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Rent skis and boots租滑雪板和滑雪靴I want to rent skis and boots.我想租副滑雪板和一双滑雪靴Here you are. Have a nice stay here.给您,祝您在这里玩的愉快Thank you. I am a learner so can you tell me where I can find a ski instructor?谢谢我是个初学者,请问我在哪里可以找到滑雪教练?We will find you one. Wait a moment.我们会帮您找一位请稍等Thank you very much.非常感谢 79

  Clear and thick清汤和浓汤What are you going to take?您要点什么?Roast pork chops with a bottle of red wine, please. Is soup served here?烤猪排和一瓶红酒这里有汤吗?Of course, What kind of soup do you like? Clear or thick?当然,想要什么样的汤?清汤还是浓汤?Clear soup. I think tomato soup is fine.清汤,西红柿汤就可以了 69


  May I pleas speak to Robert?我可以和Robert通话吗?There is no one here by that name.这里没有叫这个名字的人Is this a 5758? (double)是5758吗?No, this is 5759.不是,这是5759Oh, I’m sorry.哦,对不起That’s all right.没关系 71

  Conversation A: Can I help you, sir?A:要我帮忙吗,先生?B: Yes, I bought this record my father three days age. But I’m afraid he’s aly got it. Could I change it something different?B:是的,我3天前为我父亲买了这张唱片可是恐怕他已经有了,我能换一张别的吗?A: Certainly,sir. But are you still keep you receipt?A:当然可以先生,但您还保留着收据吗?B:Yes, let me show it to you.B:是的,我拿出来给你看看A: Thank you, sir. Would you like to choose something now?A:谢谢您,先生您现在就挑选点什么吧?B: I want to pick some classical records.B:我想挑一些古典唱片A: Well, what about some Chopin? This is a very nice record, sir.A:好,肖邦的怎么样?这是张和好的唱片,先生B: I agree. But I have got a Chopin. I’d like something else.B:我赞成但我已有一张肖邦的了,我想要其他的 391Check-out招呼结账Check, please.买单Wed like to pay separately.我们想要分开付账Here is your bill.这是您的账单Would you like to have the bill now?您现在想结账吗?Id like to settle my bill, please.我想结账May I know who is paying, please?打扰一下,请问哪位付账?Could you make out two separate bills me?可以给我分开两张账单吗?May I prepare the bill you now?请问,现在我可以为您准备账单了吗? 89

  India's Infrastructure Push Must Steer Past PotholesUpgrading infrastructure has fueled rapid economic growth in the world's most populous country, China. Hope is springing once again that the second-most-populous one, India, might follow the same path.To avoid disenchantment, India will need to work extra hard to get support from investors at home and abroad, and to deliver on past promises.China, with its sprawling networks of new highways, airports and budding high-speed rail connections, makes for a daunting comparison. India has weaker government finances and an unruly democratic government that lacks China's authoritarian discipline.Clearing land for roads or power plants in China is a cinch; not so in India, where land rights are often contentious. Government-backed companies have led China's infrastructure build-out. India's push will depend heavily on the private sector. And India, with its history of murky and investor-unfriendly rules on infrastructure investment, has a record of disappointment.But the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, empowered by a decisive victory for his Congress party in elections last year, is making infrastructure a priority, with roads a particular focus of attention.Kamal Nath, a high-profile politician, has taken on responsibility for roads and highways in what is seen as a sign of the post's new importance. His goal is to build 20 kilometers of new highway a day, and he is seeking billion in private-sector investment over the next three to four years to help fund the construction.He knows the depth of the problem. At a conference co-hosted by The Wall Street Journal Asia in New Delhi last month, Mr. Nath declared that of India's 70,000 kilometers of highways, 16,000 'aren't worth driving on,' and noted that 40% of India's fruits and vegetables rot before reaching market because of delays from poor roads and rail lines.One thing in India's favor is an active stock market for raising funds. Infrastructure companies have raised about .3 billion since the beginning of 2008 on the Bombay Stock Exchange, according to Dealogic. Much of that has been for power projects, though road companies have gone to market as well. The most recent, ILamp;FS Transportation Networks Ltd., raised 8 million in an offering that began trading March 30.Attracting support from institutional investors, including foreign pension funds and insurance companies, won't be so easy. Many are wary of directly funding so-called greenfield projects that have yet to break ground, for fear of getting caught up in the kinds of disputes that torpedoed past investments such as Enron Corp.'s ill-fated Dabhol power project. The .9 billion plant closed in June 2001 after the loss-plagued Maharashtra State Electricity Board stopped payments, saying the rates were too high. Subsequent attempts to rescue the project have failed.Still, some foreign investors are showing interest in companies that have aly taken on the greenfield risk. On Friday, GMR Energy Ltd., the energy unit of India's GMR Infrastructure Ltd., said Singapore state investment firm Temasek Holdings Pte. Ltd. will invest 0 million to fund existing projects. Last month, a consortium of global investors led by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners agreed to invest 5 million in Asian Genco Pte. Ltd., an Indian power company.Mr. Nath has recently been to Hong Kong and Tokyo trying to drum up interest from other big investors. He is offering incentives that include a 10-year tax holiday and allowing foreign investors to take as much as 100% of projects. 'I do get the sense that foreign institutional investors are quite keen on coming to India overall and specifically for infrastructure,' says Pankaj Vaish, managing director and head of global markets for India at Nomura Holdings Inc. 'The key is the terms and conditions and valuations.'New road concessions will come up for bidding soon -- as many as nine megaprojects in the next few months, Mr. Nath said recently. Terms such as those that set caps on tolls need to be attractive enough to bring quality builders on board, but tough enough to enforce quality control. Building roads isn't enough; building them to last and maintaining them is the key.The other litmus test of India's infrastructure prospects could be how well power companies that raised billions of dollars through the stock market in the last few years execute their plans. Reliance Power Ltd., a utility controlled by billionaire Anil Ambani, started generating power at its first project in December after raising billion in January 2008. A high valuation doomed that initial public offering, India's largest ever, to failure in the aftermarket; the stock today still trades at a fraction of its offering price.Further evidence that the money Reliance Power and others have raised is contributing desperately needed power to India's electrical grid and earning profits in the process would encourage more investment. Maggie Lee, who lead manages the Invesco Asian infrastructure fund, says Invesco won't invest in a company without reported profits. But once it generates positive cash flow, the story can change.'In India, historically, they overpromise and underdeliver,' Ms. Lee says. However, if infrastructure investment really starts to take off, she says, 'India, over the longer term, could be theoretically more exciting' than China. That is a hope India's government and the private companies leading its infrastructure drive should strive hard not to dash. /201004/101335Finding Movie Channel要求看电影Miss,Which is the movie channel? l cant find it.,哪个是电影频道?我找不到Let me help you. OK,this is the one you want. Push this button to change the channel. We have 6 channels in all. Have a good day.我来帮您好了,这个就是这个钮换台目前我们总共有6个频道祝您开心Thanks so much.非常感谢 99

  Australia澳大利亚The Sydney Opera House is an;icon;attraction of Australia.悉尼歌剧院是澳大利亚的“标志性”旅游点We can watch the sunrise if you wish.要是您愿意,我们可以去观看日出We can see a number of rare and endangered species breeding here.我们可以看到一些稀有的濒临灭绝的物种在这里繁衍生息Here rare and precious Cultural relics are kept.这里保存着珍贵的文化遗迹We are deeply attracted by its interesting history.我们都被它有趣的历史深深地吸引住了 59

  星级典句:第一句: Would you please weigh this me?请帮我称一下这个邮件好吗?A: Would you please weigh this me? Id like to send it by airmail.请帮我称一下这个邮件好吗?B: It .3 dollars. Here are the stamps and sticker, be sure to paste these stamps and an ;Air Mail; sticker on the envelope.共.3美元,这儿有邮票和贴纸,务必把这些邮票和那张有“航空有机”的贴纸贴在信封上第二句: Your letter is overweight.你这封信超重了A: Your letter is overweight. You must pay extra it.你这封信超重了,你必须额外付钱B: How much do I have to pay?我需要付多少?A: 0 cents it.0美分其他表达法:What maximum weight allowed?最高重量限额是多少?Can you weigh this?你能撑一下这个吗? 3898。

  Professional Terms专业术语budget n.预算calculate v.计算,推测poultry n.爱禽,鸡类temperature vt.温度update vt.适时修改,更新Application software应用软件Any instructions or collection of related programs designed to be carried out by a computer to satisfy a user specific needs are applications software.为了满足某一用户具体需要而设计的,由计算机执行的任何一些指令或一些相互关联的软件的总合,均称为应用软件A group of programs written to perm payroll processing is one type of applications softwre.为完成工资单的数据处理而编写的一套程序就属于应用软件的一种as are programs written to maintain personnel records, update an inventory system, help you calculate a budge.还有那些专为保管个人档案资料、用来不断更新库存系统、协助你做预算,or monitor the incubation temperatures at your poultry farm.或者监控家禽养殖孵化温度等而编写的程序,也都是应用软件Applications software can be purchased ;off the shelf;. or written.应用软件可以购买市场上现成的,or it can be written to order by qualified programmers.也可预先约请合格的程序编写人员编写If example, a company payroll processing requirements are fairly routine.例如,如果某一个公司工资单的数据处理要求相当平常,it can probably purchase one or more payroll applications software programs off the shelf to handle the job.那就可以买一个或多个市场上流行的工资单应用软件程序,来完成这项工作However, if a company has unique payroll requirements,但是,如果某个公司有独特的工资单要求,such as a need to handle the records of hourly employees, salaried employees, and commissioned employees,例如它需要计算小时工的、一般工薪人员的和委任的官员们的工资单,the off-the-shelf software may not be satisfactory.那么,市场上流行的软件就不能满足这些要求It may be more cost-effective to have the payroll programs written to exact specifictions.这时,约请专人编写合乎确切要求的工资单程序所花的费用,than to try to modify off-the-shelf programs to do something they were never intended to do.,就可能会比通过现行程序,而使它能胜任过去从未做过的事,要更便宜一些 363991

  Would you please fill in the depositing m, giving the sum of money youre going to deposit as well as your name and address?请填张存款单,写明要存的数额以及您的姓名和地址好吗?I want to deposit 1,500 yuan in my .我想在我的户头上存1 500元The carries interest of %.该存款有%的利息The interest is added to your every year.每年的利息都加在您的存款中Can I have a deposit slip?能给我一张存单吗?Id like to withdraw 500 yuan from my .Can I have a deposit slip?我想从账户上取出500元能给我一张存单吗?Excuse me. I want to draw some money from my .劳驾,我想从我的账户里取些钱Im sorry. The code number doesnt coincide with the one you gave us when you opened your .很抱歉密码与您开户时的密码不一致Here is your money and the interest youve earned.这是您的钱和利息Can I have it all in one-hundred-dollar bills?都是一百美元的,行吗? 689

  Commanders do not allow sexual intercourse on the International Space Station, it has been disclosed.有消息称,(美国宇航局的)指挥官日前做出明确表示,禁止宇航员在国际空间站发生性行为We are a group of professionals," said Alan Poindexter, a NASA commander, during a visit to Tokyo, when asked about the consequences if astronauts boldly went where no others have been.美国宇航局的指挥官阿兰#8226;波因德克斯特日前在东京(出席发布会时)被问及如果宇航员发生太空性爱该如何处理时一脸严肃地说:“我们都是专业人士。We treat each other with respect and we have a great working relationship. Personal relationships are not ... an issue," said a serious-faced Mr Poindexter. "We don't have them and we won't."“大家互相尊重,工作关系良好,不会发生个人情感方面的问题。我们不会也不允许做那样的事情。”Mr Poindexter and his six crew members, including the first Japanese mother in space Naoko Yamazaki, were in Tokyo to talk about their two-week resupply mission to the International Space Station.波因德克斯特曾于今年4月带领六名宇航员飞赴国际空间站执行为期两周的空间站补给任务。这六名宇航员中包括日本首位太空妈妈山崎直子。The April voyage broke new ground by putting four women in orbit for the first time, with three female crew joining one woman aly on the station.此次航天任务首次有四名女宇航员加入,其中一名女宇航员此前已驻扎在空间站。Sexual intercourse in space may appear out of bounds, but astronauts have been known to succumb to earthly passions.在太空发生性行为似乎不合情理,但据悉曾经就有宇航员按捺不住自己的。In 2007 former NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak allegedly wore adult diapers when driving hundreds of miles across the ed States without bathroom breaks to confront a suspected rival in a romance with a fellow astronaut.2007年,美国宇航局女宇航员丽莎#8226;玛丽#8226;诺瓦克为截住情敌,怕上厕所浪费时间穿着成人纸尿裤驱车几百英里穿越美国大陆找对方对质,据悉两人同时爱上了一个男同事。来 /201007/107838

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