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A scientist has discovered actor Benedict Cumberbatch and King Richard III are cousins.一位科学家发现,演员本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇是理查三世的远亲Professor Kevin Schurer has revealed a link between Cumberbatch and the king which makes them third cousins, times removed.教授凯文·席尔透露,康伯巴奇是这位国王的第代曾堂孙In a present-day twist the Sherlock star is set to play the mer monarch on screen later his year.在作为当今的一个转折点,这位夏洛克影星晚些时候要在荧幕上出演前君王理查三世It is estimated that between one million and million people in the UK are connected, in some way, to Richard , whose remains were discovered buried beneath a council car park in Leicester in .据估计在英国,00万人中有0万人和理查有血缘关系,理查三世的遗骸在年被发现埋在了莱斯特一个委员会停车场的下面But Prof Schurer, of Leicester University, said: “He (Cumberbatch) is more direct because he is a third cousin.但是莱斯特大学的席尔教授说:“因为他(康伯巴奇)是第三代堂兄弟,更有直属关系”Cumberbatch will play Richard in the upcoming B Two drama series ‘The Hollow Crown - King Richard III’.康伯巴奇将在B二套即将播出的英剧《空王冠:理查三世中饰演这位国王Prof Schurer traced the line of descent, originating from Edward III - Richard III’s great great grandfather - all the way to Cumberbatch.席尔教授追溯了血统系,从爱德华三世开始到理查三世高曾祖父——一直到康伯巴奇Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 85 during the War of the Roses and buried in a church in Leicester, which was later destroyed.理查三世在85年的波斯沃斯“玫瑰之战”中被杀死,葬入莱斯特教堂,之后被毁坏 63

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  John Nash in 199, the year he won the Nobel in economic sciences. (Charles Rex ArbogastAP)By Emily Langer May Follow @emilylangerWP199年的约翰·纳什,这年他获得了诺贝尔经济学奖(查尔斯·雷克斯·阿伯加斯特美联社)艾米丽·兰格·梅,5月日,Follow @emilylangerWPJohn F. Nash Jr., who revolutionized the mathematical field of game theory, was endowed with a mind that was highly original and deeply troubled. But it became known to most people by Hollywood description. His mind was beautiful.小约翰福布斯路纳什,这个彻底改变了弈论数学领域的人,具有高度原创和深刻焦虑的头脑但这为大多数人知晓 却是因为好莱坞的描述,他的心灵是美丽的Dr. Nash, a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician whose descent into and recovery from mental illness inspir ed the Academy Award-winning film ;A Beautiful Mind, died May 3 in a two-car accident on the New Jersi Turnpike. He was 86. His wife, Alicia, who was 8, also died.获得诺贝尔奖的数学家纳什士曾经深陷精神疾病而又从中康复,激发了奧斯卡获奖影片“美丽心灵”他死于5月3日在新泽西收费公路的两车相撞,享年86岁他8岁的妻子艾丽西亚也死了According to preliminary findings by the New Jersey State Police, the Nashes were in a taxicab traveling southbound near Monroe when their driver lost control of the vehicle. The taxi driver injuries were not considered life-threatening, New Jersey police said. The Nashes lived in Princeton Junction, N.J.根据新泽西州警方的初步调查结果,当司机失去对车辆的控制时,纳什夫妇正在门罗镇附近南行的出租车内出租车司机的伤势没有危及生命,新泽西州警方说纳什夫妇住在新泽西州的普林斯顿中转站In 199, when Dr. Nash received the Nobel Prize in economic sciences, the award marked not only an intellectual triumph but also a personal one. More than four decades earlier, as a Princeton University graduate student, he had produced a 7-page thesis on game theory — in essence, the applied mathematical study of decision-making in situations of conflict — that would become one of the most celebrated works in the field.199年,纳什士获得了诺贝尔经济科学奖,该奖项不仅标志着知识的胜利,而且也是个人的胜利0多年前,作为普林斯顿大学的研究生,他写了一篇7页的弈论论文 - 从本质上讲,这是一项在冲突情形下做决策的应用数学研究 - 将要成为本领域内最杰出的作品之一Bee the academic world could fully recognize his achievement, Dr. Nash descended into a condition eventually diagnosed as schizophrenia. the better part of years, his once supremely rational mind was beset by delusions and hallucinations.在学术界充分认识他的成就之前,纳什士陷入了最终被确诊为精神分裂症的困境在年的大部分时间里,他曾经无比理性的头脑被妄想和幻觉困扰By the time Dr. Nash emerged from his disturbed state, his ideas had influenced economics, eign affairs, politics, biology — virtually every sphere of life fueled by competition. But he had been absent from professional life so long that some scholars assumed he was dead.在纳什士出现精神紊乱状态时,他的思想却影响了经济、外交、政治和生物学 - 生活的几乎所有受竞争推动的方面但他缺席职业生涯这么久,有些学者认为他已经死了;We helped lift him into daylight,; Assar Lindbeck, the mer chairman of the committee the Nobel Prize in economics, told Sylvia Nasar, Dr. Nash biographer. ;We resurrected him in a way.;;我们把他抬到阳光下;诺贝尔经济学奖委员会的前主席阿萨·林德贝克告诉纳什士的传记作者西尔维娅·纳萨;我们以某种方式使他复活了;Nasar book, titled ;A Beautiful Mind,; was published in 1998 and adapted the big screen three years later. The film, although criticized by some presenting a romanticized version of the mathematician life, won four Oscars, including best picture. Portrayed by Russell Crowe, Dr. Nash became an international celebrity — perhaps the most famous mathematician in recent memory.纳萨的书名为;美丽心灵;,出版于1998年,三年后搬上了大银幕这部电影,尽管受到了一些对数学家生活进行浪漫化的批评,却荣获四项奥斯卡大奖,包括最佳影片罗素·克洛描绘的纳什士成为国际名人 - 也许是近来最有名的数学家Complexity in competition竞争中的复杂性Modern game theory was first articulated by mathematician John von Neumann and economist Oskar Morgenstern in the 19 volume ;Theory of Games and Economic Behavior.;现代弈论最早由数学家约翰·冯·诺伊曼和经济学家奥斯卡·根斯坦在19年的著作《弈论与经济行为中表述Its objective: to understand and ultimately predict the interactions between rivals in given circumstanc es. During the Cold War standoff between the ed States and the Soviet Union, game theory became in asingly fashionable and immensely useful.其目标是:理解并最终预测给定情况下竞争对手之间的相互作用在美国和苏联之间的冷战对峙期间,弈变得越来越 时尚,非常有用Von Neumann and Morgenstern had assumed the existence of a ;zero-sum; game such as checkers, in wP e party loss was the adversary gain. Dr. Nash 狄 who, ironically, was said to have struggled since ch ildhood with social interactions 狄 observed that few human rivalries function in so simple a fashion.冯路诺依曼和根斯坦曾假定存在“零和”弈,就像在跳棋中,一方的损失就是对手的收益具有讽刺意味的是,据说在从小就与社会互动艰难的纳什士观察到人类竞争活动很少会如此简单expanded game theory to include cooperative games (in which binding agreements can be made) and n ooperative games (in which they cannot), and to allow the possibility of mutual gain. Such an outcome became known as the Nash equilibrium.他将弈论扩展到包含合作弈(其中可以达成有约束力的协议)和非合作弈(其中达不成协议),并允许有共同获益的可能这祥的结果是著名的纳什均衡Nash equilibriums, which he described in the hieroglyphics of mathematical symbols, exist everywhere. Two magazines might charge the same price so that each may achieve maximum profit. Two rival nations might agree to arms treaties that limit each of their stockpiles but guarantee both countries a measure of security.他以数学符号的天书描述的纳什均衡无处不在两本杂志可能会采取相同的价格,以便双方都可以实现最大的利润两个敌对国家可能会同意武器条约来限制他们的军备,但同时保双方某种程度的安全The utility of Dr. Nash work had limitations. One is that rivals frequently do not fully know each other strategies, as his theories assumed. Another limitation is that in many cases, there is not a single possible outcome a conflict but rather many potential outcomes. Game theorists John Harsanyi and Reinhard Selten shared with Dr. Nash the 199 Nobel Prize contributions in those areas of the field. The prize citation recognized all three men their ;pioneering analysis.;纳什士的工作的效用有其局限性其中之一是,对手通常并不完全知道对方的策略,而他的理论有此假设另一个限制是,在许多情况下,冲突可能有许多潜在的可能性,而不止是单个结果弈论专家约翰·海萨尼和莱因哈德·泽尔滕因为此领域的贡献与纳什士分享199年诺贝尔奖颁奖词认可了他们三人;开创性的分析;Dr. Nash was described as having insights bee he could hammer out the proofs of their accuracy, the thoughts coming to him more like revelations than like scholarly findings. As early as 1958, tune magazine had ranked him among the greatest mathematicians of the era.纳什士被描述为更富于洞察力,而非准确的明,他的思想更像是天启,而非学术成果早在1958年,《财富杂志就将他排为那个时代最伟大的数学家之一;Everyone else would climb a peak by looking a path somewhere on the mountain,; Nasar ed a mer colleague as saying. ;Nash would climb another mountain altogether and from a distant peak would shine a searchlight back on the first peak.;;其他人会通过查找山里的某处路径来攀登高峰,;纳萨援引一位前同事的话说;纳什会完全爬到另一座山,从遥远的山峰用探照灯来回照第一个峰;The emperor of Antarctica南极洲的皇帝His mental illness came on when he was about 30, during what might have been one of the richest periods of his career. Dr. Nash was working at the time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was studying quantum theory.他30岁左右时精神病来袭,这时候可能是他职业生涯中最丰富的时期之一纳什士当时在麻省理工学院工作,正在研究量子理论As his condition worsened, Dr. Nash suffered delusions, hallucinations and impressions of being hunted. Men wearing red ties, he came to believe, were part of a ;crypto-Communist Party.;由于病情恶化,纳什士苦于妄想、幻觉和被追杀的印象他开始相信,带红色领带的男人很可能是;地下GCD;He thought that the New York Times was publishing messages from extraterrestrials and that he could understand them. He gave a student an intergalactic driver license, Nasar wrote.他认为《纽约时报正在由外星人发布消息,并说他能理解他们他给了学生一个星际驾照,纳萨写道At one point, he declined a prestigious appointment to the University of Chicago because he believed that he was in line to become emperor of Antarctica. At another point, he concluded, according to Nasar, that he was a ;messianic figure of great but secret importance; and searched numerals — once the object of his brilliance — hidden messages.在某个时刻,他拒绝了久负盛名的芝加哥大学的任命,因为他认为他即将成为南极洲皇帝根据纳萨的说法,在另一个时刻他得出结论,他是一个;救世主式的重要人物,伟大而又神秘;,并开始搜索具有隐秘信息的数字 —— 这些数字一度成为他出色才华的对象;I felt like I might get a divine revelation by seeing a certain number; a great coincidence could be interpreted as a message from heaven,; Dr. Nash said years later in the PBS ;American Experience; documentary ;A Brilliant Madness.;;我觉得我能通过观察一个数来得到神的启示,一个伟大的巧合可以解释为从天上来的消息,;纳什士多年后在PBS的纪录片;美国经验;中说,;才华横溢的疯狂;He let his hair grow long. He traveled abroad and attempted to give up his U.S. citizenship, and at various times considered himself a Japanese shogun, the biblical figure Job and a Palestinian refugee, among other identities.他头发留得长长的他在国外旅行并试图放弃美国国籍,还在不同时期认为自己是日本幕府将军、圣经人物、巴勒斯坦难民以及其他身份During one of his stays in mental institutions, a mer colleague came a visit.在他待在精神病院的一个时期,一个以前的同事来探望他;How could you, a mathematician devoted to reason and logical proof .#81;.#81;. how could you believe that extraterrestrials are sending you messages?; he asked, according to Nasar.;作为一个致力于理性和逻辑明的数学家,你怎么这样…你怎么能相信外星人在给你发信息呢?;根据纳萨的说法,他问道;Because,; Dr. Nash responded, ;the ideas about supernatural beings came to me the same way that my mathematical ideas did. So I took them seriously.;纳什士回答说,;因为关于超自然物的思想就如同数学思想一样来到,所以我把它们当回事;‘Big Brains;大头;John bes Nash Jr. was born June , 19, in Bluefield, W.Va. His father was an electrical engineer and his mother was an English and Latin teacher.小约翰·福布斯·纳什19年6月日出生在西弗吉尼亚州的蓝田他的父亲是一个电气工程师,母亲是英语和拉丁语教师As a child, John Jr. acquired a nickname: ;Big Brains.; His family encouraged education, but he recalled in his Nobel biographical sketch the need to ;learn from the world knowledge rather than from the knowledge of the immediate commy.;作为一个孩子,小约翰获得了一个绰号:;大头;他的家庭鼓励教育,但他在他的诺贝尔小传中回忆,;从世界的知识中学习,远甚于从附近社区中学习;In 195, he enrolled at what is now Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and completed his undergraduate work after switching from chemical engineering to chemistry and finally to mathematics. So great was his progress that he received a master degree in addition to his bachelor degree, both in mathematics, upon his graduation in 198. He then moved to Princeton University, where, as a second-year student, he wrote the thesis that became the intellectual underpinning of his contributions to game theory.195年,他就读于位于匹兹堡的现在的卡内基梅隆大学,从化学工程转到化学,最后转到数学后完成了他的本科学业他的进步是如此之大,以致在198年毕业时除学士学位外还获得硕士学位,都在数学学科随后他去了普林斯顿大学,在那里,他作为一个二年级学生写下的论文成为对弈论所作贡献的知识基础Dr. Nash was ;handsome as a god,; a mer classmate told Nasar, but deeply unusual. He rode a bicycle in figure-eights. He joined a group of students that carried on the long tradition at Princeton of playing complex games and even invented a game of his own.纳什士;英俊得像个男神,;但极不寻常,一个以前的同学告诉纳萨他骑自行车走8字形他加入了有悠久传统的玩复杂游戏的普林斯顿学生团体,甚至自己发明了一个游戏Dr. Nash received his doctorate in 1950, joined the MIT faculty and soon took a research position at the Rand Corp. in Calinia. In that period of his career, he untangled what he described as a ;classical unsolved problem; related to differential geometry and to general relativity.纳什士在1950年获得士学位,加入了麻省理工学院,并很快获得加州兰德公司的研究职位在他职业生涯的这一时期,他解决了一个他描述的;经典未解问题;,这与微分几何与和广义相对论相关Also during that period, Dr. Nash met Eleanor Stier, a nurse with whom he had a son, John David Stier, in 1953. A year later, Dr. Nash was arrested indecent exposure at a men restroom in Santa Monica, Calif., and was immediately dismissed from Rand. According to Nasar biography, he denied that he was gay, showing a picture of Stier and their infant son to Rand officials as evidence.也是在此期间,纳什士遇见了护士埃莉诺·斯蒂尔,他与她在1953年生了一个儿子约翰·大卫·斯蒂尔一年后,纳什士涉嫌猥亵暴露而在加州圣莫尼卡的一个男厕内被捕,并立即被兰德解雇照纳萨的传记,他否认自己是同性恋,并向兰德官员展示斯蒂尔和他们幼子的照片作为据He then returned to MIT, where he met Alicia Larde, a physics student from El Salvador, and they married in 1957. Shortly thereafter, Alicia became pregnant with their son, John Charles Martin Nash, and Dr. Nash began to show signs of mental instability.然后他回到了麻省理工学院,在那里他遇到了艾丽西娅·拉德,来自萨尔瓦多的物理学学生,他们于1957年结婚后此后不久,艾丽西娅怀上了他们的儿子,约翰·查尔斯·马丁·纳什,纳什士开始出现精神不稳定的迹象During his illness, Dr. Nash was divorced from his wife, moved in and out of hospitals and endured dangerous treatments including insulin-coma therapy. Alicia Nash later took him into her home and cared him even though they were no longer married.在他生病期间,纳什士与妻子离婚,搬进搬出医院,忍受包括胰岛素休克疗法在内的危险治疗艾丽西娅·纳什后来把他带到她家里照顾他,即使他们不再是夫妻了He spent much of his time on the Princeton campus, where some recognized him as the genius that he was. Others knew him as the Ghost of Fine Hall, a reference to the building that houses the mathematics department.他把大部分时间花在普林斯顿校园,在那里认为他是曾经的天才,另一些人则认为他是范因大厅的幽灵,这指的是数学系进驻的大楼In time, and seemingly against all odds, he appeared to overcome the illness that had afflicted him so long. He insisted that he ;willed; his recovery.随着时间的推移,看似困难重重,但他似乎克了困扰了他这么久的疾病他坚持说,他;想要;复苏;I decided I was going to think rationally,; Dr. Nash told an interviewer.;我决定我要理性思考,;纳什士告诉面试官Dr. Nash and Alicia were remarried in 01. ;We thought it would be a good idea,; she later said. ;After all, weve been together most of our lives.;纳什士和艾丽西娅在01年复婚;我们认为这会是一个好主意,;她后来说, ;毕竟,我们大部分生命中一直在一起;Survivors include his sons, John David Stier of Lynn, Mass., and John Charles Martin Nash of Princeton Junction; and a sister.参加者包括他的儿子,马萨诸塞林恩的约翰·戴维·斯蒂尔和普林斯顿中转站的约翰·查尔斯·马丁·纳什,以及一个Dr. Nash remarked in his Nobel biographical sketch that his return to rational scientific thought was ;not entirely a matter of joy as if someone returned from physical disability to good physical health.;纳什士在他的诺贝尔小传中说,他回归理性的科学思维;不完全像人从身体残疾恢复到身体健康那是快乐的事;;Without his ‘madness,#81;; Dr. Nash wrote, ;Zarathustra would necessarily have been only another of the millions or billions of human individuals who have lived and then been gotten.;;如果没有其‘疯狂,;纳什士写道,;查拉图斯特拉必然只是亿万个曾经存在然后被遗忘的人中的另外一个而已;Emily Langer is a reporter on The Washington Post obituaries desk. She has written about national and world leaders, celebrated figures in science and the arts, and heroes from all walks of life.艾米丽·兰格是《华盛顿邮报讣闻专栏的一个记者她描写了国家和世界领导人,恭贺了科学和艺术人物,以及各行各业的英雄 378533。

  With a hit Fox TV show named Gotham and a ninth big screen outing planned Batman, more people are being exposed to his dark city every day. However, with over seven decades of history, there are many facts about Gotham City that even die-hard Bat-maniacs may have missed.随着福克斯电视台美剧《哥谭的热播,越来越多的人开始了解哥谭这座黑暗之城尽管因为时间久远,有着70多年历史的哥谭市的一些真相可能鲜为人知,下面就为大家揭露个关于哥谭市你不知道的真相.The Founding Fathers Summoned A Bat Demon In Gotham.国父在哥谭召唤了一只恶魔Long-time bat fans know that Gotham City has been through much more than the average comic book town. Earthquakes, plagues, and a rotating door on the one asylum. Why, both Gotham citizens and Batman ers may wonder, is Gotham so messed up?资深的蝙蝠侠迷都知道哥谭市经历了比一般漫画中的城市都要多得多的灾难——地震、瘟疫以及那座让人望而却步的精神病院哥谭市的市民和漫画读者都想知道:为什么哥谭市如此糟糕?Demons, of course! Well, one specific demon, summoned by no less than Thomas Jefferson. A bat-demon named Barbatos was summoned by Jefferson, an ancestor of Bruce Wayne, and other characters, and imprisoned beneath the city bee the Revolutionary War ended. It is implied earlier in Batman mythology that the town having a literal foundation of evil affected the development of the town and its people, either causing or exacerbating some of the bizarre goings-on of the city.当然是恶魔!确切地说是一只被托马斯·杰斐逊(译注:美利坚合众国第三任总统同时也是《美国独立宣言主要起草人,及美国开国元勋中最具影响力者之一)召唤出来的叫做巴巴托斯的恶魔杰斐逊是布鲁斯·韦恩的祖先,其他的恶魔在独立战争结束前都被他囚禁在了哥谭市地下早期的蝙蝠侠故事中,巴巴托斯对哥谭市的发展和市民产生重要影响,导致并恶化了一系列的离奇事件The real explanation provided by Grant Morrison is even more bizarre—the bat-demon was the manifestation of a time-jumping adaptive weapon sent to hunt and torture a time-jumping Bruce Wayne. This means that Batman inadvertently helped to create the demonic mythology of his own city.格兰特·莫里森的解释更加离奇:巴巴托斯是一件可以跳跃时空的武器,是用来追踪并折磨布鲁斯·韦恩的这让蝙蝠侠不经意间使得这个传说更加离奇9.It Was Once Declared A No Man Land By The Government9.哥谭曾被宣布为;无人之境;Many Batman fans are familiar with the Dark Knight Rises plot point of Bane cutting Gotham City off from the government by threatening to destroy the city if the government intervenes. To make good on his threat, Bane destroyed almost all bridges into the city. What kind of monster, viewers might think, would do this?许多蝙蝠侠粉丝一定对《黑暗骑士崛起中班切断哥谭市与外界的联系,以此来威胁如果政府采取干预措施就毁灭这座城市的情节很熟悉为了使他的威胁更有说力,班毁掉了所有通往哥谭的交通要道观众一定在想,到底是哪种恶魔能够做出这种事情In the Batman comics, it was the government itself that cut the city off. After Gotham experienced an earthquake that killed over a million people and destroyed or damaged most of the buildings, the citizens finally got the message the city had been trying to send years: get out. With the city mostly empty and destroyed, the government destroyed Gotham bridges and declared it a no man land with one specific rule: Those with criminal records had to stay in the ruined city.在蝙蝠侠漫画中,居然是美国政府切断了与哥谭的联系在哥谭市经历了一场导致数百万死亡和大部分建筑损毁的地震后,哥谭市民们最终得到了一条政府一直想发送多年的指示:离开哥谭因为哥谭市已经基本成为废墟,美国政府摧毁了所有通往哥谭的桥梁,并宣布哥谭已经成为无人之境除此之外,所有有犯罪记录的人必须待在这座废墟之城中This created an immediate problem as some were too poor or too stubborn to leave the city, and they were now effectively trapped with criminals. Commissioner Gordon and his men decided to stay and protect these citizens along with Batman. their trouble, everyone who stayed in the city had their citizenship revoked by the government.这导致了一个问题,那些因为过度贫困和过于执着而留在哥谭的人们,无可奈何地被困在了一堆罪犯中高登警监和他的警员们决定留下来,和蝙蝠侠一起保护这些市民由于他们所带来的麻烦,所有留在哥谭的人都被美国政府剥夺了美国公民资格8.It Is Implied That The City Was Designed To Produce A Batman8.哥谭是为创造蝙蝠侠特意设计的One of the more bizarre bat-moments from the aly bizarre Batman was when the R.I.P. storyline included the revelation that Batman had a backup mental identity in the event that the original was compromised. That is, a brightly colored, slightly unhinged, and ultra-violent Batman known as The Batman of Zur-en-Arrh. Because it Batman, even the seemingly insane things about this Batman—such as conversations with a hallucination—lead to actual revelations, such as a hidden tracker inside Batman teeth. With this in mind, his conversation with some stone gargoyles was quite interesting. The gargoyles claimed to see with ;slow vision; the grids of Gotham City as it grows, giving them insight into how the city shapes its people just as much as its people shape the city.在已经很离奇的蝙蝠侠的身上发生的更加离奇的事情是,他似乎有精神方面的问题因为他是蝙蝠侠,所以发生在他身上的荒唐的事都会得到合理的解答他看起来似乎经常和幻觉交流,其实他是正在通过内置在牙齿中的追踪器和同伴交流知道了这些,他和一些滴水兽石像说话这件事在我们看来就会相当有趣了这些滴水兽雕塑可以看到哥谭市内每一个坐标上发生的一举一动,这让人们看到正如这里的人们改变了这座城市那样,这座城市也改变了这里的人们By channeling this ;slow vision,; Batman observes Gotham and says, ;A checkerboard. A blueprint, A machine designed to make Batman.; This off-hand comment is explosively revelatory, implying that the city may have orchestrated the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne in order to create its future savior: Batman.蝙蝠侠可以通过这些滴水兽石像密切监视哥谭,他说:;一个精准的坐标,一幅城市规划图,一台计算机,这些都是为蝙蝠侠量身打造的;这种不经意间的感慨似乎暗示着这座城市特意安排了托马斯和玛莎·韦恩的死,以此来创造它未来的救星――蝙蝠侠ZC:译 来源:前十网 386571

  SHANGHAI — The Shanghai International Film Festival may have played only a minor role in the blockbuster success of “Transmers: Age of Extinction” in China last year. The film, which earned what was then a record 9 million after debuting as the closing film at the festival, was aly guaranteed a certain degree of success, given the history of its franchise in China. But its opening here raised the international profile of a festival that has established itself as one of the most prominent events of its kind in the region.上海——对于《变形金刚:绝迹重生(Transmers: Age of Extinction)去年在中国取得的巨大成功,上海国际电影节也许只起到了很小的作用作为闭幕影片在上海电影节首映后,《变形金刚:绝迹重生收获了创纪录的19.7亿元人民币的票房收入鉴于这一系列电影在中国过去的表现,它本就基本注定会取得成功不过,上海国际电影节在逐渐成为亚洲地区最重要的电影盛事之一,而《变形金刚:绝迹重生在此首映提升了电影节的国际影响力This year, organizers are opting a lower-profile film to fill the symbolic slot.今年,主办方打算用一部较为低调的影片来承担这一象征性的荣誉The event, which kicked off on Saturday and runs through Sunday, opens and closes with two homegrown productions: The Chinese film “I Am Somebody,” a self-financed comedy directed by Derek Yee about the lives of the nameless extras working at the famous Hengdian World Studios near Shanghai, will make its world premiere as the opening film of the festival. The event will close with a Chinese-Russian co-production set during World War II called “Ballet in the Flames of War” and directed by Yachun Dong and Nikita Mikhalkov. The selection of the closing film follows an agreement signed last September between Russia and China intended to increase cooperation in the film domain.上海国际电影节于上周六拉开帷幕,将持续至本周日,开幕和闭幕影片均为本土出品:华语电影《我是路人甲将作为开幕影片完成全球首映,闭幕影片则是中俄合拍片《战火中的芭蕾《我是路人甲由尔冬升(Derek Yee)执导,是一部自筹资金拍摄的喜剧片,讲述籍籍无名的临时演员在离上海不远的著名影视城横店的生活《战火中的芭蕾则以二战为背景,由董亚春和尼基塔·米哈尔科夫(Nikita Mikhalkov)共同执导闭幕影片的选择源于去年9月中俄两国签署的一项意在加强双方在电影方面的合作的协议The pivot back toward domestic productions is the latest in an ongoing struggle in China to strike a balance between opening its market to international players and protecting its relatively young film industry. Combined with Hollywood’s eagerness to get a piece of China’s massive film market, which just topped the ed States market the first time in February in terms of box office receipts, the dynamic between the two is often characterized as competitive and collaborative.中国一直力求在向国际电影开放本国市场和保护中国相对年轻的电影产业之间取得平衡,而此次电影节向本土电影的回归是追求这种平衡的最新举措今年月,中国市场的票房收入第一次超越了美国市场,好莱坞迫切希望能在中国巨大的电影市场中分一杯羹这些因素加起来,使得中外电影之间通常既是竞争关系,也是合作关系Officials like Hu Jinjun — the director of the Shanghai Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and TV, the government agency that organizes the festival — prefer to emphasize the latter. “We believe there is no ‘PK’ relationship between the Chinese film industry and Hollywood, instead a process of mutual understanding and exchange,” said Mr. Hu in a written response to questions, using a gaming term that means to engage in combat. “In China, we admire Hollywood’s maturity and advanced film technologies, while Hollywood understands China vast film market and rich cultural heritage.”主办上海国际电影节的是政府机关上海市文化广播影视局长胡劲军等官员更喜欢强调双方的合作“中国电影和好莱坞之间我认为并不存在‘PK’的关系,而是一个大家相互了解、认识的过程,”胡局长书面答复采访提问时表示,其中用到了一个意为交锋的游戏术语“中国电影了解好莱坞的技术、成熟的工业体系,好莱坞了解中国庞大的电影市场和文化底蕴”Now in its 18th year, the Shanghai festival attracts stars and top industry players from the region and abroad. Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing and Mike Tyson were among the celebrities walking the red carpet at the opening ceremony.上海电影节如今走到了第18个年头,吸引了亚洲内外的明星和业内顶级人士开幕式上走红毯的明星包括了成龙、范冰冰和迈克·泰森(Mike Tyson)The events this year include 1,0 screenings of more than 300 films at 5 locations around Shanghai, China’s cosmopolitan capital.今年的电影节将在中国的时尚之都上海的5处地点展映300余部影片,场次达00场“Over the years the festival has really upped its game and established itself as a leading film festival in Asia,” said David U. Lee, the chief executive of Leeding Media, a producer and distributor of films in Los Angeles and Beijing and has been attending since .“上海电影节的确在逐年发展,把自己打造成亚洲地区的一个主要电影节,”李鼎传媒(Leeding Media)首席执行官李威达(David U. Lee)说他从事电影制作和发行工作,在洛杉矶和北京两地经营,自年起一直前来上海参加电影节A diverse slate of films has been selected to compete the Golden Goblet Award, the festival’s highest prize, out of a record ,6 films from 1 countries submitted various competitions. In past years, the festival has had difficulty attracting top-quality films. Because it is in the highest category of festivals accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Association, it cannot have films in its main competition that have been in the main competition of another top-category festival, including the big three events at Venice, Cannes and Berlin.有部风格各异的影片入围今年的参赛片名单,将角逐电影节的最高殊荣金爵奖此次有来自1个国家的6部电影提交给主办方,希望参加不同奖项的角逐,创下了纪录过去,上海电影节一直面临无法吸引到高质量影片的问题这是因为上海电影节是国际电影制片人协会(International Federation of Film Producers Association)认可的个国际A类电影节之一,所以入围其主竞赛单元的影片不能在过去入围其他顶级电影节的主竞赛单元,其中包括、戛纳和柏林三大电影节Industry veterans say the competition appears to be improving. Included among the finalists this year are Hollywood titles like Antoine Fuqua’s film “Southpaw” starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the fictional boxer Billy Hope, and David Barnz’s indie drama “Cake,” starring Jennifer Aniston as a grieving woman suffering from chronic pain.电影行业的资深人士表示,上海电影节的竞赛质量看来在提高今年的最终入围作品包括了来自好莱坞的多部影片,比如安东尼·福奎阿(Antoine Fuqua)在今年推出的《铁拳(Southpaw)和丹尼尔·巴尔兹(Daniel Barnz)于年出品的独立制作《蛋糕前者由杰克·吉伦哈尔饰演(Jake Gyllenhaal)虚构拳击手比利·霍普(Billy Hope),后者则由詹妮弗·安妮斯顿(Jennifer Aniston)主演一名受慢性疼痛折磨的悲伤女子Prominent directors featured in the competition include Mr. Mikhalkov with his film “Sunstroke” set in Crimea during the Red Terror; the French director Pierre Jolivet with the French-Belgian thriller “The Night Watchman”; and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, who won the prize best director at Cannes this year in the Un Certain Regard section (outside the main competition) with his romantic drama “Journey to the Shore,” which is now in the main competition at the Shanghai festival.参与角逐的著名导演包括米哈尔科夫、法国导演皮埃尔·祖利维(Pierre Jolivet)和黑泽清(Kiyoshi Kurosawa)米哈尔科夫年执导的《中暑(Sunstroke)讲述了红色恐怖时期发生在克里米亚的故事祖利维带来的是今年推出的法国和比利时合拍的惊悚片《守夜(The Night Watchman)凭借着今年的爱情电影《岸边之旅(Journey to the Shore),黑泽清赢得了今年戛纳电影节“一种注目”单元(Un Certain Regard)(主竞赛单元之外)的最佳导演奖该片入围了本届上海电影节的主竞赛单元Other international titles include “Carte Blanche” directed by Jacek Lusinski of Poland; “The Duchess of Warsaw” by Joseph Morder of France; “Jameh Daran” by Hamid Ghotbe of Iran; and the Finnish-Lithuanian film “The Midwife” by Antti Jokinen.入围的国际电影还包括波兰导演亚采克·卢森斯基(Jacek Lusinski)执导的《女友的秘密(Carte Blanche);法国导演约瑟夫·莫德(Joseph Morder)的作品《华沙女公爵(The Duchess of Warsaw);伊朗导演哈米德·吉奥特(Hamid Ghotbe)的作品《意外的真相(Jameh Daran);以及由安提·乔金恩(Antti Jokinen)执导的芬兰和立陶宛的合拍片《助产士(The Midwife)There are also five Asian films in the main competition. From Korea, the contenders are “Salut d’Amour,” about a middle-age man who receives an unexpected romantic proposal, by Kang Je-kyu, and “The Shameness,” a love story between a policeman and a criminal suspect, by Seung-ook Oh. From China, the competition includes “The Dead End” by Cao Baoping about three brothers who raise a young girl together and “Love in the 1980s” by Huo Jianqi about a village romance. Rounding out the is the Taiwanese-China film “Where the Wind Settles,” directed by the Taiwanese director Wang Tung, about three young Chinese soldiers who escape to Taiwan at the end of the Chinese Civil War.还有五部亚洲影片进入了主竞赛单元两部来自韩国,其中姜帝圭(Kang Je-kyu)执导的《长寿商会(Salut d’Amour)讲述的是一名中年男子受到意想不到的感情追求的故事,吴胜旭(Seung-ook Oh)导演的《无赖汉(Shameness)则描绘了警察与犯罪嫌疑人之间的爱情入围的中国大陆电影包括曹保平的《烈日灼心和霍建起的《1980年代的爱情前者讲述了三个兄弟共同抚养一个女孩的故事,后者则以乡村爱情为主题还有一部是台湾导演王童的作品《对风说爱你,其中讲述了在中国内战末期逃至台湾的三名年轻士兵的经历Andrey Zvyagintsev, the Russian director who with Oleg Negin won the award best screenplay in Cannes last year the film “Leviathan,” will head the jury the Golden Goblet Award. Other members include the Chinese director Cai Shangjun, the Chinese actress Hao Lei, the Hong Kong filmmaker Shi Nansun, the Korean screenwriter Kim Hee-jae, the French director Philippe Muyl and Ron Yerxa, the American producer of films like “Little Miss Sunshine.”去年与奥列格·涅金(Oleg Negin)一起凭借《利维坦(Leviathan)获得戛纳电影节最佳编剧奖的俄罗斯导演安德烈·萨金塞夫(Andrey Zvyagintsev)将担任金爵奖评委会主席评委会成员还包括中国导演蔡尚君、中国演员郝蕾、香港制片人施南生、韩国编剧金希才(Kim Hee-jae)、法国导演费利普·弥勒(Philippe Muyl),以及出品了《阳光小美女(Little Miss Sunshine)等片的美国制片人罗恩·耶克萨(Ron Yerxa)Outside of the main competition, cinephiles will have the rare opporty to see films that weren’t given a domestic release or aren’t typically shown on the big screen in China. The festival will feature a Jean-Luc Godard retrospective as well as a first-ever screening in China of the six-film “Star Wars” saga. Some Hollywood films that weren’t included in this year’s import a of eign films also will receive screenings, like “Boyhood,” “The Theory of Everything” and “Clouds of Sils Maria.”除了主竞赛单元,影迷们将获得难得的机会,一睹没有在国内公映或通常不会登上中国大屏幕的一些影片本届电影节将举办让-吕克·戈达尔(Jean-Luc Godard)的回顾展,并在中国首次展映《星球大战(Star Wars)系列的全部六部影片中国今年引进外国影片的定额为部,而一些没能引进的好莱坞片也将在本次电影节上获得放映,比如《少年时代(Boyhood)、《万物理论(The Theory of Everything)和《锡尔斯玛利亚(Clouds of Sils Maria)Also this year, China and other countries are marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, or as the festival calls it, the “victory in the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the victory in the World Anti-Fascist War.”中国等国家今年还会纪念二战结束70周年,或者用电影节的官方说辞,是纪念“中国人民抗日战争暨世界反法西斯战争胜利”70周年The festival will screen films to commemorate the anniversary, including the 1957 classic about the construction of the Burma Railway, “The Bridge on the River Kwai,” and the 1979 Academy Award-winning German Film “The Tin Drum.”在这一主题下,电影节将放映部影片,其中包括1957年上映的讲述修建泰缅铁路故事的经典电影《桂河大桥(The Bridge on the River Kwai),以及1979年的奥斯卡获奖影片——德国电影《铁皮鼓(The Tin Drum)China’s largest Internet companies, like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, have been making major inroads into the entertainment industry, and the festival’s um series this year will discuss the impact of this trend.百度、阿里巴巴和腾讯等中国网络业巨头均在大举进军业,而今年电影节的系列论坛将会讨论这一趋势的影响Several of the talks will also explore how Internet literature is becoming a source of inspiration films, as well as the proliferation of Internet films, or films created specifically the online market.其中一些讨论还将探讨网络文学如何成为电影灵感源泉的话题,以及网络电影或为网络市场特别创作的影片大幅增加的现象“As the online and movie realms become increasingly integrated, we want to create an Internet-oriented film festival,” Mr. Hu Jinjun said.胡劲军表示,“在互联网和电影深度融合的大背景下,我们就要打造具有互联网思维的电影节”The festival has aly begun moving in that direction. In March, it announced a three-year strategic partnership with the e-commerce behemoth Alibaba. The festival will integrate services like Yulebao, Alibaba’s crowdfunding-like service, and Taobao Dianying, which will serve as its official ticketing platm. Other corporate partners include the Internet giants Tencent and Youku.上海国际电影节已经开始朝这个方向发展今年3月,主办方宣布与电商巨头阿里巴巴签订三年协议,达成战略伙伴关系电影节将融合宝——阿里巴巴的众筹务——和淘宝电影等务,而且后者将成为电影节的官方售票平台其他合作公司还包括网络巨头腾讯和优酷One issue that continues to inspire debate at the festival and beyond is the eign import film a, one of the strongest policies that China has in place to shield the film industry. The a, which allows films to be imported on a revenue-sharing basis, is expected to be raised in or 18, possibly to films, according to The Hollywood Reporter.在电影节内外持续引发热议的一个话题是进口影片的配额这是中国采取的保护电影产业的最强有力的政策之一在票房收入分成的前提下,中国目前允许引进部外国影片《好莱坞报道(The Hollywood Reporter)透露,中国可能会在年或18年将这一配额增至部While Hollywood has long pushed the complete opening of the Chinese film market, China’s protectionist mentality is understandable, said Mr. Lee, the American-based producer, who has consulted on many ed States-China co-production arrangements.在美国工作的制片人李威达表示,虽然好莱坞一直以来在敦促中国完全开放电影市场,但中国的这种保护主义心态是可以理解的他担任过很多中美合拍片的顾问“You want an industry to have the chance to find its own voice bee you open the floodgates,” he said.“你会想让这个产业在打开闸门前,有机会找到自己的声音,”李威达 38759




  When it comes to a Chinese holiday film that is directed by Ning Hao and stars Xu Zheng, 1, and Huang Bo, 39, it’s easy to expect another no-brainer comedy, much like the trio’s classic film Crazy Stone.说到由导演宁浩、演员徐铮(1岁)和黄渤(39岁)这个“铁三角”组合打造的贺岁片,人们很容易就认为这又是一部类似年经典电影《疯狂的石头那样的轻松喜剧So it comes as a surprise that their latest project, No Man’s Land (《无人区) is nothing like what they’ve done bee. In fact, there’s nothing comparable to it in the whole of Chinese cinema.然而,他们的新作——《无人区一经上映,便令人大跌眼镜,该片完全颠覆他们以往的影片事实上,该片称得上是中国电影圈的“独一份儿”It’s a dark, Western-style thriller full of black humor and anti-authoritarian attitude — no wonder it was shelved four years (it was first finished in June ) due to censorship issues (including too much negativity concerns such as that bad guys are depicted as heroes, and cops as impotent).这是一部阴暗忧郁、充满西部风格的惊悚片,片中充斥着黑色幽默和反独裁主义——也正是,该片自年6月完成制作后由于审查问题被搁置年之久(审查方担心片中大量诸如“反派英雄”、“无能警官”等元素造成消极影响)No Man’s Land tells the story of a lawyer named Pan Xiao (Xu Zheng), who drives to the deserts of China’s far west a profitable case. On his way back, Pan is hunted down by a killer and encounters a variety of characters, including a police officer, a stripper and a group of smugglers.在影片《无人区中,律师潘肖(徐铮饰)为了一桩赚大钱的案子驾车来到中国边远西部的荒漠返程途中,他被杀手追杀,并且遇到了包括警官、脱衣舞女、走私团伙在内的形形色色的人It’s a typical road movie and you can tell that Ning Hao gave his best to capture the essential elements of one. Beautiful desert scenery with long, empty roads and falcons flying above provide an authentic yet creepy background to what happens in the story.这是一部典型的公路电影,宁浩竭尽全力地去捕获公路片的精髓美丽的大漠风光、荒无人烟、没有尽头的公路以及天空中盘旋的秃鹰,都为情节发展营造出一种真实却令人毛骨悚然的氛围Ning’s storytelling skills keep you on edge throughout most of the two hours, although at times the story is so elaborate that you can’t help but wonder how it will wrap up.宁浩精湛的叙事功力让你几乎小时一直保持高度集中、紧张地观影状态而有时因为情节太过精密复杂了,你甚至禁不住纳闷影片最后要如何收尾At the core of every road movie, however, is change and growth. That’s Xu Zheng’s role and clearly he’s done a great job. Despite appearances by co-star Huang Bo and Tao Hong, No Man’s Land is Xu’s one-man film. Everything happens, quite literally, in a no man’s land, and Xu transms from an ambitious, mercenary lawyer into a righteous man who gradually learns to care. He realizes that a man’s worth is the most valuable thing in life.所有公路影片的核心都是变化与成长这正是徐铮所饰演的人物的使命,显然他演得相当出色除去黄渤和陶虹的戏份不论,《无人区便是徐铮的独角戏正如片名所示,所有故事都发生在无人区,而徐铮从一个野心勃勃、唯利是图的律师变成了一个渐渐学会关怀的正义之士他认识到一个人的价值才是生命中最可贵的东西No Man’s Land reminds me of the Oscar-winning film No Country Old Men, both in terms of its style and the story. But besides combining American westerns and modern black comedies, No Man’s Land smartly adds some Chinese mythology, making it one of a kind.无论是影片风格还是剧情,《无人区都让我想起了年奥斯卡获奖影片《老无所依而《无人区不仅将美国西部片和现代黑色喜剧结合起来,更是巧妙地加入了中国神话色,使其独树一帜Looking back at China’s holiday season cinema of the past few years, No Man’s Land is undoubtedly of the experimental kind. It’s a fresh breeze in a season that’s usually dominated by more cliched comedies.回顾近年来的国内假期档电影,《无人区无疑具备实验精神在被清一色的传统喜剧片攻占的假期档,该片为观众带来了一丝新意 683


  Frozen topped the box office over the weekend as bitter winter weather chilled receipts along the East Coast.《冰雪奇缘(Frozen)夺得上周末票房冠军,但东海岸冬季寒冷的天气影响了票房收入The animated musical from Walt Disney Co. DIS -0.1% was an unusual No.1. It is in its sixth week of wide release, and movies rarely reclaim the top spot after a month or more of play.这部华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)出品的动画音乐剧不同寻常地拿下了第一名的位置该片广泛上映已经进入第六周,而一般来说,一部电影在首映一个月或更长时间以后很少能重回冠军位置But positive word-of-mouth and a dearth of other family-friendly options have contributed to recent surges of ticket sales the film, which collected $.7 million over the weekend. The movie grossed .8 million domestically, and its global total of million ranked it second only to The Lion King among Disney Animation releases.但良好的口碑和缺少家庭观影选择这两个因素帮助该影片近期票房上涨,上周末该片收获了,0万美元的票房《冰雪奇缘的国内总票房已达.978亿美元,全球票房为6.0亿美元,在迪士尼出品的动画电影中仅次于《狮子王(The Lion King)The weekend only new wide release, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, opened in second place, taking in an estimated . million in the U.S. and Canada. The weekend grosses of most holiday-season holdovers, ?including The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle, didnt fall by much in the new year.上周末唯一一部大范围首映的电影是《鬼影实录:诅咒(Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones),上映首周末票房收入排名第二,据估计,在美国和加拿大总共斩获1,8万美元的票房上周末的电影大多是假日季首映的电影,包括《霍比特人:史矛革荒漠(The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)、《华尔街之狼(The Wolf of Wall Street)和《美国骗局(American Hustle),在新的一年,这些影片的票房收入下降不多Made about million, The Marked Ones is the first spinoff in the microbudgeted Paranormal Activity series, a franchise that started out as a surprise blockbuster in and has inspired a subgenre of cheaply made scary movies that have made consistent profits Hollywood.《鬼影实录:诅咒的制作成本约为500万美元,这是小预算的“鬼影实录”系列第一部派生作品“鬼影实录”系列从年开始上映,并形成了一个低成本恐怖电影小流派,持续不断为好莱坞创造利润With only one new wide release, Hollywood kept a close eye on the many late-December releases lingering in theaters. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, director Peter Jackson latest portrayal of J.R.R. Tolkien Middle Earth, held strong in third place, fetching $.3 million in its fourth week of release, which brought its total to .6 million. The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle, both expected to be among the Academy Awards nominees announced on Jan. , rounded out the weekend top five.因为只有一部大范围上映的新片,好莱坞对去年月下旬上映的“遗留电影”给予了密切关注导演彼得#539;杰克逊(Peter Jackson)根据托尔金(J.R.R. Tolkien)的“中土”故事制作的最新一部电影《霍比特人:史矛革荒漠顽强地占据了第三名的位置,在上映第四周吸金1,630万美元,总计票房收入达.96亿美元《华尔街之狼和《美国骗局上周末的票房也进入了前五名,预计这两部电影都将在1月日被宣布为奥斯卡奖提名影片Wolf, director Martin Scorsese epic of Wall Street debauchery, grossed $. million, down 7% from the previous week a cumulative .3 million. Paramount is distributing the film, which was financed by Red Granite Pictures, about <牛人_句子> million.马丁#539;斯科塞斯(Martin Scorsese)执导的表现华尔街道德败坏的史诗电影《华尔街之狼票房收入为1,0万美元,较前一周下降7%,总票房收入达6,330万美元该片由派拉蒙(Paramount)发行,出资方为Red Granite Pictures,出资额约为1亿美元American Hustle, starring Amy Adams and Christian Bale as 1970s con artists, grossed $. million a total of .7 million. Sony Corp. 6758.TO +.30% Sony Pictures Entertainment is distributing the movie.由埃米#539;亚当斯(Amy Adams)和克里斯蒂安#539;贝尔(Christian Bale)饰演上世纪70年代骗术大师的《美国骗局吸金1,3万美元,总票房收入达8,870万美元,该片由索尼公司(Sony Corp.)旗下的索尼影视公司(Sony Pictures Entertainment)发行 1973

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