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A preacher is buying a parrot;Are you sure it doesnt scream, yell, or swear? ;asked the preacher.;Oh absolutely. Its a religious parrot, ;the storekeeper assures him.;Do you see those strings on his legs? When you pull the right one, he recites the lords prayer, and when you pull on the left he recites the 23rd Psalm.;;Wonderful! says the preacher, but what happens if you pull both strings?;;I fall off my perch, you stupid fool!; screeched the parrot.一个传教士在买鹦鹉。;你确信它不会尖叫,大叫或诅咒别人吗?;传教士问。;哦,绝对不会。它是一只虔诚的鹦鹉。;店主保说。;你看见它腿上的这些细绳了吗?当你拉动右面的这根,它会背诵天主经,当你拉动左面的那根,它会背诵赞美诗。;;太棒了!;传教士说,;但是如果我同时拉动两条绳子,会发生什么呢?;;我会从树干上掉下去的,你这个笨蛋!;鹦鹉尖声说道。 /201201/167992襄阳男性不育该看什么科襄阳市第四人民医院治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好1、Chivalry1、绅士风度Chivalry is not dead! A woman notices whether a man opens the door for her, walks closer to the traffic or pulls out a chair for her when she sits. This is something that separates any man from the pack.绅士风度并没有灭亡!女性会注意到是否有男性为她开门、和男性一起走路时男性是否会让女性走在内侧、当她想坐下时男性是否会为她拉出座椅。通过这些能看出来男士是否有绅士风度。2、Emotionally Available2、表达自己的情感A quick web search on relationship woes will reveal that being emotionally unavailable is a disease claiming the lives of many men. If you are a man who is afflicted by this disease, you would do well to seek help immediately! Being a man means being able to share how you feel and not worry about how you#39;ll be seen.在网上快速搜索一下有关恋爱中困境的内容,你会发现很多男人都患有情感表达障碍。如果你是一名患有情感表达障碍的男士,你要立刻寻求帮助!是男人就该能分享自己的感受而不要去担心别人的想法。3、Attention To Detail3、注意细节Women enjoy a man who pays attention to the small details and can recall them at a much later time. This will win any man huge points! For example, let#39;s say your woman of interest tells an inconsequential story about lunch with a friend and in passing she mentions the name of the restaurant. Two weeks later you ask her, ;How was the restaurant XYZ you went with your friend the other day? I was thinking we should go out for dinner tonight.; A man will be instantly elevated to a level of superhero status, if at a later time, he can remember the small details and demonstrate he was really listening.女性喜欢那些能注意细节并在稍后能回想起细节的男士。这个特点会为男士赢得超高分! 举个例子,假如你是名男士,你感兴趣的那名女士讲述了她和朋友吃午饭的这样一个无关简要的故事,在讲述的过程中,她提到了那家餐馆的名字。两周后,你问她,“你觉得你那天和朋友一起去的那家XYZ餐馆怎么样呀?我在想今天晚上我们去哪里吃饭。” 如果一名男士在一段时间后,还能记起一些细节,就说明他真的是在用心倾听,他的地位会在瞬间提升到超级英雄那个级别。4、Compliment Genuinely and Compliment Unexpectedly4、真心地赞美和出乎意料地赞美Yes, she may look great when she is dressed up and you should definitely let her know. But, it is also important to let a woman know just how special she is to you in her day-to-day life. See her laugh, smile or dimple in her cheek and compliment her on it.当然,如果她打扮了一番,可能看上去很漂亮,你一定要赞美她。但是,让她知道她每天对你而言有多特别也是相当重要的。看着她大笑、微笑或露出酒窝,并对她加以赞美。5、Honesty5、诚实For any relationship to be successful there must be a sense of trust. Honesty is the glue that holds a relationship together and also an attractive feature. Even when it might not be the most pleasant news to tell a woman, it is better for a man to be open and honest than to tell a lie.任何一段成功的关系都离不开信任感。诚实不仅能维持彼此间的关系,也相当具有吸引力。虽然有时把实情说出会让人不愉快,但是对男人而言,公开和诚实比说谎可要好得多。6、Confidence6、自信Confidence is the key to being attractive. It will grab any woman#39;s attention. And confidence should not be confused with arrogance, which involves a false sense of self. But, rather being confident involves taking stock in who you are (not what you do).要想有吸引力,关键是要自信。自信会抓住女性的注意力。但是不要把自信和自大弄混,自大里夹杂着对自我的虚假认识。自信是相信自己(而不是你所做的事情)。 /201210/203650Chinese New Year Celebration is the most important celebration of the year. Chinese people may celebrate the Chinese New Year in slightly different ways but their wishes are almost the same; they want their family members and friends to be healthy and lucky during next year.春节庆祝活动是一年中最重要的庆祝活动。中国人庆祝春节的方式可能略微不同,但其愿望几乎是相同的,他们希望其家人和朋友来年健康和幸运。Chinese New Year Celebration usually lasts for 15 days. Celebratory activities include Chinese New Feast, firecrackers, giving lucky money to children, the New Year bell ringing and Chinese New Year Greetings. Most of Chinese people will stop the celebrating in their home on the 7th day of New Year because the national holiday usually ends around that day, however celebrations in public areas can last until the 15th day of New Year.春节庆祝活动通常持续15天。庆祝活动包括春节的年夜饭,放鞭炮,给儿童压岁钱,春节钟声和春节问候。大多数中国人将在春节的第7天停止庆祝活动,因为全国性节假通常在这一天结束,但在公共场所的庆祝活动可能最终持续到正月十五。House Cleaning房屋打扫To clean houses on the New Year Eve is a very old custom dating back to thousands of years ago. The dust is traditionally associated with “old” so cleaning their houses and sweeping the dust mean to bid farewell to the “old” and usher in the “new”. Days before the New Year, Chinese families clean their houses, sweeping the floor, washing daily things, cleaning the spider webs and dredging the ditches. People do all these things happily in the hope of a good coming year.春节打扫房屋这个非常古老的习俗甚至可以追溯到几千年前。灰尘在传统上与“旧”联系在一起,所以打扫房屋和扫除灰尘意味着辞“旧”迎“新”。春节的前几天,中国的各家各户都打扫房屋,扫地,清洗日用品,清除蛛网和疏浚沟渠。人们兴高采烈做所有这些事情,希望来年好运。House decoration房屋装饰One of the house decorations is to post couplets on doors. On the Spring Festival couplets, good wishes are expressed. New Year couplets are usually posted in pairs as even numbers are associated with good luck and auspiciousness in Chinese culture.房屋装饰之一就是在门上贴对联。在春联上,抒发良好的祝愿。春联通常是成对张贴,因为双数在中国文化中是好运气和吉祥的象征。People in north China are used to posting paper-cut on their windows. When sticking the window decoration paper-cuts, people paste on the door large red Chinese character “fu”A red ;fu;means good luck and fortune, so it is customary to post ;fu;on doors or walls on auspicious occasions such as wedding, festivals.在中国北方,人们习惯于在窗户上贴剪纸。人们既在窗户上贴剪纸,又在大门上贴上大大的红色汉字“福”字,一个红色“福”字意味着好运和财富,因此习惯上在婚礼,节日之类的吉祥场合中,人们都会在门或墙上贴“福”字。Waiting for the First Bell Ringing of Chinese New Year等待春节的第一声钟鸣The first bell ringing is the symbol of Chinese New Year. Chinese people like to go to a large squares where there are huge bells are set up on New Year’s Eve. As the New Year approaches they count down and celebrate together. The people believe that the ringing of huge bell can drive all the bad luck away and bring the fortune to them. In recent years, some people have begun going to mountain temples to wait for the first ringing. Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, is very famous temple for its first ringing of the bell to herald Chinese New Year. Many foreigners now go to Hanshan Temple to celebrate Chinese New Year.第一次钟声是春节的象征。中国人喜欢到一个大广场,那里有为除夕设置的大钟。随着春节的临近,他们开始倒计数并一起庆祝。人们相信了大钟的撞响可以驱除霉运,带来好运。近年来,有些人开始去山上寺庙等待第一次钟声。苏州的寒山寺就非常著名,它的钟声宣布春节的到来。现在有许多外国人也去寒山寺庆祝春节。Staying up late (;Shousui;)熬夜(“守岁”)Shousui means to stay up late or all night on New Year#39;s Eve. After the great dinner, families sit together and chat happily to wait for the New Year’s arrival.守岁意味着除夕夜不睡觉。年夜饭后,家人聚坐一起,愉快聊天,等待春节的到来。New Year Feast年夜饭Spring Festival is a time for family reunion. The New Year#39;s Feast is ;a must; banquet with all the family members getting together. The food eaten on the New Year Eve banquet varies according to regions. In south China, It is customary to eat ;niangao; (New Year cake made of glutinous rice flour) because as a homophone, niangao means ;higher and higher every year;. In the north, a traditional dish for the feast is ;Jiaozi; or dumplings shaped like a crescent moon.春节是与家人团聚的时间。年夜饭是所有家庭成员聚在一起“必须”的宴会。除夕宴会上吃的食物根据不同的地区各不相同。在中国南方,习惯吃“年糕”(糯米粉制成的新年糕点),因为作为一个同音字,年糕意味着“步步高升”。在北方,年夜饭的传统饭是“饺子”或像月牙儿形的汤圆。Setting Firecrackers燃放鞭炮Lighting Firecrackers used to be one of the most important customs in the Spring Festival celebration. However, concerning the danger and the negative noises that lighting firecrackers may bring, the government has banned this practice in many major cities. But people in small towns and rural areas still hold to this traditional celebration. Right as the clock strikes 12 o#39;clock midnight of New Year#39;s Eve, cities and towns are lit up with the glitter from fireworks, and the sound can be deafening. Families stay up for this joyful moment and kids with firecrackers in one hand and a lighter in another cheerfully light their happiness in this especial occasion, even though they plug their ears.放鞭炮曾是春节庆祝活动中最重要的习俗之一。然而,担心燃放鞭炮可能会带来危险和烦人的噪音,政府已在许多大城市下令禁止燃放鞭炮。但在小城镇和农村地区的人们仍然坚持这种传统的庆祝活动。除夕夜一旦时钟撞响午夜12点钟,城市和乡镇都被烟花的闪闪光芒映亮,鞭炮声震耳欲聋。一家人熬夜就为这个欢乐的时刻,孩子们一手拿鞭炮,一手拿火机兴高采烈地点放着他们在这个特殊节日的快乐,尽管他们吓得捂着耳朵。New Year Greetings(Bai Nian)春节的问候(拜年)On the first day of the New Year or shortly thereafter, everybody wears new clothes and greets relatives and friends with bows and Gongxi (congratulations), wishing each other good luck, happiness during the new year. In Chinese villages, some villagers may have hundreds of relatives so they have to spend more than two weeks visiting their relatives.在春节第一天或此后不久,大家都穿着新衣,带着弓向亲戚和朋友打招呼并恭喜(祝贺),彼此祝愿在新的一年里好运,幸福。在中国农村,有些村民可能有数以百计的亲戚,所以他们不得不拿出两个多星期来走亲访友。On the first day of the new year, it’s customary for the younger generations to visit the elders, wishing them healthy and longevity.春节第一天,按习惯,小一辈人要拜见老一辈,祝愿他们健康长寿。Because visiting relatives and friends takes a lot of time, now, some busy people will send New Year cards to express their good wishes rather than pay a visit personally.因为探亲访友花费大量时间,所以,现在有些忙碌的人就送春节贺卡来表达他们的良好祝愿,而不是亲自去拜访。Lucky Money压岁钱It is the money given to kids from their parents and grandparents as New Year gift. The money is believed to bring good luck, ward off monsters; hence the name ;lucky money;. Parents and grandparents first put money in small, especially-made red envelopes and give the red envelopes to their kids after the New Year#39;s Feast or when they come to visit them on the New Year. They choose to put the money in red envelopes because Chinese people think red is a lucky color. They want to give their children both lucky money and lucky color.这是孩子们的父母和祖父母给他们作为春节礼物的钱。压岁钱据说能带来好运,能驱魔;因此,就有了“压岁钱”的称呼。父母和祖父母先把钱放入特制的小红包里,年夜饭后或当孩子们来拜年时,将红包发给他们。他们之所以要把钱放到红包里,是因为中国人认为红色是个幸运色。他们想给自己孩子既有压岁钱还有幸运色。 /201301/219674襄阳中心医院包皮手术多少钱

襄阳包皮系带费用襄阳在那治疗阳痿早泄好Apple's Find My Friends app is designed to make it easier for friends to meet up, showing a live location on screen via GPS which your friends can watch. 苹果的找朋友的软件的设计目的是为了让朋友遇见,它通过朋友间能看到的卫星定位在屏幕上活灵活现的现实你所处的位置。 The idea is to make it easier to find friends on a night out, or ensure that people don't get lost on holiday. 这是为了在晚上更容易找到外出的朋友,或者保节假日出去玩人们不会走丢。 But one wronged New York husband claims that the app—which uses GPS to let designated friends 'see' where you are - has revealed that his wife was lying to him. 但是一位来自纽约的先生声称由于能用卫星定位系统看到朋友所处的位置,他甚至发现了他的妻子有外遇了。 He did, however, have to activate the app on her phone without her knowlege first. The service is "opt in", so friends have to agree to 'watch' one another. 首先他没有经过妻子允许就进入了这个在妻子手机中的应用程序,所以朋友不得不同意进行视频。 The unnamed New Yorker, who posted on Mac forums, said, "I got my wife a new 4s and loaded up Find My Friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village." 在苹果论坛上的一位匿名的纽约人说,“我用我妻子的新的4s手机下载了找朋友这个软件,当然她其实并不知情。她那时告诉我她在东边的村庄的朋友家。” "I've had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there." “我一直怀疑她在和某个生活在城区中的人幽会,你看,这个软件就告诉我她就在那里!” He claimed that the app showed that she was in Manhattan, not where she claimed she was. 该男子说这个软件显示说她妻子在曼哈顿,显然不是之前所说的东村的朋友家。 "I just texted her asking where she was and the dumb b***h(某个骂人的词) said she was on 10th Street." “我发短信问她到底在哪,到底和谁在一起鬼混,她说她在第十大道。” "Thank you Apple, thank you App Store, thank you all. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots going to play well when I meet her at the lawyer's office in a few weeks." “我太感谢苹果了。这些东西在我几周前在律师事务所见她的时候还没有这样好呢。” The technology isn't new, either. Users of previous versions of Apple software could have used the Find My iPhone software in much the same way, if they had someone's MobileMe password. 其实这个技术并不是新技术了。之前苹果的叫做找电话的软件就和这个类似,如果别人有你的帐户密码,这样做也是可以的。 Google's Latitude service offers a similar opt-in user-tracking service also. But so far, Latitude lacks the mainstream appeal of Apple products, and remains a niche technology 谷歌的纬度务也提供了一个和这个类似的务,但是,该项务并没有像苹果的务一样被大众广为接受,它只是个小型的技术而已。 /201110/157991襄阳东风人民医院男科医院哪家好襄樊市不孕不育医院预约挂号

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