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Driving in a big city like L.A. can be so stressful. It sometimes feels like I'm doing battle just to get to the grocery store, much less across town. What is it about getting behind the wheel that brings out people's aggressive side? The most mild-mannered mother of three turns into a race car driver when she gets on the road. In L.A., people rely on the freeway to commute to their jobs or just to get around town. I think driving on the freeway has it's good and bad. On the one hand, there are no stoplights and the speed limit is over 55 miles per hour so you can get somewhere in a flash. But, on the other hand, there are drawbacks, too. People like to gun their engines and cut off other cars to get ahead. The other day, I saw a guy in a Porsche get into the passing lane, race ahead of the Honda that was in front of him, and cut that person off. Then, the guy in the Honda tries to catch up to the Porsche. They're both zipping in and out of traffic, almost causing an accident. They were speeding and changing lanes without looking or signalling. I was sure they were going to cause a big pile up. As an alternate to the freeway, I sometimes take surface streets. Of course, surface streets have their drawbacks, too. If you have a long commute to work or school, it can take you ages to get there. There are stop signs, stop lights, and crosswalks to deal with. And, people sometimes tailgate if they think you're not going fast enough. Now that I think about it, there's sometimes even more congestion on surface streets than on the freeways! There's no getting around it living in L.A. We need better public transportation and more people to walk, bike, or rollerblade to work. But as the famous song goes, "Nobody Walks in L.A." [by the Missing Persons]Script by Dr. Lucy TseFly,Baby Bird 18

Lourdes: I need help.卢尔德:我需要帮助Valery: Sure, what up?瓦莱丽:当然,什么事?Lourdes: Im supposed to give a speech at the start of the conference next month and I dont know what to do.卢尔德:下个月我将为一次会议做开场演讲,但我不知道该怎么做?Valery: It not that hard to plan out a speech. You start with an attention getter using humor or telling a personal story.瓦莱丽:准备一场演讲并不那么难你可以先讲一个笑话或者个人经历来吸引观众的注意Lourdes: Okay, I guess I can do that.卢尔德:好吧,我想我能做到Valery: After that, in your introduction, you should tell the audience what your speech is about in a thesis statement. Along the way, you should establish your credibility by mentioning why youre qualified to talk about this topic.瓦莱丽:在那之后的引语部分,你应该告诉观众你的演讲主题是什么顺着这个思路,你要提到为什么你有资格讲这个话题,以此来建立可信度Lourdes: All right.卢尔德:好吧Valery: Then, in the body of your speech, you want to state your main points, using supporting ideas, giving examples, and maybe using visuals.瓦莱丽:然后,在演讲正文部分,你要陈述你的主要观点,列出分论点,摆出事实,或者用图片来辅助演讲Lourdes: Okay.卢尔德:好吧Valery: And finally, in the conclusion, you restate your main points and make some closing remarks. Simple, right?瓦莱丽:最后,在结论中重申你的要点,作总结发言很简单,对吧?Lourdes: Yeah, simple. One last question.卢尔德:是的,很简单最后一个问题Valery: Shoot.瓦莱丽:说Lourdes: What are you doing the morning of June th, and how do you feel about standing in a coworker who plans to be deathly ill?卢尔德:你6月号上午有什么安排吗,你觉得去顶替一个计划生一场大病的人怎么样?原文译文属!

I am like a remnant of a cloud of autumn uselessly roaming in the sky, O my sun ever-glorious!我像一片秋天的残云,无主地在空中飘荡,呵,我的永远光耀的太阳!Thy touch has not yet melted my vapour, making me one with thy light, and thus I count months and years separated from thee.你的触远没有蒸化了我的水气,使我与你的光明合一,我计算着和你分离的悠长的年月If this be thy wish and if this be thy play, then take this fleeting emptiness of mine, paint it with colours, gild it with gold, float it on the wanton wind and sp it in varied wonders.假如这是你的愿望,假如这是你的游戏,就请把我这流逝的空虚染上颜色,镀上金辉,让它在狂风中飘浮,舒卷成种种的奇观And again when it shall be thy wish to end this play at night, I shall melt and vanish away in the dark, or it may be in a smile of the white morning, in a coolness of purity transparent.而且假如你愿意在夜晚结束了这场游戏,我就在黑暗中,或在灿白晨光的微笑中,在净化的清凉中,溶化消失 7760Jan:This is the life! Spending the day at a spa is my idea of paradise.珍:真享受啊!在水疗中心过一天,对我来说就是天堂里的享受了Tim:Yeah, it’s great.蒂姆:是的,确实不错Jan:Aren’t you enjoying yourself?珍:你玩得不开心吗?Tim:The massage was okay, but why do I have to get a facial and a body wrap? I’m a guy!蒂姆:那里的还算不错,但为什么把我的面部和全身都包起来?我可是男人啊!Jan:Men need rejuvenating, too. These are all holistic treatments and you’ll feel like a new man when you’re done. Just enjoy the pampering.珍:男人也需要恢复体力这是全面的理疗,而且当你做完时,你会感觉像变了一个人似的现在你就享受呵护吧Tim:I feel like an idiot. How am I supposed to relax?蒂姆:我觉得自己像个白痴我怎么才能放松呢?Jan:Why don’t you get a body scrub or a scalp massage instead? Maybe that’ll calm your nerves.珍:你为什么来个身体磨砂或头皮?也许这样会让你的神经放松Tim:I don’t need a body scrub or another massage. I just want to get out of here. When will we be done?蒂姆:我不需要身体磨砂或其它什么的我只想离开这里我们什么时候才能做完?Jan:After this, all we have left are manicures and pedicures.珍:做完这个之后,我们就剩下修指甲和修脚了Tim:What?! I’m not getting a manicure or a pedicure.蒂姆:什么?!我是不会修指甲的,也不会修脚的Jan:You did promise to go with me to the spa if I agreed to have your four college friends stay in our house two weeks, remember?珍:如果我同意你的四个大学朋友在我们家住两个星期,你就承诺和我一起去做水疗,不记得了吗?Tim:Yes, I remember. All right, let’s get this over with.蒂姆:是的,我记得好吧,让我们把整个理疗做完吧Jan:Just be glad I didn’t sign you up waxing!珍:我没让你打蜡就不错啦!内容来自: 78

A EVER FRIEND 永远的朋友A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.“别人都走开的时候,朋友仍与你在一起”Sometimes in life,有时候在生活中,You find a special friend;你会找到一个特别的朋友;Someone who changes your life just by being part of it.他只是你生活中的一部分内容,却能改变你整个的生活Someone who makes you laugh until you cant stop;他会把你逗得开怀大笑;Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.他会让你相信人间有真情Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting you to open it.他会让你确信,真的有一扇不加锁的门,在等待着你去开启This is ever Friendship.这就是永远的友谊When youre down,当你失意,and the world seems dark and empty,当世界变得黯淡与空虚,Your ever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full.你真正的朋友会让你振作起来,原本黯淡、空虚的世界顿时变得明亮和充实Your ever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times.你真正的朋友会与你一同度过困难、伤心和烦恼的时刻If you turn and walk away,你转身走开时,Your ever friend follows.真正的朋友会紧紧相随If you lose your way,你迷失方向时,Your ever friend guides you and cheers you on.真正的朋友会引导你,鼓励你Your ever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay.真正的朋友会握着你的手,告诉你一切都会好起来的And if you find such a friend,如果你找到了这样的朋友,You feel happy and complete,你会快乐,觉得人生完整,Because you need not worry.因为你无需要再忧虑You have a ever friend life,你拥有了一个真正的朋友,And ever has no end.永永远远,永无止境 This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax; I do hope this online radio program could be your ever friend. At the end of today program, please allow me to say thank you dropping by.这里是Faith主持的Faith轻松电台节目我真诚的希望我们的节目会是你永远的朋友在今天节目的尾声,我想对来访的听众们说声——谢谢 03736

Greg: What are you doing with that map and that globe?格雷格:你用那地图和地球仪干什么?Julianna: Im trying to keep track of Carmen as she travels from country to country. I just got another postcard from her today.茱莉安娜:我在跟踪卡门的行程,她从一个国家旅行到另一个国家今天我刚收到她寄来的明信片Greg: Im not sure I like the idea of my daughter traveling around the world with a group of people three months. It not safe.格雷格:如果我的女儿跟一群人出去环游世界3个月,我不确定我会喜欢这种行为那不安全Julianna: She can take care of herself. You know she the adventurous type. Give her a compass and she can find her way around anywhere. Help me find Nauru on this map. I dont even know what continent it on. I was never any good at geography.茱莉安娜:她能照顾好自己你也知道她热爱冒险只要给她一个指南针,她能找到任何地方帮我在地图上找瑙鲁我甚至不知道它位于哪个大陆板块我一直都不擅长地理Greg: All right. You look above the equator and Ill look below it, but couldnt you just look it up on the Internet? It would be easy to find the latitude and longitude of this place.格雷格:好吧你在赤道上方找,我在赤道下方找,你就不能去网上搜索吗?找这个地方的经度和纬度应该是很容易的Julianna: This is more fun. I sort of feel like Im on an adventure myself.茱莉安娜:这样更好玩我多少有种自己在冒险的感觉Greg: I cant make heads or tails of this map. It not to scale and this legend is all wrong!格雷格:我看不懂这份地图上面没有刻度,连符号都是错误的!Julianna: It doesnt matter. We just need to find the place name, and then I can put a pin in this map showing where she been.茱莉安娜:没关系我们只要找到地名就行了,那样我就能在那里别上针,显示她去过那里Greg: I have a better idea. Ill look it up on the Internet and get you all of the vital statistics youd want, like its location, okay?格雷格:我有个更好的主意我在网上搜索所有你想要的重要数据,例如方位,好不好?Julianna: get it. Sometimes it more fun doing things the hard way.茱莉安娜:算了吧有时候费点功夫会更有趣原文译文属! 397Jeremy: Hello. Miranda: Hi, it’s me. I can’t make it home dinner tonight. I’m working overtime. Jeremy: Again? That’s the third time this week. I can’t believe your boss is making you do this. Miranda: Don’t get mad, but I actually told him that I didn’t mind. I know I’ve been working long hours, but I don’t want to turn down the work. You know that I’m getting paid time and a half, and we need the money. Jeremy: I know we do, but we’re getting by. What happened to a 0-hour workweek? You’ve been working at least 60. It’s not worth it you to work your fingers to the bone no matter how strapped we are. Miranda: I know. I know. It’s just that morale around this place is pretty low and I’m just trying to do my part. Just don’t gripe. Okay? Jeremy: I’m not griping. I’m just worried about you. You come home after a long day, and you’re overworked and emotionally drained. That’s not fair to the kids. Miranda: You’re right, but could we talk about it this weekend? I’ve really got to go. I promise we’ll work it all out then. Jeremy: Okay, but what time are you coming home tonight? Miranda: I’m not sure, but I’ll try to make it home in time to tuck the kids in. Jeremy: All right. I’ll see you then. Miranda: Bye.

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