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联合国秘书长潘基文本星期将开始对太平洋地区四国访问,出访期间的讨论重点将是气候变化和国际安全问题 潘基文星期六将前往澳大利亚,与吉拉德总理讨论有关气候变化问题的倡议以及联合国持的阿富汗和东帝汶使呀?预计,潘基文和吉拉德还将讨论在利比亚和中东的局势,以及非洲之角的人道危机等问题。此后,潘基文将前往新西兰的奥克兰,他将成为出席太平洋岛屿论坛的第一位联合国秘书长 ed Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon embarks this week on a four-nation visit to the Pacific region that will focus on climate change and international security. Mr. Ban will travel to Australia on Saturday for talks with Prime Minister Julia Gillard on his initiatives on climate change, as well as the U.N.-backed missions in Afghanistan and East Timor. The two are also expected to discuss developments in Libya, the Middle East and the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa. Mr. Ban will then travel to Auckland, New Zealand, where he will become the first U.N. chief to attend the Pacific Island Forum. /201109/152356

Checking out付账离店Can I check out here?我可以在这儿付账吗?Would you please go to the Cashier Desk to pay your bill?请您去账台付账,好吗?How do you wish to settle your ?您打算用什么方式付账?May I have your signature, please?请您签个名好 吗?We hope to welcome you again soon.我们希望很快再见到您There will be no charge on baggage left by guests who have checked out.行李在退房以后可免费保管We are processing your credit card.我们正在处理您的信用卡 398873

Regular services定期维护A:This is our main service area. We do all the routine services here and have two full-time mechanics.A:这是我们的维护区我们负责这里所有的常规维护,我们有两名全职机械师A: How often do you service the vans?B:你们多长时间对这些货车检修一次?B: Theyre serviced regularly. We give them a basic service every 000 km or so and a main service once a year, or every 0 000 km.A:它们定期检修我们每000公里左右对其进行一次基本检修,一年一次全面检修或者每0000公里全面检修一次B:I see. What does the service involve?B:我明白了这个检修包含什么?A: Well, the same as private vehicles really, but we do it more often because they get a lot of wear and tear.A:哦,实际上和私人车辆维护一样,但是我们对其检修的更经常,因为这些车辆磨损的要严重些B:Can you carry out major repairs here?B:这里能够进行大修吗?A: Yes, weve got all the necessary equipment. We can give the engines a major overhaul. If there a serious problem, we strip down the engine and find the faulty component. Would you like to look around?A:是,我们有所有必要的设备我们可以对这个发动机进行大修如果问题严重,我们拆开发动机去查找故障部件你要转一转吗? 56


  0 Get a new slant on things 0 用新的观点看事情Some exercises are good you because theyre relaxing,and this is one of them.The only ce operating here is gravity,the principle being to raise yoourur derriere and feet up off the floor.Lie down,putting a pillow under your bottom and your feet up on a chair or couch.Take a deep breath,lie back and enjoy it minutes or even a half-hour.Invigorating blood will rush to your organs and head.and youll feel oh-so-good.有些运动因为能使人放松而对你有益以下便是其中一例这项运动唯一借用的力量是地心引力,而运动的原则是要抬高你的臀部,把脚伸向半空中运动时先躺下来,放个枕头在臀部下,把脚放在椅子或沙发上深呼吸,歇口气,然后轻松地享受十五分钟或甚至半个钟头的时间此时那让你充满活力的血液会流向你全身的器官和头部,你会感觉棒极了 395387。


  The U.S. economy had a net gain of 103,000 jobs in September, but that was not enough to cut the unemployment rate from 9.1 percent. Friday's report from the Labor Department said the job gains came largely in the private sector, particularly in health care. The monthly job gains were stronger than most economists had predicted and include 45,000 employees returning to work after a strike at telecommunications giant Verizon in August. Friday's report from the Labor Department says 14 million Americans are out of work. Four out of 10 of the unemployed have been off the job for six months or more. 美国经济9月份净增加10.3万个工作岗位,但是失业率仍然处在9.1%的高位美国劳工部星期五公布的就业报告说,新增职位大部分来自私营部门9月份新增就业数据高于大多数经济学家的预测月份数据包括了电讯业巨头Verizon.5万个月罢工后重返岗位的职工星期四,美国总统奥巴马在一个记者会上敦促国会议员批准他提出的价470亿美元的就业法案。他说,这项法案将通过重返就业来刺激经济发展 /201110/156987ed Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the seizing of power by rebels in the Central African Republic and is calling for the ;swift restoration of constitutional order.;联合国秘书长潘基文谴责中非共和国反政府武装夺取政权,并敦促“尽快恢复宪法秩序”。Seleka rebels took control of the capital, Bangui, on Sunday, forcing President Francois Bozize to flee. Witnesses reported heavy fighting in the city and said rebels had taken over the presidential palace.星期天,塞雷卡反政府武装占领了中非共和国首都班吉,齐泽总统被迫逃走。目击者说,班吉发生激烈战斗,反政府武装攻占了总统府。Mr. Ban said in a statement he is deeply concerned about reports of human rights abuses and looting in Bangui, ;including of ed Nations property.; 潘基文发表声明说,他严重关切有关班吉发生侵犯人权和劫掠行为的报道,联合国的财产也受到抢劫。He said an agreement between the government and the rebels signed in January remains the best way to ensure peace and security. That deal calls for Mr. Bozize to remain in power until his term ends in 2016, with an opposition member named prime minister.潘基文表示,中非共和国政府与反政府武装今月签署的协议依然是确保和平与安全的最佳方案。该协议规定,齐泽继续执政,直016年总统任期结束,同时由反对派成员担任总理。The rebels, who began their offensive in December, accuse the president of breaking the agreement.反政府武装于去年12月发动攻势,他们指责齐泽违反了协议。来 /201303/232057

  1. What is your sales record in your previous job?你以前的销售业绩如何?. Do you have any part-time job experience in promotion?你有什么兼职促销经验吗?3. How will you carry out marketing campaign if we hire you?如果我们聘用你,你计划怎样开展营销工作?. My major is Commerce, with the emphasis on marketing.我主修的是商业,重点学习市场营销5. I have completed a lot of courses such as Marketing,Businness Law, Statistics,Sales Management, Distribution Theory, Economics and Psychology我修的课程有:市 场营销、商业法、统计学、销售管理、商品配销埋论、经济学和心理学6. Your company is an American capital company, which is a world-famous one.贵公司是一家美资公司,世界闻名 7. I went from door to door to sell shampoos such as Rejoyce,Pantene.我曾做过推销员,挨家挨户地推销宝洁公司的产品,如飘柔、潘婷著洗发水8. Well offer you a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan to begin with, and you would be eligible a raise after a year.我们开始时给你每月3000,一年后可以加薪9. Ill organize trade fairs and symposiums and arrange appointments business partners.我将组织贸易展销会和研讨会,为商业伙伴安排见面聋. I would first analyze and choose the greatest sales potential, then call on them.我首先会分析并选择具有最大销售潜力的客户,然后拜访他们Dialogue:1对话:1A:Would you please tell me something about your educational background?A:你能否讲一下你的教育背景?B:Yes. I graduated from Shanghai College of Commerce. My major is Commerce, with the emphasis on marketing.B:好的我毕业于上海商学院,主修的是商业,重点学习市场A:What courses have you completed in college?A:你在大学修了哪些课程?B:I have completed a lot of courses such as Marketing, Business Law, Statistics, Sales Management, Distribution Theory, Economics and Psychology.B:我修的课程有:市场营销、商业法、统计学、销售管理、商品配销理论、经济学和心理学Dialogue:对话:A:What about your spoken English? You know,some staff in our company are Americans. So conversational English is very important in our company.A:你的英语口语怎么样?你知道 我们这里有很多员工是美国人,所以英语口语是很重要的一个能力B:I think I can manage English conversations with American staff. I always practice spoken English with my eign teachers or cassettes in college.B:我觉得我的对话:能力没问题,大学时我经常与外教练口语,或跟着磁带练A:Do you know anything about our company?A:你对我们公司有什么了解吗?B:Yes, a little. Your company is an American capital company, which is a world-famous one. It produces cosmetics and skincare products which are very popular with women in all parts of the world.B:是的,但是不多贵公司是一家美资公司,世界闻名你们的美容护肤产品深受世界各地女性的欢迎 37

  Id like some different taste.我喜欢与众不同的口味Be at home. Help yourself, please.别客气,请自己来Can I have a hamburger with double beef, please?请给我一个汉堡,麻烦给夹两片牛肉,好吗?Can I have a straw?请给我一根吸管,好吗?Id like a hot dog with onion and cabbage.我要一份热,洋葱跟包心菜都要加The food here is so inviting.这儿的饭菜真吸引人There are quite a lot of good-looking desserts there.那边有不少好看的甜食What your favorite?您最喜欢什么?

  第一句:What famous interesting places can I see in Beijing?在北京我能参观哪些名胜古迹呢?A: What famous interesting places can I see in Beijing?在北京我能参观哪些名胜古迹呢?B: At least three places you to visit.至少可以去三个地方参观A: What are they?哪三个?B: The Great Wall, the Palace Museum and the Summer Palace.长城故宫和颐和园第二句:Are there any historic sites in this city?该城市有什么名胜古迹吗?A: Are there any historic sites in this city?该城市有什么名胜古迹吗?B: Yes, there is a Yellow Crane Tower which was built in 3 A. D. and impressed many famous poets, including Libai.是的,有黄鹤楼,始建于公元3年,曾激起许多著名诗人的创作灵感,包括李白其他表达法:I want to visit some historic sites.我想参观名胜古迹I d like to see the Changing of the Guard.我想看看卫兵交接仪式Where is the Shakespeare birthplace?莎士比亚的出生地在哪? 9386。


  第1期:At the Ticket Window 在车站售票口X:Next,please.Where to,sir?X:下一位先生,请问您到哪儿去?Y:A one-way ticket to Chicago,please.Y:请给我一张到芝加哥的单程票X:How many did you say,sir?X:先生,您刚刚是说几张票呢?Y:One adult,please.Y:一张成人票X:That will be six dollars.Out of ten-seven,eight,nine,ten.Thank you.X:那要6美元收你美元,找美元给你—1元、元、3元、元谢谢你其他出国旅游英语句型:1.Where to,sir? 先生,你到哪儿呢?本句是很管用的口语,等于“Where are you going,sir?”老外讲话能省则省,绝不啰嗦,,一般口语句型都极精练简洁例:A:Where to,Mr. Guo?B:I’m going to the library.甲:郭先生,你去哪儿啊?乙:我正要去图书馆.That will be six dollars. 那要6美元钱that will be + 若干钱 一共是若干钱例:A:How much should I pay?B:Thatll be one hundred dollars.甲:我须付你多少钱?乙:一共是0美元另外,表示“一共……”还可使用“amount to”及“come to ”例:The loss amounts to one million dollars.损失共达0万美元All this comes to one hundred dollars.这些总计0美元3.Out of ten-seven,eight,nine,ten.收你元,找你元-1元、元、3元、元 35


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