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Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 8 They make perfect roof tiles, but these tiles occasionally reveal something extraordinary. Perfect snapshots from 115 million years ago, back then, Solnhofen was part of a very still and salty tropical lagoon. No scavengers could survive in these toxic waters, but anything that died was left undisturbed. One casualty in particular has made Solnhofen world famous--archaeopteryx. Although it had the head and pelvis of a reptile, the long forelimbs suggest something altogether different. They're covered in feathers. This was part reptile, part bird. Archaeopteryx marks one of the major turning points in evolutionary history. From these beginnings, emerged the 9000 species of birds that fill the skies today. The next great event that Europe experienced took place a hundred million years ago. The clues lie hidden in the famous chalk cliffs of Southern England. Chalk is composed of the shells and skeletons of ancient marine plankton, microscopic creatures, trillions and trillions of them.words and expressionssnapshot: (n.) A photograph taken with a small hand-held camera. 快照lagoon: (n.) A shallow body of water, especially one separated from a sea by sandbars or coral reefs. 环礁湖archaeopteryx: (n.) An extinct primitive bird (genus Archaeopteryx) of the Jurassic period, having lizardlike characteristics, such as teeth and a long, bony tail. It may represent a transitional form between reptiles and birds. 始祖鸟pelvis: (n.) A basin-shaped structure of the vertebrate skeleton, composed of the innominate bones on the sides, the pubis in front, and the sacrum and coccyx behind, that rests on the lower limbs and supports the spinal co 200809/47515Agreement Announced to Reinstate Deposed Pakistani Judges巴基斯坦被解职法官将复职 The leader of the second largest political party in Pakistan's ruling coalition announced Friday that all the judges President Pervez Musharraf sacked last year will be reinstated on May 12. 巴基斯坦执政联盟的第二大政党领导人星期五宣布,去年被穆沙拉夫总统解职的所有法官将于5月12日复职。Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told a news conference in his hometown of Lahore that the deposed judges will be restored by passing a resolution in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament.  巴基斯坦前总理谢里夫在他的家乡拉合尔举行新闻发布会。他说,被解职的法官将根据巴基斯坦议会通过的决议恢复职位。Mr. Sharif said that the resolution will be introduced in the parliament on May 12 and the judges will be reinstated the same day.  谢里夫说,该决议将在5月12日提交议会,所有法官将在当天复职。The former Prime Minister made the announcement a day after his Pakistan Muslim League-N concluded crucial talks in Dubai with leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), which is the biggest political force in the coalition government.  在巴基斯坦前总理宣布上述消息一天之前,他所属的巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟-谢里夫派在迪拜结束了和巴基斯坦人民党领导人的会谈。人民党是联合政府中最大的政治力量。 Sharif says the two parties could not meet an earlier deadline set for the judges' return, because of differences on how to do it. Those disputes, he says, have now been settled. There were fears that Pakistan's ruling coalition could split over the judges' issue. 谢里夫说,两党无法在早先设定的法官复职的最后期限之前达成协议,主要是对具体做法有分歧。他说,这些争议已经得到解决。有人曾经担心,巴基斯坦的执政联盟可能会因为法官复职问题而分裂。 President Pervez Musharraf dismissed some 60 senior judges, including the country's chief justice, Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, on November 3 when he declared a six-week emergency rule in the country. 巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫去年11月3日宣布全国进入六个星期的紧急状态时,解除了大约60位高级法官的职务,包括巴基斯坦首席大法官乔杜里。Musharraf's action stemmed from fears the Supreme Court was on the verge of challenging his re-election as president of Pakistan in October, while still being the chief of the country's military. 穆沙拉夫采取这个措施主要是担心巴基斯坦最高法院可能将质疑他在去年10月在担任巴基斯坦军队最高指挥官的同时连任巴基斯坦总统的合法性。His decision received countrywide opposition led by the lawyers' community, paving the way for anti-Musharraf political parities to win February parliamentary elections.  穆沙拉夫的决定在全国受到以律师协会为首的广泛反对,从而为反穆沙拉夫的政治力量赢得今年2月的选举铺平了道路。Analysts say that restoration of the judges will be a major setback for an increasingly unpopular Musharraf and his ability to cling to the presidency. 分析人士指出,法官复职会成为越来越不得人心的穆沙拉夫以及他行使总统职责的重大挫折。200805/37338Living underground, mole rats are sheltered from the Kalahari's worst extremes of temperature. We think of deserts as hot places. But nightly temperatures can fall well below zero. At dawn, meerkats need to soak up the warmth of the rising sun to get fully active. The temperature in the Kalahari steadily climbs as high as 70 Celsius on the ground. Meerkats can only tolerate short bursts of activity in the morning and evening. This means they need to be very efficient at gathering food. So they quarter their territory, traveling several kilometers a day. Tasty beetles and scorpions are common in this grassy desert. But finding them means spending a lot of time with your head in the sand. So meerkats are very vulnerable to predators. To protect the group, young males take turns keeping watch. This frees the others up to keep hunting. Scorpions have a lethal sting, but meerkats are fast as lightning. The Kalahari's high levels of rainfall mean food is plentiful year round, one reason why this desert can support more large mammals than any other in the world. Springbok are the most successful desert antelopes in Africa. With short, thin fur, they can easily offload heat by sweating. The white patterns on their coats help to reflect solar radiation. And they never need to drink. They can extract all the moisture they need from the most meagre desert plants. But in southern Africa's deserts, there is a lurking challenge. Cheetahs shadow the springbuck herds. They ,too, evolve in the desert. Thinly-furred and lightly-built, everything about them is designed to deal with heat and speed. words:1.meerkat: 猫鼬2.offload:to get rid of and pass on to another卸下,排掉(eg.): He does come to offload the blame for launching the transmitting tools to market.200807/44762Good. Now, when the person has introduced themself – this is Mrs Smith or whatever, say: Hello Mrs Smith, how can I help you?很好。现在,当一个人介绍她自己说我是史密斯女士或其他什么时,你要说:你好,史密斯女士,我能为你做什么吗?Or, if you know them aly, you might say: Hello Mrs Smith, how are you?或者如果你已经知道他们是谁了,你可以说:你好,史密斯女士,你好吗?Okay, what if Mrs Smith wants to speak to Tom but hes not there?好的,如果史密斯女士想找汤姆说话,但他又不在怎么办?You say: ;Im really sorry, hes not available at the moment. Can I take a message?;你可以说:“我很抱歉,他现在不在,我能帮你留言吗?”Or: ;Im afraid hes busy, shall I ask him to call you back?; Okay.或者说:“恐怕他现在很忙,我能让他过会儿给你回电吗?” 好的。And, to end a conversation, you can say: ;Thank you for calling, goodbye.;对话结束时,你可以说:“谢谢你的来电,再见。”Lets do another practice!让我们再做一个练习!Hello? Tip Top Trading.你好?这里是 Tip Top Trading。Hello, this is Mrs Smith.你好,我是史密斯女士。Hello Mrs Smith, how can I help you?你好,史密斯女士,我可以帮你做些什么?Id like to speak to Tom please.请让汤姆接电话。Im really sorry, hes not available at the moment. Can I take a message?我很抱歉,他现在不在,我能帮你留言吗? /201701/483839

;hold your horses!; ------ 别着急(非正式)英文释义(INFORMAL) Command to stop and be patient before taking additional action.例句My children became excited when they heard we were going to the zoo, but I said ;hold your horses!;and reminded them to finish their school homework first.听到我们打算去动物园时,我的孩子激动起来。但是我说:“别着急!”提醒他们先把作业写完。 /201611/471232

Clinton Links McCain to Bush希拉里把麦凯恩和布什联系在一起 Former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is continuing her party's push to link Republican candidate John McCain with an unpopular President George Bush. President Bush says campaigning for November elections should not block action on offshore oil drilling or new free trade agreements. 曾经竞选美国总统候选人提名的希拉里.克林顿继续推动美国民主党的竞选策略,争取把共和党总统候选人约翰.麦凯恩和不得人心的总统布什联系在一起。布什总统说,11月大选的竞选活动不应该妨碍近海油田的钻探或批准新的自由贸易协定。Mr. Bush wants Congress to finish-up work on free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. He says campaigning for presidential and legislative elections should not block action on expanding U.S. oil production. 布什希望国会完成与哥伦比亚、巴拿马以及韩国等国的自由贸易协定工作。他说,总统以及国会竞选不应该妨碍扩大美国石油生产的行动。"In the coming months, it will be tempting for some in Congress to try to score political points instead of getting work done for the American people. Our citizens deserve better," said President Bush. "We still have time to accomplish important goals for our country. My administration remains hopeful that we can work with Democratic leaders in Congress on bipartisan measures to help Americans cope with this period of economic uncertainty." 布什说:“在接下来几个月里,对国会某些人来说,争取在政治上得分比真正为美国人民办事更有诱惑力。我们的国民应该得到更好的务。我们仍然有时间为我们的国家完成重要的任务。我的政府认为仍然有希望与国会民主党人合作,找到两党都赞同的方式,帮助美国人民应对这一段经济不稳定的时间。”In his weekly radio address, the president again called on opposition lawmakers to lift a ban on more off-shore oil drilling and make permanent his record tax cuts. 布什在每周例行广播讲话中再次呼吁反对党议员解除进一步开采近海油田的禁令,并且将他执政时期创记录的减税政策永久化。Public opinion polls show less than one-third of Americans approve of the way the president is doing his job. Democrats hope to link the unpopular president with his party's nominee, especially as Mr. Bush is the featured speaker at Monday's opening of the Republican convention. 民意调查显示,不到三分之一的美国人对布什的执政方式表示赞同。民主党人希望把这位不受欢迎的总统与他所在的共和党的总统候选人联系起来,特别是布什将作为重要人物在共和党全国代表大会开幕式上发表讲话。White House spokeswoman Dana Perino says the president's remarks are not about the Bush administration but rather focus on McCain's qualifications for meeting the economic and security challenges ahead. 白宫发言人佩里诺说,布什总统讲话的重点不是谈论布什政府,而是说明麦凯恩具有应对经济和安全挑战的资格。"Do not expect this speech to define the president's legacy," she said. "This is not an opportunity to recap accomplishments of the past seven-and-a-half years. It will not serve as a farewell to the American people and it certainly will not attack Barack Obama." 她说:“不要期待这次讲话是对布什政府政绩的总结。这不是回顾过去7年半政绩的时候。这不是向美国人民告别的时机,当然也不会是对奥巴马进行攻击的时候。”In the Democratic radio address, New York Senator Hillary Clinton said the Republican convention in the Midwest state of Minnesota will continue Bush administration efforts to privatize federal retirement benefits and cut corporate taxes. 来自纽约州的美国联邦参议员希拉里.克林顿在民主党的广播讲话中说,在中西部的明尼苏达州举行的共和党代表大会会继续推行布什政府将联邦退休福利私有化以及为大公司减税的政策。"It makes perfect sense that George Bush and John McCain will be together next week in the Twin Cities for the Republican convention because these days they are awfully hard to tell apart," she said. "The choice in this election is as clear as the stakes are high." 她说:“乔治.布什和约翰.麦凯恩下星期会同时出现在双子城举行的共和党代表大会上,这很有道理,因为这些天里,很难将他们区分开来。在这场选举中,你的选择非常明确,利害攸关。”Clinton narrowly lost her party's nomination to Obama, who did not choose her as his running mate. Clinton, and her husband the former president, are urging their supporters to back Obama. 希拉里.克林顿以微弱差距被奥巴马击败,输掉了民主党的总统候选人提名。奥巴马也没有提名希拉里作为他的副总统竞选夥伴。希拉里和她的丈夫、前总统克林顿敦促他们的持者投票持奥巴马。McCain is hoping to win over many Clinton supporters, especially older women. He has chosen the Republican Party's first female vice presidential candidate - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. 麦凯恩希望争取希拉里的众多持者,特别是年纪大的女性选民。他选择阿拉斯加州州长佩林作为竞选夥伴,佩林因此成为第一位获得共和党副总统提名的女性候选人。200808/47014

10第十单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Rose,is this you?A:是罗丝吗?B:Yes,what is up?B:是的,有什么事吗?A:This is Susan. Would you mind taking charge of decorating the office for our Christmas party?A:我是苏珊,你愿意负责将办公室布置成圣诞晚会的会场吗?B:Sure.B:当然愿意。A:You can get your supplies upstairs from Mrs. Horn.A:你可以到楼上霍恩太太那儿拿需要的东西。B:Will I be getting any help?B:有没有人可以帮我的忙?A:You can ask Frank and Cathy to help you.A:你可以找法兰克和凯西帮忙。Conversation 2会话 2A:Good morning everyone,we will have a party in the evening, so I will delegate responsibilities to you.A:大家早上好,今天晚上我们公司要举办一个小型聚会,所以我要分配一下任务给大家。B:This job belongs to Xiao Wu,does not it?B:办聚会的事情不一直是小吴在办吗?A:Yes,but today Xiao Wu cant do it because he was ill.A:是的,但是,今天很不巧,小吴生病不能来。C:But,we have a lot of things to do.C:但是,我们自己也有一大堆事情要做。A:Calm down, OK? I just delegate a little task for you. It wouldnt waste your much time.A:请安静一下,我只是分配给大家一些小任务,不会耽搁大家很多时间的。D:That is all right. What can we do?D:那还行,你说说我们都做些什么?A:Firstly,Sun Wu and Li Feng go to the market to buy some fruit, drinks and nuts. Xiao Mei and Li Jun sweep the meeting room. Mary and Tracy buy some presents and flowers. And I will dial someone to take part in our party. Anyone questions?A:首先,孙武和李峰你们去买点水果,饮料,坚果之类的东西,小梅和李俊就把咱们的会议室打扫一下,Mary 和Tracy就到外面去买些小礼品和花。而我呢马上也 要打电话邀请几位来参加我们的聚会。还有什么疑问吗?E:Who will pay for these things?E:我们买东西的钱谁出?A:Dont worry about this. I have aly calculated the money about your bought things. Later, I will give you. When you come back,give me the receipt.A:这个你们不必担心,我已经算好了你们要买的东西的大概数目,一会儿我就会给你们,买回来之后,把发票给我就行了。D:OK, Let is do it right now.D:那我们就马上行动吧。 /201604/438772

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