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青岛地区上臂溶脂哪家医院好青岛自体隆鼻手术一般多少钱青岛大腿吸脂医院排名 Orderamp;Deposit订单与定金S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客情景对话 Dialogue对话C: I want to order it. How can I get it?我要订货,得多久才能拿货?S: Oh, let me see... I think it takes about ten days.噢,我算算,大概要天吧C: That good. Should I pay you now?很好现在付款吗?S: No, you neednt. But would you please deposit some money with us?哦,不用请您先交一部分保金 对话5C: Not enough, I want a dozen more.还不够,我想再要一打S: Im sorry, this is all we have. Would you like to order it?对不起,就这些了您要订货吗?C: If I order today, how long will it take to get it?我要是今天订货,多久可以拿货呢?S: We expect to get it the day after tomorrow.预计后天能拿货 65本对话选自Prison Break《越狱Abruzzi越狱出来后和家人团聚,决定偷渡去别的国家但在临行前知道了背叛者Fibonacci的消息,他决定去报仇他的妻子Sylvia不希望他这样,恳求他不要去,忘了一切,跟家人远走高飞Slyvia: Look at this room, John! Look! We can be a family again. But you wanna risk it all, disrespect us, and what, vengeance? Abruzzi: He betrayed me…Sylvia: I don't care!Abruzzi: He betrayed us. I'm sorry you will never understand what happens… when you're in prison.Sylvia: But you could go back to prison.Abruzzi: I swear to God, I'd rather die than go back.There's no going back. Never, ever again.Sylvia: Christ saved you, John. Don't turn your back on him. Don't turn your back on us.Abruzzi: I… 重点知识讲解:1. I don't care. 我不在乎;我不管这是一个在口语中较为常用的句子Care在这里不是照顾的意思,而是表示关心,在乎,在意,介意,例如:Do you care if I go there? 如果我去的话,你不介意吧?另外,care还有喜欢,愿意的意思,例如:I don't care coffee. 我不喜欢喝咖啡. swear vt. 发誓例句:The witness swore to tell the truth. 人起誓保讲真话3. rather…than…宁可……也不……; 与其……不如……这是一个较为常见的搭配,表示宁可……也不……,rather和than后加动词原形注意,“宁可要做的事”要加在rather后面,“也不要做的事”要加在than后面,例如:I'd rather express my anger than bottle it up. 我生气宁可发泄出来也不要闷在心里. turn one's back on 背弃;不理睬如果转身背朝某人,一般表示不想理睬某人;背朝某人的时候心就离得远了,这个短语可以表示背弃,例如:I can't just turn my back on him now because he's ill and poor. 我不能因为他现在穷了就不理他汉语译文: Sylvia: 看看这个家,John! 看!我们本可以一家团聚但是你却要毁了它,毫不在意我们的感受,为了什么?复仇?Abruzzi: 他出卖了我……Sylvia: 我不管Abruzzi: 他出卖了我们你永远都不会明白在监狱是什么感受Sylvia: 但是你有可能会再进去的Abruzzi: 我发誓,我宁愿死也不会再回去没有下一次,永远没有Sylvia: 基督救过你,John, 别辜负他别辜负我们Abruzzi: 我……课后题目:学习完后,你知道怎样表达“宁可……也不……”这样的英文句子吗? 561青岛日照好的吸脂减肥医院

山东省青岛市第七人民医院诊疗中心A storm has been brewing in the otherwise quaint Victorian coastal town of Venus Bay, Australia.一场风暴正在原本古朴的澳大利亚维多利亚省海岸小镇金星湾酝酿And it all centers on the innocuous shellfish - the pipi.而这场风暴的中心竟是无毒贝类生物--蚬At the height of summer, when the conditions are right, more than ,500 predominately Chinese people can be found digging up the coastline of Venus Bay, 5 km south-east of Melbourne, in search of pipis to eat.金星湾位于墨尔本东南方向5公里处,盛夏时节,条件成熟时,会有500多人沿着金星湾海岸线挖蚬来当食材,其中大部分是中国人It has prompted a fierce pushback by locals, who insist their concerns about the day trippers are not racist but are instead driven by environmental and social concerns.这引发了当地人的强烈不满,他们坚称对“一日游”游客的担忧并非源于种族歧视,而是出于环境及社会原因Scientists and authorities are now conducting research aimed at eliminating the emotional elements of the debate in an attempt to quantify the ecological impact of pipi harvesting.科学家和有关部门正在进行研究,试图量化挖蚬的生态影响,消除这场争论中的情感因素Ever since the 1960s when the area around Venus Bay was first developed, the inconspicuous shellfish found under the sand at low tide has been harvested both commercially and recreationally bait.自世纪60年代起,金星湾周边地区得到开发,退潮时挖蚬作鱼饵成了这里的一项商业及消遣活动But over the past eight years, the town, home to a mere 500 permanent residents, has become a hotspot pipi harvesting among Melbourne Chinese commy. On a busy summer day, thousands of pipi harvesters dig up the main beach in search of the shellfish.金星湾常住居民只有500人,但过去8年,这里成为墨尔本华人的挖蚬胜地到了热闹的夏季,一天就有数千人在金星湾最大的沙滩“一号滩”挖蚬Locals have become frustrated with the stress visiting pipi harvesters place on the town amenities - the car parks, rubbish bins, public toilets - even claiming it restricts emergency service access to the beach.前来挖蚬的游客给金星湾的停车场、垃圾桶、公共厕所等设施带来压力,这让当地居民感到困扰当地人甚至声称,游客阻碍了应急务进入沙滩Beyond the changing dynamic of the town though, there are concerns the rapid increase in pipi harvesting is seeing the species populations being depleted beyond repair.除了这些变化,还有人担心挖蚬数量迅速增长使得种群数量减少到无法恢复的程度John Morrongiello, a lecturer of marine biology at the University of Melbourne, is conducting a study into the impact of pipi harvesting at Venus Bay. ;At the moment there a degree of he-said, she-said going on; what we really need is some hard facts and that is our role as scientists to do an objective research project.;墨尔本大学海洋生物系讲师约翰·莫伦哲路正在研究挖蚬对金星湾的影响她表示:“目前存在许多公众争论,我们真正需要的是确切据,而科学家要做的就是进行客观研究” 57青岛自体脂肪填充泪沟 Over 0 monocled cobra snakelets have escaped from a breeding farm in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, prompting a mass search operation to locate the potentially-venomous serpents.日前,中国东部城市南京的一家养殖场的0多条孟加拉眼镜蛇幼蛇外逃,相关部门随即开展了大规模的搜寻The whereabouts of around 50 remain unknown, as medical authorities are on standby in case of snakebite reports.目前仍有大约50条眼镜蛇下落不明,防蛇咬险情出现,医疗部门正严阵以待The slippery reptiles, which belong to Chunyi Breeding Cooperative in the suburban Liuhe district in Nanjing, broke free on August 6.这些光滑的爬行动物为南京六合区的春益养殖合作社所有,它们于8月6日外逃But the farm owner, Qin Guorong, failed to report the case to the police and has now been detained investigation.但是,该养殖场场主秦国荣却并未及时将情况通报给当地警方,现已被拘留调查Qin said rain had caused cracks in the room flooring where the snakes were kept. ;The snakes could slither away as long as there is a crack,; Qin told thepaper.cn.秦国荣在接受《澎湃新闻采访时表示,接连的下雨天致使养殖房地面产生裂缝,这批蛇苗只要有一点裂缝就可以跑出去He defended himself saying he believed the snakelets would not pose a serious threat as they would ;die in several days since temperatures were falling.;他还辩称,自己相信幼蛇不会造成太大严重危害,因为他们;再过几天就会因气温下降而死亡;Around 0 of the snakes have been caught and killed, and the search the other 50 or so is still underway.目前已经约有0只幼蛇或被捉获,或被打死,但仍有50多条下落不明Local authorities have dispatched an emergency medical team equipped with antivenom as a precautionary measure.当地政府部门已经成立应急救治小组,调来抗蛇毒血清作为预防措施 3烟台山医院位置

青岛烟台隆胸整形医院A renewed price list 更新的报价单A: We have made some adjustment on the prices. And this is the renewed price list.我们对价格作了调整这是新的报价单B: Thank you allowing us 3% reduction, but still we find your price is on the high side.谢谢你们给3%的优惠,但我们还是觉得您的价格偏高A: This is our rock-bottom price, and we can't make any further reduction.这是我们的最低价,不能再降了B: If so, we find it difficult us to go on with our talks.这样的话,我们就难以再谈下去了A: Then what's your counter-offer?那你方的还价是多少呢?B: This is our counter-offer.这是我们的还价A: We are sincere to make business with you, but the difference between your counter-offer and our price is too great.我们是很有诚意跟你们做这笔生意的,但你方的还价跟我们的价格差太多B: So are we. Our counter offer is in line with the world market.我方也是很有诚意的我们的还价完全符合国际行情A: How about meeting each other half-way in order to conclude the business?为了成交,我们各退一步吧B: Agreed.好吧重点解释: adjustment n. 调整,调节,更改(以适应)renew v. 使更新rduction n. 减少 counter-offer n. 还盘,还价sincere adj. 真诚的,诚挚的 in line with 与…… 一致,符合Your plan is in line with my idea.你的计划符合我的想法 7 在青岛地区青医附院预约挂号青岛诺德医院胎记多少钱



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