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辽宁省本钢总医院做宫颈手术本溪南芬人民医院剖腹产需多少钱A Swedish human rights activist arrested in China has admitted to crimes on state television, the second Swedish national to feature in a TV confession in recent days, as authorities increasingly turn to such broadcasts in their crackdown on dissent.一名在中国被拘的瑞典人权活动人士已在中国中央电视台(CCTV)节目中招认罪行,这是近期第二名在央视节目中认罪的瑞典籍公民。中国当局正日益诉诸这类广播电视节目来打击异见人士。Peter Jesper Dahlin, who was initially reported detained last week, had “sponsored activities jeopardising China’s national security state news agency Xinhua reported late on Tuesday.中国官方通讯社新华社周二晚报道称,彼得耶斯佩尔达林(Peter Jesper Dahlin)“涉嫌资助危害国家安全犯罪活动罪”。彼得被拘的消息最初是上周传出来。“This is obviously an issue of grave concern for us,Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, EU ambassador to China, told a press conference on Wednesday. “We do hope [the detentions] are not a ‘new normalbut we do see an extremely worrying trend, he added, calling for “full transparency and full accessin such cases.欧盟驻华大使史伟(Hans Dietmar Schweisgut)在周三的一个新闻发布会上表示:“这显然是一个引起我们严重关切的问题。”他补充称:“我们希望(这种拘留)不是一种‘新常态’,但我们的确看到一种极其令人担忧的趋势。”他呼吁在这类案件中“做到完全透明,不设置任何障碍”。Televised confessions by those accused of politically sensitive crimes have become common in China, even as criminal complaints and judicial proceedings are largely kept secret. Mr Dahlin and other suspects “have been put under coercive measures in line with the criminal law Xinhua said.在中国,那些被控犯有政治上敏感罪行的人在电视上认罪已变得普遍起来,而与此同时,刑事指控和司法程序却基本上是不公开的。新华社报道称,彼得等犯罪嫌疑人“被依法采取刑事强制措施”。“Certain people that we supported at one time or another have gone on to do acts in clear violation of the law,Mr Dahlin said in the broadcast on Tuesday. “And we know that in some cases ... they have been very serious crimes. And we are also aware that this also means that we as an organisation become criminally liable for the things that they have done.”“我们资助过的某些人曾从事明显违法的行为,”彼得在周二的节目中表示,“而且我们知道,在某些案子中……他们犯下了非常严重的罪行。我们还知道,这也意味着我们作为一个组织要对他们做过的事情负刑事责任。”The arrest is the latest in Chinese authoritiescampaign against lawyers and rights activists. Last July dozens of lawyers were rounded up in a nationwide sweep. In December Pu Zhiqiang, one of China’s most famous rights lawyers, was given a suspended prison sentence for inciting ethnic hatred and disrupting public order.此案是中国当局打击律师和维权人士行动的最新一例。去月,数十名律师在一场全国性打击行动中被拘。去2月,中国最知名维权律师之一浦志强被判有期徒刑、缓期执行,罪名是煽动民族仇恨和寻衅滋事。Mr Dahlin also said in his confession that an activist his organisation had trained had “illegally brought the son of lawyer Wang Yu across an international border彼得在认罪时还表示,他所在组织培训的一名维权人士曾“策划组织锋锐律师事务所律师王宇之子偷越国边境”。Xinhua said Mr Dahlin had “hired and trained others, who were called ‘lawyersand petitioners, to gather, distort, exaggerate and even fabricate negative information about China and compiled it into a human rights report. The Chinese Urgent Action Working Group had received “unregulated huge sums of moneyfrom seven unnamed foreign non-governmental organisations, the agency said.新华社称,彼得曾“资助和培训无照‘律师’、少数访民,利用他们搜集我国各类负面情况,加以歪曲、扩大甚至凭空捏造,向境外提供所谓‘中国人权报告’。中国维权紧急援助组(Chinese Urgent Action Working Group)长期接受某外国非政府组织家境外机构的‘巨额资助’”。CCTV ed Mr Dahlin as saying that information gathered from the internet for the organisation’s human rights report “doesn’t represent the true and comprehensive situationand that he had not personally witnessed the cases described although Mr Dahlin was not shown making that statement.央视援引彼得的话称,“其中的内容几乎都是通过网上搜索查询等方式做出来的,并不能反映真实全面的情况,具体案例我没有亲眼所见,我不能保报告中的内容属实”——尽管彼得并没有在节目中说这番话。来 /201601/424077本溪桓仁县医院检查能用医保卡吗 A German-Iranian teenager who killed nine people and then himself in Munich had undergone psychiatric treatment and was in all probability a lone gunman who had no Islamist militant ties, police said on.德国警方日前宣布,在慕尼黑用射杀九人随后自杀的伊朗裔德国青年有过治疗精神病的经历,很可能只是一名独立的手,与伊斯兰激进组织没有联系。The 18-year-old attacker opened fire at a fast food restaurant near a busy shopping mall in Munich, killing at least nine people in the third attack on civilians in Western Europe in eight days.这位18岁的攻击者在慕尼黑一家繁忙的商场旁边的快餐店开火,打死至少9人,这是西欧八天内经历的第三起针对平民的攻击。As authorities sought to piece together the circumstances of an attack, they all but ruled out any link to Islamic militant groups.当局试图还原这次攻击的本末,他们设想了所有的可能性,但排除了任何与伊斯兰激进组织的联系。Following a police search of the shooters room, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae said there are ;no indications whatsoever that there is a connection to Islamic State,; nor is shooting connected to the issue of refugees.慕尼黑警察局局长胡贝图斯·安德烈在警方搜查过手的房间之后表示,没有任何迹象表明该手与ISIS有联系,并且此次击案也和难民问题无关。The teenage gunman was born and brought up in the Munich area and was a dual Iranian-German national, police said. He had spent time in psychiatric care, and appeared to be obsessed with mass shootings his room was full of books on the subject, including a title called: Rampage in Head: Why Students Kill.警方表示,这名十几岁的手在慕尼黑出生、长大,具有伊朗和德国双重国籍。他曾花了一些时间来治疗精神病,且表现得似乎很迷恋大规模击--他的房间里放满了有关这个主题的书,其中一本的标题是《狂暴的头脑:为什么学生会杀人》。German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said there were indications the killer had been bullied ;by others his age.; He also cited concerns about the role violent games may have played in the crime.德国内政部长托马斯·德梅齐埃表示,有迹象表明该手曾经被同龄人欺负过。此外,他也表达了暴力会导致犯罪的担忧。来 /201607/457441本溪水洞治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好

辽宁本溪男科医院妇科人流Health authorities in the ed States said they were investigating 14 new reports of the Zika virus possibly being transmitted by sex, including to pregnant women. If confirmed, the unexpectedly high number would have major implications for controlling the virus, which is usually sp by mosquito bites.美国卫生部门称,他们正在调查14个可能是通过性传播的兹卡新病例,其中包括一些妇。这些病例的数目之多出人意料,如果获得确认,可能就会对控制兹卡病毒的方式产生重大影响。兹卡病毒通常是由蚊子叮咬传播的。Scientists had believed sexual transmission of Zika to be extremely rare. Only a few cases have ever been documented. But if all the women in the cases the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is examining test positive for the virus as two women aly have, and four others have done in preliminary lab tests officials believe there is no way other than sex that they could have contracted it.科学家们曾经认为通过性传播感染兹卡的情况极其罕见。有记录的这种病例寥寥无几。但是,如果美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)正在检测的这些女性病例结果全都呈阳性——两名女性已实呈阳性,完成了初步实验室检测的其他四人亦然——官员们相信,除了性传播之外,她们没有感染这种病毒的其他途径。The specter of so many cases all in the continental ed States brings fresh complexity to the medical mystery of Zika. The virus is suspected to cause birth defects and a rare condition of temporary paralysis.这种病例的数目如此之多——而且全都发生在美国本土——令兹卡的医学之谜变得更加复杂。人们怀疑,这种病毒可以导致某些出生缺陷和一种罕见的暂时性瘫痪。“We were surprised that there was this number,Dr. Anne Schuchat, the deputy director at the C.D.C., said in an interview. “If a number of them pan out, that’s much more than I was expecting.”“人数这么多,令我们惊讶,”CDC副主任安·舒沙士(Anne Schuchat)在接受采访时说。“如果其中不少得到实,那会远远超过我的预计。”In all the cases the C.D.C. is examining, women in the continental ed States had sex with men who had traveled to countries where the virus is circulating, and developed symptoms associated with the virus within about two weeks of their male partnerssymptoms.CDC正在研究的所有这些病例中,身处美国本土的女性都与曾经去过兹卡疫区国家的男性发生过性关系,而且在男性伴侣出现兹卡症状大约两周之内,她们也出现了与该病毒相关的症状。Officials at the C.D.C. reported the potential cases in an alert to health care providers on Tuesday.CDC官员本周二向提供医疗务的机构发出警报,知会了这些潜在病例。The agency did not say exactly how many of the women were pregnant, but it reiterated its recommendation that people returning from Zika-infected areas use condoms or abstain from sex for the duration of their partner’s pregnancy. The alert said there was no evidence that women could transmit Zika virus to their sex partners, but added that more research was needed to be sure.该机构并没有提到这些女性中究竟有多少怀了,但它重申了一项建议:从兹卡疫区返回的人在伴侣怀期间应该使用安全套,或者避免性接触。警报说,目前没有据表明女性可以将兹卡病毒传染给性伴侣,但表示这还需要进行更多的研究才能确定。This country has become a laboratory of sorts to test the sexual transmission of Zika, as scientists race to understand the disease. Transmission by mosquitoes is not yet happening in the continental ed States because it is still winter, so health officials say they believe that any infection of an American resident who has not traveled to a place where Zika is circulating has probably been contracted through sex.在科学家们争相研究这种疾病之时,美国成为了监测兹卡性传播的某种实验室。美国本土还没有出现过蚊子传播的病例,因为这里目前仍然是冬天,所以卫生部门官员表示,他们认为,那些没有去过兹卡疫区的美国居民很可能都是通过性传播感染上了这种病毒。“In the U.S., where most people aren’t traveling to these areas, we may be able to uncover the potential risk,Dr. Schuchat said.“在美国,大多数人没有去过那些地区,所以我们也许能够发现它的潜在风险,”舒沙说。In all, the ed States has around 90 cases of Zika, according to the most recent count from the C.D.C., most of them contracted by people who had traveled to Latin America, currently the center of the virus. If confirmed, the new reports of sexual transmission would represent about 15 percent of that total.CDC的最新统计显示,美国总共有大0个兹卡病例,其中大多数感染者是曾经去过拉丁美洲的人,那里目前是这种病毒传播的中心。如果得到确认,这些通过性传播感染的新病例将占到所有兹卡感染病例的大约15%。Questions about how frequently Zika can be transmitted by sex and how long the virus can stay in semen are particularly urgent here, given the large volume of travel between the ed States and Central and South America. There were about 5.5 million visitors from South America to the ed States in 2014, and nearly a million from Central America, according to figures from the Department of Commerce.兹卡通过性行为传播的几率有多大,病毒可以在中存活多久?我们尤其需要马上找到这些问题的,因为在美国和中南美洲之间来往的人数非常之多。商务部的数据显示,2014年有大约550万人从南美洲来美国,有将00万人从中美洲来美囀?And with the season for mosquitoes still believed to be the primary mode of infection nearing in the ed States, Tuesday’s report is likely to further complicate preparations in states across the country.随着美国即将进入蚊虫滋生的季节——蚊子传播依然被认为是兹卡病毒传播的主要途径——周二的报告很可能会让全美各州的预防工作变得更加复杂。“This suggests that along with virus in the blood, Zika is gaining access to other fluids, including semen,said Dr. Peter J. Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. “Anyone who is pregnant and lives in an area where the Zika virus is circulating will need her male partner to use condoms. In the coming weeks, that may include the U.S. Gulf Coast.”“这意味着,除了血液之外,兹卡还能通过包括在内的其他体液传播,”美国贝勒医学院国家热带疾病学院(National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine)院长彼得·J·霍特士(Peter J. Hote)说。“所有怀和生活在兹卡病毒传播区域的人,都需要让她的男性伴侣使用安全套。接下来几周,这个范围可能会扩大到美国的墨西哥湾沿岸地区。”Testing of semen may be difficult. Patients at real risk in the ed States need to be first tested by standard blood testing before the testing of semen would even be considered, said Dr. Gary W. Procop, a professor of pathology at the Cleveland Clinic. Only the C.D.C. and state laboratories do such testing, and only for people determined to be at high risk, he said.做检测可能会有些困难。克利夫兰诊所(Cleveland Clinic)的病理学教授、加釷W·普罗科普士(Gary W. Procop)表示,美国面临真实风险的病人应该首先进行标准的血液检测,之后再考虑做检测。他还表示,只有CDC和州级实验室能做此类检测,而且只为被确定是高风险人群的人做。来 /201603/428680本溪桓仁县人民医院做人流可以吗 明山人流多少钱

溪湖医院妇科是公立医院吗A mystery over recent sightings of Chinese military vehicles patrolling inside Afghanistan deepened last week as Beijing denied its troops were in Afghanistan but confirmed it was undertaking “joint counter-terrorism operationswith Kabul.近期,有人看到中国军车在阿富汗境内巡逻。上周,此事引发的谜团有所加深——中国否认其军队在阿富汗境内,但实了中国正与阿富汗执行“联合反恐行动”。The disclosure comes as China steps up its involvement with its western neighbour amid a gradual withdrawal by US forces from the war-ravaged country.上述消息传来之际,随着美国军队逐渐撤出饱受战争蹂躏的阿富汗,中国开始加大对这个西部邻国的介入力度。Ren Guoqiang, a spokesman for the Peoples Liberation Army, was asked about reports of Chinese troops inside Afghanistan at a defence ministry press conference on Thursday. He flatly denied any military involvement but said that “the law enforcement authorities of the two sides have conducted joint law enforcement operations in border areas to fight against terrorism according to an official transcript of the remarks made available Friday.在上周四举行的中国国防部记者会上,国防部新闻发言人任国强被问及有关中国军队出现在阿富汗境内的报道。根据上周五公布的官方文字实录,任国强断然否认了任何军事介入,但他表示,“中阿两国执法部门确实根据双方的执法合作协议在边境地区开展了联合执法行动,目的是共同打击恐怖主义”。“The report that the Chinese military patrolled in Afghanistan is false,he said. An effort Friday to clarify whether there were any Chinese non-military patrols on the Afghan side of the border was met with the same response.“有的外国媒体报道中国军队车辆进入阿富汗境内巡逻,这与事实不符,”他说。上周五,记者要求澄清在中阿边境的阿富汗一侧是否有中国非军事力量参与巡逻时,得到了相同的回答。Col Ren was referring to a number of eyewitness reports and photos appearing to show Chinese military vehicles patrolling inside Afghanistan in recent months.任国强上校针对的是一些目击者的说法,以及似乎显示最近几个月阿富汗境内有中国军用车辆在巡逻的照片。The first photos were published on November 3, when Wion, an Indian news website, reported the presence of Chinese military vehicles in the Wakhan corridor, a mountainous strip of land between the Pamir and Karakoram mountain ranges that extends all the way to the border with China.第一张照片发表于去年11日,当时印度新闻网站Wion报道称,中国军用车辆出现在帕米尔高原和喀喇昆仑山脉之间的山谷地带——瓦Wakhan)走廊。该走廊一直延伸至中阿边界。In February, the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, a think-tank, published a report citing “overwhelming evidenceincluding statements of diplomats, as well as an unnamed Chinese official, that Chinese troops were patrolling inside Afghanistan, though the article also cited a denial by Sediq Sediqi, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s ministry of internal affairs.2月,智库Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst发表了一份援引“压倒性据”的报告,其中包括一些外交官和一位未具名中国官员的说法,称中国军队在阿富汗境内巡逻。不过,这篇文章也引用了阿富汗内政部发言人塞迪克?塞迪Sediq Sediqi)的否认说法。Justin Bronk, an analyst at the Royal ed Services Institute in London, said that a denial by Beijing that the Chinese military was involved might not rule out a military-style operation by police. “Clearly in a place like Afghanistan, law enforcement and military patrols are rather blurred termshe said.位于伦敦的英国皇家联合军种研究院(Royal ed Services Institute)的分析师贾斯布朗Justin Bronk)说,北京方面对于中国军队介入的否认,可能并不排除使用警力展开军事性行动的可能性。“很显然,在像阿富汗这种地方,执法和军事巡逻这两个说法之间的界限相当模糊,”他说。He said published photos of the alleged patrols showed two types of Chinese vehicles the Dongfeng EQ 2050, similar to the US Humvee, and the Norinco VP 11, a mine resistant vehicle. Both are military vehicles, said Mr Bronk, but could be used in a law enforcement capacity.布朗克表示,公布的所谓巡逻照片显示了两种中国车辆——类似于美国军用悍马(Humvee)的东风猛士EQ2050越野车以及北方工业公Norinco)的VP 11防雷越野车。他说,两者都是军用车辆,但可以用于执法行动。If an agreement on joint patrolling exists, it would not the first such arrangement of extraterritorial law enforcement that China has with a border state. Since December 2011, China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand have completed dozens of joint police patrols on the Mekong river, aiming to crack down on crime in the region. Those patrols follow the brutal murder of 13 Chinese sailors on a stretch of the Mekong by suspected drug smugglers in Oct 2011.如果存在关于联合巡逻的协议,那么这不是中国首次与邻国达成的境外执法安排。自20112月以来,中国、老挝、缅甸和泰国已在湄公河地区完成了数十次联合警察巡逻,旨在打击该地区的犯罪活动。在巡逻之前的20110月,涉嫌走私毒品者在湄公河地区残忍地杀害了13名中国船员。The motivations for China to deepen its involvement in Afghanistan are several. Beijing fears contagion from Islamic extremism, while Chinese companies also hold key mining and hydrocarbons concessions across Afghanistan.中国更深介入阿富汗事务的动机有很多个。北京方面害怕伊斯兰极端主义势力的蔓延,而中国企业也在阿富汗境内拥有关键的采矿和碳氢化合物特许经营权。“Chinas main focus is counter-terrorism,said Andrew Small, an expert on China at the German Marshall Fund. He added that the Turkistan Islamic Party, a separatist organisation that China has linked to terror attacks, was believed to have its headquarters in Badakhshan, the Afghan province neighbouring China.“中国的主要焦点是反恐怖主义,”德国马歇尔基金German Marshall Fund)中国问题专家安德斯莫Andrew Small)表示。他接着说,中国认定分裂主义组织突厥斯坦伊斯兰党(Turkistan Islamic Party,又称“东突厥斯坦伊斯兰运动”,中文简称:东伊运)跟恐怖袭击有关联,据信该组织的总部设在阿富汗与中国相邻的省份巴达赫尚省(Badakhshan)。Often accused of being a “free riderthat benefits from the security provided by US forces in Afghanistan, China has also been forced to respond to the likelihood of an eventual US withdrawal from the country.中国的动机还包括应对美国最终撤出阿富汗的可能性。人们常常指责中国是驻阿美军提供的安全保护的“免费搭车者”。“It’s impossible to see what China is doing outside the context of the US drawdown, which forced China, reluctantly, to face up to the fact that it will have to take on greater responsibility for security in its western periphery,said Mr Small.“如果去掉美国撤军的背景,就不可能理解中国在做什么。美国撤军迫使中国不情愿地面对一个事实,即它必须对西部周边的安全承担更大责任,”斯莫尔说。In 2014 former US President Barack Obama announced that US forces would leave Afghanistan by the end of his term in office, though due to the worsening security environment 8,400 have stayed on since a partial drawdown was completed in December.2014年,时任美国总统的巴拉克?奥巴Barack Obama)宣布,美国驻军将在他任期结束前撤离阿富汗。不过,由于安全环境的恶化,去年12月完成部分撤军以后,400人一直未撤走。来 /201702/494593 本溪桓仁县人民医院属于私人医院吗本溪男科医院是最好的泉州妇科医院



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