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Is your oven a mess? Jacqueline Hansson from Amy Cleaners shows us how to clean an oven so that it gleams with pride.你的烤箱是否有脏又乱?艾美清洁中心的Jacqueline Hansson向我们展示怎样清洁烤箱,让它重新散发出光。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Rubber gloves,Heavy duty oven cleaner,metal scourer,soft cloth橡胶手套,强力烤箱清洁剂,金属擦,软布Step 2: Spray2.喷洒清洁剂Give your heavy duty cleaner a good shake. Cover the inside of the oven with an even coating of the spray. Cover the door,base, walls, and shelf brackets. Read the manufacturers instructions on the package and leave for the required time.将强力清洁剂摇晃一下,均匀地喷洒烤箱内侧,门,底部,侧壁,烤架。阅读包装上的说明,等待相应的时间。WARNING Some oven cleaners can be noxious so make sure the room is well ventilated.警告:一些烤箱清洁剂有毒,所以一定要保房间通风效果良好。Step 3: Scrub3.擦洗Fill a small bowl with hot water and take it to the oven. This will prevent you dripping greasy water across your kitchen floor. Dip a scourer in the water and scrub. Scrub hard - this is no job for wimps! Regularly rinse the scourer off in the bowl of water. Pay particular attention to the bottom of the oven as this is where most of the baked on food will be.用一个小桶装满热水,拿到烤箱旁边。这样可以防止将厨房地板洒上水。向水中浸入金属擦,然后擦洗。一定要用力擦洗,没有力气的人做不了这项工作!经常把金属擦在热水中浸一下。特别注意一下烤箱底部,因为大部分烧烤的食物都放在这里。Work around the sides and along the shelf brackets.擦一下侧面和烤架。Step 4: Wipe4.用软布擦Use a soft cloth to remove the product from the oven. Warning -This will turn the cloth brown. Make sure you wipe right into all the corners. Keep wiping until the oven is spotless. Give it a final polish with paper towels - this will remove any final traces of the cleaning products and really make the inside of your oven gleam.用软布轻轻地擦一遍。警告:这会让布变成棕色。确保擦到所有角落,直到烤箱没有一点污渍。最后再用纸巾擦一遍,这样可以清除清洁剂留下的任何痕迹,让烤箱内侧闪闪发光。TOP TIP小建议:Close the oven door and set to a high temperate for just a few minutes until the oven warms up. This kills of any germs and left over chemical smells. Turn the oven off and leave the door open a fraction to let the vapours dispel.关闭烤箱门,设置较高的温度,保持几分钟,直到烤箱变暖。这样可以消灭任何细菌和残留的化学品味道。关闭烤箱,打开烤箱门,让蒸汽散发干净。Thanks for watching How To Clean An Oven So It Gleams.感谢收看“怎样清洗烤箱”视频节目。 Article/201212/215202The ;envelope; around the old hunting lodge wascomplete.旧日行宫外的围护结构已经完成Louis#39; ministers were installed in their new apartments,路易的朝臣们搬入了新房and the King began governing from Versailles.国王开始了在凡尔赛宫的统治Now, Louis decided he would make the palace his permanent home,现在路易决定在这里定居and insisted that leading French nobles come and live there too.并要求高等贵族前来入住There#39;s no question that for Louis, the nobility,对路易来说 贵族particularly the court nobility,尤其是王室贵族were an essentialaspectof his kingship.无疑是王权的重要部分They surrounded him with glory and status.他们匍匐在他的尊贵荣光之下This is a state where the ultimate decider在这里on granting favour or refusing favour最终决策者的权力is in the hands of the king.由国王掌握If you were looking for a militarycommand,要得到军队统领权if you were looking for favours for many of your clients,或是为主顾 持者supporters and family,和家庭请愿then the way to achieve this was by getting access to Louis必须直接觐见路易and to a lesser extent或在不得已而为之时by gaining access to the ministers around Louis.觐见路易的朝臣But housing all the nobles would mean yet more building work.然而要接纳所有贵族需扩大宫殿Louis#39; finance minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert路易的财政大臣让·巴斯蒂特·考伯特worried about the cost.担心开销过大Louis wanted the nobility at Versailles in order路易要求贵族入住凡尔赛宫that he could keep an eye on them.如此便可密切关注他们The message he wanted to give to his nobles was this -他借此向贵族传达这样的信息You don#39;t need to rebel to get what you want.你们不需为自己所欲而反抗What you have to do is come and pay your court to me.你只需来此向我效忠 Article/201204/176359

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