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So, Im making fun of it, but we discussed this for so many days.好吧,我在嘲笑它,但是我们讨论这件事有许多天了。You have no idea.你一点主意也没有。And to this day, I am ambivalent,至今我仍然在矛盾着。but when you have instead games like Flow, theres no doubt.但是当你有替代的游戏像《浮游世界》,当然毫无疑问。Its like, its about serenity and its about sublime.它有点像是关于宁静和崇高的。Its about experiencing what it means to be a sea creature.它是关于体验变成海洋生物意味着什么。Then we have a few also side-scrollers -- classical ones.我们也有少量像《横向卷轴》等的经典游戏。So its quite a hefty collection.这的确是一个巨大的收藏。And right now, we started with the first 14,现在,让我们从最初的14个开始,but we have several that are coming up,我们还有数个即将收购的游戏,and the reason why we havent acquired them yet is because you dont acquire just the game.为什么我们还没有收购它们呢?因为你不会只收购游戏,You acquire the relationship with the company.你还收购与公司之间的关系。What we want, what we aspire to, is the code.我们想要,渴望得到的是代码。Its very hard to get, of course.当然,这是很难得到的。But thats what would enable us to preserve the games for a really long time,不过这也使我们能够在一段很长的时间里保存游戏。and thats what museums do.这也是物馆所做的。They also preserve artifacts for posterity.当然他们也为后人保存文物。In absence of the code, because, you know,因为,你们知道,如果没有代码, game companies are not very forthcoming in some cases,公司在某些情况下不是很愿意,in absence of that, we acquire the relationship with the company.在没有代码的情况下,我们收购与公司的关系。Were going to stay with them forever.我们将永远和它们在一起,Theyre not going to get rid of us.他们不会摆脱我们。And one day, well get that code.总有一天,我们会得到那个代码。But I want to explain to you the criteria that we chose for interaction design. Aesthetics are really important.但是我想向你们解释我们选择交互设计的准则,美学是非常重要的。And Im showing you Core War here,在这儿我想向你们展示《磁芯大战》,which is an early game that takes advantage aesthetically of the limitations of the processor.它是一种早期的游戏,从美学上利用处理器的局限性。So the kind of interferences that you see here that look like beautiful barriers in the game你在这里看到的这种干扰,看起来像游戏中的美丽屏障,are actually a consequence of the processors limitedness,事实上是处理器局限性的后果,which is fantastic. So aesthetics is always important.真是很奇妙。所以美学始终是非常重要的。And so is space, the spatial aspect of games.游戏的空间方面也是如此。You know, I feel that the best games are the ones that have really savvy architects我觉得最好的是那些在幕后由真正资深的设计师制作的。that are behind them, and if theyre not architects,如果他们不是受过良好训练的架构师,bona fide trained in architecture, they have that feeling.他们就不会有这种感觉。But the spatial evolution in games is extremely important.但空间演变在中是极其重要的。Time. The way we experience time in games,时间,我们在中度过时间的方式,as in other forms of interaction design, is really quite amazing.像在其它形式的交互设计中一样,确实是令人惊叹的。It can be real time or it can be the time within the game,它可以是真实的时间,也可以是游戏中的时间。as is in Animal Crossing, where seasons follow each other at their own pace.例如在《动物之森》中,季节以各自的节奏更替。So time, space, aesthetics, and then, most important, behavior.所以时间,空间,美学,然后,最重要的行为。The real core issue of interaction design is behavior.交互设计的真正的核心问题是行为。Designers that deal with interaction design behaviors设计师们处理交互设计行为。that go to influence the rest of our lives.这些行为去影响我们生活的其它部分。Theyre not just limited to our interaction with the screen.它们并不局限于我们与屏幕的互动。In this case, Im showing you Marble Madness, which is a beautiful game在这个例子中,我将给你们展示《疯狂石头》。这是一个美丽的游戏。in which the controller is a big sphere that vibrates with you,控制者是一个大球体和你一起颤动,so you have a sphere thats moving in this landscape,所以在这种风景下你有一个运动的球体。and the sphere, the controller itself, gives you a sense of the movement.这个球体,控制者本身,给了你运动的感觉。In a way, you can see how games are the purest aspect of interaction design某种程度上,你可以看到怎样是最纯净的交互设计方面,and are very useful to explain what interaction is.以及在解释交互设计是什么时是如此的有用。We dont want to show the games我们不想使用一些设备来展示,with the paraphernalia. No arcade nostalgia.没有怀旧街机游戏。If anything, we want to show the code,如果可以的话,我们想展示代码。and here you see Ben Frys distellamap of Pac-Man, of the Pac-Man code.这里你看到Ben Fry的《小精灵》游戏的操作代码与图形的混合。201512/414859绵阳市做人流医院And we try to use one of these phones from time to time to keep in touch with their reality.而且我们尝试着时常使用这些手机以确保我们了解用户的实际使用情况。So what does it mean to design at a global scale?所以这个对全球范围的设计有什么意义?It means difficult and sometimes exasperating work to try to improve and evolve products.这是一项困难而且出力不讨好的工作去尝试着改善和发展产品。Finding the audacity and the humility to do right by them can be pretty exhausting,and the humility part,its a little tough on the design ego. 以谦逊的心态为基本却又不缺乏大胆创新的心思去把设计做对做好是相当辛苦的,而且在设计部分,对设计的自尊心是个考验。Because these products are always changing,everything that Ive designed in my career is pretty much gone,and everything that I will design will fade away.因为产品总是在不断的变化,而我在设计生涯中的所有产品都会随着这些更新换代而消失,而且未来我要做的设计也会随着时间的流逝而消失。But heres what remains:而留下的是:the never-ending thrill of being a part of something that is so big,you can hardly get your head around it,and the promise that it just might change the world. 是永无止境的刺激和快感想到自己是如此巨大创造的一部分,会让我脑子转不过弯来,更何况它包含了也许能够改变世界的承诺。Thank you.谢谢。201504/369215成都哪里看皮肤科好Hi, everybody. 大家好!Every day, we get thousands of letters and emails at the White House from Americans across the country-and every night, I ten of them. 每天,我在白宫都会收到来自全国各地无数的来信,每天晚上,我都会选出其中的十封认真阅读。They tell me about their hopes and their worries, their hardships and successes. 人们告诉我他们的期望和担忧,困难和成就。Theyre the Americans Im working for every day-and this year, several of these letter writers will join me at the Capitol when I deliver my annual State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.他们是我为之务的美国人民,今年,他们当中的一部分人将与我一起前往国会山,出席我在那里每年一度的国情咨文演讲,时间就在下周二的晚上。Carolyn Reed wrote to me from Colorado to tell me she was able to expand her business, thanks to a loan from the Small Business Administration. 卡罗琳·里德从科罗拉多给我写信,告诉我他的生意规模又扩大了,这要感谢中小企业给她提供的贷款。Today, she and her husband own seven Silver Mine Sub Shops-and last year, they raised wages for all their hourly employees.现在,她和她丈夫拥有7家银矿快餐店,去年,他们还给所有的计时工涨了工资。Victor Fugate, from Butler, Missouri, wrote to tell me that he was unemployed for a while a few years ago, but today hes earned his degree and found a full-time job. 维克多·福盖特是密苏里州巴特勒人,他写信告诉我他几年前失业了,但现在他获得了一份学位并找到了一份全职工作。Victor said that he and his wife were able to afford their student loans because our country offered millions of Americans the chance to cap their monthly payments as a percentage of their income-and, because of the Affordable Care Act, they now have the security and peace of mind of affordable health insurance.维克多说他和他妻子之所以能够还得起助学贷款,正是因为国家给了他们机会,使得月度还款额限定在他们收入的一定比例之内。此外,由于有了《平价医疗保险法》,现在他们也有了医疗保险,内心也得到了安宁和平静。While serving in Afghanistan, Jason Gibson was gravely wounded-he lost both his legs.杰森·吉布森曾经在阿富汗战场役,他光荣受伤,失去了双腿。When I first met him in the hospital, he was just beginning his long, difficult road to recovery. 当我第一次在医院看到他时,他漫长而痛苦的康复治疗才刚刚开始。But last year, Sergeant Gibson wrote to tell me that with the help of our extraordinary doctors and nurses, hes making extraordinary progress. 但就在去年,吉布森军士写信告诉我说,在优秀的医护人员的治疗和照顾下,他的身体恢复的很好。He just moved into a new home, and he and his wife just had a baby girl.现在他搬进了新家,跟他妻子也生下了一位千金。Stories like these give us reason to start the new year with confidence.这些故事让我们有信心开启新的一年。2014 was the fastest year for job growth since the 1990s. 2014年是自上世纪90年代以来就业增长最快的一年。Unemployment fell faster than any year since 1984. 失业率也下降到1984年以来的最低。Our combat mission in Afghanistan has come to a responsible end, and more of our heroes are coming home. 我们在阿富汗的战争也正式结束,我们英勇的战士们正陆续回国。Americas resurgence is real.美国复苏的步伐坚定而有力。Our job now is to make sure that every American feels that theyre a part of our countrys comeback. 现在,我们的任务就是要确保每一个美国人都能感受到强大的美国回归的力量。Thats what Ill focus on in my State of the Union-how to build on our momentum, with rising wages, growing incomes, and a stronger middle class. 这将是我在国情咨文中要重点阐述的内容,我们要形成我们的发展动力,提高工资水平,增加国民收入,打造壮大的中产阶级。And Ill call on this new Congress to join me in putting aside the political games and finding areas where we agree so we can deliver for the American people.我会呼吁新一届国会与我一起,搁置政治斗争,寻求共识,在诸多领域开展合作,为美国人民务。The last six years have demanded resilience and sacrifice from all of us. 过去的六年里,所有人都很不畏艰难,不怕牺牲。All of us have a right to be proud of the progress America has made. 我们所有人都有权利为美国取得的成就而感到自豪。And I hope youll tune in on Tuesday to hear about the steps we can take to build on this progress, and to seize this moment together.我希望大家能在周二的晚上收听我的演讲,我将阐述为实现这些目标,我们将采取的措施和需要共同把握的机遇。Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝周末愉快! 201501/355339甘孜b超多少钱

成都金牛区妇科疾病哪家医院最好的成都哪家医院有男科MRS. OBAMA: Oh, my goodness! Good morning!AUDIENCE: Good morning.MRS. OBAMA: I am so happy to be here with you all. I’m proud to be here in the Big Easy. Look at you all! (Applause.) You look good.STUDENT: You do too!MRS. OBAMA: Thank you. (Laughter.) I want to start by thanking Nicole for that very kind introduction and for sharing her story, which is not too unfamiliar to me -- because they told me I couldn’t be where I am, too. So I want to thank Nicole. I’m proud of her. Thank you for the selfie; I think that’s the first selfie I’ve done at a commencement. So, Nicole, you’re my first. (Laughter.)And of course, I want to thank the Dillard University Choir. Oh, oh, oh! (Applause.) Oh! That’s all I can say. It’s like you want to start something up in here, right? (Laughter.) It’s like, now we got a commencement going on up in here. (Laughter.) That was beautiful, beautiful. Thank you so much.I also want to recognize Senator Mary Landrieu, who is here. Let’s give her a hand. (Applause.) She has been a strong supporter of this university.I want to thank the Dillard University Board of Trustees. I want to thank the faculty, the staff, and, of course, your tremendous president, Dr. Walter Kimbrough. (Applause.) Now, my husband has been called a few things over the years, but he has never had the honor of being referred to as the “Hip Hop President.” (Applause.)I also want to thank all the folks from the University of New Orleans for hosting us here today. And I know they’re hosting the folks at Southern University at New Orleans for their commencement later on today as well, so we wish them a wonderful day. And thank you for having us. (Applause.)And of course, I’ve got to give a big shout-out to all the family members in the crowd, all of the family members -- (applause) -- especially to the mothers, because it is the day before Mother’s Day. To all the mothers, Happy Mother’s Day. (Applause.)Now, graduates, you all handled your business, right? Just because you were graduating didn’t mean you -- come on, now. (Laughter.) Okay, well, if you didn’t, you have my permission to get up and go right now, because there is nothing more important -- no, no, don’t get up. (Laughter.) Your mothers would kill you if you got up at this moment. (Laughter.) So just stay in your seats, and when this is all over make sure you take care of mom.But in all seriousness, to all the moms out there -- as well as the dads and the grandparents, the uncles, the aunts, the brothers, the sisters, all of you who have helped raise these graduates -- you have seen them through their ups and downs, and you have poured your hearts and souls into these men and women. So today is your day, too, and you should be very proud. You really should. (Applause.)And finally, most of all, I want to congratulate the beautiful and handsome men and women of the Dillard University Class of 2014. Yay! (Applause.) You all have come so far, I know, to make it to this day -- from all those early days when the girls were sneaking out of Williams Hall to go see the boys over at the Duals -- oh yeah, I did my research -- (laughter) -- to all those tests you crammed for, to the plans you’re making now for your careers, to go on to graduate school.You all have seen so much. You’ve witnessed this school’s rebirth after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina -- the new buildings that replaced the ones you lost, the classrooms that started filling back up again, the service projects that you all have done to help this community bounce back. And I know along the way that each of you has written your own story of resilience and determination to make it here to this day.For example, as you heard, Nicole was told back in high school that she just wasn’t college material. But now she is your class president, and she’s headed off to Yale for her graduate degree. So there. (Applause.) That’s it.And I know that some of you may come from tough neighborhoods; some of you may have lost your homes during Katrina. Maybe you’re like DeShawn Dabney, a graduate who was raised by his grandmother -- (applause) -- maybe -- that’s your grandmother, isn’t it, DeShawn? (Laughter.) Raised by his grandmother while some of his family members were dealing with issues. Maybe just like him, you’ve been working part-time jobs since you were a teenager to make your dream of going to college come true. And now, today, you’re all here y to walk across this stage and get that diploma.And no matter what path you took to get here, you all kept your hearts set on this day. You fought through every challenge you encountered, and you earned that degree from this fine university. And in doing so, you are following in the footsteps of all those who came before you, and you have become an indelible part of the history of this school -- a history that, as you all know, stretches back to well before the Civil War, back to 1826, the year a child named Emperor Williams was born.201503/363250Hi, Steve.乔总,您好Hi.您好Quick question, I think people are curious to know what the city residence can benefit from this new campus.貌似大家都比较关心民众能从新园区中受益吗?Well, as you know, were the largest tax payer in Cupertino, so wed like to continue to stay here and pay taxes.我们是Cupertino的纳税大户,你懂得,我们很高兴能留下来继续缴税Thats number one. Because if we cant, then we go have to somewhere like Mountain View.这点最重要。如果新园区项目流产,我们不得不另栖他处,比如Mountain View.。And we take up people with us, we give up and over years sell the land here, and the largest tax base would go away.我们只有带着员工离开,把地卖掉。That wouldnt be good for Cupertino.我想Cupertino不会希望缴税大户离开。No of course not.当然不想了。And wouldnt be good for us either, so thats number one.我们也不想,所以这是第一条。And number two, we employ some really talented great people and across the whole age spectrum.此外,我们雇佣了很多优秀人才,各个年龄阶段的人都有。A lot of people right out of collage, hire a lot of Stanford grads, etc, and you know people in their 50s and even 60s, like me Im in my 50s.我雇了很多大学毕业生,比如斯坦福大学,还有50、60岁的员工,像我就是。So I think theres a lot of them wanna live around where they work.在这里安家会是他们的首选。We have a lot of people riding bikes to work now. We also run a bus service. We got 20 buses that run on bio-diesel fuel.现在就有很多员工选择骑自行车去上班,我们也有公共交通系统,20辆烧生物燃料的班车They are the cleanest bus that you can buy. Weve got 20 of them doing routes all the way from San Francisco to Santa Cruz bringing people in.是目前最环保的车。这20辆班车目前正在旧金山和圣克鲁兹之间来回运行。So, those are the kinds of things could benefit Cupertino.这些都能让Cupertino受益。And influx of tax base, and influx of very talented people who are, you know, getting paid. We put them in a fairly affluent group of people,给Cupertino带来稳定的税收,优秀的人才,这些人收入颇丰,and many of them would choose to make Cupertino their personal home as well as professional home.他们多半还会选择定居此地(拉动消费),I think there is a lot there plusia whole lot of trees.当然,还有大片的数目和景观咯。Sure. Those are great things. Thank you be more specific. Do we get free Wi-Fi or something like that?谢谢,确实很赞。我还想知道苹果是否可以提供一些免费得务,比如WIFI?Well, see Im always im a simpleton. Ive always had the view that we pay taxes and the city should do those things.我是个直肠子,我认为既然我们交税了政府就改提供这些务。Now, if we can get out of paying taxes, Id be glad to put up Wi-Fi.如果你给我们免税,我们就提供免费得WI-FI。Wish you use our sales tax, part of that to provide iPad of something to our residence and then get a free Wi-Fi.那给你免掉一些销售税,为市民免费提供iPad和Wi-Fi。Yeah, I think we bring a lot more than free Wi-Fi and so.我相信我们创造的价值比免费得Wi-Fi多得多。Totally agree, well, thank you so much.完全同意,非常感谢。Sure.不客气。201412/350490攀钢集团成都医院四维彩超预约You dont pollute anything, you dont make dangerous chemicals, you dont hurt the 你不会造成环境污染 不会生产危险化学品environment, the worst thing you can do 你做得最糟糕也只不过是is not raise the human spirit 不能提高人类精神文明Thats really the worst thing you can do 你没办法做更糟糕的事情Number 8, do not judge your own success by the success of others 第8点 不要用别人的成功来衡量你自己I was very fortunate. When I start out as a comedian 我很幸运 我刚开始搞喜剧时I was the only comedian I knew 只认识我自己一位喜剧演员So consequently, I had no idea how terrible I was因为没有比较 我不知道自己有多烂When I was doing old peoples birthday parties for the state for a day 我曾在一个老头的生日宴上讲笑话 日进10美元I thought, hehe, I had made it, 10 bucks a day 我心想 嘿嘿 我太厉害了 一天赚了10美元Betsy, you like comedians? 贝琪 你喜欢喜剧演员吗Thats what it was. It was a nightmare. I had no idea how bad I was 情况就是这样了 简直是噩梦 我不知道自己有多烂But by the time I got to Los Angeles 之后我去了洛杉矶and met Letterman and Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfeld 碰到了莱特曼 罗宾·威廉姆斯 杰瑞·宋飞Ive been doing it for a few years, I wasnt thrown how good the competition was 我干了几年 一直都没被残酷竞争所击溃Number 9第9点Never turn down a job because of the money 不要因为钱拒绝一份工作only turn it down because you dont like it拒绝工作只能是因为你不喜欢它Money will come later. Dont even worry about it钱以后会来 不要担心它Number 10第10点Its nice to believe in yourself相信自己很好its better to have other people believe in you让其他人相信你会更好That really worth much better 真的要好很多Number 11, heres another rule I observed 第11点 这是我观察到的另一条规则If you can stay in this business for seven years 如果你能在这个行业待七年you can stay in the rest of your life 那么你一辈子都可以待在这个行业中By that I mean, if you can physically make it to the stage 我说的也就是 如果你能走到台上all the recording studio, all the movie set for seven years without screwing up 完成所有录音录像 七年而不搞砸you will make a living in this business. I know that sounds simplistic 你就能在这个行业干一辈子 我知道这有些简单化but think of all the careers that can be sidelined 不过想想所有那些by greed and envy and drugs and alcohol, sex, ego 能够被贪婪 嫉妒 毒品 酒精 性 自负搞砸的行业its usually never your talent or your abilities that youre in, its one of those things 通常 让你能够待在行业中的并不是你的才能So keep your eye on the ball 时刻警惕那些东西 我总都地方可以回 201601/420081成都第二医院可以做人流吗

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