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  • So once this thing really gets going,一旦系统开始运作and it really starts to mangle the audio Im putting into it,它就会把我录进去的声音切成片段it becomes not obvious that it is the human voice,人声的特点就不会那么明显了but it is, so Im going to take you through it bit by bit and start nice and simple.所以我先一点一点的带你们体验一下,来点儿简单易懂的So the polyphony problem: Ive only got one voice.有一个多声部的问题:我只有一个声音How do I get around the problem of really wanting to have as many different voices going on at the same time.我该怎样克希望它同时演奏很多不同声音这个问题呢The simplest way to do it is something like this.最简单的方法是这样By dancing. Its like this. Thanks.跳舞,像这样。谢谢So thats probably the easiest way.这可能是最简单的方法But if you want to do something a little bit more immediate,但如果你想做点更直接的something that you cant achieve with live looping, theres other ways to layer your voice up.用实时循环功能都不能实现的事,还有其他办法实现声音层叠Theres things like pitch-shifting, which are awesome,比如说音调转变酷极了and Im going to show you now what that sounds like.现在我就给你们演示音调转变So Im going to start another beat for you, like this.我以另一个节拍开始,像这样201612/484365。
  • A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 21 /200707/15466。
  • And there are also tons of collaborators.并且游戏世界里有很多的人可以协作。Everywhere you go, hundreds of thousands of people y to work with you to achieve your epic mission.不论你到了哪里,都会有成千上万的人等着和你合作去完成那些艰巨的任务。Thats not something that we have in real life that easily,this sense that at our fingertips are tons of collaborators.在现实生活中就没有这么轻松了,这种在我们指尖间就有成千上万合作伙伴的感觉在现实生活中就没有这么简单了。And also there is this epic story, this inspiring story of why were there, and what were doing.在游戏中会有美妙的故事情节,而这些情节吸引了我们,并且激励着我们的所作所为。And then we get all this positive feedback.同时,对于我们所做出的任何努力都会有一个积极肯定的回应。You guys have heard of leveling up and plus-one strength,and plus-one intelligence.你们肯定听说过等级提升,伴随着等级提升力量加一点同时智力加一点。We dont get that kind of constant feedback in real life.而我们在现实生活中就没有这种持续的回馈。When I get off this stage Im not going to have plus-one speaking, and plus-one crazy idea,plus-20 crazy idea.比如说,当我走下这个舞台的时候,我不会有演说能力加一,疯狂的创意能力加一更不用说疯狂的创意能力加20了。I dont get that feedback in real life.在现实生活中我没有得到任何奖励。Now, the problem with collaborative online environments like World of Warcraft is that its so satisfying to be on the verge of an epic win all the time that we decide to spend all our time in these game worlds.在网络虚拟环境中,比如《魔兽世界》和别人协作是一件非常惬意的事情,因为我们可以不停得向最终的胜利冲击,也正是因为如此我们才会一直沉醉于游戏世界中。Its just better than reality.因为它比现实更好。So, so far, collectively all the World of Warcraft gamers have spent 5.93 million years solving the virtual problems of Azeroth.到目前为止,《魔兽世界》的游戏玩家们已经花费了总数为593万年的时间去解决艾泽拉斯里面的各种虚拟的问题。Now, thats not necessarily a bad thing.这不是一件坏事。It might sound like its a bad thing.不过听起来像是一件坏事。But to put that in context:我们把这些数字写下来:5.93 million years ago was when our earliest primate human ancestors stood up.593万年前,我们人类的祖先灵长类开始了直立行走。That was the first upright primate.这是第一种直立行走的灵长类动物。Okay, so when we talk about how much time were currently investing in playing games, the only way it makes sense to even think about it is to talk about time at the magnitude of human evolution,which is an extraordinary thing.因此,当我们谈论我们在游戏上花费了那么多时间时,唯一让这件事情合理的理解方式就是:去想一想在人类进化进程中,我们所花费的时间有多少,而且这是一件多么不同寻常的事情!But its also apt. Because it turns out that by spending all this time playing games,were actually changing what we are capable of as human beings.这样去想是恰当的,因为你会发现,通过花费大量的时间去玩游戏,我们能改变我们做人的能力。We are evolving to be a more collaborative and hearty species.我们正不断发展成为一个更具有协作精神和更强健的物种。This is true. I believe this.这是真的,我深信不疑。So, consider this really interesting statistic;it was recently published by a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.来看一个有趣的调查,这份调查结果是由一位来自卡内基梅隆大学的研究者发布的。201605/445477。
  • Number three: the biggest flow of funds from the developed world to the developing world第三点:从发达国家到发展中国家,规模最大的资金流动is not corporate investment, and its not even foreign aid. Its remittances.并不是公司投资,甚至也不是外国援助,而是汇款。This is the global diaspora; people have left their ancestral lands,这是散居在全球的人们,离开了祖辈的土地,and theyre sending money back to their families at home.他们把钱汇回家中。This is 600 billion dollars a year, and its growing, and these people are getting ripped off.一年会产生6000亿美元的汇款,而且还在不断增加。而且他们正在被剥削。Analie Domingo is a housekeeper. She lives in Toronto,安娜丽·多明戈是位女管家。她在多伦多生活,and every month she goes to the Western Union office with some cash to send her remittances to her mom in Manila.每个月都会带着现金来到西联汇款公司,把钱汇给在马尼拉的妈妈。It costs her around 10 percent; the money takes four to seven days to get there;手续费占了将近10%,转账手续需要花费4到7天的时间,her mom never knows when its going to arrive.她妈妈从来不知道到账的时间。It takes five hours out of her week to do this.每个礼拜她都要花五个小时来检查是否到账。Six months ago, Analie Domingo used a blockchain application called Abra.六个月前,安娜丽·多明戈使用了一款名叫阿布拉的区块链应用。And from her mobile device, she sent 300 bucks.她从自己的手机上转出了300美元。It went directly to her moms mobile device without going through an intermediary.直接转入了她母亲的手机上,并没有经过中间商。And then her mom looked at her mobile device --她的母亲只需查看她的手机its kind of like an Uber interface, theres Abra ;tellers; moving around.有点像Uber的应用界面,阿布拉中有”出纳员“在循环滚动。She clicks on a teller thats a five-star teller, whos seven minutes away.她点击一个五星的出纳员,只相隔7分钟的路程。The guy shows up at the door, gives her Filipino pesos, she puts them in her wallet.那位伙计很快出现在门口,给了她菲律宾比索,随后把钱放进钱包。The whole thing took minutes, and it cost her two percent.整个过程只需要几分钟时间,并且花费只有2%。This is a big opportunity for prosperity.这是经济繁荣的巨大机遇。201704/502411。
  • 点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!这里是Andy的广播学口语,欢迎你的准时相约。今天的句子是两个新的: Itlsquo;s the name of the game和 Itrsquo;s the run in family。看似平淡的句子,会有什么新意呢?音乐之后马上告诉你!(音乐)先来看第一个句子:Itrsquo;s the name of the game。这个句子看似很简单,不就是游戏或比赛的名字。Andy当然不能使你错了。可这不准确,name除了名字之外,还有名人的意思。比赛中的名人当然是最受人关注的。所以 the name of the game就是最重要的。 Hard work is the name of the game if you want to succeed in business。(要想生意兴隆,苦干是关键)这可是生意经啊!But whatlsquo;s the name of the game if you want to gain otherrsquo;s love?Can hard work do the same?Andy canlsquo;t tell。That depends!但赢得别人的爱什么是最重要的 ?Andy搞不懂。不过这也要你自己去想了。(音乐)下面开始第二个句子:Itrsquo;s the run in the family。可不是家庭中的奔跑啊!run在这里不是奔跑的意思,是特色的意思。所以 the run in the family 就是家庭中的特色。Whatlsquo;s the run in your family?Harmony?Tidiness?Hospitality or others?(你家有什么特色?和睦?整洁?好客还是其他的?) The run in my family is my motherrsquo;s flowers.There are various flowers.So perfume flies in our house all the year round.Do you want a go?Welcome!(我们家的特色就是妈妈的花,各种各样的花,所以我们家一年四季都飘香。想来吗?欢迎你!)如果你对自己家的特色都不了解,就赶紧去看看吧!(音乐)好了,为了给你省些时间回家,Andy就先和你说再见了。 /200605/7234。
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