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上海长海医院去痣多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属仁济医院祛疤手术价格Markets have been surprisingly quiet ahead of an autumn that looks set to be full of dramatic economic, financial and political events. 即将到来的秋天注定会迎来一系列戏剧性的经济、金融和政治事件。而在此之前,市场一直出奇的平静。 Money managers say the recent quiet masks uncertainty as they position their portfolios to benefit from a potential rally but also to withstand shocks ranging from upheaval in Europe to further easing by central banks to leadership changes in the worlds#39; two biggest economies. 投资经理们表示,市场近期的平静掩盖了不确定性。投资经理调整了投资组合,以期从市场可能出现的反弹中获利,同时也准备好接受来自各种事件的冲击,这其中包括欧洲的动荡形势,全球央行推出进一步宽松政策,以及全球两大经济体的领导人更迭。 #39;We are certainly not ignoring the possibility of downside in the markets,#39; said Tahnoon Pasha, Asia chief executive officer for equities and fixed income at Aviva Investors in Singapore, where the company manages assets worth just under billion. 英杰华投资集团(Aviva Investors)驻新加坡负责股票和固定收益的亚洲区首席执行长帕沙(Tahnoon Pasha)说:我们当然没有忽略市场出现下跌的可能。英杰华在新加坡管理的资产规模接近60亿美元。 A speech Friday by U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at Jackson Hole, Wyo., in some ways kicked off the new season. Mr. Bernanke defended the Fed#39;s monetary policies and raised hopes for more stimulus, pushing up U.S. stocks, gold, oil and prices of 10-year U.S. Treasurys. 美国联邦储备委员会主席贝南克(Ben Bernanke)上周五在怀俄明州杰克逊霍尔(Jackson Hole)的讲话从某种意义上说拉开了市场“新赛季”的帷幕。贝南克在讲话中捍卫了美联储的货币政策,令市场相信美联储可能推出更多刺激政策。这一信号推升了美国股市、金价、油价以及10年期美国国债的价格。 Mr. Bernanke#39;s comments are just a foretaste of central bankers#39; likely rocking of markets. When it comes to Europe, investors are waiting to see whether European Central Bank President Mario Draghi can live up to his promise to do #39;whatever it takes#39; to save the euro. 贝南克的讲话只是一个信号,它预示着全球央行官员可能推出影响市场的重大举措。欧洲的情况是,投资者还在等待观望,他们想看看欧洲央行(European Central Bank)行长德拉吉(Mario Draghi)是否能兑现其此前做出的“不惜一切代价”拯救欧元的承诺。 Some investors took Saturday#39;s news out of China that manufacturing had contracted in August─with the official purchasing-managers index falling to its lowest level in nine months─as an indication that Beijing will boost what has so far been relatively modest stimulus. 在部分投资者看来,上周六传出的有关中国8月制造业活动收缩的消息可能预示着,中国政府将加强迄今为止相对温和的刺激政策。上周六公布的中国8月官方制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)降至九个月来的最低点。 This week marks the traditional start of autumn in the U.S. and Europe, when investors return from summer holidays and start trading with an eye toward their year-end results. Volumes are expected to pick up─as, potentially, is volatility. 本周在传统上标志着美国和欧洲秋季的开始。每当这个时候,投资者结束暑期休假开始交易,他们的目光紧盯着年终业绩。预计交易量将回升,同时波动性也可能加大。 With the MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index up 9.7% from the 2012 lows that it reached on June 4, investors are looking to see whether the recent gains are sustainable. There is a growing belief that if policy makers fail to meet market expectations, there could be another selloff. 根士丹利资本国际亚洲(不含日本)指数(MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index)从今年6月4日创下的年中低点至今上涨9.7%。投资者正在观望最近这波上涨是否能够持续。有越来越多的人认为,如果政策制定者未能满足市场预期,可能会出现另一轮抛售。 In the near term, the news will flow most heavily from Europe, with an ECB policy meeting on Thursday that may produce more clarity on a bond-buying program, followed by a ruling next week by the German Constitutional Court on the legality of the European Stability Mechanism. 在短期内,影响市场的重大消息将主要来自欧洲。本周四召开的欧洲央行政策会议可能会向外界更加清晰地传递有关债券购买计划的信息。下周,德国宪法法院将对欧洲稳定机制(European Stability Mechanism)的合法性做出裁决。 After years of waiting on European developments, investors aren#39;t convinced that a definitive solution is around the corner. 在关注欧洲的进展长达数年之后,投资者如今不再相信一份明确的解决方案指日可待。 #39;Not that I expect a wholehearted policy response, but I expect greater transparency in terms of what will unfold,#39; said Tim Schroeders, a fund manager at Pengana Capital in Melbourne, which manages about billion. Pengana Capital公司驻墨尔本的基金经理施洛德斯(Tim Schroeders)说:我并不是期待一个完整的政策回应,我期待的是增加有关未来局势的透明度。这家公司管理着大约10亿美元资产。 Mr. Schroeders said that while he is maintaining his exposure to some risky assets, he is sticking with easily traded investments and staying away from less-liquid small-cap stocks as he anticipates uncertainty and volatility will remain high for the rest of the year. 施洛德斯说,尽管他仍保持着对一些高风险资产的敞口,但他现在坚持投资于可以轻松交易的投资产品,远离流动性较差的小型股,因为他预计今年余下时间市场的不确定性和波动性仍然会很高。 James White, senior analyst at First State Investments in Sydney, which manages 8.8 billion in assets, said, #39;What we will probably get out of September is more confirmation that Europe is able to delay any dramatic restructuring, which will probably be positive for markets in the short term.#39; 首域投资(First State Investments)驻悉尼的高级分析师怀特(James White)说,9月份的情形可能会让我们更加确信,欧洲能够推迟任何重大的重组措施,从短期来看这对市场可能是积极的。首域投资管理着1,488亿美元的资产。 Investors are also closely watching the leadership transition in China and the presidential election in the U.S., both of which could lead to more stimulus measures in those economies. 投资者正在密切关注中国的领导层换届和美国的总统大选,这两件事都可能为这两大经济体带来更多刺激性措施。 The underlying dynamics are very different for the recent rally than for the one at the beginning of the year, when the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Index climbed 22% from late November to the end of February, according to research by HS, which holds that the current rally looks #39;weaker#39; than the last. 最近这次反弹的内在原因与年初的那次反弹有很大不同,根据汇丰控股(HS)的研究,2月末,根士丹利资本国际亚洲(不含日本)指数较去年11月末上涨了22%。汇丰控股认为,如今的反弹看起来比上一次更加脆弱。 That earlier rally, the bank says, was driven largely by the ECB#39;s unexpected announcement of its so-called long-term refinancing operation, in which European banks were able to borrow at low interest rates, which eased pressure on the banks. In the recent rally, the markets have reacted not to central-bank action, but rather in anticipation that something will happen. And this rally is taking place in a more difficult environment of earnings downgrades and falling rather than rising trading volumes. 汇丰控股说,早些时候的反弹主要是因为欧洲央行意外宣布了所谓的长期再融资操作,这一操作使欧洲的可以以较低的利率借款,从而减轻了的压力。在最近的反弹中,市场并不是对央行的行动做出反应,只是人们预计会有事情发生。这次反弹所处的环境更加艰难,收益预期被下调,成交量不升反降。 Cracks are aly showing; the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Index has lost 2.8% since Aug. 23, as optimism about central-bank action has waned due to a lack of supportive news. 目前已经显现出下跌的迹象。8月23日以来,根士丹利资本国际亚洲(不含日本)指数下跌了2.8%,由于缺乏持性的报道,人们对央行行动的乐观态度已经消退。 Yet valuations remain cheap in Asia, with the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan trading at a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 10.5, compared with a 15-year historical average of 12.7. 不过,亚洲股市的估值仍然很低,根士丹利资本国际亚洲(不含日本)指数的预期市盈率是10.5倍,相比之下15年的历史平均值为12.7倍。 #39;Over a 24-month view, equities are a hugely attractive asset class,#39; said Aviva#39;s Mr. Pasha, pointing to #39;incredibly compelling#39; valuations and strong corporate balance sheets. #39;The real issue is not so much where we will be in 24 months from now, but the critical path that takes us there.#39; 英杰华的帕沙说,从24个月的数据来看,股票目前是一种非常有吸引力的资产。他给出的理由是估值十分具有吸引力,且公司的资产负债状况表现强劲。他说,真正的问题不是24个月后市场会达到一个什么样的水平,而是以何种途径到达那里。 /201209/197951宝山区中西医结合医院瘦腿针价格费用 “According to Chinese regulation if they do not marry before giving birth, registering the kid is a huge problem.”“根据中国现行的规定,如果她们未婚生育,孩子上户口是个跟大的问题。”Solutions are scarce, Wei said, and one includes marriage.解决办法很少,魏说,结婚是其中一个。“They can marry somebody and then apply for a hukou for the kid, in this way the problem can be solved.”“她们可以找个人结婚,然后为孩子申请户口,用这种方式可以解决问题。”Fines for unwed mothers针对未婚妈妈的罚款On the other hand, no solution is available to avoid the social compensation fees imposed by local government on unwed mothers for breaking the one-child policy.另一方面,无法避免地方政府针对未婚妈妈违反一个孩子政策征收的社会抚养费。Last month Wuhan city government sparked controversy when it announced a new regulation targeting women giving birth out of wedlock. Article 26 of the regulation on population management, currently under revision, states that ‘unwed people giving birth or unable to provide certificate of the partner’ must pay a social compensation fee in accordance with local law.上个月,武汉市出台一项针对未婚生育的新规定时,引发了争议。该规定第26条是针对人口管理的,尚处于修订之中,声明未婚生育或无法提供配偶明的,根据当地法律,必须缴纳社会抚养费。Li Yun, a women’s rights lawyer based in Guangzhou, said that Wuhan’s policies put an unfair financial load on these women.李云(音),广州的一名女权律师,认为武汉的这个政策对妇女造成了不公平的经济负担。“The fine set is double the amount of the fine for couple who have more than one child” she said. “This is probably because the number of children born out of wedlock is increasingly high, but it’s unfair and many are against the rule.”“这个罚款的标准是对生育超过一个孩子的夫妇的罚款的两倍,”她说,“这可能是因为非婚生育儿童的数量越来越多,但这样罚款是不公平的,很多都是违规的。”The burden of fines often weighs only on single mothers, as partners abandon them.当被伴侣抛弃的时候,罚款的负担通常压在单身妈妈身上。The amount varies and in certain areas can be the equivalent of one year’s income. People like Yi Ran, who do not enjoy family support and fall outside social welfare programs aimed only at married couples, find it very difficult to pay social compensation fees.罚款的数额不等,在特定地区相当于她们一年的收入。像易冉这些人,得不到家庭的资助,游离于仅针对已婚夫妇的社会保险之外,她们很难去付社会抚养费。But public opinion is reacting to Wuhan’s new law. Earlier this month local students took to the street protesting the measure.然而,公众舆论正在对武汉的新法规做出回应。这个月早些时候,武汉学法律的学生们走上街头抗议这个措施。Social network社交网络On the fringes of society, where no help is available to them, unwed mothers rely heavily on each other.生活在社会边缘,无助的未婚妈妈们强烈地彼此依赖。Many go on the Internet to find help and moral relief.她们中间的许多人上网寻求帮助和精神慰藉。More than 3, 000 users are active in an online chat dedicated to unwed mothers on Internet portal Baidu, said the forum’s moderator Yiyi.门户网站百度上一个专注于未婚妈妈在线聊天的论坛上有三千多活跃用户,该论坛的版主Yiyi说。Yi Ran explains that the Internet is the only place where she can express her feelings and frustrations as a single mother. Never has she sought help from strangers or social welfare.易冉说网络是她作为单身妈妈表达情绪和挫折的唯一地方。她从未向陌生人或社会福利机构寻求过帮助。“There are things I cannot say in real life, but the Internet is my little space of freedom” she said.“有些事情我无法在现实生活中说,但网络是我一个自由的小空间”,她说道。Yang, an officer at the All China Women’s Federation in Beijing’s Dongcheng District, acknowledges that unwed mothers rarely seek help at government-sponsored agencies like theirs.杨女士,位于北京东城区的中国妇女联合会的的一位官员,承认未婚妈妈极少向类似她们那样的由政府资助的机构寻求帮助。“We basically do not have a service for unmarried mothers because there is not this need in society and nobody asks us for this kind of help.”“我们一般没有针对未婚妈妈的务,因为在社会上没有这种需要,也没有人向我们寻求这种务。”But as long as social perception of unmarried mothers does not change, it will be difficult for these women to come out.但是只要未婚妈妈的社会知觉不改变,针对这些女性的务就不会出现。Lawyer Li Yun said women who give birth out of wedlock live under high pressure. “People basically believe it’s a personal mistake, it’s their personal responsibility to be a single mother” she said. “They receive moral condemnation by society.”李云律师说未婚生育女性生活在极大的压力之下。“人们一般认为这是个人错误,沦为单身妈妈是她们个人的责任。她们还会受到社会的道德谴责。”她说。 /201307/247066Before the world premiere of Life of Pi at this year’s New York Film Festival on Sept 28, director Ang Lee joked that his latest film in three years hit the four most notorious “vices” in the moviemaking process: kids, animals, water and 3-D.在今年9月28日的纽约电影节上,影片《少年派的奇幻漂流》举行了全球首映,而在此之前该片导演李安曾打趣说,他这部历时三年的新作撞上了业界最糟糕的四大“恶行“——水、小孩、动物,还有3D。Although we will discover how that turns out when the film releases on Nov 22, early reviews have said Lee’s adaptation of Life of Pi is “one of the year’s most beautiful, original and adventurous pictures”.虽然我们直到11月22日这天才能揭晓最终,但早前的声纷纷将这部由李安改编的《少年派的奇幻漂流》称作是“今年最出色、最新颖、同时也是最具冒险精神的佳片之一”。Based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, Life of Pi tells the story of Pi (Suraj Sharma), a young man who gets stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker after the ship carrying Pi’s family and his father’s zoo from India to Canada sinks.《少年派的奇幻漂流》一片改编自作家扬#8226;马特尔的同名畅销小说。影片中,少年派同家人,以及父亲动物园里的动物们一同乘船从印度出发前往加拿大,途中遭遇沉船事故,派和一只名叫理查德#8226;帕克的孟加拉虎被困在海上。On the surface, the film is about Pi’s tale of survival – yet Life of Pi holds so much more within its two-hour running time.表面上,这部影片讲述的是派的生存奇迹,而《少年派的奇幻漂流》在两个小时中讲述的远远不止这些。“Visually, Life of Pi, which mixes real tigers with computer-generated effects almost seamlessly, is like nothing seen onscreen in some time,” movie critic Justin Chang wrote in his review for Variety magazine. “And the 3-D in particular is the best since perhaps Avatar.”“就视觉而言,《少年派的奇幻漂流》将真实老虎同电脑特效结合得近乎天衣无缝,有些镜头完全颠覆我们的大银幕体验,”影评人在美国《综艺》杂志中道。“特别是3D效果,或许是《阿凡达》之后最好的了。”Lee told the New York Film Festival audience following the screening that Life of Pi was exceedingly hard to make. Due to weather conditions and the difficulty of controlling animals, he said, only one-eighth of his planned shots were actually filmed.在纽约电影节上,李安在该片的首映之后向观众表示,《少年派的奇幻漂流》让自己吃尽苦头。他称由于复杂的天气状况,再加上各种难以驾驭的动物,只排出了计划完成镜头的八分之一。Despite arduous conditions, Lee was able to push an excellent lead performance from Sharma, a newcomer who originally accompanied his brother to the audition before landing the role of Pi himself.尽管状况十分棘手,李安却能够令该片的主演、还是新人沙玛献上一幕精的表演。他起初只是陪弟弟去试镜,最后竟意外地获得了“少年派”这个角色。“By the end of it, I didn’t feel like I was acting anymore,” Sharma recently told Hollywood Reporter. “I was an instrument, of sorts, and Lee pulled the emotion through me. It just went in and came out.”“拍摄后期,我已经不再觉得自己是在表演了。”近日,沙玛在接受好莱坞记者采访时表示。“我仿佛各种各样的仪器,李安导演在我体内灌输情感。然后情感便如此收放自如了。”The film isn’t perfect, though. The New York Times said there’s “a clunky moment of exposition at the end that feels entirely too on-the-nose”. But we know what to expect from Lee, one of the most successful Chinese directors in Hollywood. One thing is for sure: he never disappoints.但是该片也不尽完美。《纽约时报》道,“影片结尾的呈现手法略显笨拙,让人觉得点题有些过于用力”。而我们也很清楚能从李安那里得到什么样的期待。作为好莱坞最成功的华人导演之一,有一点可以肯定的就是:他从未令人失望过。 /201211/210468上海市第一人民医院宝山分院激光脱毛多少钱

虹口区打溶脂针价格1.The Hanging Monastery恒山悬空寺If you#39;re looking for a truly off-the-beaten path adventure with a spiritual side, few destinations rival these sacred sites. A combination of architectural marvels and temples built by eccentric orders, the spiritual sanctuaries in this slideshow are truly beyond belief.如果你正在寻找一个真正荒无人烟又集冒险与灵性于一体的地方,以下几个地区刚好可以满足你的好奇心。结合建筑奇观和寺庙古怪的顺序,本期节目中的这些精神庇护所真的让人难以置信。We begin with the Hanging Monastery on Hengshan Mountain in China. Carved into a cliff nearly 250 feet above the ground, the monastery appears to be floating in the air. The temple contains several shrines as well as silver, gold and clay statues representative of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist teachings.我们先从中国恒山的悬空寺开始,建立在一道悬崖壁上的悬空寺矗立在地面以上250英尺高的地方,使得它似乎漂浮在空中。悬空寺包含几个神殿,内有代表儒家、佛教、道教教义的银色、金色和粘土雕像。Known properly as Xuankong Si, the temple was built in 491 and remains standing today, though it was renovated during both the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and again by the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).这座以“悬空”著名的寺院,建立在491年,期间经历了明清两代的修复,到现在依然完好。 2.Is it a Temple, or a UFO?这是寺院还是UFO?Wat Phra Dhammakaya is sacred ground to members of the Dhammakaya Movement, a once controversial Buddhist sect. But to non-devotees, this temple simply looks out of this world.法身寺被法身寺运动成员当做圣地,这是一个一度备受争议的佛教宗派。但对于非信徒,这座寺院看起来与现实世界完全脱节。Shaped as what appears to be an unidentified flying object painted in gold, this abbot is a recent arrival having been established in 1970. The temple attracts a large following. Here, ordinary believers gathered in 2010 for what is known the Morality Revival Project: One-hundred thousand ordinary men elected to become monks for 49 days for spiritual cleansing.这座形状看起来像一个金色不明飞行物的修道院建立于1970年,随后该殿立刻就吸引了一大批追随者。在2010年,普通信徒聚集在这里进行了所谓的道德复兴项目:10万民众成为僧人,进行为期49天的灵魂进化。 /201208/195088上海冰点除毛 While tour operators and department stores from New York to Paris court Chinese visitors to boost their coffers, one of the country#39;s top leaders has warned that ill-behaved tourists are damaging the national image.从纽约到巴黎,各旅行社和百货公司为了提高营业额,都在讨好中国游客。但中国国务院副总理汪洋日前警告说,中国游客在海外的不文明行为有损国家形象。Wang Yang, one of China#39;s four deputy prime ministers, said that while other countries had welcomed Chinese tourism, the quality of some travellers was not high.汪洋表示,虽然其他国家欢迎中国旅行团,但其中有些游客素质并不高。He said: ;They speak loudly in public, carve characters on tourist attractions, cross the road when the traffic lights are still red, spit anywhere and [carry out] some other uncivilised behaviour. It damages the image of the Chinese people and has a very bad impact.;他说:“他们在公共场合大声喧哗,旅游景区乱刻字,过马路时闯红灯,随地吐痰等不文明行为,有损国人形象,影响恶劣。”Wang told a government meeting that officials should guide tourists ;to consciously obey social and public order and social morality, respect the local religions and customs, pay attention to their words and behaviour in the public, especially in the international environment, protect tourism resources and protect the environment;, Xinhua, the state news agency, reported. Wang said tourists should be ambassadors for China#39;s image.在一次政府会议上,汪洋指出,各级官员应引导旅游者“自觉遵守社会公共秩序和社会公德,尊重当地宗教信仰和风俗习惯,注意公众场合特别是涉外场合的言谈举止,爱护旅游资源,保护生态环境,”中国新华社报道说。汪洋认为中国游客应成为中国形象的展示者。Wang#39;s complaint about graffiti may have been inspired by a domestic incident: there was anger recently when a vandal carved ;Liang Qiqi was here; into a relic at Beijing#39;s Forbidden City.汪洋指责游客乱写乱画应是源于中国景区发生的一件事:近日,有游客在北京故宫一口清代大缸上刻了“梁齐齐到此一游”的字样,这一文物破坏行为引起了社会极大反响。Chinese people made 70m overseas trips in 2011, according to the World Tourism Organisation, which predicted the annual total would rise to 100m by the end of the decade. That figure included trips to Hong Kong and Macau, run under the ;one country, two systems; framework.据世界旅游组织称,2011年中国游客出境旅游达7000万人次,这十年末年度总数有望增加到1亿。这一数字包括在“一国两制”的架构下,到香港和旅游的人次。Though on average they spend less than their western counterparts, their sheer number means that China has become the highest-spending nation for outbound tourism. Its tourists spent 2bn (pound;67bn) overseas last year, compared with the bn that German and US tourists spent, according to the UN World Tourism Organisation.虽然中国游客人均消费不及西方游客,但其绝对数量很大,意味着中国已成为出境游消费最高的国家。据联合国世界旅游组织称,去年,中国游客在海外消费达1020亿美元(670亿英镑),而德国和美国游客总共消费为840亿美元。Chinese tourists have raised concerns about the behaviour of their hosts, too – including a lack of language skills and poor planning in South Korea to bullying guides in Hong Kong, the lack of hot water inItalian hotel rooms and the UK#39;s ;unfriendly; visa system. Britain promised this week that it would try to simplify visa applications.但同时,东道主的行为也引起了中国游客的关注,包括缺乏语言沟通能力,韩国旅游规划不周全,香港导游欺负游客,意大利酒店房间没热水,以及英国“不友好”的签制度等。本周,英国承诺会简化签申请程序。According to Visit Britain, the UK has seen a 39% rise in visits from China over the past five years. It welcomed 150,000 Chinese visitors last year, who between them spent pound;240m.据英国旅游部门称,五年来中国到英国游客人次增长39%,去年总数达15万,共消费2.4亿。 /201305/241725上海市仁济医院做双眼皮多少钱

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