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包头做人流手术的医院包头九州医院打掉孩子价格悉尼APEC:领导人们今年穿什么?No skimpy bathing suits for APEC photoWill APEC leaders wear this for this week's official APEC photograph? Australian Prime Minister John Howard assured Asia Pacific leaders Monday that they would not have to parade around Sydney in tiny swimsuits and flip-flops for this week's official APEC photograph.But there is speculation the 21 government leaders will don Australian bush outfits when they line up for the obligatory Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) photograph in the host nation's traditional costume.As Australia lacks a distinctive national outfit, wags have had a field day making helpful suggestions about how to clothe the leaders in a manner that reflects life Down Under.Some want to see them clad in men's lycra Speedo swimming trunks, paired with the flip-flop sandals or thongs that are must-have wear for the Australian beach.Howard ruled out any such affront to the dignity of his honoured guests, saying only that the APEC outfit would be "very Australian"."The only Australian garb I'd rule out is Speedos and thongs," Howard said. "I don't think I'd do that, that wouldn't be very diplomatic."Think Australian. Think Australian in a very positive way, one we all identify with."The Akubra wide-brimmed hat worn by Australian bushmen is considered a strong possibility, along with oilskin coats and boots.Howard admitted the often colourful consumes selected for APEC meetings sometimes raised the eyebrows of the leaders who had to wear them, including US President George W. Bush."Looking at me and me looking at him in one of the less memorable (outfits) -- Bush said, 'Thank heavens I've just had my election.' The suggestion being that he wouldn't win very many votes being photographed in that," Howard said.The Australian leader said his favourite APEC outfit was a leather bomber jacket handed out at the 1997 meeting in Canada."It was so good, both my sons wanted to purloin it when I brought it back," he said.(AFP) 历届APEC领导人装秀参加悉尼亚太经合组织峰会的领导人们可以放心了,澳大利亚总理约翰#8226;霍华德于本周一表示,不会让他们穿着泳裤和夹指拖上阵拍本周的APEC官方“全家福”。按照惯例,参加亚太经合组织峰会的领导人们要穿着东道国的传统装拍张大合照。有人猜测,今年,21位国家领导人将穿着澳大利亚的“丛林”拍“全家福”。由于澳大利亚没有什么别具特色的民族装,一些“搞怪”人士就如何让领导人们穿得具有澳洲特色这一问题,忙着出主意。有些人建议让领导人们穿Speedo男式紧身泳裤和夹指沙滩凉拖(在澳洲被称为thongs),这些都是澳大利亚的海滩必备装。而霍华德总理则不赞成此类有损于领导人尊严的建议,他只是说,这次为领导人们准备的饰“很有澳大利亚特色”。霍华德总理说:“紧身泳裤和夹指凉拖是唯一一个我不会考虑的方案。我不可能让领导人们穿这个,因为那不太合乎与外交礼仪。”“想想澳大利亚的特色,往积极的方面去想,有一样我们都认同的东西。”有人认为极有可能是澳大利亚丛林人戴的亚古巴宽边帽及油布装和靴子。霍华德坦称,为APEC领导人们准备的五颜六色的饰有时真是会让领导人们皱眉头,美国总统布什就有过一次。霍华德说:“(当时,)他看着我,我看着他,布什说,‘谢天谢地,我已经赢得选举了。’意思是说,他要是穿着那件衣拍照,不会赢得那么多选票。”霍华德总理说,他最喜欢的APEC饰是1997年在加拿大开会时发的一件皮质飞行员夹克。他说:“那件衣太棒了,我带回来之后,我的两个儿子都想将它据为己有。” /200803/30013内蒙古包头妇幼保健院治疗肛周囊肿价格 YOU CAN#39;T CHANGE A GUYYou may be able to make improvements to whomever you#39;re with, but you won#39;t be able to change him – as hard as you might try or as much as you might want to. It can be very tempting to believe you can take someone who you like – to a point – and turn him into the man of your dreams. Don#39;t believe it. If you don#39;t fully accept him now, as he is, you won#39;t be able to magically make him into someone different just by marrying or moving in with him. Think long and hard before you commit to spending the rest of your life with someone – or even just agreeing to share an apartment, because if you aren#39;t totally happy with who they are and what they#39;re about, you#39;re setting yourself up for a relationship roller coaster that will have you feeling frustrated in no time.你不可能改变一个人你可以把和你在一起的那个人变好,但你不能改变他,尽管你可能尝试过或者多么想改变。很容易相信你可以一点点改变你喜欢的人——从而把他变成你的梦中情人。别相信。如果你现在不完全接受他,他就是他,你不可能通过和他结婚或同居就神奇地把他变成另外一个人。在你承诺一生与其相伴,甚至只是同意共享一个公寓之前要深思熟虑,因为如果你不完全满意他们本身以及与之相关的事,你正将自己置身于一段不时感到沮丧的过山车般的恋情中。CHEMISTRY CAN#39;T BE MANUFACTUREDWhat starts off as a hot and heavy romance could end up feeling less-than-passionate within a year. Sometimes this just means you need to retool your approach to romance and try new things when it comes to sex, but other times it means whatever you had is over. You might still think he#39;s nice and fun to be around, but if the chemistry is truly gone, it#39;s not likely to come rushing back any time soon, and you can#39;t force it. Moving forward with a guy you no longer feel any kind of spark with is a bad idea. You#39;ll be leading him on and risking spending time with a person you#39;re no longer into.产生不了化学反应引燃一段火热恋情的东西最终可能因一年之内感觉不到而终结。有时这就意味着你需要给浪漫另寻出路,当涉及性时尝试新事物,但其他时候这意味着无论你拥有过什么都已经结束了。你可能还认为他在你身边时人好又幽默,但如果化学反应消失,不太可能很快重回正轨,你不能强求。与一个你不再擦出任何火花的家伙继续下去是一个坏主意。你会给他错觉,并冒着风险将时间浪费在你不再喜欢的人身上。YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRSTWe know you#39;ve heard it before and you#39;re going to hear it again – that in order to really have a successful, meaningful relationship with someone else, you have to love yourself first. It may sound like something out of a self-help book, but trust us – it#39;s true. If you don#39;t love and respect yourself, then how can you expect someone else to do it? The happier you are with who you are, the easier it will be to attract someone who is worthy of your love and who will treat you well.你首先得爱自己我们知道你以前听过这句话,你会再去听一遍——为了和别人真正拥有一段成功的有意义的恋情,首先得爱自己。这听起来像是出自一本自助书,但是请相信我们,这是真的。如果你不爱惜尊重自己,那么你怎么能期望别人这样做呢?你越是因自身而快乐,就越容易吸引那些值得你爱并好好待你的人。GO WITH YOUR GUT – IT#39;S USUALLY RIGHTThe most important lesson you can learn before you settle down is to listen to yourself. It#39;s OK to ask for advice and get other people#39;s input, but ultimately you#39;re the only one who knows what#39;s best for you. If you#39;re in a relationship that#39;s progressing quickly and something doesn#39;t feel right, don#39;t ignore those feelings. You don#39;t have to make any rash decisions, but you should also take any doubts that come up seriously. And if you are having doubts about where the relationship is going, you need to address them. Think seriously about whether or not you#39;re happy and if you#39;re not, it may be time to move on.跟着直觉走——这通常是正确的在你安定下来之前你可以学习的最重要功课是倾听自己。可以寻求建议以及得到他人指导,但最终你是那个唯一知道什么对你最好的人。如果你处在一段进展很快的关系中,有点不大对劲,不要忽略那些感觉。你不需要做任何鲁莽的决定,但你也应该严肃对待出现的任何怀疑。如果你对这段关系的走向有疑问,你需要提出来。认真思考你是否快乐,如果你不是,也许是时候离开了。 /201304/237413At noon, Shi Huizi received a text message: “This is Yuantong Express. Please come to the school gate and pick up your parcel.” The 22-year-old translation and interpretation major at Beijing International Studies University rushed to the school gate, where hundreds of parcels lay waiting to be collected by their owners.中午,石慧子(音译)收到一条短信:“我是圆通快递的。请到校门口领取你的包裹。”这位就读于北京第二外国语学院翻译专业的22岁女生冲到了校门口,那里有几百个包裹在等人来签收。This scene is not uncommon on China’s campuses, as shopping online has become an important part of their lifestyle for many university students. But convenient as it is, online shopping among students is marked by impulse buying and other risks. Students should be cautious to avoid them.由于网购已经成为许多大学生生活中不可分割的一部分,这一幕在中国大学校园中十分常见。尽管网购如此便利,但在大学生人群中,它却常常与冲动消费和其他风险挂钩。面对网购风险,大学生们应谨慎规避。According to Taobao, during last year’s graduation season, 250,000 graduate students from 116 “211” project universities nationwide spent 846 million yuan on Taobao.据淘宝网统计,去年毕业季期间,来自全国116所“211”工程院校的25万名毕业生在淘宝上的消费金额达到了8.46亿元。Irrational buyers冲动的买家Beijing Haidian Consumers’ Association conducted a survey on the online purchasing behavior of students, which showed that nearly 54 percent of respondents had made irrational purchases.北京市海淀区消费者协会进行的一项学生网购行为调查显示,近54%的受访者曾有过冲动购买行为。Yang Yi is one of them. The 23-year-old business administration major at Beijing Wuzi University bought a limited edition Gundam model kit online for a small fortune, only to find that its appeal faded rapidly.杨毅(音译)便是其中一员。他就读于北京物资学院工商管理系,现年23岁。杨毅曾花重金在网上买了一个限量版高达模型,结果却发现新鲜感转瞬即逝。“I did like it when I bought it, but it doesn’t look so attractive to me anymore now. So I’ve decided to sell it to pay off my debts,” says Yang.杨毅说:“刚买来时我喜欢得不得了,可现在它不那么吸引我了。我打算把它卖掉还债。”Yang’s experience reflects the consumption patterns of many university students. In an attempt to be unique, many of them turn to online shops to buy “exotic” items not easily found in the domestic market.杨毅的网购经历反映了很多大学生的消费模式。为了追求独一无二,很多大学生转站网店,来购买一些国内市场上稀缺的“舶来品”。“Many of the goods me and my roommates buy online come from abroad. You can’t find them in China,” Shi says.石慧子说:“我和室友们买了很多海外商品。这些是你在国内买不到。”According to Lei Li, a psychology professor at Renmin University, the impulsive buying patterns found among students have psychological roots. When shopping online is a campus trend, it’s not only about convenience, but also about group identification.中国人民大学心理学教授雷雳表示,大学生的冲动消费方式源自心理因素。网购之所以成为一种校园时尚,不仅仅源自于它的便利,也来源于一种群体认同感。“If everyone is doing something and you’re not, you’re less likely to be accepted by others,” Lei says. The mentality of not wanting to be left out is fuelling impulsive buying.雷雳说:“如果你没有随大流,那就会显得不太合群。”这种不愿受孤立的心理助长了大学生的冲动购买行为。Lingering risks长期风险Yin Xiaolu, a clinical medicine major at Hubei University of Medicine, says online shopping is not always a satisfying experience.就读于湖北医药学院临床医学专业的尹晓露(音译)认为,网购并非总是称心如意。“Sometimes the clothes or shoes I receive don’t look the same as on the photos in the description. But I seldom return anything as I would need to pay for postage. All these clothes end up in my wardrobe and are never taken out again,” says the 22-year-old.“有时我收到的衣或鞋子,实物与图片中描述的不符。但我很少退货,因为还要自己付邮费。这些衣被打入冷宫,闲置在衣柜里,再也没有拿出来过。”22岁的尹晓露说。As the Haidian survey indicates, Yin is in good company. Of 848 respondents from universities based in Beijing, 42 percent said they had received products that didn’t match the online description or photos. Even so, 72.5 percent of student buyers don’t return unsatisfactory goods due to the inconvenience it causes and long procedures.对于海淀区进行的大学生网购调查,尹晓露深有同感。在来自于北京各大高校的848名受访者中,有42%的人表示曾收到的实物同网上图片描述的不符。即便如此,72.5%的学生消费者并未退回不满意的商品,因为退货很不方便,且程序繁杂。Lei suggests that students who are obsessed with online shopping “pay attention to the consequences and develop a more mature way of consuming - namely, buying items within their budget and being aware of the risks of buying online.”雷雳建议那些大学生网购一族们:“要注意网购的后果,培养更成熟的消费习惯——换句话就是,购物不要超,要意识到网购有风险。” /201305/240207内蒙古北方重工业集团医院在那儿

鄂尔多斯人民妇幼中心医院白带异常价格When driving these days, do you look at the prices every time you pass a gas station? Do you notice yourself paying more attention to the prices of everything you buy? You are not alone. Consumers everywhere are more price aware. People who've been indifferent to price increases for years are suddenly amazed at what things now cost. How can marketers cope not just with inflation but with consumer sticker shock?1.Understand Your Customers. There are at least four ways in which customers can respond to higher gas prices: downgrade from premium to regular; take fewer trips by car, consolidate errands, switch to public transportation; take the same number of trips but reduce the miles driven per trip by, for example, vacationing closer to home; drive more economically and less aggressively to improve miles per gallon; and buy a specific dollar amount of gas rather than filling up every time, even though this may mean more visits to the pump. Some consumers may even trade in (at a loss) the SUV for a hybrid, an example of how price inflation on one product can cause demand shifts in a second, related, category.2.Invest in Market Research. You must discard your existing customer segmentation assumptions and segment consumers around product usage behavior and price sensitivity. You must get out into the marketplace yourself and talk to consumers directly to understand their pain points and how they are changing attitudes and behaviors in response to price inflation. You must then quantify these shifts and develop product and pricing strategies that balance the need to maintain both profitability and market share.3.Redefine Value. Customers buying soft drinks can think about price in three ways: the absolute cost per can or bottle, the cost per ounce, and, less common in this category, the monthly consumption cost. Customers short on cash will focus much more on the absolute price. They'll go for the 99 cent soft drink rather than the .29 container with 50 percent more volume. To motivate cash-poor consumers, marketers must reverse engineer products and packaging to hit key retail price points. This may mean downsizing package sizes, something the candy industry always does in response to inflation.4.Use Promotions. If you've always passed through raw material price increases to the end consumer, you don't necessarily need to change that policy. However, lagging competitors in passing on price increases can have the same effect as a temporary price promotion. More customers than usual will be looking out for price promotions, but don't give away the store to those who don't need the discount, and cut prices not across the board but only on items selected as your inflation-busters. For cash poor consumers, these promotions should hit the key price points on small pack sizes. For cash rich consumers, encourage multi-unit purchases ahead of the inevitable next price increase.5.Unbundle. Customers who previously welcomed the convenience of buying product, options, and services rolled into one may now ask for a detailed price breakdown. Make it easy for your more price-sensitive customers to better cherry-pick the options and services that they truly need by giving them an unbundled of options.6.Monitor Trade Terms. Beware of powerful distributors paying you more slowly than they turn the inventory they buy from you. In an inflationary environment, they're making money on the float by stretching their payables. Manage your inventory on a last-in, first-out basis to insure that increases in your realized selling prices do not trail the increases in your input costs.7.Increase Relevance. You need to persuade customers to cut back their expenditures on other products, not on yours. In tough times, consumers more than ever need and deserve the occasional treat. So, if you are Haagen Dazs, tell the consumer to substitute private label peas for the name brand but to not forego the comfort of curling up on the sofa with a tub of her favorite ice cream. Strong brands can hold consumer loyalty while increasing retail price points. Weaker brands risk private label and generic substitution. 最近这些天开车经过加油站的时候,你有没有注意油价?你有没有留意自己买任何东西,都比以前更在意价格?不是你一个人这样的.每个消费 者现在都比以前更关注商品的价格.就连之前几年对价格上涨没有感觉的人们也突然对买东西的出数额感到吃惊了.那么,市场上的企业用什么办法才能不仅应对 通货膨胀问题而且也能照顾到消费者的感受呢?1、要理解顾客.汽油价格上涨,消费者至少 有以下四种反应:不再使用优质油转而购买普通油;减少开车出行,把事情统一起来做,选择公共交通工具;或者仍旧开车出行但是缩短每次出行的里程,比如说, 在离家近一些的地方渡假,同时更注重车子的燃油经济性,这样每加仑汽油就能跑更多的里程;消费者还可以一次性购买一定数量的汽油,而不是一次又一次地去油 站加油,尽管这样做要使用油泵.甚至会有消费者宁愿赔钱去把SUV型车换成混合动力型车,这同时也是一个可以说明一种商品价格的上涨如何引起对其他相关商 品需求变化的例子.2、做市场调查.企业这个时候必须抛开已有的消费者细分的假定并根据 消费者的产品使用行为和对价格的敏感程度对其重新细分,企业必须亲自深入市场,直接和消费者对话,了解消费者的切身利益,以及他们在通货膨胀的时候,购买 商品的行为和态度有什么变化.接下来,企业必须对消费者的这些变化进行量化分析并且制定产品和价格策略来平衡商品需求,以维持盈利和市场份额.3、重新定义"价值".购 买软饮料的消费者会从三个方面来考虑价格:首先,一罐或者一瓶饮料的绝对价格,其次是每盎司饮料的价格,还有就是比较少见的,每个月购买饮料的总价格.现 金短缺的消费者会更在意绝对价格,他们会购买定价0.99美元的软饮料却不会购买定价1.29美元同时量也增加了一半的饮料.因此,为了刺激现金短缺的消 费者,企业就必须逆向设计开发产品和包装来配合商品的零售价格,这样的措施一般都是缩小包装规格,糖果行业常常会这么做去应对价格上涨.4、利用促销.如 果企业总是将原材料成本的增加转嫁给最终消费者,那么就没有必要去改变政策.然而,把成本的增加转嫁给消费者的速度放慢就会起到和临时价格促销一样的效 果.消费者大部分都想要打折商品,都在密切地关注着价格促销活动.企业不需要通过董事局决议降价,而只需要降低消费者购买的具体商品的价格就可.对于现金 短缺的消费者来说,这些促销活动会使小规格包装的商品价格正好在他们可以接受的水平上,而对于不存在现金短缺的消费者来说,则可以在下一次不可避免的价格 上涨来临之前,鼓励他们购买多种包装规格的产品.5、分别计价.涨价之前,消费者为了方便希望有多种选择,会把产品和相关的务一起购买,涨价之后,消费者则可能会需要了解它们各自的价格.所以,为了让那些对价格特别敏感的消费者更好地在他们真正需要的多种选择和务之中做出最佳决策,企业就要提供各种购买选择的单独定价单.6、修正交易条款.如果实力强大的分销商偿付货款的周期比他们购买产品的周期长的情况出现,企业要警惕!在通货膨胀的环境下,分销商通过延迟应付账款的时间而获利.企业可以采取后进先出法来管理存货,以保销售额的增加不低于存货成本的增加.7、强调商品的实用性. 企业要劝说消费者减少在其他商品而不是本企业商品的开.在经济环境严峻时期,消费者比以前更需要同时也应该得到特殊的待遇.所以,像哈根达斯,就可以告 诉消费者用名牌豌豆代替私人品牌的豌豆,但同时也告诉消费者不要放弃吃着自己最喜欢的冰淇淋蜷在沙发上的惬意舒适.影响力强的品牌提高零售价格会保住消费 者的忠诚度,而知名度不高的品牌则会有被代替的风险. /200807/44204包头治疗淋病哪家好 For those who don't mind splurging a bit this holiday season, a Japanese department store is offering a Christmas tree with 400 diamonds for a cool 1.8 million dollars.Takashimaya department store chain is selling the tree -- actually a small tower of preserved roses with a teddy bear -- for a symbolic 200.7 million yen from Wednesday to kick off its year-end sales campaign.The tree, which stands 40 centimeters (16 inches) high, features about 100 carats of diamonds from southern Africa and Australia, the department store said.The smaller diamond pieces "sparkle charmingly like morning dew on petals, while two-carat and three-carat pieces mesmerise admirers with their noble glow," the store said in a statement.The tree is based on a design by Parisian flower boutique Claude Quinquaud.In recent years, many Asian people are embracing the western festival as a great excuse for shopping, partying and even romance, though few of them are Christians.In Japan, Christmas Eve has taken on a meaning similar to Valentine's Day, being the time for romance among young couples. 不惜在圣诞节小“挥霍”一把的人注意了:日本一家百货商场正在出售一款镶有400颗钻石、价值180万美元的圣诞树!这颗圣诞树呈小塔状,树身由玫瑰干花组成,还配有一只泰迪熊。日本高岛屋百货连锁店从本周三起开始销售这款钻石圣诞树,这颗圣诞树开价2.007亿日元,象征着今年的年份“2007”,由此拉开商场岁末大促销的序幕。据高岛屋百货连锁店介绍,这颗圣诞树高40厘米,树上镶的共100克拉的钻石都产自南非和澳大利亚。高岛屋百货连锁店声称,“小钻石就像清晨花瓣上的露珠,闪烁着迷人的光芒;而2克拉和3克拉的钻石则以其高贵的光芒吸引着倾慕者”。这颗钻石圣诞树是由一家名叫Claude Quinquaud的法国巴黎花店设计的。尽管亚洲的基督教信徒很少,但近年来,很多亚洲人也过起了西方的圣诞节,人们都想趁机享受一下购物与聚会的乐趣,而体验浪漫更是这个节日的一大主题。在日本,平安夜和情人节有着近乎相同的意义,年轻夫妇和情侣们会在这一天尽情享受二人世界的浪漫。 /200803/29708包头医学院附属二院处女膜修复价格

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