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新东方最新英语口语学习词典G部分 /200707/15332

29 travel words departure(lounge) arrival(hall) destination airport train(station) private car taxi/cab bus(terminal) subway/underground passport visa driver’s license ticket one-way round-trip baggage take off land leave arrive customs duty-free international domestic drive lay over phrases to purchase a ticket to take a plane/taxi/bus to pack a suitcase to go on a vacation all expenses paid to check your passport to get on/off the bus to pick someone up to drop someone off beginner a: hi, mark! Long time no see! B: hi, alex! A: where have you been? B; I just got back from London. A; how was your flight? B; it was OK. There was a lot of turbulence, though. A: that’s too bad . how long was the flight? B: it was 10 hours. A; did you have a layover? B: yes, in paris, France. A: did you buy anything in the duty-free stores? B; yes. I bought two boxed of chocolate – one for me and one for you! A: oh, you didn’t have to … B: it was nothing. Intermediate A: how can I help you? B: I seem to have lost my train ticket. A; what’s your destination? B: I’m supposed to be going to ShangHai. A: ok. When is your train supposed to leave? B: it’s supposed to leave in 30 minutes. A: OH, dear. What’s your last name, please? B; S M I T H. A; and your passport number? B: Z3264356. A; let me see…it doesn’t look like we have any information about your ticket here. B; is there anything you can do for me? If I don’t make it to ShangHai in time, my wife is going go kill me. A; oh dear. I’m really sorry , sir. But you don’t have any proof of purchase. You’ll simply have to purchase another ticket. B: how much is that going to cost me? A; it depends on how you want to travel. If you want a soft sleeper, it will cost 610 RMB; if you want a hard seat, it will only cost 100RMB. B; I can’t possibly travel on a hard seat for 10 hour! A: looks like you might like the soft sleeper then. B: yes, fine. Let me see how much money I have I my wallet. A: …sir? B: where’s my wallet? Someone has stolen my wallet! A; perhaps it’s in your other pocket. B: you’re right. It is. Let me have a look. I have 419.6RMB. is that enough? A: you’re just 4 mao short for the hard sleeper, but I’ll let it go. Anything for love! B; thanks, ma’am. You’re a lifesaver! /200705/13119

Thank you Chad, for those kind words and for the even kinder work that you and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation do every day—especially on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people here and across America.谢谢Chad,谢谢您的美言,更要谢谢您和人权运动基金会。对LGBT群体的殷切关怀,为在座与美国各地年轻朋友所做的一切。It is such an honor to be here at the inaugural Time to THRIVE conference. But it’s a little weird, too.非常荣幸能够参加这次大会,但也感觉有点奇怪。Here I am, in this room because of an organization whose work I deeply deeply admire.我今天出席,是因为这是个我很赞赏的组织。And I’m surrounded by people who make it their life’s work to make other people’s lives better— profoundly better.这里的人们尽自己毕生之力让其他人生活的更好。大大的改善他们的生活。Some of you teach young people. Some of you help young people heal and to find their voice. Some of you listen. Some of you take action.有人开导年轻人,一些人帮助年轻人疗伤,并找到自己的声音,一些人在倾听,一些人采取行动。Some of you are young people yourselves…in which case, it’s even weirder for a person like me to be speaking to you.一些人正是像我这样的年轻人...无论是哪一种,都不适合由我来为他们演讲。It’s weird because here I am, an actress, representing—at least in some sense—an industry that places crushing standards on all of us.奇怪的点在于,我的身份是个演员,某种程度上是一个为人们树立标准的行业。And not just young people, everyone. Standards of beauty. Of a good life. Of success.不仅仅是年轻人,每个人深受其害,树立美丽的标准,树立好生活的标准,树立成功的标准。Standards that, I hate to admit, have affected me.那些标准,即使我很不愿意承认,但是我确实受到了它的影响。You have ideas planted in your head, thoughts you never had before, that tell you how you have to act, how you have to dress and who you have to be.有很多你之前从没有过的观念、想法就这样深深植入了你的脑海,它告诉你你要怎么做,你要怎么穿,你要做个什么样的人。And I have been trying to push back, to be authentic, to follow my heart, but it can be hard.我一直试着去甩掉那些念头,努力忠于自我,倾听内心的声音,但这真的不容易。But that’s why I’m here. In this room, all of you, all of us, can do so much more together than any one person can do alone.但这就是我在这里的原因。在这个会场里,所有的你们,我们,大家共同努力能比孤军奋战做更多事情。And I hope that thought bolsters you as much as it does me.我希望这个想法能持你坚持下去,正如它持我一样。I hope the workshops you’ll go to over the next few days give you strength.我也希望接下来几天的研习会能赐予你力量。Because I can only imagine that there are days—when you’ve worked longer hours than your boss realizes or cares about, just to help a kid you know can make it.因为我能想到那些日子,在上司无知与忽视之下,你额外付出了多少的时间,就为了帮助一个你相信能够渡过难关的孩子。Days where you feel completely alone. Undermined. Or hopeless.那些你会觉得孤单彷徨,几经重挫,或彻底绝望的日子。And I know there are people in this room who go to school every day and get treated like shit for no reason.我知道这里有的人在学校无缘无故就被踩在脚下。Or you go home and you feel like you can’t tell your parents the whole truth about yourself.或者你回家却不能向你的父母吐露真相。And beyond putting yourself in one box or another, you worry about the future. About college or work or even your physical safety.你一面把自己塞进不同的框框中,一面担心你的未来,担心大学,担心工作,甚至担心自己的人身安全。And trying to create that mental picture of your life—of what on earth is going to happen to you—can crush you a little bit every day.试着在脑中绘制一幅你生活的图景——到底什么会发生在你身上——可以一点一点的击碎你。And it is toxic and painful and deeply unfair.这不仅有害,痛苦,而且天大的不公平。And sometimes it’s the little, insignificant stuff that can tear you down.有时,一些微不足道的小事就可以把你摧毁。201603/434673

  42. I'd rather... 我宁愿······ 用法透视 这个句型表示"更愿意做......",也可以加上"than...",表示"宁愿......,而不愿......"。 持范例 1. I've some of Hemingway's stories in translation, but I'd rather them in the original. 我读过一些翻译的海明威的小说,但是我更愿看原著。 2. I'd rather not go out tonight, it's too cold. 今晚我宁愿不出去,太冷了。 3. I'd rather have the red than the green one. 我宁愿要红色的,而不要绿色的。 会话记忆 A: Hey, look at my new shirt. What do you think about it? 嘿,看我的新裙子,怎么样? B: Just so-so. Where did you get it? 一般。从哪儿买的? A: I bought it on a street market. A real bargain! 在街市上买的,真的很便宜。 B: I'd much rather buy expensive but good quality clothing, because it is not only nice but lasts a long time. 我宁愿买贵而质量好的衣,因为那既好又耐穿 /200705/13321



  SCENE② F 赫伯特回座 过一会,唐走地来【我来帮你搞定】 Don: It's not too late! She's still here. Get back over there.唐: 现在还不迟!她还在那里。再回那边去吧。 Herbert: I can't. Anyway, her 1) interests are completely 2) different from mine.赫伯特: 我不行。反正,她的兴趣跟我完全不同。 Don: How do you know?唐: 你怎么知道。 Herbert: I talked about baseball and heavy metal. She was bored.赫伯特: 我提到棒球跟重金属。她觉得无聊。 Don: What does she do?唐: 她是做什么的? Herbert: She's a piano teacher. Her name is Rose.赫伯特: 她钢琴老师。她的名字是柔丝。 Don: OK. Let me 3) handle this.唐: 好吧。我来帮你搞定。 Herbert: Don, what are you doing? Oh, no.赫伯特: 唐,你在干嘛?唉唷!不要啦! 语言详解 A: You should tell Matt that you cheated on him. 你应该告诉麦特你背着他搞外遇。 B: It's a confession that I don't think he can handle. 这样的告白我想他无法承受。 【Let me handle this. 让我来处理】 当别人束手无策,或是没办法完成一件事,而你想把整件事扛下来时,就可以说这句话。 A: The boss is coming! He's going to be angry! 老板来了!他要发脾气了!B: Let me handle this. I know the boss really well. 让我来处理。我很了解老板。 还有另外一种情况是,别人说要把一件事揽下来,但你不确定这个人是不是真能办到,就可以问Could you handle it? 你能处理吗? A: I'll watch the office while you're at lunch. 你出去吃午饭时,我会看好办公室。B: Sure. If you can handle it. 假如你能处理的话当然好。 1) interest (n.) 兴趣,喜好2) different from... 与……不同3) handle (v.) 处理,掌控 /200708/16641Warning 警告选自电影: George of the Jungle《森林王子》 深山老林中,森林之子乔治救了女孩俄苏拉的性命,从此两人相爱,不久俄苏拉带乔治回到纽约,见她的父母。他们的恋情遭到了母亲的反对。在一次酒会上,比雅特莉斯借机对乔治施加压力,恶毒地警告乔治放弃她的女儿。对话中,出现了美国式的“门当户对”的表达习惯,和中国的成语有异曲同工之妙。单词通缉令1. dumb a.愚蠢的2. concern vt.使关心;挂念3. reciprocate vt.互换;交换4. present v.呈现;提出5. unbefitting a.不合适的;不相宜的6. zebra n.斑马7. leopard n.豹;美洲豹8. stripe n.条纹9. spot n.斑点10. intend vt.想要;打算11. screw up 搞糟12. proceed vi.继续进行;继续下去13. upset vt.扰乱14. loin n.耻骨区;生殖器官15. steak tartare 一种加辣椒和鲜鸡蛋烤的牛扒 16. protein n.蛋白质Beatrice Stanhope: George.George of the Jungle: Umhmm.Beatrice: I want…to talk. Would you mind stepping outside with me…(waiter passing her a cup of beer) thank you so much…(to George) for just a moment?George: Sure.Lady: Hello, Beatrice.Beatrice: Hello, hello. Well, we haven’t been friends for very long, George, but I aly think I know something about you.George: Oh?Beatrice: You are in love with my daughter.George: Oh, Mrs. Ursula, not so 1)dumb…Beatrice: Charming. My 2)concern, however, is that Ursula seems to 3)reciprocate your feelings and that does 4)present a problem to me. You see you and Ursula together would be 5)unbefitting her social stature. You see? Let me put it in a way you might understand, oh, where you come from 6)zebras marry zebras, 7)leopards marry leopards, 8)stripes with stripes, 9)spots with spots, well, Ursula is a stripe and you are a spot, one which I 10)intend to have removed as soon as possible.George: So you know Ursula to love George.Beatrice: I would rather have my tongue nailed to this table every morning at breakfast. George: That hurt.Beatrice: Not as much as you will if you do anything to 11)screw up my daughter’s marriage to Lyle Van de Groot. When Lyle returns, this wedding will 12)proceed as planned. If you do anything to 13)upset that I will remove your reason for wearing a 14)loin cloth. Waiter: Steak 15)tartare, Mrs. Stanhope?Beatrice: Oh, no, no, thank you. I’ve had quite enough 16)protein for today. Have a pleasant evening, Mr. Jungle.比雅特莉斯#8226;斯坦霍普:乔治。森林王乔治:噢。比雅特莉斯:我想……谈一谈。你可以和我到外面去吗……(侍者递给他一杯啤酒)非常感谢……(面对乔治)就一会儿?乔治:当然。女人:你好,比雅特莉斯。比雅特莉斯:你好,你好。噢,我们认识不是很久,乔治,但我已经知道你的一些事情。乔治:哦?比雅特莉斯:你爱上我的女儿。乔治:噢,俄苏拉夫人,不至于那么笨……比雅特莉斯:很好,然而我所关心的是俄苏拉好像也喜欢你,那对我才是一个问题。你知道你和俄苏拉在一起不适合她的社会地位。你明白吗?换句话说,你也许能明白,你来的地方,斑马配斑马,猎豹配猎豹,门当门,户对户,哦,俄苏拉和你门不当户不对,这个问题我想尽快地解决。乔治:那么你要俄苏拉爱乔治。比雅特莉斯:那我宁愿每天早餐都把舌头钉在这张桌子上。乔治:那样会痛的。比雅特莉斯:如果你做出什么事破坏我女儿和莱尔#8226;冯#8226;鲁特的婚礼,你会更痛。当莱尔回来后,婚礼会按计划举行。如果你捣乱的话,我会腌了你,这样就不用围遮羞布了。侍者:斯坦霍普夫人,要盐锔牛扒吗?比雅特莉斯:噢,不,谢谢,今天吃了够多的蛋白质了。森林先生, 祝你有一个愉快的夜晚。句子模仿秀中国人说“龙配龙,凤配凤,老鼠生儿会打洞”,英语世界也如此,相应的表达如上面的句子。这种句式碰上了就把它记在脑海里。学习指导跟读背诵,注意语调,最佳朗读时间为9秒钟。句子模仿秀穿遮羞布的原因是挡住身体器官,如果把这部分器官割除,就不用遮挡了。这是话里的潜台词。这句话重在理解话中话。学习指导熟记句型,复读朗诵,最佳朗诵时间为3秒钟。 /200603/5381But that narrative is being challenged now然而,这个故事现在遇到了挑战because the continent has not been doing well in the last two years.因为非洲大陆在过去两年内一直表现不佳。It had been growing at five percent per annum for the last one and a half decades,虽然在过去的十五年里,它都是以每年5%的速度在增长,but this years forecast was three percent. Why?但今年的预估则只有3%。为什么?In an uncertain global environment, commodity prices have fallen.在一个不稳定的全球环境下,商品价格下跌。Many of the economies are still commodity driven, and therefore their performance has slipped.许多经济体仍然依靠商品驱动,因此他们的表现有所下滑。And now the issue of Brexit doesnt make it any easier.而现在“英国退欧”一点儿都没有让这个问题变得更加轻松。I never knew that the Brexit could happen我从没想过“英国退欧”的事情会发生and that it could be one of the things that would cause global uncertainty such as we have.而这也可能成为造成全球动荡的其中一个原因,正如我们所面临的。So now weve got this situation, and I think its time to take stock所以现在,我们走到了这个情况,我认为这也正是时候去全面审视一番and to say what were the things that the African countries did right? What did they do wrong?并且来思考非洲国家做过的哪些事情是正确的?哪些事情是错误的?How do we build on all of this and learn lessons so that we can keep Africa rising?我们如何在这一切的基础上吸取教训,从而保非洲持续崛起?So let me talk about six things that I think we did right.那么让我来谈谈我认为我们做得对的六件事。The first is managing our economies better.第一件事,是把我们的经济管理得更好。The 80s and 90s were the lost decades, when Africa was not doing well,80年代和90年代是迷失的二十年,当时非洲的状况不是很好,and some of you will remember an ;Economist; cover that said, ;The Lost Continent.;你们或许能想起一期《经济学人》的封面,上面写着“失落的大陆”。But in the 2000s, policymakers learned that they needed to manage the macroeconomic environment better,但是在21世纪,决策者明白到,他们需要去更好得调控宏观经济环境,to ensure stability, keep inflation low in single digits, keep their fiscal deficits low, below three percent of GDP,来确保经济稳定,抑制通货膨胀率于单位数,确保财政赤字较低低于GDP(国内生产总值)的百分之三,give investors, both domestic and foreign, some stability so theyll have confidence to invest in these economies.给予不论国内外的投资者稳定性保,这样他们才会对投资这些经济体有信心。So that was number one.以上是第一件事。201701/487670

  Thank you, Mr. Secretary General, for the honor to address this body once more. And thanks to the distinguished climate leaders assembled here today who are y to take action.President Abraham Lincoln was also thinking of bold action 150 years ago when he said: ;The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present…As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.; He was speaking before the U.S. Congress to confront the defining issue of his time – slavery. Everyone knew it had to end, but no one had the political will to stop it. Remarkably, his words ring as true today when applied to the defining crisis of our time – climate change. As a UN Messenger of Peace, I have traveled all over the world for the last two years, documenting how this crisis is changing the natural balance of our planet. Ive seen cities like Beijing choked by industrial pollution, ancient Boreal forests in Canada that have been clear cut and rainforests in Indonesia that have been incinerated. In India, I met farmers whose crops have literally been washed away by historic flooding. In America, I have witnessed unprecedented droughts in California and sea level rise flooding the streets of Miami. In Greenland and in the Arctic, I was astonished to see that ancient glaciers are rapidly disappearing, well ahead of scientific predictions. All that I have seen and learned on my journey has absolutely terrified me. There is no doubt in the worlds scientific community that this a direct result of human activity and the effects of climate change will become astronomically worse in the future. I do not need to tell you these statistics. You know them better than I do, but more importantly, you know whatll happen if this scourge is left unchecked. You know that climate change is happening faster than even the most pessimistic of scientists warned us decades ago. Its become a runaway freight train bringing with it an impending disaster for all living things. Now, think about the shame that each of us will carry when our children and grandchildren look back and realize that we had the means of stopping this devastation, but simply lacked the political will to do so. Yes, we have achieved the Paris Agreement. More countries have come together here to sign this Agreement today than for any other cause in the history of humankind – and that is a reason for hope – but unfortunately, the evidence shows us that it will not be enough. Our planet cannot be saved unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong. An upheaval and massive change is required right now – one that leads to a new collective consciousness, a new collective evolution of the human race, inspired and enabled by a sense of urgency from all of you. We all know that reversing the course of climate change will not be easy, but the tools are in our hands, if we apply them before it is too late. Renewable energy, fossil fuels and putting a price on carbon pollution are beginning to turn the tide. This transition is not only the right thing for our world, but it also makes clear economic sense, and is possible within our lifetime. But it is now upon you to do what great leaders have always done: to lead, to inspire and empower as President Lincoln did in his time. We can congratulate each other today, but it will mean absolutely nothing if you return to your countries and fail to push beyond the promises of this historic agreement. Now is the time for bold, unprecedented action. My friends, look at the delegates around you. It is time to ask each other – which side of history will you be on? As a citizen of our planet who has witnessed so much on this journey, I thank you all for everything you have done to lay the foundation of a solution to this crisis, but after 21 years of debates and conferences, it is time to declare: no more talk, no more excuses, no more 10-year studies, no more allowing the fossil fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the science and policies that affect our future. This is the only body that can do what is needed. All of you sitting in this very hall, the world is now watching. Youll either be lauded by future generations, or vilified by them. Lincolns words still resonate to all of us here today: ;We will be remembered in spite of ourselves…The fiery trial through which we pass will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the last generation…We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of Earth.; That is our charge now – you are the last, best hope of Earth. We ask you to protect it, or we and all living things we cherish are history. Thank you very much.201605/440631

  第40课I''m flat broke. 我身无分文。40.拮据生活 143. I''m flat broke. 我身无分文。(flat broke 就是说我没有钱了。彻底没有钱了) 144. Can I bum some money off you ? 借点钱给我,好吗?(I need to borrow some money from you. bum,美语里是一个流浪汉的意思,) 145. I think I can swing that. 我想我应该能借给你一些吧。(我手头也很紧,但我还是能借给你点儿钱的,如果你的预算也比较紧张的话,你无可奈何,你说也许我可以做到吧。) 41.讨价还价42.忍无可忍43.用餐物语44.“修修补补又三年”45.饮酒物语46.意外惊喜47.忙里偷闲48.老天保佑49.交通轶事50.“别吵了!”相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2947

  Good morning, everyone! The country has just taken part in a giant democratic exercise – perhaps the biggest in our history. Over 33 million people – from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar – have all had their say. We should be proud of the fact that in these islands we trust the people with these big decisions. We not only have a parliamentary democracy, but on questions about the arrangements for how we are governed, there are times when it is right to ask the people themselves, and that is what we have done. The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected. I want to thank everyone who took part in the campaign on my side of the argument, including all those who put aside party differences to speak in what they believed was the national interest. And let me congratulate all those who took part in the Leave campaign – for the spirited and passionate case that they made. The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered. It was not a decision that was taken lightly, not least because so many things were said by so many different organisations about the significance of this decision. So there can be no doubt about the result. Across the world, people have been watching the choice that Britain has made. I would reassure those markets and investors that Britains economy is fundamentally strong. And I would also reassure Brits living in European countries, and European citizens living here, that there will be no immediate changes in your circumstances. There will be no initial change in the way our people can travel, in the way our goods can move or the way our services can be sold. We must now prepare for a negotiation with the European Union. This will need to involve the full engagement of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments to ensure that the interests of all parts of our ed Kingdom are protected and advanced. But above all, this will require strong, determined and committed leadership. I am very proud and very honoured to have been Prime Minister of this country for 6 years. I believe weve made great steps, with more people in work than ever before in our history, with reforms to welfare and education, increasing peoples life chances, building a bigger and stronger society, keeping our promises to the poorest people in the world, and enabling those who love each other to get married whatever their sexuality. But above all, restoring Britains economic strength, and I am grateful to everyone who has helped to make that happen. I have also always believed that we have to confront big decisions – not duck them.201607/454084。

  11.Singapore President Nathan Lee Hsien Loong in Sworn in as a Third Term as Prime Minister Ceremony Speech11. 新加坡总统纳丹在李显龙宣誓就任第三任总理仪式上的演讲Singapore was never meant to be sovereign on its own 新加坡从来都是主权国家。To survive, we had to be different, indeed exceptional. 为了生存,我们的确不得不标新立异。We progressed and thrived because we built strong institutions founded on sound values我们之所以能够不断进步,不断繁荣,是因为我们建立了以正确的价值观为基础的强有力的机世制integrity, meritocracy, equality of opportunities, compassion and mutual respect between Singaporeans of different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. 诚信、任人唯贤、机会平等、富有同情心,以及不同种族、宗教和社会背景的人能够相互尊重。The government, judiciary, civil service, unions, schools and the media have promoted the interests of the common people. 政府、司法部门、行政部门、工会、学校和媒体都为老百姓的利益着想。The public, private and people sectors have built a national consensus on what are the challenges and how we can overcome them. 公共部门和私有部门在什么是挑战以及如何战胜挑战方面都形成全国的共识。The people and government are united.人民与政府紧密团结在一起。These are valuable strengths and intangible assets critical to Singapores long-term survival and continued success. 这些宝贵的力量和无形资产是新加坡得以长期立足和不断取得胜利的关键因素。We must do all we can to preserve them.我们必须尽我们所能来保持这种力量和资产。Looking ahead, the pace of change in the wor1d will only increase. 展望未来,世界变革的步伐只会加快。Our economic and security environment is aly undergoing sea change. 我们的经济和安全环境正经历翻天覆地的变化。201609/466056

  乐宁外教口语天天练No.65The F1 race car track in Shanghai is "state of the art"."state of the art" 意指above average it uses all the best technologyThe F1 race car track in Shanghaiis "state of the art".在上海举办的方程式赛车的场地十分先进。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9619

  英语会话800句 73 /200609/9383

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