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牡丹江第一人民中医院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样哈尔滨做括宫要多少钱On Chen Chen#39;s route to the highest peak of the world, corpses of mountaineers served as a reminder of how tough it is to climb Qomolangma. Chen recently became the first female college student to climb Qomolangma.在陈晨前往世界最高峰的途中,一具具登山者的遗骸似乎在提醒她攀登珠峰是有多么艰难。前不久,她刚刚成为首位攀登珠峰的在校女大学生。It took her two years#39; preparation and another 40 days in the oxygen-deprived, high altitude of Tibet.她花了两年时间来做行前准备,此外还在高海拔且氧气稀薄的西藏生活了40天时间。Chen is a 25-year-old outdoor recreation major at China University of Geosciences, Wuhan campus. When she removes her puffy down jacket and climbing boots fitted with crampons, Chen Chen is a slim woman with a pageboy haircut.25岁的陈晨就读于中国地质大学(武汉校区)的户外专业。当脱下臃肿的羽绒以及装有冰爪的登山鞋后,陈晨是位留着娃娃头的窈窕少女。But according to Dong Fan, director of this Qomolangma expedition who has been to the top three times, it is Chen#39;s unrivalled mental strength that got her to the summit of the world.此次珠峰探险队的总指挥董范曾三次成功登顶珠峰,而他表示,正是陈晨那份无人能比的意志力使她登上了世界最高峰。;Apparently Chen Chen is an innate mountaineer. She is tough and her mental strength is more powerful than many male mountaineers,; said Dong.董范表示:;陈晨似乎天生就是登山运动员。她很坚强,相对于其他男性登山队员,她意志力更强。;But for Chen, her mental toughness came at a price.但对陈晨而言,钢铁一般的意志是需要付出代价的。When Chen was a freshman her father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a fatal disease.当陈晨还在读大一时,她的父亲被确诊为;多发性骨髓瘤;,生命垂危。The cost of keeping his symptoms under control squeezed every penny out of the family purse. Instead of enjoying a care-free freshman year, Chen took a part-time job in a local sports club to support her tuition and expenses.治病的巨额费用使得整个家庭倾其所有。因此陈晨的大一生活并非无忧无虑,她靠在当地的一家运动俱乐部中做兼职来赚取学费以及生活开销。;I learned endurance throughout my college life, which, by chance, is what a good mountaineer requires,; said Chen.陈晨说:;我整个大学生活都在学习忍耐,而恰巧这正是一名优秀登山运动员所应具备的。;Chen#39;s cool, calm attitude singled her out from 400 student-applicants for the trip to Tibet.沉着,冷静的态度使得陈晨从400名申请参加此次西藏之旅的学生中脱颖而出。The expedition team climbed the peak via the north ridge, where climbers usually find the vertical ascent progressively difficult.登山队从北峰登顶,登山者常常发现垂直攀登一步比一步艰难。Their final push to the 8,844.43-meter summit from the 8,300-meter camp was only 3 to 4 kilometres.他们从位于海拔8300米高的营地出发,向海拔8844.43米的最高峰发出最后冲击,而两者之间的距离只有3-4千米。;But it took us seven hours to crawl our way up,; said Chen.陈晨说:;我们却花了七个小时的时间,缓慢地向上攀爬。;In her final effort to the top, several frozen bodies were like monuments alongside her path.在她最后发力登顶的路途中,路旁那些冻僵死去的骸骨们仿佛一座座纪念碑。;I thought I would shudder at the mountaineers#39; corpses, but reverence replaced horror the second I saw them on my way to the peak,; said Chen.陈晨说:;我本以为那些登山者的遗体会让我感到害怕,但当我登顶时看到他们的那一刻,尊敬却取代了恐惧。;At 8:16 am, May 19, Chen finally stood on the summit – for 15 minutes. It was long enough.5月19日早上8点16分,陈晨最终站在了珠峰顶,并停留了15分钟。时间看似很短,但已足够漫长了。As the party descended, Chen#39;s parents were like cats on hot bricks thousands of kilometres away on her campus in Wuhan.在登山队下山过程中,在数千公里外的中国地质大学(武汉校区)里,陈晨的父母急得就像热锅上的蚂蚁。Many fatal incidents have taken place on the descent and there is no second chance if you take a tumble or miss your footing on the mountain.很多致命事故都发生在下山途中,一旦你在山上跌倒或失足,便绝无生还机会。;I hardly talked about mountain climbing with my parents, let alone the danger of it,; said Chen.陈晨说:;我几乎不和父母谈登山的事,更不用说其中的危险了。;According to Chen, a mountaineer must avoid causing his or her family anxiety.陈晨表示,一名登山者一定不能让自己的家人担忧。;One wrong step could cost you your life, but you cannot have your parents haunted by that,; said Chen.;尽管一步走错都可能要付出生命代价,但你不能让父母为此饱受煎熬。;陈晨说道。Following her trip to the top of the world, Chen is considering professional mountaineering as her career in the future.在征世界最高峰之后,陈晨正在考虑以后做一名职业登山者。She cited the reason why legendary British mountaineer George Mallory wanted to climb Qomolangma: ;Because it#39;s there.;当被问及为何要攀珠峰时,她引用了英国传奇登山家乔治#8226;马洛里的一句名言:;因为它就在那里。; /201206/187753木兰县看妇科炎症多少钱 Political philosopher Michael Sandel teaches one of the most popular courses at Harvard University. This past weekend, that popularity led to him throwing out the opening pitch at a South Korean pro baseball game. 政治学教授迈克尔#8226;桑德尔(Michael Sandel)在哈佛大学(Harvard University)讲授一门最受欢迎的课程。2012年6月初,桑德尔的这份名气让他在韩国职业棒球赛上投出了象征开赛的一球。 Great teachers are revered in South Korea, but Mr. Sandel#39;s celebrity status here is being shaped by a bigger, swiftly changing force-the economic uncertainty of the moment. 好老师在韩国很受尊重,但桑德尔在韩国的名人地位是受一种能量更大、变幻莫测的力量所推动──即当前经济的不确定性。 Mr. Sandel first gained attention in South Korea last year when a TV network broadcast a series that aired in the U.S. in 2009 about his Harvard course on justice. Viewership was double the network#39;s average, and it rebroadcast the show. 2011年,韩国一家电视台播出了桑德尔2009年在哈佛大学讲授的“正义”(Justice)课程,首次引起了韩国老百姓的关注。该片收视率是这家电视台平均收视率的两倍,还做了重播。 His latest book, #39;What Money Can#39;t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets,#39; published two months ago in the U.S., was quickly translated into Korean. When he visited Seoul this past weekend to promote it, huge crowds followed. 2012年4月,桑德尔的新作《千金难买──市场的道德限度》(What Money Can#39;t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets)在美国出版,并很快被译为韩语。最近他来到首尔为新书造势,吸引了一大群粉丝。 On Friday, 15,000 showed up at a university#39;s outdoor amphitheater for one of his audience-centric discussions on ethics. The next night, another 1,000 packed a studio at one of South Korea#39;s big three networks for a live broadcast on the same topic. Hundreds more came to book signings. On Sunday, Mr. Sandel threw the opening pitch for the LG Twins at Seoul#39;s biggest baseball stadium. 2012年6月1日,有15,000人来到首尔延世大学(Yonsei University)的露天广场,参与桑德尔主持的一场关于伦理道德的公众论坛。第二天晚上,又有1,000人聚集到韩国三大电视台之一的演播室,参与桑德尔关于同一话题的实况录播。桑德尔的新书签售会吸引了数百名读者。6月3日,他在首尔最大的棒球场为LG Twins棒球队投出开赛第一球。 Even Seoul#39;s new mayor, Park Won-soon, sought Mr. Sandel#39;s feedback on some policies. The professor said a health-care plan involved bigger trade-offs than the mayor realized. 甚至连首尔新市长朴元淳(Park Won-soon)也向桑德尔寻求政策上的意见。这位市长表示,首尔一项医保方案所付出的社会代价要比他预想的更多。 #39;I#39;m astonished and overwhelmed,#39; Mr. Sandel said in an interview after one of the book signings. He said he drew sizable crowds during recent visits to Tokyo and London, but the scene at Seoul#39;s Yonsei University was #39;nothing I could have imagined.#39; 桑德尔在一次签名售书会后的采访中说,“在韩国,人们的热情让我受宠若惊。”他说自己近期前往东京和伦敦时也吸引了不少粉丝,但首尔延世大学那场公众论坛的大场面“完全超乎我的想象”。 For two hours, Mr. Sandel presided as students and adults debated some of South Korea#39;s hot-button issues, including the cost of education, growing income disparity and the fairness of mandatory service in the South Korean military. 在两小时的时间里,桑德尔作为主持,听学生和参加论坛的成人就韩国一些热点问题展开辩论,包括教育成本、收入差距拉大、强制入伍役的公平性等。 #39;The fact we were able to have interaction and debate and discussion in such a large group and at such a high level was amazing,#39; he said. 桑德尔说,“规模这么大的一个群体能展开如此高水准的互动、探讨和辩论,实在是太神奇了。” South Koreans, like people elsewhere, have coped with an uneven recovery from the 2008 economic crisis and, as the perception grew that the rich have fared better, started to wrestle with big questions about fairness and opportunity. 2008年全球经济危机爆发后,韩国和其他国家一样,复苏的道路崎岖不平。人们觉得富人的日子更好过,开始讨论公平和机会这样的重大社会问题。 Over the past year, some business and media figures have gained popularity by focusing on fairness themes. A software entrepreneur who is now a professor, Ahn Chul-soo, has become so popular with his outspoken criticism of South Korea#39;s politics and economics that he is considered a prospective candidate in the country#39;s presidential election in December. 过去一年来,一些商界人士和媒体人物通过关注社会公平而名声大噪。安哲秀(Ahn Chul-soo)教授曾是一名软件企业家,由于公开批评韩国政治和经济问题而备受公众拥护,并被视为今年12月份韩国总统大选的热门人选。 #39;After a period of remarkable economic growth, Koreans are now stepping back to reflect on big questions about values, including questions about what makes for a fair society, what role should money and markets play outside of the material domain,#39; Mr. Sandel said. #39;There seems to be a great hunger right now at this moment to think about these questions and debate them in public.#39; 桑德尔说,“经过一段时间令人瞩目的经济增长,韩国人现在退后一步,开始思考关于价值方面的重大问题,例如什么才是公平社会、金钱和市场在非物质领域应该扮演什么角色等。现在,人们渴望寻求这些问题的,并在公众场合展开讨论。” In a survey conducted last month by Seoul#39;s Asan Institute with questions from Mr. Sandel, 74% of respondents said Korean society was unfair. 2012年5月,首尔的峨山政策研究所(Asan Institute)用桑德尔设计的问题发起一项调查,有74%的受访者表示,韩国社会不公平。 In the U.S., Mr. Sandel#39;s own survey found 38% felt American society was unfair. 桑德尔自己在美国所做的调查显示,有38%的受访者认为美国社会不公平。 #39;We developed very fast and we just valued money and material things for so long,#39; said Yoo Myung-jong, who attended one of Mr. Sandel#39;s book signings. #39;Nowadays, we are strengthening our emotions and ethics. His books and his questions are really helpful for Korea.#39; 参加桑德尔新书签售会的Yoo Myung-jong说,“韩国的经济增长非常快,长期以来,我们只关注金钱和物质上的东西。如今,人们开始关注自己的内心世界和伦理道德。桑德尔的书以及提出的问题对韩国来说真的很有帮助。” Kim Seung-wan, a university student who attended Mr. Sandel#39;s big lecture on Friday, said, #39;People often think money is most important, but we need to think about other values.#39; Yoo Myung-jong是一名大学生,参加了桑德尔在6月1日主持的大型公众论坛。他说,“人们往往觉得金钱是最重要的,但我们需要思考除了金钱之外的其他一些价值取向。” The Asan survey results suggest Koreans may have an outsized desire for fairness, at least compared with Americans. It found that 93% of Koreans believe government should remedy social and economic disadvantage while only 56% of American do. 峨山政策研究所的调查发现,韩国人对公平的渴望尤其强烈,至少跟美国人比是这样。该项调查显示,93%的韩国人认为政府应该消除这种社会和经济上的不公正,而只有56%的美国人这么想。 And on an issue that Mr. Sandel discusses in his new book-whether it is fair for people to pay a fee to avoid lines at amusement parks-only 18% of South Koreans said it is, while 42% of Americans approve. 桑德尔在新书中提出一个问题──有人在游乐场付额外费用就不用排队,这是否公平?──只有18%的韩国人认为公平,而42%的美国人觉得没问题。 Part of Mr. Sandel#39;s appeal is tied to the glimpse that his TV show provided into the give-and-take style of teaching at U.S. colleges. About 85% of high-school students attend college in South Korea. When they get there, they quietly take notes from professors, who rarely field questions or seek input. 桑德尔受到欢迎的部分原因在于,其公开课节目展示出美国大学师生之间平等交换意见的教学风格。在韩国,约有85%的高中生进入大学,但上课时通常都是记笔记,很少向老师提问题或提出自己的看法。 #39;He keeps the discussion going and, in the end, makes people realize something.#39; said Jang Hye-won, a Seoul office worker who joined the crowd at Mr. Sandel#39;s Yonsei event. 参加了延世大学公众论坛的首尔白领Jang Hye-won说,“桑德尔不断推动这种讨论,最终能让大家都领悟到一些东西。” /201208/194021A nine-year-old art genius nicknamed ;Mini Monet; is about to become a millionaire after selling his latest collection of 24 paintings for 250,000 pounds, the Daily Mail reported.一个9岁的绘画天才新近卖出了24幅作品,价值25万英镑。这个小男孩的昵称叫“小莫奈”,自此将成为一名百万富翁。Kieron Williamson, from Norfolk, had his landscape pictures snapped up by telephone and internet buyers from around the world in just 15 minutes during a recent sale.据英国《每日邮报》报道,小画家名为克尔隆#8226;威廉森,来自于诺福克。近日,威廉森的风景画遭疯抢,仅15分钟就被世界各地的买家通过电话和网络抢购一空。The youngster only started painting during a family trip to Devon and Cornwall in 2008 - before then he had just colored in dinosaurs his parents had drawn for him.其实,小男孩是从2008年与家人到丹佛和康沃尔游玩时才开始画画的,在那之前都是等父母画好了恐龙,他来上色。The talented schoolboy will not be given free access to his rapidly growing wealth until he reaches 18, as his parents have been investing it on his behalf.尽管这位有天赋的小男生财富迅速增长,但在18岁之前他是不能自由配那些钱的。不过,他的父母用这些钱正在帮他搞投资。 /201207/190419哈尔滨医院看妇科

哈尔滨211医院妇科医生黑龙江省哈尔滨第八人民医院生孩子好吗 宾县人民医院好不好

哈尔滨市第六人民医院挂号电话无论你的办公室是走休闲风还是高雅格调,我们必备的基本衣着中有大部分都可以游走在这两者之间。就让我们来举些例子吧:1. A dark (black, brown, navy) pantsuitWear it strictly as a suit in professional settings; mix up the suit pieces in business casual environments.1. 深色的(黑色的、棕色的、海军蓝的)长裤套装出入严谨的职业场合时,按惯例成套穿着。而在商务休闲环境里,可以混搭着来穿。 /201201/168623 Bilingual children outperform children who only speak one language in problem-solving skills and creative thinking, according to research led at the University of Strathclyde.斯特拉斯克莱德大学的一项研究表明,双语儿童在解决问题的能力和创造性思维等方面,都比单语儿童要更优秀。A study of primary school pupils who spoke English or Italian- half of whom also spoke Gaelic or Sardinian- found that the bilingual children were significantly more successful in the tasks set for them. The Gaelic-speaking children were, in turn, more successful than the Sardinian speakers.对说英语或意大利语的小学生-其中有一半还会说盖尔语或撒丁语——进行的研究表明,双语儿童明显比单语儿童更能成功地完成任务。而会说盖尔语的儿童比会说撒丁语的儿童则要更加成功。The differences were linked to the mental alertness required to switch between languages, which could develop skills useful in other types of thinking. The further advantage for Gaelic-speaking children may have been due to the formal teaching of the language and its extensive literature.双语儿童和单语儿童之间的差异主要是与在语言间转换所需的思维敏捷性有关,这种思维敏捷性会促进养成一些对其他类型思维方式有用的技能。而会说盖尔语的儿童更有优势,这可能是因为这种语言进行了正式讲授并存在着大量的文献。In contrast, Sardinian is not widely taught in schools on the Italian island and has a largely oral tradition, which means there is currently no standardised form of the language.与之对比,撒丁语在意大利小岛撒丁岛上并没有在学校里得到广泛讲授,大多是靠口头传授的,也就是说,现在这种语言还没有进行标准化。Dr Fraser Lauchlan, an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde#39;s School of Psychological Sciences amp; Health, led the research. It was conducted with colleagues at the University of Cagliari in Sardinia, where he is a Visiting Professor.弗雷泽·劳克伦士是斯特拉斯克莱德大学心理科学与健康学院的名誉讲师,他是该项研究的负责人。该研究是他在撒丁岛卡利亚里大学做客座教授时和那里的同事一起进行的。Dr Lauchlan said: ;Bilingualism is now largely seen as being beneficial to children but there remains a view that it can be confusing, and so potentially detrimental to them.劳克伦士说:;现在基本上都认为双语对孩子有益,但是仍有观点认为,双语会让孩子混乱,对他们有着潜在的不利影响。;;Our study has found that it can have demonstrable benefits, not only in language but in arithmetic, problem solving and enabling children to think creatively. We also assessed the children#39;s vocabulary, not so much for their knowledge of words as their understanding of them. Again, there was a marked difference in the level of detail and richness in description from the bilingual pupils.;我们的研究发现,双语有着显而易见的好处,这不仅仅体现在语言上,它对算数、解决问题或创造性思考等方面都有益处。我们也对孩子们的词汇进行了评估,对词语理解的评估内容比对词语了解的相关内容要多一些 。双语儿童在描述的细节和丰富程度上,再一次体现出了显著的差异。;We also found they had an aptitude for selective attention- the ability to identify and focus on information which is important, while filtering out what is not- which could come from the ‘code-switching#39; of thinking in two different languages.;;我们发现他们有选择性注意的倾向,他们有发现并关注重要信息而忽略不重要信息的能力,这可能来自两种语言不同思维的‘代码转换#39;。;In the study, a total of 121 children in Scotland and Sardinia- 62 of them bilingual- were set tasks in which they were asked to reproduce patterns of coloured blocks, to repeat orally a series of numbers, to give clear definitions of words and to resolve mentally a set of arithmetic problems. The tasks were all set in English or Italian and the children taking part were aged around nine.在研究中,共有121名儿童,他们分别来自苏格兰岛和撒丁岛——其中62名是双语儿童。给这些儿童布置了一些任务,要求他们重现色方块的图案、口头重复一串数字,对词语给出清晰的解释,并只通过思考来解决一系列算数问题。任务都是用英语或意大利语说明的,参与的儿童年龄在9岁左右。During the research, Dr Lauchlan#39;s post at the University of Cagliari was funded by the Sardinian Regional Government (Regione Autonoma della Sardegna). he study has been published in the International Journal of Bilingualism.在该研究中, 劳克伦士在卡利亚里大学的职位是由撒丁岛地区政府赞助的。该研究已发表在 《国际双语研究》上。 /201208/195242黑龙江七院在哪里哈尔滨市道里区妇幼保健所是公立医院么



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