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2019年06月18日 19:08:14

Taiwan tourism, winter came early.对于台湾旅游业来说,今年的冬天来得有些早A significant drop in mainland visitors in the past few months has taken its toll on the island tourism economy.过去几个月里,大陆赴台游客数量的锐减已经对台湾的旅游经济造成了极大损失ty percent of related businesses were hit with a sharp drop in revenue--3 percent on average--according to a survey by Taiwan companies Job Bank and its subsidiary TaiwanXing travel agency.据台湾人力及其子公司台湾行旅行社的调查显示,百分之四十的旅游相关产业的收入都大幅下降(平均下降3%)The cold spell claimed its first major victim when Genesis Travel Agency, a time-honored company specializing in group tour services mainland visitors, declared bankruptcy last Wednesday, according to the Taiwan tourism authority.据台湾旅游局表示,台湾创世纪旅行社是这次旅游业寒冬的第一个主要受害者这家历史悠久、专营陆客团体游的公司在上周三宣布破产Mainland tourists ed 0 percent of Taiwan total visitors last year. Now, with fewer visitors coming from the mainland, Hsu Kao-ching, a mer executive of the Travel Agent Association, said he worried there would be more travel agency closures.大陆游客占据了去年赴台旅游总人数的0%台旅行公会全联会前秘书长许高庆表示,他担心随着大陆赴台游客数量的减少,未来会有更多的旅行社倒闭The total number of mainland visitors has fallen .3 percent since Tsai Ing-wen took office in May , according to the Taiwan tourism authority.据台湾旅游局表示,在蔡英文于5月日就职以后,大陆赴台游客总数较原来减少了.3%In June, the number had dropped to 71,000, the lowest point in 30 months.这个数字在六月下降到了7万00人次,是近三个月里的最低值The number of Chinese group tours was cut by 7 percent from June to July, partly because of fallout from a fatal bus fire near Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport that killed mainland tourists on July 19, according to the Taiwan tourism authority.台湾旅游局还声称,大陆赴台的旅行团数量在六、七月份骤降了7%,部分原因是在7月19日台湾桃园国际机场附近发生的旅游大巴起火事故,这场事故夺走了名大陆游客的生命Political uncertainty created by Tsai party and safety concerns over the bus accident are the main reasons the free fall in mainland tourists, said Zhu Songling, director of Taiwan Research and Cross-Straits Relations at Beijing Union University.北京联合大学台湾研究院两岸研究所所长朱松岭表示:“民进党创造出的政治不确定性以及大巴事故中显露出的安全隐患,是大陆赴台游客数量剧减的主要原因” 6771市南区妇女儿童医院做人流好吗Conversation A: May I help you?A:需要我帮忙吗?B: Yes, Id like to buy a color TV.B:是的,我想买一台色电视机A: We carry products from three large manufacturers and some imported ones, too. Do you have a specific model in mind?A:我们的产品来自三家大厂商,也有一些是进口的您有没有特别想要的样式?B: No. Which one do you recommend?B:没有您能推荐一种吗?A: This one from Sony gives a very sharp picture.A:这台索尼的画面很鲜艳B: Thank you, but Id prefer to buy a China-made set.B:谢谢,但是我比较喜欢中国制造的电视机A: Thank you. Which brand do you prefer?A:谢谢您,您喜欢哪个牌子的?B: Peony.B:牡丹牌的A: OK. Come with me, please.A:好的,请跟我来 6青岛市人民医院几点下班A: Professor, excuse me, but I need to leave early.B: What seems to be the problem?A: I am not feeling well. B: What is bothering you?A: I think I am beginning to have an asthma attack.B: Would you like someone to walk you over to the Student Health Center?A: No, I think that I should just go home because I have some medicine there.B: Do you need a ride home?A: I live in the dorms across the street, so I’ll be OK.B: OK, then, hope you feel better soon. Check your e-mail missed assignments.青岛月经后外阴痒怎么办

日照治疗妇科炎症哪家医院最好的青岛市妇幼医院妇科咨询导购口语:This tie blends with your striped suit.这条领带同你那套条子衣很匹配The tie goes along with the suit.这套领带和这件衬衫很搭配A neutral tie can be worn with a shirt of any color.暗灰色的领带配什么颜色的衬衣都行 语句:Bleng with…与……融合,这里的意思是“与……相匹配”;go along with…和……一起,这里的意思也是“与……相匹配”;a neutral tie暗灰色的领带,neutral本意是“中立的”,这里是指“非色的,会带灰色的” 情景再现:I want to buy a tie that goes well with the suit. Can you recommend one me?我想买一条领带来配那套西装,你可以替我选一条吗?Id like to see the tie in the showcase.我想看看陈列柜里的那条领带 1At least 30 high school students in Central China Henan Province have been ced to provide sex services since , with a deputy of local people congress also involved in the case, the Beijing-based Legal Mirror reported.据《北京法制晚报报道,自年起,中国中部河南省至少有30名初中生被强迫提供性务,当地一名人大代表也牵涉其中Local police of Weishi county in northern Henan said that they were paying significant attention to a brief report on ;ced sex services; circulating online, and have placed the case on file investigation.针对河南省北部的尉氏县传出的“强迫卖淫简要案情汇报”,尉氏当地警方表示,他们非常重视,并且已立案调查According to the ;brief report,; at least 30 high school students in Weishi, including several under years old, were ced to provide sex services.据该份“简报”显示,尉氏县至少30名中学生被强迫与人发生性关系,包括多名不满岁的幼童Under the current law in China, people who have sex with girls less than years old face a maximum of years in prison while those convicted of raping a child may face death sentence.照中国法律,与未满岁的少女发生性关系,将面临最高长达年的监禁,而强奸幼女者或判死刑The ;brief report; showed that since , a local entrepreneur surnamed Zhao had been asking a man surnamed Li to introduce young virgin girls sex.这份“简报”中称,自年以来,当地一名赵姓企业家要求一名李姓男子为其介绍年龄小的处女与其发生性关系But the newspaper did not mention who wrote the ;brief report.;不过,新闻报道中并没有提及是谁撰写了这则“简报”According to a victim, she was sent to a hotel by Li and saw a naked Zhao on bed in the room. After having sex with Zhao, Li gave 300 yuan (.6) to the girl, which she refused.一位受害人称,她被李某拉到宾馆后,一进门就看见赵某光着身子躺在床上在与其发生性关系后,李某给了女孩三百元钱(折合3.6美金),但被她拒绝了Currently, the Department of Public Security of Henan Province is investigating the case.目前,河南省公安厅正全力侦查此案 5793青岛宫颈息肉手术多少钱青岛好一点的人流医院

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