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The growing popularity of electronic books could offer hope for newspapersTHINGS are suddenly hotting up in the rather obscure field of electronic books and their associated ing devices, the best known of which is Amazon’s Kindle. A new, sleeker version of the Kindle was unveiled on February 9th. Just days earlier, Google said it was making 1.5m free e-books available in a format suitable for smart-phones, such as Apple’s iPhone and handsets powered by Google’s Android software. Amazon said it was working to make e-books available on smart-phones as well as the Kindle. Plastic Logic, the maker of a forthcoming e-er device, said it had struck distribution deals with several magazines and newspapers. The iPhone, meanwhile, has quietly become the most widely used e-book er: more people have downloaded e-book software (such as Stanza, eReader and Classics) for iPhones than have bought Kindles. Might e-books be approaching the moment of take-off, akin to Apple’s launch of the iTunes store in 2003, which created a new market for legal music downloads?The analogy is informative, and not just because the Kindle is often described as “the iPod of books”. Before Apple moved into music downloads, consumers faced a bewildering array of incompatible and incomplete services, none of which had critical mass, thanks in part to the record companies’ inability to agree on a common format. Apple, not being a record company, was able to broker an agreement and define a standard. At first, there was widesp scepticism that anyone would pay for music downloads, given rampant piracy of music on the internet. But being able to find music quickly and easily, rather than fiddling around with file-sharing software, proved far more popular than expected, and iTunes took off. That has not stopped piracy, and download revenues have not been anywhere near enough to compensate for falling CD sales. But iTunes provided a new model for a troubled industry.Book publishers are in better shape than record labels. Far from harming sales, the Kindle and the iPhone seem to offer incremental revenue, by making it easier for avid ers to buy more titles. Yet if e-ers do take off, the real beneficiaries could be the ailing newspaper and magazine publishers.The print media are in an awful state—and not just because advertising revenue always dives in recessions. Thanks to the rise of the internet, much of their business, notably classified ads, is migrating rapidly to the web. Meanwhile, most have failed to find a decent online business model. Giving news away on the internet, as most newspapers do, and selling online advertising alongside it, is not sustainable because the ad rates are so much lower online. Attempts to charge subscription fees or set up “micropayment” schemes have failed. But consumers treat phones (and Kindles) differently from PCs. People pay for text messages, even though e-mail is free. Apple has sold millions of iPhone applications through the iTunes store. Several newspapers and magazines are aly available, by subscription, to Kindle users. As with iTunes, people are happy to pay once it is made easy.So it is not unreasonable to suppose that someone could step in, as Apple did with music, and introduce a comprehensive and easy-to-use shopfront, through which books, newspapers and magazines could be supplied to paying customers. The convenience of having content delivered to devices automatically overnight, and being able to flick quickly between stories at the breakfast table, when underground or on an aeroplane, might be something that people will pay for. If this approach took off, newspapers would no longer depend on advertisers and could wind down their paper editions. (They could also quietly scale back their free websites.)How Apple could kill the KindleAmazon clearly has designs on this market with the Kindle, even though it is primarily intended for ing e-books. But Apple is arguably in a much stronger position. There are aly millions of iPhones and touch-screen iPods in circulation, and the company has long been rumoured to be working on a larger “tablet” device. Selling e-books and newspapers via iTunes, which aly has millions of paying customers, would be simple. True, Steve Jobs, Apple’s mercurial boss, has expressed scepticism about e-ers, claiming that “people don’t any more”. But Mr Jobs has a record of insisting that Apple is not interested in making a particular product (a iPod, a mobile phone)—right up until the moment when he unveils one. Might e-books soon be the next example? /200902/62996摘要:夹在电价上涨和全球变暖恶果之间的美国消费者在是否应关掉冷气的问题上很是挣扎。不知道他们会不会从玛丽莲·梦露的电影《七年之痒》里找到灵感,把内衣裤装在冰盒里,好随时给自己降降温;不过,其它所有能想到的办法都被他们拿来一试了。With electricity costs rising -- along with global-warming guilt -- consumers across the country are struggling to wean themselves from the A/C. It remains to be seen whether they'll take a cue from Marilyn Monroe in 'The Seven Year Itch' and stash their undies in the icebox. But they're trying just about everything else.In Thousand Oaks, Calif., Adina Nack keeps the thermostat at 28-- and lets her toddler dance around the house in a bathing suit, spritzing herself with cool water from a spray bottle. Cara Cummins, in Atlanta, turns on the air conditioner only when she's expecting guests. Otherwise, she makes do by snacking on watermelon cubes soaked in chilled bourbon.Because many power plants run on natural gas, which has shot way up in price, utilities in every region of the nation have imposed -- or are planning -- big rate increases this year, some approaching 30%.In response, nearly two-thirds of families are cutting back on air conditioning, according to a recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll. They're buying ceiling fans and programmable thermostats; burning up hot afternoons in malls and movie theaters; and bombarding blogger Erin Huffstetler, who writes about frugal living, with questions about the merits of tinting their windows dark to block the sun.The wealthy are even putting windmills in their backyards. Southwest Windpower in Flagstaff, Ariz., installs residential turbines that can supply a third or more of a typical household's electricity. The cost: At least ,000.In Arizona, 50,000 customers of the Salt River Project utility have cut energy use by an average of 13%, thanks to a gizmo that lets them monitor their daily bill, so they can see exactly how much they save by bumping up the thermostat a few degrees. In Texas, Reliant Energy reports an 8% drop in per-customer energy use since 2005.The Department of Energy calculates that heating and cooling account for nearly half the energy used in a typical home. That's more than all the light bulbs, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the hot-water heater and the washer and dryer -- combined. /200905/70254我生日那天,我丈夫给了我一个拥抱。他说两只胳膊加上十个手指相当于12件礼物。内容来自: /201106/142531

Step One: Write a Financial Wish ListStart big. At the top of your list of money goals should be an emergency fund, says financial coach Judy Lawrence, author of The Budget Kit. "If something happens to you, your spouse, children, computer, or car," says Lawrence, "you'll need something to fall back on to avoid going into debt." Aim to save the equivalent of at least three months of your income. Next, list your big-ticket dreams — to get out of debt, remodel the kitchen, pay for the kids' education, travel to Europe. Also write down personal and household needs (New interview suit? Water heater?) and wants (Kitchen cabinets? Digital camera? Satellite TV?) that you'd like to purchase in the next six months. Finally, note small money goals, such as eating out or getting a manicure once a month. Next to each goal, estimate the dollar amount you'll need to accomplish it.草拟一个花钱预算第一栏写上应急款数,譬如你的车子坏了,生病了等等,接着数数花钱的大项:想想则那样能够还清自己的房贷,给厨房改装一下,学费,去欧洲旅游,还有一些自己想做的事情。最后,写下生活中的小数目花费,例如外出就餐,每月秀修一次指甲,然后把所有这些数目加起来。 /200912/93549

IT IS a time parents relish: their child's afternoon nap. But it seems that napping may not be such a good idea after all. Preliminary studies suggest that daytime napping in young children may be linked to poorer sleep and mental functioning than in their peers who only sleep at night. The big question is whether napping is the cause of the problem, or the result.John Harsh at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg and his colleagues asked the parents of 738 children aged between 2 and 12 about their children's sleeping habits. Children who took long daytime naps fell asleep at night an average of 39 minutes later and slept later at the weekend than those who did not nap. The effect was more pronounced in older children (over a quarter of 10 to 12-year-olds still took afternoon naps).The problem came during the following week, when children had to wake up at set times to get to school or to meet the demands of their parents' work schedules. The napping children continued to stay up later, meaning they spent less time in bed at night than their counterparts. "Napping children not only had a difficult time getting to bed, they had a harder time falling asleep, and they had a harder time getting up in the morning," says study author Alyssa Cairns, who presented the work at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Minneapolis earlier this month.The findings are backed by a study by Kazuhiko Fukuda of Fukushima University in Japan. He compared children who attended all-day pre-schools in Japan, where 90-minute naps are compulsory, with children of the same age who napped only when they needed to. As well as going to bed an average of 30 minutes later, the children who took obligatory naps were more likely to be moody in the morning and resist going to school, according to their parents. These behaviours lasted even after the children moved on to elementary school and stopped napping, perhaps because of the lasting influence of napping on their sleep and wake cycles, Fukuda suggests (Sleep and Biological Rhythms, vol 2, p 129).Napping may also affect mental performance, according to Joe McNamara and his colleagues at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who also presented their results in Minneapolis. McNamara measured how well 27 kindergarteners could solve puzzles that measure planning and organisational skills. Children who took longer naps completed fewer puzzles successfully, and the later they went to bed, the less well they performed.These findings pose a chicken and egg problem, says Harsh. "It could be that children are getting less sleep at night because they're napping, or they could be napping because they're getting less sleep at night," he says. Nevertheless, though napping and non-napping children in McNamara and Harsh's studies slept for the same amount of time in total "napping is not a substitute for night-time sleep", McNamara says. 父母们往往喜欢让孩子们午睡,可现在看来,午睡恐怕并不像他们以为的那么有益。以往的研究发现,白天打盹的儿童比起没这习惯的孩子,往往睡得更差,大脑机能也更弱。问题是,在这种关联中,午休习惯究竟是因,还是果。 南密西西比大学John Harsh士和他的同事们询问了738名2至12岁儿童的父母,了解他们孩子的睡眠习惯。有长时间午睡习惯的小孩比不午睡的孩子晚上入睡平均晚39分钟,周末则睡得更迟。这在较大的孩子中体现得更明显(有四分之一10至12岁儿童仍然午睡)。当周末过去,因为自己上学和父母工作,孩子们没有懒觉可睡,这时问题就出现了:有午睡习惯的孩子晚上依然睡得更迟,结果他们的睡眠时间也就更短。“午睡的孩子不仅很难哄上床,入睡和起床也都更不容易。”Alyssa Cairns说。Alyssa Cairns本月早些时候在明尼阿波利斯的专业睡眠协会年会上发表过研究成果。 日本福岛大学福田一彦士的一项研究持了这些发现。他比较了在日本有90分钟午休要求的全日制幼儿园的儿童和其他只在需要时打盹的同龄儿童。根据父母们的反馈,每天午睡的儿童晚上同样平均晚睡30分钟,早上起床上学时也更容易闹脾气,表现得很抗拒。甚至当这些孩子升入小学,不再每天午睡,仍然如此。福田认为,这也许是午睡习惯对他们生物钟的持续影响使然。 午睡还可能影响智力表现。同样在明尼阿波利斯发表过成果,来自福罗里达大学的Joe McNamara及其同事对此有所研究。McNamara为27名学龄前儿童安排了针对计划与组织能力的难题,评价他们的表现。结果午睡时间较长的孩子普遍解出较少,而且晚上睡觉越晚的孩子往往表现得越差。 Harsh说,这些发现提出的还是一个先有鸡还是先有蛋的问题。他说:“可以说孩子们晚上睡得少是因为白天打过盹,也可以说他们之所以白天打盹是因为晚上没睡够。”McNamara和Harsh统计过的孩子,不论有无午睡习惯,一天的睡眠时间还是大致相当的,按McNamara的话说,“在白天打个盹是不能替代夜间的睡眠的”。 /200809/484441. Hey, look at the chick over there.  看看在那边的女孩。 Chick 这个字代表的就是女孩子,各位不要跟chic(时尚)这个字给搞混了。chick这个字念起来就像是chicken前面一部分?所以蛮好认的。一般而言chick 和girl是可以交互使用的,例如,她是个十三岁的女孩,就是She is a thirteen-year-old chick. /200911/90235Stenson夫人,由于你开了一辆牌照上全是烂泥的车,我得给你开张罚单。

The sight of a crying girlfriend or wife is never likely to turn a man to thoughts of passion. But it is not just the emotions of an upset partner that dampen the mood in a loving relationship. Female tears contain a chemical that makes her less attractive to the opposite sex, a study has found. While a man might not realise it, his brain sniffs out the signal and his desire is subdued. 电视剧《红楼梦》一经播出,褒贬不一,不管导演李少红的翻拍最终能否还原原著的经典,然而“林招牌式的楚楚动人”还是时隔N年后再一次出现在现代人眼中,我们不禁问道:现在的男人还爱着楚楚动人、泪眼婆娑的林黛玉吗?经研究,科学家竟然给我们“否定”的!研究者发现,恋人在相处过程中,女人的“眼泪攻势”很难再获得男人的怜惜与同情甚至爱情,因为女性在哭的时候,男人体内立刻产生“化学作用”潜意识中会觉得异性的吸引力大大减少,男人的脑中会出现“警报”---还是赶快闪吧,这个女人碰不得! Researchers arrived at the conclusion after asking six women, selected from 60 volunteers, to make repeat visits to a lab where they cried into a test tube while watching a weepy film. The tears were then trickled back down the women’s faces and a group of men asked to lean close. Salty water was used as substitute tears in a second group of women. The men said that both sets of ‘tears’ smelt the same. But when shown pictures of female faces, those who had sniffed the real tears rated the pictures as less attractive, the journal Science reports. 研究者对60名女性志愿者进行实验,将每一组(6个人)轮流进行实验:将第一组(会哭的)女人聚集起来观看“催人泪下”的电影,然后将第二组(不会哭)女人进入影院也随后观看电影,与前者不同的是,第二组女人的眼泪是“假”的,是实验者用“盐水”滴上去的。这段时间,研究者让一群男士进入影院,让他们“依偎”在女人身边,测试他们对“眼泪女人”的反映!实验结果显示,男人压根分不清“真眼泪”和“假眼泪”,在男士的嗅觉下,两者并无差别。但在测试他们喜欢哪一组女人时,他们竟然都一致觉得“真流泪”的女人吸引力很低,相反,“假流泪”女人更有吸引力些! To expose the men to the feelings of sadness that had accompanied the women’s tears, the men then also watched a weepy movie. Levels of the male sex hormone testosterone fell in those who had sniffed real tears but not in the men exposed to the fake ones. The researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, said the results suggest that weeping helps women ward off unwelcome advances. The chemicals in tears could also help protect against violence by lowering male testosterone levels. 来自以色列的研究员称:“在测试眼泪对男士的效果中,我们发现,女人一旦泪如雨下,男性的睾丸素(男性荷尔蒙的一种)会降低。也就是女人在遇到暴力的时候,哭的力量可以使得男性的宽恕。但是女人要是要是企图用哭来获得爱情,让男人觉得你更加楚楚动人,那就是不可能的了。男人一看到女性哭,顿时觉得女人吸引力降低大大降低,一点都不可爱了!” /201102/124964The Two Different Ways of British leisure life摘要:英国人素来以保守闻名。不过,尽管这样,他们仍旧会以有趣的方式享受生活。British people are always famous for their conservative nature. Nevertheless,they also have some interesting ways to enjoy themselves.Club life started with coffee drinking which began around 1650.Limited to fifty,list of membership of this club includes prominent members of the Commons and the Lords and other distinguished people.However, one of the famous clubs is a non-political club and was given the name the Other Club because its aims always to hear the other man's point of view.In contrast with club,there is the popular Pancake Day.It is on the first day of Lent, and usually occurs between February 2 and March 8. It is believed to remind that butter and eggs were forbidden during Lent and housewives were anxious to use up all they had left before the start of the frugal period. /200904/68171

摘要:饭店的工作人员主要靠小费来增加他(她)们平时微薄的收入。不要对付给务员小费感到愤愤不平,而应该把它看作是旅游消费的一部分,并应做好准备在进入饭店之前就随时掏出钞票。Hotel workers depend on tips to augment their usually small salaries. Rather than being annoyed at having to tip the doorman who greets you, consider it part of the cost of travel and be prepared with the dollar bills you will need to hand out before you even get to your room.DoormenDepending on the amount of luggage, tip $ 1 to $ 2 to the doorman who takes your bags and turns them over to a bellman. If you are visiting and have no luggage, you naturally do not tip him for simply opening the door for you. Tip him again when you leave with your luggage as he takes it from the bellman and assists you in loading it in your car or into your taxi. When the doorman obtains a taxi for you, tip him to (the higher amount if he must stand in the rain for a period of time to get it).BellmanTip a bag but not less than to the bellman who carries or delivers your luggage to your room. When the bellman does something special for you, such as make a purchase or bring something you have requested to your room, but not room service deliveries, he or she should be tipped $ 2 to $ 3 for every service, at the time it is provided. Maid For stays of one night or more, the maid should be tipped per night per person in a large hotel; $ 1 per night per person in a less expensive hotel. Give the maid her tip in person, if she can be found. If not, put it in a sealed envelope marked "chambermaid".ValetValet services are added to your bill, so there is no need to tip for pressing or cleaning when items are left in your room. If you are in when your cleaning and pressing is delivered, however, tip $ 1 for the delivery for one or two items, more when several items are being delivered.Dining Room Staff Tips for dining room staff are exactly the same as they are in any other restaurant -15 to 18 percent except in the most elegant dining rooms where tips are 18 to 20 percent. If you are staying in an American -plan hotel where your meals are included in your total bill, tips are as usual, and an additional tip should be given to the maitre d' who has taken care of you during your stay. This tip ranges anywhere from $ 10 to $ 15 for a weekend for a family or group of four people to $ 20 to $ 30 for a longer stay or larger group. /200904/68363摘要:一项调查显示,大约51%的年轻女性希望通过手术来改善容貌,三分之一已经是12号尺码(英式,相当于大号)的妇女仍然认为自己过胖,几乎半数受访女性表示,她们曾放弃一餐来减肥,而8%的人曾通过让自己呕吐来减肥。Some 51% of young women would have surgery to improve their looks and a third of those who are a size 12 thinkthey are overweight, a survey suggests.B Radio 1's Newsbeat asked 25,000 people, mostly aged 17 to 34, how they felt about their bodies.Almost half the women surveyed said they had skipped a meal to lose weight, while 8% had made themselves sick.Eating disorder experts said it was "sad but not surprising" that young people felt and acted in such ways.The survey found two thirds of those who are size 14 also thought they were overweight or fat.Even with the celebrity emphasis on being size zero (UK size four), fewer than one in a hundred of those surveyed said they were that size.Given the choice of ultra-skinny, thin and curvaceous, both men and women rated a curvy Martine McCutcheon as having the best body.Half of the women questioned said there was "lots they would change" about their bodies--and more than 10% "hated" what they looked like.Many people said they were trying to change their looks.More than 20% of female respondents said that they were on a diet, compared with fewer than 10% of men.And more than 50% of female respondents said they would consider having plastic surgery, compared with less than a quarter of men.Breast enlargement was the most popular operation for women, while liposuction was the next most popular.Liposuction and nose jobs were the most common choices for men.The online survey found that even younger people had concerns over their looks.More than half of girls aged 12 to 16 felt that their body image either stops them from getting a boyfriend or from relaxing in a relationship.Young men also appear to feel the pressure to look good.About 20% of those in their early 20s said that they have taken protein supplements in a bid to help themselves bulk up, compared with 11% of over 35s.And when asked to rate photos of differently shaped male bodies, almost 80% of men and 65% of women favoured a very muscular physique.A spokeswoman for Beating Eating Disorders said there were an estimated 1.1 million people in the UK with eating disorders."Research says that typical age of onset for an eating disorder is 14 to 25. Young people are affected by many issues at this present time with issues such as exams, bullying, family pressures. /200904/682131. No question need ever be asked through a closed bathroom door if I'm inside. I love you less with each syllable you utter.当我锁着门呆在卫生间里时,千万不要问任何问题。你多问一句,我少爱你一分。2. When you get angry over some stupid little pointless thing, I question your intelligence.当你为了一些鸡毛蒜皮、无关紧要的事情愤怒不已时,我怀疑你的智商。3. Err on the side of hot; we love to show you off. Unless we're meeting my parents.大胆表现你的迷人之处。我们喜欢炫耀你。除非我们要去见我的父母。4. You're really bad at faking it.你真的很不善于伪装。5. If you're truly interested in us, don't play hard to get.如果你真的想让我们感兴趣,就别装出让人难以接近的样子。6. Express yourself. It makes us proud, even if someone thinks you're wrong.表达自己的想法。这让我们感到自豪,即使有人认为你是错的。7. You look hot in running shoes and shorts. And that top thingy with the stripes.你穿跑鞋和短裤很迷人,还有那件条纹短衫。8. Don't be afraid to ditch the makeup. Natural is sexier.不要害怕卸妆。自然更性感。9. Leave the eyebrows alone. Plucked ain't pretty.让你的眉毛自己呆着。拔过的眉毛不好看。10. When the game is on, we will pay attention to you if you're nice about it. Bark, and we shut down.当比赛开始时,如果你态度很好,我们会注意到你。如果你大吵大闹,我们会对你不加理睬。 /200909/85293

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