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Bruce Lee 'Lost' Interviewan unedited 25 minute interview with Bruce Lee (1940-1973) on the Pierre Berton Show. Recorded on 9th December 1971 in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee ... all raquo; is seen being himself, speaking candidly and informally about his life, his martial art beliefs and philosophy. Through the programme Bruce's supreme confidence, charisma and focus provide a tremendous insight into the young Bruce Lee - the man behind the legend.Bruce Lee: …if you have another to the extreme, you'll become, all of a sudden, a mechanical man, no longer a human being. So (you) it is a successful combination of both, so therefore, it is not only, I mean, so therefore, it's not pure naturalness, or unnaturalness. The ideal is unnatural naturalness, or natural unnaturalness.Pierre Berton: yin yang, eh?Bruce Lee: right man, that's it.Pierre Berton: uh, one of your students, James Coburn, played in a movie called Our Man Flint, in which he used karate. Was that what he learned from you?Bruce Lee: Um, he learned it after the film. Not...Pierre Berton: he went the, after he played in Our Man Flint.Bruce Lee: Right, right. You see, actually, I do not teach, you know, karate, because I do not believe in styles anymore. I mean I do not believe that there is such thing as, like, Chinese way of fighting or the Japanese way of fighting, or whatever way of fighting, because unless human being have three arms and four legs, we will have a different form of fighting. But, basically, we have only two hands and two feet. So styles tends to, uh, uh, uh, not only separate man, you know, because they have their own doctrines and then the doctrine became the gospel truth you know, that you cannot change, you know, and, but if you do not have styles, if you just say, "well, here I am, you know, as a human being, how can I express myself totally and completely?" now, that way, you won't create a style because style is a crystallization, you know, I mean, that way is a process of continuing growth.Pierre Berton: You talk about Chinese boxing....how does it defer, from, say, our kind of boxing?Bruce Lee: well, first we use the feet.Pierre Berton: uh-huh, that's a start.Bruce Lee: and then we use the elbow, and…Pierre Berton: you use the thumb too.Bruce Lee: you name it man, we use it!Pierre Berton: you use it all?Bruce Lee: you have to, you see, because I mean, that is the expression of the human body. I mean, the, everything, I mean, you know, not just the hand! And when you are talking about combat, well, I mean, if, if it is a sport now, now you talk about something else, you have regulations, you have rules, but when you're talking about fighting as it is…Pierre Berton: thorough, a real fighting. Bruce Lee: with no rules, well then, baby, you'd better train every part of your body! And when you do punch, now I'm leaning forward a little bit hoping not to hurt any camera angle, I mean you gotta put the whole hit into it, and snap it! And get all your energy in there and make this into a weapon.Pierre Berton: I don't want to tangle with you on any dark night, I'll tell you that right now! You came up to me pretty fast there! What…02/62499。

Begins With Bombs, Rockets in Gaza, Over 400 Palestinians Killed加沙在以军第六天空袭中迎来元旦 The new year began with the sixth day of Israeli air strikes in Gaza and with Hamas rockets hitting southern Israel. Gaza officials put the Palestinian death toll at around 400. 伴随着以色列对加沙的空袭进入第六天,新的一年来到了。同时哈马斯继续向以色列南部发射火箭弹。加沙官员表示,空袭造成的死亡人数大约有400人。The new year began in Gaza with the sound of explosions.  伴随着阵阵爆炸声,加沙进入了新的一年。Israeli war planes again struck at targets that included government ministries and the local parliament in Gaza City, a police center in Rafah in southern Gaza and underground tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border that are routinely used to smuggle in food, cigarettes and weapons. 以色列战机继续轰炸加沙一些目标,包括政府各部、加沙城地方议会、加沙南部拉法赫一个警察中心和加沙-埃及边界的地下通道,它们被经常用来向加沙偷运食品、香烟和武器。Hamas security sources say political leader Nizar Rayyan was killed during the strikes along with members of his family. He was an outspoken advocate of renewing suicide bombings against the Jewish state. 哈马斯安全部门消息人士说,政治领导人尼萨.拉彦及其家人在空袭中被炸死。It's now the sixth straight day of bombings and on the line from Gaza City, Palestinian journalist Mohammed Dawwas tells VOA, the Israeli bombing went on through the night.  新年这天是以色列对加沙连续轰炸的第六天,巴勒斯坦记者穆罕默德.达瓦斯对美国之音记者说,以色列整夜都在轰炸。DAWWAS:"We couldn't go to sleep since that time. It's deteriorating. For me, it was one of the worst nights. Today was supposed to be the beginning of the year, New Year's day. 达瓦斯说:“从轰炸开始,我们在夜里就无法入睡。今天情况更加糟糕。我认为,新年第一夜是最糟糕的。今天应该应该是新一年的开始,是元旦。”PACE:"Is there bombing going on right now?" 佩斯问达瓦斯:“现在还在轰炸吗?”DAWWAS:"Well, there was. They're shelling from the sea right now. I've been seeing with my own eyes because I live in a high building."  达瓦斯答道:“刚才有过,现在他们正从海上炮击加沙。我住在一幢高楼里,这是我亲眼见到的。”Militants again fired rockets into Israel, one hitting a multi-story residential building in the city of Ashdod, more than 30 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip.  激进分子继续向以色列发射火箭弹,其中一枚击中了在加沙地带以北30多公里的阿什杜德市的一幢高层居民楼。Israel says it is targeting militants associated with the rocket attacks and the infrastructure of Hamas, the Islamic faction that controls the Gaza Strip. 以色列说,以色列打击的是跟火箭弹袭击有关联的激进分子和控制加沙地带的伊斯兰派系哈马斯的基础设施。Israel says it had no choice but to strike at Hamas after talks on extending a six-month truce broke down and militants stepped up rocket and mortar attacks against southern Israel. 以色列表示,以色列跟哈马斯就延长六个月停火的谈判破裂之后,激进分子加紧了对以色列南部的火箭弹和迫击炮弹袭击,因此以色列除了对哈马斯进行打击别无选择。Gaza is a densely populated strip of land and U.N. aid officials report that among those killed in the Israeli bombings are at least 60 Palestinian civilians, including more than 30 children.  加沙是一块人口密集的狭长地带,联合国援助人员报告说,以色列空袭炸死的人里至少有60名巴勒斯坦平民百姓,其中有30多人是儿童。Mohammed Dawwas says the bombings have taken a toll on the people of Gaza.  达瓦斯说,以色列的轰炸给加沙人带来损失。"I have been out [in Gaza City]," Dawwas said. "I just got back a few hours ago. The situation is so bad. You do not see people - it is like empty streets. The only people you see are queing [lining up] to buy a bag of b or something like this. And it will take you three hours just to buy a sack of b. Otherwise the Gaza streets are completely empty. It is like a ghost town."  达瓦斯说:“这段时间我没有在加沙城,几个小时之前刚回来。局势非常糟糕。你看不见人,街道上空空如也。你唯一能看到的是那些排队买面包等食品的人。买一袋面包足让你等上三个小时。否则的话,加沙的街道上空无一人。”Israel is allowing convoys with humanitarian supplies into Gaza and is allowing some Palestinians into Israel for medical treatment.  以色列现在允许运送人道主义物资的车队进入加沙,还允许一些巴勒斯坦人到以色列接受救治。Israel has rejected international pressure for a temporary cease-fire, saying the time is not right. Israel has amassed troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers around Gaza for a possible ground offensive. Officials say the strikes will not stop until the Palestinian militants halt rocket attacks against Israel. 以色列拒绝了国际社会提出的临时停火建议,他们声称,现在还不是恰当时机。以色列在加沙周围集结军队、坦克和装甲运兵车,为可能发动的地面进攻做准备。以色列有关官员说,除非巴勒斯坦激进分子停止向以色列发射火箭弹,否则空袭不会停止。01/60227。

The geology of the planet地球的地质情况Welcome to the Anthropocene欢迎来到人类纪Humans have changed the way the world works. Now they have to change the way they think about it, too人类改变了世界运行方式,现在,人类不得不改变他们思考世界的方式May 26th 2011 | from the print editionTHE Earth is a big thing; if you divided it up evenly among its 7 billion inhabitants, they would get almost 1 trillion tonnes each. To think that the workings of so vast an entity could be lastingly changed by a species that has been scampering across its surface for less than 1% of 1% of its history seems, on the face of it, absurd. But it is not. Humans have become a force of nature reshaping the planet on a geological scale—but at a far-faster-than-geological speed.地球是个庞然大物。如果你把它均分给其间的70亿居民,每个人能分到近1万亿吨。表面看来,一个渺小的物种,生命不及地球的万分之一,在其表面跑跑跳跳竟能永久性地改变如此巨大实体的运行机制,想一想都是荒谬之事。不过确有其事。人类已经成为重塑地球地质年表的自然力量,其速度比地质构造自然演化的过程快得多。A single engineering project, the Syncrude mine in the Athabasca tar sands, involves moving 30 billion tonnes of earth—twice the amount of sediment that flows down all the rivers in the world in a year. That sediment flow itself, meanwhile, is shrinking; almost 50,000 large dams have over the past half- century cut the flow by nearly a fifth. That is one reason why the Earth’s deltas, home to hundreds of millions of people, are eroding away faster than they can be replenished.阿萨巴斯卡油砂的辛克鲁德矿是一个单一工程项目。该项目涉及移动300亿吨泥土——这一数字是地球上所有河流一年中流动的泥沙总量的两倍。与此同时,泥沙流本身也在逐渐消减。在过去半个世纪中,近50000个大型大坝截断近1/5的泥沙流。这也是为什么数以百万计人类的家园——三角洲地区泥沙补给速度不及侵蚀速度而呈现蚀退之势。201105/138573。

Vegetable oil植物油What’s cooking?发生了什么事?Edible oils are filling fuel tanks as well as bellies食用油填饱了肚子还要灌满油箱Sep 17th 2011 | from the print edition OIL markets are full of uncertainty. Asian demand is booming and doubts abound over the ability of supply to match the world’s appetite. What goes for crude oil also applies to the stuff squeezed out of vegetable matter.石油市场变幻莫测。亚洲国家对石油的需求与日俱增,石油供应能否满足世界需求受到广泛质疑。人们对原油的贪求目光同样落在了植物性物质所压榨出的东西身上。The price of stir-frying and dressing a salad has rarely been higher. Over the past decade the price of vegetable oils has all but quadrupled. Like other commodities, prices hit records in 2008. The subsequent slump is now forgotten: prices are back close to the peaks. Glencore, the world’s biggest commodity trader, may be about to confirm the industry’s allure: rumours are flying that it is mulling an investment in KS Oils, an Indian edible-oil firm.炒菜和酱沙拉的价格一直呈高企态势。过去十年间,植物油的价格几乎翻了两翻。与其它商品一样,它的价格在2008年创造了纪录。随后的价格暴跌现已被人们淡忘:现在价格又反弹至高点附近。全球最大商品交易商(瑞士)嘉能可国际公司将向人们实该行业的吸引力有多强:坊间盛传该公司正在考虑投资印度食用油企业“KS食用油品公司”。Kona Haque of Macquarie, an Australian bank, points to two structural factors behind oil’s sizzle: China and biodiesels. A planet with more mouths to feed and deeper pockets has led to rapid growth in consumption of vegetable oils as well as grains and meat. And although the rapid surge in demand for oils in China and the rest of Asia is slowing there is still plenty of scope for more growth.澳大利亚麦格理科纳·哈克指出炙手可热的石油业背后存在着两大结构性因素:中国和生物柴油。养活全球众多人口和全球巨大财富导致了植物油、粮食及肉类消耗的快速增长。尽管中国及亚洲其它地区迅速飙升的石油需求正在放缓,但石油的需求增长空间仍然较大。In the past few years a new source of demand has emerged for vegetable oils. Biodiesel production has rapidly accelerated and now consumes over a tenth of the global vegetable-oil crop. Depending on the crude-oil price and governments’ enthusiasm for mandating biofuels it could account for as much as a fifth by 2020, according to Peter Thoenes of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.在过去数年间,植物油出现了一种新的用途需求。生物柴油产量快速增长,消耗了全球植物油作物总量的十分之一。联合国粮农组织彼得·梭尼斯表示,受制于原油价格波动及政府热衷于强制使用生物燃油,生物柴油对植物油作物的消耗量到2020年有望达到五分之一。201109/154471。

Death just isn't what it used to be. Once a month, followers attend mass at the Santa Muerte Shrine and pray to the so-called Death Saint, often depicted as a skeleton dressed in a black cloak and carrying a scythe, or in a long flowing white gown. Santa Muerte is one of several unofficial folk saints, most commonly worshipped by the poor in Mexico. Reportedly, a growing number of immigrants who come to the U.S. are bringing the practice of Santa Muerte with them. The skeletal symbol, representing death, is most commonly associated with the feast of the Day of the Dead, held each year on November 2nd. Rodrigo Lemus, a follower of Santa Muerte, built the shrine in her honor. Every year, I bring Saint Death mariachi(一种墨西哥的音乐表演形式), and every 22nd of every month, she has her Mass. The Catholic Church does not recognize the group and condemns Santa Muerte, linking it to black magic, devil worshipping and cults(宗教崇拜).It's said that they’re bishops, priests in masses. But they are not part of the Roman Catholic Church. You could say that they’re false Catholics. Mexican authorities have reportedly linked the worship of the Saint to various criminal activities. Devotees say the saint is not bad, but like any other official Catholic saint. We also have marriages, baptisms and all of that. Often we perform these services because the Roman Catholics won't for lots of reasons, one of them, because we are devoted to Saint Death. In downtown Guadalajara , a few blocks away from the Roman Catholic Cathedral, is the corona market where shoppers can buy Santa Muerte artifacts such as candles , books and figures. People are devoted to her. They believe she is a Saint, and maybe she is. But more than anything it's their faith and devotion that moves them to buy these kinds of products. However, the Catholic Church remains unmoved. Many times, people are looking for magic answers, and well, they won't find that in Catholic Church, but they think they'll find that in Saint Death.200812/59674。

Female drink offences soarThe number of women being arrested for drunk and disorderly (Damp;D) offences has soared by up to 1,000 per cent in parts of Britain.Welcome back .Free drinks, special offers in club, price happy hours, it's all feeling a massive increase in binge drinking amongst young women. New figures obtained by this program show the number of women arrested for being drunk and disorderly has soared by up to 1000% in some places. Now one chief cause of all called for a complete ban on its county drinks and alcohol advertising in an effort to tackle it all. Our North England Correspondent Nick Martin has been out on the streets of New Castle upon time to see just how bad it gets. It's only a Wednesday night, but the bars and the night clubs are filling up. This is New Castle ,the city with a reputation for a good night-out. Most of people here will have a harmless midweek drink. But it won't turn out that way for others. Figures obtained by Channel 4 News have revealed a change in women's behavior when it comes to a night on the tiles. They appeared to show that women are getting into more trouble with the police than ever before. We asked all the police forces in the UK to give us figures on the number of women they had arrested for being drunk and disorderly in the past five years. 38 forces responded to the survey, 21 of them had directly comparable figures.The West Midlands recorded the biggest rise--arrests there have got from just 59 in 2003, 2004 to more than 10 times that this year when 731 women were arrested .In Gwent South Wales there has been a 7-fold increase over five years from 28 arrests to 190. Leicestershire recorded just 14 arrests in 2003/4, but the most recent figure showed that the number has risen to nearly 80. Over Cheshire the earliest figure comes from 2005/6 when 85 women were arrested.And in just 3 years,that number has more than doubled to 200. And in Northumbria,the region with the most arrests each year, the number has increased by nearly 700, 1414 in 2003/4 to more than 2000 this year. Here in New Castle, for example, the police are concerned.They know and have them for some period of time now that womenn are drinking as much if not more than men on the average night out. But what these figures appear to show is that more and more women aren't leaving and going home in a taxi or on the late bus. But in a police van like this; the police say they want changes; the pops say they've made those changes, and the contest just wants another drink, it's a kind of stalemate. I would not rely on, oh on the private sector just self-regulate prices. I think there should be some emendation around prices that takes it or makes it extremely difficult to drink to access. I also think that the advertising on alcohol should simply not be allowed. It is midnight and signs that some have had too much to drink. The leisure industry denies that it is wholly responsible for this convert behavior, but accepts that drinks are cheaper because competition is higher. We are seeing many more people arriving on our businesses aly drunk, having consumed alcohol at home. It's a fact we have to face this. The government asked us to face it. The police authorities have to face it. And We have to face it. It's an industry that supermarkets are selling alcohol below local price and this is fueling the problem. The fact is that no one really knows who is fueling the problem of excessive drinking on Britain streets. But the figures appear to show that women are playing a bigger part than they ever have before. They mark around the big market and in the statement tight the home office told us responsible drinking is something we must all take responsibility for and losing control through excessive drinking is no excuse for anti-social behavior and violence. Overall, alcohol-related violence has fallen by around a third since 1995 and we are not complacent. We are launching this summer a multi-million pound publicity campaign to help prevent the harms that irresponsible drinking can cause to communities and individuals.200811/55170。

The View ladies talking about Rihanna Rihanna was hit by her boyfriend Chris Brown, The View ladies are talking about it. Because when you look at it, when you look at it as it is which is what you said the other day, it’s very easy for someone in an abuse relationship to go back. But I loved him, but I trusted him and nobody says she has to be a role model.Okay, I’m just gonna say this one more time(we don't know) that we don't know(That's right.) the circumstances under which Rihanna was hit. (They are being investigated)They are being... Yes and so before we say, before we sort of keep making it sound like she's gone back to her abuser, I’d like to say that (We know he did something )we don't know, we don't know what he did. We don't know what happened.I know that we don't know. I just think that there're at least a lot of young girls out here who are assuming, and I feel like, you know, there are a lot of young girls out who feel like I can go back because I can change if I love him enough. And we don't know what happened, but I think a lot of young people are assuming and then looking at this, and this is a very important issue for...(... back ... a huge confidence.)Yes, but, it goes back to that, but it also goes back to, sometimes you can't just jump to conclusions.But we saw her face.I know we saw, you know what, another girl could have done that. We don't know the circumstances as all I am saying and before I wanna...( Why did he need management, ok?)well, maybe he is an angry guy, I mean ,that doesn't mean, you know, because he yells and gets in her face, I don't know that he hit her.(And he is ...That's fair.)So I'm not gonna assume, you know, that he did it because God knows pictures all of us have been places and we think, wait a minute, that’s not what he does, that’s what that is.And I'm glad he is in anger management class cuz this is a boy. He is 19 years old. he just said a few years ago that he thought he would be in prison because he watched his step father abuse his mother, so he just came not even a couple of years ago, came out of home where he saw abuse all the time and then he became a superstar. So actually I 'm glad he's in anger management class.I'm just saying when you do the math, see the photo, he is in anger management, makes an apology, you kind of start, it just ain't easy. Right, it doesn’t. But it’s easy as assumption…Let us hope that something good comes out of this, coz we've been talking about it the other day...04/68257。

In general people diagnose with pancreatic cancer die within a year.一般人诊断出胰腺癌都活不到一年的时间。Steve Jobs with the disease for seven years.但史蒂夫bull;乔布斯却与这种疾病斗争了七年。In August 2011, too sick to continue his duties he step down from apple.2011年8月,身染重疾不能坚持的终于从苹果的岗位上退了下来。Then six weeks to the day, Steve Jobs was gone and mourn across the globe.然后是漫长的六个星期直到那一天,史蒂夫bull;乔布斯离去的消息让世界为之悲哀。Im underneath it all tonight.今晚在我窗外下面的一切。Out my windows theres a million light.有数以百万个灯。Thousands of hearts feeling just like me.及千颗像我一样感受的心。Man, it feels like heaven out here in the street.老天啊,这里的街道就像天堂一样Steve Jobs as a man has gone but what he has left behind is so extraordinary particular in inspiring every other potential Steve Jobs...史蒂夫bull;乔布斯作为一个人已经离我们而去,但他已经留下了特别的东西,那就是受到启发的千千万万个其他的会像史蒂夫bull;乔布斯一样的人;词语解释:1. pancreatic a. 胰腺的2. disease n. 病症164764。