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They are usually reserved impatient drivers in built-up, urban areas. But a picturesque beauty spot in eastern China installed speed bumps pedestrians.减速带本来是在建筑林立的城市里为没有耐心的司机设置的,但是中国东部一个风景如画的风景区却为行人设置了这一装置Local officials in the town of Taierzhuang have installed 50 so-called calming devices to slow human traffic at one particular point.台儿庄古城景区的当地政府,在某段路上设置了50个所谓的“减速设施”,来降低人群的行走速度Dubbed washboard road because of its passing resemblance to a traditional hand-held washboard, it stretches 0 metres.这条路长达0米,有一个绰号是“搓衣板路”,因为它确实非常像传统的手拿洗衣板It believed the speed bumps, which are located at the historic site pedestrian entrance, are designed to encourage greater appreciation of its beauty and heritage.设置于该历史景区游客入口的减速带,被认为是用来鼓励游客停下来欣赏景区的文化和美景的Images shared on social media by People Daily China last Tuesday showed scores of people trying to navigate the steps. Naturally, they garnered quite a reaction from surprised followers.上周二,《中国人民日报在社交媒体上分享的照片显示出大量的游客正在穿过减速带理所当然,这些照片收到了很多惊讶的关注者的回复One wrote: Who would drive on this road? It clearly to prevent people from slipping, while another person chimed in: What wrong with this? Once it snows, youll see the use this.一位网友写道:“谁会想开车走这条路?这条路是为了不让人滑倒设计的吧”另一位网友附和说:“这条路没什么不好的,等到下雪的时候你就能看到它的作用了”Ironically, however, the distinctive black-and-yellow designs are in stark contrast to the natural beauty of the site, which is located on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.然而讽刺的是,这个突出的黑黄相间设计与坐落在京杭大运河上的景区的自然美景形成了鲜明的对比Famous its classic bridges and old water transport system, it also boasts traditional temples and the architecture of a previous age. It also the site of the Battle of Taierzhuang, a 1938 conflict between the armies of the Republic of China and Japan.该景区以其传统的桥梁和水运系统著名,而且还有一些传统寺庙和古代建筑同时,这个景区还是1938年中日台儿庄大战的遗址 58.How everything?一切还好吗?How everything?一切还好吗?How everything going?一切还好吗?How are things?一切还好吗?How it going?一切还好吗?Good.好.All rigth.不错.Not bad.不错.Pretty good.非常好.It going pretty well.非常好.Same as always.老样子.Same as usual.跟平常一样.Could be better.不怎么好.Not so good.不太好.Not so hot.不好.How everything?(Good.)一切还好吗?好.How everything going?(Good.)一切还好吗?好.How are things?(All right.)一切还好吗?不错.How it going?(All right.)一切还好吗?不错.How everything?(Not bad.)一切还好吗?还好.How evrything going?(Not bad.)一切还好吗?还好.How are things?(Pretty good.)一切还好吗?非常好.How it going?(Pretty good.)一切还好吗?非常好.How everything?(It going pretty well.)一切还好吗?非常好.How everything going?(It going pretty well.)一切还好吗?非常好.How are things?(Same as always.)一切还好吗?老样子.How it going?(Same as always.)一切还好吗?老样子.How everything?(Same as usual.)一切还好吗?跟平常一样.How everything going?(Same as usual.)一切还好吗?跟平常一样.How are things?(Could be better.)一切还好吗?不怎么好.How it going?(Could be better.)一切还好吗?不怎么好.How evrything?(Not so good.)一切还好吗?不太好.How verything going?(Not so good.)一切还好吗?不太好.How are thing?(Not so hot.)一切还好吗?不好.How it going?(Not so hot.)一切还好吗?不好. 3

Something didnt seem right over the last few days with Szenja, a beloved 1-year-old polar bear at SeaWorld in San Diego.圣地亚哥海洋世界里倍受喜爱的1岁北极熊欣嘉,近来似乎有些反常Then, she died suddenly last Tuesday, ;a very difficult day all of us,; Al Garver, SeaWorld San Diego vice president of zoological operations, said in a statement.随后,欣嘉于上周二突然病逝,圣地亚哥海洋世界动物管理部副主管阿尔·加弗在一则声明中称;“对我们来说这是非常艰难的一天”;Were proud to have been a part of her life and to know that she inspired people from around the world to want to protect polar bears in the wild.;“我们为曾经出现在她的生命里而感到自豪,也为她曾经激励全世界的人们去保护野生北极熊而感到骄傲”A necropsy will help determine why Szenja died, but animal activists think they aly know.尸检将有助于验明欣嘉的死因,但是动物保护者认为他们已经知道了原因People the Ethical Treatment of Animals says that Szenja died because SeaWorld sent her ;best friend; — another female polar bear named Snowflake — away to the Pittsburgh Zoo And PPG Aquarium a breeding visit in late February. The two bears had lived together at SeaWorld years.善待动物组织声称,欣嘉的死是由于二月底,海洋世界将她的伙伴--一头叫雪花的母熊--送到了匹兹堡动物园及PPG水族馆进行繁殖这两头熊已经在一起生活了多年了;Szenja died of a broken heart,; Tracy Reiman, PETA executive vice president, told the San Diego Union-Tribune.善待动物组副主席特蕾西·雷曼向《圣地亚哥联合论坛报透露:“欣嘉是死于悲伤过度”;After losing her companion of years when SeaWorld shipped Snowflake to the Pittsburgh Zoo in order to breed more miserable polar bears, Szenja did what anyone would do when they lose all hope, she gave up.;“当海洋世界将她多年的伙伴雪花送往匹兹堡动物园进行繁殖活动后,正如任何人在失去希望后会做的那样,欣嘉丧失了继续生活的欲望”;Sometimes, wild polar bears m relationships that can last years. The state of captivity may have created an even stronger bond between Snowflake and Szenja.;“有时,野生北极熊之间能建立起非常长久的情谊,而在封闭式条件下长大的雪花和欣嘉则产生了更加紧密的联系” 5366

5.Corpse-Eating Robots5.食尸机器人In the summer of , headlines abounded with tales of military robots being designed to ingest human corpses as a power supply. The macabre creation called EATR (Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot) could operate in perpetuity without refueling by consuming any available biomass in the area.在年的夏天, 各大头条充斥着摄取人类尸体能量作为电源的军事机器人已被设计出的故事这个可怕的发明,名为EATR(自主式战术机器人)可以永久性的操作, 并且不会消耗该地区任何可用的生物量Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. and Robotic Technology Inc., which are developing the robots, were quick to point out that the ;biomass; would not be flesh, human or otherwise, but rather vegetation. Cyclone CEO Harry Schoell said, ;We completely understand the public concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population, but that is not our mission. We are focused on demonstrating that our engines can create usable, green power from plentiful, renewable plant matter.; Much of the American military concern is located in Middle Eastern deserts not particularly known their lush vegetation. So it might not hurt to make a few tweaks that would allow the EATR to nibble a corpse or two, despite what the Geneva Conventions might say.该机器人的创造商,旋风电源技术公司和机器人技术公司,很快就指出;生物量;不会是肉体,人或其他,而是植物旋风的CEO哈里说,;我们完全理解公众对有关未来机器人以人类为食的关注,但这不是我们的使命我们专注于展示我们的引擎可以从大量的,可再生的植物物质中创造可用的绿色能源;美国军方更多的关注的是位于中东沙漠并不为人知的丰富植被所以做一些调整,让EATR咬一两个尸体无伤大雅,尽管日内瓦公约可能会说什么.Samuel Pepys Kiss.塞缪尔·佩皮斯之吻Samuel Pepys is a name you may recognize from history lessons. He was a member of parliament and naval administrator, but he is best remembered his exhaustive diary, which gives us an important source on the English Remation period. However, along with detailing events such as plagues and fires, the diary also offers a glimpse into Pepys social life, including details of liaisons with his mistress.塞缪尔·佩皮斯这个名字你可能是从历史书中听说的他是国会议员和海军管理员, 但他最让人津津乐道的是他写的详尽的日记,这是我们了解英国宗教改革时期的一个重要来源然而, 连同详细如瘟疫、火灾等事件, 日记中也可以一窥佩皮斯的社交生活,包括他和情妇联系的细节Perhaps the most bizarre entry comes from February 3, 69, when Pepys and his family visited Westminster Abbey on the occasion of his 36th birthday. It s in part, ;Theree I now took them to Westminster Abbey, and there did show them all the tombs very finely, having one with us alone, there being other company this day to see the tombs, it being Shrove Tuesday; and here we did see, by particular favour, the body of Queen Katherine of Valois; and I had the upper part of her body in my hands, and I did kiss her mouth, reflecting upon it that I did kiss a Queen, and that this was my birthday, thirty-six years old, that I did first kiss a Queen.; Catherine of Valois was the wife of Henry V. She died in 37 at the age of 35, shortly after childbirth. Shed been dead over 30 years bee Pepys romantic advances.也许最奇异的条目来自于69年月3日, 佩皮斯36岁生日当日,他和他的家人参观威斯敏斯特教堂其中写道,;所以我现在将他们带到威斯敏斯特大教堂, 并向他们细致地展示所有的坟墓,有一个与我们一起,陪伴我们看坟墓, 这是忏悔星期二;在这里, 通过特殊的允许,我们看到瓦卢瓦王朝的皇后凯瑟琳的身体,她身体上半部分在我的手上, 我吻了她的唇,表示我吻一个皇后, 在我36岁生日的这天,我第一次轻吻了皇后;瓦卢瓦的凯瑟琳是亨利五世的妻子,于37年分娩后不久去世,时年35岁,在佩皮斯的浪漫举动之前已经死了超过30年3.Crash Test Dummies3.碰撞测试假人Those of us who grew up in the 1980s probably remember the antics of Vince and Larry, the crash test dummies who taught us the importance of using seat belts. However, only so much can be learned from dummies—the potential trauma in car crashes can only be truly gauged using real human bodies.在1980年代长大的人可能还记得文斯和拉里的滑稽, 碰撞测试假人使我们知道安全带的重要性然而, 从假人身上也只能学到这些——车祸给人们带来的潜在创伤只有使用真正的人类的身体才能衡量Cadaver research has been going on decades, although automakers try to downplay their use. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in conjunction with funding from automakers like d, conducts cadaver tests every year. Everything from seat belts to safety glass was first tested on cadavers, which could then be given X-rays and autopsies to determine exactly how flesh would respond in just such an incident. Those with a squeamish bent will be pleased to learn that cadaver testing has declined significantly in recent years. The safety systems in most automobiles are about as good as theyre going to get, and most tests these days are done virtually using computer models.尸体的研究已经持续了几十年,虽然汽车制造商试图淡化其使用美国国家公路交通安全同提供资金的汽车制造商如福特等, 每年进行尸体测试从安全带到安全玻璃都是首次用尸体来测试, 测试给出的x光片和验尸报告可以确定人的肉体在这样的事故中如何反应尸体测试近年来大幅下降,对有洁癖的人来说是件好事近来的大多数测试几乎都是使用计算机模型,而大多数汽车的安全系统大都能达到预期效果, .An Extra Leg.一条多余的腿The 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was a devastating terrorist attack that killed at least 8 people. Among the dead was 1-year-old Lakesha Levy, a member of the Air ce who was at the building to pick up a Social Security card. After Levy body was buried, a severed leg was found in the rubble of the building. FBI tests found that the decomposed leg belonged to a black woman. A footprint determined that it belonged to Levy, even though shed been buried with two legs.1995年发生在俄克拉荷马州阿尔弗雷德·p·默拉联邦大楼的爆炸案是一次毁灭性的恐怖袭击, 造成了至少8人死亡1岁的死者利维克莎, 是空军的一员,当时正在大楼中捡一张社会保障卡利维的尸体被埋葬后,在建筑物的废墟中发现了一只断了的腿联邦调查局测试发现这条腿属于一个黑人妇女一个脚印确定它是属于利维的, 尽管她被埋藏时是两条腿的Her body was subsequently exhumed, but officials were unable to determine just where this mystery leg came from. The body DNA had been destroyed by the embalming process. According to Oklahoma medical examiner Fred Jordan, ;We dont have a body to match it to. It something we havent figured out yet.;她的尸体被挖掘出来之后,官员仍无法确定这个未知失主的腿是从哪里来的,人体的DNA已被防腐处理破坏据俄克拉何马州法医弗雷德·乔丹所说,;我们没有一个尸体和它匹配这件事情我们还没有想通了呢;1.The Oldest Man In Japan1.日本最老的人Japan kodokushi, or lonely deaths, are senior citizens who die and go undiscovered long periods of time. This happens frequently in Japan, which has the most elderly population in the world. Perhaps the body to go longest undiscovered belonged to Sogen Kato, born on July , 1899.日本的kodokushi,或者说孤独死者,是死去很久没有被发现的老年人这在日本是经常发生的,因为他们的老年人口是世界上最多的也许死去未被发现时间最久的是Sogen 加藤,生于1899年7月日In , officials tried to contact Kato, wishing to honor him his extreme longevity. His family rejected their advances, offering various excuses, including that Kato had become brain dead or that he was undergoing the Buddhist process of sokushinbutsu, or self-mummification, starving himself to death on the path to enlightenment.Authorities persisted in trying to contact Kato. Police eventually broke into his home, discovering his mummified corpse lying in bed. Newspapers in the room indicated that Kato had likely died around November 1978, meaning that his body had been there 3 years. Unlike the kodokushi, Kato family knew full well what had occurred but continued to collect his pension long after he had died. His daughter and granddaughter were charged with fraud.The Kato case caused the Japanese government to launch a nationwide investigation to discover whether many of the country supposed centenarians are indeed still alive.年,政府官员试图联系加藤,希望表彰他的长寿但是加藤的家人推迟了他们的进展,以各种理由拒绝,包括加藤已经脑死亡,他经历佛教的过程成为sokushinbutsu,或自我风干成木乃伊,或绝食已达到开悟政府人员一直试图联系加藤警方最终闯入他家,发现他已木乃伊化的尸体躺在床上在房间里的报纸表示,加藤很可能在1978年月去世,这意味着他的尸体在那里已经有3年了和kodokushi不同的是,加藤的家人完全知道发生了什么,在他死后但仍继续领取他的退休金他的女儿和孙女被指控犯诈骗罪加藤案件引起了日本政府在全国范围内开展调查,以确认该国的许多的百岁老人是否确实还活着翻译:乔梦月 来源:前十网 1896

A: Could you help me?你能帮助吗?B: What happened?怎么了?A: Irsquo;m locked out of my apartment.我把自己锁在公寓外面了B: What did you do to lock yourself out?你做什么了把自己锁在公寓外面?A: I have no idea.我也不知道B: You donrsquo;t have your key?你没有钥匙吗?A: Itrsquo;s inside of my apartment.在我的公寓里面B: I have a key to your apartment.我有你公寓的钥匙A: Could I borrow it just a second?我能借用一会儿吗?B: All right. Bring it back when yoursquo;re done.好的一旦你用完就把要是还回来A: Great, thanks a lot.好的,谢谢你B: I hope yoursquo;ll be more careful next time.我希望你下次小心点

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