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本溪男科医院专家预约本溪妇科医院是公立本溪中心医院是正规的 A Taiwanese eatery famed for its dumplings was crowned Asia#39;s best restaurant, whilerestaurants in Beijing claimed the lion#39;s share of spots in the top ten of a new survey of the food-obsessed region#39;s best dining.Din Tai Fung in the Taiwanese capital Taipei was ranked number one in the inaugural ;101 Best Restaurants in Asia; list, released on Thursday by the U.S.-based food website The Daily Meal, which does similar polls in the ed States and Europe. Half of the top ten restaurants were in Beijing, with Duck de Chine - noted for its Peking duck - at second place, and the Chinese-style nouvelle cuisine Green T. House at third.据路透社5月16日报道——美国的美食网站“每日一餐”(The Daily Meal)于16日首次发布了“亚洲101家最佳餐厅”榜单,台湾小笼包专卖店鼎泰丰荣获亚洲最佳餐厅美誉,北京占据前十餐厅的半数席位。;Ultimately we chose ... a place best-known for doing one thing absolutely perfectly,; said Colman Andrews, editorial director of The Daily Meal, adding that they were aware their selection of the restaurant, which has spun off into an international chain, would be controversial.每日一餐网站的编辑主任科尔曼·安德鲁斯(Colman Andrews)表示:“最后我们选择了……一个以专注做好一道菜肴的餐厅。”他补充说他们明白选择鼎泰丰会引发争议。鼎泰丰已成为一家国际连锁餐厅。;Our feeling is that Shanghai has had a good reputation as a restaurant city for some time, due both to a strong regional cuisine and the early incursions of Western celebrity chefs ... but that Beijing is definitely catching up,; said Andrews.安德鲁斯说:“我们觉得上海的餐厅在一段时间里享有很高的声誉,因为它们拥有实力强劲的地方菜,而且西方名厨进入上海的时间也较早……但北京正在迎头赶上。这是个不太完美的类比:上海和北京的烹饪差异就像纽约和华府一样。纽约作为美食之城来说更加有名,但是华盛顿的竞争力也在持续增强。”;It#39;s an imperfect analogy, but in a way the culinary contrast between the two mirrors that between New York City and Washington D.C. The former is more famous as a food city, but Washington increasingly offers serious competition - usually just with a little less fanfare.; Food critics, writers and long-term foreign residents in Asia, among others, voted on a list of restaurants pulled together over a six-month nomination period, considering cuisine, style, value and overall buzz, to select the top 101.经过6个月的提名阶段,来自美食家、作家和长住亚洲的外国居民就烹饪的方法、风格、价值和总体感觉进行投票,选出了前101家最佳餐厅。榜单上包括了来自柬埔寨、中国大陆、香港、印度、印度尼西亚、日本、、韩国、新加坡、斯里兰卡、台湾、泰国和越南的餐厅。该网站还在美国及欧洲推出了类似榜单。Beijing#39;s Temple Restaurant was fourth and Capital M, a modern Australian restaurant overlooking Tiananmen Square, was fifth. Another Beijing establishment, Dali Court, hit seventh.前十餐厅中,还包括排位第六的印度首都新德里的Varq餐厅、香港的龙景轩和日本北海道的三星米其林餐厅Michel Bras Toya Japon。Varq, in the Indian capital New Delhi, came in sixth. The top ten was rounded out by Hong Kong#39;s venerable Lung King Heen and Michel Bras TOYA, Japon, a Michelin three-star restaurant on Japan#39;s northernmost island of Hokkaido.前十名餐厅中,半数席位来自北京。以北京烤鸭闻名的全鸭季排名第二,而中式风格的新派料理店紫云轩排位第三。北京的寺庙餐厅排名第四,可在进餐时俯视天安门广场景象的澳大利亚Capital M西餐厅排位第五。大理院子餐厅荣获第七。Andrews said that Asia#39;s flourishing restaurant scene was developing some interesting new trends. Five Indian restaurants made the list, including one in Bangalore. ;India, indeed, will continue to develop in restaurant terms - and I hope not entirely through the efforts of the top hotel chains - but I also think South Korea shows great promise, and frankly I#39;m surprised that more of its top restaurants didn#39;t place on our list.;The top Korean restaurant was The Byeokje Galbi in Seoul, which came in at 30.总榜上有五家印度餐厅上榜,其中一家位于班加罗尔。安德鲁斯说:“实际上,印度将继续在餐饮业发展下去,我希望他们不仅仅将精力集中在顶级连锁酒店上。我还认为韩国很有发展前景,说实话,韩国的许多顶级餐厅没有上榜让我感到很惊讶。”排位最高的韩国餐厅是首尔的The Byeokje Galbi餐厅,排名30。 /201305/240681当年的选美皇后,现在的“怀爹地”,世界首位变性爸爸在生育了三个孩子后,决定“自宫”,切除身体内的女性生殖器官。“夫”的身份给比提带来了“怀的快乐”,也带来了各种质疑、不解和抵制。他在肉体上和心灵上都受到了常人难以想象的痛苦。现在,他要上电视,说一说“十月爹地”的酸甜苦辣。  Thomas Beatie: World's First 'Pregnant Man' Wants Hysterectomy  世界首位“十月爹地”渴望切除子宫  Thomas Beatie, the transgender father dubbed 'the pregnant man' is considering having a hysterectomy after the birth of his third child。  托马斯·比提是位变性父亲,人称“夫”的他在生下自己第三个孩子后,想要进行子宫切除手术。  Mind-boggling pictures of Beatie, bearded and breastless boasting a bulging belly, emerged during his pregnancy。  看着照片中怀的比提,留着胡子,胸部平平,却挺着个大肚子,让人着实觉得不可思议。  The transgender 37-year-old retained his female reproductive organs despite being legally declared a man in 2002.  尽管在法律上37岁的比提在2002年就已经是个男人了,但他在接受变性手术时选择保留了身上的女性生殖器官。  His wife Nancy had to breastfeed their children as Beatie was unable because male hormones prevented him from producing milk。  由于比提体内的男性激素使得他无法哺乳,他的妻子南希不得不替他们的孩子喂奶。  He will explain why he is considering a hysterectomy in The Doctors, an American series similar to Embarrassing Bodies。  比提将参与录制电视节目“医生们”,这个美国节目是英国版的“限制级诊疗室”(这是英国的一档电视节目,原意是尴尬的人体)。在节目中,比提将揭露他想要切除子宫的原因。  Beatie will describe the strain he has suffered while trying to conceive. Medical complications of being a transgender father will also be revealed。  比提还将在节目中披露自己尝试怀时所承受的种种压力,以及身为变性父亲所遇到的并发症等等。  Beatie will also speak about the impact of publicity surrounding the birth of his first child, Susan, and how negative coverage led to the boycott and subsequent collapse of his T-shirt business ‘Define Normal’。  比提也将谈到他在生第一个孩子苏珊时,公众给他带来的影响,还有媒体的负面报道是如何使得人们抵制并最后导致他的T恤生意破产的。  Living off benefits and struggling to pay the mortgage, in March 2011 Beatie said he was "desperate" and filed for bankruptcy。  比提现在靠着政府救济来维持生活,还要为还贷而苦苦挣扎。今年三月,他曾说过自己感到很“绝望”,并且申请了破产。  While he was first pregnant, Beatie was reported as saying: "Despite the fact that my belly is growing with a new life inside me, I am stable and confident being the man that I am."  作为世界首位“怀爸爸”,比提曾在报道中说过,“尽管我的肚子里有个小生命在一天天长大,现在的这具男儿身仍然让我觉得很稳定、很自信。” /201111/159630本溪淋病怎么治疗

本溪北大男科医院预约Online, English has become a common language for users from around the world. In the process, the language itself is changing.英语已经在网络上成为全球范围内的通用语言。在此过程中,英语本身也在不断发生着变化。When America emerged from the ashes of a bruising war with Britain in 1814, the nation was far from united. Noah Webster thought that a common language would bring people together and help create a new identity that would make the country truly independent of the British.1814年英美战争结束后,当美国从废墟中发展起来时,还是个四分五裂的国家。美国辞典编纂家诺亚-韦伯斯特认为,统一语言将会使人们更有凝聚力,并获得新的身份,这有助于美国真正的脱离英国而独立。Webster#39;s dictionary, now in its 11th edition, adopted the Americanised spellings familiar today - er instead of re in theatre, dropping the u from colour, and losing the double l from words such as traveller. It also documented new words that were uniquely American such as skunk, opossum, hickory, squash and chowder.《韦氏词典》现在已经是第11版了,它采用我们现在熟悉的美式拼写——theatre中的re变为er,去掉colour中的u,把一些单词中的两个l如traveller变为一个l。词典中也收录了一些美国独有的新词汇,如skunk(臭鼬), opossum(负鼠), hickory(山核桃), squash(南瓜)和 chowder(杂烩)。An American Dictionary of the English Language took 18 years to complete and Webster learned 26 other languages in order to research the etymology of its 70,000 entries.韦伯斯特花了18年时间写成《美国英语词典》,为了研究词典中的70000个单词的词形变化,他学习了26种语言。The internet is creating a similar language evolution, but at a much faster pace.互联网为类似的语言演变创造了一个平台,但速度更快。There are now thought to be some 4.5 billion web pages worldwide. And with half the population of China now on line, many of them are written in Chinese.现在在全球范围内共有45亿个网页。在中国,如今有一半的人都是网民,他们中很多人使用中文上网。Still, some linguists predict that within 10 years English will dominate the internet - but in forms very different to what we accept and recognise as English today.不过一些语言学家预测,10年内英语将成为互联网的主导语言,但形式将和网民今天接受和认可的英语有很大不同。That#39;s because people who speak English as a second language aly outnumber native speakers. And increasingly they use it to communicate with other non-native speakers, particularly on the internet where less attention is paid to grammar and spelling and users don#39;t have to worry about their accent.这是因为将英语作为第二语言的人数已经超过以英语为母语的人数。而且非英语国家的人进行交流时都使用英语,尤其是在互联网上,人们不太注重语法和拼写,使用者也不用担心口音问题。;The internet enfranchises people who are not native speakers to use English in significant and meaningful ways,; says Naomi Baron, professor of linguistics at American University in Washington DC.“网络让那些非英语国家的人们在重要和意义重大的场合中更自由的使用英语,”位于华盛顿地区的美利坚大学的语言学教授内奥米-巴伦说。Users of Facebook aly socialise in a number of different ;Englishes; including Indian English, or Hinglish, Spanglish (Spanish English) and Konglish (Korean English). While these variations have long existed within individual cultures, they#39;re now expanding and comingling online.社交网络的用户使不同形式的英语社会化,包括印度英语,西班牙式英语和韩式英语。虽然这些变化一直存在于各国的文化中,但如今网络使它们相互融合。;On the internet, all that matters is that people can communicate - nobody has a right to tell them what the language should be,; says Baron. ;If you can talk Facebook into putting up pages, you have a language that has political and social standing even if it doesn#39;t have much in the way of linguistic uniqueness.;“在互联网上,最重要的是人们可以相互交流——没有人有权利规定该使用何种语言,”巴伦说。“如果你能说脸谱网建立网页,你的语言就有了政治和社会地位,即使它在语言方面并没有太多的独特性。”Some words are adaptations of traditional English: In Singlish, or Singaporean English, ;blur; means ;confused; or ;slow;: ;She came into the conversation late and was blur as a result.;有些单词与传统英语出入较大:在新加坡英语中,“blur” 意为“困惑的”或“缓慢的”,例句:“聊天的时候她很迟才加入讨论,因此有些困惑。”Others combine English words to make something new. In Konglish, ;skinship; means intimate physical contact: handholding, touching, caressing.此外,合成词也可以产生一些新的词汇。在韩式英语中,;skinship;意为身体的亲密接触:握手、抚摸和爱抚。Technology companies are tapping into the new English variations with products aimed at enabling users to add words that are not aly in the English dictionary.科技公司正在开发英语新变化的相关产品,旨在帮助用户增加现在英语字典中不存在的单词。And most large companies have English websites, while smaller businesses are learning that they need a common language - English - to reach global customers.大多数大公司都有自己的英文网站,小企业也意识到他们需要一种通用语言,也就是英语,来争取全球范围内的客户。;While most people don#39;t speak English as their first language, there is a special commercial and social role for English driven by modern forms of entertainment,; says Robert Munro, a computational linguist and head of, a language technology company in California.“虽然大多数人的母语都不是英语,但现代方式让英语发挥着特殊的商业和社会作用,” 加利福尼亚一家名为Idibon的语言公司的老总,计算机语言学家罗伯特-芒罗说。;The prevalence of English movies in regions where there is not much technology other than cell phones and DVDs makes English an aspirational language. People think it#39;s the language of the digital age.;“在一些除了手机和DVD外没有其他什么高科技产品的地区,英语电影的流行让英语成为一种时尚。人们认为这是数字时代的语言。”In previous centuries, the convergence of cultures and trade led to the emergence of pidgin - a streamlined system of communication that has simple grammatical structure, says Michael Ullman, director of research at Georgetown University#39;s Brain and Language Lab.过去几个世纪,文化和商贸的融合导致了洋泾浜语的产生,这是一种简洁实用的交流语言,语法结构简单,乔治城大学大脑和语言实验室的主任迈克尔-厄尔曼这样解释道。When the next generation of pidgin speakers begins to add vocabulary and grammar, it becomes a distinct Creole language. ;You get different endings, it#39;s more complex and systematised. Something like that could be happening to English on the web,; he says.下一代的洋泾浜语言使用者还会为其继续增加词汇和语法,它会变成一种截然不同的克里奥尔语。“洋泾浜语会有不同的形式,会更加复杂和系统化。对于英语,这种变化会发生在互联网上,”他说。 Take Hinglish. Hinglish is a blend of Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English and is so widesp that it#39;s even being taught to British diplomats.以印式英语为例,印式英语是北印度语、旁遮普语、乌尔都语和英语的混合语,它使用很广泛,甚至被教给英国外交官。Mobile phone companies are also updating their apps to reflect its growing use.移动电话公司也在不断更新应用程序,以体现他们日益增多的功能。In Hinglish, a co-brother is a brother-in-law; eve-teasing means sexual harassment; an emergency crew responding to a crisis might be described as #39;airdashing#39;, and somewhat confusing to football fans, a #39;stadium#39; refers to a bald man with a fringe of hair. There#39;s even a new concept of time - ;pre-pone;, the opposite of postpone, meaning ;to bring something forward;.在印式英语中,co-brother意为夫、夫或小舅子;eve-teasing意为性骚扰;紧急救援队对突发事件的反应可能会被描述为 airdashing,而令球迷有些困惑的是,stadium指的是头发稀疏的秃顶男人。就连表示时间都有新的概念——pre-pone,延期的反义词,意为“提前”。The increasing prevalence of the internet in everyday life means that language online is not a zero sum game. Instead, it allows multiple languages to flourish.互联网在日常生活中的日益普遍意味着语言并非一场零和弈。相反,它让不同的语言蓬勃发展。;Most people actually speak multiple languages - it#39;s less common to only speak one,; says Mr Munro. ;English has taken its place as the world#39;s lingua franca, but it#39;s not pushing out other languages.;“实际上,很多人都会说多种语言,只会说一种语言的人是很少见的。” 芒罗先生说。“英语已经成为世界的通用语,但它并不排挤其他语言。”Instead, other languages are pushing their way into English, and in the process creating something new.相反,其他语言正在融入英语当中,在此过程中也在不断产生新的东西。 /201212/215213明山区人民医院是私人医院吗 南芬医院妇科咨询

本溪北大是正规医院吗This year 9.15 million students will sit the national college entrance exam, or gaokao, on Thursday and Friday, with an expected average admission rate of 75 percent, the Ministry of Education said, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,教育部透露,今年将有915万学生于周四、周五参加高考,预计平均录取率达75%。According to the ministry, the number of national exam participants has fallen 2 percent from last year, while the admission rate has increased by 3 percent.今年全国高考人数比去年降了2%,但录取率却上涨了3个百分点。This drop in exam participants and the rising of the admission rate have been trends since 2008.实际上,从2008年起就一直存在参考人数下降、录取率上升的情况。The falling number of gaokao participants is in line with the decline in the number of people under 18, but studying overseas is also regarded as a reason.高考人数减少要归咎于18岁以下的学生数量越来越少,另外,不少人选择出国留学也是原因之一。内容来自: /201206/186083 Three scant years ago, Shanghai celebrated the 100th birthday of one of history’s most famous junk foods — the Oreo biscuit — with fireworks on the Bund and multi-storey neon adverts projected on to skyscrapers. But now China has put Oreo on a diet.3年多以前,上海庆祝了史上最著名的垃圾食品之一——奥利奥(Oreo)问世100周年纪念日——外滩上燃放了焰火,天大楼上投射了几层楼高的奥利奥霓虹灯广告。但现在,中国让奥利奥“节食减肥”。This is a country where, within living memory, millions starved to death. People will, to this day, tell you how they ate roots or shoots or even dirt to stay alive. Little wonder the Chinese market was a pushover for the ubiquitous black-and-white sandwich cookie.在这个国家,人们仍然记得曾经有数百万人饿死的经历。直至今天,还有人会告诉你,他们是如何靠吃草根树芽,甚至泥土活下来。也难怪这种随处可见的黑白夹心饼干轻而易举地征了中国市场。Foreign treats were seen as healthier than local snacks, because they were imported from places that did not have such a vigorous tradition of poisoning residents with tainted ingredients, as was the fad in China. When I moved here in 2008, it took a while to get used to the notion that McDonald’s was a healthy option, purely because it was less likely to be toxic. Here, when mainlanders tell you something is “healthy”, they often mean that it won’t be immediately fatal.过去,人们认为外国美食比本土小吃更健康,因为它们是从别处进口而来的,那些地方并没有这种风气——用受到污染的原料毒害居民。2008年搬到这里的时候,我花了一段时间才适应那种认为麦当劳(McDonald’s)是一种健康饮食选择的观念,纯粹是因为麦当劳不那么可能有毒。在这里,当有内地人告诉你什么东西是“健康”的,他们的意思通常是指这种东西不会立即致命。But in the past few years, China has begun to discover that heavy metals are not the only things to avoid in snack foods. There is that small matter of fat and sugar, too. Last week, Chinese media carried stories saying that Mondelez, the maker of Oreo, was shutting down some Shanghai production because people were going right off biscuits. The US company waffled a bit about “optimising our supply chain” and shifting production elsewhere, but the company had made clear in the past that Oreo was in trouble in China. Figures from Euromonitor show that, since the sound and light of its centenary celebration, the biscuit has lost one-third of its market share in China, from nearly 9 per cent of the market in 2012 to 6 per cent now.但过去几年,中国人开始发现,重金属并不是唯一需要在零食里避免的东西。还有一些小问题:糖和脂肪。最近中国媒体报道,因为人们正在丧失对饼干的兴趣,奥利奥的制造商亿滋(Mondelez)关了上海一些生产线。这家美国公司扯了一通诸如“优化我们的供应链”和转移到别处生产的言论,但这家公司过去就曾明确表示,奥利奥在中国遇到了困难。欧睿(Euromonitor)的数据表明,在庆祝100周年的声光魅影以后,奥利奥饼干的中国市场份额缩小了三分之一,从2012年的近9%下降至现在的6%。So that is how Oreo ended up watching its waistline: Mondelez introduced a new “Oreo Thin”, just to woo Chinese consumers, and it did so well that they last month announced that Americans will be able to opt for the skinnier cousin too. All because of a revolution in eating habits that took decades in the west — and only a handful of years in China.因此,这就是奥利奥如何最终注意到自己的“腰围”的:亿滋推出了一款“奥利奥巧轻脆”(Oreo Thin),专为迎合中国的消费者,而且这款饼干卖的相当不错,因此亿滋上个月宣布,美国人也将可以选择更为纤细的同款饼干。这一切都是因为一场已经在西方进行了数十年的饮食习惯革命——在中国这场革命才经历了寥寥数年。That’s not Oreo’s only problem: many of the world’s most successful brands made it to China early and had a long run almost unrivalled, but are losing their first-mover advantage. (KFC has that problem too, compounded by a spot of bad publicity on the food quality front.)奥利奥面临的不仅仅是上述问题。许多世界最成功的品牌早早来到中国,在很长的一段时间里几乎无可匹敌,但这些品牌正在失去它们的先发优势。(肯德基(KFC)也有这个问题,食品质量方面的若干负面新闻使其境况更加糟糕。)Meanwhile, mainlanders have developed one of the most fickle palates on earth: Americans may want the same cookie Mum gave them with their milk after school; but Chinese want something new every day. Local companies are often nimbler than multinationals at introducing green tea or purple sweet potato alternatives to traditional flavours.同时,中国内地人还有地球上最多变的口味。美国人可能想吃妈妈以前在他们放学后给他们配着牛奶吃的饼干;而中国人每天都想吃点新鲜的。在推出绿茶、紫薯等非传统口味的新品方面,本土企业往往比跨国企业更灵敏。And cookie companies are facing competition from an even more unlikely source: home bakers. When I moved here, ovens were rare in normal homes: I figured that was why mine didn’t work too well. But now many a Chinese bride insists on having one. Sales of the countertop ovens preferred on the mainland have more than quadrupled since I started wielding a flour sifter on Chinese shores, and a 318-piece everything-you-could-ever-need baking set can be had on Alibaba’s Taobao for only 137 devalued renminbi.而且,饼干公司还遇到了一个看起来更不可能的竞争对手:家庭烘焙机器。当我刚搬到这里时,烤箱在一般家庭很少见:我觉得这就是为什么我那台烤箱不太好用的原因。但现在,很多中国新娘都坚持配一台烤箱。自我开始在中国海滨摇晃面粉筛以来,在中国内地很有人气的台面烤箱的销量已经增长三倍多,现在,全套318件的烘焙工具套装在阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的淘宝(Taobao)上只要(已经贬值的)137元人民币就可以买到。For, given that the vast majority of Chinese under 30 have never known an hour of hunger in their lives, let alone survived on roots and shoots, just filling the tummy is no longer the point. They cook for fun — and for health reasons, says Qian Zhaoli, a 27-year-old marketing manager in Shanghai. She’s started baking her own rusks because her first child is teething. “I wanted her to have the healthiest ones, without any additives,” she says, adding that shop-bought rusks have such a long shelf life, and “who knows how many artificial colours and preservatives they contain?” Plus, western-style baking is far easier than cooking any of China’s complicated cuisines, she says, noting that in Shanghai most cooking is done by men.因为,考虑到中国30岁以下的人多数没有尝过挨饿一个小时的滋味,更不必说靠草根树芽活下来了,只填饱肚子不再是重点。他们下厨是为了乐趣,也是因为更加健康——上海27岁的营销经理钱朝丽(音译)如此表示。因为她的第一个孩子开始长牙,她开始自己烘焙磨牙饼干。“我希望她吃到最健康的,没有任何添加剂的,”她补充说,市场上卖的磨牙饼干保质期那么长,“谁知道它们含有多少人工色素和防腐剂?”此外,她表示,西式烘焙比烹制复杂的中式菜肴要简单得多,并指出在上海下厨的大多是男人。This is not just a tale of Oreos and ovens. It is a parable for a new type of Chinese consumption: more finicky, more fickle — potentially less profitable. Anyone selling almost anything here should watch it closely. May the best rolling pin win.这不仅仅是奥利奥和烤箱的故事。这是一则中国新式消费的寓言:更挑剔、更多变——获利空间可能也更小。在中国,卖几乎任何东西的任何人都应该密切留意这一点。希望最好的擀面杖能够胜出吧。 /201508/395096溪湖医院有微创手术吗本溪北大价目表



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