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They were ball players, they lived in the underworld, and they played ball with the lords of death, regardless of who was playing that game.他们都是球员,生活在地下,与死神一起玩球。It re-emphasised how Mesoamericans viewed themselves in the cosmos and in relation to the gods.这种游戏再次突显了中美洲人的自我定位及其与神灵的关系。So they were playing out a game of gods and the lords of death every time they took to the ball court.;每次球赛都是天神与死神间的较量。It used to be thought that the losing team was always sacrificially slaughtered, but while this did later occasionally happen, at the time of our belt we don#39;t know what lay in store for the losers.过去通常认为,战败的队伍会被杀死祭神。尽管之后这样的情况偶有发生,但其实我们并清楚,在制作腰带的年代,人们究竟会如何处置战败的队伍。Mostly the games were an opportunity for a community to feast, to worship and to create and reaffirm social ties.比赛是举办宴会、祭祀和加强社交往来的好时机。It#39;s thought that early on this was a game that both men and women could play, but by the time the Spanish encountered the Aztecs in the sixteenth century the game was being played only by men.有人认为,最早的比赛是男女都能参加的,但到十六世纪西班牙人进入美洲时,它已变成了纯男性的比赛。The ball courts were designed to be sacred spaces in which offerings were buried, so making the building a living entity.球场也是圣地,祭品埋在地下,使得建筑本身成了有生命的实体。The Spanish recognised the religious significance of the courts and of course wanted to replace the old local pagan religion with their new, superior, Catholic one.西班牙人认识到了这些场地在宗教上的重要性,同时又想用天主教来代替当地宗教。It cannot have been by accident that they built their cathedral in what is today Mexico City on the site of the Great Ball Court of the ancient Aztec city, Tenochtitlan.因此,他们把天主教堂修在了当年阿兹特克的特诺奇蒂特兰城(今墨西哥城)大球场的位置绝非偶然。But if the courts were destroyed, the game survived the brutal conquest of Mexico and the destruction of the Aztec culture.但尽管球场已被摧毁或废弃,在经历了殖民者对墨西哥的野蛮掠夺及对阿玆特克文化的粗暴毁灭之后,球赛依然存活了下来。A form of it is even played today, called #39;ulama#39;, proof, if any was needed, that once a sport embodies national identity as this one does, it has enormous staying power.一种名叫乌拉马的球赛今天仍在举行,这明了—如果需要明的话—假如一种运动与国家的认同感相关,它的生命力是极为强大的。 Article/201501/355571。

See if you can ID me.看你能否鉴别出我。I was developed in the late 1800s by American inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes. 美国发明家克里斯托夫·拉森·肖尔斯在19世纪发明了我。I was eventually named the Remington and occasionally used by author Mark Twain.我最终被称为雷明顿,作家马克·吐温有时会用到我。I#39;m a machine that produces characters like those made by a printing press. 我就像印刷机那样打出字幕。I#39;m a typewriter and the first ones on the market only wrote in capital letters.我是打字机,市场上第一台打字机只能打大写字母。AZUZ: Of course, people wanted to be able to use lower case type, so some of the first typewriters had two keyboards, many with one behind the other. 当然,人们想要使用小写字体,因此最早的打字机有两幅键盘,一幅在另一个的后面。One had capitals and one had lower case.一个有大写字母一个是小写字母。A typewriter with a shift key that needed only one keyboard started being sold around 1878. 只有一个键盘带有转换键的打字机在1878年面市。It eventually became more popular.之后它变得更加流行。But all of these things are just useless antiques now, right?但这些东西现在只是无用的古董吗? /201503/366851。

如此一来 那些知道你上网偏好的人can also discover your deepest secrets,也会发现你最深的秘密and then sell them to the highest bidder.然后再把它们卖给出价最高的人So let#39;s say a woman takes a pregnancy test举个例子 一位女性做了验测试and finds out she#39;s pregnant.发现自己怀了Then she might go look for something online.她可能会上网搜索相关信息By making pregnancy-related searches,通过搜索怀相关的信息this woman has become a hot property对于寻找推销目标的广告商来说for the people looking for a good target for advertising.这位女性便成了炙手可热的拍卖品The process of selling then begins.买卖环节开始Within seconds, she is identified by the companies watching her.几秒钟内 她就被监视着她的公司识别了Her profile is now sold multiple times.她的档案已经被卖了很多次了She will then find herself接下来她会发现bombarded with ads relating to pregnancy.自己会不断接到与怀相关的广告She may well find that she#39;s been followed around the Web by ads她可能会发现自己在上网时被广告包围and that#39;s really a result of that auction house.这就是拍卖后的结果Now they will say to you that they know,他们可能会告诉你they know she#39;s pregnant but they don#39;t know her name他们只知道她怀了 并不知道她的姓名but what#39;s happening is now that,但实际上more and more, that information is really not that anonymous.越来越多的信息并不是匿名的重点解释:1.find out 发现例句:Jill will find out your secret she never misses a trick!吉尔会发现你的秘密的--她很警觉!2.look for 寻找例句:He turned on the torch to look for his keys.他打开了手电筒,寻找钥匙。3.relate to 有关例句:Some adults can#39;t relate to children.有些成年人不理解儿童的想法。 Article/201612/484096。

TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373012。

By the time a child is five,到孩子五岁的时候 they#39;ll know as many as 5,000 words.他们可以识得五千个单词My voice changes when I get in a situation.当我进入不同状态时 声音就会改变That requires a rather precise placement of the tip of the tongue.这需要舌尖位置相当精准的变化At the third stroke the time will be five...第三次报时的时间是五点Language is exclusively human语言是人类所特有的and it#39;s something that comes naturally to us.也是每个人与生俱来的...from their voice,通过他们的声音so it#39;s clear the voice is deeply expressive.显然声音相当具有表现力Despite decades of intense investigation,尽管经过了数十年紧锣密鼓的调查研究we still know very little about the basic origins of language.对语言的主要起源我们仍然知之甚少Sunlight.阳光While other creatures can communicate其它的动物可以their basic needs and emotions to each other,彼此交流基本需要和情绪we#39;re the only species而我们是唯一that can convey complex meaning and thought.可以传递复杂内涵和思想的物种T or the D at the end of a word for, say, dot or dog.以T或D结尾的单词 比如Dot或Dog Article/201411/343831。

This part of the internet even had a new name - the Dark Web.这一部分的互联网甚至有个新名字 暗网A dark website is impossible to shut down暗网是无法关闭的because you don#39;t know where a dark website is hosted因为你不知道暗网的主机在哪里or even where it#39;s physically located or who#39;s behind it.它的物理位置在哪 谁在幕后操控And there was one other thing which made Silk Road让丝绸之路和他的效仿者and its imitators difficult to stop.都难以自拔的还有另外一件事You paid with a new currency你要用一种全新的货币付that only exists online, called Bitcoin.只存在于网络的货币 比特币Before, even if you had anonymity as a user,在以前 即使你是一个匿名用户you could still track the transactions,仍可以追踪到交易the money flowing between persons,资金的流动because if you use your Visa card,因为如果你用维萨卡your ATM, bank transfer, Western Union,自动取款机 转账 西联汇款等等there is always... Money leaves a mark.钱总会留下痕迹This is the first time that you can anonymously这是首次你可以move money between two persons.使资金流动匿名化重点解释:1.part of 一部分例句:The last part of the ascent is very steep.最后一段上坡路很陡。2.even if 即使;虽然例句:Even if I fail this time, I would try again.即使我这次失败了,我还要再试试。3.Silk Road 丝绸之路 Article/201703/499800。

They do represent the real yokes that were worn during the ball game, but those real yokes were of perishable materials and they probably, in almost all circumstances, have not survived.;它们象征着比赛中人们真正会使用的腰带。不过那些腰带通常都是用不耐久的材料制成的,无法保存下来。We know a bit about the Central American ball game because it was quite frequently represented by local artists, who over hundreds of years made sculptures of player figures, and models of pitches, with the public sitting on the walls of the court watching the players. Later European visitors wrote accounts of the game, and a number of stadia built specially for it still survive today. The Spaniards, when they arrived, were amazed by the actual ball that the game was played with. It was made of a substance entirely new to Europeans...rubber. The very first view of a bouncing ball must have been extremely disconcerting-this round object, defying gravity and shooting around in random directions. The Spanish Dominican Friar Diego Duran reported a sighting:我们对中美洲的球类比赛略知一二,是因为在几百年间,当地艺术家创造了许多跟这种比赛有关的艺术品,如运动员雕像、观众围坐着观看比赛的球场模型等。此外,欧洲来客也曾记录过这些比赛,而且至今在美洲还能找到一些当年专为这些比赛而修建的球场。比赛用球让初到美洲的西班牙人震惊,这是一种对欧洲人来说完全陌生的材质橡胶。一个有弹性的圆球,似乎完全无视地心引力,可以向任何方向弹射: 第一次见到这种物品必定会惊讶万分。西班牙多明我会修道士迭戈?杜兰报道过:;They call the material of this ball #39;hule#39; (rubber) ... jumping and bouncing are its qualities, upward and downward, to and from. It can exhaust the pursuer running after it before he can catch up with it.;他们把制作这种球的材料称为hule (橡胶)。弹跳性能极佳,能上下左右弹射。追球的人在追到之前,就已经筋疲力尽了。These balls also became a kind of currency. Spaniards recorded the Aztecs#39; exacting tribute payments of 16,000 rubber balls. Not many have survived, but excavations and finds made by farmers across Mexico and Central America have turned up a few, as well as hundreds of stone belts like ours-and stone reliefs and sculptures showing players with these #39;yokes#39; or belts around their waists.橡胶球也变成了一种货币。据西班牙文献记载,他们曾向阿兹特克人强行索要过一万六千个橡胶球作为贡品。留存至今的球并不多,但墨西哥和中美洲的农民挖到过一些,同时还有数百件类似本节中文物的腰带,以及一些石头浮雕和雕像,上面的球员都戴着腰带。 Article/201501/354860。