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Chinas Olympians are reaching for the gold at this summers Olympics, as they begin to arrive in London. The Chinese badminton landed on Sunday, voicing their hopes for the games.Lin Dan, Olympic badminton singles champion, said, ;I havent thought about it too much, I want to first make sure I do well in the group matches and then think about the next stage. I hope the next few days of matches will help me get better and better.;Fu Haifeng, badminton mens doubles silver medalist in Beijing, said, ;I feel good because weve prepared for this for a long time, this is the third time weve taken part in the Olympics so weve prepared for all aspects.I believe that if we give it our all, there should be no problem.;Currently ranked Number one in the world, Lin Dan will defend his badminton title against unheralded Scott Evans of Ireland. Mondays draw at the Olympic Park also pitted top-seeded Lee Chong Wei, who lost to Lin in the Beijing Olympic final, against Ville Lang of Finland. 201207/191742

Learn how to heat water without a pot or any type of metal or glass container. Good to know if you ever go camping, fishing,or any other outdoor activity.学习一下如果没有水壶或任何金属或玻璃容器怎样烧热水。如果你曾经去野营,垂钓或任何户外活动,这段视频对你很有帮助。Step 1: Decide What You Need To Make1.分析形势If youre at a camp and you need to heat some water or boil some water or any kind of liquid, for example, tea, and you dont have a glass or metal container or a pot, this is what you have to do.如果你在野营,你需要加热或煮沸一些水或其它任何液体,例如茶水,你没有玻璃或金属器皿,也没有水壶,你应该怎么办呢?Step 2: Fill The Bottle2.装满水瓶Get a plastic bottle. You have to fill the bottle to the top leaving no space for air and you close the bottle.找一个塑料瓶。必须把塑料瓶完全装满,不留任何空隙,然后盖紧瓶子。Step 3: Use The Fire3.用火加热Start up your own fire, take the bottle and put it right there. Wait a couple of minutes then all you have to do is take the bottle and open the bottle.点着火,把装满水的塑料瓶直接放在火上加热。等待几分钟,然后拿下瓶子,打开盖子,水就可以饮用了。And your tea is y.你的茶水准备好了。Thanks for watching Camping Trick: How To Heat Water感谢收看“野外生存技巧:怎样加热水”视频节目。201211/207145

Z~9IXFieKCUba)4~%LD.@_6lMJ1NOOUToday in History: Sunday, September 02, 2012历史上的今天:2012年9月2日,星期天fi1IV6x~aMGjR2Ip。Gpm]wX,)y)Ic YYN.t#dTUu#Rr+OMu59On Sept. 2, 1945, Japan formally surrendered in ceremonies aboard the USS Missouri, ending World War II.1945年9月2日,日本在;密苏里;号巡航舰上正式举行投降仪式结束了第二次世界大战zk3em!d6pU)0cRc%w9G。IOtdH[BGAzy My73OjMjTo|6361666 The Great Fire of London broke out. It destroyed nearly 400 acres, including some 13,000 houses and the old St. Pauls Cathedral.1666年,伦敦爆发大火,摧毁了近400英亩包括大约13000座房屋和旧圣保罗大教堂mz7^4-qF+6)9[qRr。jpQXP(8o1et xN[mJDAW)WkU[1789 The U.S. Treasury Department was established.1789年,美国财政部成立jsSRZ1%LMHvN#U)m5Z1F。9dkuKKJ7CUubm ]LhjM%7%O[n01864 Union Gen. William T. Shermans forces occupied Atlanta during the Civil War.1864年,内战期间,联盟将军威廉·谢尔曼的部队占领亚特兰大0@+rektaXj。mA5)9*i|Omq b63B]zxTtqP!PfLzL71901 Vice President Theodore Roosevelt offered the advice, ;Speak softly and carry a big stick,; in a speech at the Minnesota State Fair.1901年,副总统西奥多·罗斯福在明尼苏达州览会上发表演讲,提出了“柔声细雨,手持大棒”的意见yb5P#QSAu,-。dwRv0gmi;.uV C0bYOOwa(@SRD6b1935 A hurricane slammed into the Florida Keys, claiming 423 lives.1935年,飓风袭击了佛罗里达群岛,423多人遇难m~X(9LB%ONZ。bcy^m~!Z8%fM01vj 3U|eG-ZD;ci,TJ5s.o1944 Navy pilot George H.W. Bush was shot down by Japanese forces as he completed a bombing run over the Bonin Islands.1944年,海军飞行员乔治H.W在执行对小笠原群岛空军轰炸中被日军击落ty(xh%G3@A~B9。i[EoE8ent2Lu(xx;P zEQ+jt);k@v1945 Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam an independent republic.1945年,胡志明宣布越南共和国独立9bqq]F7o!RJGfeBWZy24。7f-he8PT#JLax jCxi%Z7wW|b0x3N9U_1963 ;The CBS Evening News; was lengthened from 15 to 30 minutes.1963年,“CBS晚间新闻”从15延长到到30分钟|5[#5o8.et。iF[mubIa@Mvr t1kwSb2Czm|1969 North Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh died.1969年,北越主席胡志明去世rE[_jS^O7@。1081,^814Yn84acz mw.UUgjNih4D51969 The first automatic teller machine to use magnetic-striped cards opened to the public at Chemical Bank in Rockville Centre, New York.1969年,在纽约美华第一台使用磁条纹卡的自动出纳机投入使用o4|209ExID。cNl]%yVGHcLe|1983 Tom Brokaw took over as anchor of Ns ;Nightly News.;1983年,汤姆布罗考担任N电视台“晚间新闻”主持人6Ij+CTb4w%RQH。_c]8l^uk(C9_Vi3T2004 President George W. Bush accepted his partys nomination for a second term at the Republican National Convention in New York City.2004年,在纽约共和党全国代表大会上,乔治W·布什总统接受他党内连任的提名,fH+4KFfo75TjJ0~Wa。wdoUjWMsvM.88d OxEQeCW@6h@KR2005 President George W. Bush told Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, ;Brownie, youre doing a heck of a job; during a tour of Hurricane Katrina damage in Alabama.2005年,乔治W·布什总统在巡视遭飓风破坏的阿拉巴马州卡特里时,对联邦应急首长迈克尔·布朗说:“布朗,你的工作很棘手啊iRSaJtzhb72SL5;UbE。”~p*M7Z^qoEA_FsHJt[nw译ZoygA;4)(sM](dAcFaz[eWllI%nTMH@F+gp4NHTK;+|EK.im /201209/197612

Thailands tourism sector is gradually recovering from the impact of last Octobers floods, the countrys worst in fifty years. As Liu Ying finds out, Thailand remains one of the most attractive destinations for Chinese tourists.Reporter: ;Spring Festival has always been the peak season for Chinese tourists in Thailand. This year is no exception. The Thailand tourism authorities expect some 100 thousand Chinese tourists in the whole of January, double the number in November.;Theres little sign of last summers floods on the streets of Bangkok. And tourists are reappearing at many of the citys most popular spots, including many Chinese visitors.One Chinese tourist said: ;We heard about the flood in Thailand from the news. But after arriving here, I found the tourism facilities at different sightseeing spots remain unaffected. People here are still very friendly and the tourism services are just as good as before.;One Chinese tourist said: ;We are not concerned about the floods. Our tour guide told us the situation wasnt that bad.;One Chinese tourist said: ;People here are very hospitable. The environment and temperature are also quite agreeable.;China ranked as Thailands second biggest source of international tourists in 2011 after Malaysia. The number of visits amounted to 1.7 million, about a tenth of the total. The Thai tourism authority plans to launch various special packages to attract more Chinese this year.Lerdchai Wangtrakoondee, associate director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Beijing Office said: ;After the Chinese New Year we will have the new plan. New promotion about the campaign to play golf in Thailand, to wedding in Thailand. Also we aim to improve the quality of tourism services. Every tourist comes to Thailand will receive good services, better services compared with other countries.;Tourism is one of Thailands pillar industries, accounting for 7 percent of the GDP. The sector took a pounding from the floods, with estimated losses of some seven to eight hundred million US dollars. China is Thailands key target market in attracting tourists to revive the industry.泰国的旅游业正在从去年十月洪水造成的影响中逐渐恢复。泰国仍对中国游客是一个最具吸引力的目的地。记者:;春节一直是中国游客在泰国的高峰季节。今年也不例外。泰国旅游机构希望1月份的中国游客数量能达到10万名,这个数字是11月份的2倍。;在曼谷的大街上几乎没有任何迹象表明去年夏天洪水曾经侵袭过这里。在最受欢迎的景点中开始出现游客的身影,其中也包括有中国游客。201201/169250

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