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栏目简介:Shanghai Children#39;s Medical Center is publishing a medication guide for children, which includes recommended dosages. China remains behind western countries in extensive clinical trials on children#39;s medicine, partly due to a lack of volunteers under the one-child policy. As a result, the country still lacks specific medicine for children, leaving prescriptions largely dependent on the experience of doctors. Our reporter Song Wenjing has the story. Article/201705/507205

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/479264

  In or out of the European Union?留欧还是脱欧?The question on the ballot paper was simple, but the divisions exposed by last year#39;s referendum cut far deeper.选票上的问题很简单,但去年公投所暴露的分歧却进一步加深了。One of the best predictors of how you voted in the referendum was what values you hold,全民公投中,你如何投票的的最佳预测指标之一,是你所持有的价值观,whether you’re a social liberal or a social conservative.无论你是社会自由民主党还是保守党。One of the best predictors of a vote for Brexit was whether you believed in the death penalty or not.是否投票持脱离欧盟的最佳预测指标之一,是你是否相信和赞同死刑。And that#39;s very American, I mean, values didn’t really figure in our politics up to now.这一点特别美国化。我的意思是,到现在为止,我们的价值观并没有真正体现在政治立场上。Britain’s general election earlier this month underlined the country’s political realignment.本月初举行的英国大选凸显了其政治格局的调整与改变。The ancient city of Canterbury had been a stronghold of the ruling Conservative party since 1918自1918年起,坎特伯雷古城一直是执政党保守党的传统选区,but fell to socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, the primary reason? Revenge for Brexit.但杰里米·科尔宾领导的工党最后赢得了这一选区。这其中的主要原因是什么呢?对脱欧采取的一种报复方式。Brexit has played an enormous role here.脱欧发挥了巨大的作用。I think young people who, for the most part voted to remain and then saw to their astonishment that, you know,我认为,大多数投票希望英国留在欧盟的年轻人真的很失望,尤其让他们感到惊讶的是,the rest of the ed Kingdom and indeed Kent, you know, voted to leave, were genuinely disappointed.英国其他地区,包括肯特郡的选民投票脱离欧盟。Brexit was widely seen as part of 2016’s populist surge that swept Donald Trump to power in the ed States.英国脱欧被广泛认为是2016年民粹主义浪潮的一部分,这也使得唐纳德·特朗普在美国掌权。In calling this month’s election, British Prime Minister Theresa May appears to have mis that surge.在本月的选举中,英国首相特蕾莎·梅似乎误读了这一浪潮。The parties are struggling to align themselves with how the British people vote or feel about issues.各党派正在努力使自身与英国民众的投票立场或看待问题的感受一致。Are we seeing a move toward a more values-based political system? Yes, to some extent, just like in the ed States.我们是在朝着建立在价值观基础上的政治制度迈进吗?在某种程度上,是的,这和美国很像。And we’re seeing that all over the democratic world as well, to varying degrees.”而且我们在不同程度上,可以看到在整个民主化的世界也是这样。”Even as traditional party loyalties break down, support for the two established parties,虽然英国民众对传统党派的持减弱,但人们对两大老牌政党,Conservatives and Labour — hit 82 percent, the highest since 1970.保守党和工党的持率仍高达百分之八十二,这是自1970年以来的最高纪录。Compare that to France where the two traditional parties,而在法国,两大传统政党,the Republicans and Socialists, were heavily defeated by centrist newcomer Emmanuel Macron.共和党和社会党双双溃败,最终,中间派候选人埃马纽埃尔·马克龙后来居上,赢得法国大选。Henry Ridgwell, for VOA News, London.VOA新闻,亨利·里奇维尔于伦敦为您播报。 Article/201707/516806

  Please welcome back Violet Spataro. And look what it says.欢迎维奥莱特· 斯巴托的再次到来 看他说了些什么Yes, it says, what does it say? You tell me what it says.嗯 它说 它说了什么?你告诉我它说了什么?I speak whale. It does. Yeah. Do you speak whale? I don#39;t know.我说鲸鱼 它确实是 是 你说鲸鱼么?我 不 知 道Well, it sounds like you do. Yes, I do. Yes, you do.哦 听起来你知道啊 是 我知道 是 你知道Okay, so I heard you#39;re doing a lot of learning about animals?好的 听说你学习了很多关于动物的东西Yes. I sure did. Yeah. Yeah. Which animal do you like the best? Sloths.是的 我确实是学了很多对 好 你最喜欢什么动物 树 懒What made you like sloths? How did you learn about sloths? Mom teach me in school.是什么让你喜欢树懒的 你怎么了解树懒的呢 妈妈在学校教我的Wow. So tell me about the sloth, I#39;d like to learn about the sloth.哇 那么 告诉我一些关于树懒的事情 我想学习一些关于它的事情Okay. You want to tell you some facts about them?好的 你想要我告诉你一些关于他们的真相么Okay. They can turn their neck all the way around.好的 他们可以把它们的脖子转一圈They turn their necks all the way around?他们可以让他们的脖子转一圈?Yeah, other than the owl they#39;re the only animals in the world,是啊 他们是这个世界上除了猫头鹰以外 唯一可以这么做的动物other than the owl, that can turn it all the way around. Did not know that.除了猫头鹰 他们也可以把脖子转一圈 我都不知道这些I just thought it was the owl that did that. Yeah. But the sloth, too.我只知道猫头鹰可以这么做啊 是的 但是树懒也可以Look, there#39;s a sloth. Yeah, there it is. Yeah. Sloths live in a sanctuary, right? Yes.看 那有一只树懒 是的 是有一只 是啊 树懒住在避难所里 是吧?是 的And I know there#39;s one named Violet there, right? Yeah. Tell me about that.我知道其中有一只叫做 维奥莱特 是么?是的 跟我说说这个Well, her name is Violet.嗯 她的名字叫做维奥莱特When you sit down, did you know that she cant see out of one eye just like me.当你坐下来 你知道吗 她像我一样不能用一只眼看She has one eye just like you?她有一只眼睛像你么?Yeah. That#39;s why they named her Violet or is that a coincidence?是的 这是它叫维奥莱特的原因吗? 还是说只是个巧合?I don#39;t really know about that.我并不太清楚Yeah, I don#39;t either.哦 我也不知道But that#39;s really amazing, and that#39;s so但是这真的很神奇good that someone has a sanctuary to take care of those little sloths. Yeah.有人用避难所来照顾小树懒们 这样真的很好啊 是啊They#39;re funny looking aren#39;t they? Yeah. They have a lot of hair on them and stuff.他们看起来很有趣 不是么?是啊 他们有很多头发之类的I didn#39;t tell you all the facts yet, so just onto the next one.我还没有告诉你所有的真相呢 那么就到下一个Tell me the next one then.那就告诉我下一个真相吧Well did you know that sloths eat hibiscus flowers, because it tastes like chocolate to them?那么你知道么 树懒吃芙蓉花 是因为它尝起来像巧克力I did not know that, they eat the hibiscus flowers,我不知道这个 他们吃芙蓉花because it tastes like chocolate. Would it taste like chocolate to me if I ate it?是因为尝起来像巧克力 如果我吃的话是不是尝起来也像巧克力?I don#39;t know about that. Okay. Yeah. Then I won#39;t try it.我也不知道啊 好吧 是的 我不会去尝试的I don#39;t think so. Okay. I think it just tastes like flowers to you. Yeah.我不这么认为 好吧 我觉得 对你来说它尝起来就像是花 是的Yeah. Probably so. Are there any more facts? Yes. Okay.是啊 可能吧 还有关于他们更多的真相么?有啊 好的Do you know that Bugs who live in there fur like moths and beetles.你知道么 住在那里的臭虫像 飞蛾和甲壳虫一样用毛皮覆盖自己It#39;s like a sloth hotel. It#39;s a sloth hotel. Yeah, for the little bugs that come there. Right.它就像一个树懒酒店 它是一个树懒酒店 是的 对于去那里的小臭虫而言 好吧Have you been to the sloth sanctuary?你去过树懒避难所么?No, they#39;re all like in Costa Rica and I never went to Costa Rica, and so I never went there.没有 他们好像都在哥斯达黎加 我没有去过哥斯达黎加 所以我没有去过树懒避难所Well, okay. Yeah. Maybe you#39;ll go to Costa Rica someday, right? Yeah.哦 好吧 嗯 啊 可能有一天你就会去哥斯达黎加 对么?是的Yeah. Maybe your mom will take you to Costa Rica. Yeah.嗯 可能你妈妈会带你去哥斯达黎加 是的Maybe she can send me on a flight there. Yeah.可能她会让我坐飞机去那里 是啊Not by yourself though, you#39;d go with somebody, right? Yeah.即使不是你自己去 有一天你也会和别人一起去 是吧 是的Is that okay, mom? Yeah. You#39;re adorable. Do you know that? Thank you. You#39;re adorable.这样好么 妈妈? 嗯 你真可爱 你知道么 谢谢 你真可爱And I know that you love Dory, and you#39;re looking forward to Finding Dory coming out this summer.我知道你喜欢多里 我知道你想去看将在今年夏天上映的Finding DoryYes. Yes. I sure am. Yeah, well I think you#39;re gonna like it a whole lot. It#39;s a really funny movie.是的 嗯 好 我确实是 好的 那么我认为你会很喜欢它 这是一个很有趣的电影It#39;s really good, and I want you go to go so它很棒 所以我想要你去I#39;m gonna give you tickets to go see Finding Dory okay?我会给你一张票去看Finding Dory 好么?Thank you! You#39;re welcome. I will see you at the premiere!谢谢你 不用谢 首映上再见 Article/201707/516957。

  【视频讲解】American multinationals make 12% on their home turf.美国跨国公司在自家主场的股本回报率则为12%。This souring romance reflects three deep shifts in America’s economy.花残月缺,浪漫不再——这反映出美国经济的三个深刻转变。Turf1. 草地2. 地盘; 活动范围-Their turf was St.Louis: its streets, theaters, homes, and parks.他们的地盘是圣路易斯:它的街道、剧院、住宅和公园。Sour酸的,嗖的 》使变糟; 变糟-If anything sours the relationship, it is likely to be real differences in their world-views.假如有什么事情使关系恶化的话,那可能就是他们在世界观方面所存在的实质性差异。First, technology has a greater importance than it used to.首先,科技的重要性更胜从前。At the same time the gap between Silicon Valley’s giants and their peers abroad has grown wider.同时,硅谷巨头与其海外同行之间的差距也已拉大。Peer1. 同龄人; 同等地位的人-His engaging personality made him popular with his peers.他迷人的个性使他很受同龄人欢迎。2. 费力地看; 盯着-I had been peering at a computer print-out that made no sense at all.我一直在费力地看一份不知所云的电脑打印稿。A generation ago Europe and Japan had real contenders in the technology industry, such as Nokia and Sony.二三十年前,欧洲和日本在科技行业还拥有可与美国企业实力匹敌的公司,如诺基亚和索尼。Now they have no answer to the likes of Apple, Google and Uber.而现在,它们并没有能挑战苹果、谷歌、优步等美国巨头的企业。Contender 》 contend1. 争夺 (权力等)-the two main groups contending for power.争夺权力的两大主要集团。2. 辩称-The government contends that he is fundamentalist. 政府辩称他是原教旨主义者。3. 解决-It is time, once again, to contend with racism. 又是对付种族主义的时候了。no answer 无人应对(比喻的用法)Second, waves of mergers and acquisitions have made the economy more concentrated.第二,并购浪潮令美国经济更为集中。That has raised the barriers to entry for outsiders.这提高了外来者进入美国市场的门槛。mergers and acquisitions企业并购;兼并与收购Concentratedadj. 集中的v. 集中(concentrate的过去分词)-Authority was concentrated in the president.政权集于总统一身If you split the world’s companies into 68 industries, American firms are the largest in two-thirds of them.如果将全世界的公司分为68个行业,其中有三分之二都由美国公司称霸。Foreign companies in America are often subscale and too small to buy the leading firms in their sector.在美国的外国公司通常规模较小,无法收购所在行业的领先企业。Split分开,分裂-Yet it is feared the Republican leadership could split over the agreement.然而人们担心共和党领导层可能会因该协议而出现分裂。Sector部门-the nation#39;s manufacturing sector.该国的制造部门。So they try to grow organically or buy weaklings instead.所以它们试图内生扩展或转而收购较弱小的公司。In 2013 SoftBank, a Japanese technology group, paid bn to buy a struggling mobile-phone operator, Sprint, which is now losing a billion dollars a year.2013年,日本科技企业软银斥资220亿美元收购苦苦挣扎的美国手机运营商Sprint,而现在Sprint年亏损十亿美元。Organically自然演进地-to manage the company and supervise its organic growth.管理公司并指导其逐步发展。Weakling 体质孱弱的人 (或动物)-You were never a ninety-eight pound weakling.你从来就不是一个体重98磅、体质孱弱的人。The most profitable investment in living memory by a foreign firm in America was not a gutsy triumph but a passive stake in a domestic oligopoly: Vodafone’s 45% share of Verizon Wireless, which it sold for 0bn in 2014.记忆中,外国公司在美国投资获利最丰厚的并非是大胆行动获取的胜利,而是来自对美国国内寡头的被动投资:2014年,沃达丰以1300亿美元出售其拥有的威讯无线(Verizon Wireless)45%的股份。in living memory 在现今活着的人的记忆里Gutsy 勇敢的; 坚定的-I#39;ve always been drawn to tough, gutsy women.我总是被坚强、勇敢的女性所吸引。Oligopoly求过于供的市场情况 》 寡头The third reason for foreign firms’ discontent is the growth in lobbying, litigation and regulatory action in America.令外国公司不满的第三个原因是美国游说、诉讼、监管行动的日益增多。Lobby1. 游说-Agricultural interests are some of the most powerful lobbies in Washington.农业利益集团是华盛顿最有影响力的游说团体中的一部分。2. 大厅-I met her in the lobby of the museum. 我在物馆大厅遇到了她。litigation诉讼-The settlement ends more than four years of litigation on behalf of the residents.这次和解结束了代表居民的长达四年多的诉讼。Foreign companies feel they are at a competitive disadvantage.外国公司感觉自己处于竞争劣势。In the most regulated sector of all—banks—their market share has fallen to 14% from 18% in the past 24 months, partly, they argue, owing to onerous new rules.在业这一监管最严的领域,它们所占的市场份额在过去24个月里已从18%下降至14%。它们认为繁重的新规定是导致这一结果的部分原因。owing to 因为;由于-He was out of work owing to a physical injury他因为受伤而失业了。Onerous繁重的; 费力的-parents who have had the onerous task of bringing up a very difficult child.那些身负重任要养育一个非常难调教的孩子的父母。Most fines involve lots of official discretion.大多数罚款都涉及很多的行政裁量。In carmaking and energy, Volkswagen and BP have admitted their respective responsibilities for fake emissions tests and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.在汽车制造业和能源产业,大众和BP已分别对排放测试造假及“深海地平线”(Deepwater Horizon)钻井平台石油泄漏事故承认负有责任。Discretion1. 酌情决定权-This committee may want to exercise its discretion to look into those charges.这个委员会可能想行使其酌情决定权来调查那些指控。2. 审慎-Larsson sometimes joined in the fun, but with more discretion.拉森有时也会跟着玩闹,但多带几分审慎。oil spill 漏油But many European bosses believe that the cumulative bn of legal costs and penalties they have paid or currently face far exceed those that General Motors and ExxonMobil paid for similarly grave mistakes.但许多欧洲公司老板相信,两家公司已付或目前面临的累计700亿美元的诉讼费用及罚款远超过通用汽车和埃克森美孚为类似的严重错误所付出的代价。Cumulative 累积的-It is simple pleasures, such as a walk on a sunny day, which have a cumulative effect on our mood.诸如在晴朗的日子散步这样简朴的乐趣对我们的情绪有累积性益处。Grave1. 严重的-He said that the situation in his country is very grave. 他说他的国家形势很严峻。2. 严肃的-She examined his unusually grave face.她审视着他那张异常严肃的脸 Article/201705/510291

  In England, the 1690s were the years when the victors of 168817世纪90年代的英格兰 是1688年;光荣革命;的胜者们 congratulated themselves on a ;Glorious Revolution;.品尝着胜利美酒的年代In Scotland,there#39;d be years of purgatory.而对于苏格兰 则是个如炼狱一般的年代After the massacre at Glencoe came famine and pestilence.格伦科大屠杀后 饥荒和瘟疫纷至沓来For several summers in a row, the sun refused to appear.连续几年间 这里暗无天日Torrential rains poured down.暴雨倾盆Cattle and sheep became diseased with foot rot.牛羊均患上了腐蹄病Fields of barley and oats turned into mildewed slurry.成片的麦田变成了霉浆The Jacobite clergy said this was God#39;s wrath for turfing out the rightful king.詹姆斯党人的教士宣称 上帝因贤主遭到驱逐而震怒了In all this darkness,there were some who saw the light,然后在这片浓重黑暗之中 依然有人看到了希望之光a light that was going to shine hot and strong on Scotland.这光芒将使苏格兰熠熠生辉A plan that would transform the country from impotence and destitution一幅让贫穷孱弱的苏格兰 成为超出人们想象的into riches and power beyond anyone#39;s wildest dreams.富强之国的宏伟蓝图诞生了It would make Scotland or its colonial trading post, 这幅宏伟的蓝图将使整个苏格兰 或至少是她的殖民贸易站New Caledonia the hub of the universe.新喀里多尼亚 成为世界的中心And where was that to be?Well, of course, in Panama.这张伟大的蓝图将在何处铺开 毋庸置疑 是巴拿马 /201705/508207TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457831中国色拉英语乐园Salad English Park 故事梗概:   故事发生在一个人和动物友好相处的现代都市里。在那个世界里有着和我们现实生活完全一样的场景。所有发生的故事围绕我们日常生活的场景展开。包括出租车,饭店家庭聊天,医院,商店等等。还有可怜的Mr.B先生,总是个倒霉的家伙,被困在小岛上多日,每次求生的努力总是失败。另外还有一心想得到新式捕虫武器的青蛙,狡猾的商人,多情的公鸡,忠厚而失败的老牛等,许多许多有趣的人物演绎出一场一场好戏,同样折射出我们忙乱而精的都市生活。也许通过这么多细致的描写,你也可以发现你自己身边的青蛙,公鸡…… /200711/21355

  新东方英语900句 Lesson 6:Identify PeopleCore Sentences1. Who are you?2. I am Sally, a new secretary with your firm.3. You are the English teacher, arn't you?4. Are you Mr. Green, the office manager?5. Who is that madam over there?6. Do you know, he might be the spoker man of today's press conference?7. Who cares.8. Where do you come from?9. I'm from Shanghai. How about you?10. Toronto is Michelle's hometown.11. What do you do for living?12. I work for the goverment.13. Who is the girl in his school uniform?14. It's Betty, and she is from New Zealand.15. These guys are all Allen's classmates.Dialog Exercise Number one In a party.A. Who is that lady over there?B. It's Henry's mother. She is a actor.A. And the tall man beside her is Henry's father?B. No, he is an engineer from Germany.A. He works for the goverment.B. So, the shortm man beside her is Henry's father?A. No, He is a famous producer.B. Then the man in uniform must be his father?A. No, he is the camera man.B. Where is his father then? Especially, when his mother is sorounded by so many man?A. Come on, Who cares.Number Two, Woman Boss.A. See Ivon, my boss is on today's newspaper.B. Who? You mean the man in the ?A. No, that's her husband. He is a parter of . B. Wo, it's she. Angela, don't you mind have a woman boss?A. Why should be. She is a smart woman and good at her job. She is man, but is more senstive.B. Ok, ok. Who is the girl beside her? her daughter?A. I think so, I hear she is top student of her class. She is just back from her university in New York.B. I can see that's a lovely family. Your boss is a victor of life. /200604/5851栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460639

  洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 59I want to buy a slipper ticket to...When does the next train leave for...?How much does a return ticket cost?Will dinner be served on this train?Is smoking allowed on the train?Are the bathroom on this bus clean?How many stops will the train make on the way?Where is the tiket corner?Excuse me. I cannot seem to find my seat, can you help me?Where do I bought my bus? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20593

  FLASH知性英语:Keeping The Common Corridor Clear本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/10910。

  Many of the negative effects associated with smoking cigarettes can disappear over time after a person quits.许多与吸烟有关的负面影响戒烟后随着时间会消失。But a new study out this week says the habit causes damage to your DNA that can last for decades.但本周的一项新研究称,吸烟对你DNA的损害可以持续几十年。To come to this conclusion, researchers from medical institutions across the country analyzed blood samples taken from nearly 16,000 people during prior studies.为了得出这一结论,来自全国各地医疗机构的研究人员分析了近16,000个血液样本。And they found that people who smoked had a pattern of methylation changes that affected more than 7,000 genes.他们发现吸烟的人会出现甲基化改变,影响超过7,000多个基因。Translation: The smokers#39; DNA was altered in a way that can change how a gene functions. 吸烟者DNA某种程度的改变会影响基因的功能。And many of those 7,000 genes had known links to smoking-related diseases, like cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.在这7,000个基因中,已知许多与吸烟有关的疾病相关,像心血管疾病和某些癌症。The study#39;s authors say that within five years of quitting, most genetic changes ;recovered; to look like nonsmokers#39; genes.该研究的作者称,戒烟五年大多数基因变化会“康复”,看起来像不吸烟者的基因。But some genes, including the one linked to lymphoma, can still show signs of damage from smoking years later.但一些基因,包括一个与淋巴瘤有关的基因,几年后仍会出现因吸烟造成损害的迹象。译文属。 Article/201609/467850

  [00:03.10]I was taking care of Sally. 我在照顾萨莉。[00:10.83]I wish I lived in NEWYORK. 我希望住在纽约。[00:18.21]I'm very glad to hear that. 很高兴听你这样说。[00:25.77]I'm your lucky fellow then. 我就是你的幸运舞伴啦![00:33.12]It's none of your business! 这不关你的事儿![00:39.78]No littering on the campus. 在校园内不准乱丢废物。[00:47.80]She is a good-looking girl. 她是一个漂亮女孩。[00:54.86]She mended the broken doll. 她修补了破了的洋娃娃。[01:02.53]So I just take what I want. 那么我只拿我所需要的东西。[01:10.81]Spring is a pretty season. 春天是一个好季节。[01:18.44]The figure seems all Right. 数目看起来是对的。[01:25.39]The stars are too far away. 星星太遥远了。[01:32.84]The whole world knows that. 全世界都知道。[01:39.64]Tomorrow will be a holiday. 明天放假。[01:46.16]We walk on the garden path. 我们走在花园小径上。[01:55.27]What you need is just rest. 你需要的就是休息。[02:02.54]What's your favorite steps? 你最喜欢跳什么舞?[02:09.88]You'd better let her alone. 你们最好是让她一个人呆会儿。[02:17.84]A lost chance never returns. 错过的机会永不再来。[02:25.83]Don't let this get you down. 不要为此灰心丧气。[02:33.46]He shot the lion with a gun. 他用把狮子打死了。[02:41.38]I don't think you are right. 我认为你是不对的。[02:48.33]I have never seen the movie. 我从未看过那部电影。[02:55.86]I haven't seen you for ages. 我好久没见到你了。 /200810/52671

  And leading the dance, of course, was Charles himself,引导人们寻欢作乐的 是查理本人constitutionally incapable of being so churlish他天生不会贸然无礼地as to spurn any woman generous enough to invite him into her bed.They all did.拒绝任何邀请他共赴巫山的女士 他是大众情人This was the golden age of ogling.这是个眉目传情的黄金时代If Puritan England had been governed by the ear,如果说英格兰清教徒受控于;耳;wide open to receive the word of God,聆听上帝的教诲the Restoration restored the sovereignty of the eye.那么复辟则让;眼;重掌大权Its ruling passion was ;Scopophilia;,the addiction of the gaze,而统治的便在于;窥视症; 窥视成瘾whether eyeballing an outrageous wig, a plunging neckline,窥视撩人的发间 窥视开襟的领口a louse caught in the lens of a microscope or the constellations of the stars.显微镜下的虱子 或者是满天繁星Charles#39;s boyish enthusiasm for latest optical instruments suggested he might turn out to be a new kind of Stuart,查理对最新的光学仪器有着孩童般的热忱 预示着他可能是一名不同寻常的斯图亚特王whose vision dwelled not in cloudy realms of absolutism,他的眼界不会耽于皇权but which was precisely focused, concerned to observe reality political as well as physical.而会放眼开来 关心现实 政治生活 还有声色犬马He might, in fact, turn out to be that most unlikely thing a reasonable Stuart king.最后 也许会变成意料之外的人 一位人精于世故的斯图亚特王This was the Stuart for whom the physical world was his alpha and omega,who was earthy in his realism.这位斯图亚特王 在他眼中 声色是他的全部 人生苦短 何不尽欢All too earthy, some thought, as they looked down in disgust一些人不无鄙夷地看着at a theatre of indolence, punctuated by debauchery,that had become the court.宫廷生活变成了无所事事 只知纵情酒色的闹剧They were not so worldly, not so rational, as to be free of the fear that some day there would be a reckoning.试图忘却清算之日 终将来临 这不合常情 也绝不理智Some day soon, as it turned out.这一天 的确来得很快 /201704/504407

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