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EU taking careful approach with sanctions Finlands foreign trade minister Alexander Stubb explains the eurozone is being cautious with imposing sanctions.People are expecting us to come out with some kind of message on how we can get come cool collected resolution to this difficult situation. And you don’t always do that we just sanctions counter sanctions. The dialogue mister may open. Finland has 1300 kilometers’ border with Russia. 10% of our trade iswith Russia. They are our biggest trade partner. If we go for meeting the economic sanctions. It’s gonna sp trouble.Finland is on the front line, I am sure you are aware that just today the US has beafed the sanctions include a bank that is run by a man Cooper’s runtenbord. Another person is on the US that is called Gennatic Shanco. What if the two individuals have Russia in Finland’s …is that a difficultposition?Well not really, because that is a ed States’ sanctions list. It would put us in the difficult situation, if it was a European Union list as such, and that would be probably a first time in history of EU put in sanctions for someone to trouble inside EU has internationality. /201403/282596。

Girl with a Pearl Earring at The Frick《戴珍珠耳环的少女》I studied art history in New York. And when I was a grad student, I spent a lot of time at The Frick. So I know what kind of a special place it is, and I also know that it has a lot in common with the Mauritshuis. The Mauritshuis is a museum that specializes, like no other, in Dutch paintings of the Golden Age, so I think roughly 1450 to 1750.我在纽约读艺术史。当我还是研究生时,我花很多时间在弗利克美术馆里。所以我知道这里是个一个怎样的特别之地,我同样也知道它和Mauritshuis美术馆有许多共同之处。Mauritshuis美术馆是一间与众不同、专门展出黄金时代的荷兰画作,我想大约在1450到1750年间。The Girl with a Pearl Earring was done at the height of that period in the 1660s. All of the other paintings in the exhibition date from roughly the same period from the 17th century, and they all come from Holland.《戴珍珠耳环的少女》是在1660年代那时期的颠峰完成的。展品中的所有其他画作可以追溯回大约17世纪的相同时期,它们全都来自荷兰。We know very little about Johannes Vermeer, actually. We piece together quite a lot of information out of olds, inventories, and legal documents, but that, of course, gives only a partial impression of who he was.我们对于强纳森·维梅尔知道的非常少,真的。我们拼凑很多从旧时代、财产清单、法律文件得到的资讯,但那,当然只给了他身分的部分印象。During his life, we dont know where he studied, where he learned his craft from. We know that he lived in Delft. We know that he painted very few paintings. We think he probably had one patron, the man who bought all of his paintings. We know he had a lot of kids. But we dont...really dont have any way of knowing who he was as a person.在他的人生中,我们不晓得他在哪里求学、他从哪学到他的技术。我们知道他住在Delft。我们知道他画过非常少的画。我们认为他可能有位老主顾,那个买下他所有画作的男子。我们知道他有很多孩子。但我们不...真的没有任何方式了解身为一个人他会是谁。The girl is very timeless and very iconic. And because of that, I think people find her extremely recognizable. Its been helped, of course, by Tracy Chevaliers novel, using the girl as a subject, as well as Peter Webbers film.这女孩是非常永恒、且非常经典的。因此,我认为人们会发现她非常容易认出。它受到,当然,崔西?雪佛兰写的小说的帮助,利用那女孩作为主题,还有彼得?韦伯的电影。And were actually using a lot of social media to promote her. We have been using various platforms—Facebook, Instagram. And we find that she is extremely accessible to a 21st century audience.我们实际上运用许多社交媒体宣传她。我们一直使用各种平台--Facebook、Instagram。我们发现她对二十一世纪的观众来说是非常平易近人的。We have no way of knowing who the model was, if there was a model. She is not a portrait. She is actually a tronie, so she is an idealized figure. And she is not meant to be linked to this specific personality, although many art historians have tried to give her one.我们没有办法知道那模特儿是谁,如果有个模特儿的话。她不是肖像画,她其实是幅脸部特写画像,所以她是个理想化的人物。她并非意图要与这个特定的性格有所连结,虽然许多艺术史学家都试着要给她一种性格。Shes been suggested to be Vermeers eldest daughter, who would have been actually a little bit too young at that time to really look like her. But I think thats part of her timeless appeal people want to connect with her in some way. And giving her a name, I think, makes them feel she is a little bit more real.有人提出她是维梅尔的大女儿,但她可能在当时确实有点太年轻而真的看起来不像她。但我认为那是她的那种永恒吸引力其中一部分,那是人们想要以某种方式和她有所连结的。我认为,给她一个名字让他们觉得她好像有点更加真实。But shes not meant to be real. When we look at her, we wonder, ;Who is she? Who is she turning around the face? How does she come across that enormous pearl that is dangling from her ear?; And we dont know, and these are things we cant possibly know.但她并非打算要成为真实的。当我们看着她,我们想知道:“她是谁?她对谁转过脸?她怎么发现那挂在她耳朵上的巨大珍珠?”我们都不晓得,而这些是我们不可能会知道的事情。And I think this is something you see in so many works by Vermeer. Another thing with the girl is the gaze. When you look at that gaze, she entrances us, and shes both a coed and a seductress, and shes also a wide-eyed innocent. So we really dont know how to interpret her and it keeps us looking.我认为这是你在维梅尔许多作品中会看到的东西。有关这女孩另一件事是那凝视。当你看着那凝视,她让我们出神,而她既是一位女大学生也是一位勾引男性的女人,她同样也是睁大眼睛的无辜女孩。所以我们确实不知道要怎么解读她,它持续让我们看着。201412/349074。

Is there any good way to refuse to do something your boss asks? Actually, there are several.拒绝老板要求的事情有没有比较好的方法呢?实际上,确实有一些。You Will Need你需要Tact技巧Alternatives其他选择A good reason好的理由An olive branch橄榄枝Steps步骤Step 1 Begin your “no” with “yes”1.首先肯定Frame your responses so that the first word your boss hears is yes, not no. For example, Yes, Id love to be a part of that project.Unfortunately, another client is taking up all my time.圆滑一点,这样你的老板听到的第一个词是“好”,而不是“不”。例如,“好的,我很乐意成为该项目的一员。不幸的是,另外一个客户占用了我的全部时间。”Frame your refusal as its not possible, as opposed to I cant, so it sounds like the reasons are beyond your control.将拒绝的理由设定为“这是不可能的”,而不是“我不能”。这样听上去就好像是由于你不能控制的原因。Step 2 Watch your body language2.注意身体语言Let your body language help convey the message of yes even when youre saying no. Keep your arms loose and open, and angle your body and feet toward your boss so you come across as pleasant and sincere, not annoyed and defensive.让你的身体语言帮助传达“是”的信息,即使你嘴里在说“不”。双臂放松,张开,身体和双脚向老板倾斜,让你看上去开心而真诚,而不是愤怒和防御。Step 3 Have a good reason3.良好的理由Come up with a good reason why its in the bosss best interest to let you decline, like there is a specific project or duty that will suffer if you take this on.找出一个好的理由,让老板认为你拒绝对他来说是最好的,比如如果你接受老板的安排,有一个特殊的项目或任务会受到影响。Its not part of my job is not a good reason to refuse a work assignment, unless youre being asked to do something completely inappropriate.“这不是我的分内事”并不是拒绝工作任务的好理由,除非你被要求做完全不合理的工作。Step 4 Offer an alternative4.提供其他选择If no one cares that youre swamped, move to Plan B. Offer a specific alternative, like having an up-and-coming colleague take the reins, with you overseeing.如果没人关心你是否忙得不可开交,那么退而求其次。提供另外一种选择,例如让一位积极进取的同事来执行这项任务,你来监督。Step 5 Make amends5.修补Take the sting out of your refusal by following up with a concession: Im really sorry that its not possible for me to stay late tonight. But Ill cancel my plans for the rest of the week to see that this gets done. Who can be angry at that?通过一些让步来缓和拒绝带来的不快:“很抱歉今天我不能加班太晚。但是我会取消本周的其他计划,确保任务能够完成。”这样谁还会生气呢?A self-proclaimed atheist took action against a Wal-Mart in Portland, Maine, for firing him after he refused to fill in as the store Santa Claus.一位自称无神论者向缅因州波特兰一家沃尔玛提起诉讼,因为他拒绝装扮商场的圣诞老人而被解雇。201412/348527。

Youre ;out for the night; and forgot your birth control pills. Which is a problem, considering the night you had planned. Or is it? What REALLY happens when you forget to take a birth control pill?你在在外过夜,忘了带避药。考虑到当晚你的计划,这确实是一个问题。如果忘记吃避药,会出现什么情况呢?Step 1: Best Case1.最好的情况Go on, have your romantic evening. Missing just one dose shouldnt affect the pills pregnancy-prevention powers, as long as you take that pill as soon as possible. Just double up the next day.继续度过浪漫的夜晚。一次不记得吃应该不会影响避功效,如果你赶紧补一片的话。第二天加倍用。Step 2: Worst Case2.最糟糕的情况Taking two birth control pills in one day may give you an upset stomach or make you a little nauseated, but nothing that should last more than a day or so. You also might experience some spotting.一天内用两片避药会让你胃痛或者有一点恶心,但是这种症状不会持续超过一天。你可能还会出现一些斑点。At the end of the day, you dont need to give up on your evening plans if you miss one pill, but youd better use some back-up birth control if you miss two or more. Thats when efficacy starts to really decline. You have the facts, now you make the call.当天,如果你没有用避药,不需要取消当晚的计划,但是如果两天以上不记得吃,最好使用其他避措施。因为那时药物的功效已经开始减退了。现在你知道是怎么回事了,自己做决定吧。Thanks for watching Danger: Skipping Birth Control Pills!感谢收看“忘记避药的危险”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/251654。

What an amazing game for Materazzi.对于马特拉齐拉说这场比赛真是充满了戏剧性。He gave away a penalty, scored the equalizer,was involved in the sending-off, and scored the shoot-out.他先送给对手一粒点球,又扳平了比分,送走了齐达内,最后射入点球。重点词汇: equalizer 追平的进球例句:Owen scored the equalizer.欧文进了一球,扳平了比分。 视频介绍:马特拉齐作为意大利队的第二名罚球者出场,这场决赛对于他来说充满了戏剧性。。

People are complaining about your behavior.大家对你的行为很不满Okay? And, yeah. About mine?And your odor.怎么啦? 没错 有关我的?还有你身上的味道。Are you showering like we discussed?我要你去洗澡 你洗了吗?Im wearing shoes. You asked me to wear shoes, and Ive got them on.你要我不要打赤脚 我已经照做了,我确实穿上鞋子了Thats not part of the deal, Steve.Youve gotta learn how to work well with other people.这不是问题的关键所在 史蒂夫,你得学会跟别人共事。Im just trying to do it right, Al.I know you are.Then let me.我只是想把事情做得好一些,我知道,那就别管我。Listen, Steve!Youre good. Youre damn good.But youre an asshole.听着 史蒂夫!,你很棒 非常棒!,但你就是个浑球。Well, that...呃 天哪...Hey. Let me finish.I want you here. I really do.Somethings gotta change.嘿 让我说完,我想让你待在这里 我真心这样想,但你必须改变自己。Give me my own project. What?Give me my own project.让我独自做一个项目 什么?把我自己的项目交给我做。Ill do it on my own.And Ill make the best damn game you have ever seen.我独自一人完成,我会做一个你从没见过的好游戏。Youre serious.Okay, Steve.I need someone to reprogram a troublesome game.But Im on a tight deadline.So if you can deliver,well pay you up to ,000.你说真的,好吧 史蒂夫。我需要有人重新制作一些有问题的游戏,但是我时间上很紧张,如果你能如期完工,我会付给你5 000美元。,000? Mmm-hmm.Okay.5 000美元 呣...好的And as for your personal issues, I think I may have a solution.至于你的个人问题 我有办法能解决 /201404/283705。

你可能有个5年计划, 那200年计划呢? 艺术家Raghava KK描述了一幅他自己的电子传奇行动图, 即计划他在200年后会怎样被记住---并且鼓励你也做同样的事.201409/329887。

That in itself was not surprising.这本身没什么令人惊讶的The sons were tutored by their father.儿子都是由父亲教出来的But when the researchers compared song over the generations,但当研究者将数代鸟的鸣叫声进行对比时they saw something extraordinary.就有了不同寻常的发现Each new generation of birds didnt just imitate their fathers song.新的每一代都不仅仅模仿其父亲的叫声They also improved it.它们也在优化叫声By the fourth generation, the finches were singing到了第四代 这批珍珠鸟的叫声a version of the song that normal birds sing,与正常同类的叫声相差无几Despite none of their colony having ever heard it.尽管它们从未听过正常同类的叫声We were very pleased to see how quickly normal songs看到这群鸟这么快就将隔离产生的start emerging out of those very unstructured songs of the isolate无序叫声变为正常鸣叫 我们很高兴and that individual bird has this ability to imitate and to improve,鸟类个体有能力去模仿和优化叫声and improve at the level that he makes the song more species like使其听上去更像自己族群的语言and perhaps more effective.也可能更好听201412/349955。

Asking a friend or family member for money is a sensitive undertaking. If you take the necessary steps, you’ll get what you need and ensure them that their money will be repaid.向亲朋好友借钱是一项非常敏感的任务。如果你采取必须的步骤,并且确保及时还钱,你将得到想要的。You Will Need你需要A list of friends朋友名单A calculator计算器A contract合同Steps步骤Step 1 Decide who to ask1.决定向谁借钱Make a list of friends and family members who you would like to ask to borrow money.列出一张表格,你想跟哪些亲朋好友借钱。Step 2 Calculate how much you’ll need2.计算所需金额Calculate how much money you’ll need. Write it down in a contract format.计算一下你需要多少钱。以合约的格式写下来。You can find generic contracts online.通用的合同在互联网上可以找到。Step 3 Write down what it will be used for3.写下用途Write down what the money will be used for with as much detail as possible.尽量详细地写下这笔钱的用途。Step 4 Develop a repayment timeline4.设定还款期限Develop a timeline for repayment, and add that to the contract.设定还款期限,并写在合同中。Offer up collateral if possible – a car, a piece of jewelry, or something else of value. It should be worth close to what you’re borrowing.如果可能的话提供抵押品,例如汽车,珠宝或者其他有价值的物品。抵押品的价值必须接近你借钱的金额。Step 5 Make an appointment5.预约Make an appointment or arrange a meeting to ask them in person.预约或者与他们亲自会面。Step 6 Present the plan6.提出计划Present the amount needed, what you need the loan for, and the repayment plan. Offer to have it notarized once you reach an agreement. Don’t forget to say thank you.向他们表明需要的金额,用途和还款计划。一旦达成一致,确认合同。不要忘记说谢谢。Did you know? As much as 14 percent of money in the U.S. loaned to family and friends does not get paid back.你知道吗?美国高达14%的借给家人和朋友的钱最终得不到偿还。视频听力由。201310/262860。