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You will need: 你需要carrots胡萝卜apples苹果oranges桔子celery芹菜lemon柠檬In this easy to follow guide the Nutrition Angel shows you how to create your own juice recipes, as well as what fruits and vegetables work well together.在这段简单的指引中,营养专家将向你展示怎样打造自己的果汁食谱,以及哪些水果和蔬菜混合在一起效果最好。Prep:5m Total:5m准备5分钟 总5分钟Step 1: Choose Your Ingredients1.选择材料Start with carrot combined with apple, celery or orange. Graduate to more complex varieties or more hardy greens with a sweetener like lemon or apple.首先,胡萝卜和苹果,芹菜或桔子混合。逐渐增加更加复杂的种类,或者更多耐寒绿色蔬菜与更甜的水果,例如柠檬或苹果混合。Step 2: Choose Your Juicer2.选择榨汁机Use a juicing machine. The best kind are masticating juicers with pins that extract the most juice. Centrifugal juicers spin and mash up the ingredients but they make a lot of froth.使用榨汁机。最好的就是有钢栓的咀嚼式榨汁机,能够榨出最多果汁。离心式榨汁机旋转并捣烂材料,但是会产生很多泡沫。Thanks for watching How To Make Your Own Juice Recipes.感谢收看“如何打造自己的果汁食谱”视频节目。视频听力由。 /201312/2693862009年一月,当机号1549 飞机迫降纽约哈德逊河,Ric Elias正坐在第一排。在坠机的当下,他的心中在想什么? 在TED,他第一次在公开场合说出他的故事。 Article/201403/279277Manchester ed still lead by one goal to nil,曼联仍然1-0领先,and City need two.曼城还需要两个进球。重点词汇: nil 零例句:The new machine reduced labour costs to almost nil.新机器把劳动成本几乎降低到零。 视频介绍:比赛进入到伤停补时阶段,曼城队仍然一球落后,要在补时的几分钟之内连进两球基本是不可能完成的任务,然而就在球迷快绝望的时候,奇迹出现了。Don#39;t sweat it when the drawstring in your favorite sweatpants gets yanked out in the washing machine. It#39;s simple to restring.如果你最喜欢的运动裤的带子在洗衣机里不小心被拉出来了,不要着急。重新穿回去非常简单。You Will Need你需要Safety pin安全别针Patience耐心Paper Clip纸夹Steps步骤Step 1 Attach safety pin to drawstring1.将安全别针固定在绳子上Attach the safety pin to one end of the drawstring. Choose a pin that#39;s long but narrow enough to fit through the opening.将安全别针固定在绳子的一端。选择细长的别针,能够顺利通过穿孔。If you can#39;t find a safety pin, use a paper clip. Tie one end of the drawstring to the clip and wrap the drawstring around it so it stays attached.如果没有安全别针,使用纸夹。将绳子的一端系在纸夹上,多绕几圈来固定。Step 2 Push the safety pin into the drawstring hole2.将安全别针穿过小孔Push the safety pin through one of the drawstring holes. Use the pin as a guide and th the string into the track or hem.将安全别针穿过裤子上穿绳子的小孔。使用别针作为向导,把绳子顺着拉过去。Step 3 Push safety pin through waistband3.穿过腰带的位置Scrunch the waistband material along as you inch the safety pin through the track. Smooth the excess fabric along the length of the drawstring as you go.把裤子的腰带部位压好,让安全别针顺利通过。在拉动的过程中,把绳子整理好。Step 4 Push string through second drawstring hole4.安全别针穿过第二个孔Push the safety pin out through the other drawstring hole and smooth the track.把安全别针穿过第二个孔,理顺。Step 5 Remove safety pin and tie knots in drawstring ends5.取下安全别针,绳子末端打结Remove the safety pin and tie a knot at each end of the drawstring so it won#39;t come out again.把安全别针取下,绳子的两端打结,这样就不会再被拉出来了。Parents are urged to remove drawstrings from children#39;s clothes so they don#39;t get caught and cause injury.通常建议父母取下孩子衣上的绳子,这样孩子不会被绑住,以免造成伤害。视频听力由。 Article/201311/264971

Olympics to help Japan#39;s economy? CNN#39;s John Defterios reports on how Japan hopes to benefit from winning the 2020 Summer Olympics.Well, we’ve seen the pass as Olympic burdens for host nation has not been viewed as an Olympic size opportunity for Tokyo in 2020. Tokyo Olympic specialist said it did not rely on recover marketing pitch, but instead, the IOC support Japanese capital is built as it means the safest and most reliable, something Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised despite the natural disaster Fukushima back in 2011. Prime Minister said the Game should help this country overcome 15 years of deflation. The government suggests it could help boost growth by 0.3% a year for the next 7 years, but US bank Morgan Stanley said it could be more than double that. Japan wants this bid not putting up the biggest budget for the 2020 Games. Let’s take a look what we are talking about here. While Tokyo in billion, Istanbul more than double that at billion, and Madrid come it with a low ball bid of billion. This was seen at a setback for Turkey after the toxins square put us back in June with concerns about instability soften the border in Syria. Istanbul is amassing in mass infrastructure build-up that includes new bridges, and it planned airport. The 2020 Games will take place just 3 years ahead of the 100 anniversary of the Turkish Republic. “We think it’s not easy, so for us, we were going to create the great legacy, so that’s…No, not yet. So we gonna say we have to go back and think and we’ll see.Turkey would have been the first majority mass population country to host the Games. And it has aspiration to be top 20 economy by 2023 with a GDP of trillion. For Madrid, it was the third time unlucky. The city’s put three straight bids in for the summer Games of 2012, 2016 and 2020. Again the EU debt crisis and soaring jobless rate were seen as major strikes against the Spanish. John Defterios, CNN, Abu Dhabi. /201309/256729

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