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浙江嘉兴韩式隆鼻要多少钱海盐县去眼角纹多少钱Business Americas mobile merger Tripped at the altar商业 美国手机业者合併 功亏一篑The Justice Department seeks to block ATamp;Ts acquisition of T-Mobile司法部门阻止ATamp;T收购T-mobileRANDALL STEPHENSON has no time for doubts. In March, when the boss of ATamp;T, Americas second-biggest mobile-phone operator, declared that his firm would buy T-Mobile USA, the number four, for a whopping billion, he seemed convinced that the deal would pass antitrust muster. ;This is an intensely competitive marketplace,; he said. ;When you watch a show or a football game, what dominates the airwaves? Its advertising for the mobile marketplace.;兰德尔·斯蒂芬森已没时间犹豫了。三月份,美国第二大手机运营商ATamp;T总裁宣布收购美国T-Mobile。T-Mobile 以39亿美元总资产位于美国手机公司第四位。斯蒂芬森似乎对于这次的收购通过反垄断法的检阅非常有信心。他说:;这个市场竞争相当激烈。当人们观看一场演出或是球赛时,是谁控制着无线电波?这是在为手机市场做广告。;Mr Stephensons optimism was misplaced. On August 31st Americas Justice Department filed a suit to block the proposed merger, arguing that it would ;substantially; reduce competition for mobile services in America. This does not mean that the deal is dead—yet. But to salvage it, ATamp;T must fight a long battle in court at a time when the Obama administration is signalling a tougher approach to antitrust enforcement. Or it must accept painful conditions in a settlement.但是,斯蒂芬森太过乐观。8月31日,美国的司法部门发起诉讼,反对其提出的并购预案,并称此举会;严重;阻碍美国移动业务的竞争。但是这不表示并购彻底无望。要想挽回计划,ATamp;T必须上诉,而此时正值奥巴马政府对反垄断法的实行表现出强硬态度之时,这场上诉必是一次漫长的过程。但如果不上诉,就必须接受反垄断协议里苛刻的条款。Critics say the merger would create a predatory duopoly: ATamp;T and its main rival, Verizon, would have a combined share of about 80% of Americas wireless market (see chart). Nonsense, retorts ATamp;T. The merger would be good for consumers: it would give them a choice between two strong national companies; it would let the firm expand its fourth-generation (4G) networks, not least in rural areas; and it would alleviate the shortage of radio spectrum.家说,收购成功会形成ATamp;T和它的主要竞争对手Verizon两强争霸的局面,使他们在美国无线网络市场的份额达到80%。ATamp;T反驳称其胡说,并表示,收购行为有利于消费者:拥有两大实力公司供其选择;促进企业扩大城乡4G网络覆盖范围;还可弥补无线电覆盖不到的区域。After five months of digging, Americas antitrust regulators disagree. They reckon the merger would result in ;higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality products for mobile wireless services;. Unless it is blocked, says James Cole, a deputy attorney-general, consumers will suffer.美国反垄断机构通过五个月的深入研究,决定否定ATamp;T的收购申请。他们认为并购会;提高价格,减少选择,降低移动无线业务产品的质量;。司法部副部长詹姆斯·寇乐表示,到时消费者将会遭殃。Regulators are particularly worried that the takeover would eliminate a disruptive competitor. T-Mobile has a history of cutting prices aggressively. It was also the first carrier to offer wireless e-mail, the latest high-speed networks and a smartphone using the Android operating system.反垄断机构尤其担心收购通过会减少一个遏制竞争的对手。T-Mobile曾大幅度削价销售。并且它最先向消费者提供无线邮件收发、最新高速网络和配备安卓操作系统的智能手机。The Justice Department doubts that the deal would yield efficiencies to outweigh its negative impact. And it argues that ATamp;T could improve its services simply by investing in its own network, rather than by removing a competitor. An accidentally leaked ATamp;T document suggested that this would be cheaper: the firm did not need T-Mobiles spectrum and needed to invest only .8 billion to catch up with Verizons 4G coverage.司法部认为这次并购产生的效益不会超过其负面影响。司法部表示,ATamp;T要发展业务只需继续在自己的互联网上投资就可,何必费力除去一个竞争对手。据一份意外泄漏的ATamp;T的文件透露他们这样做是为了省钱:其实ATamp;T并不需要T-Mobile的无线频谱,但是仅38亿美元的投资就可使他们赶超Verizon的4G网络覆盖率。The early signs are that ATamp;T is y to fight. An hour before the suit was announced, the firm said that it would bring 5,000 call-centre jobs back to America from offshore after the deal is approved. Later, it vowed to see the government in court. In July it hired investment bankers, signalling that it is willing to divest assets to gain regulatory approval.ATamp;T在早些时候做出的战斗准备就显示了它的这一目的。在司法部提出诉讼的前一个小时,ATamp;T就表示,并购通过会为美国带来5000个电话接听中心的工作,挽救危机中的美国。诉讼发出后不久,它便宣称将和政府对簿公堂。七月份,ATamp;T雇佣了一些投资家,这表明它想抽离资本来取得反垄断管理机构的批准。Whether all this will be enough to save the deal is unclear. Shortly before the suit was announced, a poll of telecoms experts by Stifel Nicolaus, a research firm, found that less than half expected the marriage to be approved. Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, which must also give its blessing, clearly has doubts.不管ATamp;T做这些是不是为了通过收购。在诉讼发起之前,美国蒂夫尼可拉斯公司在电信专家中做了一次投票,只有不到一半的人认为收购预案能通过。而且本应持此次收购的联邦通信委员会主席朱利斯?格纳科夫斯基也认为预案可能被否定。If the Justice Department were to succeed in blocking the takeover, that would be quite a blow for Mr Stephenson and ATamp;T. But there would also be some happy faces. The prospects of Sprint Nextel, Americas third-biggest wireless carrier, would suddenly be rosier: its shares rose by 7% on the news. And T-Mobile USA, which is owned by Germanys Deutsche Telekom, may get another lease of life. If the deal is blocked, it will get a break-up fee of billion, a chunk of spectrum and a favourable roaming agreement. Being jilted at the altar can be lucrative.如果司法部成功阻挠了这次收购,对斯蒂芬森和ATamp;T来说都是一次不小的打击,但对某些公司却是好消息。美国第三大无线运营商Sprint Nextel的股票随着消息的公布上升了7%,前景更加光明。德国电信子公司T-Mobile USA也将获得新生,事后将得到30亿的;分手费;和大范围的频谱资源,还将得到一份优惠的漫游协议。即便被抛弃,T-Mobile仍有利可图。 /201301/222279嘉善县抽脂多少钱 If you find yourself away from a city, spend an hour looking up on any clear, moonless night,youre bound to see a few brilliant ;shooting stars.; These actually have nothing to do with stars: Theyre meteors, and if your viewing conditions are good, you can see about seven per hour on any given night. During a ;meteor shower; however, this rate may increase to over a hundred meteors an hour. What are meteors, and what makes them gather into showers?如果在没有月亮的晴朗夜晚,你远离城市,花一个小时观察天空。你一定会看见许多绚丽的一划而过的星星。它们其实不是真正的星星。它们只是流星,如果观察条件允许,你每小时大约可看见七颗流星。然而,如果遇上一场流星雨,你流星出现的频率会增加,达到每小时100多颗。什么是流星?它们是怎么聚集从而形成流星雨的?Meteors are caused by bits of rocky material that enter our atmosphere from space, then burn up because of friction. They dont have to be big for you to see them. Surprisingly, most visible meteors are caused by debris no larger than a single grain of sand. They burn so brightly because of tremendous friction when they hit our atmosphere at more than forty miles per second.流星是由很小的外太空陨石进入大气层,与空气擦燃烧引起的。那些陨石很小,人类并不能用肉眼看见。出人意料的是,大多数可见的流星其实是由比沙粒还小的碎石屑形成的。陨石以每秒40多英里的速度闯入大气层,产生巨大的擦力,从而发出明亮的光芒。Why would something as random as flying specks of space debris gather into showers? Its because the Earth passes through the same regions of space each time it orbits the sun. Certain regions have more debris than others, so we have meteor showers on those nights.为什么从外太空随机飞入的陨石屑会汇聚成流星雨呢?这是因为地球每次绕太阳轨道公转会经过同样的区域。某些区域比其它区域有更多的陨石屑,所以地球经过这些区域时的夜晚,我们就会看见流星雨。Of course this raises the question of why certain parts of our orbit would be especially full of debris. The answer has to do with comets. Comets are big, dirty snowballs that orbit our sun. Long after a comet and its tail have passed us by, it leaves behind a thin trail of dust and debris. If a comet crosses the Earths orbit, we pass through this trail each year. For example, every October twenty-first we pass through the Orionid shower, which is debris left behind from Halleys comet. 当然这又会引出另一个问题,为什么地球公转轨道上的某些区域会有特别多的陨石屑。与彗星有关。彗星就像是围绕太阳转的巨大的,脏兮兮的雪球。彗星及其彗尾扫过之后,会留下一道充满细小尘埃和碎屑的痕迹,并存在很长一段时间。如果有一颗彗星经过地球公转轨道,那么我们每年都会经过这道满是尘埃和碎屑的区域。例如,每年10月21号我们会经过猎户座流星雨,这就是哈雷彗星残留的陨石屑引起的。201205/182984嘉兴市botox除皱多少钱一支

浙江激光祛痘哪家医院好Hong Kong customs displays its latest haul of smuggled ivory. Officials found almost 800 elephant tusks, chopped up and hidden in crates beneath slabs and stones, destination unclear. Poachers shot the elephants and then hacked out their tusks with machetes. Elephants need the tusks to breath, fight and feed.香港海关展示了最近捕获的走私象牙。海关工作人员发现了近800只被割断的象牙,藏匿于上面覆盖着石板和石块的板条箱中。运送目的地不明,偷猎者用射死了大象,然后用弯刀开凿出大象的长牙。大象需要象牙来呼吸、战斗和进食。These ivory tusks, after they are crafted, they are high-valued goods.The smugglers, they will send these high valued goods to the places that they can make a profit.这些象牙,在经过雕刻之后,是价值很高的商品。这些走私者将这些昂贵的商品送往需求地,便能赚得大钱。Hong Kong customs believes that the 1.4 million-dollar shipment comes from Kenya and will smuggle to Malaysia. Besides Hong Kong, major illicit ivory seizures have been made in mainland China, the Philippines and Vietnam and Thailand. As people become wealthier in Asia, they are driving up the demand for ivory products, with china shipping was as one of biggest markets.香港海关确信这艘运送的货物价值达140万美元的船只来自于肯尼亚,企图走私至马来西亚。除了香港,中国大陆、菲利宾、越南和台湾也查扣多起重大非法走私的象牙。随着亚洲的人们越变越富,他们拉动了象牙产品在市场上的需求,中国海运业是其带动的最大的市场之一。There is no intelligence, and no information, suggesting that there is an increasing trend of smuggling cases of smuggling ivory tusks detected.在事先没有得到情报、消息的情况下查扣了多起象牙走私案件,表明走私案件有日益增加的趋势。But Friday’s one ton shipment is the Hong Kong’s third major seizure of illegal ivory in three months. Customs seize nearly four tons of ivory worth 3.5 million last October. That toll was smuggled from Kenya and Tanzania, two of the many countries where elephants live in Africa see here in red. Elephant populations in many of those areas is at risk of shrinking. Biologists say at this rate of proaching, and the illicit ivory trade could wipe out Africa’s elephants in less than 20 years.周五的上吨级的这批货物是最近三个月内第三大截获非法走私象牙案。去年10月,海关共查收近四吨价值近350万带的象牙。这些象牙来自于肯尼亚和坦桑尼亚,这是非洲几个生长有红色大象的两个国家。这些地区的大象数量正在缩减。生物学家们认为,以这种偷猎的速度,非法象牙交易可能会在不到20年内使全部的大象灭绝。201301/223712桐乡做双眼皮修复手术费用 海宁市背部脱毛

嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院祛痘好吗But then, last year, the administration issued the Cole memo (these things are named after the deputy attorneys-general who draft them). It seemed, in dense verbiage, to suggest that the Ogden memo had been misunderstood, and that federal prosecutors should indeed go after the cannabis trade, especially if they suspect that serious money is being made.但是去年奥巴马政府发布了科尔备忘录(以起草备忘录的助理大法官的名字命名)。它似乎暗示奥格登备忘录被人们误解了,联邦检察官们应该追查大麻买卖,尤其是检察官们怀疑有非法牟利的时候。The overall effect has been to confuse everybody and leave matters entirely at the discretion of individual prosecutors. Thus there are few signs of federal aggression in New Mexico, Rhode Island or Vermont, for instance. Rather, the crackdown appears to be occurring in just six federal districts—the four in California, and those in Montana and Colorado.这样产生的大体影响是:人们会感到困惑,大麻的执法也完全依赖于检察官自己的判断。因此在例如新墨西哥、佛蒙特和罗德岛等州联邦很少禁止大麻,但是六个联邦特区(加利福尼亚州的四个特区和蒙太纳州、科罗伦多州的其余两特区)却有严打大麻的行动。To Ethan Nadelmann, the head of the Drug Policy Alliance, which lobbies for an end to the failed “war on drugs”, this suggests that six federal prosecutors may be acting on their own, perhaps even in conflict with the Obama administration. The president, in this scenario, is too afraid to touch anything that looks soft on drugs in an election year and stands weakly by.伊桑-南德尔曼是药物政策联盟的执行董事,一直为停止失败的毒品战争而进行游说。对他来说这意味着六位联邦检察官可能会独自行动,甚至会与奥巴马政府相冲突。对于这样的情况,正处大选年的奥巴马总统非常恐惧,不敢在毒品问题上表现得很软弱,必须强势出击。States do not like it. Democratic and Republican legislators from five medical-marijuana states have written an open letter to Barack Obama to end the “chaos” and leave this matter to the states. Christine Gregoire and Lincoln Chafee, governors of Washington state and Rhode Island, have asked the federal government to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I drug (like heroin, say) to a Schedule II drug (like morphine) so that doctors can at least prescribe it safely in certain circumstances. Vermont, Colorado, Hawaii, and have joined in the request. Ms Gregoire has aly found herself having to veto a medical-marijuana bill she supports for fear that her state employees may be indicted by federal prosecutors. To all the good reasons for drug reform can now be added this classically conservative one: states’ rights.各州均很反感。共和党和民主党的立法议员们给奥巴马写了封公开信,要求结束纷争,让州政府处理是否禁止大麻事宜,他们主要来自五个允许使用药用大麻的州。华盛顿州州长克里斯汀-格雷瓜尔和罗德岛州州长林肯-切菲已经要求联邦政府把大麻重新归类,从一等毒品(海洛因等)降为二等毒品(比如吗啡),以便医生在某些情况下可以安全地开出大麻的处方药。佛蒙特州、科罗伦多州、夏威夷州和康涅狄格州也加入了请求队伍中。格雷瓜尔女士已经感到她必须否决一项自己持的药用大麻的法案,以免华盛顿州的雇员遭联邦检察官起诉。各州的权利这一保守而又老生常谈的说法能够成为进行药物改革的中肯理由。201204/178992 嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院丰额头怎么样海盐二三门诊丰胸多少钱



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