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襄阳保康县人民中心医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱襄州区人民医院男性专科爱自己是一场毕生浪漫的开始。热爱一切使你之所以成为你自己的事物。你的价值,你的才能,你的回忆。你的饰,你的悲伤。如果你爱自己,你就能在自信的跳板上跃入生活。如果你爱自己,你就能畅所欲言,所向披靡。 To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. —Oscar Wilde Love yourself. Love the things that make you you.Your values and talents and memories.Your clothes, your nose, your woes. If you love yourself, you can jump into your life from a springboard of self-confidence. If you love yourself, you can say what you want to say, go where you want to go. The world can be a tough place, and some of the billions of people out there will try to knock you down. Don’t join them. Do things that make you proud, then take pride in what you do. And in who you are.Who are you anyway? What makes you you? How are you like your siblings and neighbors and friends? How are you different? If you were your own secret admirer, what would you most admire? “My great mistake, the fault for which I can’t forgive myself,” Oscar Wilde wrote, “is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality.” Keep pursuing your individuality. Keep being yourself. Becoming yourself. It can be comforting to dress and act like everyone else. But it is grander to be different, to be unique, to be you. I’m the only me in the whole wide world. There is always one true inner voice. Trust it. —Gloria Steinem Sometimes it’s hard to know who you are and what you want and whom you like and why you like that person.The answers change because you’re changing. Growing. But deep inside, you are you.You were you as a baby, you were you as a kid, and you are you right now. “Let me listen to me and not to them,” wrote Gertrude Stein. It makes sense to consider the advice and opinions of other people. But don’t let their noise drown out your inner voice. And don’t let the way you sometimes talk or behave in front of others make you lose sight of who you are when you are alone, when you are most you. “You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more about other people than you know about yourself,” aviator Beryl Markham cautioned. Get acquainted with yourself. Tune in to the dreams you have by day and by night. Blend in when you choose to, but appreciate what sets you apart. “The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people,” said Jamie Lee Curtis. /200912/90752襄阳尿道口糜烂型增生物 LightInTheBox Holding Co., the first Chinese company to list in the U.S. this year, made a solid public-market debut, jumping 22% in its first day on the New York Stock Exchange.今年首家赴美上市的中国公司兰亭集势(LightInTheBox Holding Co.)在公开市场的首次亮相表现不俗,在纽约券交易所挂牌首日股价大涨22%。The stock is being watched for signs that U.S. investors are y to buy Chinese companies again and whether U.S. banks would be wise to bring more of them to market. Other potential listers are waiting in the wings.这只股票受到关注,人们希望从中得知美国投资者是否准备好再次购买中国公司的股票,以及美国业将更多中国公司带到美国市场是否明智。其它可能上市的公司正在焦急等待中。The market for U.S. listings of Chinese stocks collapsed last year amid a host of concerns, including accounting and governance practices, growth in China, and concerns that Chinese companies had become overvalued.去年,中国公司赴美IPO的市场崩溃,原因是投资者有诸多不放心,如公司会计和治理方式、中国经济增长以及担心中国公司被高估等。The Beijing-based company, which sells inexpensive Chinese-made goods ranging from fishing rods and wedding dresses to customers mostly in other countries, had priced its IPO at .50, the middle of its projected range, valuing the company at 5 million. It raised million.位于北京的兰亭集势主要是出售从钓鱼竿到婚纱等中国生产的廉价商品,买家多为其它国家的客户。该公司发行价定在9.50美元,位于指导区间中端,公司估值为4.65亿美元,这次筹集到7,900万美元的资金。In 4 p.m. trading, LightInTheBox Holding gained .11, to .61. The average U.S.-listed IPO has risen 10% in its first day of trading. The top pop of the year was Marketo Inc., MKTO -1.89% which jumped 78%.下午4点收盘,兰亭集势上涨了2.11美元,至11.61美元。在美国IPO的公司上市首日平均涨幅为10%。今年涨幅最高的是营销软件公司Marketo Inc.,上市首日大涨78%。The debut was the end of a long journey, according to co-founder and Chief Executive Alan Guo, a former Google China executive. The company first filed confidentially, as foreign filers for U.S. listings have long been able to do, back in 2011, he said.兰亭集势联合创始人、首席执行长、谷歌中国(Google China)前高管郭去疾(Alan Guo)表示,上市标志着一场漫长旅途的结束。他说,兰亭集势最先在2011年秘密提交了上市申请文件,外国公司申请在美上市一直以来都可以这么做。When the company finally launched its IPO last week, Mr. Guo said he and his team traveled to London and several U.S. cities over the course of two weeks. This is longer than the typical one-week roadshow. Credit Suisse Group CSGN.VX -3.34% and Stifel Financial Corp. SF +1.24% were the lead investment banks on the deal.郭去疾说,兰亭集势上周终于启动了IPO,他和他的团队在两周时间里去了伦敦和美国几个城市。这比一般为期一周的路演时间要长。瑞士信贷集团(Credit Suisse Group )和Stifel Financial Corp.是兰亭集势IPO的牵头投资。#39;A lot of one-on-one, face-to-face meetings gave us the chance to clarify questions they may have with the company,#39; he said. Part of what was discussed was the company#39;s governance practices and accounting procedures, he said.郭去疾说,开了很多一对一、面对面的会,这让我们有机会好好解释他们可能想了解的有关公司的一些问题。他说,讨论的内容之一是公司的治理方式和会计程序。#39;As a publicly traded company, we need to prove to investors with our performance, and we also need to be very strict and keep on improving on all aspects of corporate governance,#39; Mr. Guo said.郭去疾说,作为上市公司,我们要以自己的表现向投资者明,而且在公司治理的各个方面都要非常严格,不断提高。The stock has reversed the poor pricing trends of the last several Chinese IPOs. There were only two in 2012, flash-sales retailer Vipshop Holdings Ltd. VIPS +2.97% and social-networking and gaming company YY Inc. YY +0.59% Vipshop priced below range and YY at the bottom. Vipshop fell 15% in its first day last March, and YY rose just under 8% in its debut last November.兰亭集势扭转了中国公司上几次IPO定价疲软的趋势。2012年只有两家中国公司在美国上市,分别是发行价低于指导区间的限时特卖零售商唯品会(Vipshop Holdings Ltd.)和发行价位于指导区间低端的社交网站、游戏公司欢聚时代(YY Inc.)。唯品会去年3月上市第一天便大跌15%,欢聚时代去年11月挂牌首日涨幅接近8%。Vipshop has soared 436% since its initial public offering, while YY has climbed 143%.上市以来,唯品会股价飙升了436%,欢聚时代上涨了143%。Mr. Guo said his experience with investors suggested the market was y again for more Chinese companies, at least in the tech and Internet sectors.郭去疾说,通过与投资者打交道,他感觉市场已为迎接更多中国公司做好了准备,至少对科技和互联网公司是这样。#39;In the long run, China, with a lot of innovative, entrepreneurial Internet companies…will be a good match to the U.S. public stock markets that understand the Internet as an industry,#39; he said.他说,长远来看,在大量富于创新、有企业家精神的互联网公司的推动下……中国与了解互联网行业的美国股市将成为不错的搭档。 /201306/243279Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda turned up the heat on South Korea over a territorial dispute Tuesday, deciding to take the issue to an international tribunal and telling his cabinet ministers to come up with other options the government can take against Seoul. 日本首相野田佳彦(Yoshihiko Noda)周二加大了争夺日韩争议领土的行动力度,他决定把这个问题提交给国际法庭,并吁请内阁成员拿出政府可以运用的应对首尔的其它办法。 Coming on the heels of sharp criticism of his handling of a separate territorial row with China, Mr. Noda said Japan needs to take firm measures in response to a recent visit by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to contested islands which lie between the two countries. The Korea-controlled islands are referred to as Dokdo by South Korea and Takeshima by Japan. They are also known as the Liancourt Rocks. 因处理中日领土争端问题受到国内尖锐批评后,野田佳彦说,日本应采取强硬措施应对前不久韩国总统李明(Lee Myung-bak)登上日韩之间某争议岛屿一事。该岛为韩国所控制,在韩国叫做“独岛”(Dokdo),日本叫“竹岛”(Takeshima),在其它国家被称作利扬库尔岩(Liancourt Rocks)。 #39;Takeshima has been our territory historically and also under international law,#39; Mr. Noda told a special meeting of cabinet ministers. #39;We need to look into every possible measure we can take in the future.#39; 野田佳彦在内阁成员的一次特别会议上说,不管是从历史还是从国际法的角度来说,竹岛历来都是日本领土,我们应仔细研究未来可能采用的每个可能方案。 But Seoul said it wouldn#39;t consider Tokyo#39;s proposal to have the International Court of Justice look into the dispute. Seoul insists it has always had sovereignty over them. 但首尔说,不会考虑东京让海牙国际法庭(International Court of Justice)对此事进行仲裁的提议。首尔坚持认为,韩国一直拥有该岛主权。 A South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday referred to a Friday statement that rejected Japan#39;s move, floated aly last week. 韩国外交部发言人周二提到了上周五韩国发表的一则声明,声明对日本上周提议将岛屿之争提交国际法庭的做法表示拒绝。 #39;Dokdo is clearly Korean territory by history, geography and international law, and a territorial dispute does not exist. It should be made clear that the Japanese government#39;s suggestion or plan to take Dokdo to the ICJ is not worth consideration,#39; the Aug. 17 statement said. 8月17日的声明说,无论从历史、地理还是国际法的角度,独岛显然都是韩国领土,并不存在领土争议;有一点应当明确,韩国绝不会考虑日本政府建议或计划将独岛问题提交海牙国际法庭的做法。 ICJ arbitration can#39;t go ahead without agreement from both parties, so even if Japan files suit on its own, further proceedings are unlikely. Instead, analysts say Tokyo#39;s real aim is to prevent further action by South Korea by drawing global attention to the issue. 如果争议双方没有就是否进行仲裁达成一致,海牙国际法庭就不能进行仲裁,所以即使日本提起诉讼,也不太可能进入下一步法律程序。分析人士说,东京此举的真实目的是要吸引全球对此事的关注,从而阻止韩国采取进一步举动。 In addition to taking the case to the ICJ, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura told reporters that some Japanese cabinet ministers─including the trade and economy ministers─would put off meetings with their South Korean counterparts. 日本内阁官房长官藤村修(Osamu Fujimura)告诉记者,除了将领土争议提交海牙国际法庭外,包括日本贸易和经济官员在内的一些内阁大臣将推迟与韩国官员的会议。 Reflecting how emotional ties between the Asian neighbors can be, one of Japan#39;s most popular politicians touched on the controversial issue of so-called Korean #39;comfort women,#39; thought to have served as sexual slaves for the Japanese military during World War II. 日本最受欢迎的政治人物之一谈论了所谓的韩国“慰安妇”这一饱受争议的话题,这反映出这两个亚洲邻国的关系可以多么情绪化。韩国慰安妇被认为是二战期间被强迫为日军提供性务的韩国女性。 Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, who has topped some polls as the most popular choice for the next prime minister, challenged the South Korean government to provide proof that the women were forcibly taken by the Japanese military through #39;violence or intimidation.#39; 大阪市市长桥下彻(Toru Hashimoto)要求韩国政府提供据,明这些妇女是日本军队通过暴力恐吓强行征召的。多次民调显示桥下彻是下一任日本首相的热门人选。 Mr. Hashimoto#39;s views echo those of some nationalists who say the women served by their own choice and were paid to do so. The Korean government has severely criticized similar comments by Japanese politicians in the past. 桥下彻的观点反映了一些民族主义者的看法,即韩国慰安妇是自愿并且有偿为日本军人务的。韩国政府过去曾严厉谴责日本政治人物的类似说法。 The Japanese government has acknowledged the military#39;s involvement and apologized for the women#39;s suffering. 日本政府已经承认日本军队曾参与其中,并为韩国慰安妇遭受的苦难道了歉。 In an apparent bid to keep some channels open to mend fences in the future, officials from Japan, China and South Korea met Tuesday in the Chinese city of Qingdao for talks on a trilateral free-trade agreement. 周二,日本、中国和韩国的官员在中国城市青岛就三边自由贸易协定进行了讨论,此举显然是为了保持一些渠道的开放,以在未来修补受损的关系。 Separately, Finance Minister Jun Azumi said he hadn#39;t decided whether to extend the expansion of a currency-swap agreement with South Korea. 另一方面,日本财务大臣安住淳(Jun Azumi)说,他尚未决定是否延长扩大日韩货币互换协议规模的措施。 Last week, he suggested the ministry may roll back the swap deal─an agreement to temporarily lend each other dollars─to billion at the end of October from billion now. The two nations agreed last October to increase the swap line after South Korea expressed concern of potential capital outflows resulting from the European debt crisis, Japanese officials said. 安住淳上周曾表示,日本财务省可能会在10月底将货币互换规模从700亿美元恢复到原来的130亿美元。签署货币互换协议是为了彼此临借美元。日本官员说,在韩国表示担心欧债危机可能导致资本外流之后,日韩两国于去年10月达成扩大货币互换规模的协议。 /201208/196390襄阳市四院治疗生殖感染价格

襄阳看不孕哪家医院好湖北医药学院附属襄阳医院男科专家挂号 In Britain a poor household is officially defined as one with an income less than 60 per cent of the median. A law passed by the last government declares an unattainable target of reducing the proportion of children who live in poor households to below 10 per cent by 2020.在英国,贫困家庭的官方标准是,家庭收入低于英国家庭收入中值的60%。上一届政府通过了一部法案,宣布了一个不可能实现的目标:将贫困家庭儿童的比例在2020年底之前降至10%以下。No surprise, therefore, that in today#39;s austere circumstances Iain Duncan Smith, the UK#39;s work and pensions secretary, has attempted to start a debate about the definition of poverty. But his motives are not entirely cynical: Mr Duncan Smith has a record of real social concern.因此,在如今提倡节俭的大环境下,英国就业与养老金大臣伊恩#8226;邓肯#8226;史密斯(Iain Duncan Smith)提议重新讨论贫困家庭的标准,也就不足为奇了。但邓肯#8226;史密斯作此提议并非完全出于怀疑一切的动机:从此人过去的所作所为来看,他是真正关心社会问题的。People who struggle to find enough food to eat are poor. The World Bank#39;s poverty line is an income of less than .25 a day. Financial Times ers, who spend more than that amount on their morning newspaper, are in no position to dispute that judgment. In the past two decades, economic growth in China and India has reduced global poverty by an unprecedented amount. That achievement is not diminished because some individuals in both these countries have become very rich. Fundamentally, poverty is about absolute deprivation.如果一个人拼命赚钱,却只能勉强填饱肚子,这个人就是穷人。世界(World Bank)对于贫困的标准是:日收入低于1.25美元。买一份晨报都不止花这么多钱的英国《金融时报》的读者们,是没有资格对这个标准提出异议的。过去20年里,随着中国和印度经济的增长,全球贫困人口数量出现了前所未有的减少。这一成就不会因为这两个国家出现了一些超级富豪而被贬低。从本质上来说,贫困就是一无所有。That is clearly not the end of the story, however. On the World Bank standard no one in North America or western Europe is poor. And very few people in these continents do not have enough to eat. We might observe that obesity is a disease not of the rich but of the poor. In making such a statement, we endorse the notion that poverty is relative not absolute. That principle is enshrined in the UK definition, which rises with the general standard of living.然而,这个事情显然还没讨论完。按照世界的标准,北美和西欧没有一个穷人,也很少有人吃不饱饭。我们可能会注意到,在这两个地方,肥胖病属于穷人而非富人。说出这句话,就是在持这样一个观点:贫困是相对的,而非绝对的。英国官方的贫困标准就体现了这个原则:贫困的标准随社会整体生活水平的提高而提高。The median income is the level that equal numbers of people are above and below, so that a rise in Sir Martin Sorrell#39;s bonus does not lead anyone into poverty – that would confuse poverty and inequality. But the choice of median income as a reference level has a wider significance. It encapsulates the idea that in a rich society, poverty is an enforced inability to participate in the everyday activities of that society. You might therefore be poor if you lack access to antibiotics or Facebook, even though in this respect you are no worse off than the Sun King or John D. Rockefeller, and in other respects considerably better off than most people in the world.收入中值的含义是,社会上收入高于和低于这个数值的人的数量相等。因此,苏铭天爵士(Sir Martin Sorrell)多拿了些奖金并不会增加贫困人口的数量——贫困和社会不公是不可混淆的两个问题。但选择收入中值作为参考值,则具有更广泛的影响。这个标准蕴含了一种思想:在富裕社会,贫困意味着被剥夺了参与社会日常活动的能力。按照这个标准,如果你用不起抗生素、上不了Facebook,可能就算得上贫困,即便在这个方面,你的处境并不比;太阳王;(Sun King)路易十四和约翰#8226;D#8226;洛克菲勒(John D. Rockefeller)差,而在其他方面,你的处境已经比世界上大多数人都要强得多。However, to define poverty as social exclusion takes the definition far away from the assessment of income. It is not hard to imagine places in which few, if any, people experience a sense of exclusion. These might include both sophisticated societies with high incomes per head – towns in Scandinavia – and simple cultures without access to modern essentials – rural villages in the developing world. Poverty becomes a cultural and political phenomenon rather than an economic one.然而,按照是否被剥夺参与社会活动的能力来定义贫困,这使得贫困的定义在很大程度上变得与收入的衡量无关。不难想象,在某些地方,几乎没有人会感到自己无法参与社会活动,即便有的话,这类人的数量也会十分有限。一些人均收入较高的复杂社会(比如斯堪的纳维亚半岛上的城镇),以及一些无法接触到现代社会必需品的简单社会(比如发展中国家的乡村),都可能属于这种情况。贫困成为了一种文化和政治现象,而非单纯的经济现象。Mr Duncan Smith and the Centre for Social Justice, the think-tank he founded, wish to encourage this perspective. The poverty of a household trapped by drug addiction will probably not be eliminated by extra income. Poverty as exclusion from ordinary life may be caused by weak parenting skills, debt from financial incompetence or mental health problems. On the positive side, employment and family life are the most powerful forces of social inclusion.邓肯#8226;史密斯和他创立的智囊机构社会公平中心(Centre for Social Justice)希望鼓励这种看法。因吸毒而陷入贫困的家庭,即便收入增加可能也无法摆脱贫困。被隔绝在社会正常生活之外的那种贫困,原因可能包括父母管教无方,生活拮据导致欠债,或是精神问题。从积极的方面来看,工作和家庭是推动人们融入社会的最佳方式。These arguments lead too quickly to the view of poverty traditionally espoused by the well-to-do: poverty is the result of the moral failings of the poor and to assist them will only aggravate their plight. Sadly, policies to alleviate poverty cost money, but understanding the multiple facets of poverty is a necessary guide to how that money is best spent.这些论断很容易让人得出这样的结论:贫困是穷人道德沦丧引起的,帮助穷人只会加剧他们的厄运。这也是传统上富人所秉持的观点。不幸的是,扶贫政策需要钱,但要合理地配扶贫资金,必须对贫困有一个全面的理解。The statutory adoption of a particular statistical definition of poverty is the product of Gordon Brown#39;s era of target setting. The emphasis on supposedly objective measures led to expenditures on schemes – notably the child tax credit – designed to be closely related to the target itself. That kind of distortion arises whenever a single metric is used to describe a multifaceted complex phenomenon such as the incidence of poverty.戈登#8226;布朗(Gordon Brown)喜欢设立目标,为贫困赋予某种统计学上的定义、并赋予这种定义法律地位,这正是布朗时代的产物。出于对这些据称十分客观的衡量标准的重视,制定计划、进而大笔出便成为在所难免之事(尤其是像为儿童免税这样的计划),而之所以制定这些计划,则往往与目标本身紧密相关。当人们用单一的标准来评判一种复杂多面的现象(比如贫困)时,就会产生这种扭曲。You need advisers who understand the numbers, but also advisers who understand the poor.我们需要的顾问不仅要懂得数字,还要了解穷人。 /201206/188059襄阳哪个医院割包皮好

襄阳包皮过长手术哪里比较好Duilian or Chinese Couplets对联Duilian (Chinese couplets written on scrolls, etc. or a pair of scrolls containing a poetic couplet), also known as ying lian (pillar couplets) or dui zi (antithetical couplets), is a unique literary genre in China.对联,雅称楹联,俗称对子,是中国一种独特的文学艺术形式。Generally speaking, duilian can be classified into Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) couplets, wedding couplets, longevity couplets, elegiac couplets, decorative couplets, trade couplets, social couplets, and miscellaneous couplets including facetious or humorous couplets.对联的种类分为春联、喜联、寿联、挽联、装饰联、行业联、交际联和杂联(包括谐 趣联)等等。Couplets can be long or short. The shortest one contains one or two characters, and the longest one several hundred characters, which can be seen on ancient Chinese architecture.对联句式比较灵活,可长可短,伸缩自如。短的仅一两个字,长的可达几百字。在我国古建筑中,甚至还有多达数百字的长联。The structure of the couplets can be zheng dui (parallel in meaning), fan dui (antithetical in meaning), liushui dui (same meaning expressed in two sentences, e. g. a couplet), and jijv dui (a couplet made of two lines from different poets), etc.对联形式多样,有正对、 反对、流水对、联珠对、集句对等。Duilian developed from antithesis or antithetical parallelism of lvshi, or regulated verse, a poem of eight lines, each containing five or seven characters, with a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme. Therefore it contains some of the characteristics of this special poetic form.对联是由律诗的对偶句发展而来的,它保留着律诗的某些特点。A couplet must have the following features: one, each line having an equal number of characters, and the same sense groups;对联必须具备以下特点:一要字数相等,断句一致;two, strictly adhering to the tonal patterns, e. g. level tone versus oblique tone;二要平仄相合,音调和谐;three, characters of the same part of speech having to be used, and in the same position, that is, function words versus function words and content words versus content words. In other words, it should be nouns versus nouns, verbs versus verbs,adjectives versus adjectives, numerals versus numerals, adverbs versus adverbs, and that characters of corresponding parts of speech in either line should be in the same position;三要词性相对,位置相同,一般称为“虚对虚,实对实”,就是名词对名词,动词对动词,形容词对形容词,数量词对数量词,副词对副词,而且相对的词必须在相同的位置上;four, the interconnection of the contents. The meaning of the first line should be interrelated to that of the second, yet the two sentences must not have the same meaning.四要内容相关,上下衔接,上下联的含义必须相互衔接,但又不能重复。As for pasted or hung couplets, it is a tradition to write them vertically and when pasted or hung, the first line should always be on the right and the second on the left, not the other way round.此外,张挂的对联,传统做法还必须直写竖贴,自右而左,由上而下,不能颠倒。Another thing, closely related to the couplet, is called heng pi, a horizontal scroll bearing an in-scription, or horizontal plaque, which is in fact the title or theme of the couplet.与对联密相关的横批,可以说是对联的题目,也是对联的中心。A good heng pi adds the finishing touch to the couplet.好的横批在对联中可以起到画龙点睛的作用。Whether it is to chant things to express one’s aspirations or describe the scenery to give vent to one’s feelings, the writer is expected to be very good at summarization, and proficient in Chinese so as to produce a couplet in a few characters, which is excellent in both content and language, full of aesthetic beauty, and thought-provoking.对联无论是咏物言志,还是写景抒情,都要求作者有较高的概括力与驾驭文字的本领,才可能以寥寥数语,做到文情并茂,形神兼备,给人以思想和艺术的感受。With the cultural exchanges among different countries, duilian or Chinese couplets began to sp to Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. And the custom of pasting Spring Festival couplets during the New Year is observed in these countries as well.随着各国文化交流的发展,对联还传入越南、朝鲜、韩国、日本、新加坡等国。这些国家有的地方至今还保留着贴对联的风俗。 /201508/394003 襄阳四院男科医院收费标准襄阳性病手术哪家医院好




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