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Opposition research反对派调查Digging dirt, digitally电子版发奸擿伏How to ensure that dumb things politicians say get a wide audience怎样保政客们把持的那些不为人知叫座连连One of the houses the Clintons bought when they were “dead broke”WHEN Bruce Braley, a little-known Iowa Democrat, dismissed Senator Charles Grassley as “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school” (a description that fits a lot of Iowa voters), he may not have expected his remarks to be posted online. He should have. America Rising, a firm that conducts “opposition research” on behalf of Republicans, was delighted to disseminate his gaffe, since Mr Braley is running in Iowa for an open US Senate seat.克林顿夫妇的其中一所房子是在他们山穷水尽时购置的,当时正值来自洛瓦的一名叫做布鲁斯 布拉里的民主党无名小卒称议员查尔斯 格拉斯利是一名从未步入法律院校大门的农民(这种描述对于很多洛瓦选民同样适用),他做梦都不会想到他的言论会在网上曝光,但他早就该有所准备。共和党代表美国崛起公司专门从事反对派的调查活动,它为此欢呼雀跃,奔走呼告,因为布拉里当时正在竞选美国议员席位。The recording, made as Mr Braley was soliciting donations from trial lawyers, has hobbled his campaign.Opposition research is as old as politics itself—Ciceros orations against Catiline, a dodgy candidate for the Roman consulship in 63, were notably well-informed. But some parties are better than others at “oppo”, as it is now called. Democrats outdid Republicans in 2012 thanks partly to the professionalism of American Bridge 21st Century (“Bridge”), which was set up in 2010 and is backed by George Soros, a financier, and others. Bridge prepared dossiers on prominent Republicans and sent staffers to film Republican candidates every move, waiting to pounce on ill-chosen words.录音中,布拉里正向辩护律师寻求资金持,这使他的竞选活动深陷沼泽,反对派调查的发展历史与政治人士本身不相上下,其最早可追溯到时西塞罗与喀提林一场人尽皆知的辩论,喀提林是公元前63年罗马执政官的竞选者,巧舌如簧。但是在“opp”中(如今人们这么称呼他),一些党派真是鹤立鸡群,如“21世纪美国之桥”(“桥”),其内部专业人士在2012年民主党击败共和党中立了大功,2010年它在金融学家乔治索罗斯和其他一些人的持下创立,它建立一些声名显赫的共和党人的档案,派遣成员记录下共和党竞选者的一举一动,并大肆渲染每一个错用的单词。It worked. Bridge circulated a of Todd Akin, a Missouri Republican running for the Senate, using the phrase “legitimate rape”. Mr Akin later said he meant “forcible”, not “legitimate”, but the gaffe probably cost him the election.这招确实奏效,它曾制作了一部密苏里共和党议员候选人都德阿金的视频,视频中他使用了“合情理强奸”一词,后来他说它是指“强制性强奸”不是“合情理”,但这种错误还是造成其落选。O tempora, o mores啊,时代呀!啊,风尚呀!For the presidential campaign, Bridge helped to drive a national conversation about Republican nominee Mitt Romneys past in private equity, allowing Barack Obama to benefit from bare-knuckle capitalist-bashing without having to roll up his own sleeves. Bridge is now gearing up for this years congressional races; it reports raising and spending over 2.6m in the first three months of 2014.在总统选举中,该组织同样推动了一场关于共和党提名人选罗姆尼私募股权的过去,其结果是,奥巴马不费丝毫力气,借了资本家抨击的刀,坐收渔翁之利。如今,美国之桥正在为今年的国会选举整装待发,它的报道量攀升,在2014年的前三个月的开便达到了260万美元。After Mr Romney lost, Republican grandees were determined to build a national rival to Bridge. Matt Rhoades, a former Romney campaign manager, joined Tim Miller and Joe Pounder, former Republican National Committee officials, to lead the way. They took 100,000 from the remnants of a pro-Romney campaign fund and more cash from big donors, and set about hiring researchers and “trackers”.自从罗姆尼失利后,共和党政要便一心想要为美国之桥树立劲敌,在这一点上,罗姆尼阵营前领导者马特罗迪斯和共和党国家委员会成员蒂姆 米勒,琼 鲍德携手开创了先河,他们从持罗姆尼的资金余额中拿出10万美元,又向捐助者大量集资,正着手雇佣研究和记录人员。America Rising hopes that its investigations and ever-expanding store of footage will help Republicans, or at least force Democrats to watch what they say. “Back in the old days, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu a Democrat could go down to Louisiana and say one thing about her position on energy, and then go talk to some liberal donors and say another thing,” says Mr Miller.More or less every word a candidate says now lives online somewhere. So groups like Rising and Bridge can build enormous, searchable databases of their opponents statements and systematically search for contradictions.“美国崛起”希望,调查的增加和视频的堆积会助共和党一臂之力或至少也让民主党对其所言小心谨慎,米勒说“在过去,路易斯安那民主党议员玛丽, 可以来到路易斯安那州对于他的立场大放厥词,但在一些自由捐助人士面前却抛射另一套理论。”可以说,在当今这个社会里,竞选人所说的每一个单词在网络上都有迹可循,因此,崛起和桥一类的组织都能建立一套有关他们对手言论的数据库,容量巨大,搜寻便利,可用来系统的搜索与之对立的信息。When they find one, they can alert reporters, or sympathetic activists who can then create ads or web campaigns exploiting the discovery. Both Rising and Bridge are constantly in touch with these other groups, coordinating their attacks. The most valuable employee is no longer a loyalist willing to trail a candidate for months, but a skilled digital researcher.The two oppo groups are aly building cases against possible presidential candidates for 2016.一旦他们捕捉到什么,他们便告知记者或与之同呼吸的激进分子,这些人利用广告或网络活动深入挖掘发现的用处,崛起和桥都和其他组织紧密相连,协调攻击。最有价值的雇员不再是那种心甘情愿跟踪一个竞选者长达几个月的人,而是一个技术精湛的电子调查员。这两个反对党派组织已经在积蓄力量,其目标就是可能于2016年参选的竞选人。Bridge has been digging for dirt on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, some of it relating to a traffic jam on a bridge that his aides are alleged to have caused to punish a mayor who crossed him. They are also scouring documents related to an investigation of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walkers campaign finances.And of course Bridge and Rising are at war over Hillary Clinton. The Republicans have a dedicated anti-Hillary team, are building a archive of all her appearances, have published an e-Book to pick apart her recent memoir and are posting shareable barbs, such as pictures of two rather grand houses the Clintons bought around the time when Mrs Clinton said they were “dead broke”. Mrs Clintons defenders at Bridge have created an organisation called “Correct the Record” to rebut Republican attacks on the former secretary of state.桥正致力于挖掘新泽新洲州长克里斯 克里斯蒂的负面新闻,其中一些是关于他的助手处罚了一个在交通拥堵中超他车的市长,另一些文件积累是为了调查威斯康辛州州长竞选财政问题。当然,在希拉里克林顿问题上,桥和崛起之间也是硝烟四起,共和党领导的是一个反克林顿集团,他们正在制作所有希拉里抛头露面的视频合辑,并发表了一部电子书在希拉里最近的自传中挑肥拣瘦,锋芒毕露,例如,有两张图是希拉里在其声称山穷水尽时所购置的两套气势恢宏的住房,桥内部希拉里的捍卫者们创立了一个名叫“记录纠错”的组织,反击共和党对这位前国务卿的攻击。Over the past decade oppo has turned from an art into a science, with fewer camera-wielding college students hiding behind trees and more staff staring at screens all day, monitoring livestreamed interviews and campaign events. Both sides dream of upending an opponent with an Akinesque “gotcha”, but the daily reality is more mundane. On Risings website, the self-explanatory headline above one is “Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) Picks His Ear And Eats It”.经过十年,反对党调查组织已从一种艺术演变为一种科学,在树后手持相机躲躲闪闪的大学生渐渐淡出了视野,取而代之的是一群目不转睛盯着屏幕的工作人士,审阅各种直播的访谈和竞选活动。两者都梦想放倒对手,欢呼难倒你了,但事实更为平淡乏味,在崛起的网站,一则视频上的导语解释道:共和党琼 加西亚掏掏耳屎并吃了它”译者:张孟夏 译文属译生译世 /201507/384876Europe Georgian politics欧洲 格鲁吉亚政治A stunning victory惊人的胜利A billionaire has unexpectedly won Georgia’s elections亿万富翁出人意料地赢得了格鲁吉亚大选Bidzina Ivanishvili made a bold promise a year ago. Georgia’s richest man promised to assemble a coalition to win the parliamentary elections in 2012 and unseat the “dictatorship” of President Mikheil Saakashvili. On October 1st Mr Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream coalition won 55% of the vote. Mr Saakashvili gracefully conceded that his ed National Movement (UNM) had lost, and welcomed Mr Ivanishvili into power.一年前,格鲁吉亚首富毕齐达·伊万尼舍维里许下了一个大胆的承诺,他将组建一个联合政党来赢得2012年的议会大选,从而废除总统米哈伊尔·萨卡什维利的“独裁统治”。10月1日,伊万尼舍维里领导的格鲁吉亚之梦联盟以55%的选票赢得了选举。萨卡什维利优雅地承认他的格鲁吉亚民族联合运动失败了,同时欢迎伊万尼舍维里掌权。But not just yet. Georgia remains a presidential republic for another year, when constitutional amendments take effect. Until then Mr Ivanishvili’s scope will be limited. He called for the president to resign at once, then rescinded. Mr Saakashvili is not budging. The coming months may be bumpy.但是目前看来,事情并不是这样。在宪法修正案生效之前,格鲁吉亚仍将保持总统制共和国一年之久。在那之前,伊万尼舍维里先生的影响范围将会受到限制。他呼吁让总统立刻辞职,随后被撤回。萨卡什维利先生不肯做出丝毫让步。接下来的几个月将会非常艰难。Despite the bickering, the election is a landmark. Never in Georgian history has a government changed so peacefully and lawfully. That crowns other achievements of the past eight years. Modern Georgia is a far cry from the ill-run backwater that Mr Saakashvili took over in 2003. Transport systems and other public buildings have been transformed. Petty corruption has vanished. The economy is growing fast. But unemployment and poverty are high and life for many is hard.尽管争论不断,但是本次大选已经成为一个里程碑。这是格鲁吉亚历史上最和平,最合法的政权转换,是近八年来最伟大的成就。2003年,萨卡什维利开始接手这滩经营不善的死水,如今的格鲁吉亚已经完全不同。运输系统和其他公共建筑得到了改善,少数腐败行为消失不见,经济迅速增长。但是失业人数和贫困人口仍居高不下,许多人的生活依然非常艰难。How Mr Ivanishvili’s disparate coalition will deal with this legacy is unclear. He has no political record and was all but unknown until a year ago. His main policy is better relations with Russia. It defeated Georgia in a short war in 2008 and occupies a fifth of its territory: the self-proclaimed states of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. A change of personality at the top should make a thaw easier. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, once said he wanted to hang Mr Saakashvili “by the balls”.伊万尼舍维里领导的迥然不同的联合政党将会如何处理这些遗留问题,我们不得而知。他没有任何从政历史,直到一年前才为人所知。他的主要政策就是改善与俄罗斯的关系。2008年,两国之间发生了一场短暂的战争,俄罗斯取得了胜利并占领了格鲁吉亚五分之一的领土,宣布阿布哈兹和南奥赛梯地区为独立国家。国家高层领导人态度的转变将会更有利于改善两国之间的僵硬的关系。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普金曾怒气冲冲地声称要“牢牢地”绞死萨卡什维利先生。The cause of the row was Georgia’s pro-Western orientation: its bid to join NATO was anathema to Russia and regarded with deep scepticism in much of the alliance. Mr Ivanishvili says he too wants to support membership of the alliance. His first trip abroad may be to America. But the new premier’s real priority will be to revive trade with Russia. Kremlin sanctions have strangled Georgian exports such as wine, fruit and mineral water.引发争端的原因是格鲁吉亚的亲西方化的倾向:他们申请加入北大西洋公约组织,这在俄罗斯看来是对其的一种诅咒,北约也怀疑其图谋不轨。伊万尼舍维里先生表示他也持格鲁吉亚成为北大西洋公约组织的一员。他就任后首次出访的目的地将是美国,但是新总理真正的首要任务是恢复同苏联的贸易。俄罗斯政府的制裁扼杀了格鲁吉亚酒类,水果和矿泉水的出口。On other issues Mr Ivanishvili has been full of spleen about misrule, but hazy about what he would do differently. He has promised that he will be prime minister for no more than two years. Some doubt his coalition, of liberals, nationalists and eccentrics, will stay together once the euphoria of victory has passed. David Usupashvili, head of the Republican Party, says that Mr Ivanishvili’s business success shows he has the “ability necessary for a leader”. Such wealth “cannot be assembled by an unwise person”.在其他问题上,伊万尼舍维里一直对暴政深恶痛绝,但是他却不太清楚如何做得与众不同。他承诺他只担任两年的总理。一些人担心一旦胜利的喜悦过后,他领导的由自由主义者、爱国主义者和怪人组成的联合政党会不会保持团结。共和党领导大卫·乌苏帕什维利认为伊万尼舍维里的商业成功表明他具备“一个领导所需的能力”。不明智的人是无法积累如此多的财富的。Mr Saakashvili has some thinking to do, too. Nobody from his camp, or among election-watchers in Tbilisi, foresaw this outcome. Their big worry was how to keep Georgian Dream loyalists, perhaps backed by Russia, from avenging defeat with violence. The surprise highlights the complacency that is the ruling elite’s big weakness. Many in Mr Saakashvili’s party came to believe that they were destined to rule and that criticism was treachery. Now it has to play a new role of a strong loyal opposition. That may test its unity.萨卡什维利先生也该好好思考一番了。无论是在他领导的阵营,还是第比利斯的观察团中都没有人预见到这个结果。他们巨大的担心是如何防止可能得到俄罗斯持的格鲁吉亚之梦党的拥护者以暴力报复战败。这个出人意料地结果凸显了统治精英的一大缺点—自鸣得意。萨卡什维利领导的政党里许多人都认为他们注定会是统治者,批评意味着背叛。现在,他们要扮演一个新的角色,强大的忠实反对派。这是对他们凝聚力的考验。The decisive factor in the election may have been s of abuse in prison, including a man apparently being raped with a broom. Though their provenance was unclear, for many the footage crystallised resentment against the arrogance and impunity of Mr Saakashvili’s rule.决定选举的关键因素可能是监狱里虐待犯人的视频,其中包括用扫把殴打犯人的非常明显的镜头。虽然他们的出处尚不明确,但是一个个连续镜头具体化了许多人对萨卡什维利执政的傲慢和不受惩罚的怨恨。Neither side will find the post-election period easy. Giga Bokeria, Mr Saakashvili’s influential National Security Adviser, has said that Mr Ivanishvili has introduced “poison” into the political system.选举结束后的这段时期对双方来说都不容易。萨卡什维利的颇具影响力的国家安全顾问吉佳·克里亚声称伊万尼舍维里已经将“毒药”引进了政治体系。For his part, Mr Ivanishvili said during the campaign that Mr Saakashvili and his officials would face unspecified “justice” once Georgian Dream came to power. Among other wild talk, he suggested that any supporter of Mr Saakashvili’s was an “accomplice in the cruellest crime”. Even the election result is open to challenge. Mr Saakashvili’s UNM claim that Georgian Dream activists are pressing local election commissions to change results in their favour. The NATO observation mission in Georgia has expressed “serious concern” about that.而伊万尼舍维里在大选运动期间表示一旦格鲁吉亚之梦党上台,萨卡什维利和他的官员们将面临未指定的“法律制裁”。他在其他轻率的对话中也暗示任何萨卡什维利政党的持者都是“最残酷的犯罪的共犯”。即使选举结果面临着挑战,萨卡什维利领导的格鲁吉亚民主联合运动党声称格鲁吉亚之梦党的积极分子在对当地的选举委员会施压,试图改变选举结果,从而对他们有利。北大西洋公约组织驻格鲁吉亚观察使团对此表达了“深切关注”。It is all still fragile. But by admitting defeat, Mr Saakashvili handed his country a victory and wrong-footed Mr Ivanishvili, who had said that he would never be allowed to win elections. Now that he has, he has a great responsibility to the system that has vaulted him to power.虽然一切都还很脆弱,但是通过承认失败,萨卡什维利先生传递给他的国家胜利的讯号,并使伊万尼舍维里大乱阵脚,他曾表示从未被允许赢得选举。既然他赢得了选举,那么他就该对这个持他掌权的系统担负起应有的责任。 翻译:姜振南译文属译生译世 /201608/457843

Minority languages小众语言Cookies, caches and cows终端数据,缓存,奶牛Translating technological terms throws up some peculiar challenges科学术语翻译中的难题Speaking the customers language让手机语言本土化OUSMANE sweats under a tin roof as he thumbs through a Chinese smartphone that he is selling at the technology market in Bamako, Mali. Words in French, Malis official language, scroll down the screen. “A ka nyi?” (Is it good?) a customer asks him in Bambara, Malis most widely used tongue.巴马科马里的科技市场里,炽热的锡皮屋檐下的奥斯曼手中拿着销售的中国制造的智能手机。马里的官方语言是法语,手机屏幕上也是满满的法文。一个顾客用马里大部分人使用的曼丁哥语问“手机怎么样?”Mozilla, the foundation behind Firefox, an open-source web browser, wants Ousmanes customers to have the option of a device that speaks their language. Smartphones with its operating system (OS) are aly on sale in 24 countries, including Bangladesh, India and Mexico, for as little as 33. Other countries will be added as it makes more deals with handset manufacturers. And Bambara is one of dozens of languages into which volunteer “localisers” are translating the OS.火狐(开源网络浏览器)制造商谋智公司致力于让奥斯曼的顾客中的手机显示本土语言。现在已经有24个国家在销售该公司开发的操作系统,包括孟加拉国,印度,墨西哥。与更多手机制造商达成协议后,更多国家会销售其操作系统。致力于“本土化”的志愿者正在把该系统翻译成各种语言,曼丁哥语也在其中。Mozilla has 230 localisation teams, says Jeff Beatty, who co-ordinates some from his office in Utah. Their work takes both time and ingenuity. Firefox for a computer uses about 40,000 words; for the phone OS, 16,000. Translators must express technological terms in languages shaped by livestock, farming and fishing, and choose alternatives for culture-specific words such as “cookie”, “file” and “mouse”.Jeff Beatty说谋智公司在各地有230个队伍。他们与犹他州的办公室的一些人员进行协作。这项工作既消耗时间又耗脑力。电脑版的火狐浏览器包含四万用词;手机客户端包含一万六千词。翻译人员需要表达农林业,畜牧业,业产出的技术词汇。并且在遇到具体文化相关用词如“密码缓存”,“文件”和“鼠标”选择同义词。Ibrahima Sarr, a Senegalese coder, led the translation of Firefox into Fulah, which is spoken by 20m people from Senegal to Nigeria. “Crash” became hookii (a cow falling over but not dying); “timeout” became a honaama (your fish has got away). “Aspect ratio” became jeendondiral, a rebuke from elders when a fishing net is wrongly woven. In Malawis Chichewa language, which has 10m speakers, “cached pages” became mfutso wa tsamba, or bits of leftover food. The windowless houses of the 440,000 speakers of Zapotec, a family of indigenous languages in Mexico, meant that computer “windows” became “eyes”.Ibrahima Sarr,塞内加尔程序员,领导火狐富拉语翻译项目。从塞内加尔到尼日利亚,有2千万人使用富拉语。翻译中,“碰撞”变成了“绊倒的牛,但是没有死”。“超时”变成“你的鱼逃走了”。“长宽比”是指因为织错了网而受到的老人的责备。马维拉共和国的齐切瓦语,有1000万人使用。其中“缓存页面”翻译成了“剩余的少量食物”。墨西哥本土语种巴萨特克语有44万人使用,由于他们的房屋没有窗户,因此电脑“界面”译成了“眼睛”。The world speaks nearly 7,000 languages. Mali, with a population of 15m, has 13 national languages and 40-60 smaller ones, depending on where the border between language and dialect is drawn. Firefox is available in 90 languages, which serve almost all of the 40% of the global population aly online. Apples most recent computer OS offers 33 languages out of the box, and the new iPhone, 35. Google offers 150, including dialects (and some spurious ones such as “Pirate”). But some languages spoken by millions are excluded, including Tibetan (3m-4m speakers) and Bambara (10m, including those for whom it is a second tongue). Bringing the rest of the world online is not just a technical challenge, but a linguistic one.全球总共有近7种语言。马里是一个人口1500万的国家,却有13种民族语言,40-60种小语言,此语言的数量取决于语言和方言的界限是如何划分的。火狐浏览器有90个语言版本,供近全球40%网民使用。苹果最新的电脑系统开发了33种新语言。新的苹果手机是35种语言。谷歌提供了包括方言在内的150种语言(还有一些虚构的语言比如海盗语言)。然而像藏语(300万到400万人使用),曼丁哥语(1千万人使用)被百万人口使用的一些语言却不在其中。让世界的每一个人都使用网络技术并不是唯一的难题,语言也是一个挑战。As a non-profit, Mozilla can put effort into languages that offer no prospect of a quick return. Songhai and Fulah, recently made available in Firefox, are spoken mainly by poor, illiterate herders and farmers in the Sahel, who do not have smartphones. But when such people eventually get online, they will benefit more if they can do so in their own tongues.谋智公司在语言上的努力是公益的,眼下并不能马上获得收益。火狐上增添了撒哈拉语和富拉赫语。这两种语言的使用者大部分是赛赫勒地区没有受过教育的农夫和牧民,他们没有智能手机。但是,当这些人有一天能上网时,发现可以使用本土语言,必然会从中受益匪浅。As more languages are added, the Firefox OS will create a sort of global Rosetta stone. It uses all parts of speech, and older, colourful words are pressed into service. Mozilla has created a statistical tool for linguistic analyses. And though 40,000 words is not a whole vocabulary, it is a significant part. As well as bringing the linguistically excluded online, localisation may keep small languages alive.随着语言的增加,火狐系统会成为一种“如师通”语言软件。它把各种词语,悠久的,丰富多的语言应用于一种务中。谋智公司开发了数据工具来分析语言。虽然4万词只是语言中的一角,但是是极其重要的。这不仅为网络增加了新的语言版本,本土化也使一些小语种存活下来。翻译:刘苗苗 译文属译生译世 /201411/339738

On the third day of rescue efforts in Ecuador, more bodies than survivors are being discovered, as the death toll climbed beyond 400 on Tuesday. 厄瓜多尔救援工作第三天,相比幸存者更多遇难者尸体被发现,周二死亡人数达到400多人。Digging through debris of destroyed homes and stores, desperate family members are praying for miracles. 挖掘遭破坏的房屋和商店废墟,绝望的家庭成员祈祷出现奇迹。;Find my brother, please,; a man pleaded with rescuers. “请找到我的兄弟”,一名男子恳求救援人员。Ecaudor, which has aly had a fragile economy, now faces billions of dollars in repairs and restoration after the quake devastated commercial buildings and homes. 厄瓜多尔的经济已经脆弱,地震破坏商业建筑和住宅后,现面临数十亿美元的维修和恢复。On Monday, Ecaudor signed for a billion line of credit with China Development Bank to finance the future redevelopment.周一,厄瓜多尔与中国国家开发签署了20亿美元的信用额度用于未来的重建。译文属。201604/438336

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