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退休后去哪里?澳洲最受青睐Australia ranks tops for retirementAustralia is the country most workers and retirees around the world would like to live in 20 years' time, an international survey found. Australia is the country most workers and retirees around the world would like to live in 20 years' time, an international survey found.However, most Australians are unaware of how they will fund their retirement, the poll concluded.The Retirement Scope survey conducted by French insurance giant AXA questioned workers from 26 countries, with two-thirds of Australian respondents unaware of the source of their retirement income or how much they would need.Australians ranked as more aware than people from France, Spain or Indonesia, but behind those in Malaysia where more than half of workers can "put their finger on their retirement income", Fairfax newspapers report.On the other hand, Australia's relaxed lifestyle and climate were its biggest attractions for retirees around the world, who voted it the most desirable place to retire to, although Australian respondents preferred New Zealand.Australia came out above the ed States and Switzerland.The survey of 15,000 people found the average income of Australian retirees was ,917 a month, while the cost of average household expenses is ,437 a month."The survey found that the average retirement age among Australians is 57 years of age, and that 'old' is at 80 years, giving Australians 23 'bonus years' in which to enjoy a healthy and active retirement," AXA general manager of sales and marketing Adrian Emery told Fairfax. (Agencies) 一项世界范围调查发现,澳大利亚是世界各地众多劳动者和退休人士最向往的晚年居住地。然而,多数澳大利亚人对于自己的退休金问题却一无所知。该项由法国保险业巨头AXA集团开展的“退休知多少”调查共对26个国家的劳动者进行了访问。调查发现,三分之二的澳大利亚受访者不知道他们的退休金来源以及自己究竟需要多少退休金。据《费尔费克斯》报业报道,澳洲人对于退休金问题的了解强于法国、西班牙和印度尼西亚人,但要逊色于马来西亚人。调查显示,超过一半的马来西亚受访者“对自己的退休金问题了如指掌”。另一方面,对于世界各地的退休人士来说,澳大利亚悠闲的生活方式和宜人的气候是最吸引他们的地方。然而,尽管澳洲被评为最令人向往的退休居住地,但澳大利亚本国人却更青睐新西兰。美国和瑞士位居澳大利亚之后。该项共有1.5万人参加的调查发现,澳洲人的退休金为平均每月1917澳元,家庭平均月开为1437澳元。AXA集团营销总监阿德里安#8226;埃默里在接受《费尔费克斯》报业的采访时说:“调查发现,澳洲人的平均退休年龄为57岁,而(多数人认为)80岁才是老年阶段的开始,所以澳洲人可享受23年拥有退休金、健康而有活力的退休生活。” /200801/25845Perfect MatchA wealthy matron is so proud of a valuable antique vase that she decides to have her bedroom painted the same color as the vase. Several painters try to match the shade, but none comes close enough to satisfy the eccentric woman.Eventually, a painter approaches who is confident he can mix the proper color. The woman is pleased with the result, and the painter becomes famous.Years later, he retires and truns the business over to his son. ;Dad,; says the son, ;there#39;s something I#39;ve got to know. How did you get those walls to match the vase so perfectly?;;Son,; the father replies, ;I painted the vase.;绝 配一位富婆为拥有一只珍贵的古玩而深感骄傲,以至于她竟要把卧室漆成与花瓶同样的颜色。几名油漆匠试图调出这个底色,但是谁也没有能令那位怪癖的妇女满意。最后来了位油漆匠。他非常自信能调出那种颜色。那妇女对他的成果非常满意,油漆匠于是一举成名。多年以后,他退休了,生意也交给儿子。“爸,”儿子说,“有件事我得弄清楚,您是怎样使墙的颜色与花瓶配得那么绝的?”“儿子,”父亲回答说,“我漆了花瓶。”

During the doctor#39;s periodic visit to my elderly mother, I told him that Mother would be celebrating her 98th birthday in few days. Delighted by the news, he bent down and gave her a kiss for the occasion. He then announced that he, too, would be celebrating a birthday in few days and asked for a kiss in return. When he left, my mother shook her head in disgust. ;Can you imagine, ; she said. ;Seventy dollars and I had to kiss him too!;医生按期来探视我的老母。我告诉他母亲不几天就要庆祝她98岁的生日了。医生听了也很高兴,为此,他弯下腰来亲了她一下。然后他说不几天他也要庆祝自己的生日,并要求她还他一个吻。 医生走后,我母亲厌恶地摇摇头。“你能想象吗,”她说,“付了他70元,我还得亲他!” /201304/234111

Ladies, men aren’t happy when you succeed — but they won’t admit it, according to a new study.女人们,根据最新研究,男人们不会为你的成功而高兴的——但是他们不会承认自己的不高兴。Research shows straight men’s self-esteem drops following a romantic partner’s success, while women’s self-esteem remains unchanged after hearing similar news.根据研究,当男人知道自己的女人成功以后,会觉得自己的自尊受损,然而女人听到自己的男人活得成功以后,不会觉得自己的自尊心受影响。Study author Kate Ratliff of the University of Florida explained “there is some evidence that men automatically interpret a partner’s success as their own failure,” in a report published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.本研究在《个性与心理学》杂志上发表,在研究中,根据佛罗里达大学研究员Kate Ratliff的报道“一些据表明,男性会将自己伴侣的成功很自然的归结为自己的失败。” In one experiment, college students were told their partners scored in either the top 12% or bottom 12% in a “test of problem solving and social intelligence.”在实验中,大学学生告诉他们的伴侣自己在“解决问题和社交能力”的测试中取的了前12%的成绩或是后12%的成绩。How their girlfriends performed didn’t affect men’s reported self-esteem — what they told researchers — but when given a test to determine how they felt subconsciously, it was clear men whose partners performed well experienced a drop in self-worth. The subconscious testing involved quizzing participants on what adjectives they use to describe themselves.那同学们告诉研究员,自己女朋友的表现不会影响到自己的自尊心。然而,当研究院对男生做潜意识测试时,得出的结果却显示,当男生的女朋友表现得很好时,男生觉得自我价值在贬值。潜意识测试包含了让测试者自己形容自己。But the same didn’t hold true for women, whose self-esteem wasn’t affected by their partners’ success. In fact, women reported feeling happier about the relationship when men succeeded.然而同样的测试,在女性身上却没有男性的表现。女性的自尊心不会因为男性的成功而受到影响。事实上,研究报告显示,女性会因为自己伴侣的成功而感觉到高兴。This could be because “men tend to be more competitive than women,” Ratliff suggested.研究员Ratliff认为,也许是“男性比女性更倾向于竞争”“A similar argument is that self-esteem might be impacted when one fails to fulfill the roles ascribed to one’s gender,” she wrote in the report.“还有一种可能是,当性别赋予的角色有挫败感时,自尊心就会受影响。”研究员在报告中写道。Additional experiments took place in the Netherlands and in online surveys of more than 600 people. In all cases, the findings were similar.还有一个类似的延伸的实验,在荷兰,研究员通过网络,做了600份调查。调查结果和以前的实验结果也是非常近似的本译文属 /201308/254725

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