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US Zimbabwe Envoy Urges African Pressure on Mugabe美大使敦促非洲国家对穆加贝施压  U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe James McGee says government-inspired violence against opposition supporters continues unabated despite U.N. Security Council condemnation of the Robert Mugabe government. McGee, who spoke to U.S. reporters in a conference call, is urging Southern African countries to take a stronger stand against political repression there.  美国驻津巴布韦大使詹姆斯.麦吉表示,尽管联合国安理会谴责津巴布韦总统穆加贝领导的政府,但是津巴布韦政府授意对反对党持者发动的暴力仍然在继续,没有减少的迹象。麦吉在电话会议上对美国记者发表了上述讲话,他敦促南部非洲各国对津巴布韦的政治压制采取更加强硬的立场。Ambassador McGee, who has taken a high public profile in the election crisis, welcomed Monday's U.N. Security Council statement which he said properly blames the Mugabe government for the violence against Morgan Tsvangirai's opposition Movement for Democratic Change. 在津巴布韦选举危机期间频繁露面的麦吉大使赞扬联合国安理会星期一的声明。他说,声明恰当地责备穆加贝政府对茨万吉拉伊领导的反对党“争取民主变革运动”施加的暴力。But he said that given the fact that landlocked Zimbabwe is so economically and politically dependent on its neighbors, a similarly firm statement from the Southern African regional grouping SADC might be more effective in getting the Harare government to change course. 不过他又表示,由于津巴布韦这个内陆国家无论从经济上还是政治上都严重依赖其邻国,南部非洲地区性组织“南部非洲发展共同体”如果发表一份语气同样强硬的声明可能会在迫使哈拉雷政府作出改变方面更加有效。"Leaders in the SADC region need to come out with a clear statement, just like we've had from the ed Nations, that this is an illegitimate regime that's conducting an illegitimate election. Mr. Tsvangirai has asked to make this election null and void and we agree that that's probably the best course," he said. 麦吉说:“南部非洲发展共同体成员国领导人有必要发表态度明确的声明,跟联合国安理会的声明一样指出,这是一个不合法的政权在领导一场不合法的选举。茨万吉拉伊要求宣布这次选举无效,我们同意这或许是最好的方案。”The U.S. envoy said despite the call from U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for an election postponement, the ruling ZANU-PF party remains in what he termed "full campaign mode" and apparently intends to force people to the polls Friday despite Mr. Tsvangirai's withdrawal. 美国驻津巴布韦大使麦吉说,在津巴布韦执政的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线不顾联合国秘书长潘基文推迟选举的呼吁,而继续他所谓的“全力投入的竞选造势”,而且显然是想迫使人民星期五在茨万吉拉伊退选的情况下照样去投票。"They're saying we want an election at all costs. We want to validate Mr. Mugabe's victory here. So the MDC's withdrawal was regrettable but it's very understandable. The people of the MDC were being massacred. And unfortunately as I said right at the beginning, the violence has not abated," added McGee. 麦吉说:“他们表示‘无论代价多大我们都要举行这次选举。’此时,我们希望实穆加贝的胜利在法律上的有效性。‘争取民主变革运动’的退选令人遗憾,但是却为人理解。‘争取民主变革运动’的成员正在遭到残杀。遗憾的是,正如我在开始的时候所说的那样,暴力事件还没有减少。”McGee said he was told by the Dutch ambassador to Harare, who has provided Mr. Tsvangirai safe-haven, that a senior government official has given an assurance that the Dutch embassy will not be raided, and that the opposition leader will not be harmed. 麦吉说,荷兰驻哈拉雷大使告诉他,津巴布韦政府一位资深官员向他保,荷兰驻津巴布韦使馆不会受到搜捕,还保说这位反对党领导人不会受到伤害。茨万吉拉伊目前在荷兰驻津巴布韦使馆避难。The U.S. envoy said the Zimbabwean Foreign Ministry advised the Dutch ambassador that the opposition leader could leave the country at any time, though McGee questioned how that would be possible given that Tsvangirai's passport was confiscated last month. 麦吉说,津巴布韦外交部长通知荷兰驻津大使,茨万吉拉伊可以随时离开津巴布韦。麦吉对此提出质疑,因为茨万吉拉伊的护照上个月被没收。In a talk with reporters here, State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said the ed States is looking to meetings of SADC and African Union officials planned for the next few days to underscore that it cannot be "business as usual" with the Harare government if the runoff vote goes forward. 美国国务院副发言人凯西在美国国务院对记者说,南部非洲发展共同体和非洲联盟计划在今后几天开会。美国期待这些会议强调,如果哈拉雷政府举行总统决选,他们就不能跟这个政府“照常交往”。"If the election takes place and Mugabe stands up there and declares himself president again, on the basis of that, I think it's going to be uniformly rejected by the international community and I think there will be consequences for Zimbabwe as a whole, if it in effect has a government that no one views as having any credibility," said Casey. 凯西说:“一旦举行决选,而且穆加贝上台宣布自己再次当选总统,基于那种局面,我认为,国际社会将全体一致地拒绝承认选举结果。我还认为,假如人人都因此而认为这个现行政府没有任何诚信可言,那么整个津巴布韦就要承担后果。”Bush administration officials have spoken of the possibility of toughening the targeted U.S. sanctions aly in place against Mr. Mugabe and close associates. 美国已经对穆加贝及其帮凶实施了针对性制裁,布什政府官员谈到了更严厉制裁他们的可能性。But they say no consideration is being given to withdrawing Ambassador McGee, because of his vital monitoring role.  不过布什政府官员表示,鉴于美国驻津巴布韦大使麦吉的监督作用非常重要,目前还没有考虑撤回大使。McGee said in the conference call he is not afraid of being expelled, and that he and other U.S. diplomats will continue to try to circulate around the country and report on any abuses they observe. 麦吉在这次电话会议上表示,他不惧怕被驱逐,还表示他跟其他美国外交人员将继续在津巴布韦各地巡视,把他们观察到的任何滥用职权行为公诸于众。200806/42719。

探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 12Olov Bygren was looking to see if poor nutrition had an effect on health when he stumbled on something curious. It appeared that a famine could affect people almost 100 years later even if they never suffered a famine themselves. He wanted to know how this might be possible? So he asked Markus Pembrey. Olov first reported that the food supply of the ancestors was affecting the longevity or, or mortality rate of the grandchildren. Em, so I was very excited. I responded immediately. Pembrey had a hunch that the incidence of one disease----diabetes, might be an indicator that epigenetics was involved. Specifically I wanted to know the results of the diabetes because this was the one that I thought might involve the imprinting. So Olov trod the records for any death due to diabetes and then looked back to see if there was anything unusual about the diet of their grandparents. Er, a few months later, he e-mailed me to say that indeed they had shown a strong association, er, between the, er, em, food supply of the father's father, and the chance of diabetes being mentioned on the death certificate of the grandchild. Er, so of course I was really rather excited about that because it really did look as if there was some trans-generational effect going on there. It looked as if there were clear links through the generations between grandparents and grandchildren. They found that the life expectancy of grandchildren was being directly affected by the diet of the grandparent. It appeared that Overkalix held the key to finding the first evidence of epigenetic inheritance in humans. It really did look as if there were some new mechanism transmitting environmental exposure information from one generation to the next. Because these ideas were so heretical, Pembrey knew that the results could be dismissed as nothing more than a curiosity. They needed to get an understanding of how this was happening. How could the grandparent capture the information that was affecting the grandchildren? We wanted to tease out when you could trigger in the ancestor a trans-generational response. So he and Bygren went back to the data and looked again. The more they looked, the more patterns started to appear.We were able to look at the food supply every year in the grandfather and the grandmother from the moment they were conceived right through into the age of 20. We found that there're only certain periods in the ancestor's development when they can trigger this trans-generational response. They're, what one might call, sensitive periods of development.New Words amp; Phrases:longevity : Longevity is long life. 寿命, 长寿heretical: A belief or action that is heretical is one that most people think is wrong because it disagrees with beliefs that are generally accepted. 异教的;异端的200807/45049。

Could I have a word Anna, in my office?安娜,我们来办公室谈谈好吗?Hello again. I wonder what Paul wants to say to Anna?又见面了。我想知道保罗会和安娜说什么?Could it have something to do with Rachel, the pen thief - or is it just to do with biscuits? !Lets find out.是和瑞秋这个偷笔贼有关吗,还是和饼干有关?让我们去看看。Have a seat… so well done for speaking to her.请坐……关于你跟她谈话这事上干得好。Stealing all those pens from the office was the final straw.从办公室偷走所有的笔已经是忍无可忍了。She was stealing straws?她偷稻草?No, no. It was the final thing that she did wrong – and it meant disciplinary action.不,这是她做错的最后一件事了,应该受到纪律处罚。Ive had to let her go – in other words, sack her.我不得不让她走了,换句话说就是解雇她。Oh, so shes gone.所以她走了。But what is Mr Socrates going to say?但苏格拉底先生会说什么呢?She was his best employee.她是他的最佳员工。Leave it with me.交给我吧。Im sure hell understand…I hope.我肯定他会理解的……我希望是。Now, I wanted to speak to you about your appraisal.现在我想谈谈关于你的评估。My appraisal?你的评估?Yes, we do it every year.是的,我们每年都会这么做。Its a chance to talk about you, talk about the highs and lows of the past year and look forward.这是一次谈论你自己过去一年中的优缺点并且来年发展的机会。Highs and lows?高低点? /201706/514772。

Hello, welcome back to Tip Top Trading where Anna is going downstairs to speak to warehouse manager, Mr Ingle.你们好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading,安娜正往楼下走准备跟仓库经理英格尔先生谈谈。You’re looking a bit nervous…你看起来有点紧张……I am. Denise says if I speak to him in the wrong way, he might bite my head off!确实。丹尼斯说如果我说话的方式不对,他可能会咬掉我的头(发怒)!Relax Anna. It’s just an expression to mean he might be a bit aggressive.放松,安娜。这种表达只是说他可能会有点生气。You’ll be fine, just use the right polite phrases… oh, and smile!不会有事的,只要使用正确的礼貌用语,并且微笑!OK, I will. Oh look here I am…好的,我会的,看,我到了。Mr Ingle, are you there?英格尔先生,你在那里吗?I’d be most grateful if you could give me some…我会很感激的,如果你能给我一些……Oh, what’s that smell… and smoke… Mr Ingle!这是什么味,还有烟……英格尔先生!Mr Ingle. You’re smoking!英格尔先生,你在抽烟!Well… it’s my lunch break… so I’m allowed to smoke a cigarette, aren’t I?这是我的午休时间,所以我可以吸烟,不是吗?Really? Are you sure?真的?你确定?No, he’s not Anna! Smoking inside a public building is illegal – it’s against the law.不,他不行,安娜!在公共场合内吸烟是违法的。It’s dangerous too - you’ve got to do something about this.这还很危险,你得做点什么。Oh right. Mmm, er, Mr Ingle, you mustn’t smoke… it’s wrong.好吧。英格尔先生,你不能吸烟,这是不对的。 /201702/490898。

I tried my best.我尽力了。Ah yes, Tom! I hadnt warned you about Tom, one of the companys top Sales Executives - hes good...对了,汤姆!我还没有对你提过汤姆,他是公司里顶尖的销售主管。他不错……Tom speaking. Yah! Frankie! So whats the latest, are we on?我是汤姆。弗兰基!最新消息是什么,有我们吗?But his interpersonal skills need working on. Listen to this!但是他的人际交往能力需要提高,听听这个!My computer has crashed. Ive lost my phone. And theres a big, BIG problem with my timetable.我的电脑死机了。我手机丢了。而且我的时间表有严重的大问题。I have two meetings scheduled at the same time with two extremely important clients.我同时有两个会议安排和两个极其重要的客户。I cant do them both at once!我不能一次把这俩都做了。See what I mean! Now, every office needs a good office assistant - and Tip Top Trading is no exception.明白我的意思了吧!每个办公室都需要一个好助理,Tip Top Trading也不例外。 /201611/479625。