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海峡时报:新加坡陆路交通正在就如何在新加坡实现自行车共享征集措施建议.The Straits Times: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is seeking proposals on how best to implement bicycle-sharing in Singapore.The government agency on Wednesday issued a Request Inmation (RFI) today asking proposals and views from the industry. The findings of the RFI are also expected to shed light on the various sponsorship and operating models. 351

Selling a Ladder卖梯子There was a big garden near old Mr. Jones house, and it had a lot of fruit trees in it. One day he saw some beautiful apples on one of them. He went home and get a ladder, put it against the high wall of the garden and climbed up. Then he pulled the ladder up, put it down on the other side, and climbed down into the garden. Just then a gardener cam e round a corner and saw him.老琼斯先生家附近有一座大花园,里面长了很多果树一天,他看到有棵树上结了一些鲜艳苹果他回家拿了一架梯子,把它倚靠在花园的高墙上,爬了上去然后,他把梯子拿起来放在墙的另一边,顺着梯子下去进了花园就在这时,园丁从角落里走了过来,看到了他;What are you doing here?; he shouted.“你在这里做什么呢?”他喊道Mr. Jones thought quickly and then said, ;Im selling my ladder.;琼斯先生脑子一转,说道:“我在卖梯子”;Selling your ladder? In somebody else garden? Do you think I believe such a stupid story?; said the gardener and came towards Mr. Jones with a stick.“卖梯子?在别人的花园里?你以为我会相信你现编乱造?”说着,园丁就拿着棍子朝他走去;It is my ladder,; said Mr. Jones,;and I can sell it where I like. You neednt buy if you dont want to.; And he took his ladder and climbed over the wall again.“这是我的梯子!”琼斯先生说,“我愿意在哪里卖就在哪里卖如果你不愿意,就不必买啊!”他带着梯子,又爬过墙走了 789

地点:钱德勒和乔伊的公寓客厅人物:乔伊,珍妮丝事件:珍妮丝从钱德勒那儿听说乔伊不喜欢自己,特意跑来邀请乔伊与她共同度过一天,以缓解俩人紧张的关系Janice: So, I hear, you hate me!Joey: I, ah, I never said hate. I was very careful about that.Janice: A little birdie told me something about you wanting to rip your arm off and throw it at me.Joey: And you got a “hate” from that? You’re taking a big leap there...Janice: All right, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, we’ve got to do something about our little situation here Joey. So, this is my idea: you and me spending some quality time together.I got to spend quality time with the kids.Joey: But what does that got to do...Janice: Chandler!Joey: Okay. I’m in.Janice: Okay. All right. This is what we’re gonna call it “Joey and Janice’s DAY OF FUN!”Joey: Does it have to be a whole day?Janice: Yes, because that’s how long it takes to love me.Joey: Yeah, I know, I sleep in the next room. 38358


  6 Thief第6单元 贼Cumin, turmeric, coriander. These were the things that came to mind when Rae thought of India. Of course, she thought of yoga too. Rae landed in Bombay early on a Wednesday morning. She got her luggage and made her way to the hotel.瑞伊一想到印度,脑海里就会浮现小茴香、姜黄、胡荽这些东西,当然,她也会想到瑜珈瑞伊是星期三一早抵达孟买的,她拿到行李后便往旅馆方向前进Rae had been planning her trip months. She was going to study yoga with one of the world best yoga gurus. Her first meeting was scheduled early the next morning.瑞伊这趟旅行已经计划几个月了,她要来这里跟一位全世界最优秀的瑜珈大师学习瑜珈,预定明天一早第一次去拜见老师On the way to the hotel, Rae was mesmerized by the wonderful colors and smells. She was so caught up in the sights and sounds, she barely had time to scream, “Thief” as a man grabbed her purse and ran away. Rae took off after the man.前往旅馆时,瑞伊被一路上大自然的美丽色和香味给迷住了,眼前的景象与声音让她沉迷不已这时突然有个人抓起她的手提包拔腿就跑,她几乎没有时间喊捉贼,就立刻在后面追着贼跑She chased him down small allies and over a bridge. She chased him through a market where women were selling beautiful scarves. The man was fast, but Rae was faster. She caught up to the man and tackled him to the ground.她不停地追着,追过一座桥,又经过一个许多妇女在贩卖围巾的市场那个贼虽然跑得很快,但瑞伊跑得更快,最后总算抓到那个贼并把他扭倒在地She grabbed her purse and kicked him in the stomach. She marched off with her bag and hailed a taxi to her hotel.她抢回她的手提包,又在贼肚子上踢了一脚,然后带着手提包离开,招了一辆计程车直接坐到旅馆 Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版 1。


  在暮光之城的续集《新月原声大碟众多独立乐团之外,难得的一个女声演绎,来自独立乐人Lykke Li的Possibility迷离的反复吟唱恰如其分地彰显了女主角贝拉在第二部中的心路历程点击此处收看MVThere's a possibilityThere's a possibilityAll that I had was all I'm gonna getmmmmmmmmmmmmmmAll I wanted is gone with your stareAll I wanted is gone with your stareSo tell me when you hear my stopYou're the only one that knowsTell me when you hear my silenceThere's a possibility I would't knowmmmmmmmmmmmmmmKnow that when you leaveKnow that when you leaveBy blood about me you walk like a thiefBy blood about me I fall when you leaveSo tell me when you hear my heart stopYou're the only one that knowsTell me when you hear my silenceThere's a possibility I wouldn't knowSo tell me when my sigh is overYou're the reason why I'm closedTell me when you hear me fallingThere's a possibility it wouldn't showmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmKnow that when you leaveKnow that when you leaveBy blood about me I fall when you leaveBy blood about me i follow your leadmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 97

  A Half-price Ticket半价票;How much is the movie ticket?;“电影票多少钱一张?”;Ten dollars, kid.;“美元,孩子”;I only have five dollars. Please let me in. Ill see it only with one eye.;“我只有5美元请让我进去吧,我只用一只眼睛看” 7


  Legal Advice法律咨询费Mitchell Palmer was a young lawyer. One day, a neighbor entered his office and asked: ;What could I do if another man dog entered my yard and killed one of my chickens?;密切尔·伯默先生是个青年律师有一天,他的一个邻居来到他的办公室问他:“如果别人的跑进我的院子并咬死了我的一只鸡,我怎么办?”Mr. Palmer replied that the damage done could be collected from the owner of the dog.伯默先生回答道,这损失应上的主人赔偿;Well,; said the man, ;since it was your dog, you might as well pay me the worth of the chicken, about one dollar, Mr. Palmer.;“那好,”那个人说,“那恰是你的,伯默先生,你该赔我的鸡,大约一美元!”Mr. Palmer smiled as he handed the man the amount named, and said: ;Now, then, as I have paid all that I owe you, dont you think i only fair you settle up that matter of the little bill you owe me?;伯默先生微笑着那个人要的钱付给了他,然后说:“我欠你的钱付清了你不觉得现在你也该了结一下你欠我的那笔小数目了吗?”;But;, protested the neighbor, ;I dont owe you a penny.;那邻居抗议说:“我一分钱也没欠你”;Ah,; smiled Mr. Palmer, ;dont you? Kindly pay me five dollars the legal advice which I gave you concerning the loss of your chicken.;伯默先生微笑着说,“是吗?我为你损失一只鸡的事作了法律咨询,请你付我五美元” 3970。

  My amazement at his pride and joy in salesmanship will be easily understood by all who this . In many shops the customer has to wait someone to wait upon him. And when finally some clerk does deign to notice you, you are made to feel as if you were interrupting him. Either he is absorbed in profound thought in which he hates to be disturbed or he is skylarking with a girl clerk and you feel like apologizing thrusting yourself into such intimacy.我对这少年做买卖的自豪感和喜悦的心情觉得惊异,读者对此当不难理解因为在许多商店,顾客得静候店员的招呼当一个店员终于屈尊注意到你,他那种模样会让你觉得你在打扰他他不是沉浸在沉思中,恼恨别人打断他的思路,就是在同女店员嬉笑聊天,让你感到不该打断了如此亲昵的谈话,反要向他道歉似的He displays no interest either in you or in the goods he is paid to sell. Yet possibly that very clerk who is now so apathetic began his career with hope and enthusiasm. The daily grind was too much him; the novelty wore off; his only pleasures were found outside of working hours. He became a mechanical, not inspired, salesman. After being mechanical, he became incompetent; then he saw younger clerks who had more zest in their work, promoted over him. He became sour. That was the last stage. His usefulness was over.无论对你,或是对他领了报酬专门来出售的货物,他都毫无兴趣然而就是这么个无动于衷的店员,可能当初也是怀着希望和热情开始他的职业的年复一年枯燥乏味的苦差使叫他无法忍受;新奇感被磨掉了;只在工作之余,他才能找到一点欢乐他成了一个机械的、没有干劲的售货员;机械呆板之后便是笨拙无能;他看到那些工作热情比他高的年轻店员晋升,超过了他,他开始烦躁不安他已走到最后一站,已全无价值I have observed this melancholy decline in the lives of so many men in so many occupations that I have come to the conclusion that the surest road to failure is to do things mechanically. There are many teachers in schools and colleges who seem duller than the dullest of their pupils; they go through the motions of teaching, but they are as impersonal as a telephone.各行各业都有许许多多人在生活的道路上走下坡路,意气消沉我见得太多了,便得出了一个结论:机械地干工作必然导致失败一些学院和学校里面许多教师,几乎比他们最迟钝的学生还要呆板;他们也进行教学活动,但就像一台电话机一般,丝毫没有一点人情味 36



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