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金湖县治疗脱肛多少钱淮安市淮阴医院治疗脱肛多少钱实习,Internship, 是从学校迈向职场的跨越,也是从旧环境到新工作的提前融入到达实习单位的第一天是最令人兴奋也是最紧张的,要和陌生的同事认识,要和老板见面,要带领自己尽快适应实习工作环境,实习的新鲜感总是给人留下难忘的印象Dialogue 1:(The new intern, Xiao Gao,talks things over with his colleague Jingjing)(新来的实习生小高正在和他的同事京晶说话)Jingjing: Welcome to the organization, Xiao Gao, Im here to show you the ropes, and answer any questions you might have.京晶:欢迎加入我们公司,小高,我来帮你熟悉熟悉环境,你有任何问题都可以问我Xiao Gao: Thanks,Jingjing, Im a little nervous but I hope I can pick up some tricks of the trade.小高:谢谢京晶,我有点儿紧张,但是我希望今天能学学这个行业的工作方式Jingjing: First things first, let get you settled into a desk, how about a window seat?京晶:首先,我先帮你找一个办公桌吧,一个靠窗的位置怎么样?Xiao Gao: Sounds good,when do I get to meet the top dog?小高:听起来不错,我什么时候要见老板呢?Jingjing: Im not sure,could be today if she not busy.京晶:我不确定,如果她不忙的话可能就是今天Xiao Gao: Do you need me on hand anything special?小高:你今天有什么特别的事情需要我留出时间帮你做吗?Jingjing: No, not now, you just get settled in, talk to the people in Administration if there something special you need.京晶:今天不需要,你只要安顿下来就好,如果你需要任何东西就跟行政部说Xiao Gao: Thanks again,Jingjing, walking me through this.小高:再次感谢京晶,谢谢你帮我熟悉新的环境Jingjing: Dont mention it.京晶:不用客气习语短语1. show you the ropes 指导一个新手,带新手熟悉环境. tricks of the trade 行业秘密3. first things first 首先. window seat 靠窗的位置5. top dog 老板6. on hand 留出空来7. settle in 安顿下来8. walk someone through this 教某人如何做某事 3898淮安市妇幼保健院治疗痔疮多少钱 听力对照中英文本:Cellphone Obsession手机控的非典型生活XG:Hey, Jing Jing. I could really use some advice.小高:嗨,京晶,我需要点儿建议JJ:Okay, I’m all ears. What’s up?京晶:行,我认真听着呢,什么事?XG:Well, Jennifer won’t pick up the phone.I’ve tried calling her the past few days, but she won’t answer it. I think she’s mad. What should I do?小高:詹尼佛不接我电话啊,我前几天一直给她打电话,她都不接,我想她是不是生气了,怎么办?JJ:Well, Xiao Gao. Sometimes people just need some time alone. I recommend that you—Hey! Xiao Gao! What are you doing? I’m trying to give you some advice that you just asked , but you’re not even paying attention!小高:哎,小高,有时候呢人需要一点独处的时间,我只是建议你——喂,小高!你干嘛呢,我这儿正试着给你点儿建议呢,你怎么心不在焉的!XG:Sorry, what were you saying? I was sending a text message. Jeez, just hold on okay?小高:不好意思,你刚才说什么来着?我刚才在发短信呢,等等行吗?JJ:Oh the audacity! Did you get?!You just asked me to give you some pointers, then as I was giving you the advice, you started playing with your phone. What gives?京晶:你怎么搞的!难道这么快就忘了?你刚才不是让我给你一点建议吗?然后我正给你建议时候,你就开始在那儿玩起手机了你这人怎么这样?XG:I don’t know. Geez. Sorry looking at my smartphone. Is it a crime or something?小高:天哪,我不知道,抱歉我盯着手机看了,怎么犯罪了吗?JJ:You are more attached to that thing than Jennifer! I bet you that’s exactly why Jennifer won’t answer her phone. Maybe she thinks that you love your smartphone more than her! I kinda feel that you would rather be friends with your smartphone than have a real human friend.京晶:你比在乎詹尼佛更在乎手机吧!我敢保那就是詹尼佛不接你电话的原因,也许她认为你爱你的手机胜过爱她!我真的觉得你宁愿有个手机朋友也不愿有个真实的人类朋友呢!XG:Well, I talk to you on WeChat don’t I? What’s wrong with chatting online? Isn’t it the same?小高:那什么,我不也跟你在微信上聊天吗?用网络聊天怎么了?难道不是一样的吗?JJ:Um, no! Sending a text message to someone is not the same as having a real relationship with them in real life. That’s like comparing apples and oranges. It’s definitely not the same, not even close!京晶:绝不一样!给某人发短信跟在真实生活里建立关系彼此相处是不一样的两者不可同日而语,绝不一样,一点都不一样XG:Hey, I really care about my smartphone. I bought it a nice cover, see?小高:我真的很喜欢我的手机呢,看,我刚买了个新手机壳呢!JJ:Oh, seriously? You care about your smartphone? You’ve personified your smartphone and think of it as your friend? I think you need help!京晶:噢?是吗?你这么在乎你的手机?你把手机当成你的朋友的化身了?我想你需要帮助了XG:Wait, wait. Okay, fine. Starting from now. Everytime wehang out, I won’t mess with my phone. I promise.小高:等等,好吧好吧咱们以后每次出门,我都不玩手机了,我保JJ:Okay, that’s a deal. Now, let me finish telling you what I think you should do with Jennifer.京晶:好!一言为定,那我继续跟你说詹尼佛那件事我的看法…XG:Okay, just give me one second. Let me send one last text message…小高:好的,稍等片刻,等我把这条短信发出去…New words dialogue:I’m all ears I’my to listen. I’m giving you my full attention 我认真听着呢Oh, the audacity! I can’t believe you would behave like this! 你怎么搞的!(你怎么会这样)Pointers advice 建议What gives? Whydid you do that? 你为什么那么做?In real life 在现实生活中Compare apples andoranges to compare two things that simply cannot be compared比较两种无法比较的事,不可同日而语Personify toturn an object into a person (in an abstract way) 物化身人 ,拟人Mess with[something] here, it means to 把玩,弄 3800淮安中山医院正规吗

淮安中山女子医院流产怎么样A Turkey Tragety火鸡的悲剧Chatting with a bull, a turkey sighed and said, ;I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree, but I havent got the energy.;一只火鸡在和一头公牛聊天时叹着气说道:“我想飞到那棵树顶上去,可是我没那份力气”;Well, why dont you nibble on some of my droppings?; replied the bull. ;Theyre packed with nutrients.;“这样啊,你干吗不吃点儿我的粪便呢?”公牛答道:“很有营养”The turkey pecked at a lump of dung and found that it actually gave him enough strength to reach the first branch of the tree.火鸡吃了一点后,发现自己真的有力气飞上那棵树最矮的枝杈The next day, after eating some more dung, the turkey reached the second branch.第二天,又吃了一些牛粪后,火鸡飞上了高一层的枝杈Finally, after a week, there he was, proudly perched at the top of the tree.终于,在一个星期后,火鸡骄傲地飞上了那棵树的顶端Soon, though, the turkey was promptly spotted by a hunter who shot the turkey from the tree.然而,火鸡马上就被猎人发现后打了下来The moral of the story is:这个故事的寓意是:Bullshit might get you to the top, but it wont keep you there.牛屎(吹牛)也许能让你爬上去,却不能让你在上面待稳 9967江苏省涟水县中医院妇科整形多少钱 淮安中山医院有狐臭治疗吗

淮安清河区治疗不孕不育多少钱 英语学习笔记:scratch vt. 抓;刮;挖出;乱涂;n. 刮痕scratch sth. out 划掉scratch the surface 只处理或解决了问题的一小部分scratch your head 很认真地思考某些很难的问题scratch card 刮刮乐,票start from scratch/zero 从头开始Scratch my back – I have an itch.帮我挠挠背,好痒I’m afraid I’ve scratched your car.我恐怕蹭到了你的车There was a big scratch on the car door.车门上蹭花了一大块Well, I guess we can scratch that idea.我觉得我们可以放弃那个想法Emma’s name had been scratched out.Emma的名字被划掉了I think we have only scratched the surface of this problem.我认为我们只处理了问题的一小部分You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.你帮帮我,我帮帮你你好我好大家好The last question really left us scratching our heads.最后一个问题真是让我们想破了脑袋As she explained, it was not easy to start from scratch.据她的解释,从头开始不容易更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 818淮安阳痿治疗费用要多少钱淮安区治疗早孕多少钱




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