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Exercise 1-29:Making Set PhrasesPause the CD and add a noun to each word as indicated by the picture.Check Answer Key, beginning on page 193.Exercise 1-30:Set Phrase Story— The Little Match GirlThe following story contains only set phrases, as opposed to the descriptive story in Exercise 1-27.Stress the first word of each phrase.The little match girl was out in a snowstorm.Her feet were like ice cubes and her fingertips had frostbite.She hadnt sold any matches since daybreak,and she had a stomachache from the hunger pangs,but her stepmother would beat her with a broomstickif she came home with an empty coin purse.Looking into the bright living rooms,she saw Christmas trees and warm fireplaces.Out on the snowbank, she lit match and saw the image of a grand dinner table of food before her.As the matchstick burned, the illusion slowly faded.She lit another one and saw a room full of happy family members.On the last match, her grandmother came down and carried her home.In the morning, the passersby saw the little match girl.She had frozen during the nighttime, but she had a smile on her face.Contrasting a Description and a Set PhraseWe now have two main intonation patterns— first word stress and second word stress.In the following exercise, we will contrast the two. /201508/390603今天我跟侄女吃午饭,我一点也没想到她最近的情形。大约一年前,她才知道自己家附近要建一条高速公路。在这之后,出于对噪音和交通堵塞的考虑当地很多人陆续开始卖房子。房价不断下跌,导致她家周围的邻居也开始考虑搬家。这种情况让我想到一句习惯用语,那就是: chain reaction.Chain是索链的意思,reaction,反应。两个词连起来,chain reaction, 就是连锁反应。这就是我侄女社区发生的情形, the news of a soon-to-be built highway in their backyards caused a chain reaction. 社区后面即将修建高速公路的消息引发了连锁反应。人们开始卖房,导致房价进一步下跌,让还留在那里的人忧心忡忡。真是个连锁反应!下面这个例子里的主人公在晚饭时间经历的连锁反应简直就是个灾难! 让我们来听听到底发生了什么:例句-1:When lightning struck an old oak tree in my yard, it crashed down on the power line. That knocked out my electricity, which prevented me from cooking. As a result, I had to call up my friends and cancel my dinner party! It was a chain reaction I never expected.这段话是说: 闪电击中了我院子里的一颗橡树,橡树拉倒了电线。于是我家停电了,我也没法做晚饭了。我不得不逐一给朋友打电话,取消晚餐聚会! 我完全没有料到这场连锁反应。不过有时候连锁反应也会有好事。我跟我男朋友相遇的故事就是这样。本来要去约会的对象生病了,所以女友约我一起去看电影。她去停车的时候,我排队买票。一个小偷企图偷我的钱包,但是站在我后面的男人阻止了他。这场连锁反应的结局是,我找到了我的另一半!*******昨天,我去吃了华盛顿最有名的;cupcake;。这种叫做杯子蛋糕的小甜点现在在美国非常流行,很多地方都有杯子蛋糕店陆续开张。让我们来听听下面这个经济记者是怎么说的:例句-2:Unlike something big and expensive, a cupcake is a small treat anyone can afford. That idea helped launch a few cupcake shops in places like New York City. More shops soon opened across the country. Then came recipe books and TV competition shows...Who knew that a simple dessert would start a chain reaction?这段话是说: 与一些很大很贵的东西不同,杯子蛋糕是每个人都吃得起的东西。纽约等城市因此出现了几家杯子蛋糕店。此后,全国各地陆续出现了很多杯子蛋糕店。接着又出现了各种杯子蛋糕食谱和电视竞赛节目。谁能料到这么一个普通的饭后甜点会导致一连串的连锁反应呢?确实是这样。我去的那家最有名的华盛顿杯子蛋糕店都成为旅游景点了! 人们不惜花时间排长队来尝一尝这些杯子蛋糕。 /201611/477046Exercise 5-10:She lay on her linoleumand slid along the floor in anguish.A little later,she leapt up and laughed.She no longer longedfor a leaderto tell her how to live her life.Little Lola was finally all well.Dull versus dleRepeat after me.laidladlelay dullTo hear the difference between contrast the sentences,Dont lay dull tilesand Dont ladle tiles.lay dullladle /201510/403869

sort of有点kind of有点or anything或者什么like喜欢or something或者其他的东西Its hard to describe, but很难形容,但Its difficult to say, but这很难说,但Its not easy to put into words, but这用语言来表达并不容易,但I can’t really describe it, but我真的没法形容它,但Im not sure how to put it, but我不知道如何形容它,但是do you know what I mean?你懂我的意思吗? /201605/444522

Todd: Hey, so, Greg, growing up in the states, did you have any part-time jobs like in high school and stuff?托德:嗨,格雷格,你在美国长大,你上高中的时候有没有打过工?Greg: Oh, Ive had part-time jobs ever since I was a child.格雷格:哦,我从小就一直在打工。Todd: Right, me too.托德:我也是。Greg: My first actually, I used to work for the American Seed Company. Do you know that?格雷格:我打的第一份工是在美国种子公司工作。你知道这家公司吗?Todd: I can imagine. No. I mean its just a seed company, right.托德:我可以想象。我想那就是一家种子公司。Greg: Yeah. Yeah. Well, I actually wasnt paid in money. They would send me flower seeds, and vegetable seeds and then I would go door-to-door, I would knock on peoples doors, ;Excuse me, Im with the American Seed Company, would you like to buy some seeds?;, and people would see this, I was probably ten or nine at the time, this young kid trying to sell seeds, and you know they would buy a couple packs, and if I sold, say twenty packs of seeds, then I could choose from a list of toys or things (Whoa) soccer ball, or a dart board, and so I sold a lot of seeds. I liked it.格雷格:对,是的。实际上他们并不付我工钱。他们会给我鲜花种子还有蔬菜种子,然后我要拿着这些种子挨家挨户去推销,我会去敲人们的房门,然后说:“打扰一下,我是美国种子公司的员工,您想买些种子吗?”当时人们看到的是一个九、十岁左右的男孩努力地卖种子,你知道通常他们都会买几包种子,举个例子,如果我卖了20包种子,那我就可以从玩具清单中选择我喜欢的玩具,像足球或是飞镖盘之类的,所以我卖了很多种子,我喜欢这份工作。Todd: How old were you?托德:那时你多大?Greg: I was maybe nine or ten then. (Really) and another thing I would do, around Christmas time, you know America is the tradition of putting mistletoe up on the roof for Christmas, well I would climb trees, cut the mistletoe and then again I would walk door-to-door and say, ;Would you like to buy some mistletoe?;格雷格:我大概九岁或十岁。(真的吗)你知道圣诞节的时候美国的传统是把槲寄生放在屋顶,所以圣诞节的时候我会爬到树上去剪槲寄生,然后挨家挨户去问:“您想买槲寄生吗?”Todd: You were quite the entrepreneur. The young businessman. (Yes) Did you make a lot of money with that job?托德:你太有商业头脑了。年轻的企业家。(嗯)那份工作挣到了很多钱吗?Greg: For me it felt like a lot of money at that time.格雷格:当时对我来说那是很大一笔钱了。Todd: Right, well, I got to ask, did you ever work at a fast-food company, like McDonalds or Wendys?托德:好,我想问,你在麦当劳或是温蒂汉堡这样的快餐公司打过工吗?Greg: Ive never worked at a fast-food company.格雷格:我从来没在快餐公司打过工。Todd: Oh, I did. Its the worst job ever. Its terrible.托德:哦,我干过。那是最糟糕的一份工作。非常糟糕。Greg: Did you get to eat free food though?格雷格:你可以免费吃快餐吧?Todd: Ah, I did, actually, that was the big allure of the job, like I wont say the name of the company, but I worked for a major, major fast food chain around the world, and I thought, oh, I can eat all the hamburgers I want.托德:对,可以,这是那份工作最诱人的地方,我就不说我打工的那家快餐店的名字了,我曾在世界上一家主要快餐连锁店工作过,当时我想我可以吃到所有的汉堡了。Greg: You probably got sick of eating hamburgers.格雷格:你可能会吃腻汉堡的。Todd: No, are you kidding, I was 15, I didnt care like the more hamburgers the better, and uh, then actually I lost the job because I lied about my age and they fired me, but yeah, I wanted a job, I was like 13 or 14 or something like that. So how about, did you ever do the paperboy job?托德:你开玩笑吧,当时我15岁,我并不认为汉堡越多越好,之后我丢掉了那份工作,因为他们发现我谎报了年龄所以他们开除了我,当时我好像13岁还是14岁,我只是想要一份工作。你有送过报纸吗?Greg: Yes. Yes. For a couple of years I delivered newspapers in the morning.格雷格:有,送过。有几年的时间,我每天早上都去送报纸。Todd: Right. How early did you have to get up to deliver the papers?托德:好。你送报纸的时候几点起床?Greg: I dont remember, maybe around 6 oclock. (Right) Its amazing I did that cause I hate waking up early now.格雷格:我记不清了,大约6点左右吧。(好)。我做这份工作有点令人吃惊,因为我讨厌早起。Todd: Right, yeah, yeah. That jobs the worst just cause of the weather, like you have to do it in the rain. I was the paperboy too, and in the rain, its just awful. You have the big plastic bags and, and youre out there throwing the papers, and yeah, its not a fun job.托德:好,好的。在天气不好的时候,比如下雨天还要送报纸的时候,这份工作非常糟糕。我也送过报纸,下雨天的时候真的很糟。你要套着大塑料袋去送报纸,那并不是一份有意思的工作。Greg: Yeah, and sometimes dogs chase you.格雷格:对,而且有时还会有追你。 译文属 /201504/369864

本期内容:The best mirror is an old friend老友是明镜这是一个比喻句,把老友比喻成明镜,忠言逆耳,只有老友才会坦诚相待,让你认清自己。这里,我们可以注意一下 当一个词是以元音,也就是/a/,/e/,/i/,/o/,/u/开头, 前面的不定冠词a 要写成an 读“an” 定冠词the 要读“the” 比如the old friendThe best mirror is an old friend 老友是明镜关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201702/494174

unit 291 买水果dialogue 英语情景对话A:Have you got some nice apples in stock today?A:今天你们店里有好苹果吗?B:What about these? They are very fresh and exceptionally juicy.B:这些怎么样?非常新鲜,果汁特多。A:Are they sweet?A:甜吗?B:Very sweet.B:很甜。A:How much are they?A:怎么个卖法?B:These are a dollar each and those are 75 cents each.B:这些l美元一个,那些75美分一个。A:All right, Ill have a dozen of the dollar ones.A:好,给我来一打1美元一个的。B:OK. Anything else?B:好的。还要点别的吗?A:Do you have any tangerines? Id like to have two kilograms.A:有红橘卖吗?我要2公斤。B:Yes, weve just had some wonderful tangerines in from Tailand. Here they are.B:有,我们刚以泰国运进了一批上好红橘。给你。A:How much is it in all?A:一共多少钱?B:Thirty dollars.B:30美元。 /201512/419026unit 131打破物品致歉dialogue英语情景对话A:I feel terrible, but Ive just broken your ashtray.A:很对不起,我刚把你的烟灰缸打破了。B:Its nothing to get upset about.B:不用为此担心。A:I dont know what to say. Id like to replace it.A:我不知说什么好。我想给你换个新的。B:No. Its out of the question.B:不需要,那不是大事。 /201507/385298

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