人磋商三天后,意大利总统塞尔马塔雷拉(Sergio Mattarella)昨日在罗马市中心的总统府召见了真蒂洛尼,提请他组建新政府。Mr Gentiloni accepted in a brief statement.真蒂洛尼在一份简短的声明中表示接受任呀?Italy was plunged into political uncertainty last week after voters rejected constitutional reforms championed by Mr Renzi by an overwhelming margin of 20 percentage points in a referendum 上周,意大利选民在公投中0个百分点的压倒性优势否决了伦齐倡导的宪法改革,这使得意大利陷入了政治不确定性。on which he had staked his tenure in office.伦齐把自己的政治生涯押在了此次公投上。Mr Renzi resigned last Wednesday, triggering the talks held by Mr Mattarella. 上周三,伦齐宣布辞职,促使马塔雷拉开启磋商。The urgency of installing a new government increased on Friday after the European Central Bank rejected a request from Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Italy’s third-largest bank, for extra time to raise capital among private investors.上周五,在欧洲央ECB)拒绝了意大利第三大西雅那(Monte dei Paschi di Siena)希望获得更多时间向私人投资者筹集资金的请求后,组建新政府的紧迫性进一步上升。The ECB’s decision has increased the chances that the Italian government may have to use state funds to rescue one of its most prized financial institutions, which has been dogged by non-performing loans. 欧洲央行的决定增加了一个可能性,即意大利政府可能被迫动用国家资金来拯救该国最受珍惜的金融机构之一,该行一直受不良贷款困扰。The board of MPS was expected to meet later yesterday and make a statement.西雅那董事会定于昨天晚些时候开会并发表声明。People close to the talks said the bank was still trying to complete a market rescue, although they did not rule out the state injecting funds into the lender.知情人士称,该仍在努力借助市场筹集资金,尽管他们不排除国家向其注资。Even if a solution were found for Monte Paschi, it would not mark the end of Italy’s banking worries. 即使找到了西雅那的解决方案,也不标志着各方对意大利业担忧的结束。Mid-sized Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca also need as much as EURO3.5bn in additional capital, which would be more difficult to raise privately if MPS required a state bailout, say people close to the talks.据知情人士透露,中等规模的维琴察大众银Popolare di Vicenza)和威尼托(Veneto Banca)也需要高5亿欧元的追加资本,如果西雅那需要国家救助,那么这两家从私人部门筹集资金将变得更加困难。They also did not rule out Italy seeking to create a EURO10bn fund to backstop the banks in Vicenza and Veneto as well as Siena.他们也不排除意大利会寻求创造一00亿欧元的基金,来持维琴察大众、威尼托以及西雅那。来 /201612/483166。

  • President Obama and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi at a G8/G5 summit in Italy, July 奥巴马与卡扎菲在意大利八国集团峰会上擦肩而过,摄于In July 2012, with his reelection campaign in full swing, Obama was asked in a CBS interview to assess his first-term failures.2012奥巴马连任成在哥伦比亚广播公司的采访中被问及如何评价其首任任期中的失策。“The mistake of my first term, couple of years, was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right,Obama said. He continued, “And that’s important. But the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times.”“我首任任期这几年中的错误,就是我老想着我的工作就是去确保政策的正确”奥巴马说道“这确实很重要,但是呢,政府的本职也是要告诉美国人民一个愿景并给予他们团结,希望和乐观的心态,特别是在困难时期。”Obama reflected that the doubts about him during the 2008 campaign when “everybody said, ‘Well he can give a good speech but can he actually, you know, manage the job?’had by 2012 morphed into: “‘Well, he’s been juggling and managing a lot of stuff, but, you know, where’s the story that tells us where he’s going?’And, the president admitted, “I think that was a legitimate criticism.”奥巴马反思了他在08年竞选时人们对他的疑每个人都说“他现在演讲里说的好听,但实际上,你知道的,他能胜任总统吗?到了2012年变成“嗯,他煞费心机的对付很多事情,但是,你知道,他给我们画的大饼在哪里?”然后,总统先生也承认“我觉得这是个合理的批评”。Obama concluded, “Getting out of this town, spending more time with the American people, listening to them, and also then being in a conversation with them about where do we go together as a country, I need to do a better job of that in my second term.”那时奥巴马总结道“我要离开这个小镇,花更多的时间和美国人民在一起,倾听他们的声音,并且也和他们讨论作为一个国家该如何团结向前,在我的第二任期我需要做得更奀?”By December 2013, the disastrous Obamacare rollout trumped the communications lapses. Obama called the busted HealthCare.gov website his biggest mistake and took responsibility.到了2013月,糟糕的奥巴马医改因为沟通失误而流产,奥巴马让某政府网站替他的大错误背黑锅。Over the past two years, Obama’s answer has shifted again, from Obamacare’s rollout to the failure to rebuild Libyan institutions after helping the rebels who toppled and killed dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Upon learning of Gadhafi’s killing in October 2011, Hillary Clinton responded: “We came. We saw. He died.”在过去的两年中,奥巴马的再次改变,从他的医改失败到在帮助叛军杀死独裁者卡扎菲后留下的重建利比亚的烂摊子0110月,在听到卡扎菲死讯后,希拉里回应道“我来,我见,他死了”In an August 2014 interview with the New York Times, Obama defended the decision to be part of “the coalition that overthrew Gadhafias “the right thing to do,and argued, “Had we not intervened, it’s likely that Libya would be Syria.”在2014月接受《纽约时报》采访时,奥巴马为他的决议辩护称“联军推翻卡扎菲是正确的,如果我们没有干掉卡扎菲,利比亚就会变成叙利亚这样”At the same time, he told the Times, “I think we [and] our European partners underestimated the need to come in full forceto rebuild post-Gadhafi Libyan society. “That’s a lesson that I now apply every time I ask the question, ‘Should we intervene, militarily? Do we have an answer [for] the day after?’Obama said.与此同时,他又同泰晤士报讲“我认为我和我们的欧洲伙伴低估了后卡扎菲时代利比亚重建的重要性。这是一个教训,我现在常常扪心自问,我们应该军事干预吗?干预之后我们有没有一个对策?”But in an April 2016 piece in the Atlantic, based on multiple interviews, Obama basically shifted the blame for his “biggest mistakeonto allies Britain and France.但到016月的大西洋月刊中,基于数次采访,奥巴马基本把他的这个最大错误的责任推给了他的盟友英国和法国。“When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong,Obama said, “there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans, given Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up,he said. He pointed out that Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, lost his job the following year. And he said that British Prime Minister David Cameron quickly became “distracted by a range of other things.”“当我回问自己那里出了错”奥巴马说“这仍有批评的余地,那就是因为我对离利比亚更近的欧洲人在战后重建上更有信心”。他指出,(没想到)法国总统萨科齐在那之后下台了,而英国首相卡梅伦也很快因为其他的事而困扰分心(所以没能搞好重建)。来 /201611/475481。
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