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山东省青岛荣成胎记治疗要花多少钱青岛整容If all goes to plan in the coming months, Mike Froman, US trade representative, is set to land arguably the biggest prize in the country’s recent economic history.如果未来几个月一切按计划进行,美国贸易代表迈克#8226;弗罗曼(Mike Froman)即将收获该国近期经济史上可能最重要的奖品。The 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership, now nearing conclusion almost seven years after the US joined negotiations, is daunting in size and scope and dwarfs the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico that went into effect two decades ago.有12国参与的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)在美国加入谈判近7年后正接近达成,其规模和范围都很惊人,让20年前生效的美国与加拿大和墨西哥签订的《北美自由贸易协议》(North American Free Trade Agreement)相形见绌。Some 40 per cent of global output will be covered by the TPP, including two of the top three economies in the world (the US and Japan). It will significantly lower tariffs and other trade barriers around the Pacific Rim on everything from rice and steaks to cars and chemicals. It will contain enforceable standards on labour and the environment. It will set benchmarks by delineating rules for state-owned enterprises in the developing world and the digital economy. It will leave rivals in Beijing and Brussels salivating.TPP将涵盖全球约40%的产出,包括全球最大三个经济体中的两个(美国和日本)。它将大大降低环太平洋地区很多商品的关税和其他贸易壁垒,从大米、牛排到汽车和化学品。它将纳入劳动力和环境方面的强制性标准。它将设定基准,为发展中国家的国有企业和数字经济制定规则。它将让中国和欧盟的竞争对手羡慕不已。Yet the TPP is being derided by many inside President Barack Obama’s Democratic party and by the unions it has relied on for its base. At a time when Mr Obama is putting a new “middle-class economics” and the fight against inequality at the centre of his agenda, his push for new trade agreements causes many on his side of politics to squirm.然而,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)所在民主党内部的很多人,以及民主党所仰仗的工会,正嘲笑该协定。在奥巴马将新的“中产阶级经济学”以及反对不平等列为其执政议程核心之际,他对于新的贸易协定的推动,让他所在政治阵营的很多人不安。Such are the politics of trade in the US.这就是美国的贸易政治。The consensus among many Democrats with regard to trade agreements and globalisation is that they have not been kind to the middle class, having contributed to high-paying manufacturing jobs being shipped offshore and wages stagnating.在贸易协定和全球化问题上,很多民主党人的共识是,这些对中产阶层不利,导致高薪制造业工作被外包到海外,并使工资不再增长。Economists such as Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman have raised doubts about TPP. Even as she has made friendly noises on trade, Nancy Pelosi, the powerful Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, has been blunt about the administration’s challenge. “The burden is on [the White House] to demonstrate that this is good for American pay cheques,” she said last week.约瑟夫#8226;斯蒂格利茨(Joseph Stiglitz)和保罗#8226;克鲁格曼(Paul Krugman)等经济学家一直对TPP提出质疑。美国众议院颇有影响力的民主党领袖南希#8226;佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)在贸易问题上的态度比较友好,但她还是坦率地谈到了奥巴马政府所面临的挑战。她上周表示:“(白宫的)任务是明,这对于美国人的薪资有利。”But, sitting before the brick hearth in his office, a spitting distance from the White House, Mr Froman is resolute.然而,在距离白宫仅一步之遥的地方,坐在办公室砖砌壁炉前的弗罗曼却态度坚决。“We’re doing this to protect American jobs and American workers,” he tells the Financial Times in an interview.他在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“我们这么做是为了保护美国的就业和劳动者。”The TPP is, he argues, a way to open up more markets for US goods and services in fast-growing Asia and to create high-paying jobs at home. It is also a way to level the playing field for American workers by including stronger labour and environmental standards that will be enforceable via trade sanctions. And, with Canada and Mexico included, to deliver on President Obama’s long-ago campaign promise to renegotiate Nafta, something the progressive wing of the Democratic party has long sought.他认为,TPP能够在增长迅速的亚洲为更多美国商品和务打开市场,并在国内创造高薪岗位。它还可以纳入能够通过贸易制裁强制执行的更严格的劳动力和环境标准,为美国劳动者创造公平竞争环境。加拿大和墨西哥的加入,将兑现奥巴马总统很久以前提出的就《北美自由贸易协议》重新谈判的竞选承诺,这是民主党进步派长期以来一直寻求的。“There are a lot of people who raise very legitimate concerns about the impact of globalisation on patterns of production, on jobs, on wages. But I think it’s also important not to conflate globalisation with trade agreements,” Mr Froman says.弗罗曼表示:“很多人就全球化对生产、就业和薪资模式的影响提出了非常合理的担忧。但我认为,同样重要的是,不要把全球化与贸易协议混为一谈。”“Globalisation is a force. It exists. The question is whether we can use trade agreements to shape it, or whether we want to just sit and be shaped by it.”“全球化是一种力量。它是存在的。问题是我们能否利用贸易协议来影响全球化,还是说我们甘愿坐等全球化来影响我们。”The US, he says, needs to be at the forefront of setting global rules of commerce. Countries like China are engaged in their own rival bids to create regional blocs that exclude the US and do not include the sort of rules the US is pursuing on labour, intellectual property or the internet. Ceding ground to such rivals “has got to be worse for American workers and the American middle class than even the status quo”.他表示,美国需要走在制定全球商业规则的前列。中国等国正试图创建竞争性的区域集团,这些集团排斥美国,也排斥美国在劳动力、知识产权或互联网领域所力推的那些规则。“对美国劳动者和美国中产阶级而言”,向这些竞争对手让步“比保持现状更糟糕”。Negotiators from the US, Japan and the 10 other countries in the TPP are involved in almost constant discussions. Obstacles clearly remain and negotiations are tough. But a TPP deal is “a small number of months” away, Mr Froman forecast during a Senate hearing last week.来自美国、日本和其他10个TPP国家的谈判代表正在进行近乎不间断的磋商。障碍显然存在,同时谈判相当艰难。但弗罗曼在上周参议院的一次听会期间预测,达成TPP只有“几个月”之遥。The US has told its partners within the TPP that it wants to complete negotiations before the summer so that an agreement can be put to Congress by the end of 2015 and before the 2016 presidential campaign heats up.美国已告诉其TPP伙伴国,美国希望在今年夏季之前完成谈判,这样协定就可以在2015年底之前递交国会,赶在2016年总统大选升温之前。Amid pitched partisan battles on other issues, importantly the new Republican leadership in Congress says it wants to give Mr Obama the “fast-track” authority he needs to close the TPP and, eventually, a parallel negotiation with the EU.尽管两党正在就其他问题展开激战,但重要的是,国会新任共和党领导层表示,希望赋予奥巴马缔结TPP、以及最终与欧盟完成类似谈判所需的“快车道”授权。Business groups, Republicans and the administration all believe a healthy majority in Congress will back a vote on what is formally called Trade Promotion Authority. Asked whether he expects such a vote to succeed, Mr Froman answers: “Yes”.商业组织、共和党人以及奥巴马政府都认为,国会的绝大多数议员都将持就这项正式名称为“贸易促进授权”(Trade Promotion Authority)的措施投票。在被问及他是否预测投票会成功时,弗罗曼的回答是肯定的。The consensus in the US is that Congress is likely to vote on fast-track authority within two-three months and that a TPP deal will be closed shortly thereafter. Mr Froman’s big moment — the US’s big trade moment — may well be not very far away.美国的共识是,国会可能会在两三个月内就“快车道”授权进行投票,TPP将在之后不久达成。弗罗曼的重大时刻——也是美国贸易的重大时刻——很可能不久就要到来了。 /201502/358690在青岛地区市中心医院开双眼皮手术多少钱 Luxury jewellers face challenges on numerous fronts — but a battered gold price is not one of them, making the sector one of the few winners amid a global commodities rout.奢侈品珠宝商在很多领域面临挑战,但金价下跌并非这些挑战之一,反而让奢侈品行业成为全球大宗商品大跌中为数不多的赢家之一。The yellow metal had a long bull run at the beginning of the 21st century, steadily climbing from 1999 onwards and soaring after the financial crisis hit in 2008. However, the market had peaked by the end of 2011, and this summer began hitting multi-year lows, spurred by falling demand from China and India as well as by a strengthening dollar and the prospect of rising US interest rates.从21世纪初开始,黄金一直处于长期牛市。金价自1999年来稳步上涨,在2008年金融危机爆发之后大幅上涨。然而,金价在2011年底前见顶,在今年夏季开始屡创多年新低,背后因素在于中国和印度需求的减少,以及美元走强和美国加息预期。Although gold prices began climbing again in August as investors grappled with a global equity sell-off, the price is still about 40 per cent down from its historic peak of ,900.20 in May 2011.尽管由于投资者努力应对全球股票抛售,金价在今年8月再次攀升,但当前金价仍比2011年5月创下的1990.20美元的历史高点低了约40%。How far in advance top jewellers purchase gold supplies varies, but the average across the industry is approximately one year. This means that although the beneficial effect of a lower gold price for the manufacturing side will not be felt immediately, it will still flatter margins eventually.顶级珠宝商提前多久购买黄金不尽相同,但全行业平均提前时间约为1年。这意味着,尽管金价对生产商的好处不会立刻显现,但最终仍将提高利润率。Swiss luxury goods group Richemont, owner of jewellers including Cartier, Van Cleef amp; Arpels and Piaget, says the cost of craftsmanship in assembling its ,000 rings and ,000 necklaces far outweighs the cost of the raw materials each piece requires.卡地亚(Cartier)、梵克雅宝(Van Cleef amp; Arpels)和伯爵(Piaget)等珠宝品牌的持有人、瑞士奢侈品集团历峰(Richemont)表示,其1.7万美元戒指和1万美元项链的制作成本远远超过了每件商品所需原材料的成本。Thomas Chauvet, an analyst at Citi, agrees. “While Richemont and Swatch will continue to benefit from lower gold prices, let’s not overestimate this impact,” he says.花旗(Citi)分析师托马阠伟(Thomas Chauvet)表示,“尽管历峰和斯沃琪(Swatch)将继续受益于金价下跌,但我们不要过高估计这一影响。”Judged against where it was in 2008 and 2011, the gold price looks set to remain depressed for now, meaning jewellers should breathe a sigh of relief that commodities are not added to their list of headaches, which include currency gyrations, the push to reduce corruption and ostentatious gift-giving among Chinese officials — which has hit sales of fine watches — and a slowing Chinese economy. But there could yet be a worrying twist.跟2008年和2011年的行情相比,金价目前似乎会保持在低水平上,意味着珠宝商应该会松一口气了:大宗商品并未进入他们的“头疼清单”。令他们头疼的问题包括货币波动、中国致力于打击官员腐败和赠送豪华礼品的行动——这冲击了名贵手表的销售——以及中国经济增长放缓。但是,可能还存在一个令人困扰的问题。A big factor in the reduced gold price has been curtailed demand from China, a symptom of strain in the country’s economy. This is potentially making life for jewellers in that market increasingly difficult, even if the cost of producing goods is now slightly cheaper than it was five years ago.金价下跌背后的一个重要因素是中国需求减弱,这正是中国经济承压的一个征兆。这可能让中国市场上的珠宝商面临日益艰难的处境,即便如今的生产成本比5年前略低。Global gold demand dropped 12 per cent to 914.9 tonnes in the three months to June, a six-year low, according to the World Gold Council, an industry body. The fall was chiefly the result of weakness in the key markets of India and China. In the case of India, this was linked to seasonal factors, such as the small number of days considered lucky for a wedding, but for China the drop was caused by what is becoming a prolonged period of poor growth and stock market turmoil.行业机构世界黄金协会(World Gold Council)的数据显示,在截至6月的3个月内,世界黄金需求下降了12%,降至914.9吨的六年新低。这主要是关键市场印度和中国需求疲弱的结果。至于印度,这跟季节性因素相关,比如被认为适合结婚的日子很少;但对中国而言,这主要是长期的经济增长疲软以及股市动荡所致。 /201509/397483青岛去斑效果好的医院

山东青岛诺德是私立医院吗青医附院激光脱毛多少钱 Travellers from China are powering a rise in Asian regional tourism spending that is outstripping economic growth but could leave infrastructure in some countries lagging in its wake.中国游客正成为推动亚洲地区旅游业出上升的动力,但也让一些国家的基础设施显得跟不上需求。Growing arrivals from the Middle Kingdom have fuelled double-digit annual rises in visitor receipts in popular cities, as expanding air routes make trips more cost-effective.随着空中航线增多让旅行变得更划算,中国游客不断增多,推动一些亚洲热门城市的年度游客接待量实现了两位数增长。Bangkok’s rebound after a big hit last year from its political crisis highlights the unquenched appetite of a generation of newly wealthy Chinese for venturing south, in volumes that have at times left some destinations feeling overwhelmed.曼谷旅游业去年因泰国政治危机受到严重冲击,但如今已有所恢复,凸显了中国新一代富裕人群去东南亚旅游的愿望是多么的无法遏制。中国游客的数量之多,经常让一些旅游地感到难以承受。Asian cities accounted for half the top 10 most popular overnight visitor destinations worldwide, according to a report published by MasterCard on Wednesday. Individuals’ spending in Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo has increased by compound annual rates of at least 9.7 per cent over the past six years, even if their fortunes varied last year.万事达(MasterCard)周三发布的一份报告显示,在全球十大最受欢迎的旅游目的地里,亚洲城市占了一半。过去6年里,游客在曼谷、新加坡、首尔、台北和东京的人均出复合年增长率起码为9.7%,尽管去年他们的财富状况发生了变化。China is providing the impetus throughout, with visitor numbers to its old enemy Japan climbing more than three-quarters last year. Spending across the region is also being lifted by shopping mall developments and the rise of niche sub-industries, such as health tourism in Singapore and halal tourism in Malaysia.这6年里,中国始终是这一趋势的推动力量,去年前往宿敌日本的中国游客增加了逾四分之三。中国游客在亚洲地区出的增多,部分也因大型购物中心的发展以及一些小众旅游市场的崛起——比如新加坡的健康游和马来西亚的清真美食游。Mainland Chinese tourist arrivals in Thailand in March more than doubled year on year to almost 680,000, according to government statistics, also taking them far past their pre-troubles 2013 level. China and other Asian countries accounted for almost two-thirds of total tourist visitors to Thailand in March, up from just over 50 per cent last year, while Europe’s share fell from 32 per cent to 21 per cent.泰国政府统计数据显示,今年3月前往该国的中国大陆游客同比增加了一倍多,达到近68万人次,也远远超过该国局势动荡之前的2013年的水平。3月,中国和其他亚洲游客几乎占到前往泰国的游客总量的三分之二,超过去年略高于二分之一的水平,而欧洲游客的比例从32%降到了21%。It has not all been plain sailing, however, as the visitor upturn has once again stoked worries over long-delayed projects to improve Thailand’s creaking transport and resort infrastructure.然而,形势并非一片大好。游客增多再次让人们对泰国一些长期延迟的项目感到担忧——这些项目旨在改善泰国本已不堪重负的交通和度假基础设施。There has also been a spate of negative coverage about the behaviour of some Chinese holidaymakers, including air rage, public defecation and drying underwear at a temple. But critics of the tales say they are unrepresentative, inevitable given the large number of visitors — and humdrum companion pieces to infamous stories about the conduct of some Britons and other westerners.近日也出现了一连串有关中国度假者的负面报道,包括他们在飞机上闹事、在公共场所大小便和在寺庙中晾晒内衣。但批评者表示,这些现象没有代表性,在大量游客到来的情况下难以避免,跟一些英国人和其他西方人的不雅举止没什么区别。 /201506/379332青岛除皱哪家好

青岛妇保医院好吗? China said it would agree to open more of its vast government market to foreign firms as part of a decadelong bid to join a global pact on government purchases, which could ultimately benefit Chinese companies too.中国表示,将同意向外国公司进一步开放规模巨大的政府采购市场。这是中国10年来争取加入《全球政府采购协议》(Government Procurement Agreement)所做努力的一部分,而加入这个协议最终也有利于中国国内企业。As part of the annual U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, China#39;s vice minister of Commerce, Wang Chao said that Beijing sought to #39;accelerate negotiations#39; on what is formally called the Government Procurement Agreement. Beijing would agree to terms that are #39;basically the same of other participating nations,#39; Mr. Wang said in a press conference at the end of the two-day session.中国商务部副部长王超表示,作为美中商业贸易联合委员会(U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, 简称:美中商贸联委会)年会议程的一部分,中国已寻求加快《全球政府采购协议》方面的磋商。他在两天期会议结束时的新闻发布会上说,中国将接受与其他协议国基本一致的条款。He didn#39;t provide further details of the offer which he said would be made next year. U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said that #39;we look forward to seeing that offer and seeing if there is a basis on which to consider accession to the GPA.#39;他没有进一步给出他所说的中国明年将提出方案的细节。美国贸易代表迈克尔#8226;弗罗曼(Michael Froman)表示,我们希望看到中国的方案,看看其中是否具备考虑接纳中国加入《全球政府采购协议》的基础条件。The U.S. Trade Representative, citing the Chinese Ministry of Finance, estimates government procurement for 2011 was at least 0 billion.弗罗曼援引中国财政部的数据估计,2011年,中国政府采购市场的规模不低于1,800亿美元。China has said for years it will join the World Trade Organization#39;s GPA, which assures that nations don#39;t discriminate against foreign companies in government bids. Unlike other WTO deals, the GPA doesn#39;t set rules that all WTO members need to follow. Instead, the 15 members of the GPA make commitments of various kinds to open their government bidding processes and those commitments apply to other GPA members.多年来,中国一直表示将加入世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization, 简称WTO)的《全球政府采购协议》,加入这一协议的国家必须确保在政府采购项目招标时不对外国公司采取歧视的态度。与WTO的其他协议不同,《全球政府采购协议》没有针对所有WTO成员国制定统一的规则。该协议当前的15个协议国就公开政府招标过程作出了不尽相同的承诺,而这些承诺同时也适用于其他协议国。Countries that want to join the pact make offers and the GPA members judge whether the offer is sufficient to join.那些希望加入《全球政府采购协议》的国家需要提出自己加入该协议的方案,并由现有的协议国判断方案是否满足加入条件。Since 2001, China has made offers that have been judged by the U.S. and European Union as inadequate. They want Beijing to include purchases by local governments and state-owned enterprises. It wasn#39;t clear from Mr. Wang#39;s statement how broad China#39;s offer would be.自2001年以来,中国已经为申请加入《政府采购协议》提出过多份方案,但被美国和欧盟(European Union)认为不够充分。欧美希望中国提出的方案能涵盖地方政府和国有企业采购。王超的讲话并未说明中国所作承诺的范围有多大。In the JCCT talks, China pushed for greater exports of high-tech goods from the U.S. and sought to clear the way for Chinese investment, Chinese and U.S. officials said. If China were a GPA member, its companies could have an easier time bidding for U.S. and state government contracts.中美官员表示,在美中商贸联委会的谈判中,中国希望美国扩大高科技产品的出口,并希望为中国在美国的投资铺平道路。如果中国成为《政府采购协议》的成员国,那么中资企业竞标美国联邦和州政府的采购合同时会更加方便。The JCCT focuses on a variety of technical issues, including intellectual property protection, export rules and specific trade disputes. On Friday, for instance, China announced that it had blocked the import of 545,000 metric tons of U.S. corn so far in cargoes that contained MIR162, an insect-resistant strain of the grain that is permitted in the U.S., Japan and Europe but not approved by China#39;s agriculture ministry. That issue became a subject of discussion at the talks.美中商贸联委会主要讨论各种技术问题,包括知识产权保护、出口规则和具体贸易争端。比如中国周五宣布今年截至目前已经阻止54.5万吨美国玉米的进口,因这些玉米含有转基因成分MIR-162。MIR162是一种抗虫害基因,在美国、日本和欧洲都允许使用,但尚未获得中国农业部批准。这一问题也成了美中商贸联委会讨论的话题。Chinese Vice Agriculture Minister Niu Dun said the corn was rejected #39;because safety assessment procedures for export of GMO corn weren#39;t completed,#39; using the term for genetically modified organisms. Mr. Froman called the matter an #39;area of continuing work,#39; but didn#39;t say whether any progress had been made.中国农业部副部长牛盾表示,这些玉米之所以被拒绝进口是因为没有完成美国转基因玉米出口的安全评估程序。弗罗曼称将美方将在这一问题上“继续努力”,但没有说明是否取得了进展。U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker said in an interview that one of the most important aspects of the session was for U.S. cabinet officials to get to better know Vice Premier Wang Yang, who headed the talks for the Chinese, so they can defuse trade and investment problems when they arise.美国商务部长普利茨克(Penny Pritzker)在接受采访时称,对美国内阁官员来说,本次美中商贸联委会会议最重要的问题之一就是更好地了解中方会谈代表、国务院副总理汪洋,这样在出现贸易和投资问题时双方可以及时化解。The meeting comes a month after a Communist Party policy conference, known as the Third Plenum, that issued a broad agenda for economic reform. The U.S. officials cited the document regularly in their arguments that China ought to make policy changes sought by Washington.就在此次美中商贸联委会会议召开前一个月,中共十八届三中全会公布了范围广泛的改革方略。美国官员在阐述自己的观点时经常引用这份文件来说明中国应该做出美国所希望的政策变革。Mr. Wang #39;was joking with us that maybe we knew the Third Plenum better than he did,#39; said Ms. Pritzker. #39;We were ing from it.#39;普利茨克称,汪洋与我们开玩笑说,美方可能比他更了解三中全会,因为美方常常会引述其中的内容。 /201312/269927青岛哪家整形医院除疤好东营市中心医院治疗青春痘多少钱



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