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A stream of public criticism from retired military officials against China#39;s rising engagement with genetically modified food doesn#39;t amount to institutional hostility against the science, a senior adviser to Beijing#39;s cabinet said.中国国务院一位高级顾问表示,一些军方退休官员对中国越来越多地参与转基因食品发展提出的公开批评并不意味着政府将从制度上反对转基因技术。Ye Xingqing, director of the rural economy department at the State Council Development Research Center, said Beijing still regards GMO as the kind of cutting-edge global technology the country must pursue, at least in research, despite vocal sections of public opinion that oppose broadening the use of GMO food for human use.国务院发展研究中心农村经济研究部部长叶兴庆说,中国政府仍然把转基因视为一项先进的全球技术,虽然公众有反对扩大人食用转基因食品范围的声音,但中国至少会继续对转基因技术进行研究。Recent essays published in local newspapers by some of China#39;s former brass drew attention to fears that GMOs might be a way by which a Western conspiracy, led by the U.S., could further undermine China#39;s security. But this is mostly coming from some retired officers writing on an issue outside their areas of expertise, Mr. Ye told the Wall Street Journal at a China Europe International Business School conference on Sunday.本地报纸近期刊发了一些原军方人士的文章,这些文章怀疑转基因食品可能是美国牵头的西方对中国实施的阴谋,可能进一步危害中国的安全,文章发表后引发了外界关注。但叶兴庆在周日的中欧国际工商学院(China Europe International Business School)论坛上向《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)表示,这主要是一些退休的军方官员在并非自己专业领域的一个问题上发表的看法。#39;They think GMOs are a technology with ulterior motives, and that Americans are laying a trap for the Chinese. But not all ordinary Chinese support this opinion, and Chinese officials also feel that GMO is essentially a technological issue, not a political question or one with ulterior motives,#39; Mr. Ye said.叶兴庆称,他们认为转基因是一种别有用心的技术,美国人是在给中国人设圈套。但他指出,并非所有普通的中国人都持这一观点,中国领导层也认为转基因在本质上是一个技术问题,而不是一个政治问题,或者是有什么不可告人的目的。Mr. Ye#39;s remarks offer an insight to the different stripes of opinion that make GMOs one of China#39;s most contentious public policy issues. They also underline that, despite recent controversy over China#39;s rejection of some GMO U.S. corn imports, Beijing squarely recognizes that it must embrace the technology, even if it would rather do so on its own terms.从叶兴庆的话中可以看出中国对转基因食品的各种不同观点,这些观点使转基因食品成为中国最具争议的公共政策问题之一。他的话还显示出,尽管中国最近拒绝部分美国输华转基因玉米引发了争议,但北京明确承认,中国必须接受这一技术,即便中国希望根据自己的条件接受这一技术。The discovery of the MIR-162 GMO strain -- a strain which Beijing is still studying and hasn#39;t yet approved-- among U.S. corn shipments in November and December came amid record-high imports of the yellow grain to China. The scandal blunted bookings of U.S. corn, Mr. Ye said.去年11月和12月,在美国输华的玉米中发现MIR-162转基因成分;此事恰逢中国进口玉米创纪录高点之际。叶兴庆说,这一丑闻影响了美国玉米的订货量。目前北京仍在对MIR-162转基因成分进行研究,尚未批准。As a result, corn shipments from the U.S. in March and April have begun giving way to purchases from Ukraine and Thailand. But, even though the diversification of its suppliers may be a desirable goal, Beijing isn#39;t deliberately pursuing such a policy just yet, Mr. Ye said. The shifts in China#39;s corn supply base are largely #39;a market matter,#39; made noticeable only because their relatively low base makes volume changes more pronounced, he said.由于上述事件,3月份和4月份中国从美国进口的玉米开始让位于从乌克兰和泰国进口的玉米。叶兴庆说,但尽管供应国的多元化可能是一个可取的目标,但北京目前尚未特意追求这样一种政策。他说,中国玉米供应基地的转变从很大程度上是市场问题,仅仅因为较低的基数使得进口量变化显得更为突出,这个问题才变得更引人注目。China#39;s rising wealth and demographic changes are driving a revamp in how Beijing manages the security of its food resources. Though domestic production is still its most important policy, imports have become an increasingly crucial component, Mr. Ye said. But agriculture officials are keen to stress that the world doesn#39;t have to fear that China#39;s entry into global food markets would result in a beggar-thy-neighbor policy.中国不断增长的财富和人口结构的变化开始推动北京调整其保障粮食资源安全的方式。叶兴庆说,尽管国内生产仍是中国最重要的政策,进口已经成为一个日益重要的成分。但农业官员希望强调的是,世界不必担心中国进入全球粮食市场会催生以邻为壑的政策。#39;Import increases will be gradual, even and slow,#39; Mr. Ye said.叶兴庆说,进口的增加将是逐步的、均匀的、缓慢的。 /201405/301530You’d think flight rage is a uniquely Chinese problem, but a US flight between Denver and Newark had to be diverted on Aug 24 after one passenger prevented another from reclining her seat.你或许以为“空怒”只是中国特有的问题,但事实并非如此。8月24日,在美国一架从新泽西纽瓦克飞往丹佛的美国航班上,就因为一名乘客不让另一名乘客放下座椅靠背而发生争吵,从而导致飞机改降。The flight, which was being fulfilled by ed Airlines, made an unscheduled stop in Chicago to discharge the two bickering passengers. According to The Associated Press, a man attached a Knee Defender to the seat in front of him. The Knee Defender is a device that locks onto the tray table on the back of a plane seat, making it impossible for the person in front to recline the chair.这架美国联合航空公司的飞机最后不得不临时在芝加哥短暂降落,“卸下”这两位争吵不休的乘客。据美联社报道,起初,机上一名男子将“膝盖捍卫器”(一种价值22美元的链接装置)锁在前座椅背的小桌板(的伸缩臂)上,令前座女子无法调低椅背。When the man refused to remove the device at the directive of a flight attendant, the woman seated in front of him turned around and threw water at him. At this point, the pilot landed the plane and both passengers were removed from the flight.在飞机乘务员要求男子移除器械遭拒后,前座女子转身将一杯水泼向该男子。飞行员因此改降,将两人都“丢”下了飞机。The incident has caused a heated debate in US media about whether it is rude to use the Knee Defender or to recline one’s seat when over the years economy class seats have seen legroom shrink.这场意外引起了美国媒体的热议:在经济舱座椅空间日益狭小时,到底是使用膝盖捍卫器,还是将座位靠背放下更无礼?Josh Barro, writing for The New York Times, says the passenger who used the Knee Defender was not only asking for trouble, but he was actually violating his fellow passenger’s property rights. When you buy an airline ticket, says Barro, one of the things you’re buying is the right to use your seat’s reclining function. If this passenger so badly wanted the passenger in front of him not to recline, he should have paid her to give up that right.《纽约时报》撰稿人乔希·巴罗写道:乘客使用膝盖捍卫器不仅给别人带来麻烦,实际上也侵犯了其他乘客的财产权。调节座椅靠背本是你购买机票所包含的务,如果坐在后面的乘客着实不希望前面的人放下椅背,那他可以出钱买下其放椅背的权利。Space wars空间战But Damon Darlin, another writer for The New York Times, doesn’t agree. In his opinion, the airlines have failed to establish guidelines for how much space each passenger can occupy.但是《纽约时报》的另一位撰稿人达蒙·达林却不同意上面的看法。他认为,航空公司并无明文规定每个人应占有多大空间。In Darlin’s opinion, using a Knee Defender may seem rude, but it just evens the playing field. Instead of having someone in front of you slam the seat back and wait for you to pay him, as Barro suggests, with a Knee Defender you can now negotiate.在达林看来,用膝盖捍卫器也许有些无礼,但至少在“空间战”中是公平的。像巴罗所言,如果想让前面的人调直椅背还需付钱的话,使用膝盖护卫器至少还可以协商。But would things be easier, as Richard Moran suggests in a LinkedIn post, if airliners got rid of the reclining function once and for all? No, says Barro, that would be very unfair to short people. Why? Because complaints about legroom are mostly made by tall people, “a privileged group that aly enjoys many advantages”.但是,事情不能更简单一点么?理查德·莫兰就在其LinkedIn中写道:难道航空公司不能取消调节椅背的功能么?巴罗的是:不能,这么做对个子矮的人太不公平,因为抱怨腿部空间不够的大都是高个子,而“他们已经享有太多优势了。”Barro cites a 2004 paper in the Journal of Applied Psychology and points out that tall people earn more money than short people. “Instead of counting their blessings, or buying extra-legroom seats with some of their extra income, the tall have the gall to demand that the rules of flying be changed to their advantage, just as everything else in life aly has been. Now that’s just wrong,” says Barro.巴罗还援引《应用心理学》杂志2004年的一篇论文,文章指出:高个子比矮个子收入更高。他说,“且不说他们所享受的恩赐,而且他们能用更多的收入购买额外的座位空间,就这样,他们居然还忿忿地要求飞机上的规则为他们而改变。没有这样的好事!” /201409/328597

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