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佛山哪里治疗生殖器感染病佛山市中医院禅城高新区医院男科大夫Yeah, I can see you seem kind of grim, but you don#39;t seem much of a reaper, to be honest...是的,我能看出你好像有点阴冷可怕,但,老实说你似乎不怎么像死神(收割者)…… /201701/487641SHANGHAI — It’s difficult to imagine a home that perfectly balances French antiques with traditional Tibetan artworks and a bold jewel-toned color scheme, but a renovated villa in Suzhou, a city of approximately six million people just a 30-minute train ride from Shanghai, manages to pull it off.上海——很难想象,一所房子能把法国古董、藏族传统艺术品以及大胆的珠宝色调配色方案完美地搭配在一起,但苏州一栋经过翻修的别墅成功地做到了这一点。苏州是一座大约有600万人口的城市,从上海到那里只要乘坐30分钟的火车。The 400-square-meter, or 4,300-square-foot, villa is the weekend home of a Shanghainese couple, Lily Wu, 42, and Su Jun, 45. 这栋面积为400平方米(约合4300平方英尺)的别墅属于42岁的莉莉#8226;吴(Lily Wu,音)和45岁的苏君(Su Jun,音)这对上海夫妇,被他们用来当做周末度假屋。Mr Su, an investor, was inspired to buy the property 15 years ago by fond childhood memories of family vacations spent in Suzhou, a 2,500-year-old city famous in China for its manicured gardens and canals crossed with stone bridges.从事投资工作的苏君之所以在15年前买下这处房产,是因为对小时候跟家人在苏州度假的经历恋恋不忘。有2500年历史的苏州以精雕细琢的园林和石桥运河而闻名于世。Four years ago we decided we could spend some time renovating this villa and enjoy our life there, Ms Wu said.四年前,我们觉得可以花些时间翻修这栋别墅,在里面享受人生,莉莉#8226;吴说。Ms Wu said that right from the start of the process, she and her husband were in agreement about what they wanted to achieve and remained so through the 18 months it took for contractors to gut and renovate the place.莉莉#8226;吴表示,从一开始,她和丈夫便就翻修最终的目标达成了一致,在承包商大刀阔斧地改造、翻修房子的18个月里,他们从未动摇过。Today, the villa’s grand entrance, complete with tiled floors and chandelier, branches off to the left through an archway to an open-plan living and entertaining space.如今,别墅门厅处有着以地砖铺就的地板和枝形吊灯,通过一道拱廊可以向左拐进一个开放式的生活和空间。A ing room dominated by a turquoise wall and a traditional Tibetan Buddhist thangka painting, a favorite among Mr Su’s pieces, leads to the main living room, which then flows out to a glass-encased sunroom, complete with an amethyst velvet-upholstered daybed and colorful leather armchairs. 书房最醒目的是一面绿松石色墙壁,上面挂着一幅藏传佛教传统唐卡画,苏君收藏了若干唐卡,这一幅是他最喜爱的,书房通往主起居室。再往前就是一个环绕着玻璃的日光室,里边摆着一张紫水晶色天鹅绒软垫沙发床和几把色皮面扶手椅。Ms Wu said this is one of her favorite spaces in the villa. 莉莉#8226;吴说,在这栋别墅里,日光室是她很喜欢的空间之一。We wanted to make it a place where friends can come and get together, she said. 我们希望它可以成为一个跟朋友相聚的地方,她说。It was important that people can sit anywhere and see each other and talk and relax.很重要的一点是,人们可以坐在任何地方,注视彼此,闲谈、放松。Ms Wu’s other favorite room is the master bathroom, complete with Art Deco-inspired black and white tiles and a raised bathtub framed by an ornate arch and welcoming natural light coming in through iron-gridded windows.莉莉#8226;吴还很喜欢主卫生间,那里铺着装饰派艺术(Art Deco)风格的黑白两色瓷砖,安了一个饰有华丽拱门的凸起式浴缸,宜人的自然光会透过铁格栅窗照进来。Upstairs are two bedrooms. 楼上有两间卧室。The master bedroom is 50 square meters, with an apex ceiling soaring up more than 4.5 meters, or 15 feet. 主卧面积为50平方米,高挑的天花板离地面足有4.5米(约合15英尺)。The bleached wood flooring and neutral colors contribute to the feeling of spaciousness.退了色的木地板以及中性色调让空间显得更为开阔。Working in corporate communications in Shanghai for the luxury house Chanel has given Ms Wu a taste for all things French, and she and her husband hired a French interior designer based in Shanghai, Baptiste Bohu, to help them realize a vision that combined both French and Chinese traditions.在上海从事公关工作的莉莉#8226;吴务于奢侈品企业香奈儿(Chanel),对所有法式的东西都很喜欢。她和丈夫聘用了常住上海的法国室内设计师小贝(Baptiste Bohu),来帮他们打造兼容法国和中国传统的视觉效果。I work for a French company and I quite like the French style, Ms Wu said. 我在一家法国公司工作,非常喜欢法国范儿,莉莉#8226;吴说。The old Shanghai style is also something I like. 我也喜欢旧上海风格。So when we met Baptiste, we briefed him about what kind of buildings and design we like. 因此和小贝见面时,我们向他简要介绍了我们喜欢什么样的建筑和设计。We told him we wanted something elegant and comfortable. 我们告诉他,我们想要某种既优雅又舒适的东西。We wanted this house after 20 or 30 years to still be beautiful.我们想让这栋房子在二三十年以后依然美丽。 /201610/472485顺德第一人民医院男科大夫

佛山新世纪医院泌尿科专家佛山早泄治疗哪家医院比较好I took a train to Oxford last Wednesday to give a speech to the benefactors of my old college. I was in excellent spirits. The sun was shining and I was amusing myself ing a blog post by Chip Conley, the entrepreneur, about the wisdom that comes with age. At 56, he likes to see himself less as a carton of milk bearing a sell-by date than a bottle of fine wine that gets better every year.不久前的一个周三,我坐火车前往牛津,为我母校的赞助人做一次演讲。那天我精神不错。阳光灿烂,我读着企业家奇普?康利(Chip Conley)的一篇文自娱自乐,其内容是智慧随年龄增长。56岁的他,不把自己视为一盒带有保质期的牛奶,而是一瓶放得越久就越香醇的上等葡萄酒。As I walked through Oxford I felt inclined to agree. I too was like an improving bottle of wine. No longer did the honey stone whisper: “You aren’t good enough.” The intensity — both the misery and the odd spurt of joy — I felt as an undergraduate had finally receded. Lady Margaret Hall, whose fa?ade used to look like a prison to me, has had vast sums spent on it and in the late afternoon sun looked borderline handsome.在我走过牛津街头时,我倾向于赞同他的观点。我也像是一瓶渐入佳境的葡萄酒。蜂蜜石不再低语:“你不够好。”我在本科生期间体验过的强烈感受——无论是痛苦还是偶尔迸发的喜悦——终于消退了。玛格丽特夫人学堂(Lady Margaret Hall,牛津大学的一个学院——译者注)教学大楼的外立面在我眼里曾经像是监狱,近年这栋楼花了大量资金修缮,在夕阳下看起来竟然有点美丽。I was even looking forward to giving the speech. Nothing could go wrong, the audience was captive and I had written something that I felt balanced comic reminiscence with sincerity, and was edgy enough to keep the audience from nodding off over the port.我甚至开始期待做演讲。不会有什么问题,观众会全神贯注,而我写的演讲稿既包含有趣的回忆、又不失真诚,而且妙语连珠,足以阻止观众在波尔图葡萄酒的影响下打盹。Two minutes in, and I was aware the laughter was strained — and it became more so as I ploughed on. Within seconds of my sitting down, two men were jostling at my elbow in protest. One of them, teeth gritted in rage, demanded to know what was going through my head when I had decided to insult everyone. The other simply said: “Just go!” pointing at the door.开讲2分钟后,我就意识到笑声很牵强——随着我继续演讲,气氛变得愈发紧张。我坐下才几秒钟,就有两位男士挤我的手肘表示抗议。其中一人气得咬牙切齿,要求知道当我决定侮辱所有人时大脑里在想什么。另一个人只是指着大门说:“出去吧!”In the space of 15 minutes I had got up the noses of assorted former students, benefactors and dons. I had somehow told the men they were dim, the women frumpy, and had taken the name of the absent Stephen Hester, (chief executive at RSA Insurance, and a student in the year below me) in vain. Mine was a tour de force of clangers.在15分钟时间里,我惹恼了形形色色的校友、赞助人和大学老师。我不知不觉地告诉在场的男士们他们很蠢,告诉女士们她们很土,还在背地里议论了不在场的史蒂芬?赫斯特(Stephen Hester,RSA保险集团的首席执行官,比我晚一届)。我的演讲简直是充满过失的代表作。I have made a few people cross over the years, but what was remarkable about this was not the strength of the feeling but that, for once, I was trying to do the reverse. My college changed my life. It taught me how to work, how to think — and how to spot cant and feeble logic. LMH took me on despite atrocious A-levels and being entirely undeserving, but it is now doing something more worthwhile. It has set up a foundation year for students from poor backgrounds who despite difficult starts in life have performed far better at school than I ever did.这些年来我曾经惹怒过一些人,但这次经历的不同寻常之处不在于感受的强烈程度,而是我本来想(仅此一回)做相反的事情。我的母校改变了我的人生。它教会我如何工作、如何思考——以及如何发现虚伪和不堪一击的逻辑。玛格丽特夫人学堂录取了我,尽管我的A级考试成绩很糟糕,根本不配录取,但该校现在开始做一些更有价值的事情。它为家境贫困的学生设立了为期一年的预科课程,这些学生虽然在人生起跑线上经受了艰难坎坷,但在中小学的成绩比我当年要好得多。It is not nice to have people shouting in your face, but what shook me more was wondering how on earth, with all my experience, I could have misjudged my speech so badly.有人当着你的面斥责你不是好事,但更令我震撼的是,以我的丰富经验,我竟然会如此严重地误判自己的演讲效果,简直匪夷所思。By the end of the night I had worked out that Chip Conley was talking rot. I have nothing in common with an old bottle of fine wine, though if I at that moment had had one to hand, I would have downed the whole thing.那晚结束时我想明白了:奇普?康利是在胡说八道。我和一瓶陈年佳酿毫无共同点,尽管如果我当时手头有一瓶那样的好东西的话,我会一滴不剩地喝掉它。Instead of getting wiser with age, the reverse appears to be happening. The most noticeable change (apart from the ones that I see in the mirror) is that I am not frightened any more.随着年龄增长,我的智慧非但没有增长,反而似乎下降了。最明显的变化(除了我在镜子里看到的自己的模样)是我不再恐惧。I used to be scared of failing at work, or of being found out, or of what people thought of me. Being post-fear makes life more comfortable, but also more dangerous, because fear fends off disaster. It discourages you from packing a speech with sarky, teasing asides which, though possibly amusing to you, might be less so to those who are the butt of them.我曾经害怕在工作中失败,或者害怕被别人发现我没本事,或者害怕别人对我的看法。不再恐惧让日子更好过,但也更危险,因为恐惧可以避免灾难。恐惧会让你打消在演讲中夹带挖苦、戏弄性的离题话的念头,尽管这些调侃对你可能很好玩,但对那些被当成笑柄的人来说可能就没有那么幽默了。The incident has taught me something even more uncomfortable — how hard it is to learn from mistakes. I have form on this: I go on hitting the kerb when parking. I go on misspelling “separate”, despite the assiduousness of Google in correcting me.这件事让我知道了一个更让人不舒的教训——从错误中吸取教训有多难。我是这一点的活教材:我在泊车时一再撞上马路牙子。我仍然会错误地拼写“separate”,尽管辛勤的谷歌(Google)一次又一次纠正我的拼写错误。Doing something badly is painful. And as being in pain is not nice, I am getting good at pain-reduction strategies. Aly in my head I am spinning the story so I come out of it less badly, and I daresay in a day or two I will be blaming the audience for not seeing the funny side.把事情搞砸是令人痛苦的。正因为痛苦的感觉不太好,我开始擅长于减轻痛苦的策略。现在我脑海里已经在炒作这个故事,使自己的形象不那么糟糕,而且我敢说一两天后,我会责怪听众们缺乏幽默感。Which leads me to one thing I have got better at with age — recovering from a setback. A calamity on the scale of last week would once have left me cringing for a couple of years at least.这让我想到,随着年龄增长,我日益擅长的一件事是——从挫折中恢复过来。那种程度的演讲灾难以前至少会让我畏缩两年。I have spent the past 24 hours in a state of advanced mortification. But now that I have got this off my chest it may soon be time to pretend none of it ever happened.那次演讲后的24小时期间我处于深度难堪状态。不过既然我已经宣泄自己的感受,我可能很快就会假装这一切从未发生过。 /201705/507693Ahem, I need some Viagra, please ...嗯,我需要一些伟哥……Not Iron Man#39;s finest hour不是钢铁侠的最佳时机 /201609/463965佛山哪家医院治疗男科病最好People don#39;t often look back on the early 1900#39;s for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation?通常人们不会为了求取生活妙方而去回顾20世纪初的年代,不过如果那个“垮掉的一代”真的能对我们有所助益呢?The New York Public Library has digitized 100 ;how to do it; cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials ing this might want to take notes.纽约公共图书馆将一组100多年前的香烟盒上的“生活妙招”卡片进行了数字化处理,这些卡片上的小贴士实在太实用了,二十一世纪的我们看到了也会多加留意!How to Pick up Broken Glass如何收拾玻璃碎片To pick up broken glass quickly and cleanly a soft damp cloth will be found to be most effective. For it takes up all the small splinters.想要把玻璃碎片快速收拾干净,一块柔软的湿布条会是你最有用的工具。The best plan is to use an old piece of rag that can be thrown away with the glass.湿布条能沾起细碎的玻璃碴子。最好使用一块旧破布,用完可以把它和碎玻璃一起扔掉。 /201705/510909顺德区新世纪男科电话号码是多少

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